Day: October 14, 2018

Age marks

The pen name of the mark left by the years: Shu Jing” although there are many branches, there is only one root. through all the lying days of my youth, I shake off my branches and flowers in the sun, and now I can wither and enter the truth. ” _ Remember the days when swallows flew south and north, the vegetation was flourishing and the flowers withered and then opened again, but we could not stay forever.. Perhaps, the years are hidden in the light beam as usual in the early morning, in the small dust of life. Perhaps, the years are flying with the flying flocs all over the sky. Perhaps, the years are hidden in a mirror, as if they had grown up and matured after several years of cold and heat.. Someone said, ” Our life has only three days: yesterday, today and tomorrow, looking back yesterday, grasping today and looking forward to tomorrow.”. ”. In fact, sometimes I will quietly calculate that more than 7,000 days and nights have slipped away from me like a drop of dew on a lakeside mosaic, without shape or shadow.. I can’t help but disconsolate, panicked. Others said, ” There is no need to repent for mistakes, and there is no need to dwell on mistakes and think about what to do tomorrow.”. ”. In spite of the rush of time, I got up in the morning and threw three or two rays of straight sunlight into the pool. Suddenly, my hair gradually became oblique. So I followed the sun and followed the sun’s footsteps. I walked, ate and stood still, but still couldn’t catch up with him in a hurry.. When it was dark, I lay in bed, and he quickly slipped from my diary and flew away from my nib. When I turn off the alarm clock the next morning and open my eyes to see the sun again, it will be another day.. But the new day flashed through my chase again. What can I do in this age when my dream is no longer lightsome and I begin to weigh life with both hands and value fruits more than flowers?? In more than 7,000 days, what is left besides passing away? The past days were like morning fog, dispersed by the breeze and melted by Chu Yang. What did I leave behind? So, let the time go, let him come. In this rush of time, we will not only build a mirage in memory, but also try our best to embrace the warmth within our reach, such as watching a movie and taking a walk-and-go trip. Or perhaps, as Wang Shouren said, ” The mountain is far away from the moon in recent months, and the mountain is far away from the moon.”. If a man has eyes as big as heaven, he should see the mountains higher and the moon wider. As Ye Zhi said, ” If life is only a dream, then death is a sleep.”? The death of the future ah, just woke up from a dream. ”. Finally, I hope you and I’ between life and death, a general glance, knight, move forward! ‘ forward! forward!