Month: July 2018

How about a vegetarian can not affect their health?

For health, to some extent, you are ready to become vegetarian, but also worried that eat only vegetarian food, nutrition is not comprehensive but health problems how to do, in this case, to optimize their diet, good planning is the key Oh。What are the benefits of vegetarianism?Vegetarians Healthier less disease: Vegetarian contains a lot of crude fiber, can lipid-lowering diet to prevent constipation。Vegetarian can enhance human immunity, vegetarians suffering from cardiovascular disease, cancer, gout, arthritis, renal failure, cerebral palsy and other diseases is much lower than the average ratio。When a human body fluids slightly alkaline state, transmission of information between the speed and effectiveness of brain cells are in the best condition, person becomes wise, while fluid was acidic state, the brain reflects slow, slow, work and study efficiency are in poor condition, it is clumsy person。
After we all know, the meat is acidic foods, human intake of fluids tends to make acidic。
So, not only will bring a healthy vegetarian, people will become smarter。
Several vegetarian diet principles 1, should be based on whole wheat bread, bread germ, brown rice instead of white rice, flour。
2, high meat protein content, but legumes such as soy beans, soybeans, mung beans, beans or tofu and other processed products are also rich in protein, can add part of nutrition for not eating meat and the lack of, no cholesterol and eat more beans excessive worries。

Locke fourth-quarter loss of $ 22,302,017 every year loss 1.US $ 60.9 billion

Tencent securities FRANCISCO March 19 evening news, according to Yahoo Finance reports, Locke (Locke) announced today fourth quarter December 31, 2017 and 2017 Annual Report as of。 Reported Locke fourth-quarter revenue of $ billion, an increase of 1%; Locke fourth-quarter net loss of $ 22.3 million, down 12% year on year。
Locke full-year 2017 revenue of $ billion, down 35% year on year; Locke billion dollars in 2017 full-year loss。 Locke fourth-quarter earnings summary: Locke fourth-quarter revenue of $ billion, an increase of 1% compared to the same period last year billion dollars。
Locke fourth quarter attributable to shareholders net loss of $ 22.3 million, down 12 percent year on year, compared with a year earlier loss of $ 25.5 million。 Not in accordance with GAAP (non-GAAP), fourth quarter net loss attributable to shareholders Locke was $ 19.2 million, down 16%, compared with a year earlier loss of $ 22.9 million。
After Locke fourth quarter diluted earnings per American Depositary Share (ADS) loss of $, compared with the same period last year of $。
Not in accordance with GAAP (non-GAAP), fourth quarter attributable to shareholders of Locke per American Depositary Shares (ADS) loss of $, compared with the same period last year of $。
Locke 2017 Annual Report Summary: Locke full-year 2017 revenue of $ billion, down 35% year on year, compared with a year earlier billion dollars。
In mid-2017 the year attributable to shareholders of Locke net loss of $ billion, including $ 41.2 million of goodwill amortization, compared with the same period last year of $ 9.8 million。 Not in accordance with GAAP (non-GAAP), 2017 full-year attributable to shareholders of Locke net loss of $ million compared with a year earlier loss of $ 10.1 million。
After Locke full-year 2017 diluted earnings per share American Depositary Shares (ADS) loss of $, compared with the same period last year of $。 After not in accordance with GAAP (non-GAAP), Locke mid-2017 full-year diluted earnings per share American Depositary Shares (ADS) loss of $, compared with the same period last year of $。
As of December 31, 2017, Locke held cash, cash equivalents totaled billion dollars。 Outlook: Locke expects between $ 75 million and $ 77 million in revenue in the first quarter of 2018 the company's total would be about, which represents about 10% to 13% growth year on year, compared to 2017 year revenue totaled $ 68.3 million。 (Yuet Wah)。

NATO's new headquarters is expected to settle Ulm, Germany

  [World Wide Web reports reporter Zhu Mengying] According to ARD's "Daily News" reported on the 20th, the German Federal Defense Ministry said the same day, has been communicating with NATO, NATO is responsible for logistics services it plans to build a new headquarters built in Ukraine in Germany helm。   Reports that Germany plans to undertake a new NATO headquarters, called the Joint Command Support and empowerment (JointSupportandEnablingCommand), whose duty is to focus on logistics。 But the new headquarters location problem so far has not been determined, Ulm and Cologne – Bonn region as a candidate under discussion。 But the German side believes that Ulm has a wealth of experience。 Bundeswehr has established a multinational headquarters in Ulm, on behalf of the United Nations, NATO and the European Union。   The report also said NATO's new headquarters is needed。
In times of crisis, with the help of the new headquarters of the rapid transfer of personnel and supplies。
Federal Ministry of Defense also said that the new headquarters will not be integrated into the existing NATO structures, but closely related, and employees (military) capability can also be used in national exercises and operations outside the NATO alliance。   During According to earlier media reports, the German Defense Minister Feng De Laien in February this year in Brussels to attend NATO defense ministers will have been advocating for this site plan。
She said Germany both located in the geographical heart of Europe, but also with the experience and logistical support aspects。
  NATO defense ministers will be meeting on a new headquarters site selection issues a formal decision in held in June this year。

Ministry of Education: recruit college students from poor families should increase focus on policy preferences

Data for: holiday rural middle school students to follow their parents up the hill labor。
Source: Vision China "notice" requirements, strict conditions apply and qualification。 National special programs directed to recruit students in poor areas, the implementation of regional focus on contiguous special difficulties for the county, as well as key counties for national poverty alleviation and development in South Xinjiang Four States, the poverty-stricken counties out of poverty special national plans to implement the region in 2018 will continue to apply national special Program policies。
Special programs directed to recruit local provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) implementation of rural students in the region, the implementation of regional and specific conditions apply to achieve full coverage (autonomous regions and municipalities) Ethnic Autonomous County of the province the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) determined according to local conditions, by the。
Special programs to recruit college orientation in remote, poverty, ethnic and other regions of the county (including county-level cities) of the following high school studious, good student achievement in rural areas, the region is determined by the implementation of the relevant provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities)。 He urged all localities to strictly implement the plan to apply for special conditions, improve qualification measures to further improve the multi-sectoral joint audit mechanism provincial, municipal and county levels of education, public security, to ensure that candidates household registration, enrollment true and accurate。
Conscientiously carry out the requirements for qualified candidates to verify universities, verification of candidates by people related materials。
  "Notice" stressed the increased promotional services and helping candidates。
Called on all localities and relevant universities to increase enrollment propaganda, in-depth and secondary schools in poor areas to carry out special programs take many forms extensive policy advocacy, improve the effectiveness of propaganda。 Candidates innovative service initiatives, provide more convenient for the candidates to apply for service。 Increase policy support to students from poor families to reach the next filing card established candidates from poor families, the same conditions relevant universities Toudang priority admission requirements。
Complete their studies by increasing financial aid to students from poor families and other measures to help students find special。
  "Notice" requirements, strict enrollment management and investigate violations。
Requirements and relevant universities around the perfect way of special enrollment plan, admissions program optimization work to improve the chance of admission of candidates。 Strengthen the continuity of work, do a good job candidates voluntary reporting, admissions, etc.。 Earnestly implement the enrollment message for ten disclosure requirements, the initiative to accept the candidates, schools and public oversight。
Increase efforts to deal with violations of illegal activities planned special admissions process, according to the law severely punished。 For providing false application materials of candidates, identified as cheating in national education examinations, qualifications and plans to cancel its special year college entrance qualification。

Radix Radix medicine for it is God Almighty role

You believe God is omnipotent when it comes to drug Radix, we are very clear, as long as the fever because a lot of people will eat it, it feels like a drug, like God Almighty, the omnipotent God Radix medicine it together and small series to see Radix is Almighty God of medicine introduce it!Radix Radix medicine for it is God Almighty is the efficacy of detoxification, cooling pharynx。
In traditional Chinese medicine theory, "poisonous" refers to all the negative stuff on the human body。
Can be deduced therefrom, all the "bad stuff on the human body" caused Radix can Prevention – the so-called "detoxification"。
Radix then inevitably it will become a "universal magic pill" because it may be too broad for disease。 Whether it is SARS or bird flu, is a disease caused by a virus, with Radix to "detoxify" seems to be the right medicine。
Radix also "heat", it is particularly to be used for fever symptoms of disease that a lot。
People are warm-blooded animals, so human brain responsible for regulating body temperature to be constant, if the temperature is low, the brain will command the body to speed up metabolism and distribution of heat – such as trembling。 The bacteria viruses into the human body, through a chain reaction that will pass information to the brain, the brain believes the body temperature is too low, thereby directing the body heat, so people with fever symptoms。 Since Radix can "heat" and the disease has a fever viruses that cause colds in turn, then Radix naturally became a drug commonly used to treat the common cold。
Of course, in theory, Radix can also be used to treat all diseases with fever symptoms, the disease has a lot of kind, so Radix inevitably will become a "universal magic pill"。 Radix is an omnipotent God medicine for it, of course, in accordance with the above logic, which traditional Chinese medicine "universal magic pill" should be countless, because too many have the effect of Chinese medicine "detoxification" of。 Radix is easy to get good production, powder tastes sweet, so stand out from many theoretical "universal magic pill" in。
Since there can become a kind of traditional Chinese medicine "universal magic pill" There are so many, why practice is Radix become a "universal magic pill" because it has the advantage of Radix "the people", the good spread of its raw materials and woad blue are produced around the horse, but also cultivated; a single herb, eliminating the need for cumbersome configuration; sugar granules made of good taste, lest frown pinch the nose to drink bitter stew……and many more。

Pacers eliminated the Eagles 4-3 at home to qualify the Eastern semi-final encounter Wizards

  Ticker May 4, home to the Pacers beat the Hawks 92-80, with a total score of 4-3 in the second round。   Walker difficult to qualify, the next round against the long-awaited Wizards。 – Paul George scored 30 points and 11 rebounds, Lance – Stephenson 19 points, 14 rebounds and 5 assists, George – Hill 15 points, Roy – Hibbert 13 points, seven rebounds and five cap。
  Eagles fall short, it failed to create the darkest "black eight miracle"。 Kyle – Kyle Korver scored 19 points, Paul – Paul Millsap 15 points, 17 rebounds and four steals, Jeff – Teague only 5 of 16 shots, had 16 points and three assists。
  You may be able to guess the results of this series, but you'd never know the process。
Hawks to the identity of the eastern part of the eighth, the first battle to beat the Pacers, in this series, three of them of the overall lead, but was equalized three times。   Life and death to the Indianapolis Pacers before the game there are hidden dangers。 Their best performance of the suspects have left the bench area went to a stadium on George, may have been suspended。
Fortunately, the NBA finalized George did not leave the bench area, not suspended。   Home game, Walker poor start, the first 3 minutes and 35 seconds without a point, start Eagles 4-0。
The first section there are 8 minutes and 24 seconds, the Pacers scored the only tipped Hibbert, they gradually find the feeling, Stephenson hit the third, George backhand dunk, quickly chasing the score 11-12。
Pacers to a 7-0 end of this section, in one fell swoop to 24-23 lead, the Hawks last 2 minutes of this section without a point。   Hawks made only 38 regular-season wins, Lord Al – Horford season early reimbursement, all this made them not to be optimistic。 However, in the previous six games, they won the respect of opponents, Walker no longer afraid to look down on them。   II began, Mark and Kyle Korver hit three in succession, the Eagles score in turn exceeded。 The two sides several times alternating the lead, more than half of this section, the Hawks to 34-33 lead 1 minute, but this is the last time they lead the audience。
In this section, the rest of the time, the Eagles do not go shooting, free throws alone got 2 points, a person is George Walker hit four goals in the first half, has 16 points for Houston, they hit a wave of 14-2 after, in order to gain an advantage 47-36。
  The third quarter played less than 4 minutes, Hill, one person scored seven points, the Pacers 57-40 to expand the。
Eagles continued to fight back, this section last 2 minutes and 17 seconds, they scored 13 points, one person Scott hit two three-pointers, chasing the score 63-71。 George at the end of this section will also hit the third, three quarters have 22 points for Houston。   George in the fourth quarter and the beginning of shooting, after this section played two minutes, he add another 6 points, the Pacers opened the gap again to 80-64。 Eagles when the first shot in this section there are 7 minutes 04 seconds。
  After the gap reached 18 points, Kyle Korver hit consecutive three-pointers in the middle of this section, the Eagles tenacious counterattack。
Pacers in 3 minutes, not shooting, the Eagles will be chasing the score became 78-88, but this time from the end of the game only 1 minute 33 seconds。 [[] []] Hill hit two free throws, a dunk Stephenson, the Pacers opened the gap to 92-78, to seal the victory。

Disguised "cash loan" business change weight vest to guard against the risk of mutual Guild announced remind

Chinese Internet Finance Association (the "Association of Mutual Gold") today released tips for preventing disguised "cash loan" business risk, said, according to a recent monitoring found, now there are still some institutions or platforms "to change into vest", mobile phone and leaseback, false resell shopping and other forms of disguise continues to make loans, and some are still in the process of the loan disguised by forcibly tying member services and commodities ramping。Particularly harsh was found that a small number of platforms intentional infliction borrower fails to form a charge exorbitant late fees, finance seriously against the interests of consumers。  In this regard, mutual Guild reminders and calls on Member units and related agencies should compliance operation, without obtaining business lending agency business qualifications, and shall not conduct any form of disguised loans; lending agencies have the legal qualification should adhere to industry It requires self-discipline, initiative to strengthen internal management, adhere to the development of compliance, prudent operation。  Mutual Gold Association, said consumers should be vigilant and careful selection mechanism or platform services to provide loans, loan rational handling。Lending institutions have found not qualified to carry out illegal loans, consumers should report to the financial regulatory authorities or China Internet Association, of which the alleged crimes, should be promptly reported to the public security agency。  The following tips full text of risk: Tips for prevention in disguise "cash loan" business risk since last year, the country's financial regulators have issued "business", "on regulating rectify" cash loans (renovation Office letter No. [2017] 141), " notice on Regulating private credit maintenance related matters economic and financial order "(silver Bao Jian Fa [2018] No. 10) and other documents, defined the standard" cash loan "management requirements such as network lending practices, and strengthen the" cash loan "business regulatory and gradually defuse the risk of its formation, maintain social stability of the financial order。But according to a recent monitoring found that now there are still some institutions or platforms "to change into vest" to lease back the phone, and then sold fake shopping and other forms of disguise continues to make loans, and some are still forced loan process by tying member services and commodities disguised way to raise。Particularly harsh was found that a small number of platforms intentional infliction borrower fails to form a charge exorbitant late fees, finance seriously against the interests of consumers。To this end, China Internet Association strongly advise Member financial institutions and microfinance services to provide network-related agencies should abide by the requirements of self-discipline, adhere to the development of compliance, prudent operation, consumers should be vigilant and prudent choice to provide loans and services agency or platform, rational handling loans。  Chinese Internet Finance Association called on the member units and relevant institutions should compliance operation, without obtaining agency business lending business qualifications, and shall not in any form of disguise to carry out lending operations; agencies have the legal lending qualifications should adhere to industry self-regulatory requirements, the initiative strengthen internal management, loans should be consistent with national laws and regulations and policy requirements to eliminate any disguise to raise interest rates, late fees charged malicious violations。At the same time consumer education should earnestly fulfill financial obligations faithfully carry out information disclosure on pricing Highlights interest expenses, not false propaganda to induce consumers to accept the financial risk perception and its repayment capacity of incompatible products and services。  Please consumers to strengthen the financial knowledge and learning, to enhance self-protection awareness, carefully read the terms of the contract should buy related products and services, retained evidence, the legitimate rights and interests suffered damage may claim rights and interests through legal means; if found does not have the qualifications to lend illegal conduct lending institutions, consumers should report to the financial regulatory authorities or China Internet Association, of which the alleged crimes, should be promptly reported to the public security agency。

Summer health care tips!

Summer day short night, scorching heat, health care is particularly important。However, health care methods many people take for granted is actually unscientific。
Here are some summer care of misunderstanding, people care quite beneficial in summer。Profuse sweating is not necessarily the one hand healthy summer sweat evaporative cooling to maintain a constant body temperature; the other hand can be discharged more hazardous waste metabolites, such as lactic acid, carbonic acid, creatinine, urea, and bacterial toxins。
So long as a hot summer day some sweat, urine Tom Lee, the General Assembly will not get sick。
If there is no sweat oliguria, often threatened Shubing。
Older sweat glands shrink, so easy to get Shubing。Why, then, do not sweat much good because the evaporative cooling effect with a small amount of sweat is the best; if large drops of sweat flowing, but its cooling effect is poor, vain damage body fluid and vitality。Because a lot of sweat can lose a lot of useful substances cause the body potassium, sodium。
According to the determination, sweat also contains zinc, copper, chromium, molybdenum, cobalt, iodine and other trace elements, and vitamins and other active substances, it will lead to excessive sweating dehydrated physically weak。
Further, a lot of sweat allows blood concentration, increased blood viscosity, and the risk of myocardial infarction induced thrombosis of atherosclerosis。Therefore, in the heat of summer sweat more, feel free to add water and salt。
Weekday meals should drink some soup, eat more and more moisture content and rich in vitamins and potassium fruits, vegetables, such as watermelon, cucumber, spinach, gourd, etc.。
More related knowledge, please pay attention to the public health network Grandview Micro Signal: Grandview -COM (Long press to add a copy), health, health experts online to answer your questions, you can also press the right attention fast two-dimensional code!。

Deutsche Bank: a sharp improvement in the financial situation of US households

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife network Finance YORK, Aug. 26 news, driven by rising house prices, a substantial improvement in the financial position of US households, 1 quarterly household purchasing power surged 2.$ 7 trillion, the highest increase in history, Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank), chief US economist 约瑟夫拉沃 Wagner pointed out that rising household purchasing power will increase consumer confidence, and provide strong consumer spending in the second half of support。Deutsche Bank recommended that investors do not lose sight of the major positive factors。  Deutsche Bank as the purchasing power of households will analyze quantitative indicators of consumer spending power。According to Deutsche Bank analysis, the purchasing power of households consists of two parts, one is the current cash flow, personal income minus interest expense on mortgages and unsecured loans, the other part is a loan, including credit card and line of credit home equity loans。  1 quarter of this year, US personal income increased by $ 500 billion, mortgage interest fell by $ 15 billion, non-mortgage interest rose to $ 6 billion, the result of the calculation is a family-quarter net cash flow increased by $ 444 billion。  For some families the purchasing power of borrowing, the US house prices continue to rise, the net value of family housing rose by 2 quarter a year earlier.$ 2 trillion。Deutsche Bank noted that if this trend continued until the end of the year, will be the largest ever quarterly increase of 4。Although the recent US housing prices has slowed, but continued single-digit rise can bring home equity increased by 1 year.5-2.US $ 0,000,000,000,000。  The US $ 444 billion in cash flow growth plus 2.$ 2 trillion in home equity growth, plus $ 70 billion in consumer loan growth, Deutsche Bank calculated a quarter of American households purchasing power rises 2.$ 7 trillion, a record。  Joseph Laver Wagner opinion, this is for the US economy in the second half will be a very important positive signal。The United States is a consumption-oriented economy, the economic weight of consumption accounts for up to 70%, so consumer confidence and consumer spending to a large extent determines the direction of the economy。(Shofu compilation)

Department of Commerce: China will focus on supervision over investment of 300 million dollars for foreign investment

Click to view dongfangcaifuwang hearing on the 25th, Chinese Ministry of Commerce issued the Interim Measures for Foreign Investment reported record approval, supervision will focus on Chinese investment of more than $ 300 million of foreign investment; will be sensitive areas of foreign investment in sensitive sectors focusing on supervision; the focusing on supervision materially operating loss of foreign investment。    [Reports] National Development and Reform Commission spokesman Yan Pengcheng, 22, said that China adhere to the introduction and to go out and try, in accordance with the business-oriented, market-oriented, international practice, the principle of government guidance and support qualified enterprises to carry out foreign investment and cooperation to achieve common win。In recent years, foreign investment has become an important way of promoting "along the way" building, as well as an important way to the depth of domestic enterprises to participate in international division of labor, optimize the allocation of resources。  At the same time, with the improvement of the degree of internationalization of domestic enterprises, foreign investment is also more diverse, some of the overseas investment activities outside drifted away from the existing administrative boundaries, there are some potential risks。In view of this situation, the NDRC and other departments will further guide, strengthen the daily management of foreign investment norms in four areas。  Yan Pengcheng introduced, first, continue to do foreign investment authenticity Compliance Management。China has the ability to support qualified enterprises innovation of foreign investment, carry out real compliance of foreign investment activities; second is to continue to improve the foreign investment in the whole process of management, will be released related documents, padded short board management, innovation and regulatory tools to do good thing the ex post regulation; Third, dishonesty joint discipline, effective implementation of the 28 departmental discipline, so that disciplinary measures to the letter of serious dishonesty subject; Fourth, continue to optimize the foreign investment services abroad in the future the vast majority of investment management will be part of the network system and publish information overseas investment, the establishment of investment and cooperation mechanism to promote the interests of protecting overseas。  It is understood that in mid-2017, China's foreign investment there was a substantial decline compared with 2016, but steady improvement in quality and efficiency, increasingly rational foreign investment。In mid-2017, China's foreign investment structure optimization, mergers and acquisitions activity, stimulate exports obvious, quality and efficiency of foreign investment and cooperation steadily。Ministry of Commerce spokesman recently said the peak, so far, the new foreign investment, there is no real estate, sports and entertainment and other new projects。Risk prevention awareness and ability to continue to enhance foreign investment enterprises。  Development and Reform Commission, said, "Overseas Investment Management Enterprise" will begin in March 1 this year,。The new approach aims to strengthen macro guidance for overseas investment, overseas investment comprehensive optimization service。The new approach highlights the decentralization, canceled the project information reporting system。For example, investment of $ 300 million or more are no longer needed NDRC confirmed, further simplifying management aspects beforehand, reducing the transaction costs of institutional。  Ministry of Commerce Cooperation Division Zhouliu Jun said that the future will be in accordance to "encourage development + negative list" principle, continue to support a clear strategy, adhere to the main business of foreign-invested enterprises。Encourage banks and enterprises, research, foreign multilateral cooperation to promote the design consulting, financing, build-operate-integrated joint enterprise to go out and improve the overall competitiveness of foreign investment。At the same time, by promoting the construction of overseas economic and trade cooperation zone, to enhance the international cooperation capacity level so that foreign investment to better serve the domestic supply-side structural reforms and economic development entities。(Source: Economic Information Daily)