Month: January 2019

A touch of the beauty of life

Life there is beauty everywhere.The family, various utensils placed patchwork bright and clean, which is a neat beauty; hostess dressed wind flowing black hair is beautiful, make people feel fresh and comfortable, this is a quiet beauty; graceful, fresh and natural, this is a confident beauty; man of the house of joy and calm, aloof, bold outline, sloppy, which is an atmospheric beauty.Host and hostess love making friends, but more time to stay home and listen to a little light music to see some beautiful scenery pictures men who love the Internet to download some literature books look.The hostess also look at the book of literature.Such two culture obtained from cultivation of the book.    Young mistress a high degree of professionalism, responsibility, hard-working and fighting spirit, when her friends were all in love of love, fun fun, wasted wasted, fool around fool around, the young and her early career in the future just to work hard, and she never thinks he is a very intelligent person, but she has always believed in the saying, “the early bird gets the worm, Qinnengbuzhuo.”This attracts the same young man of the house, he felt that this is the ultimate beauty of his future wife’s eyes.Then they combine, playful man of the house do not understand moderation, will play hostess could not help but motherly heart to help him, in the eyes of others is the type of woman singing with her husband a couple of envy.Later, the host and hostess sweet love, happy family.But all are also the hostess when young reap as you sow ah.After the middle-aged hostess finally want to take a break, feel better a better life, a life that, when the hostess disease, a concern greetings of the man of the house, and helped her to the hospital for her doctor massage.Massage symptomatic doctor will start, also chatted with some homemade hostess, lifting her tense nerves.Only after three days of massage, pain disease hostess would cut through a lot, she thanked her husband, but also thanks to the top edge husband colleagues Xiangbang.Afterwards wine on the table when it comes to these things, it will send out a bunch of hearty laughter, which is part of the good life.When men and women like to watch together, if you’re the owner, see the brilliant, each other a knowing look, a pleasant conversation, we will be in the hearts of each other left a deep impression.When the hostess burned a delicious meal by the man of the house of praise praise to give hope to encourage, the hostess will feel affectionate, and enjoy true feelings, but also enjoy the delicious life, which can be called their joy, happiness.They also use a sincere feeling treat everyone around them (family love, friendship) to forget about how they treat themselves and do yourself enough.You have any good things they often share with you, in short, their positive attitude to look at the whole world.As men and women in the eyes of the world would be perfect master.    As well as listen to wonderful music, watching TV, the Internet, play, play, sports and fitness, to grasp the scale, follow the law, really very HeMei!    Ah, the poor animal, born of a lack of a unified collection.Hard to find the other half, since that has reached the soul fit, but it will inevitably create friction, collision, unpleasant, and even conflict.Man of the house there is a friend and his wife fight, injured hand, in the hospital, after a period of treatment, much better, but when it comes to their marriage, he would despair, he thought his wife wanted to have fun, no matter 2 weeks and more children, but also Screen Internet chat late into the night, set the expense of family and husband.He bent on divorce.I persuaded him, let him think about the benefits of his wife, the wife can drive, there is a skill, that she is a bold but cautious.In family life, be tolerant, not to mention, you are a doctor of traditional medicine: anger will hurt the liver.Light will make people uneasy, beverages loss of air, affecting their health, a serious cause behavior disorders, impulsive and even cause irreparable consequences.Now you quarrel, small children, for children also should go on family harmony, to be a man Practice makes perfect.Also see his bad mood, to make him not alone trying to think too much, then let him say his thoughts, let him put his thoughts barely talk out or transferred to other things up, to see the hostess the ray of sunlight shone through the window of wine on the sidelines, and with it that you look at this thread bright sunshine and more.If you noticed, that there are many strands of light dust, do it because you do not get the sunshine state of mind yet?This is called psychological “mind shift”.When he said he did not want the marriage to hold the hands of the cause, the hostess interrupted, I read a book called “My career is my father,” a father of the people, for children, quit their jobs, accompany their children to go to the big city to go to school, he chose to open a clinic, giving up all the parties, and ultimately the child was admitted to Harvard University, he has also been invited to the child’s college experience about how to raise children to accompany taught, of course, you think your the cause is to be a good doctor, a good father but also your career.Children crave fatherly eye face, the face of the child knowledge of the eyes, the face of innocent children looking for their parents eyes, how can you have the heart to abandon it all.Of course marriage oil vinegar tea ordinary life, and you crave more exciting life conflict, you will be angry, sometimes some things to intolerable, have to tolerate self-imposed, but doing it is indeed a very difficult thing, so this time we do not have the strength has been difficult, but also to even fight back unhelpful, more rational approach is to put it aside until cool and then it is easier to deal with the.So his mistress to instill these, all in line with and for you, of course, up to you to make a decision.As a result of quarrel and hurt your hand, though a friend to help you sew wounds, consoled you, then warm your heart, but the pain caused by injury, others can not suffer it for you.Then the hostess said his quarrel with her husband, the husband locked the door, let the hostess out of the house, the hostess joked: “He locked the door next time, I’ll buy a ticket more than 30-hour train ride to see children.An optimistic person, when faced with suffering and misfortune, never Ziyuan Zi sad.And in a sense of humor, open-minded, forgiving mind to bear Carolina.Men and women trained to master is such an accomplishment, a taste to timely capture and appreciate the beauty of life, open a window to the soul, so that the light of wisdom and beauty of life in the dazzling and colorful show in front of people.    There are many finer things in life, sunshine, grass, flowers.There are a lot of good feelings, but we are realistic cruel and tedious Mongolian spacious, not stretch the mind, not enough long-term vision, so that the good side of turn a blind eye, the liberation of their own, the liberation of the soul.Eyes will be more clear, and suddenly find that the United States on the side.Photographer said: As long as you Jing Xiaxin, watching all your vision, you will find beauty everywhere.

A touch of rain lengthy King

[REVIEW] and then further to go, I go out to see the trees, most of them blew up tender shoots, I think, these tiny room certainly have lived a little elf, elves alone is the spring.   Today’s purpose is to make a sightseeing tour, Purple Mountain is a mountain, water is water Xuanwu Lake, Nanjing and two of the most wonderful in my perception is that this should be “mountain” and “water” the.But not from day one is willing, this should be good in this Saturday, actually pulled a long face, the rhythm from the start in the morning they cry, do not want to stop until noon.  But, this does it want to stop me out?This can be accomplished, this rain should be the only fun I even won in the.Therefore, I have after lunch, take out the necessary utensils, decided to embark on the bus to go to Nanjing Railway Station.  Why is it the railway station?Because the Nanjing Railway Station is in a good position.Xuanwu Lake is just left the station, then you can also let me in here to start down the path around the lake to enjoy the scenery Xuanwu Lake, and until it reaches the foot of the Purple Mountain.This in itself is a very good travel plans, but when I arrived the find: lake shelves of the fence, not short fence.Fine also found that the more under the fence about one hundred eighty-five, but also a little bit taller than me, but good stretches a long distance ah.Very unfortunate.  I doubt it inside the fence is doing what in the world it works?I remember that time in school, there was a stone road to go very frequently, extremely miserable fate, trim demolition demolition, back and forth several times, when was the “rain several times, several times reincarnation” friends.For those of us passing day stampede of their bodies, the way every time after finishing, seem to have the same lame, and when this time, we will mutter a few words, “You’re a GDP increase for the country,” it would not have the following and then the next time guessing how long repairs would be after.  Today, here’s lake fence, went so far hindered my Xing Yu, is a big sin ah, I do, but still only frustration is lurking in the landscape here, angrily cursing a few in the stomach, then, find another he at the.  Train station or so many people coming and going, not because of the rain and have a break.The most depressing should be those who today arrived in Nanjing it, many of them indeed as God’s face general board with a gloomy face.  Mountain monk, the monk down the mountain, each have their own reasons, or never mind them, and today I have my own reasons for it.  Rain, like the world in the morning wash, wash the city clean, washed tranquil lake.No twitter noisy crowd, down more of the birds twitter.Non-rain heavy rain.Lake Road, is obscured by the size of the trees, the birds in this weather, in this environment, do not need to nest Habitat.Thought here, I suddenly realize as the general: from fresh and quiet sounds of nature.  Of course, this also should belong to weather the most cheerful of swimming in a lake in a little group of mandarin ducks.In fact, is not necessarily a mandarin duck, I can not tell duck and mandarin duck, although there is a small group of gray body, but because I think the duck and mandarin duck has a color and gray, it is still some distance away, they saw the body does not seem large, and like the pairwise upstream of the lake, they tentatively when they are right Yuanyang.  I should be comfortable before they envy the line after some of them free, but a duck leaving the team I have found a frown.It is elegant to swim from the group, to the lake, where there are just a “spring”, effectively to take water in shares, to see the little guy a Mengzi dive down, not far away after half a minute to get up, shake him water, swinging like a princess with long hair in the bath, I can not see it moving, but that at the “spring”.Because it is not natural “spring”, it is in the water pipeline.After I got up to see a small mandarin duck fun does not have any unpleasant reactions also relieved.  Out of the water here actually looks exactly the same and the lake, even the mandarin duck this every day to stay in the water birds do not feel there is water Yi Chu.I’d like something crooked: if all of the water drains hang discharged into rivers and oceans are like the pipes of water, like so much the better.  Looked up at this time, just hanging is blowing willow, glancing captured, “yo, spring has really come!”One little shoots are spirally arranged in neat rows, rotating the distal tip, in general are like waiting for a signal of unity, at the moment the signal arrives, they get rid of winter’s tail together, that if the mother rushed into the spring-like warmth embrace.  All in all, really lament the miracle of life, it was only a few millimeters thin thickness of wicker, even to survive the cold winter, it is where they come from energy and clothing ah?Where is the place for storage and vitality ah?  what?Do you think this is long out later?No, I want to firmly tell you: do not.No one can doubt go this miracle of life!Because of the small tip of wicker, a little in the last cm side buds, even hanging a few pieces of broken yellow leaves!It was last fall that left his last Memorial.  I can not help but sigh: What a lovely and tenacious life ah!  Hesitation, the heart of the spear and shield clash countless times already, finally, I was brutally with his love of the heart to force his left hand, pinch a small wicker next, hidden in a parcel, no one to see near, casual do nothing as humbly walked.  And then further to go, I go out to see the trees, most of them blew up tender shoots, I think, these tiny room certainly have lived a little elf, elves alone is the spring.  Green, green, green spring really belongs!On the ground of grass!At the moment I discovered in March in less than a season, also with a chilly wind sharp, embodied the optimism of the earliest of these was actually the most delicate grass!I secretly amazed!  Not bear stampede.  Rain, apart from me, or are there other people out.Mt transfer water, go here.  It is a semi-circle up small water pool, surrounded by three or four people, a few fishing rod.  I walked over, stood behind him in the side of a sanitation worker.Road cleaned rain, the visitors almost zero, he had a natural ease some leisurely, there leaning on pillars of the gentlemen who watch the fishing.  In a separate Mr. side, when I had left the station in the past, the fish took the bait.I was there watching, he pulled a three-five-inch length of the fish from the water, effortlessly closing pole, off to fish, then do not look back one behind, finishing a little further down hooks, turned to look at the past that fish jumping, bouncing in the dirt.  One wearing a yellow raincoat uncle, I stood relatively close distance from where he was standing there in a landscape!Right in pockets, lifted half raincoats, sandwiched between the lower arm rod, two fingers left a cigarette, the bark of texture all over the same face, show no moisture leisurely look, further stirring the foggy I could not hear the hum of the song.To see him, I laughed.  There is also a brother dressed in blue raincoat, under scrutiny, he saw his blue raincoat hat below universe is also in possession of it.There are a brown hat quietly by myself, hat and raincoat hat eaves almost overlapping, to see his face at the moment should be enjoyed, from time to time under sentence whistle blowing past the occasional dalliance waterfowl.  At the moment, I do not know who the sanitation workers in mind, the fish is silly and stupid glutton, who is cruel indifference, or the fun of life?  I did not have a fishing rod it is, they are not to associate with them, and to move forward.After glanced glances Erbinsimo somewhere near the water’s edge on a couple, I do not have too much to stay, walked quickly through it, do not let the other side of the sound of laughter and whisper of incoming ears, the scourge of my good mood the.  After half line to the lake, lake has tapered, it may be dim could see the other side.On a small ridge, hints of a stupa, looming in the fog, it is estimated that six or seven highly.Just do not know if there are any temple?And whether there are temple monk?On rainy days, the monks do what?The most Xiachu in the foothills, nestled between mountains and rivers, seems to have a large estate, red roof, white walls, forest cover, through the misty mist, Barbara are like the world outside, as people envy.  Now, the Purple Mountain in sight, though hazy mist, not see far-reaching, but the vaguely recognizable peak.  At the foot of the approaching end is approaching where this lake, there has been a heartbreaking landscape.This is a large wreck, wreckage lotus, Keke fear Head.Summer prosperous and eye-catching, at this time, Adams turned to decline, as people are truly lament!I do not know the root of underwater buried them, like wicker whether the general preservation of the law, or else the height of summer how to do these waters?This should be my man, right outside the door of unfounded.  Xuanwu Lake is regarded in the history of the ill-fated, disappear and reappear several of experience, if there is historical evidence exists to prove that she was buried, and that would be sufficient to deal with when supernatural events.Fortunately, today the people for a better environment of still more value, long-term vision is, and will expand its open, like the original farmland into lake Bay fish a poultry house.  Rain, although due to the rainy reason, can not climb the mountain, but blame the heart already gone.Rainy day has a unique rain.Today is a rainy day, a sunny day tomorrow, perhaps, why make a clean sweep of all the beauty of it in one day?Leave some for a better look, not better?

A touch of perseverance

New Year’s Day of that year, he dragged his big suitcase, set foot on the train to the north.Three days in advance booking, was removed several times, still can not buy tickets to sit.  In desperation, he had to bite the bullet and stop the night before arriving in Beijing.Take a deep breath, full of repressed morning mist blowing.Hurry get on the subway, actually lost its way.  Managed to find the right place, and finally unable to bear fatigue, a lonely man sitting on the roadside.Huge Beijing, gave him the feeling, indescribable actually open.  Interview went well, half an hour to finalize all procedures.The next conversation mostly chatting.  The company is very small, over one hundred square meters of local security desk at four and four people living items, a bit cramped.He put items on their place, a man sitting on the sofa and carefully answered questions from curious colleagues.  Then her face before sleep out of the room, and went straight to the computer.All of a sudden do not want to touch his feet.Oh, I’m sorry, she did not look up, crossed leg better continue to move forward.I suddenly felt wrong, I turned around and found him shy.Can not help hearted.  He would have found her.An elegant, write a little tired in the facial features.Learned yesterday from the mouth of the whole company to work overtime just colleagues, she stayed up late at night three points.  The next day, everything is on track.She edge in his right hand.Although she came relatively early, seniority than his shallow, her to be his deputy.  The company has always been relatively small, cottage-style management, coupled with boring practices.I’ve had a colleague to resign.Just half a month, would have been a bit crowded hall a lot of cold.When I first came near him, actually heart from Italy.  Then her birthday, he invited.Young people birthday, the scene is always some noisy.All kinds of people enjoy the wielding unrestrained youth and vitality.Rendering private room, the lights are beginning to become ambiguous.That day, she drank a lot of wine, sing a lot of songs.Are in Cantonese, he did not understand most of the lyrics.  On the way back, she was drunk.Stumbled and many people can not distinguish the face of farewell, the last person paralyzed on the ground.He stood up and pulled her over, usually emaciated she was surprisingly heavy.Looked at her and shook alcohol bewildered expression, he suddenly felt a little distressed.He helped her sit on the curb.She began raving, shouting the name of another man, then vomited mess.That everything he anticipated, encircling her body, due to dodge his body becomes messy.Wipe refused, ran a long way, finally found a glimmer lit shop, the northern night, always sleep early.  In order to get hot water owner, bought two packets of red pandas.Then rush to hold her up, trembling feed her to drink water.Because too fast, causing her little cough, he immediately prompting terrified, pat the back, quickly greeting, when she unwittingly became his heart’s glass doll, for fear of a little touched, it will grief to countless broken out!  Back home, she lay in bed, fast asleep.The dream was tightly pulled his hand.He sat sheepishly bed, from time to time looked at her quiet face.Slowly fell asleep.  Goodbye she is more time 10:00.He fell on the bed to sleep soundly.He wears her elegant quilt.Half of the body, the other half falling to the ground, he was also a corner was trampled underfoot.  He suddenly felt embarrassed, looking at her busy in the kitchen at the back, like children do something wrong, rubbing his hands panic, do not know where to put.  She walked the pace of light, brought out for him breakfast, simple poached egg and sweet milk.Looking at the way he eats, exposed laugh meet, but instead bowed his head, a little sad.He was a little embarrassed, invited her to an eating.She smiled, took out a coffee pot, boil a large cup of coffee, slowly goods up.  He was at work and she was very understanding with.Sometimes his ideas just begun, she already knew the results.He just has to write the outline plan, she will be able to refine the perfect match.He slowly got used to her presence, as if she has become his life indispensable part.Go to work, he would peek from time to time she glances, she always work in all seriousness, there is no lax way.Ruoyouruowu looking at her handsome looks and sadness during his increasingly pity the porcelain-like woman.At work in the morning, he would go for half an hour in advance, the purpose is to see as soon as her delicate face Su Wan.She did, all the attention flutter at work, and sometimes even forget his existence, how much it made him feel melancholy.  Then the company came a woman, we called her Konishi.Konishi long very likable, usually a good relationship with you.Due to the increasing scale of the company’s development, they moved into a bright and spacious office, Konishi has become the company’s new Chief Minister.  Increase the size and improve profits, the company management decided to open a grand reception, the backbone of the company as he needs to speak.Never like to wear suits, he could only come up with for a long time do not wear suits to the dry cleaners.Her hair done just right next to the shop.Both men made an appointment to go.  Close to work, but the sky began to intermittent rain.He walked in the back, tried to use clothes covering her head, appeared to be quite embarrassed.He said a taxi, and she shook her head, a few steps of the way, I want to take a walk.  In that small shop, to go through the long tracks, they go on the road, often next to the roar of the train rocketed.  He wanted to say something, can not even speak.At this time, Konishi walked quickly approaching, shouted their names.  The original company announcements, before the reception of this company is meeting.At the meeting the manager angrily accusing them of the company’s key personnel disregard discipline, even leave early before the meeting.  He and her face blank, as they go, are applied to the small West.Moreover, notice on the company bulletin board has not write.However, Konishi says a notice on MSN, and then pointing to the billboard said, above!  And boil for half an hour, and finally off work.He invited her to go with.Two people through the whistling rail, behind a dark, unlimited extension of the distance to the other.  Day reception, many people praised her for her beautiful.In charge of a website or even tipsy feeling hugged her shoulder.She looked at him, and fear of loss.Before he went, he sat beside her, said nothing, just drinking a glass cup of ice wine.More people to her toast, she was drunk.He looked depressed mood, she began to drink a glass cup.  Dim, he snatched her glasses, poured down fall of.I drink for you!  She wanted to go back to the glass, but also how to get fixed.He said softly in her ear, I want you back drunk.  She pressed him in the dark moist and trembling hands, the tears began to fall, his face wet.  The next day, she expressed her gratitude in the mail!He just sent me a smiley face.Finally, said something, I came to Beijing for half a year, have not been to the Fragrant Hills, Pa Xiangshan free with it.  She said yes.  Just that Friday should be about her and several friends went to Happy Valley.Time to go, she informed him.Unexpectedly, he made a hand gesture of refusal.The announcement pointed to the wall.Konishi written notice of a meeting that day with little word!She racking our brains, almost forgot.  There are a few, Konishi in the office with other colleagues about her sloppy and embarrassing stories to tell.He does not go to listen to the next.Brutally stormed off.  That day, he asked her out.It was evening season, she was wearing a light-colored dress, just like the clouds floated.He very politely consult her relationship with the small West.She did not say anything, just have sparkling eyes, a look of pathos!  After the coffee, she proposed to go to the bar.Under low light dark, they drank glass after glass.He suddenly felt a lot to talk about, but she was never given the opportunity, most of her time in the wine, in order to communicate with each other, then accompany her to drink slowly, drink forever, incredibly hard drink.  This time, she was drunk.He fell on his shoulder, a faint rosy cheeks, delicate like a doll.He did not dare move a bit, for fear of waking his dream of angels.  The sober, is in the middle of the night.Her cheerful apologetically taking a dip in coffee, whispered secretly lamps, emit soft light.His whole dressed, listen to her carefully to have those dusty past.  Later, she snuggled in his arms, and fell asleep.Women in the mental and physical exhaustion, need a man’s arms, she and his case.  Still later, he received her resignation.Not enough time to say goodbye, she disappeared out of his sight.All modern communication tools, are vulnerable to the emotional front defeated.  A month later, he left Beijing, with a share of calm mood.All the way south, came to Changsha.  Changsha, Beijing has a different noise and enthusiasm, which is the capital city can not be compared, more importantly, this is her hometown.  She told him in the past described the city’s people and things, and, in the light, she Nagqu twists and turns of emotion.The city gives her a lot of emotions, he went through the city, I want to relive it again.  He got a text idle work every day with a map, become familiar with every road.Sometimes, he would think of her indifferent elegance face fantasy meet with her the next station.  Eventually disappointed, he did not find her sight, and he began to organize memory into words, sent to her mailbox.  Knowingly ignored, he was no stop to adhere.He often imagined her in another terminal, while watching his letters, while drinking a large cup of coffee, a slight tilt mouth!  He even began to learn Cantonese, meaning those who want to understand the lyrics, but forgot to can be found everywhere online lyrics!A year later, when he bit about Changsha has written more than a hundred e-mails, he decided to leave the city.  Sometimes the best way to miss is far away, but just close it recalled.  Still crowds and endless world of pyrotechnics, Beijing in the morning and not because he’s leaving transform any look.Set foot on the subway, it is still around is a picture of an unfamiliar face.  Description of life become his habit.But he is more accustomed to clicking on her email sent to the mailbox.At this writing he has become an indispensable part of life.  Attendant, is a serious illness.  He often changed the Internet bubble of the habit, after a good disease, actually some depression.  The doctor advised him to go for a walk.He listened to suggestions and very obediently.  That day, Beijing’s Fengshahenda, finally went to the subway, but from a distance see a man around, careful not determined, the other already flew over, clutching his!  She said that I was in love with someone else, I am not a third party.  She said, I’m sorry Konishi, she should get back at me, but, you exist so I can not give her a chance.  She said, I can not choose you, because I still love the man.  She said, I dream afraid that Konishi catch ends of the earth.  He took her in my arms, cool earth’s temperature has allowed him extremely pity.  He finally knew what was going on, Konishi boyfriend in love with her, knowing that they can not be together but Feietouhuo camel love.And the disaster comes, the man sacrificed himself for her, a car accident.  After she left, finally feel his love more than a hundred letters in the mail, she began looking for him, even lost his news.She has decided to start again, but the time and she made a joke.  She knew that he came to Beijing.So he stood waiting for him frequently mentioned site every day.She hopes to one day in the vast sea, he saw a.  He and she, finally meet, he hugged her ear, listening to the whistling sound of the train, just as two people walked leisurely train line side, talking, looking at the endless rail extending to the horizon he said softly in her ear, I think, the red leaves of the Fragrant Hills.

A touch of longing

Thoughts, faint ripples in accordance with kind hearts, love, daydream, pouring flowing on the fingertip.  Eager, warm, flat ironing to love, Chilian, long, the situation in every possible way and sing.    Fenghua, lapse, made off with clear wind, clouds of tear Seduction, time, trace, soothe the sorrow that silent, tranquil and poignant dreams.    The same situation, latent HIV soaring, love, the end of time, love, and more ancient prehistoric.  Not the old heart, leap off the paper, in the mythology of love, Rouchang control, in the heart of the world, the release of desolation.    Love of melody, singing softly in the wind, a touch of longing, dreams quietly fragrance.

A touch of longing dancing in the rain

A touch of longing dancing in the rain Author: easygoing Editor: alone on the West Wing romantic gentle rain, wizard-like Indus lovely, deep thoughts, beautiful language, and sketched out an elegant, nostalgic view of the rain scene, let people can not not love!       – Inscription I like the rain, like the gentle rain rain rain quiet romantic.Especially like the misty rain, like a person walking alone in the rain, any rain drift on me.Either cool rain kiss on the cheek, a very pleasant feeling share tender.      Rain flowers, hearts will have a fantasy.Outside my balcony a few Kewutongshu, it is my seductive landscape, but also my good partner.Every spring in March, the window of the plane trees studded lavender, trumpet-shaped flower shape.Early in the morning, opened the window, and India into the eyes that are round, clusters quiet elf eagerly in front of the balcony, Weibi eyes a deep breath, a surge of quiet and elegant aroma Qinru Heart.In this rain swirling in the season, especially in the rain Indus flowers charming, quiet.At the moment, I want to go to the outskirts of release yourself depressed mood.If a person between the ocean and the wild grass, mining a rich aroma of Sophora japonica, Juyi Peng thorough clear mountain spring water, so spend the sweet, cool water brushed sad heart, let the drizzle open heart knot, let your thoughts fly in the rain, so rain moisten my heart, my heart soft sea.      Spring to summer, the sky floating catkins have been, entrusted with the flying catkins where I think you, read your words, you can hear and know?That you made a stop in between catkins please do not put off, where I think you whisper.Sprinkle rain quietly, falling on your shoulders that I can rely on the warmth of the place, please do not wipe, where I think you mixed with tears.You hear the birds chirping merrily forest that yet?That I asked them to tell you, I miss you, miss you.Do you feel nice and warm spring breeze blowing on you, like someone touching you?I think that is your thoughts.I am in you, my heart has always been with thee.My body is very lonely here without a trace of temperature and spirit.I have given you the custody of joy, my heart became sensitive in this thin rain in.      I think you might be a mistake, unconsciously entangled in the blood.Perhaps, not beauty, is full of beauty no defects, is overlooking the chase and not abandon the fantasy, because fantasy share of beauty long on wings, flying with the illusion of beauty in the fairy tale world, let’s share can not be the United States, the United States has become a permanent look of.Like you, have so much experience.Because it hurts you want, you do not want to hurt, to be able to clearly remember you forever.Since you appear in my memory, that at the stars in a daze, marching moonlight reverie, looking sad when the cherry blossoms speckled ground everywhere.I’ve always loved writing sad, sad love song, more like a rainy night listening to sad sad song written thoughts.When all these have become accustomed, if one day want to change it’s really very, very difficult.      Indus spend reading the mood of those rain-soaked, feel fragmented inner world, like the mood could not Shoulong debris, more messy nowhere to park, blur the clear outline.Hoping to meet in good faith and sincere thoughts of ownership, it was a misty rain misty mood is lost in the sad mood of loneliness.      I like the rain swirling in the season, I prefer to have your reverie in memory!

A touch of friendship

A touch of friendship ___ To my mentor growth of life: the dream Wen Yong has a light, bright friendship between me and your eternal but beyond the mundane and to overcome the blood does not have to know who is a hint of warm gentleman Danru pay the faint hint of a beautiful friendship lasting friendship and distant hint of deep affection pure friendship oh, weak as the wind will never give you a hint of the shadow of light smoke gives you a really deep thoughts light clouds seemed to drift away but never in front of me has a light rain friendship Danru mind drift silently fields at dawn and quietly stay hidden fragrant wisp of a spring revel in the growth of the rainy season there is a hint of a pleasant friendship is not near the waft in the air, there are deep thoughts around me, oh touch of friendship she already present in my life forever deep bone marrow can not be replaced without having to make public no words can not praise poem only of spirits heart consonance June 23, 2016 a touch of friendship ___ dedicated to the growth of a mentor of life: the dream Wen Yong has a light, bright friendship between me and your eternal beyond the mundane yet And to overcome the blood does not have to know who is a faint hint of warmth civil use of a beautiful long-lasting friendship faint and distant hint of friendship deep affection pure friendship Oh, the wind will not bring you Danru pale shadow hint smoke gives you a really deep thoughts pale clouds drift away as if they never have before my eyes a hint of friendship weak as rain fields mind drift silently at dawn and quietly disappearing leaving a wisp of spring fragrance intoxicated in the growth of a rainy season there is a hint of a comfortable friendship floats in the air is not near, there are deep thoughts around me, oh touch of friendship she already present in the bone marrow of my life deeply and forever no publicity can not be replaced without having to praise poem words can not only spiritual understanding minds June 23, 2016

Although I did not believe in ghosts, but you burning paper

Although I did not believe in ghosts, but you burning paper text / deer XiaoNi If you believe in the existence of God, have to accept there are ghosts.I do not know what someone’s grave grave situation, our family always very busy, as if everyone made an appointment to visit the elderly, regardless of life and death, there is always a grave after the end of dinner, picnic activities.   Two uncles grave to lift water gravestone rubbing, start weeding, women and children to be split into a stack of stack of burning paper one by one, put tributes, candles officially began.   Mom, anyone who had me buy you flowers away, you put him away at night!I saw my aunt bought a new tape to decorate flower attached to a headstone.   I can live here these people will be afraid?My mother blurted out, the family laughed as one.   I grew up on the outside, on the inside of you, I guess if there’s loved ones to see this situation will be happy now.   Grandma is a lifetime love of clean, plant flowers lady love, if it is grave and the whole family together I’ve only spent.   Often see a lot of secondary processing of the flowers sold, bought after one to understand, to put off the grave after grave people to buy flowers, but after these hawkers will continue to sell on the bar with a toothpick, since then after my grandmother leaving only the petals before my grandfather’s gravestone.   OMG, do not be reluctant to spend, this small change for tickets to play cards with it.Uncle while burning paper while talking with Henan words.   Grandmother during his lifetime smoking, playing mahjong, so every time there will be grave before smoke on the gravestone of the two sons of points.   Yeah dad, love fishing with Ma to buy a car a go!Uncle points to advance progressive fire burning paper good grave, and still remember my grandfather before his death in advanced cancer still riding electric car to go fishing.   Well, nice!Our mother received a Zanba!Looking at the wind up burning paper ash aunt said..   Go with Grandma Grandpa said you came to visit them.In fact, small time thought it very strange, but willing to learn to grow up to look like adults annoying chatters in front of a tombstone.   Grandma, just the door has to sell the iPhone, your mother a B, not with a charging cable, did not give you buy.I heard laughing behind his family into one, the phrase modal particle was my grandmother’s mantra during his lifetime.   Burn paper we will stand in front of the tombstone put together as a tribute to eat breakfast, this little cake into the fire, that the fruit into them, like a child eat with you son of a dozen people came back time.   I do not believe in ghosts, but when the people inside are very contradictory when loved ones.   On the one hand I feel that burning paper this event will pollute the environment, on the other hand are worried that they may in the event of another world really need the money how to do.   Xiao Hong wrote recently read “Hulan River”, the book describes a wreath at the shop selling the really exciting part.   She wrote that store from the coachman to the housekeeper, from couch to decorate the screen everything, as if in this world and some will have to go to another world.   Like every time I go to visit my grandmother grandfather, the door hawkers like another world Taobao: the golden couple is already very low-end configuration, and seen drinking fountains, IPAD, Notebook….These products are also updated in real time.   I first bought a burning paper before coming to South Africa to visit his own grandmother grandpa, is not clear, grave period of eleven, extraordinarily deserted cemetery, I went into the nearest shop.   Woman, SEI see it?Shopkeeper enthusiasm middle-aged woman asked.   grandmother.   After three years Me?   pass.   Oh, it would take the yellow, the burning paper, a pair of wax, and so will you have to burn this, then like this.She took a very professional look to me a package.   You see, though I do not believe in ghosts, but you can be burning paper, in case they say to do?    Come, join us to learn this song so I went back to listen to it sing grandmother!I made a song in the group.   This I will.   Line Yeah, come back?   Brothers and sisters have responded in the group, it is a Chen Siyu sing “IF U”, the lyrics sentence cut to the heart, after hearing a song cycle for a long time.   ü If you still standing at the door waiting for me to go home you may want in addition to what you want to do more than you can not go like holding my hand like a child .You remember I accept the flowers read about the death of “seven” best explanation is: every seven days to one, which is actually 49 days to the living a buffer of time, so that the living slowly come to accept the fact that their loved ones leave.   Our ancestors passed down the festival in fact it is not just a ritual, ceremonies behind the more humane care.   I am happy to share stories deer XiaoNi look forward to listening to your story

After suffering is flying experience: Inspirational Articles

Inspirational article: suffering is the experience of flying inspirational article: suffering is the experience of flying inspirational article: suffering is the experience of flying Balzac said: Suffering is a stepping stone in life, as an asset for the strong, for the weak is an abyss.Indeed these words, human life is not who is the flat Tan, smooth sailing is our kind congratulations, but who do meteoric rise and his home life?Each of us will inevitably have to experience change the fate of a big bucket out of school, unemployment, falling out of love, loss of loved ones, loss of wealth, loss of health, etc., etc..Taiwan writer Lin Ching wrote a story: One year God saw numerous farmers to grow wheat tough, I feel very happy.Farmers see God said, fifty years I did not pray for the end of the day every year to pray not to have rain, hail, do not have drought, pests.But no matter how I pray not had much luck.The farmer suddenly kissed the feet of God, said: My lord almighty ah!You Can next year promise to my plea, as long as a year’s time, not a storm, not the hot sun drought, pests do not have?God said: Well, certainly next year as you wish.The next year, because there is no storm, sun and insect infestation, farmers’ fields really bear a lot of wheat, more than double than in previous years, farmers especially excited.Can wait until autumn, the farmer found that all the wheat actually all shriveled, there is nothing good grain.The farmer tearfully asked God said: This is how it?God told him, saying: Because your wheat avoid all the trials, it has become so.Grain of wheat, yet it can not do without the test of wind and rain, drought, sun, pests and other setbacks, for a person, especially.It has been said, the human face is a bitter word, born on the misery suffered various.I think he was right.Wanted person’s life, their cries come upon the world, the cries of their loved ones died in the middle of one hundred years of life, all the time dealing with difficult, suffering, disease, disaster.If life is not suffering, which itself is a disaster.In a long-term career succeeds like success, carefree environment, can not be eliminated Liezhe, screening not strong, human beings would not have evolved, society will not move forward.(Inspirational quotes) while each of us to seriously review their hearts, always pleased invention, igniting the light of his own soul.It is often regarded as some of the time was suffering and hardship situation or event.A perfect life, really have to experience.So, in a sense I have to say: Suffering is God’s gift to mankind the best gift!But the misery into wealth is conditional.We do not have to learn from these religious martyrs, the suffering and enjoyment as a goal, we are having a normal physiological and psychological effect of people have emotions, while avoiding disadvantages to know, understand and enjoy life, but we know the sun after the storm, Chuijin sand profound meaning only see the two sentences.Former British prime minister during the World War II Winston Churchill, wrote in his autobiography: suffering or humiliation of wealth?When you overcome suffering, it is your wealth; when suffering can be overcome when you, it is your humiliation.When we overcome the misery and suffering after an absence, and only then, you should be proud of is suffering a life of wealth, is your life through the experience of flying!Personally, I have repeatedly said before, I’m not good at financial management.Thus resulting in the current temporary difficulties.Despite this, I still think the difficulty is certainly worth it.I only paid at this time, patience invasion of all kinds of pressure, tomorrow I will get back to a new self.I pass all night last night, after thinking it feel wronged.Why bother?Let him go, love Za Za.I suddenly remembered I often say these words: ShangBanYe think about other people, ask yourself after midnight.Despite pass all night, but my mind is awake.I seem to suddenly understand a lot of truth, truth in life, I can not help but think of my life to this very humbled and somewhat useless.But there is life, there is hope you afraid?Nightmare woke up, comes a new self, what is wrong with it?People often do not say?all will be good.Break through the storm, but also a spring.Users reading this article also read the following excellent article: [inspirational story: misery and misfortune] [inspirational articles: you are not only one way out]