Day: October 8, 2018

Busy all the time, enjoy a corner

Quiet and silent, often read the leisurely of heaven and earth, lamenting the short life. In fact, calm down and think about it. There are many helplessness and many wonderful things in life. It’s just that people in the world of mortals are disturbed and difficult to deal with, so they often feel exhausted physically and mentally.. All kinds of fierce competition and living pressure brought about by the rapidly developing society make people have to pack up a comfortable and idle life and adapt to the following hypocrisy and exaggeration in the space where material desires cross – flow, the world is bright and cool, and human feelings are warm and cold.. Maybe it’s too persistent in the pursuit of goals to ignore the scenery around you, so that you are full of weeds but don’t know it. Life and life have gone from pure innocence in beginning of life to deep as the sea. In this, how many things are unknown burdens and what changes innocence and happiness is life or human itself. There are many things to bear in life, but we should not just bear without enjoyment. It is often said that the combination of work and leisure is fast in today’s social rhythm. If we don’t take care of it, we will be eliminated from the invisible. How can we really relax?. It seems that today’s people are either physically tired or mentally tired, but they are tired anyway. It’s rare to say that they are enjoying a leisurely life.. On the way to life, the scenery is beautiful and the world is wonderful. That is to say, the uncertain pressure is always wandering around, which makes people unable to appreciate it, and perhaps they don’t understand life.? Still don’t understand romance? In his busy schedule, he also thought of relaxing in the tour, looking at the great rivers and mountains of his motherland, or hiding in a quiet corner, drinking tea, reading books and listening to songs and dances. Can slow down their own pace, others’ pace will soon lead, in case you are unprepared, you will be left behind. When tired, I also want to find a leisurely and comfortable life, add a calm to my life, watch the flowing water, listen to the murmuring of the breeze, no matter whether the flowers bloom or fall, and do not smell the clouds and clouds, freely seek a kind of comfort and cultivate my temperament in the landscape, trees, music, chess, calligraphy and painting.. At ordinary times, I also know that I have something to give up and have something to gain, but I don’t think much of fame and fortune.. If you don’t bring anything out of your body and don’t take it to death, you just can’t let it go. You can’t let yourself rest in a quiet and secluded place and stay away from the hubbub.. The wise Leshan, the benevolent enjoy water. I am both happy in Leshan and happy in water, but I always feel a little stupid and foolish. Those who love mountains can rest on their backs, listen to birds singing in empty valleys, watch streams moisten things, embrace white clouds and dream, and feel relaxed and happy. Those who enjoy water can also live by water, listening to the sea and watching the waves, enjoying the lotus in the lake, or looking up to the moon in the water, all according to their own preferences.. Shake off a whole body of fatigue, forget all the worries and worries of dust, and integrate with nature. Learning to be a woodcutter or fisherman is also a good choice, but ordinary hearts can’t stand the loneliness and suffering.. I hope to release my thoughts in the words and let my soul get a moment’s peace. My heart is pleased to be able to forget the worldly material desires for a while.. This time what fame and fortune, riches and honour flower jiao, are left behind, only beautiful tactfully melody echoed in the ear, gently intoxicated, quietly taste. The way of the world is a required course in social science. It is difficult to handle relationships properly and handle them with equanimity even if you have a high ability.. ‘ say hello you are good, not good, say you are bad, good and bad. ‘ as if the folk have such a statement! A little depressed, is it better than not? It’s all spoken by people. On the one hand, they don’t admit who is God, and on the other hand, they study hard for social relations.. Deep fear that the attitude of laughing away will make you unconscious forever! On a quiet and lonely night, I think about history, read life, soak up a cup of tea and hold a roll of ancient books so that my thoughts can fly with the curling mist and feel the calm of I will walk till the water checks my path and then sit and watch the rising clouds.. With your eyes closed gently, the melody seems to be going into your head to bomb, washing every nerve line, and reading the 300 poems of the Tang Dynasty and the 3000 poems of the Song Dynasty as time goes by.. Xingzhi played a role in spreading paper gently at the place of passion, slowly studying ink, drawing a refined proud snow and cold plum, filling out a poem of ” three sighs” in a clear word, and dancing lightly in the heart by poetic lofty sentiments.. Or a piece of paper with iron hooks and silver strokes, step back and enjoy yourself with a smile is also a beautiful thing. The bamboo forests in nature listen to rain and the snow and ice singing in the fog and waves are all the most beautiful music to calm the impetuosity, like the free and easy music of ” how many things are in ancient and modern times, all are being laughed at”. It is not easy for a person to live his life, his possessions are old and small, and his life value will drive him crazy and silly.. Learning to enjoy life has naturally become the most popular topic of the moment and is placed on the calendar of life.. Of course, leisure is not idleness, nor is it a drunken gold fan. Leisure adaptation is self – flowing, inner clarity, sunshine passion and positive state, which is the romance of life interest. There was a poem in ancient times that said, ” Under the east fence of picking chrysanthemums, see Nanshan in a leisurely manner” and ” Smoke rising from the corner of the house and fog sleeping on the mountainside” pastoral songs, whether free and easy or open – minded, give people a bold and broad-minded way to wash away the worldly splendor.. In leisure, the soul is washed and sublimed. The mind is purified and freed; Life leaves warmth and romance. There will also be hope and dream in the future.