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So many coincidences, why devils always haunt us, but then we do not bottom in answer, they will think?”

  Qin Bo’s Speed has always been fast, but it is clearly structured: “So, I think, who’s purpose is not so much behind for others to believe what he says, it is more skeptical planted the seed in my heart other people, If the last big battle, need to work together to complete a lot of Fearless, then this will directly affect the situation of the war suspected.”
  Listen Qin Bo say, the case of Zhou Yu can only smile.
  Yes ah, she also felt like this, but, I am afraid that the other party is not afraid to let them guess his purpose, because they even guessed, not how to do.
  They can tell other people Qin Bo can not live forever, but it can make people live forever?
  Can not.
  If you really let all Fearless know about it, and that time was behind a spell of inciting a scene I’m afraid they do not know more than that it is difficult to control.
  ”So, if we want to eliminate confusion other Fearless, you can invent an excuse for not arouses suspicion.”Zhou Yu said the event, his first stopped.
  This is really a bad idea, lies this kind of thing, no matter how true it is false, they made up a lie today

Picture a mirror in the end, and so went to Sheng Joe grinning lying in bed, smiling and recall just met when the two princes, supporting role along the director’s gesture came running.

  He threw open the door, rushed to the bedside: “three pick, Dan Dan the room absolutely true that you are not being taken away?”
  Sheng saw Joe screamed, suddenly grabbed the quilt, again and again retreated to the foot of the bed, made a pity I still see the way.
  ”Hate you forget three brothers, how can into the girl’s room without knocking, how can be so rude, how to do if I was naked, others yellow or a monkey, unblemished body is also how you read marry go out.Poof ha ha ha ha ha die director, sand sculpture of the lines too!Yellow Monkey What Ghosts!”
  Sheng Joe was quick to laugh at myself faint.

Chapter 120
  Sand Sculpture lines too much, actor frequent laugh, play back basically have two or three times before over NG.Lunch time, the director Sheng Joe went to greet him sitting.
  Chen originally thought serious guide to curse, and he was very gentle attitude down, eat while asking her: “Joe, you know what happened last peach pick up this role it?”
  Sheng Joe nodded: “Yes, I have read the script.”
  I. Chen said: “Why do you think she

Leave, let gradually under the big rain wet her hair, the end is silent, stressing each syllable, successful girls stopped.

  ”I had a little is not good.”
  ”Like hell to escape that place, I should feel lucky, I want to try to save your other children, but I found my strength is too small, that it was covered with scum behind, I have wanted to save your , but – ”
  Girl spine very straight, kind of tough but fragile beauty, “I know, so I do not blame you.”
  Shen know it mouth twitched, “I do not blame you, but it will not forgive me, right.”
  The girl did not speak.
  ”If I say, I love you -”
  When to say “I love you” words, there is a brief Gujiu An out of character, he can not tell a moment in the play or in life, his face showing a hint of a loss due course, but this is fleeting the loss was supplement to the lens, thereby allowing the thin seal of Gujiu an superb acting admire the five-body cast.
  Xi thin that confession should be firm, with a hint of possible temptation, I did not expect Gujiu An interpretation will come out in such a way, then I thought, Shen know why it is also capable of distinguishing between, he likes seedlings, seedlings in the end because really like this person

Life might as well go directly killed, you do not know Bowen has now lost his body, the man was actually a worthless punks, in addition to marry that small fry, no other way, and not to mention, I heard that she was Acacia dispersed seduce yourself with that small fry, pass the streets knows, early became a joke!”

In fact, how the outside pass, Ji House will probably know the human heart, when it comes to San Acacia, must also have guessed, this and other Xingaoqiao Bowen who certainly took the San Acacia seduce uncle ah, then think back Chunxiao House this matter, we all clear the door children, all of this, just play the game is not yet over and over!
Flowing color fearful and said: “I said before the Spring seduce uncle, great lady how could such a light punishment, let her out of the house it fills superficial, I thought great lady and more kindness, more than lose dignity now to the Bowen here, I considered to understand the great lady of means.”
Not only smart, but they Henla!
With such a master, he puts his eye child received all clean, got a can not reveal ah!
Jiang Chu allow the board to pay public Bowen

Is scheduled to be concerned about it, but say it from Mo Kam mouth, it would not have the slightest credibility.

  ”Oh, if you really want to sister committed suicide, you have thoughts on this crap with me?”
  Jin Mo angry stamped her foot. “I mean really you, someone forced her to go to my younger sister companies, we rush to help it!”
  Nor rejected by the white leaves, Mo Kam he pulled out of school.
  He drove all the way, and soon came to the heart of Mo-yu company.
  Remember when I first came to quiet pool, white leaf into the first big company, is the heart Yu Group, now come surprisingly different feeling.
  Do not look at heart Yu Mo weekdays and not much different from other girls, but whenever enter the office building, it will become vigorous and resolute female executives, it seems quite grand.
  Mo Ye Jin as she tugged white upstairs, while grumbling.
  ”I tell you, that surnamed Cao hate is dead, I used to play when my sister company, they always see him, like a stooge.”
  ”Long so ugly, actually also want to be my brother, just hateful!”
  White leaf frowned lightly, “Your request can not be too high, after all, not everyone is like me

What eight, Wuheng Ming Ming is my brother.”

An Wei Zhen is clear understanding of nodded, “No wonder I felt when I see wrong, if Wu Heng Wu brother, how his body is so clean, there is no industry that fire, did not even Niezhai.”

Wu Tao Wu Heng looked with loving eyes, “He is my wife left me the child was forced to Wu after she was discovered she was pregnant with a child, Wu was drunk, his father completely Wu does not want to spread the reputation of Jon guilty of rape, so I do not know him at the time, imprisoned my wife, and she later gave birth to a child, he committed suicide.”

Wu Tao for this matter seems to have a thorough look open, “I am also a chance, only to find Wu Heng is my child, and do a paternity proved, indeed, Wu Heng is my son.”

An Wei Zhen this time also ease down, looked at Wu said: “Well, your brother now keep life, three million thank you.”

Wu almost emitted a blood, “What are you talking nonsense, how could I give you the money?!Since he is not my brother, I die control him, if you want to take three million, is coming to save me!”

Wei Zhen An indifferent looked at him, “Do you want to deadbeat

Product, but off Yu Ze did not think, then quickly encountered a beast or a man to do multiple-choice questions.

  He wanted to personally.
  The reason why people are people, because people will use reason to suppress the urge to animals.
  Please, let him do personal.
  Yu Ze Yuning choke.
  In order to divert attention, he asked: “Do you know tonight what you do on behalf of?”
  ”I like your behalf.”She looked proud smile, hands over, and his body affectionately Lanzhu.
  .God, let him do personal.
  ”Do you like me?”Yu Ze whispered.
  ”Do not tell you.”She held out her fingers, like a dog scratching, as scratching his chin.
  Yu Ze face black line, grabbed her restless hands: “I earnestly ask.”
  ”I also seriously answer ah.”She smiled a funny smile, come up with one hand to scratch his chin.
  ”I’m not a dog.”Ze Yu said with a straight face.
  Quickly she then said: “You are my little reptiles.”
  See he did not speak for a long while, she stopped scratching chin move: “You were born.”
  He lifted her chin, kissed the girl’s weeping eye pink lips.
  Man do for a long time, and I want to be a beast.
  一回生二回熟, to be a beast.and also

Day, Cheng Dong passive inadvertently missed, and that is probably chose the former Xiao standing in the distance, proactive miss.

  Former graduate Xiao Bi Linxia away too early, before the XIA away from home, he had to return home for a long time, XIA away after returning home, he has yet to flying trapeze many times.
  Had a few first-tier cities, engage in the business of people simply can not avoid, not to mention the original Xiao also thought away, but he never thought to look away XIA.
  Ren Hai Xun and Tang Guo, noisy skelter, still have been together.Xiao and former XIA away, want to know each other’s dynamic, it is easy.
  Original Xiao know XIA away back to his alma mater by overseas brain drain program, also we know she opened the history of European civilization courses.
  You can wait until the original Xiao know XIA away is no longer a single, and knew she had the Chikuma together, the original Xiao and reluctantly, and wanted to see her.
  Deliberately spare the time gap from the conference, select the amphitheater sitting in the last row, by the position of the door, listening to the history of European civilization, a full half-hour.
  Xiao original quietly honestly never heard XIA walk through history talk.
  At that time XIA away sat bedside, I try to make the elderly happy, special

I wish all peace coming year.

Follow that the prestige and popularity of the royal family but a lot of growth, many former □□ are disappearing.

People thank them for their contribution to promoting tourism to make, but also cherish their ancient cultural heritage of the family.

Su Ming court set up security and food safety checks have been reinforced again, two healthy children with no fear.

Their lives restored calm and tranquility, and elections as scheduled –

Since the fall line of the defeated party B, weekdays quietly?Party dark horse posture in just two months ahead, with quite a narrow margin to win the election heads of state.

The “Shake Light Yao” has finally ushered in the finals, along the way is really quite easy.

Previously because national political scandal, SBC TV cover story two weeks, the variety of the schedule for any reason in the future also continue to be postponed.

And so also the night when they recovered, quiet little princes palace that long hair has never complained rounded out the top three – and is quite bizarre popularity, took twice the highest popularity prize.

In order to be supported by other players off the audience, always met with a smile says a lot of scenes, then even do magic sing a variety of small move to show charisma.

His sinking mole until he turned his head, looked deep into her eyes Heimou.

  He really long.very beautiful.
  To describe a man with a beautiful, somewhat outdated, but his appearance is indeed very fine.Whether it is brought back in the end of eye slightly soft or thin lips, on the other men who will look feminine, but never have this illusion in his body, his delicate facial features, black hair soft, white shirt look it simple and elegant, chilled stereotypical buttoned buckle to the last one, his whole person seems to be cold and chilly with a ban.For a sense of.
  He looked at her, she spontaneously give birth to a being focused his gaze illusion, black eye pupil look back to silence her, and lips are pale and cold skin Hongzhi sharp contrast, people can not from his face look away.
  Or co-pilot on police officers interrupted the strange and eccentric in the eye between the two.
  ”Miss is talking about it?This person should be a recidivist, he has repeatedly burglary and strong.Rape victims are mostly single women.”
  Xin long micro-head aside, blunt took the topic: “ah, right, I’m talking about slightly.”
  Police officers feel nothing, also spoke in detail perpetrators staff