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Boys do not know the girl's heart

Said a woman heart undersea needle, men do not understand。Women really so difficult to understand it?Like, but not entirely so。"Dream of Red Mansions", said: daughter is made of water, gentle fine; the man is doing soil, dirty bear。A man living in reality did not make so unbearable, but according to the woman's meticulous worse galaxy…Only the pairs of lovers in real life, scenes unchanging picture: Female: bad for you, you do not know me, you really hate。  Male (look innocent expression): how yet?I was doing something wrong?It just is not good?  Woman: You're not good…  male…silence…silence…silence…  Girls more angry, and turned to leave…Leaving the boy still thought: I'm doing wrong and what?  What boy really unforgivable thing wrong yet?I guess not in most cases, but more often, the boy definitely do something to make the girl unhappy things, it may be small, as small as possible simply because you just neglect the word of mouth of his girlfriend, or will girls just suddenly small evil to do drama makes you a little nervous about, but you do not know the loss of fault…I do not know what to do with silence。  This time, the girl was really angry yet?In most cases: the beginning and did not, maybe she just wants to draw your attention to her, or perhaps she wanted to see what you anxious expression, but more often she wants you to listen to her care of her warm care if only to coax her heart。At a time when you are silent like a statue, unsuspecting, most boys choose to remain silent and so she slowly subsided, everyone knows the theory of conflict between man's calm in your suit her volcanic eruption which has become the fuse, her anger in the silence of your time a little bit like the inflated balloon in growing your silence is a test of her time limit, if you had an epiphany big dream at this early time limit line, two good words to win beauty smile, excited junction immediately iceberg ice and snow melt, the return of spring; but mostly boys no such Taichetaiwu savvy, you just wait for the moment that the ice queen of volcanic eruptions, lavas four gradually, you certainly will not survived。Even more exasperating is that you do not understand why the dead?Great tragedy of life…  When the Creator put this creature into the world of men and women。She gave the tall and mighty men to protect the body petite woman; a man is fearless spirit to support the timid delicate blue sky woman; she gave the man generous shoulder to shoulder the burden stir up fine woman; she a man is generous mind to encompass a woman stingy narrow…But just forget that men need a gentle and delicate heart。  It is the Creator really so careless?I do not think, "too perfect in itself a defect in it" the Creator intended it to be here, so that only the resolute courage, joy and ease, open-minded, upright but just lost much of my gentle and delicate man; and also the world that weak petite, pretty charming, gentle and moving, gentle enough but everywhere ultimately share meticulous petite woman。And because of each other's defects that have the perfect combination of male and female bar。Only the world that countless or pathos or beautiful or touching love story from generation to generation, love has become immutable topic, after thousands of years of generations。Thousands of years of history experienced a love that millions dynasty, the river of history was also washed a lot of times, ebb and flow, running tens of thousands of light-years of Earth, that is, except one thing will not change: a man forever do not understand the woman's heart!

Between turn。..

—- Susan, as promised, bathed in dew in September, in my heart quietly built a thatched house, sitting in the time, overheard the little daisy mind。  The whole September, I have those little fragrance wandering daisy, love the flowers of these humble little。Those faint of heart hidden in the flower inside, has been entangled in time, again and again hit my heart, I love blossoming early years, once again reunited with you……  —– text / sissy few years will eventually be returned to the lonely, in fact, it is a quiet, it is quiet good traveled Love。  Not to know too many people, walking quietly, do not pretend, not confused。  Precipitation and clear heart, are silent GAO, in compassion there is always still waters run deep。  Or perhaps, dull, it is rising to meet the fireworks curl and gorgeous, gentle and reasonable manner to those carried out in the end elegance。  If the obsession of what they will be hurt, as the memory of planting flowers, open walk freely in the open thanks。  Yingying a water, cross the river, but never forget themselves, and perhaps also a poetic simplicity。  Murray quiet years, there is always a dash of light to the extreme calm, but those mind, it has not yet alienated。  Those in the past to pick up the thick and beautiful, peaceful spot in the thin warmth that。  How many feelings, not always good-bye, those mood disorder, there can always glance at the innumerable twists and turns。  Trivial of life, Qingmeizhujiu, no surprise, only for the resettlement of those innocent falling。  Leaves lightly, mountains and rivers still quiet silent, heavy touch, will eventually encompass all。  Let the years which the slightest green walls, every flower never see in verdant, leaving a little bit of a touch of warmth to the rest of the Love……  Fold Yisuo wind, sleeve cover a month, indulge in a past life's accent。  That nice ring, one day will bring patches of memory to recognize?  Through the years, as if everyone encountered are that April day in the standing figure。  Those traces of different shades, all in the heart of the ups and downs in the clear。  No way to tell, nor tangled, would naturally clear hi, is the most beautiful experience。  Those subtle always through the years, no alienation, not deliberately, in abstinence, looking forward to the purity and tranquility left the world of。  Still can not escape fate, those who can not stop falling maple leaves, but can still hold that piece of elegant maple。  How many dreams, after all, time will be eroded, leaving only several flower fragmented memories, there is a melancholy to incomplete。  Slowly, all your mind, are back fireworks。  What simply do not persistent, it is ordained in the interpretation of the real you。  Things such as wind, calm the mind, such as lotus, in the ancient city of Nanjing's clear, quiet bloom…. 。 How much worried about spring, lean cut of Love?How much treasure, had quietly End of the World?  Whose heart blossoms in the window who's busy, and that some green fleeting, who decorated the swing frame?  How much mind, in full bloom in the silence of the night, and slowly grew into a lush Bodhi。  Favorite quietly falling yesterday that sticks, bags decorated years。  I was so unintentional, fireworks slowly turn around, do not want to live up to all the Zither Love。  How much pure, lopsided, died down years of love, there are ten million kinds。  Heart, looking forward to the year anyway, ten thousand kinds of treasure in my heart in full bloom。  You go I stay, maybe a lot better than this, most people love, but also the most ruthless。  Between come and go, if the light breeze, peace can be comfortable。  Dew on a lotus leaf, always empty labor care。  Some people, some of the things some of the situation, had to accept the inevitable outcome of those coming。  Be quiet running horizon passing, find a fishing village in the Enron mild, everything, will be fine, warm……  Folds of time, the wind is from the mind of the millennium, cup plum taste of water, always in plain white in the United States alone。  Leaves fluttering in the faith, I'm afraid but had no any involvement with the earth。  The eye is still dressed emotions that several flower flower, how much sorrow gorgeous, clear sky across his lips, already not worth mentioning。  That bud puberty, still indulge in the warmth of summer, are you ready, to take a lifetime full of questions and answers kindred kapok trees and flowers?  Nature walk in down-hearted soul, the number of dreams, still distant from the ferry stop?  How many egrets, still there at Mizusawa in habitat?  The slightest desire, as fireworks bloom in my sky, how much mind, in those years Formosa natural immortality。  Trance memories still walk, I would like to use after years of parting, in exchange for casual get together。  Innumerable twists and turns, the old and the number of Love?  Earth wind and frost struck facial features, sometimes, not even an unusual dependency, can not afford to give each other。  Some fate through, there is always the lingering compassion。  Touch the warm rain, bluestone lane as if see smoke。  Perhaps the pair met, is to meet, and those who have had bone-deep。  Even if one day, come early outcome, similar to leaves elegant, fill the gap that is gentle reflection……  Petals season has stimulated the king, those in the past, though gone, but never touching those who cherish。  Those hidden in the petals of daisies in full bloom, always make people speechless sweet。  Past and Present of kite flying, falling Gate Lane, deterred most home。  Perhaps you never have to look for, where to fall, and visit not return at all, is the fate of the。  Thus, only willing to go with the flow。  Some people, too, was met met departure from the departure, those lobes of wild daisies always makes grateful heart health。  Why chase, why go to hesitate in the face of today's old yesterday, after all, could not pull time rush。  How many waves, inadvertently implicit in farewell, but quiet good piece of Hanada。  Hand, holding everything is still, the love, just love, nowhere else。  The world has never been a misunderstanding, only wandering heart swing way out and clear autumn season。  Time at both ends, the depth of love woven wrong number for Love?  Dimei years of soft plume of smoke, instant annihilation in one place vicissitudes。  Collect all thoughts, those fragrance, never for whom, who does not need, many years unharmed。  Listen to the wind, listening to the rain, watching the leaves, flowers, and some feelings, without words, in a pool of lotus pond of quiet beauty nestling Kingston……  Then later, how much thought, had already deserted in the flower field。  Barren, why unfortunately, it is a reservation of emotion。  Inadvertently, then glance, have been separated for years, perhaps love a person, you must bear the fate of the debris。  How many tears point in mind, touching unfunded despair Benjamin。  Canhong one place, lightly away, I sigh with whom fall?  All in all, if only start with the outcome, they are away to infinity。  I cherish my secret is the bow of the most gentle, quiet passing。  How much love, it has not yet away?  Those who can not, no one to talk, those faint fragrance, in the dull years always enjoy the aftertaste。  Some people, something will eventually quietly covered with hearts, some quiet joy, smiling quietly in time where。  Perhaps love, just love, smile remember, is sufficient。  There are always some pain never into warm, filled with treasure, both calm and tranquility in the petals of daisies in……  There are always those moments, the heart is still salvage the TV drama of that day。  And how many thousand mountains twilight snow pure, met the former 风雪夜归人。  The soul of the film, are yellowed Sentimental, memories, but the flowers are thick, between turns, in fact, only sleep slowly flowing。  Who slowly lost later, but it is getting stronger poetic, that heart, those bustling, it was in full bloom in small daisy's petals。  Eventually forget, Ann and warm care of the other side?The evening did not twilight, a feeling that it really displaced End of the World?  How many feelings plain Jane, still youthful in shy, since there was no rivalry with the streamer, then flying in a quiet brow。  How much leisure, detailed in the palm of time, and quietly profound feelings of vicissitudes in homeland?  Inadvertently, go to the window autumn, thin eyebrows and painted curved, across the wind, Dianjiangchun, a light cover sleeve lingering。  Stare between the completion of the rain poetry, Zen time to listen, I saw the Buddha, not people。  Can be felt, but not explained, those plain Jane, a string, line by line, with sea hear the wind, in my soul to play in the thin dash sat leisurely……  Trying to wipe away those memories, or can not hide, time rush, and who understand that this is a long-lost care?  And how many gentle, leaves dancing in?  Those lonely tea is cool, still can not get rid of, wandering alone in the branches of time。  Still can not suppress the desire for spring, some way, a person can only go。  In still falling, people have the horizon, those who made an appointment counterparts, can only stand in the place that overlooks the covered Ome。  My heart a little cinnabar, skinny reduce the number of Love?  In the quiet time in the afternoon, I could not help but dream of a return to the south, there is still time to tell so many words。  To live up to, not to miss, just remember do not remember in Acacia……  How much can not break the joys and sorrows, still in the misty cloud of dust?  Eighteen Springs quietly gone through, love, not love, has been in farewell, then what to say?  Some fate is just footprints in the past, both men quietly claim an appearance of life, from do not want to dwell。  All sorrow, are left to drizzle, wandering the quiet that prosthetic always been perched on the soul's falling。  Susan, as promised, both inside and outside Shen Yuan, had not owe, Goddess of joy, but also a period of Love。  Time, such as embroidery, how many tiny exhort, holding incense sticks on old, because of years of relentless and never to the beginning of the end。  There are always gentle, quiet good dust half flower bloom。  Even woke up no place to seek those quiet lane wandering, but also very beautiful life for some time。  Those thoughts came together during the rainy season, will eventually blossom a smile on his lips, that flower fragrance, has been quiet breathing。  Those faint beautiful, paper backs kept walking, how much love, hidden in flower in time, always refused to leave?  Regrets loved, come the inevitable calmly Xiangxi together for compassion, but also of possibilities Wind and Smoke all net……  Heart With Million Knots, fiber cloud get clever, quiet good number for Love?  Xu promise not light, it is not negative light, a regret, but also into how much compassion?  Mo how many wandering thoughts, all in soft flower's time。  Always too early or too late dash of leisure, standing in the wind, without a word, looked。  How much affection can not see, this life is heavy, let all missed, all in the afterlife intersection, waiting for the new moon slowly round。  Although your happiness, then none of my business, but those who have joy, or having an affair with my years。  Those most know, my heart is still lightly, and his well-being, already carved in stone Sansei。  The wind, the rain, the clouds, quietly meditating in time, the practice of their own smoke Nalv。  Have always believed that those destined to their own, after all, not far from, how much eternal, not crossing the Buddha who originated from crossing。  Perhaps you never know who is looking forward to some things, thin, old, and has nothing to do with time。  Those left behind read to my heart, pure of their own, between turns, gently pick up a few Xu Xianya。  Those little daisy mind, never no sorrow, no joy, gently through the ancient walls, but stuck in the memory of the wire-line。  Those who refused to exit, and still barren of life is quietly growing。  And how many Acacia, just like the central water, hold a meditation, it will not give birth to the desolate, tracked the heart of the grinding time alone。  How many tears have, through those beautiful, had cemented a bay amber。  Those joy, on the title page in the life of birds are flying long grass, it has been stuck in the spring……

Summer Diet Tips summer appetizer dish to eat

Summer diet summer diet little knowledge of what is more crucial, hot weather, many people could not eat。 So, there is little knowledge of what summer diet, what to eat good food with summer 6681 and summer Xiaobian to look at the introduction of diet little knowledge of it!Summer Diet Tips 1, light-based diet summer diet to light, bitter cold, nutrient-rich, easy to digest food better, not to eat sticky foods to avoid gastrointestinal obstruction, at the same time, not too hungry fed。 The hot summer heat, high temperature wet weight, suffer the taste of food can Qingxie heat, but also the spleen, increase appetite。 Such as cucumbers, salad, sweet and sour, "and my heart the United States", Laocu peanuts, radish skin salad, lettuce salad, garlic eggplant dish is a good adorned。
2, water melons should eat more than nature has its own laws, hot, we sweat more, large water loss, while the rich summer melons in many vegetables, melons and water than vegetables, water up to 90%。
From the beginning of April and May, cucumber, bitter gourd and so on will be listed, the price will be relatively inexpensive, these seasonal vegetables, eat very good。
3, multi-cooked food, less cold summer diet Tidbits summer season, people tend to like raw fruits, seafood and other foods。
It is worth noting that the high summer temperatures, easy to breed a variety of bacteria and parasites, if not pay attention to food hygiene, especially in the "three noes" stalls to eat unhealthy food, it may be infected。
4, eat more vinegar day hot spots sweat more, eat more vinegar can also increase the concentration of acid to help digestion and absorption, stimulates the appetite。
Vinegar also has a strong antibacterial activity, have a preventive effect against typhoid, dysentery and other intestinal infectious diseases。 Hot days, people fatigue, drowsiness discomfort, eat a little vinegar, benefit from fatigue, keep plenty of energy。

A kiss days of shortage, no complaints from the War

That I, I was lotus, as you spend off, skim lotus in hand, kiss the days of famine。That season was too misty rain blurred, hazy moonlight vast, you traveled south to play, not owned by people just passing。    This life, I am a woman, you as a son, Allure met, no complaints from the War。Poetry as a warning to the word for the AU to month for the media to star as evidence, this life you are willing to consider devoting, compose a Mo lost not forget。    I'm five hundred years ago you lost lotus blossom waiting for you five hundred years, only to meet again, I love knot。Life saw you in the deepest Red, even if you are in the horizon, I was in Cape, my King and Allure this side, the other side of the king of Iraq haggard, Howards End, no regrets nor complain。    This life, I think your days。In each month, Long Delicate night, moonlight shed a lingering dream Banjun。Since then my life more of a throbbing, keep a warm, and as the encounter scene, such as a beautiful picture of rhyme, indulge me Red millennium。    This life, I am your roots。Meet, friend, Xiangxi affection gradually sublimated into a tie tie poetry, to each other deeply heart collection。Beautiful eyes always think has shown signs of stunning, towering mountains, gurgling water, the forest of streams, a companion to bomb a thousand years and no one, it's you come too late, sad my fingertips。As you come around, go to a Red dream, only one, Piansi years。Met a beautiful, drop ink in my heart, my life became the deepest Chilian。    Red fleeting, shallow rub shoulders fate do not ask the time, I am convinced that fate greatly between you and me, but meet once they know each other, any thoughts of a fall step by step。When the flowers penned lyric, Kiss falling Whispering, measuring the distance with you my thoughts, only Page scriptures, sections affectionate, day and night with me Sijun。    Dim moonlight, I miss the season planted in the autumn night, pro-wind kiss the rain, in my warm affection disperse you endless loneliness and sadness, tonight your heart and wandering, Where?There may be a ray of Acacia my heart have a dream tempting?I miss wound into a tree, leaving the trace of the red line, waiting for you to pull, I ask what year?    Because more than the crowd looked at you, from your face memorable。You know lotus bitter?Acacia alone drink poison, buried Fallen flowers of Chunni。If you know lotus bitter, then dumping the World in exchange for a kiss Can I spend?Cheng pulls turned not ask, do not tell parting past life, before now Banjun, four eyes intercourse, silent love, silent joy。    If the thoughts are the United States, I would like to hold you in my arms every morning breeze Muyu, the melody to listen to the heartbeat of each other; if the distance is the United States, I would like to quietly think of you every ray of sunlight in the moonlight, perceived as mutually affair ; if the pre-existence destined, I wish you every year for the flowers and open flowers, fragrant ages rolled out the red trail, subtle fragrance lingering Hornsey sea, waiting for you to pick; if this life destined, I would like to make a wish for your devotion, you Ann's warm I look forward to my life, your smile is the same in my heart long for。    I only wish you the collection, in the warmth of your feelings inside, just want to snuggle in your gentle eyes, deep in your care, the planted sweet and sad love, accompanied by old。

Bank of Japan to maintain an accommodative monetary policy unchanged in line with expectations

Remittance Network April 30 hearing – Thursday (April 30) Asian market trading, the Bank of Japan [microblogging] published the results of semi-annual policy meeting, announced the monetary policy unchanged, pledged to continue to 80 trillion each year dollar rate to expand the monetary base。Resolution results in line with market expectations, the US dollar against the yen refresh intraday low of 118.65。  Bank of Japan declared the resolution, the board member Kiuchi Gordon British proposal to adjust monetary policy at a speed of 45 trillion yen in the year to expand the monetary base。But Kiuchi Gordon British proposal was again rejected by the majority of members。Policy decisions voted 8 to 1 by。  US dollar lower against the yen after the statement issued resolution。Although the resolution as a whole in line with expectations, but relatively empty and nothing new content to make a lot of hope that the bank overweight loose disappointed traders, and therefore the exchange rate pressure。  Later attention 14:30 Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda press conference。Kuroda focused on comments at a press conference on oil prices, inflation, monetary policy and the future of the yen made。In addition, the Bank of Japan will announce the latest economic forecast inflation report。  12:11 GMT, the dollar against the yen reported 118.70/72。

After the Sino-Japanese dialogue interrupted Finance Minister Lou Jiwei recovery two years: to promote bilateral industrial cooperation

Japan finance ministers will continue to improve bilateral relations after the injection of positive energy in Japan finance ministers dialogue interrupted Finance Minister Lou Jiwei recovery two years to make three recommendations was held in Tokyo next year, according to Xinhua News Agency Xinhua Sixth dialogue planned in 2013 held the fifth China-Japan Finance ministers dialogue, yesterday morning to restart the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, China Finance Minister Lou Jiwei and Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Japan Taro Aso co-chaired the dialogue。The dialogue was held, was widely regarded as the warming of Sino-Japanese relations positive performance。  At the opening ceremony, Lou Jiwei put forward three proposals。He said that Japan are the world's second and third largest economies, their economies healthy development of both sides and the world are of great significance。The two sides should strengthen communication with the candid in-depth macroeconomic policy coordination, to jointly promote the two countries and the global economic recovery and development。  Lou Jiwei proposed that the two sides should promote bilateral pragmatic open industrial cooperation。Ministry of Finance and the two countries should be prepared to engine lubricants bilateral economic cooperation, promote exchanges and cooperation in various fields budget, social security, to deal with aging, treasury, tax, public debt management, in order to complement the Sino-Japanese strategic and mutually beneficial relationship new impetus。  Lou Jiwei also suggested that the two sides should work together to promote positive and promising Asian and global economic governance。And Japan should make good use of the Asian Development Bank, the East Asian Financial Cooperation Mechanism multilateral mechanism and the "10 + 3" Macroeconomic Research Office and other Chiang Mai Initiative, to provide financial and intellectual support for economic development in Asia。  Taro Aso at the opening ceremony of the first China expressed condolences on the Yangtze River passenger ship capsized recent events。He said the two economies are in a very important situation, hope in the dialogue the two sides can exchange views frankly。  The dialogue meeting, the two Ministers agreed to hold the sixth session of finance ministers in Japan in Tokyo, Japan next year。  >>Japanese Finance Minister background information in the dialogue mechanism between the two countries is the consensus in the Sixth ASEM Finance Ministers' Meeting held in June 2005 agreed on。In March 2006, when he was appointed Minister of Finance Jin Renqing and when he was Japanese Finance Minister Sadakazu Tanigaki and Japanese finance ministers held their first dialogue in Beijing, when he was appointed deputy minister of the Ministry of Finance Lou Jiwei also participated in the first dialogue。  Sino-Japanese Finance Minister once dialogue was held in Tokyo, Japan, April 7, 2012 Fourth China-Japan Finance Ministers dialogue, when he was appointed Minister of Finance Xie and the then Japanese Finance Minister Azumi co-chaired the dialogue。On that conversation, the two finance ministers have agreed to hold the fifth China-Japan Finance Ministers Dialogue in China in 2013。  >>News Analysis and Japanese finance ministers will inject positive energy every year in spring 2006, the first Sino-Japanese Finance Minister Dialogue was held in Beijing for the continuous improvement of bilateral ties, when he was deputy minister of the Ministry of Finance Lou Jiwei had participated in that dialogue。Turning to Japan nine years after the finance ministers' dialogue, Lou Jiwei said that the platform is important for improving Sino-Japanese relations。"China and Japan narrow strip of water, is the heart of peace and friendship between the two peoples hope。Sino-Japanese friendship is conducive to economic development in Asia。"Lou Jiwei said at the opening ceremony of the dialogue will。  Just less than two weeks ago, the Sino-Japanese friendly exchanges held in Beijing, more than 3,000 friends from various circles from Japan 47 prefectures gathered in the Great Hall。Xi Jinping attended the Sino-Japanese friendly exchanges between the meeting and delivered an important speech。  Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Gao Hong, deputy director of Japan Research Institute, said such a large delegation to China, in itself shows that the Japanese people a lot of people look forward to improved relations between the two countries, they are willing to take a friendly, positive attitude and the way to face problems。Experts said that due to the geographical proximity, the two countries in many areas of interest are the same, should be used to improve the favorable opportunity of the good relations between the two countries, expand exchanges and mutual trust accumulated。  In the dialogue, the two sides agreed that the volatility of commodity prices, risk factors for the global economic recovery process of economic policy spillovers and other major developed economies expressed concern about the impact of。Japan stressed the need to further deepen bilateral pragmatic cooperation in Finance, including the strengthening of communication in the budget, taxation, social security system reform, public debt management and tariff policies to support bilateral cooperation in economy, trade and investment fields。  China Institute of International Studies, director of the Institute of World Economy and Development Jiangyue Chun believes that the recent China and South Korea signed a free trade agreement, Japan is a positive stimulus。China is expected to be a large part of the market shifted to South Korea, Japan will likely to be affected in the Chinese market。The finance ministers held a dialogue in this context, there is a certain positive role in promoting the future of Japan and South Korea free trade agreement。  "Under favorable conditions had improved momentum of Sino-Japanese relations, the two sides need to be more sincerity, vision and pioneering spirit, mutual trust and continue to accumulate the results of Finance pragmatic cooperation, positive energy is injected into the continuous improvement of Sino-Japanese relations。"Said Lou Jiwei。  Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency

"Fortune" published the list of the most influential business leaders topped Ma

Night network, nightlife network Finance YORK, April 10 pm news, "Fortune" magazine today published the Chinese version of the 2015 "China's 50 most influential business leaders" list, the Chairman of the Board of Alibaba Jack Ma [microblogging ] topped the list, followed by Tencent chairman Pony Ma, chairman Ren Zhengfei, Huawei ranked third。  In 2014, Alibaba [microblogging] listed on the first day the market value of the New York Stock Exchange, or more than US social networking giant Facebook, but also more than Amazon and eBay [microblogging] the sum, as the world's first second only to Google two major Internet companies。Alibaba now encompasses all areas of e-commerce, finance, O2O, education, tourism, the process of globalization has also further extension Zhang。Ma has been using the "ecosystem" to describe the true value of the Ali Baba。2015, Ma has greater ambitions。  With the "Internet +" has become a new concept in the new normal political and business circles are preferred, located in the center of the topic Ma has repeatedly referred to the Internet should be seen as the power of the second industrial revolution, superimposed on innovation in other industries after allowing more areas to create change。Aggressive strategy than in the past, Tencent now more focused on their own for the "basic architectural services"。   The following is the 2015 "China's 50 most influential business leaders" complete list: 1 Chairman Jack Ma, Alibaba Group board of directors 50 years of age and CEO of Tencent Ma 2 43 3-year-old Ren Zhengfei, Huawei CEO Yang Yuanqing 70 years old 4 5 50-year-old Dong Mingzhu Gree Electric chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group Chairman [microblogging] the Board of directors and Chief Executive Officer 6 60-year-old Song Zhiping, chairman of China National Building Material Group 59-year-old Lei Jun 7 [microblogging] millet Technology [microblogging] founding man, 45-year-old chairman and CEO Wang Jianlin Dalian Wanda 8 [microblogging] 9 Ma Mingzhe, chairman of Ping An Insurance 60-year-old chairman and chief executive Neil Shen, 59, 10 [microblogging] global managing partner of Sequoia capital 47-year-old man Liu Qiang tokyo 11 East Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer 41 12-year-old Yu Liang, president of Vanke Co., Ltd. Liu, 49, 13 tree China Sinochem [microblogging] 62-year-old company chairman Li Dang 14 China General technology ( Group) holding Co., Ltd. Director and General Manager Zhang Jindong, Suning Appliance 58-year-old 15 52-year-old chairman Robin Li, Baidu Chairman and CEO 16 46 17 Zhang Ruimin of Haier Group Chairman of the Board, chief Executive 66-year-old officer 18 Bandung Shuanghui Group Chairman Li Shufu, Geely Holding 19 75-year-old chairman Jiang Jianqing, 20, 52, 62-year-old chairman of Commercial Bank of China Yan Kai, 21, and 55-year-old founder of the Pacific Construction Group 22 Chen Dongsheng, chairman and CEO of Taikang Life Insurance, 57 years old Chairman Xu India 23 Hengda Real estate Board of directors of Bank of China Tian Guoli, 56, 24, chairman Fu Chengyu, 25 and 55 years, chairman of China petroleum & Chemical Corporation 63-year-old president of CIMC 26 Boliang 56 years old 27 Wangwei Shun Feng [microblogging]-speed transport (Group) Co., Ltd., founder and president of 44-year-old chairman Li River Jun 28 Hina Holdings Board of directors Wei Jianjun, 47, 29, Great Wall Motor [microblogging] chairman Zhang Ping Wei, 51, 30, 69, 31 bridge venture chairman Patrick Yu, chairman of COFCO 57-year-old Xi Guohua, China mobile 32 [micro-Bo] 63-year-old chairman of Shanghai automotive Group chairman Chen Hong, 33, 54, 34 Zong [microblogging] Wahaha Group chairman Chang Zhenming 35 70-year-old chairman of CITIC Group, Hong Qi, 36, 58, China Minsheng Bank chairman 58 years old 37 LinZuoMing China aviation industry Group chairman Gao Jianping, 38, 57, 55, chairman of Societe Generale Bank 39-year-old Liu Mingzhong emerging Jihua Group chairman Wang, 56, 40 silver Granville international [Microblogging] music as the founder of the 69-year-old Wu Yajun Lake real estate 42 Executive Director and Chairman of the Board Chairman of the 46-year-old Shen Wenrong 41 Shagang Group Board of Directors Chairman of the Board 51 43-year-old Sheng Baijiao Belle Group CEO, 62-year-old Jia Yueting 44, chairman of the board 45 ants and CEO Peng Lei, chief executive of financial services 42 years old, 42-year-old co-founder of Alibaba Luo Jun 46 passers-home network co-founder and CEO Zhang Xin, 47, 47 [microblogging] SOHO China CEO, 49 years old 48 Shen Guojun China Yintai investment Co., Ltd. chairman Michael Yu, 52, 49 [microblogging] new Oriental Education & Technology Group, chairman of Huayi Brothers chairman Wang Jun, 50, 52, 55 years old

For nine startups valuation method

Source: StephaneNasser36 krypton a start-up company is like a box。 A very special box。 This is a start-up box has a value。 The more you put something in the box, the higher its value。 Increased patent, increase the value of the box。
Placing an exciting management team, increase the value of the box。 Very simple, right?Your start-up company is now a value of 2。 great!The Magic Box。 When you put $ 1 on the inside, it will return you $ 2, $ 3 or even $ 10 is amazing!I would like to build a small box for yourself!The problem is that the construction of a box can be very expensive。 So you need to visit those who are rich – let's call investors and provide them with a sound like such a deal: "Give me a million dollars to build a box, you get the output by its X X% but it depends on how much should be pre-money valuation, such as value investing time box。
However, the calculation currency trading before the valuation is tricky。
This article will walk you through nine different valuation methods to better let you know how to determine the pre-money valuation。 Nine kinds of assessment methods: Please note that most valuation methods are based on comparable assets or benchmark valuation data。 How to find such data itself is a problem, it will not solve, but it is likely to be published in a future article。
1。Assess your startup Berkus case method Berkus case method is to use a simple rule of thumb to estimate the value of your box。 It is the writer and business angel investors name DaveBerkus design。
The starting point is: Do you believe in the first five years, the case of income can reach $ 20 million it?If the answer is yes, then you can assess your case based on five key success factors for the construction of the box。 This will give you a rough idea of your box worth (AKA pre-money valuation), and more importantly, you should make that improvement。
Please note that, according to Berkus case law, in the absence of income, the valuation of the box should not exceed 2 million。
Berkus method is applicable to the case have not yet operating income of start-up companies。
2。For your start-up company to assess risk factors RFS summation method or methods with risk factors summation method is based on the case method Berkus, a little evolution over a version of。 First, determine the initial value of your box。 Then, based on the establishment of a box of 12 risk factors inherent to adjust the value of the box。 This initial value is determined as an average box-like in your area, the risk factors in multiples of $ 250,000 as a standard, from a very low risk of $ 500,000, to the very high risk – $ 500,000 valuation。
In fact, the most difficult part here, in most other assessment methods are also encountered, is to find data about similar box。
Risk factors summation method is suitable for the early start。
3.Valuation scorecard valuation of your start-up companies with a scorecard valuation method is more sophisticated approach to the valuation of the box。
It is calculated at the beginning of the risk factors and the way the same sum method, i.e. determination of the basic box your estimate, and then in accordance with a set of criteria, adjusting the valuation。 These standards themselves, they will cause much impact the overall success of the project to measure。
In addition, no other new things。 Your box% higher than the average box-like: This method can also be the name of BillPayneMethod title, it involves six criteria: management (30%), size of the opportunity (25%), products or services (10% ), sales channel (10%), operational phase (10%) and other factors (15%)。 Scorecard valuation method has not yet been applied to operating income of startups。 4.Using comparable transactions method for your startup trading method for evaluating comparable in fact only three rules。
According to the type of box you're building, you need to find an indicator, it will be representative of your box。
The index can be for your business: monthly recurring revenue (SARS), human resources personnel (temporary), the number of outlets (retail), patent applications (Medtech / Biotech), weekly active users or WAU ( messenger)。
In most cases, you can only profit from the income statement: sales, gross margin, EBITDA, etc.。 According to take into account the comparability of the box valued at $ 685 to $ 6736 or comparable transactions method is applicable to income before income generation and after the start-up company。
5.With "book value method" to assess your start-up companies forget how amazing box is to see how many cardboard boxes it's worth one pound。 Book value is the net worth of the company, namely tangible assets of the box, that box "hardware"。
"Book value method" is particularly important for start-up companies, because it focused on "tangible" value of the company, and most startups are focused on intangible assets: RD (for Biotechnology), user groups and software development (network start up)。
6.To calculate your start-up companies from the seller's point of view, it is difficult to say this is a good deal, liquidation value is its name implies, when business is canceled, the liquidation value of the property using the liquidation value method。
It can be incorporated into liquidation value of all tangible assets: real estate, equipment, inventory…These so you can find a buyer in a short time all assets。 The idea is: If I'm in less than two months to be able to sell the company, how much money can?On the other hand, all intangible assets in the liquidation process is considered to be worthless (assuming that is, if worthwhile, it will before you went into liquidation, has been sold)。
For example: patents, copyrights and any other intellectual property rights。
In fact, the scrap value is the liquidation value of all tangible assets and。 For investors, the liquidation value as an assessment of investment risk parameters useful: a high potential liquidation value means lower risk。 For example, all other things being equal, it is best to invest in a owned equipment, rather than to lease equipment。 If everything went wrong, you went out of business, at least you can get some money to sell these devices, but if you are leasing, then you get nothing。 Then the book value and the liquidation value what difference does it?If a startup really have to sell their assets in case of bankruptcy, due to the unfavorable conditions of sale, the value of which is obtained from the sales could be lower than its book value。
So liquidation value Book value。
While these two assets are tangible assets, but the value of the background of these assets is not the same。
As BenGrahampoints said, the liquidation value of the assets from the shareholders can measure the time from the business, while the book value to measure assets invested their business。 7.With "discounted cash flow" method to assess your start-up companies (DCF) if your box works well, bring some cash every year。
So, you can say that the total value of assets of the box is the sum of all future cash flows for the next few years of。 This is the basis of the discounted cash flow method (DCF) behind。 Suppose you are investing in cash flow ň。
What happens after?This will be the final program of value (TV) to be solved 1: Do you think business will maintain steady growth, and?After years of uncertainty continue to create cash flow amount。
Well, you can use this formula to calculate the final value :: TV = CFn1 / (RG), "R" is the discount rate, "G" is the expected growth rate。
Option 2: You?After deadline consider withdrawing。
First, you want to estimate the future value of acquisitions, such as the way comparable transactions (see above)。
Then you must deduct the value of the future to get its net present value。
TV = exit value / (1R) ^ N Although technically, you can use it to calculate the income after start-up company, but that does not equal the value of start-ups。 8.With First Chicago method to evaluate your venture company First Chicago method required to answer a particular situation line: If there is a small chance that you will become a box big box, how would you assess this potential?First Chicago method (first in Chicago and later in a bank name, if you want to know the name of the source words) to address this issue through three valuation: worst case (small box), normal (normal case), the best case (big box)。 Value box, magic happens every valuations are used discounted cash flow method (or, if not possible, use a formula or a multiple internal rate of return)。
Then, you can make a decision based on the percentage probability of occurrence of each case reflects。
According to "First Chicago Law", your valuation is the average of each case。 The first method is suitable for a Chicago start-up companies after earnings。 You can read more about the first Chicago law。
9.As the name implies assessment of your start-up companies with venture investment, venture capital from investors point of view method。 An investor looking for a specific return on investment, say 20 times。
In addition, according to industry standards, investors believe that your box can sell for $ 100 million in eight years。
Based on these two factors, investors may be adjusted after dilution, to easily determine that he / she would like for you to invest maximum price。 Venture Capital method is suitable for business after earnings before investment income。 The best method of valuation is…Congratulation!If you do, you will know that nine kinds of valuation methods。
So you might scream: What is the best method of valuation?First of all, remember that the only way to really use venture capital is comparable manner, also takes into account the degree of dilution of the founder of rough acceptable。 For example, in the seed round between 300,000 to 500,000 euros, the given 15-25% of revenue, or to ensure founder remains the largest shareholder after the A round status。
Secondly, let us remember that valuation is just a stereotypical estimate。 Valuation never show the true value of your company。 They only show two things: (1) the market is willing to give you the little red box price is how much of the investment, (2) you are willing to accept the minimum amount of money to accept it。
Having said that, I found that the best method of valuation is by the early investors OtiumCapital of PierreEntremont described。 He said, you should start with determining the start of your needs, then according to the needs, talk diluted question: Valuation is a good starting point when considering financing。
It helps to establish the figures given argument, rather than simply discuss。
In any case, for a more important game in terms of supply and demand, they are just theories introduced it。

White needle harm you have three major hazards have to be careful

White needle white needle hazardous it is a very good whitening of plastic products, it can be able to achieve a whitening effect in a short period of time, and therefore a lot of people will choose plastic surgery。But while the White needle actually has a lot of side effects and hazards。The following night network come to you talk about the three major hazards have to be careful oh!White needle harm white needles, full name is called oxidation whitening injection, is a common。That white needles what harm it Here we take a look together。
1, whitening needle heart and brain damage due to the system of white needle injecting intravenous injection, is white needle drug delivery directly to the heart and brain circulatory system, for physical damage is extremely large, and therefore does not appeal to female beauty by injection White needle a way that white。2, whitening injection needle prone to infection Many people like to come back from abroad with white needle injection, they will choose to go to a private place whitening injection needle, and utensils Private spaces because of unclean, poor sterilization causes the body to infection。
3. Long-term whitening injection needle can damage the health of the saying goes, three-drug, and white needle warranty period of up to one year, if the white needle after injection because of improper care of themselves, but also make the effect of white needles greatly reduced, so you want long-term whitening, whitening injection must be long needle, and a long white needle injection causes the body's liver, kidneys suffer damage and is not recommended to use whitening whitening needle mode。The effectiveness of whitening whitening needle needle hazardous why so many people do it to fight the white needle fact, the most fundamental reason is the effect of white needles。That whitening effect, what does a needle, tranexamic acid is the enzyme can be used to control the action of melanin, melanin reduction。
2, ginkgo help metabolic cycle enhancer。
3, glutathione helps detoxify the body, it can also help cell。
As shown in FIG. 4, as white needles containing vitamin C ^ whitening ingredients, and having an antioxidant action, so that needles may hit whitening far melanin。5, HGH growth hormone can promote such human cells continue to divide newborn。
For more information, please visit 6681 health network!。

A friend, Zuimeng Millennium

Xuan window open the season, the day he accidentally got into April, in the morning, turn on the speaker, a "bosom friend" softly and slowly floated into the eardrum。    “Mountain green, water Bibi, Mountain and Flowing Water rhyme Yiyi, cries, weeping and complaining like moaning, sighed that rare friend in life, eternal bosom friend is hard to find the most。”Zheng sound ray of soft glide, stop and feel the hands are finishing the manuscript, the soul, like an awakened heart, at that moment inexplicable warm up。……    [A] has been like a bosom friend of the word, like standing Manwu peach, there are fragrant, he could feel, do not thin Oh, is that familiar smell; like sitting in the sunny season, the sun fell heart, even if silent , there will be warm straight to the heart。    Concert, is just how impressive a warm, pleasant smile was very small word ah!    A student, but had a girlfriend and scope of the word debate, quarreling bitterly, she thought, Concert, two people then do not say, two people equal to a man; I said, Concert, not necessarily have to become a people should be two people heart to heart, like-minded。Grow up, can understand the connotation bosom friend of not only this, many times, it is a perception in the extended。    I think that Chamber of Bliss, a military commander, concern for the fate; a chivalrous, portrait with pay, for Taoyuan, risked his life escorting Cai Xiao Fengxian fled, their love story can be described as heavy and warm。Cai Xiao Fengxian gave wrote a couplet in:“End do not believe beauty born unlucky, the dust never Touch of Zen”, But after the death of Cai E, Cai Xiao Fengxian gave elegiac couplet is:“Tianpeng miles south wing, straight spread upward, nakan hardship rest of his life, the final night stand Ping a dream; a few years Facets, reduced from worry, winning hero confidant, peach color also Chiaki”。Salon love, save the nation Chi, awe-inspiring, and this distraught love story to heartbreak and regret, a bosom friend, with utter sincerity, eternal story, imperishable noble spirit。    Mr. Jin's Republic of China, Lin Huiyin due to the admiration of literary talent and character, has been quietly followed, silently accompanied Huiyin also greatly admired for his beloved, spiritual communication between them can be described as unusual。Because knowing each other and understand, Mr. Jin in dealing with him, the emotional entanglements Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin, first and last are the highest intellectual control himself; because knowing each other and know how he Lin Huiyin love life, silently followed his life, but also his life quietly collection。    Room friendship easy to get, hard to find a bosom friend thousands of miles, Boya sub-period mountain stream, people getting killed piano pieces; Qing Cheng of band phase and lighting, eternal love。    But the original, Concert, a nod, a bow, a Gazing know it; aficionados, is a smile, a greeting, a clear Qiannian。    Salon is a buzz of mountain streams, and not be slow, but crystal clear; aficionados, and is separated by thousands of miles, in a vein in the wind fragrant, also could hear the heartbeat。    [Two] I do not know to meet with you is the edge a few of the world, because of the word, we come together; because the common pursuit, we know each other spend。Met you, I know that you are my bosom friend hard to find harps, a big crowd, then you are the man of my life to be like。    Dream of the day, the text is enchanting flowers, a sum affectionate, gentle and a tie, shallow fleeting, seems to have become accustomed to the Qing Ji, accompanied, until that day, you carry a roll of poetry appeared, from my world of color in riotous profusion。Come, I write Qiayu gazing, Geping to look, at first sight, a smile, a stunning early depths of the Red meet。    Who said a person's life will encounter countless times meet some people, you've seen and then forgotten landscapes, some people are in your heart take root sprout。To you and me, just so。Appreciate your beautiful words, Song of length, to his right at the heart of the outpouring restless, and my graceful precisely the style you like, listen, the cloud water two knowing each other accompanied by, get word, the mountain stream sing Concert。From then on, my every morning, you really filled greetings; every night, mixing earnest exhort you, unconsciously, you become I look forward to the day and night; the breeze, a drop of water close to the mountains far thoughts。    Have always believed that this world, there is an encounter, not on the road, but in my heart; there is a feeling, not stay together day and night, but it is accompanied by silence。A language, do not have to say anything, but every word voices; soon miss, irrespective of the distance, but they can marshes; one kind of know each other, not deliberately, but they can Zuimeng Millennium……    Often think, I'm your past life left behind kindred forget-me, the wind drifting through the years, through the poetry of incense, and finally again quietly blooming dream attitude you must pass through the intersection, I'm in your swaying incense before the painted screen, you look back at my freeze in the landscape。In many cases, some words do not need to export only laugh, as it is the minds think alike。    Mountain stream drunk, Concert of band and, fortunately, in the most beautiful years, we did not miss, you flatter me with a deep feeling Wang in hand, I return to a silent chamber gentle。A know, no eachother, even though silent, is also a warm, fly at tempting portrait; perception, the same solution Lanzhou。    The most beautiful Rhapsody, carrying a roll of gentle, spring vigil。This Fangfei spring day, it is the breeding season of green and charming, perhaps, also a tender sprout season it?Spread memory, picking up after years in the past, counting time, who smiles quietly shining in the distance?Who's calling quietly thrill in their hearts?    Mountain green, water Bibi, Mountain and Flowing Water rhyme Yiyi, rare friend in life, the most difficult to find eternal bosom friend, the speakers, Nagqu "Salon" continues。Spring flowers and heart Xin also warm, this life, not for forever, just for this season bloom Allure。    A friend, Zuimeng years, so, it is good。    Red smile put pen to paper on the night of 28 March 2014, a Yuen QQ1285207538; two BUILDING QQ2714169513