Cherry Blossoms on Nails

[ Guide ]: Think of the child’s concentrated research on how to use all kinds of projections to climb the standard parallel bars that were stunned by the monster at that time, and think of when he severely hit the iron base from the bars head down, Xiao A thinks that Buddha placement is just around the corner..   Looking at the newly opened cherry blossoms with five petals on their nails, little a couldn’t help smiling.   When she was a child, she also liked to look at her nails like this. The teacher gushed on them, but Xiao A poured all the dust and barbs in her nails until they were clean..   It was not until 20 years later, when the leader preached about the importance of the instrument in the industry and the clean fingernails in the company’s articles of association, that she suddenly realized that she might have been scolded by her teacher when she was a child..   This thinking across time and space brought Xiao A’s thoughts to 20 years ago.   At that time, there were not so many houses in the compound, and even the hospital was a row of humble bungalows.. The building where the playmates are randomly hiding is also a grey top floor. A group of children tore up the edge of the building, layers of wall coverings were thrown on their heads, naughty boys grabbed a handful of ash from their hair, stuffed it into the collar of their little sister, and then there was a cry.. At that time, Xiao A mixed up among them, and only liked to follow a few boys, sometimes climbing the wall and sometimes turning the parallel bars, thinking of the young children’s concentrated research on how to use various projections to climb the standard parallel bars that were then startled to be a monster, and thinking of his hard head-down smashing into the iron base from the bars, Xiao A felt that Buddha was just around the corner..   Small a is easy to be bullied, and the gang leaders who bullied her now have some settled abroad, some have gone abroad, some have been abroad, some have married, some have not heard from them, small b and small c are among them.. Of course, Xiao A also has its own vent object, such as playmate Xiaoding, whose mother is fierce and the children are afraid of him. On the contrary, even Xiao A dares to sneak attack from behind, now it seems that these tricks are really sweet memories after 20 years..   Small A was originally living in the unit in the middle of a building near the road.. That unit has a characteristic, from the 2nd floor to the 5th floor, each has its own children. Shouted on his birthday, as the door was banging, kids quickly gathered in one room to eat, which was happier than the small A living in a courtyard house in Beijing.. Today, a baby is already a woman, a baby A has seen the back of her face, but she is too tall to recognize each other, and a baby who does not rub cake with a bag of sugar on her birthday has already spent the sixth, perhaps the seventh, year on the other side of the ocean.. Xiao A was very happy at that time and often ran to the back building to find Xiao B and Xiao C, begging them to tolerate a follower. – ” Are you afraid of heights? ‘ Not afraid. -‘ Then you can climb the wall with us. ‘ Although Xiao A still fell heavily and learned about her fear of heights, she still missed this moment very much.. Speaking of fear of heights, the father of little a missed the world’s tallest man-made building when he was studying abroad, which is a pity.   Why is it that when it comes to small B, in the mind of small A, there is always such a picture fixed. That’s a year after Junior A moved to a bigger house and lived next to Junior B.. Xiao A is a rookie in songs, and so far he has not got all the five tones, while Xiao B is much better.. One day, Xiao A ran into Xiao B and saw him holding a box of tapes, which are the tapes of songs.. Xiao A asked Xiao B what it was, but was rewarded with a disdainful look: ” You don’t know if you said so.”. Then tell me about it. Zhang Xinzhe. Well, I really don’t know. ‘ Small A still clearly remembers the state of mind at that time, without any anxiety or intention of lying. Compared with the embarrassment of not knowing how to pretend, the mind at that time was simply open – minded..   Why do you say ” little c” because it is the seed of the little girl’s little a’s feelings. Ignorant also don’t know what is emotional small A can only describe small C by Xie Dong who thought he was handsome to the extreme at the time.. The father of Xiao A and Xiao C studied abroad in the same year, one to the left and one to the right, and happened to be a colleague, so their mothers became friends.. When we were walking together after dinner, Xiao A ran in front of us, and Xiao C sped up the chase. He also turned back and cheerfully sang’ Always thinking, You Now’, a lyric knocking on Xiao A’s face until it turned red.. Xiao A and Xiao C also went to see the lanterns together, which is another beautiful scene: A city park at night is located at the foot of the mountain, making the lanterns red and colorful to the faces of four people.. At this time, the mothers miss their father, the fathers miss their children, and the little a misses the little c.   Twenty years later, small A’s home is different, and small C’s and small D’s have become totally unrecognizable.. Only small B still happily leads everyone around. Well, small B is very mature from an early age, unlike small A, and only knows how to hate when he meets troubles, but only knows how to cry now..   Small a felt his fingers swishing cold. now it is winter. even in the meeting, he can’t let his fingers stop moving feel a little warm. he only cares about the small white flowers on his nails. small a doesn’t even have a record of what the leader said. the pen is lying on the side, like a dead body, holding it in his hand again, cold and cold. he has been thorough in his heart. small a leng leng, thinking, it is better to write down his memories of his nails just now..[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe ]

black and white

Who said that there is nothing in the world that can’t match black and white, so definitely someone once sang that it doesn’t understand the darkness of night during the day, but you know my beauty to participate in the lyrics in the black and white matching regulations, which can always make my heart flush with some inexplicable sadness, like the cold silence and determination at the time of day and night alternation, like the swaying and decay when flowers leave the branches.. I like to watch the night outside the window sink little by little at the end of the evening, and the trees and houses in the distance slowly blur the outline in the black. At this time, the time will become very soft and cool, holding it in the palm of your hand, can clearly feel her slow melting in the daytime, and turn to grow and dream in the night with infinite melancholy and yearning..   Day and night are two completely different worlds, but time always shuttles back and forth in the arrangement of fate. Our life, longing and yearning, silence and loneliness are also always slowly passing through the cycle of sun and moon..   In the four seasons, perhaps only winter, is the best match for black and white, accustomed to pink, tender and green, but the black and white with cold colors is especially dazzling but profound.. Black and white, originally the two ultimate, too clear, too cold and cheerless, but can be carved into the bones.   Walking on the country trail, in the snow and ice all over the sky, a skinny tree that occasionally flashes in the eyes always feels so lonely. Maybe she is remembering something, or maybe she is standing there so obstinately and doesn’t want anything at all.. On the distant wire, occasionally a few black notes are constantly changing. In this part of northwest China, there are few other birds except sparrows.   The black and white world is too concise, yet real, you can be here, giving birth to infinite regrets, lamenting the helplessness of life, imagining the infinite brilliance of the future, crying, laughing, no need to cover up, no need to pretend, you are yourself..   The black and white world can clearly reflect your heart and make you fear reality. You have been in the world for a long time and sometimes you are afraid of something too real.. However, your heart is steadfast, gorgeous, and noisy, and here it will be washed away and quiet, simple and true..   You gave me a colorful time, but you copied black and white wounds in your heart. Always think of this sentence, so decadent, so defeated, that is the silence after the fireworks ended, that is the loneliness of falling flowers and dead leaves, that is cool thin after people left tea cool, helpless, yet profound. Those once beautiful, after all, only left a cold symbol, leaving a real pain.   There are many black-and-white photos in the photo frame of my hometown. There are parents’ youth and parents’ purest memories. Some people in the photos have already died and some people have already lost the slightest trace of them. Parents’ uncles and uncles and aunts and uncles have already lost their youth in the sand of the years. They are old and the photos have yellowed..   The most helpless thing in life is to watch the wheel of time roll forward, the road of memory is getting longer and longer, the rope of life is getting shorter and shorter, but there is nothing you can do about it.. A lot of things, you have to loosen your hands, a lot of things, you have to face them frankly, this is the necessity of life.   I’ve been thinking about it all the time. Why should my hair turn white when I’m old?? though silken-black at morning, have changed by night to snow, always scary. Perhaps, this black-and-white dichotomy is the most representative of the truth and change in life, and it is the two most representative states.   Like white flowers, white aloofness, white cold and cheerless, white apostasy, but also happy at ease, don’t have to hustle and bustle, don’t have to compete for splendor, she is only open for herself, very self, also very casual..   I like the cleanness and coldness of snow, fluttering freely and freely. The flying heart is like jade, glittering and translucent, free from dust and fireworks, and always far away from the disturbance and noise of the world..   White is plain, bright and unabashed, black is strong, sincere and restrained. Black – and – white matching is the most contradictory combination, contradictory and complementary, like this day and night, and like heaven and earth, life and death, everything in the world was originally contradictory and unified..   The match between black and white is the most primitive match of life. It is simple, cold, but deep and clear. The chess pieces of black and white on the chessboard are fighting for life and death in silence.. Ink splashing and white space in ink painting always have profound meaning and give people infinite reverie.   And those women who like black and white matching must be intelligent and smart women who can understand all the vicissitudes of life and also see all the ups and downs. In their hearts, they yearn for the purity and simplicity of life and stick to the authenticity and simplicity of life..   Black – and – white matching is the clear sound of mountain streams, empty and cold, a drop of clear dew in the morning, pure and smooth, a star in the night, Qingyuan and persistent, a lingering fragrance on ancient scrolls, quiet and elegant.

Ballads in the Game

When I was a child, a mound, even a dunghill, could also become our battlefield as long as there was a bag above the ground. Under the leadership of the two commanders, it was divided into two teams, attacking each other and pulling out camps, occupying the heights, robbing the mountains and singing’ My mountain is not called up, fighting’ as soon as it comes up..   And every 61, every 61 is unconsciously spent, but this year is different, the son is four years old, he has his own understanding of 61 and knows it’s his holiday. It’s not even a day off for kindergarten..     The fake son went to KFC to eat, play on the slide, go home to watch cartoons alone, and watch them with relish.. Looking at my son, I have a feeling that I can’t say it. I couldn’t help thinking of my childhood.     I can’t remember how my childhood came about. I only remember when I was seven or eight years old, when I was actually full of white flour. What I vaguely remember is the game of childhood and the songs in the game. These yellow memories are showing in my mind more clearly as I grow older and bring me back to the seventies of the last century again and again..     ‘ Sneak bottles and build stage, blow and blow, carry a lift.”. What’s the name of this game? I can’t remember it. This nursery rhyme is clearly remembered. This game requires more than four people to play, but not too many. One of them stands on one leg, and the other leg straightens to the front. This person is usually a strong man among his partners, while the other one stands on his leg, with the other leg folded on the former’s leg in turn, forming a circle. The last one stands on one leg, with the other leg pulled down from the first and then folded on the previous one’s leg.. In this way, everyone can stand face to face in a circle with one leg, and everyone can also turn back and stretch his leg backward, thus overlapping into a circle.. Then everyone jumped up together, singing and singing until they broke up. This game emphasizes team cooperation and can only be played for a longer time if everyone is coordinated. If any child is slow or fast, it will soon fall apart. The reason why I remember this ballad is not that I played well, but that I was small and thin at that time and couldn’t keep up with everyone’s rhythm. I was often scolded by our leader JHF, who was two or three years older than me and self-styled commander, and often threatened not to play with me. I always begged him repeatedly, fortunately, I had a stronger relationship with his brother Jianmin, and he didn’t take me seriously and often took me to play with me..     When I was a child, a mound, even a dunghill, could become our battlefield as long as there was a bag above the ground. Under the leadership of the two commanders, it was divided into two teams, attacking each other, occupying the heights, robbing the mountains and singing ” My mountain is not called up, fighting as soon as it comes up.”. If you can’t find the’ Highlands’, two lines will line up at a distance of more than 10 meters, holding hands with each other and calling for battle, saying it was a mock battle in ancient times. It is too civilized to think of it now.. Singing challenge songs, ” Look at Daring, chop down broadsword, your troops let me pick, pick who, pick ~ ~”, this party reports the name of the other party’s war leader, generally looking for the weaker one, and I am the one who is often called out, so I will calm down and look for the two weakest men of the other party, muster all my strength, and rush to the past. If I break away the other party’s camp, that is, holding hands, it will be a victory. I can choose a member from the other party’s camp at will in addition to the commander’s war leader. Of course, more often, I will be picked out by somebody else..     When we play games together, we have to involve in the distribution of personnel. This is a very exquisite thing. Sometimes, for this reason, we are all scattered birds and beasts.. So the commanders of the two sides asked everyone to line up in a zigzag pattern, and the commanders of the two sides ordered them to do so.. The so-called ” point will” is nothing more than the commander’s words, ” point teasing, black cat dog meat, single arrest of small players, small players playing tricks, selling legs, selling down, killing down is him”’, each word is a person, corresponding to one by one, and the last word falls on who, who belongs to the commander’s war leader, is distributed in sequence, fair and reasonable. ”.     How many years later, the children in the countryside did not play such games, and my son is still unknown in the city. Now I think of it, there was not much to play at that time, but it was crazy to play. Every time I would go to the adults standing at the gate and shout at the top of my voice for half a day, passing uncles and uncles would also shout, who and who did your mother call you home for dinner. Now my son has a lot of things to play, but he doesn’t have the joy of my time. Why?[ Responsibility Editor: Leaf[ Original ]

Ask the world what love is?

The ancient bell has fallen, the shadow of the years has been heard, the old mountains and rivers still have several people weeping, the wind rustling and the rain raining, as if they were still looking for the tears of the beauty in the love of mountains and rivers..     The west wind of the ancient road disappeared the thin horse, and the wind was blazing fast only for who, who are you and who are my love, and a whole piece of love finds your outstanding posture.!     The flowers bloom and fall, and you will never forget. You hesitated in the imperial palace of the Qing Dynasty for a few days to settle down.. Why do you have to struggle with deep feeling and misty rain?? But the victim Huang Ying called your heart to flow? Oh, I almost forgot that you were born in love for a thousand years, but you came to me just because you provoked troubled times and repeated several times..     Am I lucky or sorry to freeze you or let you sing? Maybe you’re tired, too. How do I also drunk? As if the water in the West Lake had also become my tears, I was worried about hurting the white lady’s heart and disrupting the deep and remote dream.!     Love is meaningless. Your figure is not just in my dream. But I also long to hope that the most romantic thing will float into your dream water village and borrow a long pole from Xu Zhimo. It will not be urgent or slow to make it into your Wuzhen memory.. I want to ask you if you could have been to your hometown when you worked in the south of the Yangtze River.? Whether or not a wisp of love is left is exactly what you found, so I can smell the king’s love on you for a long time.!     Time is the inexorable running water, and your deep love is not afraid of the sorrow of the years. I also wish to be the diligent bee and interpret the infinite meaning of love with you within the time limit of life.! The sunset has not yet set in the west, and the end of the world is missing. If you ask me why I am persistent? Days of wasteland are old, and lovers are endless!     A drop of tears from the Tang Dynasty crossed into my heart, and I became clear about your world. The beauty of the Tang Palace was once a whole country for you.! Then why are you so persistent? All the way round, why did you choose me to be your love on the top of your heart? surely it doesn’t mean that .? I am the woman you love and like poetry?     Maybe, maybe, ha ha, leave him alone. Since you’re here, stay with me. I don’t care who you are in the past, and it’s meaningless to dream about who you are in the next life.? I only care about you now. Dial a curtain of raining rain, I counted how much I felt, my heart was hurt, tears poured into the river, and asked what the world felt like.? The deep-rooted feeling of heaven and earth was originally only listening to the rain through the windows..

Age marks

The pen name of the mark left by the years: Shu Jing” although there are many branches, there is only one root. through all the lying days of my youth, I shake off my branches and flowers in the sun, and now I can wither and enter the truth. ” _ Remember the days when swallows flew south and north, the vegetation was flourishing and the flowers withered and then opened again, but we could not stay forever.. Perhaps, the years are hidden in the light beam as usual in the early morning, in the small dust of life. Perhaps, the years are flying with the flying flocs all over the sky. Perhaps, the years are hidden in a mirror, as if they had grown up and matured after several years of cold and heat.. Someone said, ” Our life has only three days: yesterday, today and tomorrow, looking back yesterday, grasping today and looking forward to tomorrow.”. ”. In fact, sometimes I will quietly calculate that more than 7,000 days and nights have slipped away from me like a drop of dew on a lakeside mosaic, without shape or shadow.. I can’t help but disconsolate, panicked. Others said, ” There is no need to repent for mistakes, and there is no need to dwell on mistakes and think about what to do tomorrow.”. ”. In spite of the rush of time, I got up in the morning and threw three or two rays of straight sunlight into the pool. Suddenly, my hair gradually became oblique. So I followed the sun and followed the sun’s footsteps. I walked, ate and stood still, but still couldn’t catch up with him in a hurry.. When it was dark, I lay in bed, and he quickly slipped from my diary and flew away from my nib. When I turn off the alarm clock the next morning and open my eyes to see the sun again, it will be another day.. But the new day flashed through my chase again. What can I do in this age when my dream is no longer lightsome and I begin to weigh life with both hands and value fruits more than flowers?? In more than 7,000 days, what is left besides passing away? The past days were like morning fog, dispersed by the breeze and melted by Chu Yang. What did I leave behind? So, let the time go, let him come. In this rush of time, we will not only build a mirage in memory, but also try our best to embrace the warmth within our reach, such as watching a movie and taking a walk-and-go trip. Or perhaps, as Wang Shouren said, ” The mountain is far away from the moon in recent months, and the mountain is far away from the moon.”. If a man has eyes as big as heaven, he should see the mountains higher and the moon wider. As Ye Zhi said, ” If life is only a dream, then death is a sleep.”? The death of the future ah, just woke up from a dream. ”. Finally, I hope you and I’ between life and death, a general glance, knight, move forward! ‘ forward! forward!

A warm blue, stretching . ah

Last night, the westerly winds swept over and all silence disappeared.   Cherish in the heart hit full.   Pull up the quilt corner, cover the top, close your eyes, and still dream and wake up.     A night’s sleep.   Open sleepy tired eyes, bright sunshine flashing on eyelashes. Heart feel a captivating smile.   Another sunny day!   Last night’s nightmare had already disappeared.     Walking out of the door, the sun is happy with you. Footsteps are also brisk as flying.   Looking up to heaven, the sun is really dazzling. Cover your eyes with your hands, still glittering in front of you.   You said,’ It’s good to have sunshine! ”.   Suddenly remind of your smiling face in the sunshine. That smile is more brilliant than the sun, always makes me drunk in absence, and then blushes for it.. Because you said,’ Your smile is warmer than the sun! But dreams always wake up. On a sunny day, you don’t see it.     I only wander alone. Wandering in the purple forest, outside the bamboo forest and beside the stream that we once walked through.     The sun now followed me into the purple forest, only to find that it was Xiao Suo’s old shadow.   Close your eyes, once purple peremptory eyes; Open your eyes, everything is disconsolate. Only the sigh of the wind and the cold winter are around.   The sun is still smiling, but the heart is gloomy and gloomy like a shadow.     Quiet road, silently walking.   On both sides of the road, dry branches swayed in the slight wind. Eyes touch every tree shadow, lonely and born from the heart.   Stretched out his hand and gently stroked the withered, yellow and dry tree body, counting its messy texture and streaking through the mark in his heart.. Eyes drooped, only to find that the dead leaves had fallen into mud in the soil at the foot, leaving only a few pieces of debris..   Heart inexplicable want to cry. I don’t want to think about it, but I miss you.   Once we came here, you picked up a dead leaf and placed it in your palm.   When the wind blows, the dead leaves seem to have a aura in your hands, like withered butterflies flapping their yellow wings. The sun at that moment surrounded you warmly. I saw you crouching down in the golden halo and burying the withered and yellow leaf in the earth. Then patted the mud on the hand, stood up and walked forward silently.   The sun has followed you all the time, spilling over your back. I saw many butterflies flying in the light and shadow.     Now, I’m standing here again. All over the ground, leaves have become mud. But I can’t find your breath any more.     The wind rustled through my ears, and I thought my heart would be cold to the bottom. Who knows? The wind messed up the hair and stirred the softest thoughts in my heart.   Swept your hair behind your ears and suddenly remembered that your gentle hand tied up a long braid for me. ‘ so as not to be disturbed by the wind! ‘ you stroked my soft hair, smile Tian Tian.  Now my hair is messy, but I don’t have your warmth.   Long hair swept behind the ears. A gust of wind was blowing and messy, so I no longer had to take care of it. Because I’m so afraid of pulling a wisp of moss and pulling out thousands of wisps of missing for you.     Against the wind. At least the sun warms me, at least at that moment I will leave you behind.   Today is a rare good day! I silently sigh from my heart.   Bathed in the sun, I whirled in the wind. I saw the sun shining on my hair, and for a moment warmth seemed to extend into my heart through my hair tips..     Go forward, the sun still follows, not to hide.   Outside the bamboo forest, I came here again before I knew it. A piece of yellow but desolate reflected in the eyes.   Looking at the dense yellow bamboo forest and listening to the subtle bamboo sounds in the wind, it seems that the long-lost music sounds like your gentle whispers’ When it’s fine, come out for a walk and exercise” Your words pass between bamboo joints and pass to my ears, my heart.   I got it..   So I often get up early, run and breathe fresh air. Come here to find your footprints and feel your breath.   To this day, I still get up early, run here to exercise, or look for you. Just like touching this withered and yellow bamboo branch now, the hands are cool and cool all the way to the bottom of my heart.. I know there is no warm you. Only as a special kind of forget, or a habit.     Tired, sitting at the brook outside the bamboo forest.   Quietly watching the stream flow far away. See for a long time, chi.   Thought you were there. Clearly see the reflection of you and me in the stream. inexplicable palpitations.   Stare big eyes.   The wind blew the hair but fascinated the line of sight. Rapidly glancing at the development silk and looking into the water, there was only my quiet figure shaking. You have vanished into thin air, like a dream. Open your eyes, but you stay in your dream and no longer breathe with me in the same time and space.   Heart inexplicable pain, pain for a long time, has been numb nerves. It was not until I felt the sunlight shaking in front of me that I woke up..   Just get up and try to catch the sun’s hand, it still gives me strange tenderness.     After a long time of wandering and searching, the sun has reached the top of the head. According to the head of some hair ache, slightly wind has left behind in the bamboo forest.   Slightly sweat came out. Hurriedly to wipe, stretched out his hand but stopped in the air. Your gentle hand once brushed my face and dried the sweat for me.   Later, run slowly, dry the sweat and learn to take care of yourself … ” Your warm words sounded in your ears again.   This time I didn’t cry, just remember to learn to take care of myself.   I tried hard to dry my face, not to leave a drop of glittering and translucent material there. Because I know that in the absence of you, the sun will still rise and I will still breathe happily.   So I drew a big smiling face to the sun behind me and gave myself more courage to walk out of the bitter Yin raccoon dog.     The sunshine on the back is comfortable and warm, and the purple forest is far behind the bamboo forest..   Looking up to heaven, the sky is a warm blue, stretching … ah

A man walks in the wilderness

Many years ago, I walked alone in the wilderness, just like I am now, enjoying the loneliness and loneliness of the night. I and my ethereal shadow, stubbornly moved to the depths of the wasteland. I forgot the cities, villages, the world of mortals and the floating crowd behind me, but I finally walked out of the wasteland and lived or felt the same kind of life as people on the edge of the city.. I know this idea is almost naive, but my only reason is to prove that all evasion is a kind of resistance. In the city, my eyes are often wet with mist.     It was an extremely ordinary autumn. Under the northwest sky, my figure was monotonous and lonely, just like my soul now has no place to follow.. I closed the hard security door, left my house under house arrest behind, and happily headed for the boundless sand sea. It was a long and difficult journey. Strangely, I didn’t feel tired. My heart was surrounded by a joyful tide.. I know that my departure is a good relief. How wonderful it is to stay away from the crowd and be alone in the wilderness. When I reached the edge of the desert, my eyes poured on the frozen sand waves. I was questioning my soul. Do you really want to go in?? When I finally got the exact answer, I lifted gai’s feet decisively.     I walked very hard, the soft silver sand was like cotton wool, and my feet were deep. I felt that this was not just an adventure. In a sense, I was completing my dream of surpassing myself or others.? I don’t know. My figure wanders in the sand sea, like a tiny tadpole, death or birth is beyond my control. The only thing I can do is to let the wind-like soul spread its wings. I can’t see a tree, a plant of grass, a kind, it’s a real loneliness. I opened all the heart windows and let the cool desert wind pass through my chest. While I was enjoying myself, I saw a flock of bird nephews sweeping through the desert like dense raindrops. Then, the world was silent, only my heart beat. That was my soul’s footsteps, crossing the wilderness or something.     At last I was tired and fell on the boundless sand sea. I looked up at the sky and held silver sand in my hand. I felt slippery. In addition, I also feel the real emptiness. I know that at this moment, I am the core of the wasteland. I am talking to the wasteland with my soul, just like now, I am hiding in the depths of the night and listening to the sound of the passage of time.. At that time, I seemed to forget everything, honor, status, dignity and money, as if completely changed. The rare quietness and freedom convinced me once again that sometimes I had to get out of the crowd and chew something on the wasteland of time..     I was a little scared when the sun went over my head. I just found out that I am still a common man. Taking advantage of the light, I have to walk back, walk back to the crowd, walk into the world of mortals, and live in the way of people on the edge of the city or enjoy the same kind of life.. So, I quickly got up from the sand, and my steps were urgent and flustered.. I’m afraid of death. I’m afraid I can’t be born after death. I’m back in the city. In the days away from the wasteland, I ponder the joy and satisfaction of walking on the wasteland..     On such a deep night, I understand more and more that I am denying myself day by day and finally being eroded by the world of mortals.. 1000 words

A chastened man gains wisdom

People, who is not a silly time. He always said that he did not believe in climbing the sky at one step. How could he ask for trouble today?? It’s been the third class for five years. I thought I would establish a different way of communication with them from other teachers, that is, open class and interesting study, and think they have accepted my teaching methods.. But reality is my best teacher, and the end result is that they haven’t changed a bit. What they should or should not learn is what they should do.. This virtually tells me that other people really can’t be changed by themselves, and I don’t want to change other people any more, because besides this, there was the one last night.. Last night, while we were preparing for the row dance, the girl who took us to the dance suddenly said that she could not dance with us, so only the four of us were left to do this dance. It’s okay, then let’s do it. Anyway, we’ve already learned this dance, and the four of us are taught by a teacher. The movement should be much less running-in time and more tidy.. As a result, trouble came. The four of us are roommates who know each other very well, while the former leaders were outside the class and they listened to her very much. But now, we need a backbone. I don’t like being controlled by others, so I take the initiative to act as a backbone. However, it was only then that we found out that everyone’s attention was not focused, they looked from left to right, and there were many opinions when talking about actions. Three people in a single action have three directions and each said they were right.. I told them that we should keep in order and choose a direction as our standard action. At this time, I did not speak, or I said ” casually.”. casual? This is my own business? Are you big ye or Buddha? Whatever it is, just listen to me. I chose the direction to the left, and as a result, there was a man muttering and complaining, and I was angry and said to her, Just let you say, you don’t say, now ask you again, which side did you choose, so she lowered her head, it would be night, and the light was above her head, so her whole face was buried in the darkness, and I couldn’t see her expression, but it must not be good.. At last she said, look ahead. So I followed her words down and set the direction directly. After I was fierce, they cooperated a lot. Soon, a dance was finished. I asked them, are they confident? Without confidence, we will jump again, with confidence, we will dissolve, and they looked at each other, so I counted down, ” 321, no? Let’s go. ‘ is dissolved. In fact, if only the dance movements are not unified, I will not do so. The biggest problem is their procrastination.. In the countryside, the groups are different, and the busy degree is different. Their logistics team will have nothing to do after the meal is finished. However, our newsgroup will have to issue papers all day, especially at that time and at night, and we will have to revise the papers and arrange the papers on various websites, which is very tedious and takes a lot of time. What about them, they will drag their feet and walk around in the east and west when they come to practice dancing, and talk to this for two sentences. That will be the same even if I call out loud next to them.. I’m really angry. The most difficult thing to change in this world is’ others’. It is true that I am wrong, so I will devote my time and energy to myself in the future. This truth has long been known to oneself, why do you still persist in not understanding and always have hope for others?? The best way to get along is not to have hope for others.

The mood of staying by the river

The heat wave is like an invisible wind. The feeling of the whole body is like a heat wave when the steamed bun cage is opened, and the waves rush toward the body.. Not for a long time, the irritation in my heart forced people to be anxious. If it weren’t for some human cover, I really wanted to talk to the tree sparrow, why can it wander freely in the shade and enjoy the coolness of the branches and leaves? Can’t, it’s really hard to bear this kind of treatment from God. He found the tree sparrow’s cry and stepped on the growing green and came to the side of the running water..     A hug of thick poplars with thick leaves covered half of the courtyard ( the homestead granted by the government in the 1970s was four points large ), half covered the slope and half covered the running water, and came to the ground where the canopy was shadowed and saw few vegetation..     This is common sense. I can cook people under people, not trees under trees. When I went to primary school, I worked in the production team to see this kind of situation. The adults said that the teaching under that kind of situation at that time was definitely not just that kind of meaning. It is likely that people can adapt to a variety of environments..     Looking closely at the ground, it is moist and moist. It is also understandable that the sun is not shining, the wind is gentle under the tree, and the natural moisture will be preserved for a longer time.. However, this kind of environment has made me feel much better. It really didn’t take long for the sweaty back to have cool wind wafted across, the heart beat slowly down, and the quality of human nature also increased. The mood of return mended the culture and consciousness that I lost in my heart just now..     I feel that my satisfaction with my mood and consciousness is like the feeling of having attended a class and reaping a good harvest.. This kind of free training class makes me feel deeply. In such weather and under such circumstances, only this kind of environment can soothe me and elevate my mind and personality at a time.. Cool, at this time can let all life needs take a back seat. At this time, this wind tree, this stream of water, is the paradise of life I am chasing.     The wind is very quiet and the green space by the river is full of greenery. At this time, it highlights Nai’s thought-provoking self – restraint. The water reads a summer poem and sings happily with the participating birds and insects. Flowers and fragrance linger in the place of my thoughts.. I don’t know how I should be grateful to God. I just want to ask what God is.? How many kinds of beliefs we have set up with imagination, I feel that this grass, this flower, this tree and this brook are true. They give me a deep experience at this time. Who uses love to let my body, mind and spirit get the most beautiful share..     Water always produces so many continuous ripples that waves flock to my feet. Like flowing into my heart, washing the accumulated filth in my unconscious, my heart is not so heavy, and I feel relaxed and comfortable more and more..     A clump of Li gu shook her graceful body and quietly sent a bunch of white su Juan to me. a light fragrance began to spread around me, like drizzle and mist, making me forget the heat on the other side of the building..     A piece of withered and yellow leaves, floating, floating, from the high branches, from the banks of the river, falling toward the water in the distance, there is no sound, only shadow, nor does it make the floating ripples more and longer. Although the scene looks sad, but I can’t hear sorrows, maybe, I’m not qualified to understand it. The yellow dead leaves are in sharp contrast to the green water. Looking at the dead leaves, my heart is very unhappy. The fallen flowers and flowing water in early summer always bear fruit. The falling leaves in late autumn are the bitter music of heaven. Only in this situation do I think I should sing a song of everlasting regret.. Why is the wind and rain always close to the situation, and how rough it is to have a green leaf??     I don’t want to go. I just want to stand or sit like this and watch for a lifetime, for what I have gone, for what I will be.

Busy all the time, enjoy a corner

Quiet and silent, often read the leisurely of heaven and earth, lamenting the short life. In fact, calm down and think about it. There are many helplessness and many wonderful things in life. It’s just that people in the world of mortals are disturbed and difficult to deal with, so they often feel exhausted physically and mentally.. All kinds of fierce competition and living pressure brought about by the rapidly developing society make people have to pack up a comfortable and idle life and adapt to the following hypocrisy and exaggeration in the space where material desires cross – flow, the world is bright and cool, and human feelings are warm and cold.. Maybe it’s too persistent in the pursuit of goals to ignore the scenery around you, so that you are full of weeds but don’t know it. Life and life have gone from pure innocence in beginning of life to deep as the sea. In this, how many things are unknown burdens and what changes innocence and happiness is life or human itself. There are many things to bear in life, but we should not just bear without enjoyment. It is often said that the combination of work and leisure is fast in today’s social rhythm. If we don’t take care of it, we will be eliminated from the invisible. How can we really relax?. It seems that today’s people are either physically tired or mentally tired, but they are tired anyway. It’s rare to say that they are enjoying a leisurely life.. On the way to life, the scenery is beautiful and the world is wonderful. That is to say, the uncertain pressure is always wandering around, which makes people unable to appreciate it, and perhaps they don’t understand life.? Still don’t understand romance? In his busy schedule, he also thought of relaxing in the tour, looking at the great rivers and mountains of his motherland, or hiding in a quiet corner, drinking tea, reading books and listening to songs and dances. Can slow down their own pace, others’ pace will soon lead, in case you are unprepared, you will be left behind. When tired, I also want to find a leisurely and comfortable life, add a calm to my life, watch the flowing water, listen to the murmuring of the breeze, no matter whether the flowers bloom or fall, and do not smell the clouds and clouds, freely seek a kind of comfort and cultivate my temperament in the landscape, trees, music, chess, calligraphy and painting.. At ordinary times, I also know that I have something to give up and have something to gain, but I don’t think much of fame and fortune.. If you don’t bring anything out of your body and don’t take it to death, you just can’t let it go. You can’t let yourself rest in a quiet and secluded place and stay away from the hubbub.. The wise Leshan, the benevolent enjoy water. I am both happy in Leshan and happy in water, but I always feel a little stupid and foolish. Those who love mountains can rest on their backs, listen to birds singing in empty valleys, watch streams moisten things, embrace white clouds and dream, and feel relaxed and happy. Those who enjoy water can also live by water, listening to the sea and watching the waves, enjoying the lotus in the lake, or looking up to the moon in the water, all according to their own preferences.. Shake off a whole body of fatigue, forget all the worries and worries of dust, and integrate with nature. Learning to be a woodcutter or fisherman is also a good choice, but ordinary hearts can’t stand the loneliness and suffering.. I hope to release my thoughts in the words and let my soul get a moment’s peace. My heart is pleased to be able to forget the worldly material desires for a while.. This time what fame and fortune, riches and honour flower jiao, are left behind, only beautiful tactfully melody echoed in the ear, gently intoxicated, quietly taste. The way of the world is a required course in social science. It is difficult to handle relationships properly and handle them with equanimity even if you have a high ability.. ‘ say hello you are good, not good, say you are bad, good and bad. ‘ as if the folk have such a statement! A little depressed, is it better than not? It’s all spoken by people. On the one hand, they don’t admit who is God, and on the other hand, they study hard for social relations.. Deep fear that the attitude of laughing away will make you unconscious forever! On a quiet and lonely night, I think about history, read life, soak up a cup of tea and hold a roll of ancient books so that my thoughts can fly with the curling mist and feel the calm of I will walk till the water checks my path and then sit and watch the rising clouds.. With your eyes closed gently, the melody seems to be going into your head to bomb, washing every nerve line, and reading the 300 poems of the Tang Dynasty and the 3000 poems of the Song Dynasty as time goes by.. Xingzhi played a role in spreading paper gently at the place of passion, slowly studying ink, drawing a refined proud snow and cold plum, filling out a poem of ” three sighs” in a clear word, and dancing lightly in the heart by poetic lofty sentiments.. Or a piece of paper with iron hooks and silver strokes, step back and enjoy yourself with a smile is also a beautiful thing. The bamboo forests in nature listen to rain and the snow and ice singing in the fog and waves are all the most beautiful music to calm the impetuosity, like the free and easy music of ” how many things are in ancient and modern times, all are being laughed at”. It is not easy for a person to live his life, his possessions are old and small, and his life value will drive him crazy and silly.. Learning to enjoy life has naturally become the most popular topic of the moment and is placed on the calendar of life.. Of course, leisure is not idleness, nor is it a drunken gold fan. Leisure adaptation is self – flowing, inner clarity, sunshine passion and positive state, which is the romance of life interest. There was a poem in ancient times that said, ” Under the east fence of picking chrysanthemums, see Nanshan in a leisurely manner” and ” Smoke rising from the corner of the house and fog sleeping on the mountainside” pastoral songs, whether free and easy or open – minded, give people a bold and broad-minded way to wash away the worldly splendor.. In leisure, the soul is washed and sublimed. The mind is purified and freed; Life leaves warmth and romance. There will also be hope and dream in the future.