Bana, open the other side

“Bana, open the other side, saw the flowers, not leaves,” Bana language of flowers represents the sad memories, call long for the endless, hopeless love, hell, heaven letter.    I have always regarded Bana believed to be sad memories, is a can not have grief, sorrow is to see can not see, I do not know what time I have to spend so obsessed with this story, Bana mosaic from the same root, but not forever want to see, because when the flowers have withered leaves, when the leaves reproduce the flowers have lost, life and life with the wrong.I do not know what kind of speech to describe the sadness that love can not have.Perhaps want to live with each other in each other’s love, the gentle one another, we can not see that the United States was also not see those ugly.    Bana legend gentle devil, it is put into voluntary flower hell, which is open in the underworld three way river escorts flower forget the other side of the river, as it has a bright brilliant flowers of blood, covered with to hell way, it was blood-gorgeous make their lives a little more roadside dazzling bright colors but, when the soul crossed Lethe, they forget all the lifetime, once everything is left in the other side, this marching deceased guidelines flowers leading to the prison Nether.But this Bana but can evoke memories of past lives of people, do not know if this is hi also sad, or it is also the end also is reborn.Bana always have a variety of legends, after all, no story is not a sad ending.(Sanwen Chinese prose network WWW.sanwen.COM) this might be it beautiful words meant, and sometimes the other side of the word does not want to reveal too faint sadness, we always live across from each other, invisible world; we may endless world of fantasy with each other a variety of exciting, so we look forward to yearn for waiting, I seem to have a new understanding of Bana, with the wrong kind of life and life is not necessarily a tragedy, and it probably gives us a different feel to imagine expectations, we live in their own world, your expectations are living in the world, but also more freedom and better.    I never knew there Bana white, is said to represent purity and beauty, I do not understand how to explain this one is gentle and pure evil one is better.Perhaps Bana Leaf also represents the twin double meaning.Bana also the implication seems no matter how good things are bound to have a face like the devil.    The other side of the flower called lilies, nickname had come from “Sutra” Buddhist phrase, tea millet is the last season of blooming flowers, blooming Kaidaotuni, and also left open in the pre-existence of the forgotten Bana Bana, opening a thousand years, down a thousand years, mosaic will never meet.Lilies also has such a sad painful legends, the story outline generally the case, Bana is the guardian of two fairies, one is called Flower or lilies, a leaf demon called Sha Hua.They Bana waiting for thousands of years.    But I never met, because the flowering time, no leaves, leaves only when there is no flowers, flowers and leaves at the same time never appeared.They miss each other madly, and the pain afflicts.Finally one day, they decided to go against God’s provision secretly meet once.That year perianth eye-catching green lilies set off with bright red, open exceptionally voluptuous.God blame him, this is to be expected.Man Wah beads and sand are into reincarnation, and the curse can never be together, life after life on earth by suffering.Since then, lilies, also known as Bana.    The other side or lilies name in all with sad, so attached to this flower in full swing began with a sad sad, do not understand why I have been so showy flowers have such a meaning, this may be its unique story it is also sad also happy, life is not the same as you, no matter what kind of life we now live, there will always be some we can not directly use the speech to describe the sadness in the past, which perhaps we just want to forget life in the mind years, but it can not forget it so heavy feeling, like the Bana Road, we will always be her evoke memories of past lives, but do nothing.    Now we have all kinds of stories, some experienced as stinging deep into your body, you weep with pain but you still want to get it pulled up, thinking that it would end, and Bana Like knowing not want to see, or risking heaven to end this long for the pain.    However, this has never ended, he began to be more painful reincarnation.I have to admit that my soul is a sad man, I can not read his story can not read other people’s stories, always very vague, very fresh inside look very pessimistic, so this may be so obsessed with the story of Bana or the reasons for it itself!    Invisible and always feel like this flower, we are the same surface is very fresh heart is very sad, as we have a sad story.Representatives of lilies direct implication is kind of hard to understand the meaning, we need to comprehend slowly, slowly every life also needs to sentiment, do not worry, not too fast.Do not always assume that all are so beautiful too busy, do not think all the demons are so unbearable, we just have not found yet found.    Bana other side of life, life with the wrong, in fact, is it not dependent life and life, Love is not causal, edge destined to death.Going live while also.When we really have to start life or the life of one o’clock sentiment, we will have to Bana, a new understanding, not clinging to its sorrow, frustration, pain and even death and about past lives, we begin to understand and also miss not sad, all the sadness but also with a better, slowly understand the full swing of life has a demonic tender.

Bana open article

Part one: Bana Bana open to open the other side, the former athletic, can do nothing?  - Inscription heard that it is beautiful, fiery, such as tea when flowers.I heard that it is the only landscape lives on the road, and driving too tender and beautiful and sad.It, lilies, the dazzling red blood.It is poison, is also a drug, is close to the rest of the way to the final feast.Leaf deposit, the end of the flowers bloom; when flowers and leaves late.So bleak.People say, it opened at the other side of his lifetime to forget.But I do not know, it is too late to forget, but life after life are staggered, then life after life waiting.All this is the fate, or the reincarnation?  All along, life is a constant topic.In the container of time, and we, like trees, bloom, convergence, packed up one place the leaves, and then packaged to send back to their own apart.Sensual lighting, interactive mixed, in the ebb and flow, the reincarnation again and again, we call it life.And so on through the late autumn of life, through the Bana open enchanting sea, looking at the drip line of their own Sansei stone before, drink cure my hands, through athletic, then he walked into yet another reincarnation.Some flowers have not even opened it thanks, even though some things have not hired on the light, even if the dream had not been successful.Everything is still left in the other side, together with bloom blooming lilies.Faith and hope still, the dream, the afterlife will round.  People coming and going, coming and going to walk through life in which we are only to small drop in the ocean.We can not stop the pace ahead of time, only silently, should finish the way to go if already doomed.Are like gorgeous Bana, flowers without leaves, leaf life without flowers, flowers with the wrong, life and gone, doomed to loneliness, sadness doomed.  The other side of the lilies, open into bloody road, destined to be the only soul lives on the road in the landscape.It’s just legend.In the world, Amaryllidaceae Lycoris characteristics of lilies for the first flowering, after the leaves, so do not see the leaves during flowering.Hope one day to see this blood-gorgeous flowers, then what will happen mood?  Lilies, on the other side, the heart of this, I saw flowers, not leaves.When fame faded, fire ice, we can begin to calm, watching the setting sun Yuet Wah.    Part II: Bana open, one year after year, flowers the other side two vast, heroic and graceful so unique.  But each year-end wait to see the dim light cycle Yisha.  - Inscription Bridge of Sighs, Bana license to open.Day after day, year after year, it seems that they never fear they will wither like flowers, like other.They have not experienced reincarnation, which has nothing to do with their emotions.Rinse the morning dew in their face, like points on a delicate makeup.Some people say they are some of the past life of Empress Dowager woman, so that they look particularly enchanting.The world’s people, ah, coincidentally, always inseparable from a “where” word, thus Bana will have a remarkable charm.Sauna net One year, they are open there: tea millet flowers, arrogant heart will never change.The poor blue sky under their lives, two vast are not seen.They are Huang Quanhai by watering, perhaps, because of this, it will not rot.No one listened to their breathing.Many people are afraid of them, believe that they represent the death, only Bana in the face of death did not stop the pace of progress.I like the mystery, hope and love it!  Perhaps each person’s heart has a Bana, quietly bloom, when you stop and go in the earth, when your time is squandered, it is also their dates of death.  There was a smell of dreams, a woman with tears in a bowl cure my drink, when she chose to forget his predecessor, forget that, her tears kept her out of the emergence of life in her heart also blood.Perhaps the cycle of rebirth can be relieved for her, but I knew she was just trying to avoid Bana germination root in her heart.I did not see her hands tremble when there is no cure my took over, did not care if her mouth also filled with a smile, I only know that success or a failure turned empty.  Bana open sea, one year after year, the number of juvenile white head, empty sadness.Part III: thoughts, Bana I’ve been walking barefoot on the road, along the river shore across the retroactive your footprint.River sand rubbing my foot, and each time is really the most contact with, I have to penetrate my heart, I have in mind there are traces of passing thoughts.I have been using this most true way in pursuit of you, although sometimes, there will be headlong into the edges of the sole, sting out of the blood, pain was terrible.  You stand on the other side I smile.Think crossed over the river, come to your side, holding your hand, let you come along with me.The so-called Iraqi people, in the water side.Helpless raging water, one for my extradition.I will keep in your day the other side, stop when you stop, and when you walk in to follow.I can only distantly look at you, look up your smile in the sun, listening to you singing in the rain, you sigh echoed in the dark.I am always here.  Bloom season, you hang around in the beautiful forget to leave; forget the way home.To miss the fireworks fragrance, let love flow length Millennium.Willing to spend does not fall, people do not wish to wither.Season Whispering Sweet Home full of rocks, tears Acacia Xianchou.I’ll break your incense.  Looking back to when the road, all the way withered petals, gorgeous blood all the way.Canhong I left behind is beautiful, mottled, is to pursue the scene.I use all the youth in the retrospective, but at a time when you will lose.Heartbreaking pain still my heart has not been dispersed, the smile still stopped at the occasion that you look back, the tears still blowing gently in the wind.Everything has not gone, but I lost the courage forward, just because the other side of the flowers in full bloom as you.  The mood exile in rough water, let us drift together.Far, far away.My memories are bleached in the past, no flowers, no grass, just because you are born of pain.Just because one of your smile, I kept chasing.My bare feet, I was running all the way.You just looked at me in a distant shore.In the night the wind and rain, you just give me the song, I have been dedicated to follow.I forgot mountain of loneliness and sadness you wipe uneven, forget the other side you stand time.  How can I close?You did not give me an answer.  Maybe Mao plants should be long, flowers in full bloom, colorful flower petals as you sprinkle in the river.  River carrying my lonely down the river, flows through the place I started chasing.So, I went back to the original initial loneliness lonely.Can not see the other side has a flower, but the only river crossing.Honey, when I turn around, please call me back.Bana open such thoughts, I’ll let our love into the other side of a flowering tree, the Millennium fragrant, long eternal flow.    Part Four: a sad song – Rain this Bana open, especially today understand my mind, as I quietly began to cry, this wind, seems to know my care, quietly close to my face, gently comfort me cry.Rain and wind but to me, my dear, how do you cry, a man ah, this strong, strong again!  I can, but at this time do.  Walking in the rain, the road is full of home, step, step by step, and makes a number of.  This rain, secretly wet my hair, clothes, how sorrow and grief, nostalgia how.  This wind, lifted my clothes, went straight to my chest, penetrating the heart chamber, the cold is terrible.  Recalling also embracing the rainy night with your hand, but it is a thing of the past.Tears streaming little store, and I blacked out that night long for this Grief, wet my body, also wet the heart ah.  Standing in the rain, big mouth breathing, little raindrops, bit by bit, the bus just flow, like my tears, flowing, I do not know the tears or the rain.Sometimes think, my grandfather died that year, is the grandson I have personally written for his funeral oration, and similar to the good: the cold mountains sob sob, age, time Tim sad pity that I ,,,,,,, years, I’m that old, how is it seems that I have to bid farewell to this world, with more than a few sighs and desolate.Who can I pay homage to the moment I lost, who can be in my grave and my burning Those articles poems, who can sing as I gently read, I was careful to write for her touching ballad.  Dare to heaven, the days have been dark, buried my shame, it has been silent, it is difficult to tell how a; dare not say that, no one has than hear, how much people easily depressed; dare not say love, too much love I am a person, I will eventually be affected by the disaster.  How I cried, how sad I was, how I was grief, you know, she knows?In fact, I do not understand.  Only looked at the four walls of a person’s home, always do not believe, then look, look, there is a good hope that the protagonist, stay beside me, as I knit warm sweaters TV drama, and sometimes stood me up Bibi; it seems that the protagonist, sitting next to me, watching the children, said softly, this difficult decision how to do, how to do that, I will carefully laugh.  But the dream is a dream, perhaps forever dream!  Do not tears, but also do not be sad, lonely sitting room, the only thing is to open the computer, watch the flickering golden light, but the hope was dashed again and again, can not be reconciled, really can not be reconciled.But she has disappeared, really has become a reality, not that beat notes joyous, not that cordial greetings, asking again and again, again and again persistent, or in exchange for silence, and then silence, and a man of the stage, but no audience and applause.  Cry, not sad, not to hurt, to comfort myself, love is there, not by not reducing, but how control, my love, my love!For her to tie him down.  Had told her that was my intoxicating red, Mandolin’s laughing, she knew what I wanted to express, but I replied, flowers the other side, leaves but not flowers, flowers but not leaves, life with the wrong two.  But the hearts of the people, ah, you know, that mantra is that colored flowers ah, what you want is color, which one, but I am prepared that my favorite color for you, that one.  When you want it quiet storm, any bite that Rain is licking my all, with open arms, come on, I accept that you did not ask that, in that only lives on the road and saw the crimson petal, saw the flowers the other side, saw the passionate man child holding that the bright red flowers, bless me, pray for me, I will meet, at a time not of their wits, I will always remember, remember again.  Dark night, it enveloped my vision, how worthy watch, as dark as I feel like that tiresome cat out of the window, I heard the sad Shengjiao, encouraging people to do the soul!Is it urged me, but also the sadness, can not think, no sense of hearing, which is perhaps a reminder of life in me, I do not know!  It thoughts, night rain as I quietly shed tears, the night wind, as I quietly sigh.Hands were shaking, slowly tingling, burning pain in the heart, like insects in pecking, like tears in the brain, like slurry mix, how to adjust, shriveled to smile or two, really I can not deceive ourselves themselves, not to laugh , but it is tears filling her eyes, whirling blur.  This is a sad night, a man dare sit lonely, invite friends with drunk, but it is self got drunk, drunk, my poor fellow, what drunk to forget, anything can be discarded.But not sensible wine, drunk your body, your heart is not drunk a cup, a cup, let me not to indulge.Thinking about that song children and wanted to BS-ing, so what I understand, your sadness, left to themselves, do not let me take away a person, do not make me a drunk, do not let me walk alone.Ugh!How do I say, dear friend, or loved one, or a dream, and if, if, for reasons too many, too many, too many excuses, do not control how lonely I had, let me see you that bright red Bana open it!  I believe, understand that leaf flower, flower leaf understand, even if the two-phase fault.


[REVIEW] “Robbery and Snatching” is the most difficult, go to pick bamboo, back to pick the food, but also among endure the scorching sun exposure, how much sweat will stay much water to drink, the bamboo “Distant water can not be resolved thirst” possible.Bamboo is a source of strength, bamboo is a work of power.  Bamboo, approach is very simple, take a bamboo, peeling dry, dig a little above the water hole, drill two holes next to put on a string, easy to lift the.This is the bamboo, mainly used for holding water, it acts as a kettle, is typical of rural utensils.Farmers good physical resistance is strong, unlike the city people delicate, mountains work in the fields, local materials thirsty, drink water mountain drains are sometimes too thirsty, they can not find spring water, “cow foot water “(cow walked left deep footprints, rain water, long after the clarification) drink.Encountered no water in arid regions, bamboo comes in handy.According to the size of bamboo, bamboo can be made into different sizes, according to the length of working time, the number of people, with the election for bamboo.Such as road farther heavy task to bring lunch to eat in the mountains, bamboo water that is “soup”.Bamboo water to drink over, if there are springs, streams nearby, can continue to play, there is a bucket of features.    ”Robbery and Snatching” is the most difficult, go to pick bamboo, back to pick the food, but also among endure the scorching sun exposure, how much sweat will stay much water to drink, the bamboo “Distant water can not be resolved thirst” possible.Bamboo is a source of strength, bamboo is a work of power.With the finished water to drink, not any water available nearby, this is the most difficult time is a time limit, but as long as the bamboo, but also to “look bamboo thirst”!Bamboo seemed to play a role in the war years of meritorious service.    Veterans, in addition to uniformed military shoes enviable, but also military canteen style.There are veterans sent my father a military canteen, the natural father is flattered, he commanded a working mother, do not forget to military canteen, attractive green, long straps, to touch people’s blood boil, carrying a jug, carry hoe as if carrying a gun, imposing appearance, just like soldiers.Can be a hot day, looking proud kettle, always drink two, drinking drinking it upside down, and there is no bamboo drink resistant “impractical”, a much smaller capacity than bamboo, or military supplies to military use, or farmers ‘agricultural products’ good!    Once, While the adults are busy cutting rice, there is a child playing with fire at the foot of the mountain, did not expect a gust of wind blowing, dry grass burned up immediately, but fortunately was discovered in time, we put all the bamboo water fall, with over to a nearby canal supply, the fire was quickly shattered, avoiding a forest fire, fire extinguisher bamboo plays a role.    Bamboo, cheap, environmentally friendly and durable, farmers will always be a close partner![Editor: Can children]

Bamboo window

Misty sunlight dark thoughts, cage Eagles He Shifei?    Resist startled streamer flash, since independence, love it jadeite.    Trance, his thoughts wander when, patch of green that catches my eyes, heart can resist for a while, even from out of the window like a patch of green – Bamboo.    They are born in the ruins, they put roots deep in between the rubble, I wanted to see them up Zheng Xie of a “bamboo stone”, “insist Aoyama do not relax, rooted in the broken rock.Grinding 000-1000 Kennedy also strong, Seoul, the East and West Wind.”They are born in such an environment may not choose.They do not hold back because of the harsh environment, decadent, they are tenacious to this rooted in the broken rock, such a firm stance had made me admire emotion.Bamboo and unyielding, so that it can spread across the mountains, can tenacious survival in the ditch and gully gully.In the face of adversity it has perseverance, indomitable.Either way, it resolutely “insist Aoyama”.Good times, it still retains the honest and righteous, ethical nobility of character, admirable.    This patch of green outside the window is more vigorous, upright.Although it was born in the rubble of thorns, despite its long years of guarding the endless loneliness and desolation, beaten and tortured throughout the year suffer frost, snow and rain, but it’s still upright, elegant and refined.    Bamboo outside the window, I love you.When reading in the morning, while listening like children reading aloud while looking out the window patch of bamboo.Green Leaf is so whirling, aloof, winter is not dying, quiet and elegant, it is the feeling that vigorous free and easy, open mind.Also wanted to take her into one, becoming one of them, feel their dedication.I do not know of many ancient plum devoted much love, Southern Song Dynasty poet Lu Fushi “intention of suffering embodied the optimism, term Qunfang jealous.”The lines, the plum pushed to the head of Qunfang.Wang Song a poem in praise “the number of branches corner Mei, Ling Han alone open.Remote is not snow, as there are subtle fragrance.”Southern Xie Xie is more like” it is premature spring, alone, without doubt cold.”And after all, there is Plum ‘flower’ Mei praise the wind bully snow pressure from flowers, cold tough, quiet Fang Wan.I try to love in this piece of bamboo, she has Xiaoying snow plum, tenacious character.More elegant noble, open-minded, hard-working and enterprising, willing to sacrifice virtue, give the impression that perfect image.Since ancient times, it was praise poetry, such as “Trimeresurus Green refused to yellow, frost-resistant branches Tutu.” ‘Only bamboo muddy fear, rather then fight one thousand field’ poem to praise the bamboo Kennedy also strong, unyielding bamboo, bamboo cold, I love bamboo, bamboo I respect, I reward bamboo.I wish all my children are like this piece of bamboo, can change in thousands of earthly independence was dancing.(Chinese prose network WWW.SanWen.COM) bamboo outside the window, I love you.The breeze, you like a lively little girl, stretching his long arm and wagged his slender and flexible waist, Douqi that a strong Qingsha, swaying, danced the dance, graceful.The sun, facing you, actually as bright, fresh, vigorous, full of vitality.In the sun against the background, you like gentle enough girl, quiet, peaceful, wearing a green veil, appears to be worth of tenderness, quiet and elegant, slim in the wreckage.Zheng Banqiao poem like “a complex one, one thousand save Manyo.Since I do not flower, bee and butterfly stitch-free.”Bamboo is so aloof, ethical, quiet and silent spill.Summer to make the cold, she still lush greenery, Xiaoying biting cold, dark clouds, I adore how to prevent it?Compared to its, but I often was in distress dazed, wandering in the rough, hesitant in advance and retreat, I have not even a fresh life is not flesh and blood are not as bamboo, but also ashamed.    I love you, bamboo window.Storm coming, you stand up straight, to meet with.That any wind as claws like a tiger straining tear you, you stand firm erect, unwavering.Either that heavy rain, such as machine gun fire you, bombard you, and you always proudly stand in the dark between heaven and earth, would not be the slightest shake.Up angry storm, more crazy bite you, beat you.You gradually become black and blue, waist is no longer upright, slowly bend down pain.My heart also will be unbearable pain, tears blurred my eyes.Can you believe, the storm will be over eventually, they will usher in a sunny day; you believe, there will be no permanent darkness, dawn will eventually come.Yes, you with your own tough, strong, won a bright sun, won a dawn.When the first ray of sunshine comes, you have that bent waist high straight, when it appeared the dawn of the first line, you have once again flourish, showing brilliant.    Bamboo outside the window, though there is no chance of embracing you, but I love your lofty simplicity; bamboo outside the window, though there is no chance you were OK with the hand, but I love your elegant and refined; bamboo outside the window, though there is no chance you snuggle I minded, but I love your noble quiet.

Bamboo wind

Delicate false when State-chang, the fleeting shipped care of the good weather, bamboo Jiugongshan, surprisingly dense verdant.Whether you come from different places, is never seen or infiltration Mountain delicate green and into a gate, outside the ten thousand ares bamboo forest, you will be surrounded by refreshing cool air, the Shochiku gracious welcome dance move, like the cotton flower cloud traction, comfort is the blue sky, the birds are singing intoxicated.    When the spring tour by carrying footprints tread wake nine palaces, bamboo shoots will catch a lively eyes open to see the world.When the arch ah, ah stretch, coming to the fore, ah, it seems similar to the long overnight, to catch the flowers in full bloom party.A branch shaggy hair, immature juvenile soft, clear innocent, every cell imbued with boundless energy.Such as bamboo forest to give birth to a new group of Lingyun feelings, then negative people, the face of the vast bamboo forest, also provoke a desire born of upward momentum.That volley waved bamboo shoots, not Chun Shen wrote flourishing chapter, is a mountain in command right things grow festival?    A summer, bamboo charm even demeanor is filled with emotion, reluctant to leave the.Close look, slim gentle, dignified and just as Shu Jing Brisk and lively tour guide, nodded in tribute.Breeze blowing, rustled one, like introduce guests to the distant nine palaces cultural landscape, natural scenery, tells a story of a beautiful and moving and poignant legend of magic, or is it funny, playful, to guess passengers come from, what the without a wish?(Chinese prose network WWW.SanWen.COM) If the breeze and cleaned up, bamboo jubilation like the sea.Moments, Tide, Zhushao expel Zhushao, tend to bamboo poles bamboo poles, a wave of attached wave from the foot toward the top of the hill, and from mountain to mountain waves; dived ebb tide, the waves like a half-empty sky, a vent miles, straight into the bottom.Really Shan Hu tsunami.Fresh wind, tidal broad division if justice surging, irresistible.    More often, Bamboo is in ease, in a romantic chic.Cool breeze blowing gently, like a bamboo forest ballroom played tunes, or slow three slow four have tango, disco, playing the melody in nature any, bamboos become men and women casual ease.That pace, that atmosphere, harmonious and warm, elegant and pure, this is the universe’s most perfect friendship and charm of it.    When the fog filled the catch, overlooking the bamboo forest, it is not a good flavor.Jumping like a pale mist of the spray Zhuhai, splashes Shuimo.Attention for a long time, then I do not know where to live the universe, to speak, the world really wonderful, Zhuhai into a blue sky, white mist as if misty clouds.Green and wild and fog, at Bamboo Mountain, can not help but have a sense of aloof dash.    During the winter, a snow Jiugongshan, especially the bamboo has become a pure and noble shrine.As the water droplets freeze on branches, popular place, rattled into a ring, the sound of voices beads down.Pro scene, even if the sea tycoon Lian Lu can not help but shame, generously Ertan – jewelry who has it, how can we compete with glistening eyes thoroughly clean the ice pellets!    And only temporary bamboo recollections in the snow, in order to make people think while you’re connected, in the heart replanted bamboo products.Thanks to bamboo, thank it for me to open up good memories and imagination of the window in the cold.When there is not unearthed section, to be more open-minded at the Gun.Phrase from the Song Dynasty poet Song Tingjun then impressed.Bearing in mind the motto of many young aphorisms, but before it all faded, too much wind has passed away dust off.I think I was too fond of such bamboo integrity, humility and vigorous, and only in the brain bears the indelible memory.    Bamboo’s life, was born in the South, deep in the valley, at the snow Ling Han, let go in the spring, lush in summer and autumn in bold.It is still precarious self-sustaining, do not fight with the beautiful and fragrant flowers, bees and butterfly stitch-free, open-minded festival was originally to stay, not weathered chills, grinding 000-1000 Kennedy also strong, quiet complex indifferent quality, has long been revered by ancient literati.Presumably, Zheng Banqiao so in love with bamboo, Yong Zhu, drawing bamboo, it is the care of statement, his life bamboo gentleman love to do it?    There are many ancient Jin words like bamboo, to me, it’s the only love the flexibility, its virtual pregnant, stick it straight.    I love nature, if they join the leisure of nature, Wherever he went, could not help but stop and see the bamboo forest, bamboo skin touch, he looked up at the sky on Zhushao, seeking among the forest of bamboo Yuli shadows, listening to the wind playing bird sounding bamboo convey unspeakable rich.Hills are covered with bamboo, and perhaps people in the Tang and Song Zhi, Shen Nong care soul born, Renren Magi elves gather it, was actually so Millennium Wanzai reproduction, and so I envy the laity, it is endless love for life.

Bamboo shoots

Home behind the house long with a bamboo forest.When spring comes, there is always a huge bamboo shoots saw teeth, a branch as if the earth.Dad always the first time to those forming the first tooth is about to pull out as the dishes.So you can eat fresh bamboo shoots annually.    Ever since moved home have never seen a bamboo shoots.Just when shopping today, you can also occasionally see the old man stood in the stall selling the kind of long-lost food.Said to be food, it is more vivid life Yi Keke.Bamboo has a strong vitality, this is what I admire.    Childhood is a bamboo shoot.No experience, only fresh ideas, always withstand the wind and rain.There are a lot of ideas are forming at this time.Pure and simple, without the slightest miss, the only miss only, father, mother.Because in addition to all the other people like they are not good, as long as the young body in someone else’s arms, as if they have unwanted, we must continue to cry, shouting parents, hope that they can put their tightly embrace.Unlimited in their arms peacefully to sleep with warm, no matter how big things happen outside both young and we do not have any relationship.Then laughing, crying, and unstoppable growth.    Adult bamboo.We have grown up can face everything alone.Inner strength needed to resist bruise the soul.Start desperate run, constantly hit the wall, then left and right in case of a case of a forthcoming with their related or unrelated strangers is always.Begin to leave their parents, find their own place in the world that, far parents looked after in the side.No longer feel their warmth, I thought they were getting their indifference.Misunderstanding, gap separation.Become another householder.Years later have their own litter, as if back then, still in love with their own parents.All indifferent start to heal after having a newborn, is a blessing to know successful.    Small when standing tall bamboo underneath, toward a place above the leaves look, just know how short.Then wrapped around a bamboo pole like a monkey ready to climb the highest point.Every time high, a heavy fall than once.Dad to “extraction” when found me and asked if I throw it hurt.I smiled and said that hurt, I climbed it high.Dad called me to see him climb once.I then resorted to special skill, hard climb to the mid-point of time, tender little hands could not help but to sag slip, slide down one after another hard up for some, and so forth, still unable to climb the highest point.Dad says you are still very small, of course, such a high tree can not climb the highest point, and so there will be a chance to grow up.    And so grow up there will be opportunities.Until now finally grow up, you can never have a chance to climb so high in the bamboo.

Bamboo rhyme

Since ancient times, writing bamboo, drawing bamboo, Yong Zhu found everywhere.Qi Baishi with a few pens, vividly sketched out a vigorous upright bamboo and impressive.In “Merlin, bamboo and chrysanthemum”, bamboo is one of the “four gentlemen”, in the “Three Friends of Winter” also in the shadow of bamboo.Bamboo is elegant, noble, cold and a symbol of modesty.  Zheng Banqiao to Huazhu for fun.In the “title bamboo map” he wrote: “Ye thin, sparse festival, snow pressure does not fall, the wind does not break.”There is a demonstration of bamboo toughness and backbone.Elegant bamboo, on its own temper and self-study is obtained; bamboo beauty, by its own characteristics show.  I appreciate the fresh bamboo, refined.Bamboo at night, the moon overhead, such as being quiet like a philosopher thinking, let me see the bamboo trees, smell the fragrance of clean air.Zhuhai Yin Xiao whispering in the wind, set off bursts with a biting chill of bamboo Tao, like my mind churning emotions.Leaning one another piece into the world of bamboos, bamboo air mixing the cool peculiar flavor, as drugs in the impoverished when boiling Xianzhuli Zhuru.Hidden or concealed in the dark patches in the leaves, is the root of a section of Qiu Jin and root twisting a lower arc again into earth, it may also be said to be struggling emerged, forming a small ring withhold the earth, if that is inattentive close contact with the soil.  Fell once, I no longer go to the depths, ripped off a few vines around the bamboo, bamboo Lin Qiuyang Enron sit down and listen to the whispers.  The foot piece of the fallen, I do not know from where, there may be unknown “Taoyuan” nearby, poke Leaf layer after layer of decadent, touched moist soil, the soft gentle like affectionate kitten tongue licked your fingertips.Gently insert a bit deeper in the finger, as if I became a bamboo, you can see your own flourish, you can hear the rhythm of distant earth.  Perhaps there had shotgun rang, I saw a broken bird wings, feathers have been sparse not cover the hideous bones, slightly trembling in the wind, as if still longing for the sky, the sun still love kiss.We not a bird, persistent fly in the crowd, if not lost before in times of hardship, as they fall into the dust on the response from the shotgun saw someone fly.If we supple enough to escape the smoke shotgun, you have a right to fly.  Fog from the depths of the bamboo rolling visible cloud-lan, I got up and walked goes out through the mound piece of mandala, we see that in the afternoon of warm sun, quickly fast, the general ran to escape, finally saw a as the sun beams Fengrui vector moment Hama intended to pierce the misty rain.Birds chirp away, the sun and gentle smile opened.  Move, fall, escape, calm.This is my way in the bamboo forest, but also the future must be the way to go.Huaxi Youran flowing, as if they heard the whisper of bamboo forest, heard the birds chirp, wet Wet blowing, the world is all quiet.  Alternating sun and the moon, spring last summer.Summer xinhuang early release, according to people shade.Busy day, tired, I often take a folding chair into the bamboo, shaking his right hand folding fan, it is very cool and comfortable.Put aside all the mundane chores, earthly annoyance, close your eyes, take a deep breath, getting into the things I forgot, the realm of Heaven.He goes, the heart, such as desert wandering boats, wind wandering soul like feathers, Youran, heart and hard, bamboo reasonable manner gentleman quietly companion.Gurgling water, slowly cool breeze, cool and quiet, really nice!Forest birds has homing, I enjoy this rare moment of calm.Earth is too noisy, too many accidents to knock on the door.So, I like to stay busy to give yourself a little space, quietly left alone, learn to take it lightly in the din.A touch of sun, light wind; a touch of flowers, a touch of birds; a touch of the day, light mood.Perhaps this placid too boring, but this picture actually bears calm, bears the philosophy of life.Many people will seek stimulation in the flat, but flat after the impetuous longing.In fact, dull, life is a process of.Life journey, enjoy the journey scenery lightly, lightly deal with life’s ups and downs.Lightly look at everything, everything is fine, clear.  Clear autumn, early morning see bamboo, light smoke, shadows, dew gas, are floating between the leaves and thinning.To the late autumn, it will go to two inches off the bamboo, reached room frame, plastic sheeting and then surrounded, not only wind, but also the formation of window frames.When Fenghurinuan of frozen flies touch the window paper, Hasty as small drums, a Moderate and messy at the time, really natural picture.In the shadow of the moon, its image point of view, this poetic, varied and colorful through the window, intoxicating.  ”I would rather eat no meat, can not live without bamboo,” when love green leaves progressing like gangbusters, you are no longer clenched Castle, moon night, melodious flute, you Xuan window, bright night lights.  Pitt often accompanied by streams and moss, ten thousand towers like Jinsong.  A straight section are born thin, unbending stand proud.  Ground-breaking new Bi Huang Jianfeng, Kingston straight thorn sky.  Leaves Pinnacle pay one thousand, all Hui Qun difficult winter.  Rains Wind express punch line, after frost Snow and strong God clear.  Bao Zhen Zi cycle of the seasons, do not mess with no flowers festival quite bee.  Resistance to wind shaking bamboo festival fresh thinking, easing cold inside make good use.

Bamboo Reveries

REVIEW: bamboo fertility is very strong, year after year, a Health & Beauty bamboo shoots, competing scrambling to jump up, green, green, truly beautiful!Home of bamboo clumps contiguous, became a landscape of attention near and far.Into the bamboo forest, there seem to hear the rhythm of the rain, the wind blows from all sides.  Bamboo is very beautiful, then, my old house with the right head of a bamboo forest, bamboo childhood I was a little preference, I like perennial green bamboo, true and beautiful ecology.Bamboo has a long history of Chinese culture has a long history, bamboo and Chinese text is closely related to literature and art painting etc..Poetry theme from “The Book of Songs” began Yong Zhu masterpiece of the ages have celebrity.Jin Dynasty have the Bamboo Grove, Zhuxi six hidden Tang, Jin Dynasty have “bamboo spectrum” “Shoot spectrum” monograph, Tang Dynasty literati drawing bamboo matures, forming a faction of the Song Dynasty, Zheng Banqiao of the Qing Dynasty set the culmination of ancient and modern drawing bamboo spread later.From Emperor onwards, after the famous Tang Dynasty ancient Yong Zhu Li Bai, Du Fu and Bai Juyi, Li He, Li Shang-yin, Liu Yuxi, Xue Tao (female), etc..Song Su Shi, Lu, Wang, Fan Chengda, Zhu Shuzhen (female), etc..Chao Yuan Dynasty; Flirting Ming Dynasty: Qing Dynasty Zheng Banqiao, modern Fang Zhimin, wu, Ye Jianying, Chen Yi, such as multi-Wang Jifu and literati, are writing a lot of poetry Yong Zhu.    People rely on hard work and wisdom of the rich bamboo resources and create a talent, bamboo craft stunning.In the long course of 2000 years of development, absorbing, innovation, not only has high ornamental aesthetic value, but also with strong comprehensive practical process known.Bamboo, bamboo, bamboo handicrafts decorated with a variety of more than 800 species Diego.Of bamboo and bamboo bamboo using water as raw materials, according to the characteristics of the different objects of varying thickness and width smear wire techniques using different processes, different weave to suit the shape of daily necessities and crafts.    Bamboo fertility is very strong, year after year, a Health & Beauty bamboo shoots, competing scrambling to jump up, green, green, truly beautiful!Home of bamboo clumps contiguous, became a landscape of attention near and far.Into the bamboo forest, there seem to hear the rhythm of the rain, the wind blows from all sides, in the depths of the bamboo shade, it seems there is melodious study on three, along mottled stone road, looking round the green bamboo forest, deep in the background faint bamboo, water gurgling study on three came from my heart, look look at the gentle water ripples floated again and again, in the face of bamboo, filled with longing for life.Melodious study on three, I see butterflies fly, decorated with bamboo time, affectionate Zhiyuan legend, is such a tremendous impact on my heart, how many poems about life, about love, covered with deep bamboo forest allusions, I was wandering in the forest, will go a long deep thoughts, it seems to fly in the bamboo forest outside Cong.    At night, when the moon, vast hanging in the sky; a trace of bamboo grass, faint stand in the soil.Takeshita of the month, bright and secluded grove; bamboo joints of the month, according to the natural and sparse.The night wind blowing, bamboo leaves rustling sound; dark clouds floated, deceive dim moonlight.Somehow, getting drunk has meaning; bamboo incense bursts, would like a little dream.The rise of visit, moonlight flashing, on child does not move, bamboo wind swing, moonlight flash, due to the wind and leaves.Head Wang Yang bamboo, bamboo leaves are illuminated, the monthly child does not move, put the wind bamboo leaves, leaf edges of bright, original in mid-air.Mochizuki, soon after, seems to dream of Italy, a cool breeze, awakened in a dream, I do not know what, I saw bamboo swing, glance over the wind, a good invitation of bamboo under the moon.    Bamboo tour again, not only enjoy its beauty, the real reward is the exercise of its products, bamboo products, forthright integrity, perseverance, not pro impressive, but the bold, unyielding not humble, but proud of.It’s also extraordinary items owned, ancient and modern literati with her song, it can be a painting, it is easy to muster poetry.A lot of bamboo poetry, long since passed.    My childhood best memories string of a string, bamboo is along the river walk, leisurely sitting on the shore.In the river, I enjoy the peace and quiet, watching the river flow downstream, and to hear the birds chirp to sing, listen to the leaves rustling.I also saw the wind came, bamboo to bend, the wind weakens, bamboo and elegantly restored to its original stance.Think of bamboo can rebound after bending or when restitution, “toughness” is the word will emerge in my mind.If a person from the blow, depression, or other emotional capacity than people in extreme situations quickly recovered, the word used to describe people of this ability.Have you ever feel that he was going to collapse yet?Have you ever feel that they could not stand it anymore?The good news is that you survived and survived, you can go to talk about that experience.    During that experience, you may experience unhealthy emotions.You feel emotionally exhausted, mental fatigue, and it may have to endure all sorts of unpleasant physical symptoms.Life both have good times of adversity, not only joy but also sadness.The next time when you go through the kind of hardship or misfortune can not afford a fast, bow conform, but do not collapse.Try not to let stress beat themselves.Hope will take you through life unpleasant ordeal.We expect tomorrow will be better or the situation will get better, maybe things would not look so bad.If the end result is worth having, then unpleasant difficulties may become easier to overcome.If you are struggling, you can not afford fast, you show toughness to (have toughness).Like bamboo that will bend, but not break.    I read a few years ago, “when there is not unearthed section first, and is still an open mind Lingyun at” a friend’s house in the nave couplet, at a glance, this verse is Yangzhoubaguai Banqiao.Although life without bamboo flowers to no avail, but not Young perennial green, filling her with restraint and modesty.Mr. Zheng Lao showing that this soft spot for bamboo, bamboo has he particularly respected festival with an open mind, but also his life portrayal of it!Wind and rain for a long load, and finally return “bureau”.Woolly-headed, I live alone in a room, take life.One day, saw abandoned pots of bamboo downstairs, quietly hiding in the corner, not by principal fighting Yan and exotic plants flower bed, I thought, this is not exactly my favorite bamboo it?Go with me to new heights.Invite a few friends over, put pots of bamboo “move” to the fourth floor.Chamber pots of bamboo, both Tim King grace, but also as partners with me, nice!Among high-level bamboo pots, he came home, though not embracing the earth, but her character is still!Looking at emerald green bamboo, a sudden and devastating sentiment, man Well, that must be like bamboo.In fact, I would rather do without as, not without bamboo heart.Bamboo is not in the chest, it is a human tragedy!    I often recall a vein of pure light, a light tea, Takeshita read “thin to make snuff another night.”.Really ashamed, I’m afraid I still can not tell which of beauty.Maybe “Among them there lies a deep meaning has been forgotten words” it.Since then, the lonely shadow always linger in my mind: dressed in white, like snow cold wins, is also true magic.My mind every now and then in past years.    How many times, when I called, the sad traveler wandering the horizon; how many times I had to, because the vast Baigan of melancholy scholar; how many times I long for, that a deep sense of times past cold at silly people; how many times, weeping tears ran for the frost from the cold weather, with fleeting loss of sad people..Numerous figure, an overlap you; many words, weaving a dream: every word sound like the king of the sound, I ever desire to come back to you, touch your face sad, your eyebrows will blow away the fog.Westerly in solitary, across the curtain of time, I’m trying to touch your loneliness.Sitting alone with he died, only one solitary drop of tears to dawn.Lights, you haggard face, sad eyes exceptionally pity people.You’re not happy, it is not?It can be as a sensual pleasures, feasting environment, this Xianchou, who made the complaint?    For decades, she has always been my comfort, but we are destined to badly to be together, Saibei expedition, all the memories flow away, but it is the air overflows the thoughts?Away from downtown, all the way west, how much blood and tears on the sad-plank bridge?Since ancient times, heartbroken people, far away in the horizon.Wang Wei, “a Han Peng positive plug into the HU days go wild,” Wang Zhaojun “Han Qin month, streaming video lighting Princess”.At that time really was the “wine into the feeling of sadness, turned into Acacia Rain” flavor.Really read the history of childhood, recite poetry, melancholy parting was well acquainted, so to uphold sigh day?    Millennium Mobei, the same cold at the same desolate, everlasting away from the people hurt.Rolling in the sand, look at where you stand in the shadow of the setting sun away.If burning cloud evening, you looked blankly, until the ears clearly hear Hu Yan Ai Hong, all eyes have been a Hunran.True there is the slightest “hide horizon is sunset, look very end of the world but not at home” feeling it!Tired leaning westerly wind, the night has been at dusk, or you or I sit in front of lights, hidden mouth with a trace of smile, “generation one pair of human life, struggle to teach two ecstasy.Acacia forget themselves not blind, for whom spring day?”.I’m in the shadow, willing to accompany you, if God do not know you missed her, but so adding to the pain.Spring has reason, not only me that she.Passing this spring, it can be looked forward to years, even if the faces of the people do not know where to go, but there is Love and be loved.One year, it becomes more numerous in blossom, so only you and I fondly?    Indeed, you are the man of my heart, but you can show a myriad of Girls, day and night, enjoy the flowers out of the window and the window in the lonely.I would like you to, like you and me, is an elusive phantom, it can only exist in a dream.Better not to meet, what if ruthless affectionate.You know this is all just waiting for time to prove.When Zheng Dangnian, my heart like a secret treasure spent bloom, accumulate into Fairview.Yunkai warm sun one day will come, just like butterflies fly over the sea, togetherness spring.    Do you remember our southern right?North to the people there, will find their ideal was originally so simple, just longing canoe, into the dream Township.Perhaps the mortal world of chaos have settled the situation on their own.Years show true and clear outline, no edges, no sickness and death.Time floating about, free to the whereabouts of an unknown place, the heart is quiet, low to the dust, the dust never bloom.    You should not mind it, “we” Jiangnan.I love the south, would not easily share it with who.I dream pillow water people, the dream of red brick and green tiles, the dream of Peach Blossom.Linhe door, Yilou tea.Listen to the sound of oars, listening to the sound of Zheng, listen to the sound of water, listen season seasons change, listen Millennium flowing style.    I am a secular person, see through purple street Red, Love War secular, but yearn for a simple, quiet detached.How about you?Answer me, you like it?Get rid of all of this world, and only with her, couplets, or watching a fireworks, or make her a zither it for you.Fingertips cruising “Plum Blossom” poignant, sad; cruising “Guanglingsan” sadness and determination; the cruising “Yangguansandie” attachment, regret.But others are on paper articles, and day and night, you just keep their side of the world, in a chilling Intrigue’s, the twilight Chaomu interpreted as Homecoming.[Editor: Can children]

Bamboo outlet

Bamboo is an outlet, in cool mountain breeze, a thick mist, fog we see bamboo, watching endless waves of bamboo peaks overlap, watching waves illusory and near distance, they are bleak the wind a little lodging, violently trembling body and hair, bamboo whizzing sound off, whining sound of the wind and not hit the mountain, but also who would choked it!Bamboo forest, the mountain, you can see wooden base, hidden in their emerald green, and occasionally stuck from the cornices bamboo leaves, the eternal things like human ears protruding branch flute, snoop on earth.    Car walking in the mountains, can not see the road ahead, the road suddenly turned green hills are obscured.Outlet village, around Takeyama opened up a new Bamboo.I thought, bamboo to create a tourism landscape Road, excitedly Chengzhaoyusan climb up the mountain, yellow mud and the rain dip soles, and in Qunjiao out a small yellow flower blossoming ago, I have not seen “Bamboo” my heart is very confused, but has been kept in mind.Later came to understand, Bamboo is for the villagers out of the road transport bamboo, so far, still a khaki-colored dirt road, this road in the infiltration of rainwater, the already muddy all over, we will explore these bamboo guests shoes dyed horrendous.But after the road opened up, give each down 5 dollars bamboo reduce costs.Accompanied by a teacher, write two lines of doggerel Bamboo Road ridicule: folk songs do not step on the mud, do not call down to earth.Yes, after the finish Bamboo, we fully understand the villagers take bamboo hardships and suffering.    We unplug fog, slowly toward the wooden base, these old stone house by the green pad too high, they are a block on wooden houses as the main body, spurious around, like Xing biological plants around arch move, we guess, the story of which happened, they are not hiding place of a large family, there is a long majesty, with fine legs woman is making Scattered like a ghost floating in it, whether inside possession of Sadness love story, which we do not know.    Now we are close to an old wooden house, all around the house makes us feel abnormal rich flavor of life, we are moving in this atmosphere oncoming.About to hibernate tools, is irregularly parked within a few old wooden huts built, they have been cleaned owner, watery mud track had not seen in a few sunny days of early years, they were the sun dry, just above the old hairy thorn, but also cast a tung oil, and now they lazily with the rest, deep in dreams, even the whistling of the wind in the bamboo forest so that they can not open his eyes to look at this group of foreign guests.    Within the cabin is spacious and bright, it has long been connected with the modern rules, put the windows, the outside light cast through the windows, the house Azeri’s face lit a lively atmosphere circulation in every face, and the owner guests are like the rest of my life, but he took to meet lingering affectionately loved ones.We shook off their hair dipped in the rain, excited to see some old things hanging on the wooden walls, they hung haphazardly, there is such a beauty, with a collection of bamboo strips trichosanthis hole, a vertical hanging down the machete, a stained white bits and pieces of old wooden says.They each have their own position, who is not unexpected, no one forced, dotted with anyone whom their life.    Far from the bamboo forest clearing in the fog looming surge of heavy smoke in the bamboo forest to escape from the cabin hidden in the sky more floating farther, the more the more floating light, smoke, mist, bamboo, wooden, cornices, close-range and distant mountains form a beautiful Miao style chart, we sat in the window scenery seen scenery and great tasting food picked from the landscape, smoke shoots tender and tasty, tender and fresh mushrooms, vegetables green, pleasant, these gifts of nature, hardworking Miao people would have, but we are outsiders delicious food.    Near Water Town.There was a stream, river and on our moon, stepping on the scrub time was smooth and clear stone road, procure the history of the ring, once half of the street gradually disappeared under lush hay in ten separate buildings dilapidated huts to narrow bluestone roadside, they save the world many years?An old woman wrapped in blue turban tells us, lived for generations, the coming year, a hundred of it!The paths of history, but now tens of meters, had this should lead to an infinite distance, leading to distant bamboo, leading to the distant peaks, as well, leading to a bloody battle was here before, distant relatives strike!

Broken line kites

Wind outside the window, blowing faint.Although it is early spring, but still a bit cold.I stood at the window, feel the shuddering, the window sunny, warm sun shone through the windows of the room, the bright glare.Distant hint of green willow leak, this kind of weather, outside outing, is the most beautiful thing.  I hurry, hurry collated equipment, will be holding a kite off.After an appointment a few friends, came to the outskirts early, but waited a very long time, still no friends figure, I know they are busy, had a person to enjoy the sunshine.A long time did not fly a kite, and it seems a bit rusty.It took the old nose effort, barely kite fly up, down low.Gradually, I feel boring, ready to take-up.But at this time, but he found not far from a girl flying a kite.He looked far, very fun, Accidentally, my forehead a kite in a plant down, I quickly run, pull, but to no avail, and the girl accidentally kite intertwined, while falling , but unfortunately I almost dismembered bird kite, I was almost to tears, the girl apologize to the people, and good people is not only beautiful, but also generous, do not blame me, but I could no longer fly to the sky kite, only to see she was a man flying a kite, but she was always a kite can not fly.Her face was like a peach, but a little more texture.  I can not bear to see her so hard, and then she put the kite together.She raised high the kite, I pulled the line to run, fly kites finally the blue sky, and gradually the more flying high, she and I just put the line, shaking lines, each other laugh, then, I know her name is Bai Jie, just graduated this year, a year older than me, I think she and I absolutely no generation gap, she and I chatted indistinct, no substantive topics,.Before long, we were a little tired, sat on the grass to rest, kite line in our hands constantly convey fear it will fall.Sunset, birds twitter to fly back home, we decided to call it a day, but when I was about to close the line, she took the knife to cut the kite line, in addition to my wondering, is puzzled, she was keeping a close eye this girl is really different, she found my abnormal, she watched the kite told me: “let it fly, the sky is part of its!”I am most moved, say something, but forgot.I picked up my dog almost destroyed the kite, and she set foot on the way home.I and her close proximity, but the language but very little, at a crossroads separate us, I know that this “break up” the future do not know whether it can meet, faint of heart, there is a strange feeling.  Ordinary life, ordinary post, average salary, always felt something missing.what is it then?Do not know.Unconsciously, Sunday and quietly come, when I open my eyes bleary, close to noon, the curtains fluttering, I know there is wind, he picked up the kite, this day, in addition to flying kites, also What you can do?However, I found the kite has been broken, and had to buy a.Came kite shop, a familiar figure, she is – Bai Jie, we laugh, she still bought a beautiful butterfly, so I do not buy anymore, I had promised, she and I came to the wilderness, the original plan to walk, but she pushed the bike, I had a coolie, took her for a ride.Very soft wind, blowing in his face a little bit cold, we then still very little.I feel, but somehow the good, the road is bumpy, afraid of falling, she had to grab hold me, very helpless, her eyes.This time, she still cut the kite line, the eyes seem to have tears, I want to ask, but do not know how to ask.On the way back, her unusual quiet.Jing’s terrible, what I want to say, but fear, an opening is wrong.Or that intersection, I intend to hesitate, “you can send me home?”She asked..I nodded my head, in front of her house, I stopped, luxury, luxury, and this is her home, she let me play, I refused, she hesitated for a moment, do not force me, she gave I have her number, I looked at her upstairs, watched her disappear.Little by little the sky go dark, and I have no desire to sleep, a person aimlessly Guangzhao, I have been thinking, that is a kind of girl, eyes have too much content, I can not read, I think probably spoiled it, not to think about.Suddenly, the phone rang, she turned out to be.”are you looking for me?”I asked.I asked a very gentle, it seems no surprise, but only you can know me in disguise.”Nothing, only occasionally think of you.”She paused, hung up the phone.When I play again the past, but it is off.Since then, Sunday, she and I would go fly a kite, with or without the wind, because of her.Gradually, we understand more and more, I know she is not introverted, but has unusual experience, her parents owned several companies, but she is the only heir, from small to withstand much more than their peers, parents the discipline is very strict.Her parents’ friends have a son, parents want them to get married.I feel like listening to the story, so familiar, so similar to the plot, I do not believe that is true, but it happens to be true, but why they let me come across, I have only to be silent.One afternoon, the company was looking for me, a little strange, a little guy like me, everywhere, who would know me?The results really surprised me, they claimed to Bai Jie parents want me to leave Bai Jie, the condition can easily open.I head fog, which is what with what ah?I did not ignores them, out of the office.A funny thing happened, I actually got fired, I know that is their business, but how can I?For Bai Jie, I only swallow.Still later, she knew exactly, and she apologized to me, she was crying, I was comforted only, because it is not her fault, we are all victims.She asked me: “willing to do her boyfriend?”Eyes are so serious.I really do not know how to speak, because I feel like just a big boy, never grow up, do not care for her, care for her, but they could not find a reason to reject what, so I had to reluctantly nod, that moment, she was crying in my arms, I know what to do.That night, I sleep through the night, a man carefully think about it, I do love her?However, not feel a thing, ah, how I really am, and I know I was broke, the whole is proletarian ah!What I rely on love her, she is responsible for!  Early in the morning, I want her to explain, but did not find, they must not come to her, she went to Canada.I stood there blankly, into the wrong refund is wrong.I took the kite, a man went to the suburbs, windy day, kite flying very high high, suddenly cut off the line, kite flying far, I firmly chase, it has failed to catch up with.But the accident found a kite, I know her, there is a strange word Kite: “If I destined him, if I really love him, then let him pick up only met kite, I he will wait.Bai Jie “in the address above as well as her Canadian, phone, I put the kite back home, looked blankly.I think, when I do not know whether to love her, I would want her.  Whenever the dead of night, I would dial her phone, just silent, just wanted to hear her voice, she is silent, and then I hung up the phone segment, it has been so.Time flies, fleeting three years.One day, I went to Canada on a business trip, is still that city, I hid in the corner looking at her several times to call her name, but how many times to his mouth and swallow, I can not remember.That day, the sky is no wind, already late autumn, I was a man, flying a kite, kite flying very low very low, as if a hand, you can get a touch, finally, I cut the line, but not far from the kite fly, not far to fall down, and when I turned around, she has appeared – Bai Jie, he stood there looking at me, quietly, still so lovely, and I actually rushed over and hugged her, rotation in the air, there is no language.She cried, more grief than ever, She broke my arms, ran the kite, she picked up the kite, tears poured out again.: “Tell me why I do not go, do not you really love me?”She asked me.I was silent, what else can one explain it?He even gave me a slap in the face, severely, “You know?A month ago, I got married, you know.?”She stared at me tightly.I do not blame the tears flow out, she turned and left, leaving me alone.  I did not tell her that three years, all the time, I was thinking of her, I felt she never left me, but I still can not understand whether I love her, ah, three years can not forget a person, Is not love you?  Now, I’m married, an ordinary woman, living or fuel, I knew it was mine, I only belong to this kind of life.  Occasionally, a person or go fly a kite, flying high, occasionally think of her, I do not know whether to forget, like perhaps she only kite, there is a line to pull in order to have their own sky bar!