A walk along the beach

A walk along the beach do not know how many times walking on the beach side of the South China Sea Zhuang Autonomous given Lufeng, sea view, hope the sky, the sea breeze blowing fits and starts, toward the rows and rows of beach Haitao, rushed to retire and then rushed passed on to it, do not stop do not stop.I think, if the energy can be collected, and applied, that is how much energy the library ah!Just waves, sea breeze is blowing endless great energy library.The good news is that erected a huge fan propeller on the beach, they are spinning around in the sea breeze in.This is a wind power generation equipment.See these wind energy has been applied, it really lament and joy!    Very pleasant to walk on the beach, the sea washed up on the beach sometimes, do not tolerate anti-wet pants will be a big cut, so only took off his shoes, rolled up trouser legs, can be assured of a walk, running, take a rest.Not so much at ease, as it is fun.Walked on the beach, I feel comfortable with the word —- —- loose in hard, soft in there tight.Then look boundless sea, blue sky and the sea together, and occasionally one or two small islands, twelve small fish boats dotted the sea, this is a wonderful scene ah!This time what troubles will be forgotten, what sorrow will be wiped out, the mind becomes infinitely broad, unlimited horizons become open, people feel how wonderful life was, how pleasant, how joyful!    June is the fishing season period, given the strong fishermen will be very orderly combination of fishing nets in the sea.One day, we ate dinner, probably around six, happily came to the beach to watch.A dozen fishermen already busy opened, and some sort of fishing nets, carry some wood, some scaffolding on fishing vessels, their busy for a while things are busy almost, everyone on busy divvying up the volume good fishing nets onto settle.In this case, too dark sky down to the boat division net.I saw seventy-eight Lao Bashi on the boat and wagged his oars, rudder helmsman also sets up a steady, while fishing boats called big rings of the sea, but while playing side rings of net, until the network Caesar’s almost, boat approached the beach.A boat veterans immediately jumped off the boat, the nets firmly against the sandy pullout, on the other side waiting a long time eighty-nine fishermen on the beach is also straining to pull out both sides of the sound into a chant, with each other very understanding.Boil to see such a lively scene, we can not help but participate in labor to help the fishermen’s nets mired hand.At this time only to see, shrink smaller and smaller nets, fish in the water channeling jump up, the fishermen were in high spirits up.There is simply jump into net contraction of rings of the lead in the nets to fish with a small net fishing net into the basket, two twist from two others packed full of fish basket, walked around with a plastic poured in advance Koike played house, they intensely busy, but saw all kinds of fish pond full of frisky, who wants to stop., Wow, listen to the fishermen say that a full 23 yo jin!When we saw the fishermen smile looked so happy to have them aloud.I thought, fishermen fishing is not easy, but how fun is it!    And then look at the distance, high-intensity incandescent lamp on the sea accompanied by the rumbling sound of a motor countless bits and pieces, Durian crowded, noisy big city like very nice bright night lights.So this is a motorized boat fishing jobs in the lights yeah, they are said to have been fishing before dawn to return.Fishermen who work really hard, really exciting.Because of the hard work fishermen, people have the opportunity to taste the delicious variety of fish, seafood.

A village to spend out of the wall

The king of flowers in the river picked up a body of a man.This is the first fight famine robbery plague everywhere, the occasional dead individuals and little wonder, what good luck Laodian property also eat more in town for food.Wang fragrant flowers while reverie rice side to touch the bodies of his pocket, his right hand was suddenly a link with scared Wang flowers wah-wah whining, walk away and go out into the body of a man who kick, mad to kick until the body of a man opening spit blood, and finally no more.Oh mother, the king did not die through ah shock to beat each of the offerings of flowers, quickly tackling the body of a man’s breath, no gas.Suddenly eyes light up, he reached out to pick up the body of a man who fell out of a piece of jade, he stood up and was about to grab a wrist again.Wang broke flowers body of a man’s hand and ran, ran half came back, the jade to the body of a man who fling: I did not take, you you you, do not lingers ah!Body of a man neither speak nor move, just staring at the king of flowers.The moon from the cloud seeped out, Seiki moonlight Chende muddy piece of jade round and full body transparent, the king of flowers eyeball a turn, squatted on the body of a man said: Hey, I’ll give it you find a doctor?Body of a man untouched.Well I said ah, this case can not cure dead do not blame me, as it gave me something Well remuneration Come!Body of a man is still no response.Wang full of flowers when he acquiesced, smiling jade myself into his pocket, big bang Kangshang body of a man, back to the village of.Wash wipe, toss one night.Before dawn the king of flowers and went to the next village butcher Zhang family, Zhang butcher is a butcher in town name players, not only meat but also to practice medicine, especially good at governing incurable diseases, hundreds of miles off his rule by pig , or else a few days a fierce custody.If high fever chills shivering in Apex, arch mouth, hooves, tail tip bleeding.Ears, nose, hands and feet, no tail end of that how do ah?!Wang flowers rise, see the butcher Zhang and looking at himself, barely smiled, pig tails I was not too obvious king of flowers ran without looking back, and then returned, anxious and said: bad bad after the pig bled constantly fight malaria, has passed an ass Jue!Zhang butcher was thinking like: If convulsions coma certainly stomach worm, it should enema with soap and water, three times a day, filling up empty so far to pull it.That does not pull Sia?Life almost gone, when the dead pigs pigs Medical Well.Ah makes sense enlightened king of flowers, while walking back kept thinking of soapy water, this foreign stuff like only seen in the city, because it is to pull out, the king of flowers looking at the field of large cattle touching the chin, this things should be filling up and filling, one night Daoteng.Wang flowers wiped the sweat, a closer look of a man lying on the ground, his face pale purple limbs, no breath, oh the mother, this time really dead ah?She dubious, took a poke root embroidered force for the quasi-man’s chest, once again poke, poke and poke face never move the body, the first reaction is the king of flowers: digging buried corpse.Hey, this next piece of jade belongs to her, better luck really unstoppable ah.Wang flowers happily dig the soil half-day, on the way home still wondering when the change a few pieces of jade ocean, can only entered the room on the bodice, obviously out of a dead body in front of the trim is now actually quite by sitting in the corner, it seems heard a sound, the body actually moving a bit.You, you are a ghost?Wang flowers legs tremble.Man for a long time did not respond, the king of flowers and waved a hoe embolden close, just as she wanted to stretch his head to find out, the man suddenly opened his eyes, scared the king of flowers sat on the ground.A man peering at her, that look, like a knife, who somehow got goosebumps, shaking the king of flowers for a long time did not say a word, but the man spoke up: Is your voice just like chapped bark in Heibuliuqiu exceptionally dark room listening to the king of flowers desperately shaking his head: not me not me, we do not know, you got the wrong guy!

A village substitute teacher last bell

The twelfth lunar month fifteen sun just touched the top of the hill, behind the village primary school will be holding the class bell rang, staunch, distant, reveals a vicissitudes, located in the Xiangxi Baojing Miao Lu mountain cave in, pull mandrel lung echoed this last day of the school year is a bell.55-year-old substitute teacher Yang Zhongming, under the bell knock a full 28 years.As the 2010 National 31.10,000 to be repaying a substitute teacher in a village, it will be his teaching career final bell it?He did not want to touch this topic.Just say, lately dreamed up is to give school children, but once he dreamed row holding the village primary school suddenly disappeared, anxious over the mountains to find that mountain so high, so small children, they go to where to go to school too?Wake up, he cried.In this life, he seems to have no out of these dreams, happiness and suffering.With more than a month’s wages, ran more than 200 in the mountain, a bell back to back, back to back as if the dream of a cottage Baojing is a national poverty-stricken counties, the territory of Xiangxi Miao Lu dong first mountain region, in the village of holding row on Lu Dongshan.Here the mountain and set the mountain, near km above sea level, the early years of the villagers to go to the county, the stars wore on the road, but also ran two days and nights.Poverty, blocking, making the Miao cottage for generations had not come in a teaching Mr..Until the early 1960s, the village had their first substitute teacher Dan Jiacheng, a bit out of the village people read the book.Yang Zhongming Shi teacher is in the hands of complete primary education to enlighten admitted to the county high school, graduating from high school.That year, Shi teacher died.The county sent two public teachers spent less than three months have gone.Row holding scattered village primary school.Yang Zhongming went to the teacher’s grave, heavy knock three heads, wiping away tears leaving the sentence: a teacher, I want you to do to stay here!This desire, not because more teachers and brotherhood, but Montagnards to save itself, break the mountains Jin heart of a son.Yang Zhongming wondered why birds can fly Lu dong, because it has wings.Montagnards no culture, no birds like wings, can not fly a lifetime ah!In 1981 fall, 26-year-old Yang Zhongming at the village folks unanimously elected, becoming the second-row holding village substitute teacher.Before opening day, he hides $ 15 per month just got my wages, but also the back of a bag of rice, ran 120 miles arrived county.Go to the market to sell rice, the addition of pocket money, and then went to the scrap metal company East West pick pick, to spend 18 dollars to buy a bell, and spent two dollars to buy a used ring the bell machetes, back to the village the same night back.The next day, at dawn, Yang Zhongming sounded row holding village primary school reopened bell.The village surrounded by more than 20 people, young and old school enrollment of children, like a lively New Year.Yang Tastes substitute career, it opened in the bells in.The new school is three old wooden house.No desks, Yang Zhongming got bricks above take board; no blackboard nailed boards put together, black paint brush; no stool, one by one from their own Minato relatives and.In winter, the biting cold with no windows blocked from blew in, and forged a thick layer of ice on the blackboard before class every morning, he must first point on a bunch of grass, put ice on the blackboard roast.Gradually became dilapidated old house, Yang Zhongming more than 20 children had to be transferred to his home, the family opened a classroom full year, rain and snow hit, a ground covered with straw, cook a pot of rice, stay left to eat live.It is a school, teaching second grade duplex.Each class, Yang Zhongming draw a line in the middle of the board, 20 minutes before a half year in this class blackboard sense; second grade class at the other half of the board 20 minutes after speaking.Completion of a character, and then to explain it again Hmong.At that time most of the people in the village are illiterate, more than 700 people in less than 20 literacy, families are too poor to kerosene lamps at night even point can not afford.In order to allow the children to complete homework, more than six years time, every night, Yang Zhongming must end the kerosene lamp, the more than 20 children’s homes run again one by one, one by one counseling, back to their own time often already after midnight.Just learned to text, calculations, kids hearts opened a new world.The first time they learn to want to say in words written; first learned at home a small bundle tied to a small number of pounds Baogu calculated how many chickens small bamboo sticks, only one number to write down; for the first time contacts from the textbooks to the outside world mountain.They will often ask: the teacher, the outside world is really busy right?Yang Zhongming always answer: Yes, the children, the outside world is very busy.There are tall buildings, trains, airplanes, movie theaters fact, he does not know just how busy the outside world, in this life, the largest city in the farthest he went was Baojing County.However, his description was enough to sow a dream elementary education mountains in the hearts of the children of the cottage, just slash and burn, tough and full of desire.Duplex educate one person, one school, Yang Zhongming persist for 23 years.Until 2004, with the merger of the villages, holding two rows of primary school merged with the original village primary school in the neighboring village to become the first four grades, including the completion of a small piece.Public school teachers are still not down, he had brought in from neighboring villages and two substitute teacher, a part-time president Yang Zhongming.More students, the more things to worry about.For the expansion renovation of school buildings, Yang Zhongming with more than 100 parents, pick stone, sand back, digging the foundation, hardships.House up, but short on money-watt, he put his hand has just got the month is $ 500 per month salary, all bought watts.That month, he ate a last meal at home looking at Dayton.In the winter of 2007, Lu Tung mountain suffered severe freezing weather, snow and ice to pile 3 feet high.Some parents suggested lesson stop a few days.Yang Zhongming shook his head: You can not miss the children!He ran every day before dawn to each village, those younger pupils one by one, holding, carrying, the school received; afternoon after school, and then one by one to send home.Once, he slipped one foot carrying a child, the child all right, but broke his back.Lying in bed, anxious not sleep all night, finally came up with a way to please the village of strong labor and ice on the road, but he does not take money to thank the folks.His characters still do not know the old father, he saved his teeth from the bottom is offering 80 dollars, stuffed into the hands of his son.Yang Zhongming his wife bought meat and vegetables, invites all who labor to eat a meal.

A “Viagra” sin

Wine had three find, food flavors.Scattered wanted this, I was started to leave, can become anxious Chibai Bin suddenly face to pull me, “Brother, do not go tonight with me, you and I will be to find a young lady Lehelehe.”” Haha!Shane, brother, I do not know you?!Notoriously “henpecked”, will you dare to speak to Miss?!”I laughed, ridiculed him.  ”Which dare?!Is it only allowed “whatever it wants while not allowed to do anything.”?”Bin into the irrational, but his words clearly his mouth hidden secrets.”Brother, this is a loud noise?”I quickly ask.  I saw into a Bin Yang Bo, and downed a cup of Erguotou, red in the face, and then they incoherent up, “Brother, I Qinge.You have to accompany me tonight, I was depressed, I sad ah.”Bin suddenly down into the chest in the corner, burst into tears, his move startled me,” Brother, in the end ye?”” I’m not fucking people, ah, I was a king of Eight, his wife was stolen, I count the money to help people, I fucking wimp ah!”Bin side to beat on the table, while a nose a tear, as if to say nonsense.His words made me Ruzhui fog, I did not understand a word of.  ”Brother, you really drunk, do not drink.”I quickly grabbed the bottle in his hand,” a good talk with the brother, in the end is how the?”” I’m not drunk.Brother, I really do not drunk.”Bin punched into wine belch, made an effort, set me down in the seat.  ”No drunk?Not drunk, what did you say anything it’s called?”I’m training him bluntly.  ”You do not know it?I was wearing a green hat.My wife lovers out.”Bin vicious place poked into his scalp, ridiculous words.  ”Impossible, absolutely impossible, Zhang Hong is not the kind of person.”I immediately protested,” Do not you so slander Zhang Hong.”” I say, you might not believe it, or that I was suspicious, but it is true.”Cheng Bin went on to explain,” the day before yesterday, I suddenly received a police station phone, so I take the money to redeem people, said Zhang Hong suspected illegal at the time, I do not believe, and said they made a mistake, but they insisted that she and a a man in a hotel room when opened, was caught in the positive with the police, is now characterized as “whoring ‘, of course, on suspicion of’ prostitution ‘is not Zhang Hong, but his lover, Zhang Hong was designated as’ prostitutes’.Two people have been locked up in a detention center, he said that in accordance with the provisions of Public Security Administration Punishment Law, to be detained for 15 days and fined 5,000 yuan, so I went to pay a fine.””what!This is not true, is it?”I was really into the bin, then to mine down, saying not believe.  ”The key question is not here.Once I arrived at the police station, only to find open room with Hong Zhang man was none other than my boss Li Chang long ah.””what!”I am speechless, really I do not know how Bin An Weicheng.  Just listen to Bin teeth and said: “I was really anxious to find a seam drilling, but also want to tear the two of them, but unfortunately I faceless them.”After these words into a bin, they began to drink, I did not stop, but fell silent.Bin into the drinking and saying bad words, yelled very ugly, but I did not listen to a.  Zhang Hong is my wife’s college students, it can be said that my wife’s girlfriends, when I was introduced to Cheng Bin Zhang Hong, the wife said her character is absolutely reliable, and who looks pretty special, is a first-class a great beauty, gentle and virtuous, will still live outside the family home, tends the good order, but the two managed to get Bin honest, docile paste clothes, so that we often making fun of him, saying he was a wife tube Yan, henpecked, from Bin, then disagree, but also often cited Zhao’s famous phrase “I’m henpecked, but the fear is love” to deal with us.  I absolutely do not believe that Hong Zhang will dry out the kind of thing.I am determined to help get to the bottom bin, because I am a lawyer.  The next day, I arrived at the detention center, go through the relevant formalities meeting, I saw Zhang Hong, she suddenly began to cry.Quite a while, I did not know the whole matter from the mouth of Zhang Hong, but also learned a terrible secret more.  It turned out that the incident that day, to bin the field trip, Lee Chang-long call to Zhang Hong, a hotel to allow her to come to him, said to Zhang Hong told a great secret about to Bin.Zhang Hong would have preferred not to go, but Li Chang said a long time, if she does not come, there will be jail to Bin.Hong Zhang a frightened, also believed her, so hurry Li Chang went to a good hotel for a long time to open.  Zhang Hong to the hotel after, Li Chang was still a long chess room playing cards, to see Zhang Hong, let others fight for him, himself on the floor with Zhang Hong.Behind the shout of laughter issued.And entered the room, could not wait to Hong Zhang Li Chang has been asking for a long time, and asked to Bin in the end how the.Li Chang is a long leisurely to take off his jacket, then burned pot of water, a cup of tea to Zhang Hong, himself turned our backs to swallow a “Viagra”, then do not worry persuade Zhang Hong.Finally, Li Chang long and lit a cigarette, this pretending to be mysterious to say the alleged misappropriation of huge amounts of money into Bin units to stocks, know do not know to ask Zhang Hong.Zhang Hong said, as he knows Bin like stocks, but not heard he bought was particularly large ah.Li Chang told him a long time, do not know does not mean no, indeed diverted into a bin of 200 million units in funds to stocks, and now the stock is stuck, pumping out, and soon the group will send down accountants audit, that time is bound to will be unmasked, he, as Chief of Finance is difficult to secure the jobs he.Zhang Hong was frightened, quickly asked, how this can do it?Li Chang old long a brave face, said slowly, is not no way.But he only said such a sentence came to an end on.At that moment, really worried to death is driving to Zhang Hong, Hong Zhang Li Chang came to the long side, the long arm seize Li Chang asked again and again what way.Li Chang-color look at the long Zhang Hong, a pair of eyes glowing color that stays on full chest Zhang Hong.Then he said he also felt as Bin usually performed well, deliberately trying to help him.But to help him, it must first be Bin misappropriation of funds into the hole to plug, no money and asked Zhang Hong.Said, played with the phone to.Zhang Hong said that they where there is so much money!At this time, Li Chang said a long time, he had many rich friends, as long as he opens his mouth, they can move up to first paragraph, so that the Group will be able to send down the accountant to deal with the past.In this regard, Zhang Hong again and again thanked her words of Li Chang-old no doubt that she believes he has the ability.However, Li Chang said a long time, he can not be white help, if asked him to help, Zhang Hong unless she agreed to a condition, this condition is – let Zhang Hong to accompany him to go to bed.  At that time Zhang Hong has been unable to express their own state, she just instinctively resist.Because she was too fond into the bin, and thought just could not get into an accident Bin, and those good picture of contentment with Cheng Bin has suddenly it all came to mind.At this time, Li Chang is perhaps just a long swallow of “Viagra” happened role.He stupidly take advantage of the occasion Zhang Hong, Zhang Hong slams down on the bed.Then her clothes piece by piece tear down all Unexpectedly, Li Chang-long good show just beginning, they encountered police rounds.As the duo’s performance is not very normal, hemmed and hawed, and look very unnatural, so the police mistaken for prostitution.This is what happened before and after.  When I learned of the aforementioned facts, to tell when the bin, but the reaction to Bin greatly surprised me, “You idiot, who said I misappropriated funds unit, and there is no thing.This silly woman, that she can believe that she was completely deceived.”Cheng Bin seems to understand everything, he said:” Things must be the case, that Li Chang long must covet my wife’s beauty, wanted to possess her, so just make up lies to trick her, must be the case, it must be the.It was in his rape ah.”Cheng Bin very excited, tightly grasped my hand, so I have to believe him,” I have absolutely no misappropriation of funds units to stocks, I am not afraid of anyone to check.I beg you, save my wife, she is a victim.”” Well, if you said was quite true, then Li Chang long really committed the crime of rape.In this way, we immediately wrote a letter of complaint, and then submitted to the Public Security Bureau, accused him of rape.”I confidently say to Bin.  Public Security Bureau after receiving our complaint material, attaches great importance to long again arraigned Li Chang.Soon, Li Chang long in the face of facts bowed his head sinking evil.  It turned out that he really coveted beauty Zhang Hong, the incident that day, he and several colleagues, friends playing cards chess in the hotel room, it was suggested that some lady looking over during play, Li Chang said a long time to find Miss more boring ah, do not spend money not only clean, he said, looking to find a good woman, he likes to conquer good woman.Then someone said, the “have a skill, you put into Bin’s wife to conquer ah, she was a great beauty ah number one, was a chaste woman martyr shit, once the unit held the ball, I want to invite her dance, but she would not say anything, made me lose face.I also heard that she and Cheng Bin feeling particularly good.If you are able to conquer her, she obediently to your gestures, go to bed with her, all of us lose to you today ten thousand, how?”Everyone one, have followed the booing.Li Chang longer see the crowd booing, she clapped her chest, said: “She is not easy to conquer Well, as long as I apply a little trick, guaranteed to make her throw herself obediently.”But I may be ugly words in advance ah, if I let her on the bed with me, each of you have lost me ten thousand ah, absolutely can not lie, who depends on who is the son of a bitch turtle.”” But why as evidence ah?”Some people booing and asks.”Do you still trust me long Li Chang?!”Li Chang long paused and added,” So, when I went to use the phone to record a sound you hear, it can always be right.”” Ha ha ha!Well, you must do so.”Everyone echoed in unison.”Talk of the town, in order to let you play straightforward, I sent the same magic.”Then someone on the inside to Li Chang long a” Viagra “.Li Chang took a long time, said, “If it were not accompany you play mahjong day, backache, leg pain, I do not need this stuff.”In this way, in the gambling regulations, monetary stimulus, Li Chang long made up lies above the ruined Zhang Hong, but he also ruined his own.

A value higher than $ 35 billion of choice

A value higher than $ 35 billion choose 1976, Apple set up.In mid-1977, Apple set up only a year, one of three founders of Apple Wayne announced its withdrawal the company, sold his stake in the company..At that time, Apple’s annual sales of only 17.$ 40,000.    Meanwhile, another Apple co-founder Steve Jobs returned to the company repeatedly invited Wayne, Wayne were politely refuse.    Time flies, today, 36 years later, Apple’s market capitalization reached $ 350 billion magically.Someone did estimate that if Wayne did not sell shares in the year, Apple did not quit, and now, he will be worth $ 35 billion, to become a super-rich.Because he can then choose to make him pass the wealthy, reduced to a plain, ordinary people.    Some curious reporter, interviewed Wayne, said he had a wrong choice, so that his life lost $ 35 billion.It seems the reporter, Wayne will regret his original choice.And Wayne replied that he had made the right choice, he never regretted this, he lost only $ 3.5 billion fortune, but he got was priceless health and life.Wayne explained that if he had not chosen to leave Apple, perhaps he would not be dead, because Steve Jobs is a workaholic, then Wayne has entered middle age, much larger than Steve Jobs on age, physical strength and energy not as good as Steve Jobs on the big workload super strength would have tortured him devastated, or even lost their lives.    Health is priceless, life is priceless, who said Wayne choice is not the right choice, not a value higher than $ 35 billion choose it?

A two input output Mountain pine

Tall mountain by the sea, sea Tuo Tuo, two and three sea sea Tuo Tuo composition.Three sea Tuo, Tuo Tuo King, King King is a treasure, baby say.  Sea Tuo Temple leek long thirty forty Temple ginger, hidden more than nine pot along the bare, bare Jue nine gold loop.Two students with fresh sea Tuo blue eyed grass, the deer came to the old man celebrating his birthday meal each year.  Miller says that three sea Tuo More surprisingly, it has the right slope block square table-like stone chessboard, stood stone chessboard large sized stone pieces, chess can only walk, can not be removed away.The legendary Kuangyin Taibaijinxing here and played chess, shed “a lose lose two Huashan loose” [rainy season, enjoy love stories net] story.  Legend Kuangyin was a chess enthusiast, he came here to conquer the world at the time, saw two white-bearded old man Duiyi on the hillside, and it stood at the side of Guan Qiao, I watched, it felt like a cat scratch uncomfortable, could not help but toot yell: “horse stepped on car!The pawn across the river!”The brain door old man turned him:” The elegant proficient in chess, why not kill a plate?”Kuangyin this sentence anxious, then unceremoniously brain door for the old man, and another old man to sit down to winning or losing a fight.Opposite the old man see him Baiqi, Puchi smile: “Wait a minute, we have to bet on what the two men play chess.”That being touched Kuangyin thought he was a ghost Shuaqian origin, regardless of the dice, betting or playing chess, no less than the big bet is not enjoyable.Then he looked up and asked: “What bet?”The old man smiled and said:” You win, I’ll give you the stick was, it can help you conquer eighteen states.”” what?”Kuangyin surprised, met an expert to know, quickly asked the old man:” If you win it?This Katayama field trees, local administrative officials shall never be felled.”” it is good!Then do it.”Kuangyin does not seem to sit on the bench, but sitting on a pier in Kowloon.  Speak good conditions, under a king up one cent.Kuangyin go pricey beginning, to the later can not, the pieces to be eaten one by one, and finally lost a game.At the beginning of chess, surrounded by a green vegetation.After the move is finished, the mountain yellow, foot thick layer of fallen leaves.He asked the old man what two immortal, replied Taibaijinxing and longevity are also.Kuangyin Immortals please tell him how future.Venus Nianzhao beard and said: “a lose lose two Huashan pine, Nagato decline of two liters, mud horse laden with injury Long run, pigs under their cattle to the final fate.”Kuangyin thought for a while.Only clear some time ago and lost chess fight Chen Huashan, Songshan now lost, the remaining three will figure out a.In fact, a few Taibaijinxing This summarizes the entire Song, Kuangyin accession to the throne after the death of his younger brother, mud Madu Kang Wang, Yi Chou to seeing in the Song perish.

A two champion

Emperor Kangxi, Wang Sanxuan Yizhou Prefecture Liuhe village, his parents died, come down, thanks to weekdays when the rich man’s uncle alms to survive.Others are poor go rather short, square nineteen years had been in the move, now is to study hard, ready to obtain Scholars.At midnight that day, Wang Sanxuan are candle night reading, Suddenly firewood pile behind the house came the sound of waves woman moaning.He lit a lantern, along a row of children found blood on a stack of firewood ago, I saw a woman lying covered in blood inside, was unconscious, San Xuan hastily took her back home, ran to Come the doctor.The woman doctor holding open arms, a miserable in the eyes: the entire missing left hand to shoot straight!Doctor immediately wash the wound with warm water, having a good Mishap medicine, with a white cloth wrapped up, the girl slowly regained his.The woman named Magnolia, who lives in the village, his mother died many years ago, only a father, often outside the business, continued a small daughter at home.Surprisingly, this little lost and lonely wife, and Mr. home on a good accountant.On one occasion, he was caught Magnolia, she knows the situation is not good, it poisoned meal at Magnolia Lane, who knows not poisoned Magnolia.Such as Magnolia’s father returned home, this little daughter was to blame, embellished say unruly girl, and the family of a young lover long-term employment.Magnolia’s father Siyaomianzai, do not ask indiscriminate, first get rid of the long hours and again the lessons of girl.Magnolia and injustice and bend, while crying while protested his innocence.Daddy gas halo, and he took an ax to cut towards the magnolia in the past, but he does not vent, threatened to Magnolia hacked.Home to nurse while Magnolia dressing wounds, while she advised: There have stepfather stepmother, you go fast escape!Magnolia in San Xuan home side recovered from his wounds while doing some handy job.This time, San Xuan found Magnolia who not only looks beautiful, but very kind hearted, but also very diligent, could not help but like her.Magnolia in the fast wound healed, he proposed to get out of here.San Xuan is saying do not let.In fact, in addition to Magnolia gratitude San Xuan, but also in love with San Xuan, no longer refuse, then live down.San Xuan meal every day until you hear the maid talking, San Xuan San Xuan uncle came home, she saw a girl living here.He thought a long while spoke up: mysterious nephew!I’m getting old, how much time you can stop.This girl has been in our family lived for several days, in addition to the one hand, I think there’s nothing wrong, you should be worthy of the people, just the two of you married, right!This goes to say in the Wang Sanxuan and Magnolia’s mind, they will naturally want to, you picked a good day, happily became close.Get married soon, Wang Sanxuan went to Beijing exam.After a few months, finally he looked forward to good news story of high school champion Wang Sanxuan.San Xuan uncle can not know the words, holding a news story looked a long time did not understand, ask the school to read a news story Mr..Mr. private school read the news story text, see the news story below the line of small print, I looked up and asked: Wang master, these do not read the small print it?San Xuan uncle one is not happy: all good news story, not read how it lines?Mr. school had read: champion Lang to succeed, but there is not a single hand of his wife, on behalf of your uncle turned down this marriage!Uncle shocked to hear this thing be how to bring it to Magnolia?This thing does not have to mention it to mention.San Xuan find Magnolia’s uncle, bite the bullet and spoke out: his sister-in-law, you’re a good girl, is San Xuan apologies to you ah!Because you have only one hand, and San Xuan is not a good fit, San Xuan letter to let you leave him.I mean, you can not divorce from home, do my dry daughter, later find a good home!Magnolia listening to a surge up the ups and downs, tears came down shabu.San Xuan she forget about their saving grace, and now he won the champion, since Hugh put forward their own, must not let him embarrass!After dark, Magnolia was carrying a small bundle, quietly leave home.Lang champion homecoming, the people of every village along the road to the village to meet.When that day, Wang Sanxuan champion wearing bright clothes, riding a tall horse, came to a village, suddenly I found the crowd a figure child seems to be his wife.In fact, this is the runaway Magnolia.At this time, Magnolia also found her husband and saw her, for fear of any accident, turned and slipped away.When Wang Sanxuan then set seeing that familiar figure disappeared.Wang Sanxuan back Liuhe village, the villagers solemnly greeted him, a large banquet to celebrate.Wang Sanxuan left to wait, how do you see his wife Magnolia?He pulled uncle asked a question, his uncle did not understand: not what you sent word to let you divorced Magnolia?All you mean to do.Wang Sanxuan hear confused: how is there such a good news story?Uncle replied: Good news is good news, the good news reported below as well as herringbone!Wang Sanxuan let Uncle good news story out fast and stared at the line of small print, Wang Sanxuan know was rigged.Wait until the feast to celebrate a casual, Wang Sanxuan immediately ordered the local magistrate, sent to deliver the good news story of the runners got, the small print on the good news story questioning how it was child.That a runners anxious suddenly think: send good news story that day, he was a tavern at the roadside had dinner, the treasurer said the pub had sent the champion good news story thing, that the treasurer personally come up with good food wine tavern to and to drink their own, and later, he drunk, woke up after the good news to the king and other classic home.Wang Sanxuan with a group of runners came to the magistrate and so that pub.This investigation does not matter, the pub was actually Magnolia stepmother and his paramour open.Wang Sanxuan looking at men and women, neither hard nor soft ground had said: I am a new division champion Wang Sanxuan, you guys Why would Guanci drunk, tampered with court news story?Now witnesses and evidence are there, say the truth it!It turned out that men and women after learning that her husband magnolia in the champion, he did not worry about the good fruit to eat, to send good news story put runners drunk, add line in small print at the bottom of the news story, let Wang Sanxuan divorced Magnolia, did not think so soon became public.Wang Sanxuan hear gas is not one to play, the crime of murder and misled his majesty of human life, sentenced to death for adultery.Wang Sanxuan lead a group of runners, carrying Coronet, Xia Pei and his wife of eight Dajiao champion, he found shelter in the village of Magnolia.Magnolia saw, bittersweet, Wang Sanxuan sedan chair to let her go home, but she refused.Wang Sanxuan urge again and again, a reminder of the urgency, this magnolia stammered: husband, undefined status only one hand, how you serve it in the future!You will still be wrong, leave me a!Wang Sanxuan said emotionally: upon my honor, I forgot what Wang Sanxuan, we can not forget the hair of taking the wife, if you do not go, I’ll give you kneel down!This magnolia grooming dressed, got eight Dajiao.

A true love fritters

That year, she was sick, he took her to the town by dray to find clinics.He said a laundry list of good things, all the coins out of your pocket, doctor finally called her needle, and then stuff into two Wong Chuk wrap medicine.  He pulled dray go back, she still sat in the car plate.Through a side street, turn right, then across the street, the smell of incense and incense children drifting, drifting.He mercilessly swallowed, hesitated a few seconds, only a step back: “You do not want to eat fritters?”Board the car she had also secretly swallow saliva, Huer to hear his questions, lengleleng, shaking his head:” do not eat, do not want to eat.”She pressed the cloth in the press that a few cooked sweet potato:” It does have a sweet potato, if I was hungry, eat sweet potatoes.”She clearly his pocket even a broken slot is gone, there would be no money to buy fritters.  He looked at her silently, like all of a sudden, all of a sudden gone to see her heart.She embarrassed, looking down.Damn, that’s good incense smell of incense children and rushed over, she could not help but swallowed swallow saliva.  Gently pull the dray street, mooring, he strides towards the corner of the deep-fried fritters stalls around.Her gaze chasing his shoulder back wide figure, he stood looking at the front poke little stall.She blushed, close your eyes in shame.God, we are not beggars, he’s how the nerve to beg people!Opened his eyes again, she saw him smiling holding a donut ran toward her.  She was angry, turned away: “I do not eat.I am not a beggar, I do not eat begging.”He said loudly:” Who says this is begging fritters, I get traded tobacco.”She surprised:” Take traded tobacco?That supposed when you want to smoke?”He smoked for many years, he said ‘people are iron, steel, rice is,’ he said ‘people are iron, steel smoke’.In his eyes, smoke more important than food.Tired, he was a cigarette smoke, the high spirits; growling in a cigarette smoke, on the full.He smoked cigarettes are homegrown pipe down, dried, shredded tobacco leaf stuffed into a small plastic bag and then tuck in his pocket, when want to smoke, take a small piece of paper rolled into a “megaphone”.  He laughed: “One day a long time does not smoke, not die.Then bad, can not endure cravings come, then, to pick up a few pieces of dried leaves roadside grated roll into a megaphone, it still can not be able to draw emergency.”He handed her the fritters:” fast food, hot, savory soft.”She said:” We divide the food, you half, I half.”He shook his head and shook his head:” No, I do not eat greasy things, you eat fast.”She took a bite, eyes misty, want to wipe, do not rub.He was still happy with, and asked: “not fragrant incense, sweet and not sweet?”She blurted out:” bitter, bitter good.”He almost jumped up:” Bitter?How is suffering, I want to blow up a master sweetest most delicious oh.”She lifted her head, frowning:” Do not believe your own taste.”She pinched Push great half, fiercely into his mouth.He chewed for a moment, and then chew it, Hey, odd strange, not bitter, sweet incense, but also warm and ah.  Look at his puzzled puzzled look, suddenly, she Puchi laugh out loud.He, instant, understand how it happens.She just “lie” that he shared a donut Yeah, he ate big lie half a donut in it.This story, he is my father 30 years ago.This story, she is my mother 30 years ago.This story, my father told me about 9999 times, the mother told me about 9999 times.Father and Mother tells “version” is slightly different.Father always ignored him for fritters with his love of tobacco plot, he has repeatedly reiterated that his mother lied to him to eat fritters details.Mother father always stressed that the details change fritters with tobacco, but threw her father lied to eat fried dough sticks plot.

A true heart to leave it

A writer, if long-term retention of a real heart, which is important for a person’s essence.Because, you say the truth, you will be happy!Although it will suffer unfair treatment.However, please remember one truth: the wind can never beat the sun.    A good article is derived from the most real life on earth, along with the epitome of changing times.Such as: human bestiality in there, it is an undeniable fact.Of course, everyone strive allow themselves to be a perfect person, who can do that since ancient times, to be exact: this is absolutely impossible.The world would have no perfect people imagine.Imperfect is the most real life.    ”Heart” True, you will not be too tired!But not because of some kind of exigencies sell their dignity.You can wait and see the world state of justice in formation, also allows us to mind and stability, non-confusion will not look accurate.Let alone the others down the pace of marching circling, no principle not blindly cheer for others.Repeat ancient literati repeatedly chewed saliva, not to weave false dreams with gorgeous language to add their own mining.This is not a qualitative phenomenon.A true writer should be hidden subtle observation of real life.The real side of real people to show up.    Whether to write a kind of way of thinking, but must keep a copy of “true heart” as the main spring is beautiful, you can not let spring come angry.Want to book into their economic efficiency, it is also crucial, because people want three meals a day, then, there are times when it may become a victim of commercialization.Self-irony and self-mockery struggling confusion in the mind.The road less traveled, there is the most authentic way possible, but very few people go.Helpless!You can only own truest heart hidden.Let the “heart” of this pain alone to taste.A true heart to leave it!I try to do.(Chaochen HE scent of ink butterfly original)

A tree, a peach tree to open

In her childhood, parents busy, no time to take her, then sent her to the mountains of grandmother.She refused to let parents crying to go, but beautiful grandmother, poultry flocks, there are close to many age children to play, a few days she would like a duck, reluctant to leave.The children liked to play with the big eyes and the skin in vain kids in town, always at dawn to find her grandmother, then pick up the mountain with berries, lower river fishing in troubled waters, or play hide and seek game.In these children, he has always come first, sometimes the grandmother did not open the door, he had sat on the quartzite in front of his grandmother, watching the sun rise while flying birds such as her quiet.Each time, my grandmother always told him, and she ate breakfast together, they drank porridge, eating bread or eggs, and then turned around and ran away.He has a whistle, smooth and beautiful, on the mouth, you can blow all kinds of nice voice.Whistle very common, with Peach to do, but doing too much trouble to put effort on both sides of Peach’s worn out, the hole can not wear too much, otherwise it will blow does not ring, and then carefully put the nucleolus from the hole singled out a little bit, and then pointed places rubbed off, so as not to cut into the mouth.This way, the day also do a bar.When ripe peaches, almost all of the kids will do one or two to play, but after a season lost I do not know where to go, do it next year.But he did not, well after the whistle, he had been carrying, and he will blow a variety of sounds with Peach, small birds he would, chick and the duck would call him, he will blow a few simple folk songs, she listened fascinated, often always followed him and let him blow all kinds of wonderful sounds, and let him teach her, he gladly blow to her, and very happy to teach her, and proud, others children see them like a shadow, and only envy.And so she would, and he put the whistle gave her.She was like, day and night with.Their favorite place to go is Taoyuan his home mountain, where the mountain planted with peach trees.Spring in March, a tree, a peach tree in bloom, morning mist filled the air, from afar, like a cloud perched on the hillside, beautiful.They run happy in Taoyuan, catching landscape cow, hide and seek, and forget.That morning she sat in the branches of Taoyuan muffled whistle blowing, flocks of sparrows flying from the sky, the wind blows, her white dress fluttering, delicate petals filled the air and landed on her head body they next looked, all stunned, Leng Leng looked at her, forgot to do, only know really beautiful, ah, she was sitting in peach, like a fairy.Which of course includes him standing on the other side of a peach tree, the hands of the whistle sounded forget.No mountain six decades, years of cold do not know.Where she had been the only one unhappy things, that one day, she found her whistle was gone.They found a lot of places did not find, she burst into tears, he promised her, when ripe peaches, give her to do, a lot to do, she turned to laugh cry, Chengri waiting in Taoyuan, ripe peaches looking forward.However, did not wait until the fall, parents took her to the mountains picked up shortly after she wants to go to school.After a long time, parents busy, did not take her grandmother.And she gradually got used to life in the city, no longer think of the mountains.Soon the grandmother by their parents to the city, she will completely cut off from the mountains and audio.Years later, she was back when my grandmother has died, according to the wishes buried in the mountains.She is back along with the family and worship.Montagnards simple, said she was beautiful, older still remember what happened that year, said she was like a little fairy as.She was young, did not remember a thing, a playmate of the year has not remember, just remember that hazy Taoyuan, so think of him.Went to his house for a walk, did not see him, he went out to long distances, better days to come back.The car was his own, his life is orderly, past the old house became a small Western-style two-story.His wife, her warm greeting, a friendly that is really nice, strange road always mention it.She laughed, also silent.His family is still in the mountain, Taoyuan, flowers are grateful, green peaches covered with branches, his son and her son had a great time in the mountain.When she leaves, he has not come back, she did not much feeling, a child she had something vague.Pro on the car, suddenly see his wife trot over and handed her a small cloth bag and said: He was going to own you, but do not rush back.Playing phone several times asked me to give you.what does she say?His wife laughed and said: He said some kids stuff.She also did not care, readily put in the bag.In the car, she remembered what he sent, and then open it, but was surprised to find that it was a bag of Peach, Peach made with a bag full of exquisite whistle.She stared, then all of a sudden sharp jump in front of his grandmother sat on the quartzite door, he blew a variety of folk songs, she lost whistle, he promised to give her a lot, ripe peaches, he spent the entire season sitting small stream patiently doing open air car whistle, her husband was afraid of her cold, handed to her shawl, she was surprised, bag Peach crashed off the floor, like a year blooming tree a tree