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Soccer News: Bell 0-6 people understand the gap as the mountains to support education teacher

  Reporter Bai Guohua comment April 22, 2004, the Chinese team 0: 6 defeat to Barcelona; 2012 September 11, the Chinese team lost to Brazil 1-0 8; March 22, 2018, the Chinese team lost 0 to 6 Wales team。
  Well, not the first time tragedy, in this game, but Lippi is repeat the mistakes Haan and Camacho, 14 years later, north of Guangzhou's housing prices may have gone up tenfold, but China football is like a poor mountainous areas, is still marking time。   This is more than a good thing, a 0 to 6, can make people calm, people can understand the difference, you can let people know long way to go, you can let people know – revolution is not successful, comrades still work。   The game, Lippi great courage, as if he came with a mission, this mission is to make people completely understand national teams and the world's advanced level of the gap in the end how much – the defense of the match not to say but the strange thing is, Lippi did not actually arrange a defensive interception and relatively strong engineering midfielder, he composed with dual lumbar Huang Bowen and Hao Junmin two organizations are biased towards players and passing in front of the staff put even more exaggerated, Wu Lei, wei shihao, Gao Lin and Tai Po with the starter, although the formation is 433, but this arrangement is more like 424, right?  As a result, China halftime abused the Xiang, Wales played with life and life to become one of China Dalian, Wang Jianlin and thus echoed in the stands – at halftime, how many friends in the circle of friends on the microblogging sigh: Oh, Do not beaten 8-0 oh。   The second half, Lippi replaced five players in one breath, formation also revised to 352, Lippi of this arrangement is to tell you that the first half, I was wrong。   After adjustment of the Chinese team in the second half slightly changed, but it can not hide the gap on the strength of both sides。
The audience only bright spot is that in the Chinese Super foot shot in the post, this foot shot position, and the scene in the Chinese Super sigh kneeling on the ground, a lot like Zhao Junzhe 2002 World Cup in Brazil hit the goal post that scene?  Well, maybe a little better if all aspects, lose or will lose, but might not lose so ugly, at least Lippi think so, after he severely criticized the players: "Their attitude problem。 "There is the problem of this team, let Lippi slowly to solve it, but the Chinese team has problems, a person can not be resolved Lippi。
  Finally, thanks to what Wang Jianlin Wanda Group and sponsored by the China Cup, after all, they see the "poor mountain" Where is China's football, organized by the China Cup, is a Chinese football's "precise pro-poor"。   Ryan Giggs led Wales to thank the team, they may not do everything, but their performance has been enough to make those who are sober look at the Chinese team's hot-headed。 And Bell, he is a poor to support education teacher in the mountains, he casually told the children of the mountains: the outside world really wonderful to have the opportunity, you should go out and Chou Chou。   For more information please visit the soccer tournament winner 🙁 micro-channel public number: zqdyj888)。

Beijing district levels of government proposed non-heritage protection agency

  City and district departments of culture responsible for the administrative regions of the intangible cultural heritage of the investigation, complete control of its type, quantity, distribution, habitat, conservation status, etc.。 Municipality of representative projects in accordance with the state of existence, the project category of category protection。 For example, on the verge of disappearing, Living Transmission representative projects more difficult to implement rescue protection, the project focused on the representation of distinctive features, form and content of a particular region remain intact, relying on the protection of the Old City and the Grand Canal Cultural Zone, the Great Wall band, with the construction of the Xishan cultural Yongding, combined with historical and cultural district and the historical and cultural town, village protection, the overall implementation of cultural and ecological protection。
  On the non-genetic inheritance, development and dissemination, municipal and district administrative department of culture corresponding levels of representative projects can be identified representative inheritors。 Representative successors include individual and group。
The municipal and district governments should actively make use of old industrial buildings, warehouse space and related industrial facilities, to take a variety of ways for the transmission of difficulties and representative inheritors real need to provide support or space venue。
The municipal and district governments should carry out regular medical examinations as representative successors, and included in the archives of the protection of representative projects。 The municipal and district governments should be based on intangible cultural heritage protection, preservation work needs to take a new, changed (expanded) to build a variety of ways construction Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum, exhibition centers and other non-material cultural heritage protection and utilization of facilities for representative the project collection, research, exhibition and heritage, etc.。

These hazards myocardial ischemia may affect

What are the dangers?Myocardial ischemia is one, that you know the dangers of myocardial ischemia which it?Following small to talk with you exactly myocardial ischemia What are the dangers it。
Myocardial ischemia harm 1, hypoxia oxygen is essential for cardiac muscle cell activity substances transported through the blood to cells, cardiac insufficiency will immediately cause hypoxia。
Less than the required 2, aerobic metabolism decreased hypoxic myocardial ischemia caused by myocardial cells can directly lead to decreased aerobic metabolism, reduce production capacity, the energy supply of heart activity, caused arrhythmia, decreased heart function。 3, affecting systolic function in myocardial ischemia, anoxia, lack of energy can affect the contractile function of the heart, according to research statistics, if 20%?25% of myocardial contraction stops, usually left ventricular failure, if not more than 40% of cardiac contraction, there will be severe cardiac pump failure, cardiogenic shock prone。 4 myocardial ischemia harm, damage diastolic function in myocardial ischemic damage diastolic function mainly as adverse cardiac systolic and diastolic bad exist, ventricular filling pressure, not only can cause lung congestion, can cause complex disorders and metabolism abnormal cardiac activity。

Jet Li exposure ill wills want to change back to Chinese nationality was scolded badly friends

May 22 Jet electricity generation martial arts star, has achieved a lot in martial arts movies in the credit, let kung fu movies to the world。 In 2007 he created one fund, actively engaged in charitable, become a Goodwill Ambassador, and now is pain and illness, was also scolded friends。
In the end how it is, let us look down。
Jet Li revealed last year in the program, as early as 2013 the body there is a problem, has been long-term treatment, leading to heart problems have also not excessive exercise。 Since the early years of making movies, spine hurt, but after the sick, the doctor said, do not make another film, or else confined to a wheelchair after a。 Recently there has been news, Jet Li's body is very bad, gaunt, like the old, like a few years old, it was rumored that Jet Li has not much time, but this does not make people sympathize, but rather there are some who say no is good。
And someone will ask, why should it be scolded?There are two reasons, Jet Li's life wrong two things, one is divorced and his ex-wife, married Nina Li, one is into his US citizenship, but also the nationality。 Jet Li have been made to explain, became a US citizen in order to Hollywood, Singapore citizenship in order to give children a better learning environment, but users who do not think so。 The recent news that Jet Li seriously ill, intestate, nationality wanted to come back, to return home for burial, are also considered roots。
Users saying a lot, that someone said, "In fact, Jet Li do a lot of good things, such as charity, to promote Chinese martial arts and so on, we can not because others a little wrong, put things magnify。 The most important thing is, I hope as soon as possible to improve the body Jet Li。
"Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

Love sigh liver may be a problem

Folk there was a saying: "Yi Tan poor three years。
"The elderly who are disgusted sigh all day long。Sigh really bad performance, but many white-collar workers physically and mentally tired, naturally sigh。From the Chinese point of view, sighs reflect physical problems。Love to sigh sigh indicate what the problem is called good Taixi In Chinese medicine, refers to conscious patients with chest oppressed, every one of the symptoms is a long sound Shi Qi Shu, there may be liver depression。Because of the emotional injury, the desired fail to materialize, or intense mental stimulation, liver qi stagnation, missing the bar up, ignore the negative air machine, each want to sigh the chest Shu-yu。Specific symptoms include chest discomfort, long hush sigh, flank fullness, and looked silent, pay less, mouth pain, dizziness, white fur, pulse string。
Massage Taichong, tanzhong, other points may be shut Chest qi。Bergamot bubble clothes, roses, plum Lve, jasmine, peppermint, sweet, etc. may be qi。Or use spearheading CHSGS to liver qi stagnation。
How to liver qi 1, Sun angle hole, the wind pool points and temples such as the three major points is the head of the "leak point" press these points can play eyesight refreshing, relieve fatigue, anxiety role in health care, to treat headache , dizziness and other symptoms。Some people will hiccup After Sun angle point massage, massage explain health played a certain role in this point Liang Lei pain, breast tenderness are more beneficial for the anxious angry。
More related knowledge, please pay attention to the public health network Grandview Micro Signal: Grandview -COM (Long press to add a copy), health, health experts online to answer your questions, you can also press the right attention fast two-dimensional code!。

How to deal with high emotional intelligence will quarrel

How to deal with high emotional intelligence will quarrel?Between living people is inevitable there will be disputes, that you know how to deal with high emotional intelligence will do quarrel?Following small to tell you how to deal with alcohol EQ will quarrel too high。 How to deal with high emotional intelligence will quarrel people get along, always because of different ideas, positions or values, conflict, dispute。
Quarrel Usually there are three types of passive and ineffective, namely personal attack, settling old accounts and type of passive resistance type。 The so-called personal attack, refers to ad hominem quarrel, accusing the other side of the personality, used "you" begins: "You're so selfish, how?"Such disputes often cause other side of antagonism, it is easy for two people living gap。 Settling old scores quarrel type, commonly used sentence is: "At first……"" The last time you so " ……By settling old accounts wanted to make each other feel guilty, result took the other side of the original gratitude, guilt is exhausted。
Passive resistance-type refers to the case of conflict, they do not argue, do not communicate, put on a "do not care" attitude of the Cold War。 For example, "yes yes yes, you have to say" seemingly make peace, but hidden raging, but more irritated each other。 How high emotional intelligence will deal with these three quarrel quarrel model not only does not solve the contradiction, but let the escalation of conflict, serious damage to relations with each other。 While those with high emotional intelligence are rarely disputes with others, and they is not never met a dispute, but know how to "adopted piecemeal measures" to reduce the harm。
Treat personal attack quarrel, we must first ensure that they will not be attacked infuriated, but also to restrain the impulse to want to counterattack。

Dengue formal position to win a championship!Now the Rockets have won lineup

  Beijing February 22, according to "Yahoo Sports" reported James – Harden formal position want to fight for the championship this season。
He believes that the Houston Rockets have set up a championship team, the next to continue to improve the defense, but also to integrate into the new aid as soon as possible。 – Chris Paul also reminded his teammates, and now they are the team to chase the target。
  Today, leading the Rockets Warriors wins, the highest in the Western alliance as well as the first name, while Harden has officially issued a Declaration win。   "We set a goal," Harden said. "We want to be the best team, and then chase the championship this year。 We have since the formation of the championship team, the opponent can not prevent。 "With the season 2nd 10+ game winning streak, the Rockets gains league first name before the All-Star break, this is the first time in the history of the Rockets。   "We still have a long way to go, we will continue to get stronger, continue to grow and play a wave flow in the playoffs," Harden said, "All-Star break with 25 games, then will come the playoffs。 We still have time to relax, and then back to work。 "So Harden think the Rockets need areas in which it has improved?  "We must all continue to progress on both ends," Harden said, "Today, our offense ranked second in the league, the defense seems to 7 bar (actually 9), which is the aspect that we can continue to enhance the。
In addition, we have Joe as soon as possible (- Johnson) and Brandon (- Wright) into the team, of course, but also to stay healthy。
"In addition, Paul has recently reminded the Rockets teammate:" Today, every team will chase us as a goal, the competition will be more fierce。
Fortunately, we now also win, a good performance。
"Really championship trophy beckons rocket?(Demons)。

15 + 12 Kevin Garnett Celtics lost at home Iguodala 13 + 6 + 7 Philadelphia 1-1

  Ticker May 15, home to the Celtics 81-82 loss to the 76ers, the two sides battle into the Eastern Conference semifinals 1-1。
  76 people made home advantage。
Zhu – Holliday scored 18 points, Andre – Andre Iguodala 13 points, seven assists and six rebounds, Evan – Turner hit a key ball, scored 10 points and six rebounds。 Bench Lavoie – Allen 10 points, Luis – Williams 8 points and 7 rebounds。
  "Big Three" mediocre Under prevent, Kevin – Kevin Garnett had 15 points and 12 rebounds, Paul – Paul Pierce had seven points – Ray Allen scored 17 points。
Rajon – Long Duogong offer 8 points, 13 assists and seven rebounds, Brandon – Bass 12 points。
  76ers coach Doug – Collins already warned his team to pay attention to the Celtics in the third quarter of crazy。 But his warning should perhaps also be extended to the fourth quarter, in the first game, the 76ers fourth quarter extended the advantage to 10 points, but the Celtics finally reversed。
Rondo triple-double, Kevin Garnett trees to open new flowers。   After the rest day battles, 76 people pay special attention in the third quarter, completely suppressed the Celtics once again achieved double-digit advantage, but lost the advantage in the fourth quarter, 76 tenacious counterattack, the final clearance。
  First half, the Celtics got the upper hand。 Bath shortly after the opening two hit in the cast, the Celtics 9-0 start。 76 people played in the game 2 minutes 28 seconds before the Holliday hit a three-pointers。
After playing half of this section, the Celtics lead to 15-7。
Holliday has since hit third, one with 5 points, 76 to quickly close the gap to 21-25 behind the first section only。   "Big Three" mediocre Under prevent。 Section 5 minutes to play, the Celtics only vote in a ball。 Holliday third third hit, 76 to exceed 36-35 in this section have 1 minutes 08 seconds ()。
After 76 failed to score in this section, but Pierce hit three-pointers in this section we will end before the Celtics to 38-36 lead ()。   Celtic scored four points in the third quarter to 42-36 to expand the advantage, but the next 11 minutes they only hit two goals。 This section last 4 minutes and 43 seconds, the Celtics failed to score in warfare, 76 wave of attacks hit 14-0, in one fell swoop to 57-47 double-digit advantage。
Seconds before the end of this section, it had a Celtic Pierce penalty 2 minutes。
This section after the Celtics had 11 points, three behind at 49-57。
  So after three sessions, the Celtics "Big Three" a total of only 20 points。 76ers coach is known as the "strongest third quarter," the Celtics were suppressed completely, but 76 people expect the fourth quarter they will fight back。
Sure enough, Kevin Garnett and Ray – Allen beginning of this section on shooting, while Pietrus third succeeded twice (), played in this section after three minutes, the Celtics will recover as the score 59-61。
  Two teams into a tough tug of war, several times a tie game。
Competition also 3 minutes 17 seconds, Garnett Rondo passes, alley-oop dunk, the two sides battle 69-69。 Turner also to after a ball, Bradley-thirds vote, the Celtics finally to 72-71 beyond。 After Holliday also two-thirds vote – Ray Allen in the game 1 minute 40 seconds to fire beyond the arc start, the Celtics to 75-74 lead again ()。
  This was the Celtics defense 76 clock violation, the initiative in their hands, but Rondo is not the key to a ball, the Turner break layup seconds in the game when there are (), 76 to 76-75 exceed。   - Ray Allen shot again, Rondo foul start。
Turner hit two free throws 12 seconds before the whistle, 76, 3 points ahead。
Celtic critical moment even with a faint, after which Garnett offensive foul, sending the ball directly。
After Williams hit two free throws, 76 points ahead 5。
  - Ray Allen finally thirds vote in the seconds before the whistle, but 76 people and hit two free throws, the Celtics did not give the opportunity, Kevin Garnett hit by the Cavaliers did not help。 (Angkor)。

China Overseas real estate investment of more than 250 billion yuan to buy nearly half of European property assets

  European property assets investment surge is worth noting that, compared with 2016, mid-2017 constitutes China's overseas investment in real estate has undergone great changes。   According to Colliers International, in 2017, year on year decline in Chinese investment in the US property assets 64% to $ 5.9 billion (about one hundred million yuan)。 The Chinese investment in Asian property assets rose 34 percent to $ 12.5 billion (about 79.2 billion yuan)。   Deputy director of the International Investment Knight Frank China, Cheng Yi told the "Securities Daily" reporters, according to the survey, the United States, Australia, Britain and Hong Kong, China is no accident accounted for a major share。
Where more than investment have fallen sharply in the United States, Australia fell 60 percent, South Korea dropped 91 percent, Canadian investment fell 84% compared with 2016。   More importantly, Colliers International, said Chinese investment in European property assets soared 336 percent to $ 18.7 billion (about 118.4 billion yuan), including CIC (CIC) $ 14.4 billion (about 91.1 billion yuan) acquisition Blackstone Logicor logistics business, excluding this transaction, China remained stable real estate investment in Europe。 Colliers International believes that these changes in the reflection of the strong performance of China's economic growth and the yuan。   Cheng Yi believes that under the strong growth of British investment, investment growth in the rest of Europe is not surprising。 Since the past, the United Kingdom (London) is usually the first choice for investment in non-European international investors。
2017 British real estate transactions totaling $ 10.2 billion and jumped to second place, rose 574 percent year on year compared with 2016。
  In addition, Colliers International research found that in 2017 China's real estate investment in Asia is mainly concentrated in the more secure "gateway" market, in which the top three are Hong Kong, China ($ 6.9 billion, one hundred million yuan), Japan (2.3 billion dollars, one hundred million yuan) and Singapore (2.1 billion US dollars, 13.3 billion yuan), more than 90% of the total investment amount。
  Hong Kong, China attracted the Chinese mainland real estate investment funds accounted for 55% of total investment, in part because of greater investment in undeveloped land。
Given the Chinese government's recent tightening of state-owned enterprises "along the way" overseas investment than investment-related initiatives, thus Colliers International believes that "all the way along the" investment is expected to be raised。   Singapore as an investment destination, according to Colliers International research found that in 2017, China's real estate investment in Southeast Asia and South Asia reached US $ 2.5 billion (over 15.8 billion yuan), is a 2016 four times, a record second highest (behind 2013 of $ 4.1 billion, 26 billion yuan)。   It is worth mentioning that the Singapore Chinese investors to become the most favored investment destination, attracting investment of US $ 2.1 billion, accounting for up to 84%。 Malaysia and Indonesia, with the second and third place, respectively for the non-investment billion dollars (100 million yuan) and a billion dollars (100 million yuan)。
  Knight Frank Singapore research and consulting department director Chen Ming Hui also told the "Securities Daily" reporters, from May 2017, collective sales market heat in Singapore rose rapidly, reaching a total of 25 collective sales transactions pen, with sales of 7.9 billion Singapore dollars。 In the two quarters before that, the unsold inventory of only 17,500 units, a record low, real estate developers eager to replenish its land bank, the price is higher than expected, further exacerbating the volatility of investment sales。
Because land prices rise, the Singapore private home prices are expected to continue to rise, expected in the fourth quarter 2018, private residential prices will rise between 3% to 7%。
  As Colliers International believes that the market in gateway cities, enthusiasm for Chinese investors to invest in Singapore will remain high, mainly due to the Singapore office and residential market has entered the period of rise for several years。 2018, Chinese mainland investors interest in Hong Kong is expected to remain stable, while for the Singapore investment enthusiasm will continue to rise。 Asian capital markets remains one of the most favored investment destination for Singapore。   In regard to investment targets, Colliers International believes that for Chinese enterprises, undeveloped land is the main type of investment property, especially plans to build apartments in housing prices。 The proportion of office and industrial properties also great, 2016 was 73% in 2017 down to 50%。 The scarcity of high-quality property stock show, with local partners to develop the project will generally be the most effective way to enter the local market。
  (Wang Li new)    。

In total over 40 energy enough to make you a bowl of porridge Eight Immortals spiritual good day!(1)

  Over 40 friends, we will have such experience: obviously feel physically and mentally can not keep up, do not will feel tired, feeling no energy。
If you sleep well the night before, and that the following week are groggy。Why is that?  Eight Immortals bowl of porridge a day – also worse than gelatin are gelatin people Zhongjie known the holy blood, their effectiveness is indeed for all to see。
But for the elderly, the nutritional needs of a lot of people, I'm afraid not single supplement gelatin。
  This bowl of the following eight foods consisting of the "Eight Immortals porridge", including whole grains, refined grains, nuts, beans, lilies and other nutrients, comprehensive and balanced nutrition, good digestion, and high quality nutrition。For the part of the elderly, more appropriate。  Black beans – kidney eyesight many people have a lack of B vitamins, and eating habits which are closely related。Beans actually is a good supplementary source, and black beans can help eyesight, kidney qi。
  Black rice – Yang Xin buck since ancient times "drug-meter", "longevity rice" in the world。Black rice also has improved myocardial nutrition, reducing myocardial oxygen consumption, blood pressure and other secondary efficacy。  Black sesame – Soft longevity vascular kidney black sesame containing a large amount of vitamin E, can soften blood vessels, Traditional Chinese medicine is famous edible product longevity。  Walnut – brain aging walnut contains vitamin E, can make cells from oxidative damage of free radicals, the medical profession recognized anti-aging substance。Wherein the zinc and manganese, are important nutrients pituitary。
Eat walnuts good for the brain nutritional supplements, can be brain puzzle repose。  Barley – dampness modern air-conditioned room to sit, this situation for a long time, the transportation of the spleen and stomach will be weak tone, the body will have moisture, water metabolism will mess。
This will appear edema of obesity and humid, and barley can help dampness positive。  Rice – supplementary energy, adjusting the taste of rice in this channel "porridge Hydrangea", is mainly used to adjust the taste, carbohydrate supplement。  Brown sugar – brown sugar contains mineral supplements rich in minerals, including iron, zinc, etc., can help blood, brain。In which the sweetness, but also make the whole bowl of porridge taste richer。
  Lily – Lily is a sedative raising the five nerves rather God's name, Yin lungs, nourishing the five internal organs of food and medicine of the goods。  Bowl each day, continuous drinking for more than three weeks, you will find no previous feeling tired so easy。A good mental state, sleep also calmed down。
Eight Immortals bowl of porridge, not only can make your white hair was gone, and the skin will become white and smooth, color is better than the original, good old look young!。