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Absolutely hilarious piece, laughing instantly drawn!

Absolutely hilarious piece, laughing instantly drawn!Click on the blue word free subscription, receipt of such information as good as ever, in the morning to buy breakfast every day, the uncle saw a fried egg cake!Uncle, egg cake how much money a?Original one thousand three hundred and eighty, nine hundred ninety-eight price, to see you go to work, no money, forget!Sell it to you three dollars!Ok…  One woman asked: Do you like this husband every day after work and I was drawing near?Her husband said: can the next month, not money!  In the toilet units deserted, suddenly came in leadership, and quickly went into hiding, the results seemed to see the boss, and he looked at me seriously, was about to speak, I immediately ran out, the results came back ten minutes later colleague Xiao Li from the toilet, for I said the boss did not bring toilet paper, you want to borrow, how you ran.  A friend sent a very expensive coffee, just boil a cup, I took the opportunity to educate the younger brother: Life is like a cup of coffee, you smell the incense, I sipped bitter.Brother said: Brother, or you smell the incense, I drink coffee.  Today I let a girlfriend to lose weight.Girlfriend said: I feel inside the body lived four people can not afford to cut.I doubt ask: What does it mean?Which four people?She said: They are Monkey, Monkey, Pig and Shahe Shang.Every day the monk said: I want vegetarian.Pig said: I want to eat meat.Monkey King said: I want to eat fruit.Shahe Shang said: Master Big Brother two brothers said all right ah!  A bus, a beautiful MM car, pulled out a card to swipe, just listen to the credit card machine replies: drop?Old card?!All cars were frozen, and all hope she.Her face black line, said: what to see, Tian tong lao, not seen ah?A uncle got up and said: Come, ma’am, you take this.  I remember one day, husky Diao from a neighbor’s garden only covered with mud hamster back, I saw recognized them, is the neighbor’s pet hamster sugar, it has been tortured to death by dogs.I am anxious to immediately clean the hamster sneak back into the neighbor’s yard.Next morning, I heard the neighbors furious shouting: Damn, who died buried my hamster properly dug out back to clean up!  I am a student myopia, when the college entrance examination é facing on the eye chart are back down, the results of a medical examination when he can not see the teacher hands of the stick.Home from work today son told me that this art had a final exam passing, I asked why ah, he said, the teacher let the painting school of fish, the class paintings are fish swim in the water..I pulled over to see papers: bear children Damn, did you draw iron squid.  Yesterday, I and a friend went to a gas station, he rolled down the window, said: give me ten dollars, I stunned, back to give him a slap in the face angrily said: just add ten dollars, lost no shame!Come on then directed at the brother said: Give me five plus ten!  Young people falling out of love, head down, crying bitterly.Jackson consolation: “You just lost someone does not love you, but he lost a loved his people.”Young women looked wiped tears:” So I was lucky, he is unfortunate, for it?”Jackson sad face:” Actually I have no experience in love, but Shi Tai Road, snatched a long night, I saw this sentence in the space, I feel very good right.”The company set up a vent chamber, which put the portraits of all the leaders, there are views to which employees can vent a pass.That day the manager came in and saw his portrait intact, while other leaders were arrested riddled face lit up.Management said: portraits of other leaders have not had time to change, you’ve changed three times a!  Ugly on the bus a man stepped on the foot, the men very angry and said, you stepped on my foot and then I let you look good.Ugly one rejoicing, flew up and stepped on his foot, brother, thank you ah, lest I spend money to do plastic surgery.  Wife: her husband, to this month’s pocket money.My husband took the money and looked: my wife, you do not even hurt me, every time gave such a point.His wife is a slap snapped: it hurt?Her husband burst into: shout, pain, pain.Wife: That’s right thing.Husband: for what to?Why do you hit me?Wife: Did not you say you do not hurt!how about it?Now it hurts!

@ All the girls, this is a critical moment in the life-saving article!

@ All the girls, this is a critical moment in the life-saving article!  ◆◆◆ pie anchor Yang Yang Wen Shu sources of visual Chi (ID: iiidaily) point above the green label to listen to today’s night with slow reading FM recently saw a post on the Internet, I think fear very fine.  Landlord @ fox small beautiful husband went to the field to attend the wedding, leaving her alone at home.She heard someone knock on the door, and insert the key keyhole voice, instinctively aware that her husband should not come back.  ▼ After some inquiry, found each other is the cousin of relatives, some fear the landlord, her husband played several phone did not turn on.  ▼ landlord suspected cousin got the keys to their homes, but also living in the vicinity of the contact colleagues and leaders, so that they came to support.  ▼ did before they arrived, the landlord and outside cousin had some deal.  ▼ Fortunately, my colleagues, who arrived in time, the landlord finally successful escape.When giving a statement to police, before we know the long-planned cousin, that her home address from other relatives.  Cousin also really took the house keys, and even carried a knife!  ▼ cold reading that back, we boldly assume it: probably the cousin at the wedding feast, her husband began to landlord cliches, and took the opportunity to steal the key, and then take advantage of the landlord to bed, quietly opened the door and stole valuables property.  After all, you never know some people for money and color, will make what insane thing to!  Netizens also shared a lot of personal experience, the original real life a thousand times more horrible than expected!  Experience: 1.Do not just open the door, first confirm the identity through the cat’s eye.Whether acquaintances, or courier, delivery man and other strangers.  2.We are ready to extra trouble at home, ready Dumen objects, such weighty long metal tubes.  3.Any strange, to be with the people around him say, multi-doubt no harm.  4.If criminals broke into the house, with pepper water splash better, not hurt, but the probability of a move enemy, do not leave sequelae.  Fives.Alone girls put the best two-man slippers at the door or on the balcony hanging a men’s pants, not to create the illusion of a living person.  6.If the situation at home, suddenly encountered a power outage, do not immediately open the door to see the situation, it is likely that someone intentionally.Property can first call to consult or seek the help of male friends.  7.When the elevator, and other people are by then finished floor.When the elevator and then go home after the elevator if there are people, go out into their own homes in the opposite direction to take two steps to determine the elevator door continues to rise, to avoid being followed.  Before netizen recited his own Order cakes online experience: after courier to the door, he did not asked if he could come in, come in directly, but also the door shut backhand.  After receipt of the girls, the delivery requirements of a cup of water before you go, when a girl asked if he could build the way you want, deliveryman showed a very strange look very complex expression.  After the girls feel bad, into the master bedroom locked the door and hid in the bathroom made a telephone call to the father.  Later, the family called the police, the security deliveryman caught up.  We do not know in the end he wanted to robbing or Jiese, but the girls did at home was turned upside.  There are many similar cases: Experience: 1.Take-home set, girls can put personal information written in Mr. X, male sex, which can reduce the possibility of being sneaked into households.  2.Address on takeout or delivery orders, not accurate to a few rooms a few doors, door-to-door there is a certain risk, rather their hard points, went down to take, not give the bad guys an opportunity.  3.Express a single, easy to expose personal information on a single takeaway, such as name, address, phone, etc., we must remember to tear up or scrape with a knife.  4.In addition to information delivery, if your car is parked in a regular parking lot, does not involve maneuvering problems, please remember to move the car phone in turn put, because people have bad motives, record your vehicle and phone information.  Fives.If you buy a house or Qukan Fang, must first generate a virtual phone number, designed to give intermediaries and sales, they can get through this phone, but you do not need in the future, you can turn it off.  6.If the direct phone number used to stay, then the next you will receive all kinds of spam messages, as well as loans, credit cards, villas, shops and other sales calls every day, sometimes personal information in case you have no knowledge of being sold.  7.Do not send blind positioning.If you use Apple’s built-in camera phone, remember to turn off Location Services, or when you mail them to others, you will be exposed to daily whereabouts.  There are many online girls drunk after picking up the corpse of news, so-called picking up the bodies of the dead does not mean picking up in the crematorium.  But the boys and girls drunk, or specifically go bars, KTV and other entertainment squat, taking the girls drunk and have sex.  Experience: 1.Bars and other places frequented by girls, pay attention to wine packaging remarked a fresh four Loko, commonly known as deflowered wine.Looks like beverages, in fact, a very high degree, do not try.  2.When out of the bar, we should not accept the wine strangers.If she left his seat, he came back to the table wine do not drink, and it may have been drugged.  3.Try to avoid a person through the night, if you’re drunk, we must find reliable friends were walking home.  4.If the feeling of being followed, can walk and call and let family and friends know your time dynamic.  Fives.Try to go out at night to wear flat shoes, high heels walking sound, and convenient on foot, in the event of hostage, almost no ability to parry.  6.If the stalemate with the criminals, the speech is not convenient, you can SMS alarm, simply edit the information can be sent to 12110.  In addition to the above-mentioned considerations, when we are really in danger, but also can help themselves by following these methods: 1.Lower body abdomen elbow + knee strike is a very effective method of self-defense.Also carry-on items, such as keys, rings, high heels and so it can be used as weapons to fight back.  2.If you are the bad guys locked from behind, you can ruthless step on each other’s feet, while he relaxed look for opportunities to escape.  3.If you face the bad guys, you can take off your shoes, struggling to hit the bad guys weak parts of the head, eyes, nose, temples, etc..  4.When an emergency occurs, we must be accountable to the people around for help, but also to point out that a person’s characteristics, such as: wearing a pink jacket sister, please help me!  Her older brother, wearing sunglasses, please help me!  So there will be a group effect, if you do not point out a specific someone, we will ignore the indifferent; if you pointed out, he does not help you, he will have the psychological burden.  Fives.If you’re being held hostage, when the people around them unaware, they knocked as much as possible to stall hawkers, hawkers so you will be asked for compensation, but will not let you go, then the bad guys will be timid, impatient delay.  6.If there are no vendors, not in the crowded market, it is to destroy personal items Chigua people, beat people punch, or a loud burst foul language.So there will be more and more people to intervene.  7.Girls can install the package on anti-wolf alarm, easy to carry, and a huge sound, step is not bad, will always be open ring, it can cause onlookers passers-by, deter criminals.  Of course, if your friend in a very strange way to contact you, please do not take it lightly: For example, say you and I being together, or with the deceased person, or a business trip / person abroad on the phone, in short, it is not possible with any people together, XX in place; for example, he said any anomalies, strange, weird emergencies; such an opening he told you to take out a large or small amount of money for him, but did not say clear reason, saying only that soon to be urgently.  It is likely he was caught in trouble, there is the presence of criminals inconvenience say so, so trying to use unusual words and deeds, your attention, you send a signal to call for help.  New Year approached, I hope people will be vigilant, pay more prevention in everyday life.A little more careful, more of a security.  Hopefully the above method, everyone to see, chances are able to keep a critical time of life; at the same time, if you are a party for help, it must be sensitive enough to capture these distress signals.  Hope you have learned these methods, but never less than.  I hope everyone in peace, to protect themselves and their people around loved ones.    Author: pie, visual Chi (ID: iiidaily) to record life in words, with photographs depicting life every night listening to you talk emotions, accompany you through the seasons, propped up tens of millions of the world’s spiritual circle of friends.Reproduced please contact (ID: iiidaily) Authorization.    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1 minute bad mood rapidly changing social skills

1 minute quick change bad mood of social skills 1.Upright you think this is a cliché, no knowledge?Etc., facts otherwise. Said, to correct the mind before, please correct the body.why?In fact, physiology and psychology are closely related.I believe you should also have had this experience, when the mood low tide, we also often listless, dejected; but when the mood high enough, naturally upright, the swagger.So, indeed inseparable body posture and mental state.  And from another point of view, when a person is upright, breathing becomes relatively smooth, and deep breathing is a recipe for stress management.So when upright, we will feel more able to cope with the pressure, of course, it’s no big deal prone to optimism.In addition, information about the status of the muscle, will return through the nervous system to the brain.As we head high, your brain will receive this message: limbs freely, breathe, appears to be in a very relaxed state, mood should be good.  After the brain also feel good judgment, their feelings will be more relaxed.Therefore, the body posture does affect mood state.If the bow, it is easy to feel frustrated; and if the chest is easy to feel angry.So this method is simple beyond belief, please do not underestimate it, the next time the brain pessimistic thoughts emerge again, quickly adjust posture, upright optimistic mood right out of the heart!  2.Use a pleasant tone comes to talking interpersonal communication, there is a very important reason: the focus is not what we say but how we say it is.How to say the parts, including the intonation, facial expressions and body movements, etc..And people often overlook is that our voices are really expressive.The same word, with a different tone, it might convey a completely different meaning.Do not believe it, please try the following exercise.  A very angry and said: You’re annoying!(By the way, use your facial expressions and tone of the poorest extremely ferocious roar out!) B is said coyly: You’re annoying!(This time you use the most adorable tone, pulling out tail whine.)how is it?I feel completely different?However, many people often do not know their own voice, it is easy to inadvertently leaked mood.For example, someone always answer the phone, the habit of screaming: Hey!It’s that played a magic word, so that the other end of the phone were not open, had to feel each other’s anger.The more outrageous is that, if a boss is calling, a soft tone immediately began to bow and scrape up: Oh, boss, what you told?Mood also will be changed.  3.Use positive positive words, replace negative negative to say what we say, in fact, a great attitude and their emotional impact, I do not know if you noticed?Generally, the words used in daily life can be divided into three categories: positive, negative and neutral words.  First to talk about the negative words, such as: failure difficult issues and so on trouble tension.If you often use these negative words, panic and helplessness feeling began to rise (since there is trouble, except that of feeling bad luck, but also how to do it).We found that optimistic people rarely use these negative words, they will be replaced with positive words.For example, they do not say difficult, but said there are challenges; not that I’m worried about, and that I care about; do not say there are problems, but says there is opportunity.  Whether it feels completely different?Once you start using positive words, positive feeling heart on up, more power to face life, is not it?In addition, optimistic people will put some neutral words, some become more positive.For example, change is a neutral word, because change there may be good, but there might is getting worse.Try, if I need to change, I need to replace the progress, which implies that they are will become more the better, naturally optimistic up.  In fact, so to speak every word needs wondering, just change your negative mantra, positive words into positive, you will immediately feel optimistic happy together.  4.Do not complain, just solve the problem Believe it or not, the study found trouble matters listed optimistic people, much lower than the average person, and they spend time complaining, but also far less than the average person.This gives us what inspired him?  Optimistic people in the face of setbacks, do not take the time to blame Strange East West: He is out of the ghost!Or is this: Why am I always so unlucky?Their common attitude now is no time to complain, because busy to solve the problem.And when we experience less time complaining about it a little more time to progress.  This also explains why optimistic people are more likely to be successful, because their time and effort to improve the situation for ever.Therefore, to cultivate optimism is not difficult, please from now on, the focus of attention from looking back complaining, instead looking forward to solve the problem on the line.Actual practice, it is not to mention the mouth to avoid: Why always me!And with another sentence instead: how to do now would be better?  In the face of disappointments, as long as a significant change in thinking this point, you will find yourself frustration endurance will be greatly enhanced, and more likely to come out from the face of adversity, a happy return.  Note 🙁 Benpian by finishing small series network, belongs to original author, if infringement, please contact me, I will take the first deletion process!)