It seems to me, even if a person admits the British people has many benefits, but this probably will not be willing to make friends with them.Naturally, a man of money and status, wherever also popular; however, in the UK than in other countries more and more restrictions.For example, in a position to speak, as if a lecturer or teaching assistant, and if to Germany or France, some people will call him “Professor.”.Whether out of sincerity of it, or join in; anyway, it is a recognition of teachers have considerable status, is very evident in the UK, unless he really was a professor, I will not be someone to greet him.Moreover, if the professor is not Oxford or Cambridge, and almost kept it.Nobility, too, it seems that only the British aristocracy can count child domestic.    As an ordinary person, despite living in London or elsewhere on eight or ten years, you may not be able to turn in a friend.Yes, we must first explain to understand, in a capitalist society, everyone bustle for a living all day long, it can not find spare time to make friends; Westerners are so countries, Britain is not an exception.However, even if we admit this, but also some British special place, making them more difficult to close.The French are renowned for a stranger, can be very affectionate, the more poorly because the French words of this stranger, he was more willing to guide him.British, what he thought the world did not speak English, in addition to their own, he simply would not answer a stranger.An Englishman can not think of a stranger can not understand the British rule, but the sight of a stranger speak action there is something wrong, people immediately think this is a brutal, bothered to call him again.Britain has chosen to be so many rules!He could not imagine that other people can not have these rules, while another set; not, Britain is everything; And if the fog elsewhere not so much that it simply can not be counted as real weather!    In addition to the rules inside out, not allowed to say the British have a lot of things: home, business, professional and personal income, all allowed to say, is extremely close to each other unless the person.A guest living in the UK, the first set of rules to learn, to Freeze inquire second thing, the third not talk about politics, then we have to talk about the weather, but the weather is so unpopular.Naturally, the British said great, if he wishes, he can speak on horse racing, football, dogs, golf and so on; but we promise not they know these things.The result, had to shocked with.Yes, there are religious do, it’s best to talk about it.Every Englishman has his own path open to Heaven, took the early children do not get into trouble.Even the best books do not talk about, generally, the English reading ability and interests far and French.Able to read a few books almost have belonged to the middle class, naturally we wish to talk about this book at least passers.This passers than anyone else’s prejudices are large, and they also asked for gossip books boring thing.Most people take the middle school – naturally refers to the novel – the ideal of their own lives as a kind of evidence.An ordinary girl, looks to have a look, married a drive cars; the marriage was confirmed that evening, he turned out to be a noble, but also inherited the upstairs ghosts of the Palazzo Vecchio, the walls of the wall chart is designed to value how much one million!Accustomed to reading this book, of course, difficult to think of something else, and they talk about books and trouble probably no different.People in the know saw some natural, but difficult to encounter ah.Moreover, some insight Englishman did not think highly of people in the UK are great; they even Byron, Shelley, and Oscar Wilde also have to go out of the country, so we want to make friends – even if there is opportunity – will no doubt It is seen as a monster.    I really can not think, can not talk to each other, how can we be friends.Naturally, some would say: do not often talk, you come across something need each other’s help, they Ding Ding, Mao Mao’s go for a run; With such negotiations altogether when in contact with each other, but also can be friends, is not it?Yes, ask for help is inevitable thing, that is also the case in the United Kingdom; however, the British temper or to be able to ask for help as best.Their temper that is so, they do not ask you, you also embarrassed to ask him.When the majority of Britons would like to Robinson, it-yourself.So they do not want to reach out to others will steward.Moreover, even if they are willing to help you, they are so silent simple thing is for you to do, but still can not talk about friendship.When an Englishman promised you to do something, he will do it for you.But with him on the train as the car has to be non-open, he did not show up.You do not go to rush him, he has kept his safe.And other finishing wrong, he still ignores you, till you go to thank him, he was smiling a smile.In the end still do not pay on friends, no matter how you approached curry favor.If you kept flatter him or please him good, he might tell you: “Please Come small, I’m busy!”This naturally does not mean that Britain no one kind of.No, by no means.A kind of Englishman is arguably the most polite, most mentality, most decent people.However, his benefits will only make you admire him, he has a better place to make the inconvenience and he Taojiao Qing.His weapon is a polite and decent, people dare not leave him too close.It is the top British and gas, but also dignified than others; he does not like French-style intimacy – you can see the two French men kiss each other, but a rare Englishman put his hand on the shoulder of another Englishman, or round the neck children.Two very good girlfriend at dinner together, if set up a little because of the exigencies and want to give their friends a little food, you will hear the girlfriend said: “This is not shame me?”Men just do not do such a stupid thing.Yes, let the wine for men smoke is a very common thing, but is limited to tobacco and alcohol, they will not fat horse furs and Friendship of.    Say, like the British too awkward.Awkward, yes, but they are also good.You can never make friends with them, but you can not help but admire them.Things are on both sides.Britons are reluctant to contribute for other people, he can not come to hate you ah.He is indeed very proud, but also sink if you live in the air, he will have to admire you.Generally speaking, the British very honest.They do not because of pride and unreasonable.For an Englishman, you must first estimate estimate his identity, look at your own worth, if he like a stone, as if you top block of marble; head-on, and you harder than he.He will admit his weaknesses.He can be very considerate person, very generous, but he would not be exposed; you top also good for him.And if the lights would like you surely know him, you better be also Xianxiang light, he will naturally to the fire; he likes to express their independent views.His advice can always advice, if you are right, time to work, he would sacrifice his own opinion, but rather how to do on how to do.You must know that his attitude is so quiet aloof though, there is something like a donkey’s like, but his mind was able to stretch humor.He does not easily show affection to people, can not easily get angry, but he says to you, he will laugh.This effort to make British humor has almost become a lovely.He did not anger, he does not brag, although he is very proud self-esteem.    So, if the British can not become your friends, but they get along very well.What they should do what you do, you do not have to go Taojiao Qing; they do not change because of personal relationships and do whatever the attitude of some.Their pride makes people indifferent to them, but also make them self-weight.Their integrity so that they rude to people, they can also make serious matter.You can not take him as eating and drinking, regardless of friends, but some could get him as a good citizen or a person act.His humor is not low-level hate, humor help him to make a child off Chen Man, do not grimace laugh.He is not honest, but he was generous.    They do not like to worry, it is not good ideals.Fat is not one to eat up, went one step utopia nor the.At worst, they are only the immediate; At best, they do not foul.They do not want to hear one world, Mafia, or that top big top big plans.They would like to go slowly, step by step, where the operator where to go.Success of it, good; it fails, do it again.British soldiers are not afraid of defeat.British happens as if there perfunctory it, but they are not to make progress on a variety of career.This horse riding to find ways to make people often think they are cunning, or conservative; there’s content or cunning, is really old-fashioned, but the British did not care, he had his mind.He was convinced that common sense is the most valuable, slowly’ll see.George Bernard Shaw may rain curses upon their heads, but they will say: “He is the Irish way!”They’ll laugh at themselves as George Bernard Shaw, but in the end they are they – there was not even George Bernard Shaw!

British Wind baizhang

Baizhang British Wind 1.  The end of September 1934, an independent division of the Red Army in Fujian Ningde County Taohuaxi Hua Temple was founded, Mr. von Thai goods, political commissar of the Ye Fei, deputy division commander Lai Jinbiao.  October 1936, the Minister recorders Fujian Mindong organization Ruanying Ping led more than 120 independent division fought in the third column Ningde County Dongyuan Village, Tiger Bay Township, the three companies of the group Kuomintang security forces surrounded on three sides.Ruanying Ping led the soldiers and the war and go, the situation was very critical.In order to save the vital forces, and avoid enemy head-knock, he ordered a second detachment of Baizhangya quickly seize the high ground, to lure the enemy up the hill, which cover the main retreat Caesar.  Two Captains Ruanwu Run after receiving the order, the soldiers quickly organized a dozen anti-charge, and the time is ripe, the enemy will lead the Baizhangya, the large forces to ensure the safe transfer.Not familiar with the terrain of the enemy, mistaking Ruanwu Run squad is the main force, quickly outflanking.  Seeing the danger the safe transfer of large forces, Ruanwu Run heart burst easily.He counted the soldiers around him, even his own, leaving nine people, among them, there are a few bloodied wounded.At that time, were seriously injured soldiers walking is quite difficult and requires other soldiers helped.And not far away, even three enemy troops, has shown a tendency Yi angle, like a big net up as quickly Park.Breakthrough has been impossible up!  Ruanwu Run command soldiers inspect ammunition, he knew everyone was running out of ammunition, command you to save bullets, aimed at beating the enemy, they showed their spread go to the edge of the cliff.At the moment, all the soldiers know what kind of retreat that they face, behind them is a way out of Baizhang cliff.Either they were enemy shot through; or, they become prisoners; either they jump from this cliff, smashed to pieces.  Enemies increasing in number, slowly gaining on the cliff, the more soldiers after the withdrawal, and finally into a corner.Bullets lighting, they hit it with a stone, and finally, around them even have a decent stone can not find.Ruanwu Run laughed, and he said to the soldiers: “Comrades, this time, we really want a revolution in the end, everyone afraid!”” Afraid!”The soldiers said in unison.  ”it is good!Comrades, not afraid of death, and I jump from!Want to find a way out, you can stay a prisoner.Your life, your mother is given, you have the right to freedom of choice, I stopped vain!”Ruanwu Run finished, fondly I hope everyone a.Although he could not bear to mind how many, but at the moment, he was not about the ending.He did not wait for you to answer, will the gun smashed in stone, told us: “Comrades, I go first!”Then he turned around, jumped off the cliff, in the valley, he heard shouting slogans echo of thunder!  The last time revolutionaries, always unafraid of death.Phase, as soldiers laughed and followed him smashed firearms.They chanted slogans, or single, or hand in hand, one by one hesitate to rush off the cliff, I heard the sound earth-shattering cries, resounding, shaking and ZZZZZZZZZ.  This is the heroic soldiers, their vehement without the appointed time, only unafraid of death!  A few years later in September 1941, in Baoding, Hebei Province Yixian Langyashan, in order to cover a large force and mass transfer, five Eighth Route Army soldiers, again interpretation of a “Langya Five Heroes” Elegy.Fortunately, that jumping five soldiers, two were tangled up in the branches, they survived, survived.The Baizhangya of nine warrior who was spared, all the sacrifices!So far, there are three soldiers souls, can not find their names.  For new China’s cause of liberation, they unafraid of death.Only raw, not dead; only sacrifice, no demands.In China’s modern history, there have been how many of these brave soldiers, to liberate the people’s cause, buried in a foreign country, they, no name.    2.  On this day, we came Baizhangya Ningde City, Eastern Tiger Bay Village, town, township listening to people telling this story 70 years ago, heart wells up with emotion, happiness sincere.How much admired in their hearts?And how much pride in a dream?  Standing in front of us, is a straight magnificent mountain, village people call it “Baizhangya”.This is what people say, nine martyrs jumping place of sacrifice.This mountain is beautiful from afar, mountainous handsome, walls everywhere, layer upon layer of green vegetation, methodically covering the.The village people said with deep feeling: “At the time, this mountain is bald mountain, all the vegetation have been burned light, and if now so dense, the soldiers just anywhere, but also dodged a bullet ah!”Ahead in and look on the right side of Baizhangya, is far from the looming bridge reservoir, village people call it ‘perfume sea’.Towards evening sun slanting light falling through the clouds on the water, shiny silver, perfume sea twists and turns in the mountains congregation Ridge.The village people told me, pointing to the bridge reservoir, if boarded Baizhangya, we can see the panoramic view of the sea perfume that water, beautiful and unusual.They also say the government is preparing on the brink of a precipice, the construction of several pavilions and a mountain road, then, we can rise steeply from the opposite side of this hill, he boarded the Baizhangya, looking at the strange and beautiful perfume sea.  But the rural people of this joy, is not my joy.I told Comrade Tourism Bureau: “If I may, I wish at this viewing platform, see a sculpture nine martyrs, we must have a monument, so that people will always remember and never cherish the memory, these are China people’s liberation cause soldiers sacrificed their young lives!”Yes, I especially hope here is quiet in the past period of time, there has been very quiet, no sound of gunfire and fighting.Yeah, not really!I think peace is the best flowers to comfort the martyrs, I do not particularly expect crowds of noisy crowd, to harass the souls of the martyrs.Wreaths can not, spring is here, it will open mountain flower!  I heard comrade Tourism Bureau said to me: “Council!It’s all in our plan.”In 1993, Comrade Ye Fei to cherish the memory of this nine martyrs, is Baizhangya inscription – Baizhang Yuyu!Later, locals are these words carved in the cliff opposite us on.  This is a sorely missed, Baizhangya the smoke of war has scattered the martyrs of rancor has been snow, and only heroic cries, never, resounding.In the minds of generals, left, forever friendship; and in our hearts, left, kindness is forever!Whether it is the living, the dead or the spirit, should remember that in the course of history, this is trivial countless small water droplets, was able to open the exceptionally beautiful flower.    3.  Through this story, we simply recall the leadership of General Ye Fei independent division of Fujian and the New Fourth Army ‘youngest group “!  The end of September 1934, according to the recommendations Huai Island, Fujian Red Army 2 independent groups, Fujian Red Army independent regiment and the 13th Independent Battalion gathered in Ningde Shouning County Taohuaxi Hua Temple, Fujian Province set up a Red Army independent division.Mr. von Thai goods, political commissar of the Ye Fei, deputy commander Lai Jinbiao, under the jurisdiction of three groups, two independent battalions, a special task company, a total of more than 1,600 people, more than 940 guns, the direct leadership of the CPC Fujian temporary special committee.  In more than three years of guerrilla war, battle-hardened team, he smashed the Kuomintang reactionaries several large-scale siege, experienced many setbacks and trials, to ensure that the red flag does not fall Fujian revolutionary base.  In early August 1937, the two parties have to cooperate in order to confirm the anti-Japanese, Ye Fei led the Fujian independent division of the second column of more than 200 people, captured Ningde Badu town, learned from the collection of the newspaper, the Communist parties have issued a series of joint statement – muzzle unanimously, joint anti-Japanese.After much negotiation, in December 1937, the KMT and the CPC Fujian Mindong recorders authorities reached a final resolution of the anti-Japanese cooperation.  In October 1937, an independent division of Fujian, where more than 1,300 guerrilla fighters and provoke new, it has been reorganized into three battalions in Taohuaxi, announced the establishment of the second detachment of the National Revolutionary Army guerrilla Fujian.January 1938, a third independent division adapted for the New Fourth Army detachment sixth regiment, Colonel Ye Fei, deputy head of Ruanying Ping, under the jurisdiction of three battalions.February 14, Ye Fei led the whole group more than 1,300 soldiers, from Sungai Pingnan, tong mouth, went to the Japanese front.  Since then, the team continue to hone and grow in the baptism of war – the night attack Hushuguan Suzhou Railway Station, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport fire, fighting Jiangyin, Wuxi Tong loess.Soon, the force of the rapid development of more than 1,000 people to 6,000 people.After that continue to grow, a strong blow to the Japanese invaders and the Kuomintang diehards.  February 1944, Chinese Communist Soviet Union in the District decided to launch a campaign axle, as Mr. Su Yu is hosting an important meeting, Ye Fei handed over command of the Battle of axles.After several days of fighting, 421 people were annihilated the Japanese, puppet 483 people, 24 people captured by the Japanese army.  War years, this force participated in Huangqiao battle, Menglianggu campaign, Huaihai Campaign and other hundreds of times fighting.In the liberation war, who were wiped out more than 40,000 people, more than 2,200 officers and men of sacrifice.February 1949, the force was renamed the People’s Liberation Army 58 division 20 (the youngest group of 172 groups); in combat in the Korean War, 58 participated in the second division, five campaign has wiped out 11,952 people, shot down 26 enemy wounded, captured and destroyed tanks, 313 cars, 67 various artillery, its record of brilliant, impressive when.  March 1979, 58 teachers participated in self-defense war against Vietnam, a total of 629 enemy killed, captured enemy 3 people, 58 division sacrifice 64 people and injuring 165 people.  History can testify, Baizhangya can testify – the people will never forget, go out from here, this heroic, with the blood of the Red Army, it has a fine revolutionary tradition of the Iron!

British units, but circumstances alone Huan

In this season, I met again a classic image of Lovers.    This woman has talent, looks there, there is decisive, but she met a human does not know why the circumstances nerd, Liangshanpo.    Liangshanpo it can be considered a genius, or how to get College Master’s green eyes?Liangshanpo also the beauty of it, or the Xingaoqiao Lovers how would he love at first sight?    When first met the political arena, home of the Miss Zhu suddenly turned into a Pianpiangongzi, with a small nunnery, swagger to school Lishan.She was probably not to love, she’s just a freedom, a recognition that this is only because she is the only woman since childhood, decisiveness, open-minded parents and eventually, will make her change shape makeup who worship when the world big Yin.But unexpectedly, this go, my daughter actually had other thoughts, this go, parents kindness weight, but that weight but accompanied by her three-man.Yes, for three years, only three years, the woman was proud of the fans that stiff studying together, from the eyes of the heart will be left in the scenery!I wish Father was worried about her daughter in the three years of marriage, no matter beautiful daughter, scholarship and then, after all, is to marry his wife, the parents want a pet for many years to marry the daughter of his fellow wanted the house can be considered honest, not ill-treat her daughter.Daughter finally back in her mother’s white lies, and learns that her lifetime manipulated by their parents, because men love their own end because of their family background is not recognized, could not help but temper Shuaqi daughter, and father to reality, for her daughter’s happiness, how not to relent.Jiashui can not marry a poor scholar ah, spoiled daughter, married a poor scholar later ruined.Ruined, yes, how many daughters a few years of schooling suddenly fell in love with a man, and then to assume that in this life, whether that person is a blessing or a curse?Some of their family was well off, some small door small family, and the parents will always be wearing colored glasses to ask the man how his family was, how parents, brothers and sisters are doing what?Whether the home land, whether real estate.Unavoidably, parents at this moment can be observed by a daughter of a word into the future that could step into the foyer of the House family man in the end is what looks like!    Daughter can do, most of these external factors disdain, they think love is love, love Lang pipe is rich or poor wretch it, that is his lover, love, everything can be worth a!    Love Story hundred thousand turn back, and finally to return to the origin.When Butterfly Lovers meet again, is a Touhuan, she carefully and talk to him, Qishang Nannai heart, has made up the determination of death, reveal a message from her dark eyes.Mood ups and downs of her, perhaps just looking forward to studying together can take her away, and studying together, what he would like to go with Zhuxian Di, how can you escape Jia Ding, how it can be spent later years, and I wish the home knot after the resentment, the mother how to escape?At the end, he had to give up this idea and had to leave.    When the wind blows, the rain began, British units studying together without looking back looking down on the soft arms of maidservants, to see this scene, I suddenly came up with the hate studying together, even if he later died for love, even if he became a man emotion Shigeyoshi model, can at this moment, after all, he is back, and he threw all the suffering I wish Xian Mei, maybe he thought I wish father female will eventually shun her wishes, perhaps he feared the government wish fortified pressure, he escaped, but also the hearts of love beautiful fragile, as this would be a sad storm past it?    Unfortunately, he underestimated the weight of the situation, because he turned out to be a storm that serious illness can not afford, this a serious illness, his heart in pursuit of Zhu Xian Mei’s finally gone sound, he died, therefore, his love and meaning they are left behind, and his wish Xian Mei wearing clothes of mourning at the wedding, put the sadness of his incarnation go hand in hand with butterflies on the ground floor.The classic image of in earthly years later is still so many people regret, but I only remember the resolute woman with hesitation that man, and ultimately into a sigh, choking in the throat.    I love really can be worth a everything?Perhaps in the eyes of the young advocate of love, love is the most powerful, never had to think about anything else, however, the reality of love, always seem not so coincidentally, there is always this kind of pain wrapped in life, Ge break a fine slender hand, the burning watery eyes, for example, we see naked marriage, such as we have experienced betrayal, and even our hearts in the world, no matter how painful was removed, both parents can no longer talk to the faithful..

British fox

Mrs. Haer Wei has a good heart, she is understanding, considerate, as for various other advantages, really would not be enough.  She has a very noble soul, treat people with a sincere qualities; her character is bold and hearty, focusing on friendship, despite the ever-changing and obstruct the political authorities, it’s all very much appreciated.These, she felt nothing at all, praise and praise her tired.Therefore, the above praise both simple and brief.  Mrs. Haer Wei was born in the United Kingdom.The British are known for profound thought, it can be seen entirely from their spirit and temperament.They experienced, in-depth study of various disciplines, for each category of science Kingdom conducted a comprehensive study and understanding.Needless to say again what flattery to his wife, the British scholar developed effective scientific achievements, has far more than other countries in contemporary.Even Britain’s dog, seems to be more sensitive than a dog’s nose France.They are also more cunning fox.Here’s an example test and certify it.  In order to escape, a British fox playing a trick.It was a few keen sense of smell hounds have run away, just when the dead-end, it went to the next gallows, there are many animals are captured, are some special guys do bad things, such as cats, foxes and owls, are hung on a rack for public display to passers.This guy is deeply apocalyptic has nowhere to hide, then mix in these animals was hanged inside.The fox is like being pursued Spanish Carthage Roman army commander Ani Ba as barely tolerable do a quick count, the adversaries lost track of target.A group of well-trained hounds come here, pretending to play dead fox came up to the gallows hung up, feeling some strange hound, search around barking up.Their owners Hezhu after another cry, he pretended to be dead fox trick is not yet aware of the ridiculous, he said to himself: This is not a bad thing got into the cave?But my dog is always barking directed at the gallows, so many celebrities hanging it on the shelf!

British and cats – Wanwuzhiling friends

The British love flowers, love cats and dogs.Seen by a Chinese people do, love is the reason of flowers and of course, since to the idle rich, plant some flowers almost on a par with the possession of these books, all can be “elegant” word to describe something.Money is no idle in the spring also can not afford to spend a few coins free buy one or two small pots what the iris, or the cabbage head stuffed in the soil, that time will also open several flower small cross on flowers.In the poem, where flowers and praise the place much more than beauty Flattering, but Merlin, bamboo and chrysanthemum, and so has a certain character, as if people still noble and lovely than respectable, almost a bit like the kind of what the gods popular literature and art, the local flora is also very talked about a lot of people love flowers often after death was welcome to Hua Xian to heaven botanical Garden, this is ridiculous, absurd very cute.Although still in his mouth and we have to respect the God of Wealth ingot same utilitarian idea, in the end may otherwise significantly dice effort, and miser quite different; I do not object to being taken up to heaven Huaniang bitch to play.    So, to see the British love flowers, we are not surprised, but rather feel a bit ashamed, so they spend more than you!Busy trading street, where there will be no kind of flowers, but you can still see selling “flower holder” of the woman, and many flowers shop in.A little attention to some Fanpu pub natural to put the flowers.The other shop operators are often arrayed in a bottle or two to spend four or five-year-old shopkeeper who stuck a rose or corn poppy in the shoulder is often the case.Rushed to a residential area come, see, almost every family some flowers, small garden, you can pick up good to blame, here’s a tulip, a rose there, the doorway is also often draped wooden, crawling that monolithic rose, in full blossom, just like in the picture.The more the better to see the countryside, the grass is so green, flowers are so fresh, the air is so fragrant, a bit ashamed of the Chinese people.May and June, catch Qingnuan day, go on a walk to the village, there is really a matter of good fortune, like parks everywhere.    Mention of cats and dogs and other animals, we would not be so energetically.Chinese students tend to Britain a friend sent a bouquet of flowers, prompting them very happy.However, it is often because they hate cats and dogs and move them to their pursed mouth.Chinese people for cats and dogs cattle, generally, is the “human spirit of all things” as the basis to address him as a domestic animal of their.Gentleman too, saw someone love animals, invariably say “sensual dog horse”, “Wanwusangzhi”.Generally moderate people do, a cat-and-mouse with the dog originally the house, they do not have to reward good one’s face.That makes it the cattle Kuren, whip in hand, anxious to get angry, but also trapped in the economy, they deserve to get potable water treatment pressing the dumb beast to handle, so probably that China’s livestock is a bit unfortunate, eunuchs small arms right dog, and a small white chair on the wide widow, naturally happened to the exception.Livestock bad luck, has been used to seeing, so there is no provision in law; abuse this girl and wife also fair and square, and the dumb beasts more nowhere to appeal grievances; Heilv complain Chen also did not report its own thing.Besides, Qin Hui and Cao Cao Zuodai man in this life, will be reborn Xiabei pigs and dogs, eat dumb deficit was just right.Thus, it is no wonder we feel British to dogs and cats love gone too far.Seriously, they really are a little bit too far, however, from cats and dogs to see it himself, might not say it?Dog food people eat, and some people did not eat, naturally, can not be considered fair, but generally there was a love mercy, and not prevent ethical code or bar!    British love animals, it really can be said to be universal.Some people say that this is the nature of British pirates have not shed a net, so always take the dog treat horses like as a friend.In my opinion, this is the thief of strange cute down; the horse is at least a dog can sympathize with this sentence.Nothing can be used with the old woman, Miss naturally want to get a puppy play – for this puppy, no matter how it looks is not pleasing to the eye, you can not say that it unlovable!- is selling coal coal sunspots, the milkman, are also great care of their horses.You can not think of a horse pulling coal cars will be so tame, decent, clean.Coal sunspots himself far better than his beautiful horse, he seemed to be with his horse as his glory.Coal car was stopped, both young and old, men and women, with coal playing a few words sunspots almost always make the horse center.Some over, patted the horse neck, some kiss in the past, and some to give out a carrot to eat it.They saw a horse as if Grandma saw grandson like, laughing eyes can be a flower.The British usually always pulled a long face, wore a forehead like a lawsuit, if you’re going to see if they also have a good-hearted, kind and lovely too, to draw your attention when they took the stand in a horse or dog when.Every spring, these horses pull carts also have the opportunity to race.Look, coal sunspots get a bottle of oil rubbed bronze, rub the horse walked copper live it.Ayako also hung on the horse’s mane or comb with colorful braids on rope child, really decent!So value their horses, of course, on weekdays is not subject to the gas, but there is a certain load limits, even if there are cruel people, the law would not allow him any bullying cattle.Think of Peking coal car, stuck in the mud when rain, coal sunspots with support vehicles stick to the horse shocked, really makes shouted “born in the state of ritual horse yo!”Cats regarded as the most independent in the animal, and it was pleased it came to lie in your arms, Luo miles wordy do not know what remembered.If it is not happy, despite what you say, it would not reply,.However, the British family cat is not thereby less subject to a number of preferential treatment.Sooner or later they still give it fish, milk drink, time travel to the main home, but also it parked to “prop up the cat,” to spend a lot of money to feed forward; rushed trip back, then hurried to pick the cat back, obediently baby cried.But when the cat does not eat, or the kitten fell leg, they find a doctor to tooth extraction, then the legs, the whole family are hectic, as if nothing extraordinary had to do.    Dogs do, not to mention, naturally will come likable, as lackeys, will naturally eat well and drink good.Small Haba Gou who, in the winter, have to wear vests; When we go out, have to hold; go to bed when have to eat candy.Cinema, theater hall, prohibit dogs out, but this puppy will “smuggling”, the old woman’s lying on the sleeves or clothes in, they also go to the movies to listen to opera, sometimes a pleasure it cluttering, maybe, move too old woman head sweating.Johnson, though not so big dog can be very decent.Even a little glue accidentally feet of asphalt road, immediately go to the hospital to put the dog a little boots, colds and coughs also must take medicine, thing more Amby.However, they are really cute, and some will send children to school, and some will give the owner dangling things, and some play at several sets of stuff, do not bite during the day and at night can be very powerful.You have to listen to the British people to tell a story of a dog, it is also lively than human history interesting.People, Orion, army, police, shepherd, all dogs are dog lovers.Breeds also really, big, small, wide, thin, long-haired, short-haired, each has a certain size, a certain length, when it bought with genealogy, justifiably, that unambiguous!That really into the spectrum, often worth a thousand pounds worth of money!    Every year throughout the tournament cat, dog racing will.Cats and dogs participating in the competition must have some natural origin, it is not eligible for membership are also obese, spirit.This can not but think of China’s dog, in Peking, in Tianjin, in many big cities, to see the dogs, the world’s most ugly thing!Skinny, even all day long tail did not dare to stick together for a while, too poor, and people did not have food to eat, it seems do not have to worry about it for the dog, so I had to pray for them, and then be reborn next life do not come here!    Scarcely an Englishman does not love horses.Those who were used for horse racing, needless to say, of course there are many old people ready for him; that is the usual horse, whether it is to pull carts, or arable land, but also very decent.There is a cartoon, remember that painting is the “horse of the future”, the future of military aircraft tanks to rush ahead trap array, the Colts will naturally be destroyed; the future of transport and vehicles do not need to drag their mules, horses how to do so it?This cartoon – says, they become cats and dogs – British painting:

Bristol Park Wonderland Yao Zhuang Emerald – Baguio test manor landscape

– Baguio Manor in East Sichuan scenery examination largest county – Qu County north of the city near the mountains, lies an area of 1000 acres of Huizhou estate.I believe that after the inspection line, called the current China’s largest, most beautiful, most unique private estate landscape garden, she has a beautiful name “Baguio”.The bonsai collection manor countless thousands of rocks and flowers; building yard, financial landscape flower forest, pavilions, bridges lake in one.Simple and natural, crafted, momentum. Longitudinal drum foot ditch with planting fir, pine and a variety of flowers, ecological and beautiful.Man mountain road child tree grass flowers, clusters, patches, rows, a two thousands of flower, a tree, the tree the two trees thousands.Or bright red, purple or lilac, pale yellow or yellow, or green Tracy, all glamorous seductive.Some abundance and charming, without dyeing BaiJie; some of the induced pure, hither and capricious; some warm and rich, fragrance and publicity.Some, like soft silk, deep Zen; some clouds a natural, lovely.Most lovely, lakeside willow breeze, fiber sticks Smart, worth of tenderness; hillside ginkgo fall autumn gold, dark yellow everywhere with one of scenery. That is up to several kilometers between the two mountains dripping rock ditch, gully by the lord of the manor were carefully layout, showing the deployment of five, from the first “Baguio Lake”, the “Dinghuiqiao Lake” to “inspiration Cave Temple “More than 20 color pool under, at little cost, the gorgeous eye-catching, bright pearl.Mountain breeze, floral bursts, streams jubilation, water ripples, refreshing.Gully Lake Avenue on both sides of quartzite, which greatly facilitate tourists viewing.Between the lake and the lake are connected by bridges, meandering twists and turns, the lake island has a pavilion with comfortable chairs, a small interest for visitors.Aoyama clear water around the pastel, Joan Court enantiomers Cheng Yao Chi Wang.Language Yingge Yan Ming four seasons, leisure good atlas to cover the East. – Ask Yin Chuan Road 2016.12.6 Phoenix mountain grass garden House xiang1947522 @ 163.COM)

Bringing back memories of the Dragon Boat Festival

Zongzi incense, incense kitchen.Leaves incense, incense Full.Peach sticks inserted in the door, looking out of a child, Mr Wong.Here Dragon Boat Festival, where the Dragon Boat Festival, Dragon Boat Festival everywhere.Dragon Boat Festival, according to custom to eat dumplings, sugar cake, drinking realgar wine, hanging wormwood, iris, people can finally detached from the daily toil out, look for sustenance mind sees a spare.And we are not accustomed to the traditional holiday spending spree form, so the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival that, even not spared the Ching Ming Festival.    I think the significance of the festival, you can use words to describe, sad Yan intersection.Master Hong Yi passed away three days before, the book “sad Yan intersection,” the word disciple handed Miaolian.Sad Yan intersection, so feelings, this world and the artist rolled into one non-monk Master Hong Yi was not there.Because it is higher than the earthly enlightenment monk, near death escape the occasion, we will have a transcendent joy.Because it is the master of the art of love, will have a deep attachment to life and misery, it is a sad Yan intersection.The new colored silk dumplings wrapped around the corner, gold plate delivery, raw raw silk painted fans disk Shuangfeng.It orchid season, moving the bath, calamus wine US clear respect for common.Alone in a foreign land as a stranger, every festival pro.It seems that every traditional festival, there is a food as its unique cultural symbol.Dragon Boat Festival with rice dumplings.New Year, dumplings.Lantern Festival, there are rice balls.Mid-Autumn Festival with moon cake.Because of this possibility, the continuation of traditional festivals going from generation to generation for thousands of years, since it is rooted in childhood taste on the tongue, is the oldest SHEN nostalgia.    The significance of this feast is not it?Chinese people’s traditional festival, the whole family is sure to spend together.If friends and relatives scattered, less one or two people.The mind is always bitter.Everyone in the world is so small, is fortunate to have family links with blood.A man floating on the outside, the Dragon Boat Festival, eating dumplings, even the holidays, whereby pays homage to the past when the holidays enjoyable for the whole family seated around the table warmth.    Time really can dilute all the pain, gone dead, the living or to continue to live well.Which Payouyitian, just one person alone and walk alone in the world.There’s an old saying: “an old house, than Sambo.”I thought, on a holiday, only old people and spend time with the family is the most touching of.It is one of the most close to the earth warm and practical security.And our young people are always noisy party, stripped of quiet.And old people stricken with wind and rain, to accompany them gossip, listen to them talk about Chen Guzi Black Asako Chen old thing.    These dear old people, played down the ups and downs of life, good at finding the music Firestone.The cooked noisy life like childhood, like, like holding a glass of water, kind and indifferent.And thus trained a culvert, a calm, a pair of gentle tolerance of Ci Meishan eye.As everyone knows, this is the ordinary people can achieve the “Zen” of the state.    Dragon Boat Festival is a year when I really miss the old man has left us, but I myself would not miss this then easily be mentioned, which is part of my personal collection.I have settled in my heart, to be part of my life, flowing in my blood.    The memory of the Dragon Boat Festival, is a dark and quiet old house, and an amiable and respectful of the elderly.In a large pot of dumplings “dth” sound on the boiler, it exudes a seductive aroma.The children sitting around the dinner table, to hear the sound “dumplings cooked”, suddenly excited.Ignoring just how hot pot dumplings, he declared himself eager to eat what stuffing.The kind of warm and happy feeling spread from the tip of the tongue to the bottom of my heart, from his childhood years stretches to eternity.    Dragon Boat Festival, but it brought back so many of my rambling thoughts.I often think that this world, someone can thinking, nostalgia, excitement and fantasy, and some people can not – I do not know what time lost this ability.The latter feel the former fragile and sensitive person neurotic, in pursuing this pragmatic society is the presence of a tragedy.The former verification for everything they own all natural, and there is a full and happy Celebrex.    Dragon Boat Festival season and think of home, the heart has not forgotten earnest Worries.

Bring a bouquet of lavender

Mid-summer 1957, American youth in his hometown of Warren founded an investment company.Due to limited funds he raised, barely able to maintain business.    Soon, I heard Warren Davis pen urologists want to invest spare cash, have been looking for a suitable financial manager, so he quickly put down the job, rush to find Davis on cooperation.    Davis came home, only to find where Warren has gathered more than a dozen professional money managers.It turned cautious Davis worried about their investments lose money, once they got a number of managers at the same time talk about cooperation.    Finally turn Warren, Davis glanced at him, put it bluntly: Gosh, you look only 18 years old, doing this for many years?    Warren shyly A: I’m really new, but if you are willing to give the money to take care of me, I will earn 75% of the profits are distributed to your.    Davis laughed, thinking this dividend feel great, this person may be able to make money with it childish?He stall said: Let me think again.    Warren lost ground to go out.Then he noticed there was a woman sitting in the living room reading a book, they take the initiative to go on strike.Warren learned that she called the West more than a dream, like most Lavender The next day, Warren and other money managers, like Davis came home early to talk about cooperation again.In the waiting time, he was particularly to the West more than a dream send a bouquet of fresh lavender.West grateful to say more than a dream: you can really determined young man!    After that, Davis has not determined which give the money to take care of people, Warren and other money managers have to come every day to talk about cooperation, but nobody would talk to.    In addition to Warren with everyone else to talk about cooperation, but every day in advance ready to send a bouquet of lavender dreams west, chatted with her a few words.    This went on for two weeks, working with Warren that day to discuss the Davis, West dreams suddenly came in, holding the hands of that bunch of lavender, and said loudly: Davis, I like all aspects of this young man you give the money to take care of him to be sure!    Davis thought as usual, after a long time and finally said: I was thinking exactly the same with you.    In this way, Warren Davis got $ 100,000 investment.He used the money to stocks, a lot of money, fame soon spread.    Warren’s full name is Warren Buffett, and now his wealth is over $ 60 billion, still did not forget the first funds raised that year’s experience: when you see managers want to get that sum of money but also on Davis when this indecision, I realized I needed to do anything more, and then I noticed more than a dream West, and more sent her a bouquet of lavender.    Sometimes success is really very simple, is that you only saw what others did not see, and did that little thing they did not do, and nothing more.

Brine shrimp desert survival

Time is life, it is estimated there is nothing desert experience than brine shrimp deeper.    Mojave Desert of the southwestern United States is extremely hot and dry place, the temperature in the shade often exceeding 50 ℃, rain is very little, often separated by a few years until the next rainstorm, so the surface is almost not grow decent plant.Conditions are so bad and dangerous, no animal is willing to inhabit here, even in a drought-tolerant desert locusts also known for rare trace.Do not see hope in this barren land, the animals will survive it?    Make people more incredible is that this piece of scorched earth in lakes and rivers is not moist, actually be able to breed shrimp alive and kicking!And this miracle will happen after every rainstorm, scientists also solemnly named the shrimp brine shrimp.    Brine shrimp growth process is very difficult, most of the life is in the form of shrimp eggs, day with similar size and appearance of the hot sand with.People do not see that it is alive.Not to mention the pond after the rain will dominate future.Every 2 years?5 years, the Mojave Desert will come down and form a pond rain in the lowlands, millions of shrimp eggs rain down into the pond, this time shrimp eggs As if by magic, quickly hatched about 1 mm small shrimp, microorganisms against predation, small shrimp can be grown to within a week 1.5 cm.Just during the rapid growth of brine shrimp, hot sun is greedily eating away at the pond.In this race against time and the brine shrimp simply not afford to lose.To day 12, when the brine shrimp grow to about 3 cm, female shrimp will harbor hundreds shrimp eggs.Usually by this time, the pond water is running out, brine shrimp is about to do the sprint in the mud dry preparation.After a few days, brine shrimp use short life the last time, the shrimp eggs in moist soil.Then, after confirming their species may be multiply, with the last drop of brine shrimp died evaporation.    If the second field sufficient amount of rain and the formation of another pond, shrimp and eggs began to hatch.Brine shrimp will once again grow quickly through their life cycle adult, spawning and death.But the lack of rainfall in some years can not form a pond, in this case, the shrimp eggs will remain dormant until the second coming of rainfalls.In extremely rare cases, may be 100 years, only two such opportunities, adequate rainfall will form a deep pond, the water can be kept for a month or longer without drying up.Then the brine shrimp will complete two grown adult, spawning and death cycle.As a result, the number of this species will be a substantial increase, more able to ensure its survival and reproduction.


Brilliantness – the thirtieth anniversary of the financial undertakings Pang Lihong look back thirty years ago, Chinese dragon faltering.Undone, but I do not know which end begins.All ambition in helpless silence slow, all enclosed in its own vast energy potential homes.It was mid-1978, there is an old man, in the land of Kyushu drew a magical circle, which was the wealthy and powerful blueprint ah!Since then, the heavy door opened, and the reform of the horn, sounded at the edge of the sky, opening spring, covered with green earth.Thirty years Weiwo logistics, generation through thick and thin.Spring has gone back to form a perfect team excellent.Finance the efforts to forge a digital miracle on a higher level of year.Fiscal people’s efforts to forge an unprecedented brilliant performance.People financial innovation, created the core driving force in the economic field.Thirty years seasons in the past years of growth rings in writing a towering.Dimension to financial affairs, is to make money filling the state treasury, it is to let people have a guaranteed consumption.To seek financial governance, it is to find new growth highlights to bring the real situation to cut expenditure.To financial governance, we must Analysis of new development ideas and open up paths which reliable economic leap.Thirty years of ups and downs, suffering countless people struggling to fight financial.Thankfully, we seize opportunities in the rapidly advancing tide of reform.Department budget, supervision and inspection, centralized payment, government procurement, constitute the basic framework for financial reform.In order to enlarge the cake and annual financial balance, financial people are against the clock.We devote unlimited loyalty to the cause of the motherland’s blood.With our finances in order to promote security and stability of the State Council; With our finances to a thriving national economy; With our finances in order to promote Miles Pengcheng national defense science and technology; With our finances in order adjourned Quintessence of Pentium gallop.Time flies, time rush.Divine Land demonstrated the long-lost glory to the world of giants, the sons and daughters bursting out laughing heartily cheers.We tell the story of the spring, revealing the joy of success smile.However, we still can not relax.Because the need to optimize the economic structure adjustment, rural issues need to recognize the importance, need to strive to shorten the gap between rich and poor, we need to build a harmonious society as soon as possible.Our future is to continue to make contributions to build stronger public finances!