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A Red, a dash of clouds

Snap Red connected clouds.Who wrote the butterfly monument?Who 千年等一回?    Red always have too many dreams, who is in a dream and Forever at your feet?Red Dust always have too many tears, is who would you gently wipe away?  Life glass of wine, how to drink is drunk.A thing of the past, frankly to face.Evening alone lean on a railing, watch the flowers bloom, is a calm.Going through marshes, watch the people coming and going, but also a calm.  River sunset, desert border that curved coldest month, if brought back over your grand ambitions?Jiangnan misty rain, bluestone lanes that paper umbrella, whether dense with you their love?  How much frost, how helpless, how to find, how much heartbreak.In the mortal world are precarious, in the mortal world are filled with lengthy.Reading through, get rid of.  In the depths of the Red, you can do it Shizumori a quiet beauty?Not hate, vanity fetters.In the depths of the Red, you can do it calmly write a?Not to be troubled by secular dust.Gone with the Wind is the long dust, wind and leaving a faint mood.Many times, in the hustle and bustle of the Red World, burden our hearts desire tranquility, we look forward to pure heavy soul.Those living off guard hurt and pain, always moisture and prolonged surging in my heart.Waiting for you to appreciate slowly, waiting for you to chew hard.  Cold tears with the wind, fluttering like water falling.Once a touch of sweet, like a brilliant fireworks.Former prime Nalv on Seiki, in Dimei, the silence has been cold, turned into clouds.Southern rain, sentimental tears, a mallet Drum hoary past lives, rainy youthful monopoly of empty Kate Yen.Colorful rain falls, beloved into mourning, how many people are lonely figure back and forth and back and forth in a poignant love story.  Kazamaki banana, pear shed.Pipa, Dimei letter formalities on Listen xunyang river continued playing.Eau rouge, the concentration of pessimism.who is it?Dressed in white, three thousand Rose, accompany you write lingering?Terraced rice paddies in the mortal world silently waiting for you?Life is short, ma’am.Those romantic romantic encounters and those most beautiful encounter, can be turned into the quiet waves, desolate Cantabile.  A Red, why ask with non?Dash of clouds, why ask to go and stay?Yasumori years, shallow time.How many the most beautiful scenery you still!

A little labor body odor

[REVIEW] see these men blink of an eye, is the return of Gregory; politicians to lead the political arena; writer poets have left immortal masterpieces handed down, or articles, or one, all ring name later; learning at home are willing to learn, study among them, or the study of philosophy.Sinology.Or study Dream of Red Mansions, but the results Jie, Feng Jie gifts.    Since I grew up in a poor peasant, so from an early age along with his family work in the fields.As time goes by, the age of the quiet long, gradually I followed his father picked up the child manual labor to make money.Which I still remember the bitter sweet, and often it quietly recall.    I remember that year, I happened to be admitted to the county high school.At that time our entire county are mainly oriented to the development of the fruit industry.Especially apples.Famous for pears.Every season of ripe fruit, fruit merchants all over the world will pour.Our village is multi-fruit business, there are four of Gwacheon, Hunan.Hubei, etc..They have agents in the village people.Such packaging fruit when nature provides an opportunity to the villagers to make money.    Women who helped the fruit to packing apple, fruit merchants to help the men packed apples loaded into trucks to move up.Sometimes concentrate supply, put together four or five characters, at most, four or five hours to get.Doing it ten share at least 34 per person.Very profitable mile.Even my poor body lean students also earned it several times it.    These coolies earn money, to me, although very tired, but there are always too tired after harvest.    Every Friday a holiday school.As long as the village people call me dad loading, my dad is my first consideration.Although each reluctantly, but anti-arms, but the thigh, had to go along.If every time two pounds to ten pounds of fruit boxes, I still be able to stand, if the big box three pounds or large bags of fruit, I will suffer.While loading can barely sustain, if continue, I’m really going to exhausted.To be honest, I was described as: “three feet micro life, a scholar”.Those heavy work to make money, I really can not do.    One Sunday loading time, I still can not forget.Almost dark days, but I still wore tattered clothes, dirty face was flushed and tired.Carts are parked on village road.Looking at my age students are riding a bicycle, talking and laughing happily rush to the school; but I was excited tie in the never-ending coolie labor in my heart to the pan on a nameless uncomfortable.Silently he complains: “My body is a long, good times they have learned, as you can not love about a father’s own flesh and blood when it?You earn less money for others to lose a little, leaving your son when the cost of living is not enough yet?”I was here, I was on the sick.The delivery time up fruit, naturally looked very sad.Because my body is thin, every time the delivery of fruit boxes, they want to earn blushing holding bags of fruit, desperately belly along the top edge of large wagons up.However, other people stevedores, gently stroke will go up.Maybe I’m powerless to struggle, be it fruit merchant noticed.He came over, his face smiled and said: “Boy, how much do you?This live you okay?”Having to snicker while.Heard the sarcastic laughter, I was more than taste.Dad nagging me to teach me a little Offer!”Push it dry, tired dead people” coming to an end, also coming to the dark.It was the depths of winter night, twilight has long been weeping.Schools can not make it.While slaving away thirty yuan holds the hands of hard-earned money, but I had physically and mentally exhausted, back home, not even rice to eat, sleep bed down.    Until the next morning it was still dark, and braved the cold Inspired by old bike to rush to the county schools.All the way to the cold, desolate covered with frost, teach people to endless bitter cold.To the school, the students had class, and then another head teacher accused of criticism.Class is also listless, it can be described as: “Life hardship”.Although the cost of living has more than head, however poor appetite, eating is not fragrant smell.It can be described as: “Bitter carry on.”.    Years, such as flow, too quiet spatiotemporal.After four years of time to, although I have entered the universities, to renew the way of reading.Then come back every holiday homecoming.As long as there is money in the village of manual labor, I still go labor.Perhaps prematurely tired too far, I did not grow under the head, and then to have the age, whatever the outcome, sharpen lot.Three pounds big boxes worth mentioning, four pounds of fruit bags worth mentioning, I have long been accustomed.Move it on the train the moment, no longer face reddened, nor the sad.But a calm and composed, peace of mind.Competent worth mentioning, can not do good, took people’s money, it should be for other people to get things done, or you do not promise people.Although at the moment, no fruit’s sneers, and no father angry and denounced.Every dry hands down more than half the money than in the past.However, the heart often pain.    See these men blink of an eye, is the return of Gregory; politicians to lead the political arena; writer poets have left immortal masterpieces handed down, or articles, or one, all ring name later; learning at home are willing to learn, and study where or Research philosophy.Sinology.Or study Dream of Red Mansions, but the results Jie, Feng Jie gifts.Only the farmers of the whole world, although coolie labor to obtain food and clothing, and then most often cultivated in the field, their backs loess, sun roof surface.Over the past few years, handsome old girl, also no longer beautiful; tall and handsome old young man, lost in the past Jun gas and style.After another few years, it is withered old face, getting white hair on the temples, the former beautiful glory are gone, only quietly approaching twilight.    All this is caused by a different division of labor.From ancient times, the mental is always far superior to manual labor elegant.Mental wealth created its own efficiency, manual labor is incomparable.As the saying goes: “There is Chi Chi eat, no intellectual difficulty.”.For me, though many times been tempered by manual labor, has also made a small return.However, deep down I still feel Wu: “All things are beneath contempt, only high school.”.Youth should make good reading, reading is indeed a good thing.Ancient scholar Zeng a lifetime of reading music is not he.He deeply realized enlightening reading not only of self-cultivation, but also beauty.Almost from childhood grew up reading people, too lanky repairable.Handsome face is Kiyotoshi beautiful, bright eyes more Jiong God, it seems full of infinite wisdom; from an early age to engage in physical labor grew in almost all of the people, though its able-bodied concept, however pale gray eyes Chaos.Rengeyouzhi However, not everyone love reading.Sometimes watching the children living in the village extremely wealthy, but quit school early.Shaohua be wasted on such a young, really regrettable.    To me, I still feel deeply appreciate Wu, reading is an elegant activity, it is a pleasure working!Whatever the result, the process itself is a happy thing.[Editor: Yi children]

A big rain

A big rain, intense and short.With something of the thrill of breaking the obstruction, nothing like the rain is so clear-cut.Excitedly to occupy the entire exposed significant air time.  Perhaps this is the season of summer rain patent, like bold brave boy, that come and stay away, without any hesitation.  Thunder only a few times, put a rampant than half of the summer heat and sunshine beat, flapping in the wind the rain came down and swept away the ground due to high temperature heat exudes atmosphere, the entire space, there is suddenly a cool breeze blowing through.  Pelting rain, just in time, dissipate the shadow of several days of hot, also sent a timely rain to rain and other farmers.  Just seedlings growing season, farmers who took a year of hope and livelihood, no rain in the summer, people are always farmers day to the rice fields of water worry.This is a pelting rain, regarded as a gift of God, to the simplicity of these people to bring a little joy.  Office workers who always want to get a lot of things some of the poetic, sit in an office all day, even without the sun and rain, but always on the outside is enough to heat a heat stroke hearts and fear, but also for all day behind closed doors We need air conditioning to maintain a suitable temperature days have more or less offensive.This rain, which let their hearts added a number of factors that can lament.  Throughout the summer, rain and cool but become rare luxury.Get up early in the morning, is accompanied by bright sunshine.Always I think, if such a brilliant light and appeared in the winter of December, that this is more than a good gift of life, mood.  It seems that in this sun raging Shengxia Hua light, people are always willing to blame their emotions temperature.  August summer, always shrouded in temperature caused by restlessness.  Perhaps no one can avoid them anxious and that a contradiction deep inside, because of natural factors can not compete or is wandering own heart.That uncertain about a contradiction, always dark or light affects the lives and emotions or.  In the face of a heart that is not stable, we are always looking for opportunities and a wide variety of media, so that my heart is a little firmer.  Hot summer in August, surrounded everywhere, are anxious atmosphere, this season, the mood is always inevitable because some twists and turns up some little things.  Sometimes, emotions come so suddenly, the moment happy moment to lose, so the conversion speed, even let themselves be surprised and wonder, in the end what kind of walking space, in order to let our hearts be able to Danru springs?  But the so-called life, is not an official need for such a little twists and turns, to remind us, the twists and turns in a variety of flavors, it is the true nature of life?  Perhaps we should be grateful to this and that all sorts of twists and turns, so we will not be too blind and dazed in the walk all the way there, at least the ditch and gully gully will remind us that the outside world is wonderful and helpless, how to walk, should be put at heart a ruler, a good measure.  Pelting rain on a summer such as this, there is no sign of it coming, should the moment you walk hand still on the road, he will not wait for you to prepare an umbrella.You can do, perhaps only in the front, regardless of rain or shine, will prepare an umbrella, sunny sunshade, rain shelter.This is the capricious nature where we can do.

World Peach Blossom Fan “and” Dream of Red Mansions “in

– Letter to the winter and spring of the five winter brother: for your first, second letter, I mentioned the “Peach Blossom Fan” of the world and “Dream of Red Mansions,” the two concepts of the world – not my “inventions” but modern literary critic, esthetician Kingdom of the initiative: he put the ancient Chinese literature in these two masterpieces likened to two different worlds, says the former ‘homeland of Qi’, which has “thinking of life.”.Therefore, “Peach Blossom Fan” is also political, but also national, history also; “Dream of Red Mansions”, also philosophy, the universe also, literature also.    As I understand it, you can also say that one is “WTO” in the world, one is “born” in the world; one is “Confucius and Mencius,” the world, one is “Meanwhile,” the world; one is “the Roman world “One of the world ‘Greece’ in.Former director of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Mr. Liu Zaifu in literature “were enlightened world,” a book made on this interpretation of the symbolic meaning again, Liu said more and daughter Liu Jianmei’s book: “Modern Chinese Literature only” Peach Blossom fan “dimension, that only” political, national, historical “dimension, and the lack of” Dream of Red Mansions “dimension, namely the lack of philosophy (inquiry of the meaning of existence), the dimensions of the universe (the inquiry of God and nature) of.Chinese literature in the 20th century state, but “Peach Blossom Fan” status, it did not really enter Greece and Helen Lin’s “Dream of Red Mansions”, it lacks the guidance of Venus and Lin Daiyu these women of God, the absence of exquisite beauty goddess representatives of various aesthetic dimension and timeless charm. “.    After 1989 to settle in the United States in recent years, Mr. Liu Zaifu continuously published several works of great impact in Chinese intellectual, intellectual, literary, such as “rafting Notes”, “west to knock”, ” Monologue End of the world “,” Wu total of the world “and so on.Not long ago I sent you a “total human enlightenment,” I do not know no reading?I hope this book will become your pillow book, I hope this book can also have a significant impact on your journey through life, I hope you find this book to make the world loves.- 2004 loss in my lonely days and nights, it is this from the bottom of human truth, love of “father and daughter two books,” Fan then wake me – going to create, build, describe their true loves world!Thus, only my return, only to give you these “lamp Whispers”.    Mr. Liu Zaifu topic to talk about the future, or below it says let us laugh, “Zhou Guoping” – did not think you bought his “pure wisdom”, we have taken yet?    Web authors comment, saying: pseudo-book list, three sad: one said reader is sad: that now there are two best-selling books, is the book written by celebrities or celebrity to write a book.In the final analysis the interests of the drive.Another reflection of the readers of blindness, that blindly chasing celebrity, celebrities and believe that excessive dependence, lack the necessary resolving power, buying books is not “taste before you buy,” but look at the name on the buy, which Some uncivilized publishers to provide an opportunity.    Second is the author’s sad: because of his little-known, and no ability to underwrite books, Which publishers are willing to publish it yourself?But the name on his manuscript department celebrity, is not the case, there may be only sell list.But the real heart of the manuscript is not practical, could have been his newborn son, but others have to call Dad, taste definitely feel good, although the hides on a business to royalties, the heart must be very sour.    The third is the publishing house of sorrow: as a national regular publishing house, has also played some “technical content” so low in the game, people can not help but wonder IQ Press editorial staff.In fact, publishers before the “figurines”, should have been able to consider the final outcome, in any case to court, how collecting evidence, how sophistry, it is of the same name and so on, eventually publishing house certainly wipe the more darker.    The author’s surname Dong thinking from the front angle of view is correct.But from the side perspective, I think the press and the “Zhou Guoping”, the reader has done a good thing, because “pure wisdom” came out, I still firmly believe that a good book, a division let people subjective people, hypocritical people, simple people, who closed, passive people awakening book; is an open book of wisdom, a philosophical rather than full flow in the preaching of the book; how people experience the joy of a book; a people self-esteem, self-respect, self-love, self-police, let the mind wandering home book – this book Enlightenment!In an authoritarian system, in culture fools, such rare books, publishers and authors may only choose this method, the effect of the spread became apparent, it was far-reaching significance – this is not anti paradox called as “unique” cultural landscape it?I look forward to praise this book appears sound.    And Zhou Guoping “very bad, nonsense,” and “this cultural garbage no matter who wrote it, publishers should not let it published” Words of anger, is not it arbitrary and petty?    The story of the beginning of the Year of the Rooster taste.    Jianmin Shi night in April 2005

One afternoon early winter

When my sister and eat, she still some reddish eyes, she had to attend a memorial service for the old professor, and heart filled with infinite sadness.    Did not persuade her, I gave her tears also said that sometimes the United States, a woman Ewha rain really is a pity people of the United States, she smiled slightly.Death, is irresistible, from birth to death is a long journey.Slow stagnation blunt doddering when the energetic teenager vitality thriving struggling to Laojing even struck, how sad it will not let us unlimited?    Live every day in passing.Life, in the time tunnel inside is a continuous process of passing.It reminds me of qing “rush” of the.    I give them back: relatives or more than sad, others have songs, where the road dead, the body entrusted with the Hill A.They laugh at me live poetry.I laughed, I just do not want too much pain wound himself, even though no one can avoid the pain and sorrow.A person’s life, emotions worry is the true state of mind, who can not be avoided.Even if not happy, we will still bless our friends happy in my heart every day.Who does not want that warm and sunny smile and the mood of it?But more especially in this cold winter drying.    Your way to the warmth of others, am also happy.Of course, I do not reciprocated luxury.    After lunch yesterday there is still time, I go to Guilin Park.After more than ten years numerous times, just because busy, did not go off, just know that here is very famous laurel.I went to know where the original was one of the three rogue leader old on the beach of a private villa yellow garden Huang Jinrong.    I already know osmanthus curtain call, because the non-weekend afternoon, the quiet park to barely see the people, in addition to those few workers pruning laurel and occasionally visible cleaners raking leaves, and only a handful of tour.    I have no travel was only in the afternoon, a man wants quiet, quiet to the world only if its own exposure to nature.Southern winter the park is still beautiful, even the colorful, storied dye means.    My heart gets lively and up, walked along as if captured some of fall.The layout of bridges, stacked mountain peaks stand construction, tower pavilions during the shade.Slowly, slowly appreciate the charm of southern gardens of one kind.    West Garden has an agreeable environment, the wall is noisy world.Covered with red plum tree in the water side of the set, I walked over and photographed like a gorgeous tree harvest.He turned lush plants so clear and strong, so I nostalgia.Caught in the middle of the ground covered with ginkgo leaves, yellow and green in the shade, my heart is full of love for the environment.Prose original http: // sanwenzx.COM positive Park, met yellow cat, walk with me for a long time, it was even with me all the way to the edge sculpture Eight Immortals.When night to see Andy, Andy said it seemed a small brown dog ah.Also, if it is to become a docile dog, because the dog in humanity ah.Of course, Mr. Lu said, “funeral home capitalist running dogs” were not included.But some dogs are worthy of respect, it is willing to be lackeys from under the door of Wang Xiaobo.    There are two bright red maple so, there are several old lady singing in the next, they come with songs of loneliness and lonely Laojing.Such a blessing to the elderly, the blessings they can spend their remaining years.    This is a regular garden ginkgo leaf has fallen and a half, I like the floor of the golden.Through a row of old tables and chairs, as if they are some years, and seem intended Park.If I want to brew a pot of tea here, hold a book, which is a kind of elegance.    In a small hole in the door there was a rockery, I was about to go in, the sudden appearance of a young men and women out of the woman looking crimson, I think I was disturbed their love, sin, sin.    I walked a kiosk Mandarin House, looked looked, I did not bother to tell around the acacia tree, berberine trees, just look at this northern vegetation withered at the moment still has the colorful scenery of Jiangnan heart sigh.This light red, crimson, yellow, dark yellow, golden, orange, brown, brown, light green, dark green poetic let my heart plant from a dream garden.    Ready to go back, when they saw a head with black hair white cat.It stood on a stone, and I was on the TV for a while, one would then turn back to.I took a few pictures it still does not move, as if to put “POSS” I appreciate.I smiled and went back to look far away, it stood there, as if waiting for someone.    I photographed at the gate of the painting and seal Qian Juntao wrote, “Guilin Park” words, I silently think, next year fall, I want to be able to come here to enjoy the fragrance of osmanthus autumn.

Encounter beautiful

Encounter beautiful, poetic.Moon water, mist flower.Dance waves, Sunset painting, waterfront properties, twilight places sunset.Rising sun, bamboo dripping dew, walking cheer as the gallery.Light pick up memory, the passage of time, with pen Qing Yin spiritual books, with a gentle chord played one after another passionate song.I firmly believe that every day, and will be beautiful encounter!    ———————————– Inscription beautiful, with extraordinary mood Tuochen.As light as a mist of color yarn, with a quaint charm, fingers wrapped around my persistent pursuit of life.Think about the next stop in beautiful colorful umbrella with colorful flowers, graceful and beautiful to meet and encounter.    The return of spring, all things complex Shu, Liu embankment Tulv, peach fight charming, time to poetry, while aromatic flavor overflowing in the air.Fingers gentle scent of ink soft, warm breeze Yang Yi dance.Grass covered, the spring breeze encounter encounter beautiful, beautiful predictable, so warm and happy.    Summer evening, walking in a small way, Yang Liu Ruyan, like the last ray of sun that brilliant, stroking staring face, as gentle and beautiful encounter.It is picturesque sunset view, sunset breeze drunk.Wen Wan Yongya rhyme, ink of youth.    Under the bright summer sun, marching soft sand, facing the elegant light dance of the sea breeze, sailing between the water clouds, gentle waves of any Pina dance, stroking every inch of my skin, wet my drift show hair, wind flowing skirt Dangqi like ocean waves, like flowers, I infinitely gentle thoughts Pianfei Yi, Yi Qing Wu took away the soul overflow waves, this time with a beautiful dream embraced dependency.    Autumn, flocks of pigeons flying pulling my eyes to fly together on the blue sky, white clouds rolling layers overlap in the sky, like Penglai, occasionally see the shuttle in the clouds come and go fairy light dance elegant.Around exudes fresh air, and floated in a thick aromatic breeze.Yami scenery, elegant thinking Yi.    Night, beautiful encounter between the text sent me getting better, secluded month Yingying night, stars, as bright as lamps, silently meditate, pick graceful dream, thousands of families brought together, the joy of playing light strings, builds better , as beautiful as everyone notes into a chord, Yin poem heart chord played singing.Encounter beautiful, life Cantabile!    Jade snow, took me to a beautiful winter morning, the snow outside the window gently float in the air, pure as jade; prime butterfly Pianfei, gentle dream.Snow, the world’s silence; silence tells winter snow fairy tale, touched every heart..When I came in quietly, which is the world crystal different world, catches the eye of Rime landscape is really sublime.Like sculptor through carefully crafted, this time, the beautiful gently in the dust of the dance, the encounter in the silence of the winter and I meet and the case, gently into the depths of my heart.    Embark on the road of life, such as note after another rather indirect, with the fragrance of ink writing chapter in life in the face of life, the ideal to strive hard to make life shine bright luster, so beautiful into the road of life, and write the most touching chapters, interpretation of the most glorious road of life.    Life filled with the background color colorful life, trouble is not discouraged efforts to struggle and continue to learn, in the cause of the fire refining, forging tough personality, rigorous own conduct, not afraid of hardships and ups and downs; in stress when dealing with people of integrity courteous, sincere and selfless dedication, touched each other with honesty, toughness is a beautiful, beautiful cup of delicious sweet nectar Yulu.Encounter beautiful, human warmth.    Let us cherish life each day, with a hard-working hands to create a better future, to gain life in the most beautiful scenery, beautiful is the rising sun, interpretation of the most touching stories on the big stage of life, beautiful rainbow between clouds bright, rainbow Zuiwo between clouds, mountains, according to the water Pik Yi Lian.God help if the beautiful dream, is pleased to swim to enjoy leisure.With the mind slowly sublimate!    Walk the road of life, walking on the title page of the four seasons, beautiful spring with you and I go hand in hand, rush of, water flower death; permanent spiritual spring.Beautiful world, colorful way of life, I want every note to life filled my life respondents.Or high, or low, or warm, or plaintive; jumping, filled with every story, every experience.Qing Yin books with pen soul, with chord played one song after another song gentle passion.I firmly believe that every day, and will be beautiful encounter!

Baby, do you like a bullet

[Editor’s note] Guangzhou is cloudy, and not because it is a special Children’s Day become sunny.But I bless you, and your perception of growth, although four are blank, but you like a bullet, it has been embedded in our souls.No matter where we are in a place you can not see with your peers.Guilt and with the blessing, repentance and hope coexist, frustration and sadness in parallel.    This day makes me pain, it feels is an ever more.Today, it came about as.I compile tight fist, or cursed himself, to no avail.My only thought is crying.I have grown up, their baby, and my father had grown up, lost no less than face, only screwed eyebrow, look at this familiar and unfamiliar city and I hurtled along the abyss.Until the traffic jam in front of a car stopped in Tongxin Nan Road, adults and children holding hands to cross the road, visit the Science Museum.Dad looked at, this scene has been dragged you over there, I do not know what you are doing?At this festival, you, you, as usual, I think, must be as usual commonplace, turn in the township court, hiding under the eaves, crying in the corner inside the door, rubbing his grandfather in a pair of hands in the wrist , can not stand it and rolled on the ground, crying and shouting to vent their grievances and resentment.Trees, rivers, fields, grass and butterflies every now and then on the side, the sky was very clear, however, your eyes, but filled with sadness and melancholy.You looked at the road entrance to the village, where it was a miracle, and today, that trail full of sunshine, empty, not what you hope shadow appears.You stood there, still, silent, panic.I’m on this, as the bullet, chest in pain and loss, so that my life is full of repentance and sorrow.    Guangzhou is cloudy, and not because it is a special Children’s Day become sunny.    My heart has been cloudy, exile and wandering, let me exhausted.We are accustomed to pressure themselves, they have got used to toss acceptance of life.We always want to have it all one at the end, we happily go back, or you come, we are together, no fear, just a little to live in peace, for our generation, but also a really good home.We did not, even a tiny moment of quiet.We all run around every day, baby, We worried in places you can not see can not think of, but step by step and day, not because of yesterday disappear and let today get much improved.We like the city of beams, in addition to straining to straighten the outside can be selected, that is, collapse, bleak hung his head, died in a flyover corner.Because of you, we did not.Instead, we have to give you some explanation, so you get some of what.It is our responsibility, the foundation of our hard working.After you pure like a mountain of stone, but as make us anxious, we give you, is very smooth and very weak bill, no warmth, no education, no love, children, we live in two different worlds.Grandpa’s thin bone that hold up to the body frame, always give you the feeling of possible dumping.You do not have to rely on, this is reality.You grow up, I want you to understand reality, even if you have a wish it across, but may not be successful.You have to stand and wait agonizing suffering, and you want to separate the ordinary habits, you have to accept the reality of the harsh and cruel, only that, you can tempered into a steel, liberation from life, and let the body and soul complete liberation and freedom.Children, freedom, just like patched clothes, very plain, but precious.    When your father like this age do not know.    Those belonging to the father of history, you can forget, ignore.But in those games with my father live with you in the same place, the only difference is, according to my father around and educate yourself about the elders, have naughty partner.At school, the parents all know each other’s name.Us crazy noisy, at home, in front of their parents and respectfully, blink and sing.We do not have toys, squeeze the mud from the fields to retrieve a variety of shapes, like pinching Tun Town.Very casual, very happy, very monotonous, very warm.We are not left-behind children, we have a full house.I thought of this, and my chest ache.At this time, the festival has nothing to do with.Happy holidays just a fiction, there is more reason to just meet people’s vanity memory.Each of dull days, as long as you hit my left-behind children, my heart just like in the lead bullets, one side is hysterical howl, questioning the reason behind all this, one side is the endless miss and worry.You ignorant child, I really do not know your future will be like.It makes me scared, terrified, but could do nothing.Society is a machine, I know that society is not playing the nest, you would not do to make society riddled with madness.My concern is that you put a bullet in themselves, do not like children, do not torture yourself like, lost in time, you have to look at us and think about your parents is how to swallow, how firm is different, is how physically block the torrent of time, so you hope in solitude.    Children, do not give up.All you have experienced, we all see in the eyes.We change, or that time, your childhood is over, it does not matter, the child, for the time we have for your children.It is not meaningless, but, at great cost, we know that, in addition, we have no way out.Now, your only task is a happy life.Yes, it is our responsibility.Some people in the community might say we spoil you, pamper you in.It does not matter, Dad willing.Dad just want to see your eyes never melancholy, like in the festival are the same joke every day, do what you love, love the elders, forget time.If you can grow up to remember the childhood joy of life, you already have a huge amount of energy, and you will face the vibrant life of the status quo.The gloating of the city and the experts, they are far away from us, the worthless.    Baby who, no matter how my father, my father has only one wish, regardless of the amount of substance, no matter how much money, no matter what the future, you should be happy, it is your right!    When I walk through the long hallway, I felt lonely.I like the home of an abandoned child, chasing them with my family, I asked whereabouts.I like a fugitive, my body with heavy penalties.Corridor, all the doors are closed, frosted glass doors is very delicate, very hypocritical, as the city faces, very clear, in fact, see through, see, just own pair of colors.This is the world, my son, is the world!I am a little shaky, but very strong heart.Children, all this will change, as the countryside you can see, I will change it, change the desolate like an angel.Dad with you, as in the inner feelings, we are always the same, children.We bless you, and your perception of growth, although four are blank, but you like a bullet, it has been embedded in our souls.No matter where we are in a place you can not see with your peers.    2010.6.1 [Editor: Butterflies]

Messi?Luoneimaer difficult team spokesperson said this is the true image of the benchmark 3

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 20: Russia's 2018 World Cup under way, fans around the world who are concerned about this football event。But for some of the lesser-known players, many fans are very difficult in the race immediately identify who they are。This week there are sites using the face image processing software, to produce an average photo looks 32 World Cup teams。 Deformation is an image processing software, only two are about the same size of the background picture of a face, you can morph between the two faces。The site uses fsanmartin use this software, and the use of all 32 World Cup players participating teams according to FIFA standard official release, produced a picture as each team looks average。Deformation mainly through the eyes and other facial recognition key elements to build facial geometry. In addition, the site also uses mature technology, the players' hair, ears, jerseys and other elements also increased up eventually by sketching software became established 32 each teams average looks portrait。Fans can look at these criteria photos, and determine each participating team, a player which looks most like the portrait, he can truly be called a team spokesman appearance。However, it can be seen from the portrait, Messi, C Ronaldo, Neymar seems to have grown in their respective national team "sub-standard" software and create a clear distinction Photo。

Japanese media: Japan ruling party report suggesting that in the future or to participate AIIB

BEIJING, June 3, according to Japanese media reports, Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party in the June 3 summarizes the party's views on whether the Bank of Japan to participate in infrastructure investment in Asia。In consideration of the contribution of Asian investment bank in Asia's infrastructure needs, as well as Japan's relations with Asian countries, the draft report concludes that "(Japanese) government should follow developments with due to be addressed."。  According to reports, the draft report noted that, in considering whether to participate in Japan on the occasion of Asian investment bank should pursue research in eight areas。And that Japan is likely through the "direct participation in Asian investment bank management" for financial institutions to comply with international standards and "exert influence", while Asian investment banks can take advantage of Japan's development assistance experience accumulated。  Among them, most of the arguments will focus on Japan's participation in the benefits of Asian investment bank, but also pointed out that consideration should be given "the huge financial burden and corresponding price."。  It is reported that the report scheduled to be released on the afternoon local time, submitted to the 4th Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe。After receiving instructions Abe, the Liberal Democratic Party will hold diplomatic and financial finance joint working group meetings, expert advice, comments by the Liberal Democratic Party to finalize the conditions for participation。  Japanese media pointed out that the Japanese government's current stance is to sign the establishment agreement also temporarily joined in late June AIIB, while the Liberal Democratic Party's point of view retains the possibility to participate in future。  It is understood that the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party president Toshihiro Nikai General had previously expressed the hope that Japan eventually form acceptable Jia Ruya investment bank。He also pointed out that "The end result is good you can," Japan-US summit and to claim AIIB ensure fair governance issue recommendations that Japan and the US to contain China blindly emotional desire to promote the financial system is "not meaningful"。  Although Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe before because of the attitude of the United States scruples not announced to join, but with a view to promote economic growth, Abe to explore future possibilities being added。  Chinese Foreign Ministry had also said that Asian investment banks will follow an open, inclusive, transparent, accountable and equitable principles of design of its governance structure and operational policies, multilateral development banks to fully draw on existing good practice, but also to avoid detours to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency, and to the countries concerned to get more economic dividends from Asia。


When night fell, our district will appear one pair of walks in the elderly。They were very ordinary, and I am concerned about why they do?Because this is not a good couple, the wife of the body, the body has been dithering。Each time, her husband helped him carefully, look around to ignore all kinds of strange。This night in the arm, for many years。  Ten years ago, I just got married, in the evening, and when the wife out for a walk, to see them。Precisely: At that time, we are young, they are middle-aged。The sentiment was just that: their feeling good, hope that our love is forever fresh。  Time is fluid。More than a decade, the marriage of this river, we swam efforts。To master the balance that glide: not too fast, not too slow, it is necessary to look at other travel speed of Friends, but also to prevent the emergence of new tourist homes。How many times before really want solitude swim, run away; how many times, think sank to exit the journey; how many times, happy and wanted to cry, the tears Kugan。Every day, you must ask yourself: What am I doing?The answer is different every day。However, their choice is: insist, insist, can not give up。However, the mood is still vacant。  That day in the evening, I took my children out for a stroll, her husband was busy outside entertainment。Children ten years old, and I can pay to ingratiate themselves, to talk。I'm not lonely。Coincidentally, we saw that the elderly。Hearts of a sudden and devastating inexplicable feeling: In the long course of years, they just like to become a white-haired old man pan head, I became relaxed and calm of the middle-aged。At the moment, the old couple, the husband being his ear, his wife speak with some small talk, but his hands firmly grasp the direction of his wife, the captain sailed the ocean seems to be general, and sluggish movement's wife was trying to get out“Highest level”pace of。Each step slowly move forward, like a computer program prescribed in general, just the speed, slowly, slowly, as if time will be stagnant in general。  The night of the arm, on a flat road surface, under the starlit street, in the rush of the crowd, witnessed the couple's life together loving course。  Arm, exactly what“Helped”?I checked the dictionary: arm, intended to hand on someone's arm, so as not to slide into others。Its extended meaning is: to help each other, support each other。I am concerned about a word appears twice: others。The husband hand on his wife's arm, so as not to slide wife。In the whole process, he devoted much of selfless love。  I ask myself: When we intercourse with a partner, we are more of a thought helped him and helped him do?Still no reason to complain and accuse him of it?If the marriage is just running, self-awareness is still very strong,“Helped”Do very little natural。Only with flowing river of time, we have fused and the other half together, will naturally helped, mutual aid。Someone once said: time to test the truth of the best tools。  At dusk face still indestructible love, we tremor, we desire。Life is short, but love is infinitely extended。When the old man again slowly before row from me, I seem to think of something, quickly pull the child's hand and said:“Go to my father called, let's go together!”