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Although I did not believe in ghosts, but you burning paper

Although I did not believe in ghosts, but you burning paper text / deer XiaoNi If you believe in the existence of God, have to accept there are ghosts.I do not know what someone’s grave grave situation, our family always very busy, as if everyone made an appointment to visit the elderly, regardless of life and death, there is always a grave after the end of dinner, picnic activities.   Two uncles grave to lift water gravestone rubbing, start weeding, women and children to be split into a stack of stack of burning paper one by one, put tributes, candles officially began.   Mom, anyone who had me buy you flowers away, you put him away at night!I saw my aunt bought a new tape to decorate flower attached to a headstone.   I can live here these people will be afraid?My mother blurted out, the family laughed as one.   I grew up on the outside, on the inside of you, I guess if there’s loved ones to see this situation will be happy now.   Grandma is a lifetime love of clean, plant flowers lady love, if it is grave and the whole family together I’ve only spent.   Often see a lot of secondary processing of the flowers sold, bought after one to understand, to put off the grave after grave people to buy flowers, but after these hawkers will continue to sell on the bar with a toothpick, since then after my grandmother leaving only the petals before my grandfather’s gravestone.   OMG, do not be reluctant to spend, this small change for tickets to play cards with it.Uncle while burning paper while talking with Henan words.   Grandmother during his lifetime smoking, playing mahjong, so every time there will be grave before smoke on the gravestone of the two sons of points.   Yeah dad, love fishing with Ma to buy a car a go!Uncle points to advance progressive fire burning paper good grave, and still remember my grandfather before his death in advanced cancer still riding electric car to go fishing.   Well, nice!Our mother received a Zanba!Looking at the wind up burning paper ash aunt said..   Go with Grandma Grandpa said you came to visit them.In fact, small time thought it very strange, but willing to learn to grow up to look like adults annoying chatters in front of a tombstone.   Grandma, just the door has to sell the iPhone, your mother a B, not with a charging cable, did not give you buy.I heard laughing behind his family into one, the phrase modal particle was my grandmother’s mantra during his lifetime.   Burn paper we will stand in front of the tombstone put together as a tribute to eat breakfast, this little cake into the fire, that the fruit into them, like a child eat with you son of a dozen people came back time.   I do not believe in ghosts, but when the people inside are very contradictory when loved ones.   On the one hand I feel that burning paper this event will pollute the environment, on the other hand are worried that they may in the event of another world really need the money how to do.   Xiao Hong wrote recently read “Hulan River”, the book describes a wreath at the shop selling the really exciting part.   She wrote that store from the coachman to the housekeeper, from couch to decorate the screen everything, as if in this world and some will have to go to another world.   Like every time I go to visit my grandmother grandfather, the door hawkers like another world Taobao: the golden couple is already very low-end configuration, and seen drinking fountains, IPAD, Notebook….These products are also updated in real time.   I first bought a burning paper before coming to South Africa to visit his own grandmother grandpa, is not clear, grave period of eleven, extraordinarily deserted cemetery, I went into the nearest shop.   Woman, SEI see it?Shopkeeper enthusiasm middle-aged woman asked.   grandmother.   After three years Me?   pass.   Oh, it would take the yellow, the burning paper, a pair of wax, and so will you have to burn this, then like this.She took a very professional look to me a package.   You see, though I do not believe in ghosts, but you can be burning paper, in case they say to do?    Come, join us to learn this song so I went back to listen to it sing grandmother!I made a song in the group.   This I will.   Line Yeah, come back?   Brothers and sisters have responded in the group, it is a Chen Siyu sing “IF U”, the lyrics sentence cut to the heart, after hearing a song cycle for a long time.   ü If you still standing at the door waiting for me to go home you may want in addition to what you want to do more than you can not go like holding my hand like a child .You remember I accept the flowers read about the death of “seven” best explanation is: every seven days to one, which is actually 49 days to the living a buffer of time, so that the living slowly come to accept the fact that their loved ones leave.   Our ancestors passed down the festival in fact it is not just a ritual, ceremonies behind the more humane care.   I am happy to share stories deer XiaoNi look forward to listening to your story

After suffering is flying experience: Inspirational Articles

Inspirational article: suffering is the experience of flying inspirational article: suffering is the experience of flying inspirational article: suffering is the experience of flying Balzac said: Suffering is a stepping stone in life, as an asset for the strong, for the weak is an abyss.Indeed these words, human life is not who is the flat Tan, smooth sailing is our kind congratulations, but who do meteoric rise and his home life?Each of us will inevitably have to experience change the fate of a big bucket out of school, unemployment, falling out of love, loss of loved ones, loss of wealth, loss of health, etc., etc..Taiwan writer Lin Ching wrote a story: One year God saw numerous farmers to grow wheat tough, I feel very happy.Farmers see God said, fifty years I did not pray for the end of the day every year to pray not to have rain, hail, do not have drought, pests.But no matter how I pray not had much luck.The farmer suddenly kissed the feet of God, said: My lord almighty ah!You Can next year promise to my plea, as long as a year’s time, not a storm, not the hot sun drought, pests do not have?God said: Well, certainly next year as you wish.The next year, because there is no storm, sun and insect infestation, farmers’ fields really bear a lot of wheat, more than double than in previous years, farmers especially excited.Can wait until autumn, the farmer found that all the wheat actually all shriveled, there is nothing good grain.The farmer tearfully asked God said: This is how it?God told him, saying: Because your wheat avoid all the trials, it has become so.Grain of wheat, yet it can not do without the test of wind and rain, drought, sun, pests and other setbacks, for a person, especially.It has been said, the human face is a bitter word, born on the misery suffered various.I think he was right.Wanted person’s life, their cries come upon the world, the cries of their loved ones died in the middle of one hundred years of life, all the time dealing with difficult, suffering, disease, disaster.If life is not suffering, which itself is a disaster.In a long-term career succeeds like success, carefree environment, can not be eliminated Liezhe, screening not strong, human beings would not have evolved, society will not move forward.(Inspirational quotes) while each of us to seriously review their hearts, always pleased invention, igniting the light of his own soul.It is often regarded as some of the time was suffering and hardship situation or event.A perfect life, really have to experience.So, in a sense I have to say: Suffering is God’s gift to mankind the best gift!But the misery into wealth is conditional.We do not have to learn from these religious martyrs, the suffering and enjoyment as a goal, we are having a normal physiological and psychological effect of people have emotions, while avoiding disadvantages to know, understand and enjoy life, but we know the sun after the storm, Chuijin sand profound meaning only see the two sentences.Former British prime minister during the World War II Winston Churchill, wrote in his autobiography: suffering or humiliation of wealth?When you overcome suffering, it is your wealth; when suffering can be overcome when you, it is your humiliation.When we overcome the misery and suffering after an absence, and only then, you should be proud of is suffering a life of wealth, is your life through the experience of flying!Personally, I have repeatedly said before, I’m not good at financial management.Thus resulting in the current temporary difficulties.Despite this, I still think the difficulty is certainly worth it.I only paid at this time, patience invasion of all kinds of pressure, tomorrow I will get back to a new self.I pass all night last night, after thinking it feel wronged.Why bother?Let him go, love Za Za.I suddenly remembered I often say these words: ShangBanYe think about other people, ask yourself after midnight.Despite pass all night, but my mind is awake.I seem to suddenly understand a lot of truth, truth in life, I can not help but think of my life to this very humbled and somewhat useless.But there is life, there is hope you afraid?Nightmare woke up, comes a new self, what is wrong with it?People often do not say?all will be good.Break through the storm, but also a spring.Users reading this article also read the following excellent article: [inspirational story: misery and misfortune] [inspirational articles: you are not only one way out]

Absolutely hilarious piece, laughing instantly drawn!

Absolutely hilarious piece, laughing instantly drawn!Click on the blue word free subscription, receipt of such information as good as ever, in the morning to buy breakfast every day, the uncle saw a fried egg cake!Uncle, egg cake how much money a?Original one thousand three hundred and eighty, nine hundred ninety-eight price, to see you go to work, no money, forget!Sell it to you three dollars!Ok…  One woman asked: Do you like this husband every day after work and I was drawing near?Her husband said: can the next month, not money!  In the toilet units deserted, suddenly came in leadership, and quickly went into hiding, the results seemed to see the boss, and he looked at me seriously, was about to speak, I immediately ran out, the results came back ten minutes later colleague Xiao Li from the toilet, for I said the boss did not bring toilet paper, you want to borrow, how you ran.  A friend sent a very expensive coffee, just boil a cup, I took the opportunity to educate the younger brother: Life is like a cup of coffee, you smell the incense, I sipped bitter.Brother said: Brother, or you smell the incense, I drink coffee.  Today I let a girlfriend to lose weight.Girlfriend said: I feel inside the body lived four people can not afford to cut.I doubt ask: What does it mean?Which four people?She said: They are Monkey, Monkey, Pig and Shahe Shang.Every day the monk said: I want vegetarian.Pig said: I want to eat meat.Monkey King said: I want to eat fruit.Shahe Shang said: Master Big Brother two brothers said all right ah!  A bus, a beautiful MM car, pulled out a card to swipe, just listen to the credit card machine replies: drop?Old card?!All cars were frozen, and all hope she.Her face black line, said: what to see, Tian tong lao, not seen ah?A uncle got up and said: Come, ma’am, you take this.  I remember one day, husky Diao from a neighbor’s garden only covered with mud hamster back, I saw recognized them, is the neighbor’s pet hamster sugar, it has been tortured to death by dogs.I am anxious to immediately clean the hamster sneak back into the neighbor’s yard.Next morning, I heard the neighbors furious shouting: Damn, who died buried my hamster properly dug out back to clean up!  I am a student myopia, when the college entrance examination é facing on the eye chart are back down, the results of a medical examination when he can not see the teacher hands of the stick.Home from work today son told me that this art had a final exam passing, I asked why ah, he said, the teacher let the painting school of fish, the class paintings are fish swim in the water..I pulled over to see papers: bear children Damn, did you draw iron squid.  Yesterday, I and a friend went to a gas station, he rolled down the window, said: give me ten dollars, I stunned, back to give him a slap in the face angrily said: just add ten dollars, lost no shame!Come on then directed at the brother said: Give me five plus ten!  Young people falling out of love, head down, crying bitterly.Jackson consolation: “You just lost someone does not love you, but he lost a loved his people.”Young women looked wiped tears:” So I was lucky, he is unfortunate, for it?”Jackson sad face:” Actually I have no experience in love, but Shi Tai Road, snatched a long night, I saw this sentence in the space, I feel very good right.”The company set up a vent chamber, which put the portraits of all the leaders, there are views to which employees can vent a pass.That day the manager came in and saw his portrait intact, while other leaders were arrested riddled face lit up.Management said: portraits of other leaders have not had time to change, you’ve changed three times a!  Ugly on the bus a man stepped on the foot, the men very angry and said, you stepped on my foot and then I let you look good.Ugly one rejoicing, flew up and stepped on his foot, brother, thank you ah, lest I spend money to do plastic surgery.  Wife: her husband, to this month’s pocket money.My husband took the money and looked: my wife, you do not even hurt me, every time gave such a point.His wife is a slap snapped: it hurt?Her husband burst into: shout, pain, pain.Wife: That’s right thing.Husband: for what to?Why do you hit me?Wife: Did not you say you do not hurt!how about it?Now it hurts!

@ All the girls, this is a critical moment in the life-saving article!

@ All the girls, this is a critical moment in the life-saving article!  ◆◆◆ pie anchor Yang Yang Wen Shu sources of visual Chi (ID: iiidaily) point above the green label to listen to today’s night with slow reading FM recently saw a post on the Internet, I think fear very fine.  Landlord @ fox small beautiful husband went to the field to attend the wedding, leaving her alone at home.She heard someone knock on the door, and insert the key keyhole voice, instinctively aware that her husband should not come back.  ▼ After some inquiry, found each other is the cousin of relatives, some fear the landlord, her husband played several phone did not turn on.  ▼ landlord suspected cousin got the keys to their homes, but also living in the vicinity of the contact colleagues and leaders, so that they came to support.  ▼ did before they arrived, the landlord and outside cousin had some deal.  ▼ Fortunately, my colleagues, who arrived in time, the landlord finally successful escape.When giving a statement to police, before we know the long-planned cousin, that her home address from other relatives.  Cousin also really took the house keys, and even carried a knife!  ▼ cold reading that back, we boldly assume it: probably the cousin at the wedding feast, her husband began to landlord cliches, and took the opportunity to steal the key, and then take advantage of the landlord to bed, quietly opened the door and stole valuables property.  After all, you never know some people for money and color, will make what insane thing to!  Netizens also shared a lot of personal experience, the original real life a thousand times more horrible than expected!  Experience: 1.Do not just open the door, first confirm the identity through the cat’s eye.Whether acquaintances, or courier, delivery man and other strangers.  2.We are ready to extra trouble at home, ready Dumen objects, such weighty long metal tubes.  3.Any strange, to be with the people around him say, multi-doubt no harm.  4.If criminals broke into the house, with pepper water splash better, not hurt, but the probability of a move enemy, do not leave sequelae.  Fives.Alone girls put the best two-man slippers at the door or on the balcony hanging a men’s pants, not to create the illusion of a living person.  6.If the situation at home, suddenly encountered a power outage, do not immediately open the door to see the situation, it is likely that someone intentionally.Property can first call to consult or seek the help of male friends.  7.When the elevator, and other people are by then finished floor.When the elevator and then go home after the elevator if there are people, go out into their own homes in the opposite direction to take two steps to determine the elevator door continues to rise, to avoid being followed.  Before netizen recited his own Order cakes online experience: after courier to the door, he did not asked if he could come in, come in directly, but also the door shut backhand.  After receipt of the girls, the delivery requirements of a cup of water before you go, when a girl asked if he could build the way you want, deliveryman showed a very strange look very complex expression.  After the girls feel bad, into the master bedroom locked the door and hid in the bathroom made a telephone call to the father.  Later, the family called the police, the security deliveryman caught up.  We do not know in the end he wanted to robbing or Jiese, but the girls did at home was turned upside.  There are many similar cases: Experience: 1.Take-home set, girls can put personal information written in Mr. X, male sex, which can reduce the possibility of being sneaked into households.  2.Address on takeout or delivery orders, not accurate to a few rooms a few doors, door-to-door there is a certain risk, rather their hard points, went down to take, not give the bad guys an opportunity.  3.Express a single, easy to expose personal information on a single takeaway, such as name, address, phone, etc., we must remember to tear up or scrape with a knife.  4.In addition to information delivery, if your car is parked in a regular parking lot, does not involve maneuvering problems, please remember to move the car phone in turn put, because people have bad motives, record your vehicle and phone information.  Fives.If you buy a house or Qukan Fang, must first generate a virtual phone number, designed to give intermediaries and sales, they can get through this phone, but you do not need in the future, you can turn it off.  6.If the direct phone number used to stay, then the next you will receive all kinds of spam messages, as well as loans, credit cards, villas, shops and other sales calls every day, sometimes personal information in case you have no knowledge of being sold.  7.Do not send blind positioning.If you use Apple’s built-in camera phone, remember to turn off Location Services, or when you mail them to others, you will be exposed to daily whereabouts.  There are many online girls drunk after picking up the corpse of news, so-called picking up the bodies of the dead does not mean picking up in the crematorium.  But the boys and girls drunk, or specifically go bars, KTV and other entertainment squat, taking the girls drunk and have sex.  Experience: 1.Bars and other places frequented by girls, pay attention to wine packaging remarked a fresh four Loko, commonly known as deflowered wine.Looks like beverages, in fact, a very high degree, do not try.  2.When out of the bar, we should not accept the wine strangers.If she left his seat, he came back to the table wine do not drink, and it may have been drugged.  3.Try to avoid a person through the night, if you’re drunk, we must find reliable friends were walking home.  4.If the feeling of being followed, can walk and call and let family and friends know your time dynamic.  Fives.Try to go out at night to wear flat shoes, high heels walking sound, and convenient on foot, in the event of hostage, almost no ability to parry.  6.If the stalemate with the criminals, the speech is not convenient, you can SMS alarm, simply edit the information can be sent to 12110.  In addition to the above-mentioned considerations, when we are really in danger, but also can help themselves by following these methods: 1.Lower body abdomen elbow + knee strike is a very effective method of self-defense.Also carry-on items, such as keys, rings, high heels and so it can be used as weapons to fight back.  2.If you are the bad guys locked from behind, you can ruthless step on each other’s feet, while he relaxed look for opportunities to escape.  3.If you face the bad guys, you can take off your shoes, struggling to hit the bad guys weak parts of the head, eyes, nose, temples, etc..  4.When an emergency occurs, we must be accountable to the people around for help, but also to point out that a person’s characteristics, such as: wearing a pink jacket sister, please help me!  Her older brother, wearing sunglasses, please help me!  So there will be a group effect, if you do not point out a specific someone, we will ignore the indifferent; if you pointed out, he does not help you, he will have the psychological burden.  Fives.If you’re being held hostage, when the people around them unaware, they knocked as much as possible to stall hawkers, hawkers so you will be asked for compensation, but will not let you go, then the bad guys will be timid, impatient delay.  6.If there are no vendors, not in the crowded market, it is to destroy personal items Chigua people, beat people punch, or a loud burst foul language.So there will be more and more people to intervene.  7.Girls can install the package on anti-wolf alarm, easy to carry, and a huge sound, step is not bad, will always be open ring, it can cause onlookers passers-by, deter criminals.  Of course, if your friend in a very strange way to contact you, please do not take it lightly: For example, say you and I being together, or with the deceased person, or a business trip / person abroad on the phone, in short, it is not possible with any people together, XX in place; for example, he said any anomalies, strange, weird emergencies; such an opening he told you to take out a large or small amount of money for him, but did not say clear reason, saying only that soon to be urgently.  It is likely he was caught in trouble, there is the presence of criminals inconvenience say so, so trying to use unusual words and deeds, your attention, you send a signal to call for help.  New Year approached, I hope people will be vigilant, pay more prevention in everyday life.A little more careful, more of a security.  Hopefully the above method, everyone to see, chances are able to keep a critical time of life; at the same time, if you are a party for help, it must be sensitive enough to capture these distress signals.  Hope you have learned these methods, but never less than.  I hope everyone in peace, to protect themselves and their people around loved ones.    Author: pie, visual Chi (ID: iiidaily) to record life in words, with photographs depicting life every night listening to you talk emotions, accompany you through the seasons, propped up tens of millions of the world’s spiritual circle of friends.Reproduced please contact (ID: iiidaily) Authorization.    Anchor: sunflower story, the public number:: Yang Yang, radio host, lychee FM sunflower story, microblogging: anchor Yang Yang; 10:00 every night, night with slow reading gives you positive energy.Cure every lonely soul.    - End – reply “Good night,” to send you a special push, I wish sweet dreams click on the blue word, extended reading “husband hit me for the first time, I hired ten people fight back.”Son: Mom jumped up on eating dumplings.Half of global gastric cancer in China, these four people from the nearest long gastric push the two-dimensional code picture identification with concern the slow reading night reunion too short, can not wait for the tea cool if resident, want to stand with you through this game

1 minute bad mood rapidly changing social skills

1 minute quick change bad mood of social skills 1.Upright you think this is a cliché, no knowledge?Etc., facts otherwise. Said, to correct the mind before, please correct the body.why?In fact, physiology and psychology are closely related.I believe you should also have had this experience, when the mood low tide, we also often listless, dejected; but when the mood high enough, naturally upright, the swagger.So, indeed inseparable body posture and mental state.  And from another point of view, when a person is upright, breathing becomes relatively smooth, and deep breathing is a recipe for stress management.So when upright, we will feel more able to cope with the pressure, of course, it’s no big deal prone to optimism.In addition, information about the status of the muscle, will return through the nervous system to the brain.As we head high, your brain will receive this message: limbs freely, breathe, appears to be in a very relaxed state, mood should be good.  After the brain also feel good judgment, their feelings will be more relaxed.Therefore, the body posture does affect mood state.If the bow, it is easy to feel frustrated; and if the chest is easy to feel angry.So this method is simple beyond belief, please do not underestimate it, the next time the brain pessimistic thoughts emerge again, quickly adjust posture, upright optimistic mood right out of the heart!  2.Use a pleasant tone comes to talking interpersonal communication, there is a very important reason: the focus is not what we say but how we say it is.How to say the parts, including the intonation, facial expressions and body movements, etc..And people often overlook is that our voices are really expressive.The same word, with a different tone, it might convey a completely different meaning.Do not believe it, please try the following exercise.  A very angry and said: You’re annoying!(By the way, use your facial expressions and tone of the poorest extremely ferocious roar out!) B is said coyly: You’re annoying!(This time you use the most adorable tone, pulling out tail whine.)how is it?I feel completely different?However, many people often do not know their own voice, it is easy to inadvertently leaked mood.For example, someone always answer the phone, the habit of screaming: Hey!It’s that played a magic word, so that the other end of the phone were not open, had to feel each other’s anger.The more outrageous is that, if a boss is calling, a soft tone immediately began to bow and scrape up: Oh, boss, what you told?Mood also will be changed.  3.Use positive positive words, replace negative negative to say what we say, in fact, a great attitude and their emotional impact, I do not know if you noticed?Generally, the words used in daily life can be divided into three categories: positive, negative and neutral words.  First to talk about the negative words, such as: failure difficult issues and so on trouble tension.If you often use these negative words, panic and helplessness feeling began to rise (since there is trouble, except that of feeling bad luck, but also how to do it).We found that optimistic people rarely use these negative words, they will be replaced with positive words.For example, they do not say difficult, but said there are challenges; not that I’m worried about, and that I care about; do not say there are problems, but says there is opportunity.  Whether it feels completely different?Once you start using positive words, positive feeling heart on up, more power to face life, is not it?In addition, optimistic people will put some neutral words, some become more positive.For example, change is a neutral word, because change there may be good, but there might is getting worse.Try, if I need to change, I need to replace the progress, which implies that they are will become more the better, naturally optimistic up.  In fact, so to speak every word needs wondering, just change your negative mantra, positive words into positive, you will immediately feel optimistic happy together.  4.Do not complain, just solve the problem Believe it or not, the study found trouble matters listed optimistic people, much lower than the average person, and they spend time complaining, but also far less than the average person.This gives us what inspired him?  Optimistic people in the face of setbacks, do not take the time to blame Strange East West: He is out of the ghost!Or is this: Why am I always so unlucky?Their common attitude now is no time to complain, because busy to solve the problem.And when we experience less time complaining about it a little more time to progress.  This also explains why optimistic people are more likely to be successful, because their time and effort to improve the situation for ever.Therefore, to cultivate optimism is not difficult, please from now on, the focus of attention from looking back complaining, instead looking forward to solve the problem on the line.Actual practice, it is not to mention the mouth to avoid: Why always me!And with another sentence instead: how to do now would be better?  In the face of disappointments, as long as a significant change in thinking this point, you will find yourself frustration endurance will be greatly enhanced, and more likely to come out from the face of adversity, a happy return.  Note 🙁 Benpian by finishing small series network, belongs to original author, if infringement, please contact me, I will take the first deletion process!)

In laughter, I still miss the new year of my old country

Today is the New Year. The day of laughter and laughter.   I also like others, got up early. After getting ready to go, look in the mirror again and stroke the broken hair in front of your forehead.. I gave myself a smile in the mirror, only to find that the smile did not reach the corners of my mouth.     But I still set foot on the journey of New Year in the dark dawn.   Although the journey was not very long, I still walked in the silent dawn for a long time until my feet ached a little..     I stopped to look at the silent street, the street lights flashing, only I was shaking in the blurred light and shadow. I suddenly felt a little distressed.   The world, as if at that moment only I was wandering alone in the street.   I don’t know when, I have become lonely, although I live in the crowd.     If it was in the past, if Dad was still there, I would still lie in bed and watch my busy parents blink at this time of year and month..   At that time, dad was always humming a little song and wandering around the house. The stove was burning brightly, but Dad was still assiduously adding firewood.. The heat in the hut was dense and the smile lingered on our faces..     After the first sound of firecrackers, the steaming dumplings came up, and I just lazily climbed up the kang.   At that time, it was discovered that mom had prepared new clothes for us. The most unforgettable light in parents’ eyes after wearing new clothes. That’s not enough. Mom did magic tricks on my hair again. braided hair, who likes Ma Zha best, jumps over his mother’s wishes wherever he goes..     Outside the window, firecrackers began to continue, laughter also spread in all corners.   Always when the first dumpling was eaten in half, the hut was full of New Year’s greetings.   All smiles, saying auspicious words of New Year’s greetings. After a burst of excitement, the cabin was calm again.   We finished our breakfast again in simple words and laughter.   There will still be many people coming to pay New Year’s greetings.   The cabin was steaming hot, always talking and laughing, and the anger gradually dissipated in the room. The bright red window flower on the window pane also opened its smile.   The small room kept laughing.     Dad also took us to New Year’s Eve.   Walk out of the door, only to find that a happy foot socket has been stepped out of the knee-deep snow. The road mom swept was also covered with stars of snow.   We followed Dad. Dressed in beautiful new clothes and shoes, her mother’s beautiful braided hair was swaying in her hand.. I’m eager to be praised by others.   Happy mood even the snow was infected, and the first ray of sunshine in the morning shone with its golden light..   There was so much warmth on the road that once celebrated the New Year.. With dad’s company and sisters’ laughter. Walking on the road that Mom swept, it seems that happiness has been spreading all the way to the heart. Now, this cold street is so far away from the old country..   Today, this is the New Year, but I can’t find the old smile.     The street lamp is still shining with cold light. It is not shining because of my confusion..   The speeding vehicles were also rolled up with inexplicable sadness.   A person’s shrinking forward, no longer care about my foot pain. Or maybe it’s already cold enough to numb the nerves.     Finally, the sky turned white and I have reached the end of the road. There are already many people there.   People in the street began to come out to pay New Year’s greetings. There is still no your shadow.Because you are also on your way home, just different from me.   In the process of getting closer and closer to home, I put my old country in a distant memory.     I can only smile in the New Year’s wind with these familiar and unfamiliar faces.   Finally stopped this familiar and unfamiliar New Year celebration. But my face was already a little stiff with laughter.     This day is a happy year and laughter continues.     Your arrival, although it was a little late, was a happy smile on her face.   I try my best to look at your smiles and narrow my eyes so as not to let the thoughts in my heart overflow. But in the casual tears broke the line. I only turn around quietly and don’t want you to see it, because today is a happy year.     In laughter, the happy lunch continued.   Listen, you’re talking about a year’s experience and New Year’s expectations, and suddenly you want to escape. But I still sat there, silently holding the food in my mouth, and finally I didn’t know what to eat..   He fills himself up in a daze. I don’t want to be careful about what I eat, because I’m afraid of comparing it with the food I remember.   Quietly nest yourself in the big sofa. Look at the sketch on TV and listen to your chat and laughter. Will also follow your laughter corners of the mouth a curl, said I have no fugue.     You’re still drinking.   The food is cold. You’re still talking and drinking.   At that time, I unwillingly remembered dad pouring two cups of wine. A cup of water was poured on the ground to show piety; A cup of tea and a sip of wine signify a blessing for the New Year.   Always in the light bouquet, dense with the smiles of parents and sisters.   This bouquet really makes me miss it. It has always made me drunk in a happy New Year with parents and sisters.   If I can, how I can’t afford to get drunk.   But my life will continue.     Like now, I’m still here watching you drink and cry. But I know that the bitter tears are actually pregnant with happiness.   At least when you want to cry, you have parents to cuddle up to. At least you can get drunk happily around your parents on the New Year’s Day..   And I can only raise my head firmly, or turn my body around to the streets where no one lives, so that tears will follow the raging cold wind..     Looking at your face flushed with wine and trembling shoulders. I know that it is because of your parents’ hard work that you feel sad.   But did you see the pain in their eyes at that moment!   How I envy you for having parents around me, but I don’t have the distant happiness around me.     Tears clouded my eyes again. But I only let it turn in the rim of the eye and not let it flow to the edge of my eye. Because I’m afraid tears will break the line again.     Always in such a new year, such an atmosphere. Miss clearly has gone far, clearly has been buried deep and very strict, but in an instant it seems to be in front of me..   Tears unwillingly flooded my heart again. Originally I still miss, originally I still hope to have parents around me, but this wish can no longer be realized.   I can only move on.     The wine was finally exhausted and the meal was finished. But laughter still remains.     I got up and went outside.   The yard was flushed with the setting sun, and at that moment I was bathed in the sunset glow..   Raised his head, I saw the new year’s setting sun shining on the top of the tree is also very red. In the red light and shadow, I seem to see the house where my parents and sisters laugh. I stood there for a long time until my feet froze and began to ache..    When I turned my head, I suddenly found that your figure was bathed in the sunlight. The appearance of you drinking wine at that moment had some transparent aperture under the glow of sunlight..   Happy New Year! You said softly.   Warm moments in my heart.   It turns out that I don’t want much, as long as I have a warm greeting, it will be enough!     My tears came again.   But this time I didn’t turn my head. I let tears flow on my face. But you pulled up my hand in the setting sun.

I said pure literature

– About my thinking on pure literature now, ” pure literature” has become a topic of great concern and controversy for many writers, literary critics, literary theorists, literary researchers, literary editors and literary publishers.. Among them, there are both professional writers and non-professional writers, including professors, experts and scholars from colleges and universities and scientific research institutes, editors and publishers of pure literary periodicals and publishing companies, as well as famous masters, literary predecessors, literary youth and young scholars. Every one of us has different opinions and opinions, which has caused the literary world to contend with each other.. In particular, some distinguished experts and scholars have made an in-depth study of the current situation of pure literature, and have put forward many effective remedies and solutions to the difficulties faced by pure literature. For the development of pure literature, it puts forward good suggestions and countermeasures. I am very happy that pure literature can attract the attention and attention of so many experts and scholars. In particular, the leadership of the Communist Party of China will now attach importance to cultural construction, regard cultural construction as a soft power of the country, regard cultural construction as the top priority of the powerful nation, and vigorously develop cultural construction.. That’s really good news.     Literature is an important part of cultural construction. The present literature presents multiple colors. As far as the media of literature are concerned, there are several different forms of literature communication, such as paper media literature, film and television literature, audio and video literature and network media literature. Several kinds of literary media are interdependent and each has its own advantages. Pure literature, as the mainstream of literature, once had its glory and reached the peak of an era. Now, pure literature, as the mainstream literature, has almost reached the edge of literature. Nowadays, pure literature has become elite culture and mainstream literature, and has only become owned by a very small number of cultural elites.     Those cultural elites mainly include several types of people: First, cultural celebrities and literary masters. They are often professional cultural workers and literary workers who are engaged in cultural work or literary work and have achieved considerable achievements in the cultural field or literature.. Including intellectuals, writers, writers, poets, literary critics, literary theorists, literary researchers, literary editors, literary publishers, literary managers, literary educators, etc. They often work for cultural institutions, literary and artistic organizations, newspaper editorial departments, publishing companies, colleges and universities, etc. They are engaged in cultural and literary creation, research, editing, publishing and other related work, and have achieved great achievements in various fields.. Among them, there are cultural researchers and professional writers. There are not only literary periodicals, newspaper supplements, literary editors from publishing companies, but also professors and researchers from colleges and universities and scientific research institutes.     Second, Party Committee Propaganda Cadres, National Cultural Officials and Literary Bureaucrats with Certain Administrative Positions and Levels and Ranks or Titles. There are mainly three types of people: first, senior propaganda officials from the propaganda department of the central or local party committees; Second, senior officials of the state department of cultural administration; Third, senior bureaucrats in the central or local literary and art institutions.     China’s pure literature periodicals are often sponsored by the central and local literary associations, writers’ associations, publishing companies, colleges and universities, etc.. Literary journals are controlled by a few cultural elites. Those cultural elites often have an official background – or bureaucrats in official literary and art institutions, or bureaucrats in party and government organs, or writers supported by the government, or editors of literary journals, newspaper supplements, or editors of publishing companies, or professors, experts, scholars in universities, or literary research experts and literary theorists in scientific research institutes, who are often authoritative figures in culture and literature.. They often have the dual or multiple identities of bureaucrat and writer or bureaucrat and editor.. Pure literature journals have become the world of a few cultural elites.     At present, pure literature is facing an embarrassing situation – on the one hand, China’s pure literature is not booming, on the other hand, Chinese pure literature journals are controlled by a few elites, and those cultural elites, cultural celebrities and literary masters not only have the convenience of publishing pure literature works, but also have the advantage of publishing books at public expense.. Those elites, cultural celebrities and famous writers often get rich payment after they publish their books. Because those elites, cultural celebrities and famous artists are often not only famous writers, but also bureaucrats or editors, they have the right to work and publish a book and often can get sky-high fees. On the other hand, it is difficult for most ordinary writers to publish their pure literary works. All kinds of literary awards sponsored by the Chinese Writers’ Association, whether they are Lu Xun Literature Prize, Mao Dun Literature Prize, Ding Ling Literature Prize, Ba Jin Literature Prize, Guo Moruo Poetry Prize, National Government Prize or various literary awards sponsored by local cultural associations, writers’ associations and cultural departments of the national government, tend to value famous writers and poets rather than those ordinary writers and poets.. Those writers who won the national literary awards will often be well-known writers or official writers – either the president of the provincial federation of writers, the president of the provincial writers’ association, or the vice-president of the federation of writers, the vice-president of the provincial writers’ association, or the secretary and deputy secretary of the provincial party committee, or the party secretary and deputy secretary of the big cities.. In short, those winners are often either very prestigious or very status and identity. There are so many writers in China who have made great achievements in literary creation and have not held any leadership positions in literature and art, as well as leadership positions in party and government organs and social positions, and several have won national and local literary awards? On the one hand, it is a cultural elite, a cultural celebrity, and a literary master, who has a high position, wealth and power, belongs to a successful person and is a wealthy class. On the other hand, for ordinary writers, it is difficult to publish pure literary works and to publish them.. As a mainstream writer, the greater the fame, the higher the status, the more convenient it is to publish books. Especially those mainstream writers, because of their status, authority and identity, not only can they publish books at public expense, but also often have publishing companies to invite manuscripts at home.. But those who are not famous and not engaged in pure literature not only face many difficulties, not only are they difficult to be understood and supported, they often have no hope of publishing books at public expense, but they also tend to be snubbed, ridiculed and ruthlessly hit by the public.. Publishing books at one’s own expense has become the only way for those unknown writers to publish books.     At present, the propaganda department of the central and local party committees, the national cultural administrative department and the literary and art leading organs have a considerable amount of national financial special funds each year to support writers from all over the country – nominally key writers or powerful and potential writers. in fact, those countries’ special financial funds for literature have also supported several real writers.? The state is a special literary finance, often owned by bureaucrats and mainstream bureaucratic writers. Those bureaucrats and mainstream bureaucrat – writers, either holding senior leadership positions in the propaganda department of the party Committee and the state cultural administration department, or holding leadership positions in the cultural union or writers, or being state-sponsored writers, have the right to a job, a fixed salary for the state, various preferential treatment for the state, and the privilege of enjoying the state’s key support.. Who cares about those poor writers and amateur writers, especially those living in the countryside? At present, many villages have been named as ” culture demonstration town”, ” culture demonstration village”, ” culture famous town”, ” culture famous village” by the local city and county. In fact, they are all for fame and reputation, but they have no reputation.. I heard that there was a town named ” culture demonstration town” of the city county, a village in the town was named ” culture demonstration village”, and there was neither a library nor a library in the village.. I heard that there is a village, in order to evaluate the ” culture demonstration village”, in fact, there are no cultural facilities and no cultural activities in the village. What is interesting is that in order to evaluate the ” culture demonstration village” and bring benefits to the village, village officials went to the city and ordered hundreds of books to be stored in the village’s primary school, which belongs to the village and is neither open to teachers and students in the village’s primary school nor to villagers in the village, which is nominally the village’s library. In fact, all the year round, they are closed for reading..There is a village official in charge of the library. Village officials do not read, nor do they recognize others. The village officials are keen on the honor of ” culture demonstration village”, which is not, of course, a cultural activity in the village – it is not so great for most village officials.. Officials in those villages consider their own actual interests – evaluation of the’ culture demonstration village’, financial capital in the town and financial capital in the city – as long as evaluation of the’ culture demonstration village’, they will have real money. The real money went into the pockets of village officials. Why not? Of course, not every town can be rated as a ” culture demonstration town”. Not every village can evaluate the ” culture demonstration village”. To be able to comment on’ culture demonstration town’,’ and’ culture demonstration village’, there must be quite a relationship in the city. It doesn’t matter, what kind of career is difficult to accomplish. Cultural elites often live in large and medium-sized cities. Especially those cultural elites who have great influence are all living in big cities. Pure literature is owned by the cultural elite in the city. For rural writers and amateur writers, they are often forgotten roles.     On the one hand, pure literature is close to a few cultural elites and away from the public. On the one hand, pure literature is facing difficulties in survival – pure literature is facing many difficulties.     I don’t know when pure literature can be close to ordinary people and become the common property of literary workers and lovers, rather than the exclusive property of cultural elites?

Hospitalization rhapsody

Time flies by without trace. People’s perception of the years is only the change of day and night and the transmigration of seasons. After the passage of time, all we can remember is the things or things of a certain period of time in the past, and we can’t see any traces of the passage of time, so there is no trace of time.. In fact, years are not traceless, they accumulate in people’s growth, depict people’s faces and settle in people’s lives. When you get old and stay at home, you will be more aware of the rapid pace of time. You will lament that the years have gone by in a hurry, regardless of the fact that people get older first.. Spring goes to spring and comes again. People go or not return.     The heart is an important organ of the human body. It is the clock of life and plays the movement of life rhythmically all the time.. However, recently it was found that my life clock has been rusted by years and often stops in seconds. The medical term is’ premature beat’. Not only that, I also felt the occasional colic in the heart area, which attracted my great attention. So I went to the hospital to see a doctor. The doctor was very domineering and threw himself at me and immediately issued me a notice of hospitalization, saying that he was going to be hospitalized for a comprehensive examination.. I was completely overwhelmed and had no psychological preparation at all. I thought: After all, I might not be able to walk out as soon as I came in, so my life is over and I can’t give an account of my affairs yet.! Time flies. Life is like a dream!     My fans stared at me in hospital, and the nurse led me into my ward and lay in my hospital bed.. This is the first time I have ever been hospitalized and one of my most taboo things, perhaps the last time in my life. Can’t, years heartless, life He Nai? Perhaps hospitalization is not a bad thing, just as cars enter the factory for better maintenance and the clock needs to be oiled for better operation, hospitalization is also to provide health care to the increasingly poor body so as to facilitate the normal swing of the life clock.. May God bless me and keep me alive. Years passed, although you changed my appearance, but don’t reduce my life, let my precious life continue with you slowly, and describe the wonderful scenery of life together … ah, I was once an idealist and had no fear of death.. When he joined the army, he vowed to devote his youth to defending his motherland. When he joined the Party, he vowed to fight for communism for life. But now, when natural life is about to go by crane fairy, there seems to be some worry.. But it is not fear of death, but mixed with a few infatuation. The infatuation with the world of mortals, the infatuation with relatives and friends, and the infatuation with a better life. Not afraid of death, but don’t want to die, most can be said to be greedy for life, all living things are like this, no wonder.     I was hospitalized for four days and did various examinations, such as stool examination, urine examination, routine blood biochemical examination, color Doppler ultrasound, cardiac imaging, kidney B ultrasound, brain nuclear magnetic resonance, etc.. The final diagnosis was mild coronary heart disease. It turns out that years have deposited carbon in my body’s engine in this way, leaving an indelible mark and fettering the normal swing of my life clock..     Being admitted to a hospital is a real patient. Even if you are still alive and kicking like a healthy person, you must also lie in a hospital bed and receive treatment programs such as injections and drops of liquid.. The second day of hospitalization was the most unforgettable and crazy day for me. At about 9: 00 a.m., a male nurse came to my bedside with a gurney, saying that she was going to take me to’ lead in the operation department’ for cardiac imaging diagnosis. I said I could go without gurgling.. The paramedics refused to let me go. They also called in several nurses to help me and ordered me to abide by the hospital regulations and press me on the gurney.. The operation department is on the third floor. We enter the elevator from the eighth floor. There are many people wearing white coats in the elevator.. After I was pushed into the elevator, the doctors took the initiative to flash to the other side of the elevator and stand in front of my wheel bed. At this point, the elevator was filled with a quiet and serious atmosphere, and no one spoke. In order to ease this awkward atmosphere, I could not help but speak. I asked them what the scene looked like? A female doctor asked me what I looked like? I said goodbye to the body. She said no, the body is missing at least a piece of white cloth from me. She also added that I can’t die. People who are dying have lost their sense of humor without breaking their breath.. She reassured me that I would live a long life! In the midst of everyone’s ha ha laugh, the elevator door on the third floor opened and the doctors nodded to me in unison.. In my opinion, this is clearly the ” walk all the way” sign-like farewell ceremony.     The door was closed and I couldn’t get in. The nurse told me that the first person I went in needed to install an arterial stent, and it took me a little longer to wait patiently for a while.. So I was pushed into an empty house to rest and wait. The door’ crashed with a clash’ was closed by the caretaker, leaving me lying flat on the wheel bed in the room, silent and chilly, unable to hear the outside voice, not like in the world at this time and place, but like paradise in the west..I suspect that the paramedics did not push me to do cardiogram, but pushed me directly into the morgue..     At last it was my turn, and I was carried to the operating table. The doctor disinfected my right hand, then did local anesthesia at the artery of the wrist, where the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine felt the pulse, and then stuck a long plastic needle into my artery. Despite the anesthesia, I still felt a sharp pain.. I took a peek and found that the long plastic needle was as thick as a normal sweater needle and was about 20cm in length.. At this point, I closed my eyes and never looked at it again. I honestly lay on the operating table and let the doctor play with it. Suddenly, there was a burning sensation in my palm and the back of my hand. I knew it must be my blood, which was sprayed through a long hollow plastic needle.. Then I felt the doctor pushing a special rope into my blood vessel. The machine rang on the front and both sides of my chest like taking pictures. Perhaps this is a form of’ cardiogram’. However, I am not interested in this. What I am worried about is the deep red blood gushing from the blood vessels.. I guess there must be a lot of blood in the mouth just sprayed out, otherwise, the area of heat sensation will not be so large. I was worried that the blood would still spray, even gush, until the last drop of blood condensed into a scab and blocked the mouth of the needle, and then a piece of white cloth covered me from head to foot….     Coronary heart disease, the name of the disease sounds really scary, but it is still in a mild stage, not to the point where an arterial stent needs to be installed.. According to the doctor’s instructions, as long as you change your eating habits and do some aerobic exercises properly, the blockage of blood vessels may be improved.. With this conclusion, I went through the discharge formalities.     Years are long and life is short. According to statistics, the average life expectancy of Chinese is only 75 years, or 900 months. The first third is the stage of learning, which passes quickly in ignorance. Most of the time in life should be wasted in the second stage, in which everyone is paving his future with youth.. No matter what fate is, no matter the outcome is good or bad, as long as it takes about 480 months, your essence will be mercilessly hollowed out by the years, marked with the mark of elimination, and will naturally reach the final stage of life.. At this stage, the years will not leave too much time for themselves. The counting of fingers is already less than one third, and the life clock has entered the countdown.. At this moment, you seem to hear the footsteps coming towards you from the terrifying. So, some hesitation inside, and then came up with the complex of love for the world, and the idea of lust for life came into being.. So, I don’t have much time left. The only thing I have to do is to take care of myself according to the doctor’s advice. This may create a miracle and break through the assumption that life is only nine hundred months old. Think of this, my spring heart ripples, confidence is one hundred times. From now on, I want to adjust my mentality, not to race against time, not to ignore the marks of time, but to care about my health and well – being..

handsome boy

[ Guide ]: I was surprised and looked back quickly. An old lady with a child in her arms behind me was leaving two boxes of milk to go out. Before she ran to the door, a plainclothes security guard grabbed her back and kicked her. She struggled to get up and tried to rush out. The handsome boy had stopped right against the face and slapped the old lady two times, cleanly like his white shirt and blue trousers..   That boy is handsome.     The first time I saw him was at the entrance to the lobby of Zhongchang Department Store. He stood upright in a brand-new uniform with a standard military posture. The neat white shirt and blue trousers set off his handsome appearance, his tie neatly clipped on the top of his shirt, his knife-shaped eyebrows long – eyed, his mouth wide and his nose high, his hair slightly curled, and his ceremonial bow, much like the handsome man in the Korean drama..     The appearance of the boy in his twenties and twenties, with the sunshine and handsome appearance, attracted the constant stream of customers to look askance. Girls walked past him shyly. Jiao Jiao smiled and turned back to whisper frequently.. I also often think that if such a beautiful young man is a girl’s boyfriend, he will greatly satisfy the vanity of others and envy a group of onlookers..     I often go shopping in Zhongchang and meet him. The boy is mainly responsible for keeping bags for the guests. I don’t bother him too much. Sometimes, when he takes his daughter to the supermarket, he often pulls out two balloons and hands them to his daughter. When there are a lot of things, he will help him to mention the outside of the mall and bend over to say goodbye to his daughter with a smile. He is attentive and considerate..     One morning, as soon as I was ready to leave after paying the money, I heard the cashier’s young lady shout, ” That, the baby – hugger, the old woman, don’t let her run away.”. I was surprised and looked back quickly. An old lady with a child in her arms behind me was leaving two boxes of milk to go out. Before she ran to the door, a plainclothes security guard grabbed her back and kicked her. She struggled to get up and tried to rush out. The handsome boy had stopped right against the face and slapped the old lady two times, cleanly like his white shirt and blue trousers.. The child cried with fear, and the cashier cried out with glee, ” It’s good to kill, but steal at this age.”. Fortunately, I saw it, otherwise I told us to lose money. ‘ The old lady blushed with embarrassment and was beaten. The child was crying again. She didn’t know what to do. Tears slid down her face, and she was still crying incoherently with a quivering voice: ” Not stealing, but forgetting to pay, don’t scare the child, don’t frighten the child.”. A few customers were nearby to persuade them that the two men didn’t pay any attention. One grabbed her sleeve and pulled her up the elevator. The old lady struggled to get down, and the handsome boy stepped forward and kicked her down with a good gesture. He must have practiced fighting and the child almost threw out.. A salesgirl still scolded, ” Why don’t you take money without stealing?”. Old shameless, how to teach children? ‘ I was stunned for a while, and finally I eased myself off and left my things and shouted at the boy: ” Sir, sir, please, sir”’ He ignored me and took the old lady to the second floor with the plainclothes security guard..     I know that there is a storage room on the corner of the second floor and I often see salespersons resting there. I quickly followed up. They have closed the door of the storage room. The sound is playing, the old woman is crying, the children are crying, and there are loud scolding and vague pleadings.. The salesperson gathered around and told me to go down and mind my own business.     When I came down dejectedly, a few people at the door were still pointing. I picked up something and looked at the top of the counter. There were two bottles of yogurt that had just been seized, strawberry – flavored, children’s favorite drink, and 1.71 bottles. If possible, I think many of the people I’m with are willing to pay these three dollars and forty cents in exchange for the short-term happiness of the children and the humble face of the old man.. I said to the counter lady, again how, you shouldn’t hit people. She rightfully refuted me: Who wouldn’t she hit? Who told her to steal? No money to drink? I don’t give up and looked up at the elevator again, with a bright red honor list on the wall, showing all the colleagues in Zhongchang Supermarket in the world their love of boxing for disaster relief, totaling 1,050 yuan..     At noon, he told the story to his lover. He paused and said, ” Ah, we can’t manage it.”. When I went out at night, I heard from the vendors next to the supermarket that the old lady was beaten badly and the children were scared, and the family paid a fine to redeem them..     After that, I never went there to buy anything. Sometimes when I pass by the supermarket door, the handsome boy is smiling to welcome guests, polite, as before, thoughtful and attentive.[ Responsibility Editor: Yuet Hua[ Original ]

From today

From today on, forget the true age and let the wind of the years freely cross the face, leaving its relentless footprint with its own memory of struggle..     From today on, forget this humble occupation that makes people happy and makes people worry, let sadness melt into a wine jar filled with sureness, and make more mellow showers tomorrow..     From today on, forget the pitiful salary that remains unchanged and worthless, let envy and despair rot in your stomach, cultivate your own small dishes with both hands, and let the sunshine of life fill every green leaf..     From today on, no longer blindly compare with others, let the seeds of self-abasement die out and regain the momentum of moving forward.     From today on, I will no longer be angry with students for trivial matters, criticize others and myself for a piece of paper, and forgive everything with a tolerant heart. Good or bad is a day, good or bad is only three years, ” I believe the sun will still shine tomorrow..     From today on, let the family live in harmony and laughter, be a poor rural teacher, and carefully taste the happiness contained in a poor life in difficult times..     From today on, dust down and hang up the yellow banner again, remembering the Buddhist doctrine that needs to be studied for a lifetime: the belly can tolerate heaven and earth and what can not be tolerated by oneself.   Opening his mouth, he smiled and laughed at the old times and laughed at everything today..