Home exercise program (aerobic training)

Home exercise program (aerobic training)

Training tips equipment requirements: pedals about 10 cm high (can be replaced by wooden blocks and books), 4-8 pound dumbbells, elastic bandages (ropes).

  Warm up. Allow 3-5 minutes warm-up time before training. Warm-up movement intensity should be small, such as raising your legs in place, squatting alternately with lunges, jogging in place, stepping on stairs, etc., and then doing some joint movements, such as swingLegs, twisted waist, swing arms (clockwise, counterclockwise circle), squats and adapters (toes on the ground, clockwise, counterclockwise rotation), and finally do a set of 12 supine bends.

  Training instructions: Train 2-3 times a week. If your purpose is to strengthen muscle strength, it is recommended to use a heavy dumbbell weight. Do 1-3 groups for each training action, 8-12 times per group. If the purpose isTo enhance endurance, it is recommended that you reduce the weight of the dumbbells and increase the number of training moves, 12-15 times per group (your muscles need to accept constant challenges to improve their quality and gradually increase the weight of the dumbbells).

  Beginner’s Guide: If you have never tried similar fitness training or training breaks for more than 3 months, it is recommended to train 2 times a week; do 2 sets of each training action in a training session, 10-15 times per setWhen you feel that you can adapt to this intensity of training, each training movement increases by 1 group; you can increase the number of training sessions per week (3 times / week); at least one day of rest is required between strength training.

  A guide for intermediate and advanced bodybuilders.

If you have been training for more than 3 months, it is recommended to train 3 times a week at the beginning, and do 3 sets of each training action, each group 10-15 times: If you want to increase the difficulty of training, challenge the limit, you canIncrease the training time once a week or do not rest between groups.

  Relax: After training, do twisting exercises, clockwise, counterclockwise 12-16 times each; then pull the main target muscles, each target muscle in the pull position for at least 30 seconds.

  Aerobic training training instructions: 3-4 aerobic training every week, every 30 minutes (if beginners, 2 times a week, and then gradually increase the number of training according to their own conditions); the equipment is a treadmill or elliptical machine (alsoYou can go outdoors to run and climb the stairs); each training can be replaced from the following 4 plans, do not repeat 2 consecutive times (but the same training plan, different training equipment can be used); the strengthening group is 10 minutes, according toSelective training for your situation.

  Warm-up: You must warm up for 5 minutes before training, the intensity is RPE3-4, and then move your joints appropriately.

  Relaxation: After training, there must be 5 minutes of relaxation, the intensity is RPE3, and then reduce and relax the whole body muscles.

  Plan 5 minutes-RPE5; 20 minutes-RPE6; 5 minutes for an enhanced group, 10 minutes-Consumption time: 165-450 kcal (30 minutes) / 220-600 kcal (40 minutes) Training plan 5 minutes-RPE5; 5Minutes-RPE6; 10 minutes-RPE7; 5 minutes-RPE6; 5 minutes-reinforced group, 5 minutes-RPE5; 5 minutes-consuming time: 175-470 kcal (30 minutes) / 230-620 kcal (40 minutes)  Training plan 5 minutes-RPE5; 8 minutes-RPE7-8, 2 minutes-RPE4; 8 minutes-RPE7?
8; 2 minutes-RPE4; 5 minutes-strengthening group: 8 minutes-RPE7-8; 2 minutes-consumption daily: 177-470 kcal (30 minutes) / 238-630 kcal (40 minutes) training plan 5 minutes-RPE6 (Treadmill Plate); 5 minutes-RPE8 (Treadmill Plate); 5 minutes-RPE5 (Treadmill Plate); 5 minutes-RPE8 (Treadmill Plate), 10 minutes-RPE5 (Treadmill Plate) StrengthenGroup, 5 minutes-RPE5 (treadmill treadmill); 5 minutes-RPE8 (treadmill treadmill) (done before the last ten minutes) Energy consumption: 175?
470 kcal (30 minutes) / 235-630 kcal (40 minutes) Conscious Effort Score (RPE) one by one your training intensity In aerobic training, you will pass RPE to a little what you need to achieve in trainingTraining intensity, the specific numbers are as follows: RPEl?
2: Very relaxed; don’t pant when talking.

  RPE3: Easy; hardly panting when talking.

  RPE4: Moderate; slight panting while talking.

  RPE6: Moderately hard; noticeable asthma when talking.

  RPE7: Hard; it’s hard to talk.

  RPE8: It’s very hard; you need a big breath when talking.

  RPE9-10: The peak effect is almost out of breath and you cannot talk.