Hospitalization rhapsody

Time flies by without trace. People’s perception of the years is only the change of day and night and the transmigration of seasons. After the passage of time, all we can remember is the things or things of a certain period of time in the past, and we can’t see any traces of the passage of time, so there is no trace of time.. In fact, years are not traceless, they accumulate in people’s growth, depict people’s faces and settle in people’s lives. When you get old and stay at home, you will be more aware of the rapid pace of time. You will lament that the years have gone by in a hurry, regardless of the fact that people get older first.. Spring goes to spring and comes again. People go or not return.     The heart is an important organ of the human body. It is the clock of life and plays the movement of life rhythmically all the time.. However, recently it was found that my life clock has been rusted by years and often stops in seconds. The medical term is’ premature beat’. Not only that, I also felt the occasional colic in the heart area, which attracted my great attention. So I went to the hospital to see a doctor. The doctor was very domineering and threw himself at me and immediately issued me a notice of hospitalization, saying that he was going to be hospitalized for a comprehensive examination.. I was completely overwhelmed and had no psychological preparation at all. I thought: After all, I might not be able to walk out as soon as I came in, so my life is over and I can’t give an account of my affairs yet.! Time flies. Life is like a dream!     My fans stared at me in hospital, and the nurse led me into my ward and lay in my hospital bed.. This is the first time I have ever been hospitalized and one of my most taboo things, perhaps the last time in my life. Can’t, years heartless, life He Nai? Perhaps hospitalization is not a bad thing, just as cars enter the factory for better maintenance and the clock needs to be oiled for better operation, hospitalization is also to provide health care to the increasingly poor body so as to facilitate the normal swing of the life clock.. May God bless me and keep me alive. Years passed, although you changed my appearance, but don’t reduce my life, let my precious life continue with you slowly, and describe the wonderful scenery of life together … ah, I was once an idealist and had no fear of death.. When he joined the army, he vowed to devote his youth to defending his motherland. When he joined the Party, he vowed to fight for communism for life. But now, when natural life is about to go by crane fairy, there seems to be some worry.. But it is not fear of death, but mixed with a few infatuation. The infatuation with the world of mortals, the infatuation with relatives and friends, and the infatuation with a better life. Not afraid of death, but don’t want to die, most can be said to be greedy for life, all living things are like this, no wonder.     I was hospitalized for four days and did various examinations, such as stool examination, urine examination, routine blood biochemical examination, color Doppler ultrasound, cardiac imaging, kidney B ultrasound, brain nuclear magnetic resonance, etc.. The final diagnosis was mild coronary heart disease. It turns out that years have deposited carbon in my body’s engine in this way, leaving an indelible mark and fettering the normal swing of my life clock..     Being admitted to a hospital is a real patient. Even if you are still alive and kicking like a healthy person, you must also lie in a hospital bed and receive treatment programs such as injections and drops of liquid.. The second day of hospitalization was the most unforgettable and crazy day for me. At about 9: 00 a.m., a male nurse came to my bedside with a gurney, saying that she was going to take me to’ lead in the operation department’ for cardiac imaging diagnosis. I said I could go without gurgling.. The paramedics refused to let me go. They also called in several nurses to help me and ordered me to abide by the hospital regulations and press me on the gurney.. The operation department is on the third floor. We enter the elevator from the eighth floor. There are many people wearing white coats in the elevator.. After I was pushed into the elevator, the doctors took the initiative to flash to the other side of the elevator and stand in front of my wheel bed. At this point, the elevator was filled with a quiet and serious atmosphere, and no one spoke. In order to ease this awkward atmosphere, I could not help but speak. I asked them what the scene looked like? A female doctor asked me what I looked like? I said goodbye to the body. She said no, the body is missing at least a piece of white cloth from me. She also added that I can’t die. People who are dying have lost their sense of humor without breaking their breath.. She reassured me that I would live a long life! In the midst of everyone’s ha ha laugh, the elevator door on the third floor opened and the doctors nodded to me in unison.. In my opinion, this is clearly the ” walk all the way” sign-like farewell ceremony.     The door was closed and I couldn’t get in. The nurse told me that the first person I went in needed to install an arterial stent, and it took me a little longer to wait patiently for a while.. So I was pushed into an empty house to rest and wait. The door’ crashed with a clash’ was closed by the caretaker, leaving me lying flat on the wheel bed in the room, silent and chilly, unable to hear the outside voice, not like in the world at this time and place, but like paradise in the west..I suspect that the paramedics did not push me to do cardiogram, but pushed me directly into the morgue..     At last it was my turn, and I was carried to the operating table. The doctor disinfected my right hand, then did local anesthesia at the artery of the wrist, where the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine felt the pulse, and then stuck a long plastic needle into my artery. Despite the anesthesia, I still felt a sharp pain.. I took a peek and found that the long plastic needle was as thick as a normal sweater needle and was about 20cm in length.. At this point, I closed my eyes and never looked at it again. I honestly lay on the operating table and let the doctor play with it. Suddenly, there was a burning sensation in my palm and the back of my hand. I knew it must be my blood, which was sprayed through a long hollow plastic needle.. Then I felt the doctor pushing a special rope into my blood vessel. The machine rang on the front and both sides of my chest like taking pictures. Perhaps this is a form of’ cardiogram’. However, I am not interested in this. What I am worried about is the deep red blood gushing from the blood vessels.. I guess there must be a lot of blood in the mouth just sprayed out, otherwise, the area of heat sensation will not be so large. I was worried that the blood would still spray, even gush, until the last drop of blood condensed into a scab and blocked the mouth of the needle, and then a piece of white cloth covered me from head to foot….     Coronary heart disease, the name of the disease sounds really scary, but it is still in a mild stage, not to the point where an arterial stent needs to be installed.. According to the doctor’s instructions, as long as you change your eating habits and do some aerobic exercises properly, the blockage of blood vessels may be improved.. With this conclusion, I went through the discharge formalities.     Years are long and life is short. According to statistics, the average life expectancy of Chinese is only 75 years, or 900 months. The first third is the stage of learning, which passes quickly in ignorance. Most of the time in life should be wasted in the second stage, in which everyone is paving his future with youth.. No matter what fate is, no matter the outcome is good or bad, as long as it takes about 480 months, your essence will be mercilessly hollowed out by the years, marked with the mark of elimination, and will naturally reach the final stage of life.. At this stage, the years will not leave too much time for themselves. The counting of fingers is already less than one third, and the life clock has entered the countdown.. At this moment, you seem to hear the footsteps coming towards you from the terrifying. So, some hesitation inside, and then came up with the complex of love for the world, and the idea of lust for life came into being.. So, I don’t have much time left. The only thing I have to do is to take care of myself according to the doctor’s advice. This may create a miracle and break through the assumption that life is only nine hundred months old. Think of this, my spring heart ripples, confidence is one hundred times. From now on, I want to adjust my mentality, not to race against time, not to ignore the marks of time, but to care about my health and well – being..

handsome boy

[ Guide ]: I was surprised and looked back quickly. An old lady with a child in her arms behind me was leaving two boxes of milk to go out. Before she ran to the door, a plainclothes security guard grabbed her back and kicked her. She struggled to get up and tried to rush out. The handsome boy had stopped right against the face and slapped the old lady two times, cleanly like his white shirt and blue trousers..   That boy is handsome.     The first time I saw him was at the entrance to the lobby of Zhongchang Department Store. He stood upright in a brand-new uniform with a standard military posture. The neat white shirt and blue trousers set off his handsome appearance, his tie neatly clipped on the top of his shirt, his knife-shaped eyebrows long – eyed, his mouth wide and his nose high, his hair slightly curled, and his ceremonial bow, much like the handsome man in the Korean drama..     The appearance of the boy in his twenties and twenties, with the sunshine and handsome appearance, attracted the constant stream of customers to look askance. Girls walked past him shyly. Jiao Jiao smiled and turned back to whisper frequently.. I also often think that if such a beautiful young man is a girl’s boyfriend, he will greatly satisfy the vanity of others and envy a group of onlookers..     I often go shopping in Zhongchang and meet him. The boy is mainly responsible for keeping bags for the guests. I don’t bother him too much. Sometimes, when he takes his daughter to the supermarket, he often pulls out two balloons and hands them to his daughter. When there are a lot of things, he will help him to mention the outside of the mall and bend over to say goodbye to his daughter with a smile. He is attentive and considerate..     One morning, as soon as I was ready to leave after paying the money, I heard the cashier’s young lady shout, ” That, the baby – hugger, the old woman, don’t let her run away.”. I was surprised and looked back quickly. An old lady with a child in her arms behind me was leaving two boxes of milk to go out. Before she ran to the door, a plainclothes security guard grabbed her back and kicked her. She struggled to get up and tried to rush out. The handsome boy had stopped right against the face and slapped the old lady two times, cleanly like his white shirt and blue trousers.. The child cried with fear, and the cashier cried out with glee, ” It’s good to kill, but steal at this age.”. Fortunately, I saw it, otherwise I told us to lose money. ‘ The old lady blushed with embarrassment and was beaten. The child was crying again. She didn’t know what to do. Tears slid down her face, and she was still crying incoherently with a quivering voice: ” Not stealing, but forgetting to pay, don’t scare the child, don’t frighten the child.”. A few customers were nearby to persuade them that the two men didn’t pay any attention. One grabbed her sleeve and pulled her up the elevator. The old lady struggled to get down, and the handsome boy stepped forward and kicked her down with a good gesture. He must have practiced fighting and the child almost threw out.. A salesgirl still scolded, ” Why don’t you take money without stealing?”. Old shameless, how to teach children? ‘ I was stunned for a while, and finally I eased myself off and left my things and shouted at the boy: ” Sir, sir, please, sir”’ He ignored me and took the old lady to the second floor with the plainclothes security guard..     I know that there is a storage room on the corner of the second floor and I often see salespersons resting there. I quickly followed up. They have closed the door of the storage room. The sound is playing, the old woman is crying, the children are crying, and there are loud scolding and vague pleadings.. The salesperson gathered around and told me to go down and mind my own business.     When I came down dejectedly, a few people at the door were still pointing. I picked up something and looked at the top of the counter. There were two bottles of yogurt that had just been seized, strawberry – flavored, children’s favorite drink, and 1.71 bottles. If possible, I think many of the people I’m with are willing to pay these three dollars and forty cents in exchange for the short-term happiness of the children and the humble face of the old man.. I said to the counter lady, again how, you shouldn’t hit people. She rightfully refuted me: Who wouldn’t she hit? Who told her to steal? No money to drink? I don’t give up and looked up at the elevator again, with a bright red honor list on the wall, showing all the colleagues in Zhongchang Supermarket in the world their love of boxing for disaster relief, totaling 1,050 yuan..     At noon, he told the story to his lover. He paused and said, ” Ah, we can’t manage it.”. When I went out at night, I heard from the vendors next to the supermarket that the old lady was beaten badly and the children were scared, and the family paid a fine to redeem them..     After that, I never went there to buy anything. Sometimes when I pass by the supermarket door, the handsome boy is smiling to welcome guests, polite, as before, thoughtful and attentive.[ Responsibility Editor: Yuet Hua[ Original ]

From today

From today on, forget the true age and let the wind of the years freely cross the face, leaving its relentless footprint with its own memory of struggle..     From today on, forget this humble occupation that makes people happy and makes people worry, let sadness melt into a wine jar filled with sureness, and make more mellow showers tomorrow..     From today on, forget the pitiful salary that remains unchanged and worthless, let envy and despair rot in your stomach, cultivate your own small dishes with both hands, and let the sunshine of life fill every green leaf..     From today on, no longer blindly compare with others, let the seeds of self-abasement die out and regain the momentum of moving forward.     From today on, I will no longer be angry with students for trivial matters, criticize others and myself for a piece of paper, and forgive everything with a tolerant heart. Good or bad is a day, good or bad is only three years, ” I believe the sun will still shine tomorrow..     From today on, let the family live in harmony and laughter, be a poor rural teacher, and carefully taste the happiness contained in a poor life in difficult times..     From today on, dust down and hang up the yellow banner again, remembering the Buddhist doctrine that needs to be studied for a lifetime: the belly can tolerate heaven and earth and what can not be tolerated by oneself.   Opening his mouth, he smiled and laughed at the old times and laughed at everything today..

Exploration’ Life’

When a person dies, his body returns to nature, originally it comes from nature, and his body is made up of water and various elements in nature. although the structure of elements has changed, it will always exist on the earth according to the’ eternal law of matter’.   Since I began to accept knowledge, I have a strong curiosity. I like science very much. For literature, I always think it is a way of expression in life. It is a tool for human communication, emotional communication and telling good grief..     I have been looking for an unknown focus in my study of knowledge. I took part in the work when I graduated from primary school and became an apprentice when I was 13 years old. At that time, my heart was very sad, but my thirst for knowledge has not diminished. I like books such as astronomy, geography, medicine, physics and history very much..     Because I feel it is wonderful to live in this world, as I grow older, I see and hear more and more. I have a strange idea about’ life’, and I want to know what will happen in the future. I have also thought about the moment when the earth exploded hundreds of millions of years later, and then all the life that came to the earth will appear at that moment, and we will also reproduce the space of the earth, because it may have predicted Einstein’s theory of relativity.. Since the power of the explosion far exceeded the speed of light, it took hundreds of millions of years to reverse the time, but the moment of occurrence may be too short and too short.     I often think that the universe has designed our human life too short, it can only have that short one hundred years. But think carefully, it seems that man will never die again. In fact, man is made up of two parts, soul and body, soul is a person’s thought, which embodies the goodness and evil of man. The body only represents the beauty and ugliness of human appearance, but the goodness of soul does not necessarily combine with the beauty of body, and the evil of soul does not necessarily combine with the ugliness of appearance. This is an interesting problem because the world is a contradictory unity of opposites..     When a person dies, his body returns to nature, originally it comes from nature. his body is made up of water and various elements in nature. although the structure of elements has changed, it will always exist on the earth according to the’ eternal law of matter’.     I remember someone once said such a thing,’ either we live forever or we live forever. I want to say this sentence people must understand what, yeah! When a person stops breathing, his soul and spirit return to space. He has been floating in space, waiting for the living to accept him and his thoughts and spirit, thus returning to the world..     Human beings are always searching for beauty. How many people still live in our hearts since ancient times. He ( she ) has given the posterity spirit and strength, and many evil soul thoughts are in the world, but he is always telling posterity not to reappear.. The soul is the spirit and thought, and it is also the real life of human beings.


These days after Qingming Festival are rainy days. We transplant rice seedlings in the rain, plow fields in the rain, and do everything a farmer has to do this season in the rain.     Today, I was relieved. Because the rain was too heavy last night, my father felt that the water in the field was too deep, and the 24 – day – old throwing seedlings and growing seedlings would reach the top.. So rest today and watch TV at home. Go to bed more than one o’clock in the afternoon and wake up more than four o’clock. The rain stopped outside the window and it was still cloudy. Lean on the door to see the world flooded by green. My heart was overwhelmed by a sad thought. Why is this so? When everything in the world appears alive in this spring, when many people feel the beauty of life, I am surrounded by sad emotions … Don’t blame Xu Zhimo for reading too much poetry, I didn’t go into the world of poets this night and month, after all, didn’t I throw that book to participate in Xu Zhimo’s collection of essays into that pile of dust?? I don’t blame Tencent for watching too much news on its online technology channel. I haven’t seen any articles over there for a long time.. I really don’t know how many kinds of online experts and scholars have speculated about the future of mankind..     The pig farm on the opposite side is very lively. It is said that the croaking pigs can be heard by people living under another mountain.. Now is the time to feed, the cry is more intense than usual. In this lively scene, such a sentence suddenly stirred up in my mind: ” Those who write words have a miserable fate.”. It suddenly dawned on me that the sad mood just now was caused by several articles about Chinese literati on the Internet..     How many people in China eat literal rice? Look at those literature websites and you’ll see a rough idea. Compared with the past, the competition is fierce and unprecedented, and it is not impossible to say that it is white – hot.. In such a big environment, the fate of the literati is worrying. With the exception of famous artists, it is the novices who have to worry about.. How to get a more comfortable life under the fierce competition is something they dream of thinking about … Literature websites have writers earning over a million yuan a year, magazines and newspapers have thousands of words over a thousand yuan, but to get these, the word ” name” should be added in front: famous artists and famous artists. After all, famous artists are a very small number of people, more of them are below the subsistence level, and even a few hundred dollars a month are still there … ah, it is for these reasons that I feel sad and sad.. A one-way road ( a one-way road that can only move forward and cannot move backward ) is inevitable for a person who has just started to hear that the future turns out to be such a situation.. All that can be done is to try to sell what you are happy and dilute the sadness … ah

Different places are sad

I think when I left my hometown, the autumn of September was just right, the drizzle was drizzling in the dim sky, and the vegetation around the mountain withered.. I started a long journey alone, carrying a heavy bag, without any words from friends, without a farewell from relatives, only a long, narrow and winding path behind me, thus leaving my hometown for friends who have lived together all day and night.. It is hard to avoid feeling a little lonely and helpless in my heart, and feeling a kind of sadness of wandering in my life.     Xu Shisheng was born with a sentimental physique, leaving her hometown for a long time with a strong homesickness in her heart.. Now it’s the end of autumn, the mountains in the country are already withered, and naturally it’s a scene of depression.. When I saw this scene in a different place, I couldn’t help thinking of the bamboo forest that accompanied me through my childhood, maple trees with red leaves like fire, and the smoke from cooking fires.? a href = ‘ http : / / sanwenzx. Communication / attachment / search. Junior Professional Officers? kW type = 0 & keyword = + % C1 % F4′ target =’ _ blank’ > nostalgia?a href = ‘ http : / / sanwenzx. com / sanwenzhuanti / 2010 / 0120 / 15630. Html’ target =’ _ blank’ > happy laughter from relatives under the ancient banyan tree in the evening at home. Every time I think about this, my depressed and sentimental character reminds me of the miserable condition of wandering away and doing nothing over the years, and the grievances of ridicule, insults, threats and even being expelled as a thorn in the side, I cannot help but burst into tears and regret that I should not have gone away from home..     So I often spend my life alone in my limited space, and only when I pick up the writing brush in my hand can I have a calm mood, or pick up the piccolo to play some old songs and ballads, so that I can pour out my infinite worries.. Imagine working hard at the beginning and trying to make your limited ability contribute a sincere and untimely effort to the foreign country, but in the end it was only sarcasm, ridicule and even relegation.. In this way, hypocritical faces have taught me that life is not easy, and I have really learned how to be eloquent, what to preserve our sanity, and what to sell our friends for glory, and gradually began to learn to stay away or escape..     In a short time, I began to fall in love with going to the woods and mountain to sit and fish, and I often stayed away from the noise of the city and the noise of voices all by myself after work.. Walking through the willow smoke in the morning, find a quiet place to quietly watch the canal water slowly, flowing water leisurely, and the birds and flowers in the countryside, the picture shows the quiet overflow and warmth. Listening to the melody of the flowing water flowing through the mountain stream and the rhythm of the wind blowing through the bamboo forest, an indescribable peace and peace rose in my heart.     Alone in the mountains is as warm as being in my long-lost hometown. All the cares and thoughts are thrown behind me, not angry, not resentful, not sad, not seeking splendor, not seeking surprise, not flattering, not to mention looking at the faces of others.. This may be another way of life in my rough years.     Think of Lu Shang, a sage in ancient times, who fished along the river for dozens of years before being cited by wise men, and gave full play to his talents and achievements to make a career and pass it on to the world.. And I have experienced a lot of things in my drifting career in recent years. Although it is not a big change in the sea, it is miserable for me. Who ever knew all kinds of depression in my heart??     Once the sea was difficult for water, how big a position can I have between heaven and earth?? Where is the place where I live? Where should I go?

Cool in the sun

In the summer of the city, there was a fire everywhere, and the sun scorched the earth like crazy, as if to dry all the water in the earth. People walked in the sun like a towel almost dried, almost out of breath by the transpiration of the earth temperature..   My wife and I were riding an electric car on the road, and my eyes were almost unable to open under the sun. Originally, I had a pair of sunglasses. I didn’t know when a screw was dropped, and the lens drooped without fixing the screw so that it could no longer be used. I threw it in the trunk and said to fix it many times, but I forgot it in the end.. So I can only squint and carry my wife home in the scorching sun.   At this time, there were few people on the road except a few car seat sellers who were lazily hiding in the shade by the side of the road. Only people like me who needed to travel occasionally passed by.. When I went to century avenue, I saw an old man sitting on the side of the road at a distance. A closer look revealed that he was selling glasses. He was sitting on a pony stool with his back against the sun. Behind him was an old bicycle, in front of which was a wooden’ glasses stand’ full of sunglasses and presbyopic glasses.. He wore a military blue shirt, with a sparse white beard dotted on the lower part of his dark face. His face was oily or sweaty, appearing smooth and bright.. His eyes did not look straight ahead or look left and back in order to look for business opportunities, but bent slightly and watched the glasses stand, almost becoming speechless, as if this could reduce the sun’s scorching.   I quickly stopped the electric car and said to him, ” old man, you don’t fix your glasses, such as adding a screw or something.”? You can bring it to me and have a look! He looked up at me and said with a smile.   I got off and opened the trunk, took out my glasses and handed them to him. He took the glasses and didn’t speak. He went straight to the toolbox to pick up a screw, carefully gesticulated, took out a screwdriver, screwed the screw up, and handed it to me without extra trouble..   I was very grateful and asked, ” old man, how much does this cost?”? He looked at me and said, ” No money! I said,’ how can that be done? you are so hard in the sun! I felt three coins on my body and handed them out. He hurriedly said, ” forget it, what does a screw cost?”. ‘ and I handed the money to block back in the past.   I said, ” You are so hard that you can’t fix my glasses for nothing.”! Just put three coins on his glasses stand. He immediately got up from the pony stool and put three coins in my front basket.   I saw that he was determined not to, so I thanked him and left on an electric car..   Walking on the road, I was wearing sunglasses that the old man had just fixed for me. Black blocked the world and blocked the poisonous sunshine from my sight, making me feel a little cool and refreshing.. But I always see old man’s army blue shirt, white beard and dark and glossy face in my eyes, and feel like I owe him something. I said to my wife sitting in the back, let’s go back and buy him a pair of glasses! Wife say forget it, you don’t have a pair of glasses! Who do you buy to wear? Besides, the weather is so hot, we hurry back to rest for a while and it’s hot!   I thought for a moment and felt that my wife said the same thing. Buying another pair was completely redundant and the weather was really hot, so I didn’t insist and rode back on an electric car..   Later, when I passed through century avenue, I didn’t see the old man selling glasses again. Maybe he was a mobile vendor, changing places with one shot.   He brought me a cool piece in the hot sun, but I couldn’t bring him a cool piece. I felt a little sorry.. In addition to regret, only thanks. Thank you, but also wish him a better life and all people like him a better life..

Cherry Blossoms on Nails

[ Guide ]: Think of the child’s concentrated research on how to use all kinds of projections to climb the standard parallel bars that were stunned by the monster at that time, and think of when he severely hit the iron base from the bars head down, Xiao A thinks that Buddha placement is just around the corner..   Looking at the newly opened cherry blossoms with five petals on their nails, little a couldn’t help smiling.   When she was a child, she also liked to look at her nails like this. The teacher gushed on them, but Xiao A poured all the dust and barbs in her nails until they were clean..   It was not until 20 years later, when the leader preached about the importance of the instrument in the industry and the clean fingernails in the company’s articles of association, that she suddenly realized that she might have been scolded by her teacher when she was a child..   This thinking across time and space brought Xiao A’s thoughts to 20 years ago.   At that time, there were not so many houses in the compound, and even the hospital was a row of humble bungalows.. The building where the playmates are randomly hiding is also a grey top floor. A group of children tore up the edge of the building, layers of wall coverings were thrown on their heads, naughty boys grabbed a handful of ash from their hair, stuffed it into the collar of their little sister, and then there was a cry.. At that time, Xiao A mixed up among them, and only liked to follow a few boys, sometimes climbing the wall and sometimes turning the parallel bars, thinking of the young children’s concentrated research on how to use various projections to climb the standard parallel bars that were then startled to be a monster, and thinking of his hard head-down smashing into the iron base from the bars, Xiao A felt that Buddha was just around the corner..   Small a is easy to be bullied, and the gang leaders who bullied her now have some settled abroad, some have gone abroad, some have been abroad, some have married, some have not heard from them, small b and small c are among them.. Of course, Xiao A also has its own vent object, such as playmate Xiaoding, whose mother is fierce and the children are afraid of him. On the contrary, even Xiao A dares to sneak attack from behind, now it seems that these tricks are really sweet memories after 20 years..   Small A was originally living in the unit in the middle of a building near the road.. That unit has a characteristic, from the 2nd floor to the 5th floor, each has its own children. Shouted on his birthday, as the door was banging, kids quickly gathered in one room to eat, which was happier than the small A living in a courtyard house in Beijing.. Today, a baby is already a woman, a baby A has seen the back of her face, but she is too tall to recognize each other, and a baby who does not rub cake with a bag of sugar on her birthday has already spent the sixth, perhaps the seventh, year on the other side of the ocean.. Xiao A was very happy at that time and often ran to the back building to find Xiao B and Xiao C, begging them to tolerate a follower. – ” Are you afraid of heights? ‘ Not afraid. -‘ Then you can climb the wall with us. ‘ Although Xiao A still fell heavily and learned about her fear of heights, she still missed this moment very much.. Speaking of fear of heights, the father of little a missed the world’s tallest man-made building when he was studying abroad, which is a pity.   Why is it that when it comes to small B, in the mind of small A, there is always such a picture fixed. That’s a year after Junior A moved to a bigger house and lived next to Junior B.. Xiao A is a rookie in songs, and so far he has not got all the five tones, while Xiao B is much better.. One day, Xiao A ran into Xiao B and saw him holding a box of tapes, which are the tapes of songs.. Xiao A asked Xiao B what it was, but was rewarded with a disdainful look: ” You don’t know if you said so.”. Then tell me about it. Zhang Xinzhe. Well, I really don’t know. ‘ Small A still clearly remembers the state of mind at that time, without any anxiety or intention of lying. Compared with the embarrassment of not knowing how to pretend, the mind at that time was simply open – minded..   Why do you say ” little c” because it is the seed of the little girl’s little a’s feelings. Ignorant also don’t know what is emotional small A can only describe small C by Xie Dong who thought he was handsome to the extreme at the time.. The father of Xiao A and Xiao C studied abroad in the same year, one to the left and one to the right, and happened to be a colleague, so their mothers became friends.. When we were walking together after dinner, Xiao A ran in front of us, and Xiao C sped up the chase. He also turned back and cheerfully sang’ Always thinking, You Now’, a lyric knocking on Xiao A’s face until it turned red.. Xiao A and Xiao C also went to see the lanterns together, which is another beautiful scene: A city park at night is located at the foot of the mountain, making the lanterns red and colorful to the faces of four people.. At this time, the mothers miss their father, the fathers miss their children, and the little a misses the little c.   Twenty years later, small A’s home is different, and small C’s and small D’s have become totally unrecognizable.. Only small B still happily leads everyone around. Well, small B is very mature from an early age, unlike small A, and only knows how to hate when he meets troubles, but only knows how to cry now..   Small a felt his fingers swishing cold. now it is winter. even in the meeting, he can’t let his fingers stop moving feel a little warm. he only cares about the small white flowers on his nails. small a doesn’t even have a record of what the leader said. the pen is lying on the side, like a dead body, holding it in his hand again, cold and cold. he has been thorough in his heart. small a leng leng, thinking, it is better to write down his memories of his nails just now..[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe ]

black and white

Who said that there is nothing in the world that can’t match black and white, so definitely someone once sang that it doesn’t understand the darkness of night during the day, but you know my beauty to participate in the lyrics in the black and white matching regulations, which can always make my heart flush with some inexplicable sadness, like the cold silence and determination at the time of day and night alternation, like the swaying and decay when flowers leave the branches.. I like to watch the night outside the window sink little by little at the end of the evening, and the trees and houses in the distance slowly blur the outline in the black. At this time, the time will become very soft and cool, holding it in the palm of your hand, can clearly feel her slow melting in the daytime, and turn to grow and dream in the night with infinite melancholy and yearning..   Day and night are two completely different worlds, but time always shuttles back and forth in the arrangement of fate. Our life, longing and yearning, silence and loneliness are also always slowly passing through the cycle of sun and moon..   In the four seasons, perhaps only winter, is the best match for black and white, accustomed to pink, tender and green, but the black and white with cold colors is especially dazzling but profound.. Black and white, originally the two ultimate, too clear, too cold and cheerless, but can be carved into the bones.   Walking on the country trail, in the snow and ice all over the sky, a skinny tree that occasionally flashes in the eyes always feels so lonely. Maybe she is remembering something, or maybe she is standing there so obstinately and doesn’t want anything at all.. On the distant wire, occasionally a few black notes are constantly changing. In this part of northwest China, there are few other birds except sparrows.   The black and white world is too concise, yet real, you can be here, giving birth to infinite regrets, lamenting the helplessness of life, imagining the infinite brilliance of the future, crying, laughing, no need to cover up, no need to pretend, you are yourself..   The black and white world can clearly reflect your heart and make you fear reality. You have been in the world for a long time and sometimes you are afraid of something too real.. However, your heart is steadfast, gorgeous, and noisy, and here it will be washed away and quiet, simple and true..   You gave me a colorful time, but you copied black and white wounds in your heart. Always think of this sentence, so decadent, so defeated, that is the silence after the fireworks ended, that is the loneliness of falling flowers and dead leaves, that is cool thin after people left tea cool, helpless, yet profound. Those once beautiful, after all, only left a cold symbol, leaving a real pain.   There are many black-and-white photos in the photo frame of my hometown. There are parents’ youth and parents’ purest memories. Some people in the photos have already died and some people have already lost the slightest trace of them. Parents’ uncles and uncles and aunts and uncles have already lost their youth in the sand of the years. They are old and the photos have yellowed..   The most helpless thing in life is to watch the wheel of time roll forward, the road of memory is getting longer and longer, the rope of life is getting shorter and shorter, but there is nothing you can do about it.. A lot of things, you have to loosen your hands, a lot of things, you have to face them frankly, this is the necessity of life.   I’ve been thinking about it all the time. Why should my hair turn white when I’m old?? though silken-black at morning, have changed by night to snow, always scary. Perhaps, this black-and-white dichotomy is the most representative of the truth and change in life, and it is the two most representative states.   Like white flowers, white aloofness, white cold and cheerless, white apostasy, but also happy at ease, don’t have to hustle and bustle, don’t have to compete for splendor, she is only open for herself, very self, also very casual..   I like the cleanness and coldness of snow, fluttering freely and freely. The flying heart is like jade, glittering and translucent, free from dust and fireworks, and always far away from the disturbance and noise of the world..   White is plain, bright and unabashed, black is strong, sincere and restrained. Black – and – white matching is the most contradictory combination, contradictory and complementary, like this day and night, and like heaven and earth, life and death, everything in the world was originally contradictory and unified..   The match between black and white is the most primitive match of life. It is simple, cold, but deep and clear. The chess pieces of black and white on the chessboard are fighting for life and death in silence.. Ink splashing and white space in ink painting always have profound meaning and give people infinite reverie.   And those women who like black and white matching must be intelligent and smart women who can understand all the vicissitudes of life and also see all the ups and downs. In their hearts, they yearn for the purity and simplicity of life and stick to the authenticity and simplicity of life..   Black – and – white matching is the clear sound of mountain streams, empty and cold, a drop of clear dew in the morning, pure and smooth, a star in the night, Qingyuan and persistent, a lingering fragrance on ancient scrolls, quiet and elegant.

Ballads in the Game

When I was a child, a mound, even a dunghill, could also become our battlefield as long as there was a bag above the ground. Under the leadership of the two commanders, it was divided into two teams, attacking each other and pulling out camps, occupying the heights, robbing the mountains and singing’ My mountain is not called up, fighting’ as soon as it comes up..   And every 61, every 61 is unconsciously spent, but this year is different, the son is four years old, he has his own understanding of 61 and knows it’s his holiday. It’s not even a day off for kindergarten..     The fake son went to KFC to eat, play on the slide, go home to watch cartoons alone, and watch them with relish.. Looking at my son, I have a feeling that I can’t say it. I couldn’t help thinking of my childhood.     I can’t remember how my childhood came about. I only remember when I was seven or eight years old, when I was actually full of white flour. What I vaguely remember is the game of childhood and the songs in the game. These yellow memories are showing in my mind more clearly as I grow older and bring me back to the seventies of the last century again and again..     ‘ Sneak bottles and build stage, blow and blow, carry a lift.”. What’s the name of this game? I can’t remember it. This nursery rhyme is clearly remembered. This game requires more than four people to play, but not too many. One of them stands on one leg, and the other leg straightens to the front. This person is usually a strong man among his partners, while the other one stands on his leg, with the other leg folded on the former’s leg in turn, forming a circle. The last one stands on one leg, with the other leg pulled down from the first and then folded on the previous one’s leg.. In this way, everyone can stand face to face in a circle with one leg, and everyone can also turn back and stretch his leg backward, thus overlapping into a circle.. Then everyone jumped up together, singing and singing until they broke up. This game emphasizes team cooperation and can only be played for a longer time if everyone is coordinated. If any child is slow or fast, it will soon fall apart. The reason why I remember this ballad is not that I played well, but that I was small and thin at that time and couldn’t keep up with everyone’s rhythm. I was often scolded by our leader JHF, who was two or three years older than me and self-styled commander, and often threatened not to play with me. I always begged him repeatedly, fortunately, I had a stronger relationship with his brother Jianmin, and he didn’t take me seriously and often took me to play with me..     When I was a child, a mound, even a dunghill, could become our battlefield as long as there was a bag above the ground. Under the leadership of the two commanders, it was divided into two teams, attacking each other, occupying the heights, robbing the mountains and singing ” My mountain is not called up, fighting as soon as it comes up.”. If you can’t find the’ Highlands’, two lines will line up at a distance of more than 10 meters, holding hands with each other and calling for battle, saying it was a mock battle in ancient times. It is too civilized to think of it now.. Singing challenge songs, ” Look at Daring, chop down broadsword, your troops let me pick, pick who, pick ~ ~”, this party reports the name of the other party’s war leader, generally looking for the weaker one, and I am the one who is often called out, so I will calm down and look for the two weakest men of the other party, muster all my strength, and rush to the past. If I break away the other party’s camp, that is, holding hands, it will be a victory. I can choose a member from the other party’s camp at will in addition to the commander’s war leader. Of course, more often, I will be picked out by somebody else..     When we play games together, we have to involve in the distribution of personnel. This is a very exquisite thing. Sometimes, for this reason, we are all scattered birds and beasts.. So the commanders of the two sides asked everyone to line up in a zigzag pattern, and the commanders of the two sides ordered them to do so.. The so-called ” point will” is nothing more than the commander’s words, ” point teasing, black cat dog meat, single arrest of small players, small players playing tricks, selling legs, selling down, killing down is him”’, each word is a person, corresponding to one by one, and the last word falls on who, who belongs to the commander’s war leader, is distributed in sequence, fair and reasonable. ”.     How many years later, the children in the countryside did not play such games, and my son is still unknown in the city. Now I think of it, there was not much to play at that time, but it was crazy to play. Every time I would go to the adults standing at the gate and shout at the top of my voice for half a day, passing uncles and uncles would also shout, who and who did your mother call you home for dinner. Now my son has a lot of things to play, but he doesn’t have the joy of my time. Why?[ Responsibility Editor: Leaf[ Original ]