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Body budding expect

Such a sentence has been in love, or to travel, or reading, body and soul on the road must have a.    - Inscription time took away a lot of things, my most beautiful years, my most tender white, and perhaps also the rest of the original dream.There are many expect little heart.Getting those uncharted territory and with Mr..And daughter to see the eyes of the world’s children.And parents went to look outside they do not know the wonderful.More people want to own a go for a walk, a backpack, a camera, no worries, unconstrained.You see, the heart of a small store with so much desire, but it felt like many seemingly simple and miscellaneous.    My heart has been so selfish thoughts.A person traveling, with a camera, with a stick, with faith.I have not seen the world to see, to walk the path with those memories, to enjoy those unknown city.I know that this journey takes time and courage, but also need support.I remember so many words in the book.Or to travel, or reading, body and soul on the road must have a.So, I lose the opportunity latter, the former I must try.    Neighbor is longer than mine old woman, she said, a woman must go out to see the outside world.Like my mother, life is not too far out of the door.Old ingrained ideas.Yes, these words also very suitable for my mother.In fact, he says no amount is enough to explain that times are changing it.    I asked?Woman, what is your dream.She said, I have a big dream, I want to take my parents all over the world.I gave her a supercilious, that too much money.She is looking forward to his face that it is a big dream.Such a dream, for me, is really a luxury, I would have been unthinkable, is not it useless performance.    I do not know the final and initial dream would it be.But my heart has always insisted this life and good sir, effort over the days you want.Do not be looked down upon, not to be discriminated against.On the contrary, we must strive to have a good good in this life.?I asked, why should the pursuit fear of abject poverty.I say, this is life broken, everyone working hard, you like the person you love drinking boiled water saying I love your life?    In fact, the simple life, but it has too much is not easy.All the pain and the pain of his own experience came step by step.Sometimes, I’m afraid that kind of pain is unknown, the fear that must be experienced to be.In fact, we are learning a lifetime, are growing, both in the exploration, we are experiencing.Pain gave me an unprecedented harvest.For them, love or hate.I do not know.    Suddenly remembered when the homely chatter and mother, the mother said so and so his wife had gone to the day of class, specially children at home, and more to enjoy life.Perhaps in her eyes, the woman for a lifetime mothers at home are happy version.However, for different ages, also naturally have strange ideas.I countered, I do not want a lifetime mothers at home.I do not want to sit at home and Zhang heart proceed with a man for money.I do not want my man said, I support you in.Yes, this is not what I want life, I think I work hard to want in exchange for their.    Perhaps those who saw a lot of women as mothers hard life, and end up in the life and wealth of things.Subconsciously feel a new era of women to learn to be independent, especially in the economic.We should not be at around the stove, her husband, the kids.In this society to express individuality, if you do not strive, only to be trampled underfoot, fancy cast aside.Who loves you so what, can not learn to love yourself, and ultimately there will also lose the right to be loved and then marching orders away.    Many things have to learn to accept themselves, to face, and then go efforts.Grow their own fruit, open flowers, was pleasant fragrance.The best understanding of his heart than the loudest cry.    Simple persistent put pen to paper, write down my heart so much less willing, then slowly to strive, to achieve.Then, in the open bit by bit, he had looked so concerned and so hard to believe that so many.    2013.07.14 / Habitat Li

Beijing Olympics Chinese women’s volleyball memory Xian Weifeng (eight)

Although the Beijing Olympics over the past four years, to date, the exciting scene is still fresh.London Olympics around the corner, before and after the Beijing Olympics and bits and pieces come to mind, excited, pen letter to write, to keep historical memory.- Inscription I love volleyball, I began to watch Japanese TV series “Paiqiunvqiang” I was attracted by the play of tension and interesting story, watch the game changed in the past boring, episode to episode then read on, I could not help but see the wonderful applause at.Japanese girl playing volleyball, no, that’s not playing volleyball, just as thrilling as the acrobat.Like what “bolt from the blue”, silver ball flying high through the air, a girl into the sky, a kite to stand up, stretched out his right hand, a harsh blow dunks the ball dead.Then there is “meteor fireball,” the hand ball toss the ball in the air, threw a strike, silver ball flying like a meteor-like from the Internet, impartial oblique fall within the boundaries, sometimes just drop it on the line, it is wow.There are “scrambling”, more near misses, I saw the silver ball flying just about to fall rapidly, a girl jumps in the past, just “dead ball” hold.We see Paiqiunvqiang game, sometimes tense feel suffocated.Only saw the women’s volleyball girls on the training ground to practice, an effort to know their hard-earned.Although Japan coach usually gentle, talking and laughing, very amiable, but to the training ground, creepy.Take the physical training, the coaches let the players ran 10 laps, seeing all exhausted, he let the players pitted five laps.Some players fell, he not only did not help them, but a kick up the players to play, so she continued to run.Serve a trained hundreds of times.Spiking, blocking the ferocious, scrambling of danger, it makes your head can not view.    It is said Japan coach “devil training method”, only the players who lost several kilograms of meat, take off layers of skin, petite know why there is a volleyball deer Junko hard effort, no wonder Japanese women’s volleyball team almost unbeatable.    At that time China’s three ball (volleyball, soccer, basketball) at a disadvantage, Chinese women’s volleyball team is not much fame.One day I read the newspaper, suddenly found that Chinese women’s volleyball team won the World Championship.I can not believe my eyes, read it twice in a row.I thought how weak Chinese girl in Japan “Paiqiunvqiang” opponents?So I turn on the TV, watching the Japanese women’s volleyball final video, I was convinced then, Chinese women’s volleyball team is indeed better than the Japanese women’s volleyball, flexible Chinese girl’s fierce spiking, blocking and correct, with accurate tee, players, tactics really perfect.At this time, I met the head of iron Lang Lang Ping on television, setter Sun Jinfang, and Zhou Xiaolan and other women’s volleyball team.I fancy Japanese women’s volleyball tournament, Lang Ping vicious smash, the ball stopped Sun Jinfang Meng accurate, Japanese players only parry potential, but no fight back the power, then “Paiqiunvqiang” and “bolt from the blue”, “meteor fireball”, ” water moon, “I do not know where to go!Then I suddenly realized that Japan’s “Paiqiunvqiang” is acting, is showy, pretty useless, but the playing field, is “doing the actual” contest, depends on real skill.Chinese women’s volleyball team under the leadership of coach Yuan Weimin, the women’s volleyball team won five consecutive world championships, winning glory for the country, the fighting spirit of women’s volleyball team has become the spiritual wealth of people across the country.    Chinese women’s volleyball Grand Xian Weifeng in the world ranked altar, because of China’s volleyball girl convinced: “Only pay for Superman, Superman in order to achieve results.”.They turn out to be bitter, almost all of his spare time is spent in training, live “ascetic” style of life of ordinary people unbearable.But in order to achieve their goal of winning, at all, fully involved, and the large amount of exercise, many times, far more than Japan and the United States women’s volleyball women’s volleyball team, so in order to achieve such amazing results.    Gold valuable, but the women’s volleyball girls fighting spirit and self-sacrifice even more valuable.Cuban women’s volleyball team came from behind to become the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the “rival”, Chinese women’s volleyball team had once seemed weak.The waves pushed forward waves, new generation is growing.In the new century, the Chinese women’s volleyball team re-emergence, smiling under the leadership of coach Chen Zhonghe, won the 2004 Athens Olympic Games women’s volleyball championship every year, players and coaches hugged, tears and sweat streams together.Today, the world women’s volleyball team made rapid progress, high technical level, in order to win more difficult.    Chinese women’s volleyball girls willing Treasures unabated, scaling new heights, glory for the country, for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games to add luster.

Bamboo flute yo love the desert

Tour cloud patches, Shudan idle.  Night, opened the curtain deep.Moonlight, intertwined with clouds.  Spring Night, Smart from the watery world of thoughts.A “blame Willow”, long bamboo flute blowing Cypriot side is not just the vast desert breeze, the moonlight, also blowing a southern woman’s mind.  Exposure to the southern misty rain in March grass sprout season, I was dressed in light blue skirt filament, Du Yi window, quietly listening to “complain willow”, between the heart and between the taste of the smoke that long straight desert the lingering; makes a feeling of smoke that straight desert rain thoughts; imagination could not help a myriad of thoughts.In the moonlight can not help, write a song a quiet, warm and romantic heart.Desert, it bears a long history of deep thick, I do not know how many men of letters have been filled with exquisite poems!  At the moment, think about a people living in the vast sand sea in the sunset twilight, the guidelines have had in the desert along the ancient legend of the desert in search of poetry, a step toward the endless horizon go away.Although a child growing up in the south, but they have been to many places.I had a taste of the water of the Yellow River Pentium uninhibited, also witnessed the Wrangler and sing melodious Camel.  Been longing picturesque wind clouds as snow moon-like ethereal mood bamboo flute Smoke in the desert, so that a “blame Willow” euphemism touching as the moonlight plaintive song in the ears, mind hovering between resonate together, and the soul.  Whenever vaguely saw in a dream setting sun, sand, snow, Populus, bamboo flute and Smoke, as if the desert saw a lithe, the dough will be like warmth immediately Dangqi swing as high agitation in the mind an emotional yearning and longing will be just like the plug on the wings, with the illusion kept flying in a dream.I, a daughter of the south, although deeply loved the southern hometown of the great man giving birth to a beautiful hibiscus Xiaoxiang, but more appreciation and fascinated the ancient civilization of the vicissitudes of the Western desert, they are always on my mind a distant direction.    Perhaps it is because from an early age read the San Mao’s Travels “Sahara desert it” and caused a subtle role, perhaps influenced by Jin Yong novel “Eagle Shooting Heroes”, I am, whether it is a delicate and exquisite appearance or temperament are Johnson weak southern woman, yearning over the years turned out to be infinitely TV drama Smoke in the desert and lengthy bamboo flute.Heart, there is always a nagging desire, I want to pursue his shadow.  Thus, the dream to find him, in the foothills of the Helan, watch last night’s lingering thoughts of the west wind was cut; look for him, beyond the Great Wall in the north, when the moon was also worried about any of Qin bend thin; look for him in the desert border, the river sunset is missing disseminated; look for him, Inn at the time, but hopefully enlightened eager to see his mood, but again and again to be unforgiving stretch of reincarnation.    Since mid-1887, published German geographer Ferdinand von Richthofen’s “China” for the first time put forward the “Silk Road”, then another Western scholars of the ancient Silk Herman published between “China and Syria Road “, once again strengthen this concept, to Sven Hedin” after the Silk Road “was published, over a period of time, the magic of the geographical location in the Western China, as well as great cultural and historical expedition deposition, this land shape It has become a paradise for adventurers.  ”Desert”, “Silk Road” and “Western” Several terms are also fascinated me.But because of vulgar things, want to go to the Western desert has neither the desire to achieve.  Until last summer, Xian Ming Gege and several of his friends plus I finally have time car with two off-road vehicles from the ancient city of Xi’an, to the Western desert was once the ancient Silk Road Adventure.  We want to go all the way west adventure silk old course, driving line is: Xi’an – Pingliang – Lanzhou – Wuwei – Zhangye – Jiayuguan – Dunhuang – Hami – Turpan.    That trip, long road, long journey, like a replay of life, long bamboo flute sound as if always lingering in the ear.Panoramic view of scenery along the way, there is a heavy history and culture, there are strange Mingsha and Crescent Lake, there Taibai June snow, snow lotus has a shrine on the Tianshan Mountains, the ancient Yellow River water tankers on, Turpan in sweet grapes, there is a beautiful girl of Osaka city, there are thousands of years old Camel swaying, and had a seat new city.But the beauty of the way, I love to enjoy the desert scenery or that.  I remember that day, when the car travels to the desert in a poplar time, it is in the evening.  I begged Ming Gege on erection of tents in the desert next to the soul of poplar rest of life, because the desert has always been considered is the need to stop before they can go to read, especially when the sun shines on the ground, showing a golden yellow, the kind of desolate beauty of the desert, I will make a child growing up in the South was stunned.He willingly agreed.    That day, as if back to ancient times.  Our car parked in the poplar in; our heart and soul stopped at the golden sunset, parked in the desert straight in smoke.Sunset in the vast expanse of desert fall, the desert sand pole, camel thorn, splendens is so long exhibition of wind posture, graceful manner surging Green Wave.Looking to the distant Gushan, flickering stars, more and more concentrated black night, my mind and soul also in this lonely dark desert with smoke float.  Eyes, seemed to emerge out of a mirage-like pieces of ancient art scene: “fold slender willow, always focussed on hold this person.A mention expensive, pity is the hometown of spring.That late King Yoshihisa, less new Fangfei.More worry off the battlefield, coming off the edge of the old dust.”[Ling” discount willow “]” Kui House isolated city sunset ramp, according to the Big Dipper Wangjing China each.”[Du Fu ‘s”] “remote-known that the Chinese Xiao Guan, the edge sunset isolate them Worry.”[Wang Wei” send Wei commentary matter “] Gushan distant, as if a few flames kindled; ear, also sounded like a return to bursts of Gujiao, horseshoe and cries, as the wanton cold, raised a sky full of sand, black beacon Dangqi.Flames lit up the desert, thunderous drums, flags fluttering in the air mixed with the smell of blood, filled the air with, thick, salty.  After burning flames, smoke cleared, the flag residual half of the volume, bone cold piles, bamboo flute and that accompanied Resentment desert winds, Ruqirusu tragic desolation.”Resentment Willow” is a bamboo flute was played Resentment lingering under the moonlight, gentle and delicate, picturesque, let me in innumerable twists and turns melancholy melancholy occasion, fantasy in solitude, in the dim fantasy, shaking like a curtain quiet dream, with something I love deeply, misty rain misty dream, drunk look Populus Yela flying to heaven on earth.  ”Smoke in the desert straight river down the yen.”This is a Tang Dynasty poet Wang Wei wrote the famous through the ages.Today, populations though gone, but Beacon still, still charming scenery beyond the Great Wall.In the earth between the ups and downs along the way, there have been a lot of laughter, joy, sadness or moved.In the eyes of condensation Danyue’s shadow, thin dense life story, also wish that the dust whipped up and down, all over the Siyi every corner, unable to play loose, free of dust floating camel.  Well-dip Yin soot years, know the world is too much frustration and helplessness, the true state of life is floating, but also understand asakumo smoke Muyu years, the moon when Qin already bleak; that Chang pink Li Bai also litter; I do not know how many Resentment spirit, armored cavalry and guam towel already sink like a stone, ashes to ashes.Earthly I think a lot of things have been seen very indifferent.  But when our car passed Pass, your mood or the heaviest.Because life is still considered the most tragic sense of who is in Yang Guan, or the Yumen Pass.    Yumen Pass and Yang Guan Dunhuang are in the west, north and south lanes of the Silk Road and is due to this.Since the Han Dynasty established this road, it is not only the starting point of north and south two points, but also business travelers and goods between the distribution center, so a little far Yumen Pass and Yang Guan became briefly controlled north and south two of the throat; also because the cultural crossroads of East and West this, they became later the spread and influence of Buddhism relay station, and therefore only logical to have later Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes.    ”The flames of hope day mountaineering, cross the river near dusk horses.Pedestrian Diaodou dark sand, Princess lute Resentment and more.Wild cloud cloudless castles, rain and snow have even desert.Hu Yan whine every night flying, both Hu child tears off.Wen said Yumen still be cover, life should be by light rail vehicles.Bone buried in mid-war shortage of outside air into the house of Han see SYZYGIUM.”[Li Qi” ancient army line “] Way back in those days when the wind blows the war, many soldiers travel thousands of miles, to the place was so empty silence, hanging in the heart that children never no rest, suffering daily hunger, fatigue and possibly disease killed torment, no one is with, no one can complain, life is not security, not to mention family?  Today, the Pass has been broken into a wall walls.Du Wu Xi chase, so much Huhan Jun soldiers, so much loss of life, actually only to “one will get off the ground” for the militaristic rulers always want to launch the Iraq war in the door.  Hostilities door door that is evil, therefore, from the Southern and Northern Dynasties to Tang Dynasty and even now, these two off the city became the Chinese people are very familiar with the absolute domain sorrows and desolate beyond the Great Wall of mother earth.  ”West of Yang Guan reason people”, “spring is not degree Pass” and other words, often think of the idea, stressing each syllable, is one sad timid chills.  I do not know how many, such as Yue Fei had “overcome the lack of Helan Mountain” or lofty thoughts or desolate desert along dirt piled in!Three bones, two crashed out, either you a ray of bamboo flute complain willow, even if the shot over the railings, the first white rot scratch, sky and shouts, but still left it “Come Yishui Han Feng Xiaoxiao, a warrior to Come not thing of the past “empty worry.    Numerous the seasons, travels to the westerly trail, suddenly look back, Attachment Ying dream of Smoke in the desert, uh, still in a dream of fantasy, in that vast frontier of relaxed and long days in bloom.Desert, desert my dream is you, let me forget the chaos of the Red.Every time you dream figure, like all makes me feel good to linger in paradise, let me refer to soft fluttering gently tapping the keyboard on the occasion, his thoughts are also leap over the great lakes to talk to you a thousand words, tell you I miss and miss, with you and understanding mood and feeling of a mountain stream.  Desert, I wish you every moment of the dream, I heard the voice of stroking soft finger, let the breeze moon floating in the air, follow your brow furrowed, so I would mundane mundane bearish children affair, so when I look back Room only see your loving eyes, accompanied by my heartache and sorrow and grief, how much pain are past any smoke in the desert with the plaintive whimper eat only bamboo flute flying mood, make a gentle music with you hand in hand, so elegant joyous mood with you tell the marshes, his life will never change.  Desert, let me read you quietly exhibition Yen Yung, being in your shadow quietly chasing your dream, quietly pondering your smile; let your mind the wind and dance, gradually drift into the memory of the sea , listening to lingering quiet night; please let me Haowan that spring evening light pull of the moon, so that my soul, always staying nostalgia you ever green mountains and clean and now sunsets in Smoke.So Pro screen tapping fingers, quietly and took to talk with because of missing the apex of the faint light melancholy and sad.Desert, high mountains let your feelings, send me a lingering misty dream, I send a clear and elegant mood!Let the faint moonlight pouring down quietly, quietly drunk in this quiet night; and let the cool wind and enjoy the melodious flute, bamboo flute Inner Voices listening to your own life and the afterlife are willing to transform himself into a desert Populus dream.  Xun had heard strange, lonely, sad sad, touching play.Perhaps because it is dirt, flame firing from it, always within the sound of his mouth Xun nether earth, flame Perishable – as if the ashes lingering warmth in general to recall, although you can blow plaintive whimper tunes , but in the end can not be the same as the bamboo flute can blow cold moonlight plug vast desert over there, desolately cool tone, range and context.”This smelled Nocturne Willow, who can not afford to love hometown!”[Li Bai” Spring Night Los Angeles Wen flute “]” launched not catch whip, fold willow leaves.Tread base flute, worry kill children Strider.”[Northern and Southern folk Dynasty” cross blowing Qu * Fold Willow Songs “]” Yellow River far between on the clouds, an isolated city climbed mountains.Why bamboo flute complain willow, spring is not degree Pass.”[The Audio” Liangzhou word “]” Willow flute in smell, spring never see.”[Li Bai” under Serbian song “] if there is no bamboo flute that a musical instrument, and that the Northern and Southern folk songs and poetry and do not know it will be a bit less?    Flying with emotion after the youth and spring rains Siyi solidification, pick up and put down, is a piece of golden Populus leaves; pick it up and not let go, I smoke on the straight that vast desert infinite yearning and longing.Eyes, so enjoy your vigorous figure in the; soul, so confused with the smoke straight in the desert; thoughts, so in a dream with wanton exile; lust, so in between elegant enjoy rippling!  Accompanied by the bridges in front of the southern house, accompanied by the lingering Rose whisper, accompanied by a little bit of heart lotus, dream, feeling the winds of the desert, listening to the depths of the desert that the ancient bamboo flute floated leisurely playing with resentment is a plaintive “complain willow”; see the coldest pure, Guan Shan sadness, worry not the lute dance; see how the Magic Cup grape wine twinkling light in the wide expanse of cold January night.  I, a Southern woman, willing to smoke in the desert straight long drunken wake, forever and ever.

Autumn rain a worry

Millennium vicissitudes of history, reincarnation, blood horses galloping, long sand dust of the world’s, who had a real heart for the twilight world of man described Boudoir, feeling it man?In this Intrigue, a time when early autumn, the cold wind Sese, autumn bursts, Jue autumn rain, mixing with the autumn to ink, pen in hand prime for the world of men, but also for themselves, a curtain waterfall pouring in Acacia.    Advent of what love is, straight people Shengsixiangxu.Flying off from different places, the old wing back a few cold and heat, summer and winter several times, Huan fun, bitter parting.On the monarch should do more crazy children, vague Miles stratus Qianshan twilight snow, only to who is going to shadow, only to who is going to shadow?    ”An amorous word, ashamed that I no know, I do not know who left Acacia song?Just want to ask whether man or woman suspect too thin Xin?Came to earth, we will first drink early love this cup of poisoned wine, who would say that love is not a Red, who say not a discrete return, or for fame or fortune, or for the future, in short, no matter for what?People in this life is to be spent in joy and everything, bitter parting, as we read the word on the walk, read on the Red extravagant idea, doomed to for a number of invisible, intangible things have to walk back and forth life?    Acacia into my door, know I missed her greatly, Sauvignon Blanc Sauvignon Blanc Xi, Xi Acacia short of infinite own.A person no matter how much you heroic, the heart will be sent rolled a sad, but to the light, to light, to be hidden in the day carousing if Chunchi Jian, after every storm, leaving only a touch of the Rainbow the rainbow.Just I do not know, hazy mist, the entrainment of what should be?Buddha said all revel, so why is its own origin, I do not want to be this blunt words, the implant that a peaceful and quiet pond, stir this piece of barren.And support a green umbrella in the rain to do music, but also to try once, during that heroic mountains and rivers, to care about a life and death encounter last we know that living in the fog that a ray of Acacia.    Far away, a long time, have been so under the rain, neither fast nor slow, thorough heart clap of thunder shock, frightened, not afraid of thunder and lightning and body meet, is the fear fright history of those passing rain.I reunited with them, only in the moment between dumping, go through the this autumn, in future reunion but I do not know what day?    Hope there is beauty Come, see did not forget.One day not seeing Come, think of them like crazy.Worldly love, yin and yang Ho together, like a autumn, rain fell to the rain, is a short-lived love, and engraved in the soul’s memory is forever.You are good to me I know, I’m on your mind like this ancient herb, do not change over the years.Xin thin man not because of heartless, but did not want to hurt each other deeper and deeper the hate of love deeper, to the deep love to hate when party.A relationship, in relation to take advantage of the time to grasp, if one day you want to feel when it is missed, it is a sense of loss let her go!Not love, but love too, can be happy watching people you love, it is a kind of deep love, sometimes have been let go but will make each other happy.Need is love each other, rather than lingering between life and death.History of men who smoke, it is understood this truth was not so greedy world of love, will pay to build all their lives in pleasure and pain of life and death in people, exhausting their lives.    Pine end is not wide, to eliminate the human emaciated by.Wang Guowei in the Department of Human Words once in three phases, this is the one.To love a man deep in order to write such words came, just as a person to how crazy, dare to write like this – like in the heavy rain.Even if there are hold umbrellas, but the rain had soaked the whole body, turned into tears, immersed in the body along the skin, flow through the body in the blood.Perhaps only after you immersive only understand.All this bustling world of wind and rain, cold and warm day and night, happens for a reason, whether you believe it or not, there are too many things really can not explain.Like these years men, their life and death have been written already been set, and then almost the only difference is the length of the world, and the process of it.Maybe we are not to ask, why should love each other in the Red?He was like a cup of poisoned wine, ask, the more deep poisoning.Love flowers so much poison, it would be better to say the feeling itself is a kind of poison, no one would say in its name, I will not ask what it was asked to come into the world, make you so obsessed with me, in short, we inadvertently It has been poisoned, and hurt so deep?All-inclusive world, who can give it everything an ending, maybe you and I revel is the best choice to learn compassion of the world to the heart of tolerance of people, in a peaceful eyes see the world , is appeared in front of a quiet.Similarly deal with feelings, we should also learn to sincerely and learn to let go and revel.    The sudden storm has done, and I’m just a ordinary man, we can not let the rain again, to write the world women’s writing, on the road when I walked over to dissipate at the end of the intersection.

At one o’clock on July charming little hurt

When the season is always forward, the original sense of sight of the day so can not help but meaning later, those stories stay in the depths of memory, glowing yellow old, in a calm total of nowhere to place one one point of eroding the pain of heart.—– Text / autumn if rain.    Late spring flowers like Yefeng autumn of colorful fall gently blow it.That touch of enchanting quiet green hanging on this season so it seems colors.No in the mood, growth and decline of the old things dark dust…    July has been a long time indifferent, long time did not pick up a pen mind without incident, not a dull day gratifying, they were happy to omit the words ramble.Just some things, pieces of nowhere to start chaos, could not find the source of a pendulum along, just to keep them silent most primitive state, ignore.    In many cases the brain like a sudden break in general, a blank.Suddenly feel like life to zero, everything is back to square one, at the moment will always stay quiet for a moment of silence to pick up bits and pieces, some memory, like an ink gathering or deep or shallow outline the every detail.    Many times often do not consciously think of you.Think nestling in your arms, looking at the touch of stunning sunset, from the beautiful warmth of orange, the splendid red, is so quiet and silent, peaceful comfort.So quietly and enjoyed until sunset faded so passionate color, leaving a few pieces Lonely, or volume, or sparse.Often at this time the heart is always warm.    When the wind passing by, crushing the petals light dance in the wind, passing between the eyebrows, leaving a dash of tragedy.This complex earth, people encounter is a wonderful edge, the edge of this wonderful world it can withstand heating and cooling Sadness.Even in the dust cleared she explains the purpose of the pace, of the cocoon, not into the dish, it is stubbornly stick to a long stay on the dash of sadness in my heart aches.    So the feeling is not able to use words to write, some can only quietly hidden in another corner of the heart, according to a separate window when the moonlight with nothing to fall back on this lonely enough!    I do not know since when, the flowers next to the piece of bluestone path, fall for the fragrance, losing the original charm brilliant.Instead of a lush green enchanting.Stooped, you can find a few stray pieces, mixed with soil as a group.There are several points on non-blooming buds, even with signs of wilting, summer is young, has a warm day, is what killed the beautiful bloom of their opportunities.Like That beautiful encounter, always give people feel good, always give people hope, it lost silent beautiful bloom opportunity indifferent in what is strangled so good?    When the twilight is strong, crushing foot on a piece of bluestone path, and where plants and flowers, as well as wind, quietly immersed in the sunset speechless.This is a kind of endless enjoyment, sometimes suddenly feel alive nice!!!People often say that plain is really quiet is a blessing, yes, the same day a month removed another round irresolute, among suddenly feel alive is a blessing.Quiet and peaceful yet cozy in beautiful twilight!!    At the moment of his own spirit is like a thousand years of sleeping, everything around, also familiar stranger!

Angustifolia flowers

Walk downtown, floated away from an exotic fragrant, with feeling, I know it is the hometown of sand jujube.A long absence, the years have not seen such a strong fragrance of flowers angustifolia, however, I feel a gloomy mood up, afford to stand before the florist, looking at the green leaves of the jujube tree, looking at the yellow flowers in full bloom, and dry hands flower farmer saw a pair of blue veins exposed, goes wrinkled old face. . Angustifolia flowers took me into memories of the past.That year, my grandfather retire and return home, back to his birth that his fertility Villa remote from the County Museum.Amateur life after retirement, in addition to writing folk literature data, collected folk cultural treasures, the rest of the effort is spent on planting trees and grass.That year, he was selected from a large tree angustifolia home a few thumb-thick branches, planted in a small courtyard behind the house, although the family is living water from five or six to a place with a donkey, and Grandpa always pour a few spoons for his jujube.Hard work pays painstaking, under Grandpa’s hard training, jujube growing quickly, lush foliage the first year, second year begins with the young branches bear buds, yellow, thick, exotic aromas drift in over, threw herself into people’s nostrils.Looking at angustifolia blooming flowers, grandpa feel relaxed and happy at the moment, refreshment.One day, he suddenly found placed in bundles angustifolia two sticks on his desk, two branches inserted in the bottle, the angustifolia flowers very beautiful and lush, full-bodied flavor is full study.However, these circumstances, not only did not cause Grandpa’s happy, his face anger, went straight to the back yard away, he saw the hospital in sandy residue was ravaging others jujube, jujube tree branches bloom all been refraction, jujube scarred, like a needle piercing my grandfather’s heart, before I catch up with him and younger brother, Zhi Ma pointed nose that day, he was so fierce, it is so ruthless.    Later, my younger brother and the initiative became a messenger of jujube tree care, to water them every day, weeding, catch the worm, intensive care and care..Later, they grow, they bloom in April and May each year, releasing large amounts of rich flavor.Zaohua great, full of flavor Villa, great, full of the world.    Thoughts back to reality, as if my heart had broken at the moment, I realized my grandfather’s intentions, now I no longer see this strange flowers, eyes that emerges is blowing sand and dust thrown northwest.. This is not the flowers, it is sobering, I think.

Also remember that year Zongye incense

But also to the Dragon Boat Festival, the annual Dragon Boat Festival, originally carrying a nostalgia for a nation of ancient Chester, this festival had some interpretation of how much change and today, the rapid development of today, the pressures of life, rhythm changes that people only seek a little casual in some festival, some breathing time, and the original meaning of the festival were becoming not as important. My memories of the Dragon Boat Festival, is the childhood left in the fragrance of bamboo leaves shrouded in a deep impression.Dragon Boat Festival on the eve of that time, there will be many of the streets on sale bamboo leaves, the green bamboo leaves, always bundles of pink one, each piece of palm leaf like shape of a sword, slender through the green, so green, somewhat thick, lush green, with a plume of clear aroma, very attractive. Fresh bamboo leaves people to buy back, at first on the water cleaning, then cooking in the pot, cooked after the bamboo leaves, accompanied by the fragrance of bamboo leaves, under the leadership of her mother, the family put the soaked glutinous rice, jujube, peanuts…Well put together the package into overflowing with the aroma of bamboo leaves in. Most of the triangular shape of dumplings, unskilled children are always anxious, how they have tried not so beautiful mother bag, fine, the side not sow rice, bamboo leaves is messed up, my mother is not angry, always soft say: be careful not to get sprinkled with rice.So I will calm down a little, watching the dancing and green bamboo leaves turning in her mother’s hands, twinkling of an eye will have a good package dumplings, and I will be in the next dumplings bulging into the big pot, one by one neatly.Good dumplings in the upper row, and finally my mother would wash the egg dumplings into the gap, and then with dumplings and cook together for a long time, the next morning, wakes up a houseful of aroma, smelling the aroma, stand up get up, that one cooked dumplings and eggs have been quietly on the table, curl fluttering seductive fragrance… Years later, grown up, every Dragon Boat Festival, or the mother wrapped dumplings called to let go home and get back home, sit down and ate, ate and then took the mother packed dumplings and eggs, also often somewhat reluctantly, always say no, do not want to eat, my mother always did not hear was like, it’s already installed, I had to take home.And when a year of the Dragon Boat Festival, a burst of fun, watching the filled dumplings always feel something is missing, so look for a lot of places, and finally bought a few bamboo leaves and green, with hours of memory, thinking his mother program operation, wash, cooking, soak rice, then sit package.The results of a few packets bamboo leaves finish, has tired of back pain, not straight up.At this point I feel that my mother, think of so many years of the Dragon Boat Festival, the mother of a man has been wrapped, sent the, calling each of the children to go home to eat dumplings.Now turn to the Dragon Boat Festival a year, another year of emotions, often coming Dragon Boat Festival, dumplings floating in the air, not just the aroma, as well as mother’s ardent call: from work to go home, come back to eat dumplings!

Accept the baptism of the sun

Selfless mother land and the sun would have agreed, were baptized her children on earth.It needs sun angel baptism filled with luggage, ready tomorrow morning giving gifts to mother earth.  Village big cock sun would probably be the most loyal admirers, the dawn sky just exudes a flush edge, it can not wait to urgently fly low wall, like shouting “I’m here -” “Oh, oh , oh – “playing the Ming.The sun would set off luggage and hurried back up, just above the top of the head to put the first ray of sunshine gave it.It excited red head held high top Rouguan, straining expansion of the body’s feather quill, so colorful feathers accept the baptism of the sun, he kept his mouth issued a “crow” calm, comfortable, since the words of gratitude from voice.  The sun would smile came to the garden, the flowers will be heard as a ballet dancer waltzes, all Angtou chest full of energy, the sun would look forward for their baptism.  Chinese rose like a bit of tranquility amongst women, his own face stained with morning dew shy, prettily Looking up the sun.Sunshine Angels lovingly try to figure out it was delicate petals, it’s like the bride into the bridal chamber, submissive undress broadband bridegroom, slowly stretched suede petals children, respectfully listen to the teachings of the sun would.  Tiger Lily Flower Pieliaopiezui the rose, it could not understand the kind of artificial obsequiousness.Trying to hold back the breath of life flowing passion petals child distraction, the more orange petals hold more red, the sun would see that it is impatient temper, he shouted a voice petal distraction crack “open” it was six with a beauty spot petals children, and I feel I am so excited to open too far, all of a sudden turn to the back of the petals are face, the flowers have to see it funny unique flower-shaped, hehe laughed together.It did not ignore those well-intentioned good laugh, shake hands behind leisurely six filaments on the anther bell, bell playing with the rhythm for the singing bee.Its bell awakened the flowers open flowers are declining, they are no longer able to lift melancholy petals children, but still as they drop on the battlefield cavalry heard the horn, barely forced myself to the sun with a smiling face Gazette.Sunshine Angels hurried to shivering children bowed petals of the flowers are covered with a warm veil, they serene contentment and closed his eyes nostalgia.  Epiphyllum buds while bathed in sunshine baptism, pouted while blowing saxophone music.Lilac purple white hydrangea, releasing the baptism in the pungent aroma of the child, the sun angel it brings out the flavor of far, far away.  The sun would just out of the garden, it was a poplar stopped his path, let it warm sunshine angel carefully flipping every leaf, probably the sun angel white belly tickling the back of the leaves, the leaves are whirring Lala sang song.  The sun would finally came to earth like a long lost friend insertion of the handle of the land of life, land mother perceives the sun’s warmth and gave his blessing, they tightly together hand, a long time do not want to let go.The sun would put the entire luggage in the eyes of the angels pouring to the mother land, leaving Shihai Xinshou bomb shattered a few naughty soil Ke La.  Under a clear sky, enough to live comfortably you walk in the street, you would not bother to warm sunshine baptism.If you had some bad luck and setbacks, frustrating when you stand under the shadow of the cold sky, suddenly, the sun would cut through the clouds to give you a bunch of sunshine pouring, you will perceive that warm hand, as you open up a bright sunny window fan.When you are lonely, depressed lying on the cold bed, and suddenly, out of the window there is a ray of sunshine to visit you come, you will immediately feel the warmth of the sun with the language and you chat, sweep your heart sad cowardly.  Sunshine would like to accept the baptism of the people, industrious Endeavor essential quality, only full physical and mental health of the people, to feel the energy of the sun after the baptism of plenty, will receive the sun would lose to the light, warmth and energy up.Even if there is no “magic cup grape wine,” the Zhuanghang also like old people not of spontaneous bravery.Every day the sun rises to greet baptized, will have a ruddy-faced, will have a broad chest, you will have a clear mind and indifferent gas.Baptized the sun, can scour your heart go despicable, ruthless jealousy in the dark, because you are accumulating a noble person doing the required quality.  Hopefully the sun full of energy, hard-working kind of people resident in the atrium, resident in ordinary years Fenzhi’s best years.What do you hesitate?Sunshine Angels go tomorrow morning to accept the baptism of it!

A Red, a dash of clouds

Snap Red connected clouds.Who wrote the butterfly monument?Who 千年等一回?    Red always have too many dreams, who is in a dream and Forever at your feet?Red Dust always have too many tears, is who would you gently wipe away?  Life glass of wine, how to drink is drunk.A thing of the past, frankly to face.Evening alone lean on a railing, watch the flowers bloom, is a calm.Going through marshes, watch the people coming and going, but also a calm.  River sunset, desert border that curved coldest month, if brought back over your grand ambitions?Jiangnan misty rain, bluestone lanes that paper umbrella, whether dense with you their love?  How much frost, how helpless, how to find, how much heartbreak.In the mortal world are precarious, in the mortal world are filled with lengthy.Reading through, get rid of.  In the depths of the Red, you can do it Shizumori a quiet beauty?Not hate, vanity fetters.In the depths of the Red, you can do it calmly write a?Not to be troubled by secular dust.Gone with the Wind is the long dust, wind and leaving a faint mood.Many times, in the hustle and bustle of the Red World, burden our hearts desire tranquility, we look forward to pure heavy soul.Those living off guard hurt and pain, always moisture and prolonged surging in my heart.Waiting for you to appreciate slowly, waiting for you to chew hard.  Cold tears with the wind, fluttering like water falling.Once a touch of sweet, like a brilliant fireworks.Former prime Nalv on Seiki, in Dimei, the silence has been cold, turned into clouds.Southern rain, sentimental tears, a mallet Drum hoary past lives, rainy youthful monopoly of empty Kate Yen.Colorful rain falls, beloved into mourning, how many people are lonely figure back and forth and back and forth in a poignant love story.  Kazamaki banana, pear shed.Pipa, Dimei letter formalities on Listen xunyang river continued playing.Eau rouge, the concentration of pessimism.who is it?Dressed in white, three thousand Rose, accompany you write lingering?Terraced rice paddies in the mortal world silently waiting for you?Life is short, ma’am.Those romantic romantic encounters and those most beautiful encounter, can be turned into the quiet waves, desolate Cantabile.  A Red, why ask with non?Dash of clouds, why ask to go and stay?Yasumori years, shallow time.How many the most beautiful scenery you still!

A little labor body odor

[REVIEW] see these men blink of an eye, is the return of Gregory; politicians to lead the political arena; writer poets have left immortal masterpieces handed down, or articles, or one, all ring name later; learning at home are willing to learn, study among them, or the study of philosophy.Sinology.Or study Dream of Red Mansions, but the results Jie, Feng Jie gifts.    Since I grew up in a poor peasant, so from an early age along with his family work in the fields.As time goes by, the age of the quiet long, gradually I followed his father picked up the child manual labor to make money.Which I still remember the bitter sweet, and often it quietly recall.    I remember that year, I happened to be admitted to the county high school.At that time our entire county are mainly oriented to the development of the fruit industry.Especially apples.Famous for pears.Every season of ripe fruit, fruit merchants all over the world will pour.Our village is multi-fruit business, there are four of Gwacheon, Hunan.Hubei, etc..They have agents in the village people.Such packaging fruit when nature provides an opportunity to the villagers to make money.    Women who helped the fruit to packing apple, fruit merchants to help the men packed apples loaded into trucks to move up.Sometimes concentrate supply, put together four or five characters, at most, four or five hours to get.Doing it ten share at least 34 per person.Very profitable mile.Even my poor body lean students also earned it several times it.    These coolies earn money, to me, although very tired, but there are always too tired after harvest.    Every Friday a holiday school.As long as the village people call me dad loading, my dad is my first consideration.Although each reluctantly, but anti-arms, but the thigh, had to go along.If every time two pounds to ten pounds of fruit boxes, I still be able to stand, if the big box three pounds or large bags of fruit, I will suffer.While loading can barely sustain, if continue, I’m really going to exhausted.To be honest, I was described as: “three feet micro life, a scholar”.Those heavy work to make money, I really can not do.    One Sunday loading time, I still can not forget.Almost dark days, but I still wore tattered clothes, dirty face was flushed and tired.Carts are parked on village road.Looking at my age students are riding a bicycle, talking and laughing happily rush to the school; but I was excited tie in the never-ending coolie labor in my heart to the pan on a nameless uncomfortable.Silently he complains: “My body is a long, good times they have learned, as you can not love about a father’s own flesh and blood when it?You earn less money for others to lose a little, leaving your son when the cost of living is not enough yet?”I was here, I was on the sick.The delivery time up fruit, naturally looked very sad.Because my body is thin, every time the delivery of fruit boxes, they want to earn blushing holding bags of fruit, desperately belly along the top edge of large wagons up.However, other people stevedores, gently stroke will go up.Maybe I’m powerless to struggle, be it fruit merchant noticed.He came over, his face smiled and said: “Boy, how much do you?This live you okay?”Having to snicker while.Heard the sarcastic laughter, I was more than taste.Dad nagging me to teach me a little Offer!”Push it dry, tired dead people” coming to an end, also coming to the dark.It was the depths of winter night, twilight has long been weeping.Schools can not make it.While slaving away thirty yuan holds the hands of hard-earned money, but I had physically and mentally exhausted, back home, not even rice to eat, sleep bed down.    Until the next morning it was still dark, and braved the cold Inspired by old bike to rush to the county schools.All the way to the cold, desolate covered with frost, teach people to endless bitter cold.To the school, the students had class, and then another head teacher accused of criticism.Class is also listless, it can be described as: “Life hardship”.Although the cost of living has more than head, however poor appetite, eating is not fragrant smell.It can be described as: “Bitter carry on.”.    Years, such as flow, too quiet spatiotemporal.After four years of time to, although I have entered the universities, to renew the way of reading.Then come back every holiday homecoming.As long as there is money in the village of manual labor, I still go labor.Perhaps prematurely tired too far, I did not grow under the head, and then to have the age, whatever the outcome, sharpen lot.Three pounds big boxes worth mentioning, four pounds of fruit bags worth mentioning, I have long been accustomed.Move it on the train the moment, no longer face reddened, nor the sad.But a calm and composed, peace of mind.Competent worth mentioning, can not do good, took people’s money, it should be for other people to get things done, or you do not promise people.Although at the moment, no fruit’s sneers, and no father angry and denounced.Every dry hands down more than half the money than in the past.However, the heart often pain.    See these men blink of an eye, is the return of Gregory; politicians to lead the political arena; writer poets have left immortal masterpieces handed down, or articles, or one, all ring name later; learning at home are willing to learn, and study where or Research philosophy.Sinology.Or study Dream of Red Mansions, but the results Jie, Feng Jie gifts.Only the farmers of the whole world, although coolie labor to obtain food and clothing, and then most often cultivated in the field, their backs loess, sun roof surface.Over the past few years, handsome old girl, also no longer beautiful; tall and handsome old young man, lost in the past Jun gas and style.After another few years, it is withered old face, getting white hair on the temples, the former beautiful glory are gone, only quietly approaching twilight.    All this is caused by a different division of labor.From ancient times, the mental is always far superior to manual labor elegant.Mental wealth created its own efficiency, manual labor is incomparable.As the saying goes: “There is Chi Chi eat, no intellectual difficulty.”.For me, though many times been tempered by manual labor, has also made a small return.However, deep down I still feel Wu: “All things are beneath contempt, only high school.”.Youth should make good reading, reading is indeed a good thing.Ancient scholar Zeng a lifetime of reading music is not he.He deeply realized enlightening reading not only of self-cultivation, but also beauty.Almost from childhood grew up reading people, too lanky repairable.Handsome face is Kiyotoshi beautiful, bright eyes more Jiong God, it seems full of infinite wisdom; from an early age to engage in physical labor grew in almost all of the people, though its able-bodied concept, however pale gray eyes Chaos.Rengeyouzhi However, not everyone love reading.Sometimes watching the children living in the village extremely wealthy, but quit school early.Shaohua be wasted on such a young, really regrettable.    To me, I still feel deeply appreciate Wu, reading is an elegant activity, it is a pleasure working!Whatever the result, the process itself is a happy thing.[Editor: Yi children]