Day: October 3, 2018

Flowers like snow

When her son was two years old, she realized that her husband had given birth to a healthy girl with another woman, and she resolutely divorced. After the divorce, she took her two-year-old son to Shanghai to see a doctor. After the expert consultation, she advised her to give up and told her that maybe her son could not walk like a normal person all his life.. Looking at her son who was born with birth defects and turned his feet upside down, the lovely face had as bright and clear eyes as her, her heart was broken, she wanted to cry and couldn’t come out, and she came back home with her son in her arms..     In Shenzhen, an old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine returned home to open a clinic after retirement. She and her fellow doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, the old doctor who specializes in complicated diseases, heard that she went to see her son with a medicine cabinet after the event.. Not to say that maybe? Perhaps there is still hope”, the old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine relieved her, saying: ” Children, there is no absolute thing in the world, especially human beings, who have great potential. As long as hope persists, your harvest is unexpected.”. Hearing this, she burst into tears in front of the kind old man. From then on, she worshipped the old man as a teacher and learned to see his son while studying medicine.. In his childhood memory, his mother picked hot water from a hot spring well in the village to massage his feet every night. When he went to school, his mother always pushed a car to pick him up and take him away during the day without his father’s care, but when the mother and son were together, he felt safe and the mother always said to him, ” Children, you are all I have,” and every time he heard his mother say this, he felt very happy and he felt himself the luckiest person in the world because he had a mother who loved him so much..     When he graduated from primary school, he passed the county no 1 middle school, but his mother didn’t let him go to that school because the county no 1 middle school was too far away from his hometown and his feet had to be soaked in hot springs in his hometown. at that time, his feet had been greatly improved, and his mother firmly believed that the child’s feet would be better if they continued to be treated like this.. He didn’t like it, and his mother crouched beside his wheelchair and said to him, ” My child, grandpa said, when you are growing up, if you have the hope of getting back up at this moment, if you work hard, which school is the same, my mother only wants you to be healthy.”. He said nothing and quietly accepted his mother’s arrangement.     When I was in middle school, someone liked my mother and asked Qiumu next door to talk to her. Qiumu pulled her outside to look at him inside and whispered to her: ” The family is in good condition, but your son can’t accept it. I said, the child should send his father. I heard his father is very rich now.”. ‘ Mother shook her head and said, ” Come on, I’ve had a hard time, but I don’t want to raise my son for others. I don’t trust you.. He heard all these words. he remembered that he was bullied because he had no father in school when he was a child. when he cried to his mother for his father, his mother slapped him and hugged him and said, never mention his father again. when he saw his mother’s stubborn appearance, he immediately understood a lot of things. his father also rejected him as a disabled person, so he went to find someone else to have a healthy child.. Now, let him go to his father, don’t say that his mother will not agree, even his stepmother over there may not be able to hold him in need of care.. At the age of 12, he felt for the first time that he was a burden to his mother. He thought that if it weren’t for him, his father wouldn’t abandon his mother, and if it weren’t for him, his mother would find a good place to belong..     He slipped his wheelchair to the river while his mother took a nap.. . Ah, the mother woke up and didn’t see her son. She still didn’t see her son after looking for a circle in front of and behind the house.. Mother anxiously and nervously walked out of the yard, only to find her son by the river. The mother was about to ask her son what he was doing when he ran to the river, but the son waved to his mother and said, ” Mom, will you come over?”? I have something to say to you. ‘ Mother came over and squatted by her son’s wheelchair as usual, caressing his legs and lovingly looking at his son. The son said to her, ” Mom, when I actually came out, I really wanted to die, but it was really beautiful to think of you soaking my feet every night, massaging, seeing my feet getting better day by day, and seeing such a beautiful hometown scenery.. Hearing this, she hugged her son and said to him in a trembling voice, ” How do you understand, son? Mom is really happy for you.”.     With his mother’s unremitting efforts, he finally walked like a normal person..     Many years later, a middle-aged woman with a handsome face, standing at the village gate and waiting for her son who graduated from university to work in the city to go home, saw her a long, handsome and elegant young man far away, shouting that his mother was running towards her quickly..     The peach blossom in the village is everywhere. She stood under the peach tree in a white dress and looked lovingly at her son in the distance. A gust of wind blew the peach blossom petals flying all over the sky, flowers like snow, holy, bearing selfless and great maternal love, making the spring scenery in the world beautiful forever..