lity, if that time too tired, there is such a chef, are embarrassed to even close the door, she did not want tied Dad, just want him to do the things they want.

  Shengjun Hao not much to say, his heart had expected this result – if people hear, a little business savvy, it is certainly agreed at once, carefully selected stores, the decoration, but also the central person introducer contacts, ch深圳桑拿网ances are what you make of well-known private kitchens he sometimes strange contradiction, on the one hand glad father good to fool his wife, not someone else’s life and death to her family blending into the business, the non-scoring cup of soup; on the other hand he may despise each other exceptionally not know hit the snake with a stick on.
  ”My dad did it in the old store open, it was rented out to another long, has not expired, and they said he did not have the nerve, to another rented, location.”Pei Dai Jun and her husband intend to say, after all, his father’s shop, opened in the vicinity of the other company.
  She did not raise their hands Shengjun Hao went on: “At that time the father opened when you’re in my name on the line to send a basket of flowers.”He frowned, his wife did not like the old saying these things in short p南宁桑拿arents –
  In fact, a month of his days at home, so it could number two hands the day, it had to go to work after taking sleeping and eating wash, Pei Dai Jun general can only take advantage of this time, and his recent talk about what happened at home , such as what the test results are sick mother, father control of chronic diseases.And then some, she knew that those friends, bypass the need, help take a ride, in fact, now with the rise of the status of Tiansheng Group, which also much less her to do more to maintain, rather than develop new relationships.
  So, she can say what?Also this little family gossip, caring husband, which know Pei Dai Jun, the husband heart, head, because of this, she became a housewife and behind him there is no common l

is wife and father are very good lie, to the money, they say a 深圳桑拿good word can be flatter properly appropriateness posts.

  ”He, ah, come home, you have to open the hotel.”Pei Dai Jun in front of her husband, finally revealing worried expression,” At that time my mother went, and he said in private, I hope he motivated point, the small restaurant bigger, I miss dad has been in the heart of it, he said he foreign travel so many years, I learned a lot, and now has been able to hold up a restaurant, I said, but he only agreed.”
  She was not afraid of restaurants to lose money, mainly because business is bad, my father suffered a blow, and I feel bad; do good business, after all, older big point, the body can not stand; a man child, hope is not home elders perfectly healthy, both at this age, which also expect them to pursue what money, wealthy.
  Shengjun Hao listened Daoting does not matter, to t苏州夜网he surrounding circle of relatives and shop can be a lot, he could not understand some of the only to, is father to now not a little nicer, he all these years, did not ill-treat each other, even if you really want to make progress, how he points to find the funds do not know, what is to be a teahouse, antique shops and杭州桑拿 his ilk, anyway, can not make some money, as long-term vision points to earn contacts.
  However, said different non-phase plan, he did not already know, Dai Jun’s maiden appearance on that: “Like your dad, you let him open this age, do some fun things also, if you are afraid he worked hard, can not do it, to help him hire a chef, I know a few restaurants teacher, or to help dig it?”He casually mentioning.
  ”This did not give up, they let him open a bar open.”Pei Daijun immediately refused, she knew how much my father only to rent a medium-sized store, do not have any investment renovated, really to find a chef, who is to knock chen?It shall not be less than ten thousand per month store water, the chef opened out to pay forty or fifty thousand it?Her father’s persona

uccess , temperament or, today is the weekend, he was rarely at home, together with his wife intend to accompany her mother to the hospital for a trip Sheng.

  ”Go Dai Jun, you get busy, there is this thing Dad.”Pei Naochun hear a familiar voice, do not delay, waved, hung up the phone.
  ”Well, here it comes.”Pei Dai Jun has always been up early, although she did not go to work, but as long as her husband at home, she must and he ate breakfast together, after all, the couple together from many, she cherished every moment of opportunity to get together.
  ”Well go.”Shengjun Hao glanced at the time, in fact too late, but he got used to everything in his own time, as long as he is ready, and so all of the surrounding, you have everything you need.
  ”and many more.”Shengju深圳桑拿网n Hao Pei Daijun hands on hands, she slightly tiptoe carefully for each other the whole position of the tie,” a little tight.”After adjusting well, she nodded with satisfaction.
  ”.Ok.”Shengjun Hao go out, just close to his wife, he could smell each other and familiar smell – that now is a clear light, not pungent and refreshing aroma of orange, mingled with a faint little vegetation tailwater, both in the year together, he gave his wife the first bottle of perfume is this, when he said that he felt that with her taste, she has been used now, fromTo not turn over.
  She will never understand the principle Shengjun Hao hand stuck in the pocket, she lived in the past, but he has come to the future, once refreshing aroma, smell has now vulgar, even downright annoying, when a plan should look to the fresh beautiful face, now how many points lost collagen, there is no longer a young appearance, who always stays the same it?Anyway, he can not.
  Pei Dai Jun took the hand bag, trotting to catch up with her husband, the habit of hanging on her husband’s hand, she looked at the road, the other side did not pay attention a little strange expression: “My dad just called me to the.”
  ”How a father?”He casually ask上海夜网ed, h

indeed regarded as delicious – but that is the level of ordinary small restaurant, steaming cauldron of fire out of use, the material used was so fresh and full, which will be unpalatable to where to go?Can you really want and what food hall ratio, it may go away.

  ”Well.First confidentiality.”Pei Naochun pretending to be mysterious, made a hush gesture,” 北京夜网At that time my father and so business is good, you come to dinner!”
  ”Which need good business, just any time I have come.”
  ”And, so on my shop to do it, I’ll send soup to son!”He noticed her daughter’s face some uncomfortable moment, staring eyes,” Of course, your dad is sure to give it a try, and if you think I cooked not, I will not give up!”
  He lowered the sound, like the unhappy: “Not for you, every day, worried about what the Sovereign tired lost.”
  ”Dad, I know you’re good for me.”Pei Daijun busy coaxed the older smaller up dad,” do not mind, what would dislike it?To tell you the last time I like to drink soup Sovereign.”
  ”I have told you, and I’m not Baihun, what Michelin, net red gourmet shop on the outside, I more than you eat, learned a lot of powerful craft it!”Pei Naochun eyebrow, glanced at her,” You do not think I 都市体验网go out to play so many years, on a single play?”
  .She really think so, Pei Dai Jun little embarrassed: “Well, time to go see my father to show its mettle, becoming the CBD star gourmet shop.”Also, my father always such years are on the outside, said the ancients who do three days, with admiration, and she i杭州夜网s not a child, like, every day, with parents in one, which know my father suddenly willing to devote themselves to the study of food it?
  Think of it, she is suddenly a heart pumping, yes ah, my mother left, she changed a lot, not to mention the father of it?
  ”Dai Jun, you’re not okay?”Shengjun Hao go out for good clothes, shirt buttons are tied, said that men thirty-one flowers on him, not really exaggerating, keeping his body well, no small pot, perennial high positions, career s

t have to bully her.

  But this assumption does not hold, Nguyen rain raised plump body can fully rely on Ruanguo Hua Fang Xiulan and both husband and wife work hard in the county, she can not do this insatiable.
  Fang Xiulan do not know how long they have not felt their own daughter Ruyan small forest北京SPA会所 hold the same cast, awkward girl so affectionate, so that a trace of her tired also dissipated clean, she said softly, “Mom would like you!”
  Ruan Guohua carrying half a catty little braised pork, stood Qing Ke loudly, “Well, how old are also spoiled.”
  Ruan Guohua absolutely do not recognize that he is jealous!
  But before 苏州龙凤网the girl’s favorite, and his affectionate!
  Nguyen rain one, she was holding Ruan Guohua shoulders shook, proud, “Dad, I earned a pennant heroic rescue it!”
  She said the word went, followed by a few words out of the back of Ruan Zhiwen morning to shake things clean.
  Ruan Guohua that the hearts ah!Sixes and sevens, at the end, do not know whether to be angry or proud of this, he pounded his desk, “It’s too far forests home!”
  Fang Xiulan a look in the past, Ruan Guohua suddenly stalled, aggrieved complain, “wife, forests home to bully our daughter!”
  ”I know!”Fang Xiulan gentle dough, but if look in her eyes, you know, Fang Xiulan angry, or angry.
  She touched Nguyen rain ear, “Our family wronged rain!”She did not say to Nguyen rain revenge, then, because she was too talented daughter, direct avenged himself.
  But when their杭州夜网论坛 parents can not give their own children to drag.
  Ruan Fang Xiulan rain arm around the neck, grinning Road, “not wronged!”I paused, and added,” I wronged people who have been punished yet!”
  ”Indeed my daughter Ruan Guohua!”Ruan Guohua laughed.
  Fang Xiulan stare Ruan Guohua, also when the father of it!Girl have been so much wronged, did not come in with a little.
  Ruan Guohua Samsam touched his nose.
  Silently forests gave an account of the home in mind, a time to count!
  He raised a hand carrying half a catty braised pork and

anged trips to the brim.

  Looking at the end of the picture, Pei Naochun immediately call gave Mike: “Hey, Mike, for.Ah, I’m going to go back two days, to accompany me take or pay travel costs, help you arrange.”
  He got to come home.

After (d) 61 Chapter daughter to marry Homer?(six)
  Tin Shing Group headquarters, located in the city’s new B CBD, the surrounding commercial prosperity, many large well-known companies in this office, they will also have to shop it around to follow up the high cost of land, although the huge flow of people, and in the office most of the big money is not bad employees, regarded as a high-quality customers, can be due to high rental costs, almost every year or so北京桑拿, or will some shops give way to the pressure, chose to leave.
  This is not just vigorous opened some time ago that what light coffee house, and do activities and a new product, not a half a year on the back, just posted guitar shop leasing a day or two, there is a new “taken advantage” of the door – taken advantage of this to say, do not bring any meaning mocking, the reason is very simple, this shop, has gone through a number of stores, almost no one can get through the year, even if it is specially refurbishment, cast a big price, and finally is hasty, empty, for a long time, and even employees within the CBD also know that this is a company that comes “lose money” in the buff store.
  ”Dai Jun, you do not see.”Pei Naochun before standing at the counter, holding a cell phone, excitedly patted the table, which is a light cof苏州桑拿fee before leaving, inside the deck decorate the other side did not take away, packaged give all gave him a price of twenty thousand “your dad my new shop.”
  ”I saw the.”Pei Dai Jun leaning forehead, helpless smile,” Dad, you really dry it up?”
  ”That is, your dad who I am, went ahead, resolutely!”
  Pei Dai Jun heart worries, no one on the face revealed: “OK, Dad, you certainly OK, but what are you going to sell food?”She thought of a child my father meals do

ial field began smoothly, Sheng is a sudden rise, the foundation had not stabilized, she was not any contact with any luxury, art, and even the head find topics can not be found, she died at home at the martial arts, I do not know a lot of rest to study the relevant material, even what galleries, museums have gone to several, though rote, but also to make it through, and will not be disgraced, this is only gradually entered the circle.

  And casually tell her father to see friends, can be more contained, including in social situations, occasionally tried to get some news, to make the relationship between good friends, tentatively asked Tiansheng strength, feeling the bottom also, there are many potential partners, eager to chat and her husband, the husband often are asked, she replied, her husband or her center, to get to know a company boss’s wife.
  ”Is that it?”Pei Naochun pretending relaxed, in fact backing of his novels, the daughter understand the profound meaning.
  ”It’s very fulfilling 北京风月网the.”Pei Daijun first laugh, and worry sighed,” Recently my mother eyes is not very good, I would also like to accompany her to the hospital too late!Check out cataract is a start, behind the doctor said, is what some retinal disease, blindness would be worried, I asked a friend, specifically looking for an expert, the consultation will come today.”
  Pei Naochun ranging daughter Having chipped in: “It does not come back ah Sovereign?”
  ”He is busy, Tiansheng up and down, so many people rely on him too!”
  Pei Naochun did not immediately answer the phone, just quietly watching her daughter: “Your father is not worried about a man tired of it?”He clearly see, hear these words Pei Dai Jun lengleleng, eyes some hesitation.
  ”Where I was tired, every day it’s easy, Dad you will be good, good to go out to play.”
  ”it is good.”
  ”Do not you 广州桑拿网say, and so I have to go out of it!”Pei Dai Jun looked almost time to hang up the phone, she had to go out with her mother almost every day, she arr

es, which can be heard in Naochun Pei when seminar word, and my heart missed a beat at once, in the novel, is the prelude to this seminar – which is University of celebration, successful alumni are invited back to the school to share successful experiences, Shengjun Hao is one of them, he is very experienced, laughing after taking office, cited by the use of allusions, is the real deal entrepreneurs, 北京夜网transactions to talk about hard work, clearly and logically , there is no oversight, attracted students cheering, the novel through this period, to demonstrate the extraordinary style of the male, and lay groundwork for the later – Shengjun Hao and school teacher said he was willing to support the school’s care杭州桑拿er, If one of the reasons the school has outstanding students, may recommend to the company office, part time, internships, go through the green channel, which is why Jiang Xiaolian will be recommended to Tiansheng Group, has entered the Secretariat.

  Of course, Jiang Xiaolian this time, just a little bit of Shengjun Hao worship – worship this charming little emotion, just a little girl yearning for successful people, can after deliberate catalysis, this feeling, then changed the quality.
  ”father!”Pei Dai Jun shouted the name of my father, a little worried,” Are you uncomfortable?How God has been taking?”
  ”Nothing.”Pei Naochun back to God, jokingly said,” You just breath columns so many days, it does not interest me what reaction?You are not do not know, your dad my stupid reaction, but to.”
  ”What you stupid!”Pei Dai Jun relieve北京夜网d, ever since her mother that what she has been very concerned about the surrounding body of elders.
  ”Sovereign is not that, then what have you been busy with it?”He quipped,” complete care law, under the care you have to, to save you worry.”
  Pei Dai Jun laugh, there is a cute little pear vortex: “One look at you not care about me, still the same, see point friends, chat.”She never complained and parents, in fact, she is not in the soc

but in accordance with PEI Daijun biological clock, she has eaten up a phone is turned on, they are laughing face,” how do you suddenly find my friends?”They only yesterday by telephone, usually every two-day call.

  Pei Naochun pretending to inadvertently glanced: “Sovereign yet?If I remember correctly, today is not the weekend yet?Tiansheng so busy, how he was not at home?”
  ”He is away on business, to?City to go, Tin Shing recently that want to be at the factory, the completion ceremony he got bit.”I and my father on the phone, she could not resist it,” Tiansheng now things too much, all the pressure on him, not three o’clock the five have a business trip, came back had to open what video conferencing, really easy to break it, then what is to socialize, dad无锡夜网, you know, he is busy.”
  ”There are so busy right?”He released a faint bait, to see her daughter’s reaction.
  ”Have.”Pei Dai Jun did not recognize his father’s implication, breaking a finger count,” You see, ah, said this month, the ninth day of it until now, One who is the regular, round the open than nine at night to get home; on the 2nd Three to have a forum, he invited a guest, but also speech; IV to VI For three days, went out inspections, after all, are now also many branches, do not look does not work; VII to VIII it finally came back, they may have to deal with the backlog of things, although the company has many people, can be a lot of things still have to be his decision-making job today Nine soon fly out, which in turn was the 12th came back, listen to him He said a mouth, this month we still have to open a B City University lecture it!”
  She worried: “He and I have s杭州龙凤网aid several times, this body is the revolutionary capital, no matter how developed, nor could stay broken body, even if I wanted to help him under the care of the body, and more stew soup will not Dianbu.”She can do is天津夜网 take care of the house, let him too kind.
  Daughter intention, presumably to share with his father and the recent troubl

l body own heart has a little books, he and his daughter have said several times – though he felt at home half the money her daughter, after all, is the cause of fighting outside Shengjun Hao, daughter to know how to operate the family, once overruns, or son reluctantly, and they immediately ordered a halt, he should come back come back.

  It is because there is such an idea, he had never spent a large sum of money, what really expensive watch, car, bag, he did not touch, all it takes is travel and buy brand-name clothes, over the years call 南宁桑拿money, It did not take too finished.
  Of course, the original idea of the body can not tell right from wrong, many years later, he had regretted it many times – on 深圳桑拿网that point home deposits in domestic tourism is also not okay?Why she is not a normal father felt that her daughter support point, to travel for granted, but rather to the Shengjun Hao last chance, but also harm daughter.
  Pei Naochun after receiving memory, now finally confirmed about the point in time – that’s a difficult thing, after all, the original body around the year traveling outside the home do not know what happened – now, a little fuzzy, imprecise He Shengjun Hao and Jiang Xiaolian began soliciting no, he only knew, vaguely Shengjun Hao has begun to “busy” again.
  ”Alan, I am a little tired, or we back to the hotel bar?”Pei Naochun sat up, stretched his one afternoon, almost on the beach had a.
  Li naturally agree, call him to arrange dinner followed behind, Contact, also asking if you want help about the hotel upstairs SPA services, Pei Naochun did not agree, he has followed his own arrangements, used together with Li meal, he hurried into the room, finishing 南宁桑拿her dress –
  Pei Naochun have to say, the original body of the hanger really want him blind flash, a wide range of colorful clothes, even if it is a rare few simple tricks, must also printed on top of at least half of the large space trademark.
  ”Hey, Dad.”At this time the country is in the morning,