Month: February 2019

A wife

There was once a very clever man named Zhang old.He has four sons, the eldest, the second and third child, have married a wife, and only the fourth of bachelor or strip.Brothers no separation, with the age-old Zhang live together.Oddly enough, the three brothers were born too dull, nothing like their father; married wife came in three, half a catty also with eighty-two, my heart is not large flexible.No one who is like family to please Zhang old favorite.Over time, Zhang old to worry about my heart.He thought: I have this piece of old bones can not always rely on in this world, maybe one day, I pass out, they look so Hunhundundun, how to live Well!So he would want to make to find a fourth of cute little daughter, now, give yourself Tim a good helper; in the future, beating feet for the people to be their own, in charge of the family business.Think easy, but difficult to do the.Zhang old to inquire, to inquire, there should no suitable.In the end the old man is a wise man, he thought of a clever another way.That day, his wife called him to three, said: you do not have a long time to come home, my heart must be very worried about it!Today, I sent you go back home.Three wife heard back home, he was really happy, let them ask the father to live long.Zhang old said: big wife live 35 days two wife live seven or eight days three wife live fifteen days.Three people want to go back together, back together.Three daughter without thinking, he quickly agreed.Zhang old said: you go back to the past, always a little something to honor me, but every time I bring back something not as intended.This time you go back, ultimately to little things, as I will say what I want to.You just opening the elderly, we must bring back that.Three together wife says.Zhang old said: wife for me with a big red radish back; two for my wife to come back with a wrap fire; three turtle with a daughter for me to come back without feet.Three a wife, are keen on the idea.The three of them together to start back to her parents.Three people walking up to go, and pretty soon, they reached the fork in the road.Large wife to go to the middle of the road; the second wife to go to the right road; third wife to go to the road to the left.Three people was about to break up, remembered the words of father.Large wife said: father asked, let us live in a 35 days a live seven or eight days a live fifteen days, but also to go with the same back.Hey, three days is not the same, but also easy to go with, more said than done with the back!Two wife said: Yes!Only with difficulty back!Three wife said: Yes!Only with difficulty back!There are gift it!One is red radish, is to wrap a fire, is not a foot turtle.Hey, just seems to be a very common thing, and now I thought, is something never seen before ah!Large wife said anxiously.Yes!Things are never seen ah!Two daughter also said anxiously.Yes!Things are never seen ah!Three daughter also said anxiously.The same can not go back to the same, and without these gifts, father would not let us into the house, and how to do it?Large wife is anxious.What to do about this?Two more anxious wife.What to do about this?Three more anxious wife.Three people much deliberation, I really do not know how to do.We are extremely anxious, did not dare go back, then sitting in the street began to cry.

A wife against

A long time ago, there was a foot of honest Palestinian farmer, married a clever wife.Liang Kouer live, near the male species rich family of Tsukuda, woman throughout the year to help the rich weaving and spinning, working so hard throughout the year.This rich man, are two generations of scholar.That day, honest Palestinian farmer farming feet field finished, go back for lunch, put the cattle tied in Singapore.  Who would have thought after lunch to have a look, cattle gone, he was looking anxious.Finally, in a small private school in front of the rich man in charge, and only then to find cattle.However, the small rich man would not let led away, he said cattle are their own.So, the next two to argue over.Old rich man pretending to come to reason, push, said: Iberico children every family has.You say this is your first cattle, he said that he, who can not pull innocent.I came out of a pair, who went on, cattle on who should.  A little rich, full of promise.  Old rich man said, This have pointed to the yard, round, thousands and thousands, Wan thousands, finally, to answer someone else’s question, say it also said consumer.  Little rich pre-empt said very proudly: my pen bud children pointy, round pen; write characters are thousands and thousands of small print written is absolutely myriad interfaces old rich man asked: What do you single-handedly certainly written word Not bad right?Small rich man replied: Consumers also said that!  As the saying goes: the emergency can Shengzhi.Pakistan foot honest farmer first gas can not anxious, listening to little rich answer, and immediately said: Bah!Clearly my pointy head, whip round stalks, farming out the field are thousands and thousands of farming out is absolutely myriad Oda.If what I ask: Do you have single-handedly cultivated fields certainly a good bar?I will answer him: Consumers also said that!  A man and a rich man, kept saying: No, no, the fifth sentence someone to ask, you answer.Little rich immediately announced he had won, ready cows come home.  Wait!With the sound, came a simply dressed, dignified appearance of a woman, this is clever farmer’s wife.She said the humble husband: they are deliberately making things difficult this.Wearing nothing but strips of tofu value must not mention.Do not worry, I let They scrambled to ask me!A wife finished, he turned to the rich, that they listen: my children pointy toes, fingers children round to feed the big bastard is thousands and thousands to feed the little bastard is absolutely myriad old, a little rich gas bad, busy racing phase Q: this is the curse we do?A wife angrily replied: Consumers also said that!People looked at her husband with a wife cows home.

A way to go in the end

Her glamorous, sweet smile bright bloom, appeared on the cover of many well-known financial publications, there are lines of text below the photo: my success is no secret, but leave more patience than others!  She was 14 years old, dropped out of school due to poor family, in order to make themselves have something to eat, she was selling tea on a small town called Heng Dragon Bridge in Yiyang, Hunan.Zhang small table is set, burning a large pot of water, then pour in the cup, a dime a cup.She small people, small stalls also too humble a.Sometimes a day to sell wine, costs have to earn it back.  So withdraw?She could not!Others make money, she would like to be able to make money themselves.Later, she changed the cup, but a bigger size than the others, and each cup spread a small square of glass block the dust.As long as there are guests drinking tea, she stepped forward to ask to be enough, not enough money Adds.After the guests put down the cup, she would patiently, patiently wash the cup, add water, cover glass slowly, we think her health tea, drink and fun, many people patronize her stall again.  She was 17 years old, most of the original peer-income too low to sell tea and cumbersome and find another way out.But she did not want to give up halfway, but then, no one drink a dime a cup of tea.Thirsty people buy bottles of mineral water, but also with a walk.She thought of selling health tea, so she moved to stalls Yiyang city, selling traditional local flavor Leicha.Leicha make a lot of trouble, herbs and winter to add a lot of ingredients, to be finely ground.At first, just arrived, slack business.Later, she use fat than the others circle the bowl, a bowl can be sold for 3-5 yuan.Then, she was a little more patience than others, the preparation of a variety of different flavors of Leicha.So that everyone can drink a cup of tea unique flavor.Soon, her small business and made prosperous than others.  20 years old, is a big girl, she still insists on selling tea.But selling locations changed in Changsha, with small stores.At this time we have entered the era of tea.She stood in the middle of the store root carving coffee table, for every guest the door, she will patiently asked people taking a dip in warm tea free tasting.She also set up shop on one side of the toilet, all passers-by can free toilet, but also a drink of her own brewed tea aroma relax after.After the guests to enjoy, to go and pay more or less carry one or two packets of tea.Guests do not buy tea, she is the same bow make friendship.Guests and merchants slowly to her like the store.Moreover, she trained a group of people tea.  Her patience to let her have more and more customers and more and more friends.Through a friend’s introduction, she began to open branches in other cities tea, or the same business model, asked people to free tea, tea culture goods person, then a tea pack a bag to sell.  24 years old, she has already sold 10 years of tea.Many domestic cities, already has opened her tea, she succeeds!Her glamorous, sweet smile bright bloom, appeared on the cover of many well-known financial publications, there are lines of text below the photo: my success is no secret, but leave more patience than others!She called Mengqiao Bo.  Yu Qiao Bo has been a full year to sell tea for 20 years, and now she has more than 40 tea in the country, all over Changsha, Xi’an, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places, she also opened tea to Hong Kong and Singapore.Anxi, Fujian, Zhejiang Hangzhou merchants who mention her name, all thumbs up.  I do not know, few of us can adhere to a cup of tea sold for 20 years?Moreover, in today’s turbulent business, always emerge from time to time to get rich quick myth variety.But she did.She said: I’m just selling tea, will always be served tea, I would certainly a way to go in the end.Years later, you will find that drinking coffee could have been used in the country where there will be filled with the fragrance of the tea tea appear, that perhaps I drive!  Factors for success not only depends on you how high IQ, or how many inherited estate.The real success, it should be a mixture of time and patience.

A way for children to stay in school

While most parents are aware, children to school every day, children will be deprived of free space and the ability to live independently.However, there are parents who can safely allow their children, carrying a bag through the busy street to go to school alone it?  We are a small bag carrying the seventies, and then embark on a sand road more than a kilometer to go to school in a group of children.At that time our parents might not worried, perhaps then only under conditions so.Although it was a fairly prosperous county roads, but in a few years in elementary school, our children from a six-year-old, has been walked, I went to a small teenager about eleven.At that time, we all came to be so ah!Although many of the surrounding certainly hidden potential danger, but we do not fear nor worry Institute.  Later, my two children the same way with our footprints, he embarked on a road from home to school.But, the original piece of county roads covered with sand, to that time they have become black cement road.The original road on both sides of the tall eucalyptus, to that time they have all been chopped down.Two children from six or seven to start, has come about eleven, they are not afraid!But now think of it, it makes me fearful.  Yes, I began to learn worry!Although now I do not have school-age children need to go to school, but I believe: the future I certainly will not let his grandson walk way to school!Not just me, we have begun to worry about and put into action, people aware so that children can walk to school, it is too unsafe!  Do not know from what age, parents began spontaneously children to go to school.But I am convinced that on a county road from my home to school for decades is still the same one kilometer.It slowly, the yellow sand from the original path, into asphalt road; then the asphalt road, the road becomes cement.During this period, the trees gone, the car more, her children, and we are old, too old to learn to worry about those kids from school.  Although we would like to give the child an independent, free space, but society has not allowed a!Even our home, in the school side of the road.We will always remember, do not know the day, the children will be under our noses, people taken away!And we will be more aware, even if the adults carefully walking on the road, we can not guarantee that no one will open on a car, catch up with you in the ass.  According to Department of Transportation 2012 data show that: China has more than 1 year.850,000 children under the age of 14 died in traffic accidents, an average of every six minutes a child dies of accident.Child mortality rate due to traffic accidents in Europe 2.5 times, the United States 2.6 times.This does not include accidental injury and other trafficked digital!  Yes, more people and more cars, more traffickers have heard!Talks about the children born less!The Government is also not let raw, even for the living, no one would like a potato on a long list of students.Society is changing people in changing lives change: even if there is no family planning, young people today do not want too many children.So we worry about in this world, can not leave the road a school for the children it?We say that the child spoiled, but if not, we can let go the heart of it which parents?Even if there are school bus, that irresponsible driver, the vehicle will still give kids ruined!So, unless you personally pick, or who can safely allow their children to walk alone in the street it?It’s you?It’s him?I still do?  Guardianship is a growing need.If our society, if our nation if our people can truly love our children, we should fix a walk so that children can go to school in their own way – one from every family, every school a road ; a real love of the road.

A wash the toilet best people

It is now in the Japanese people in this widely spread a touching little story: Minister Seiko Noda government’s postal service, when she officially entered the community, is in Tokyo Imperial Hotel as a waiter, the boss had her work turned out to be washed toilet, and it requires particularly high, it is necessary to wash the toilet wipe clean as new.  She After some confusion and distress, or even want to back down, finally decided to step good first step in this life, not find another job.  Later, she was a predecessor to their own actions after her education, she was completely strengthened her confidence.  The older wipe wash the toilet over and over again, until you’ve erased washed clean as new; Then, he filled a glass of water from the toilet, drained!  This action worth a thousand words, and suddenly the Seiko Noda, a dream wake.  She not only know what is clean as new, but also understand the value of work in the true sense, she faced up to: Even the toilet to wash his life, a person have to do to clean the toilets of the best!  Since then, she has become a new, exciting people, the quality of her work has reached a high level of predecessors who, of course, she has repeatedly drink toilet water.  Even a lifetime to clean the toilets, clean the toilets have to do a best man!It is based on this, become no mystery where the mystery of her success, becoming where she has been for decades to forge ahead in the way of success of power.

A warm jade

In mid-1952, I entered the Mr. Tang Yong Tong home, married his eldest son in mid-1951 had just graduated from Beijing University philosophy department Tang Yijie.Wedding ceremony will be held in stone alley as Ronny.According to our planning, wedding only prepared candy, peanuts, melon seeds and tea.20:00, my classmate, the Communist Youth League Committee of comrades and some leading comrades of the Party have come, lively lively atmosphere.As I believe that this is an anti-traditional wedding, without any ceremony, even to salute the parents also free, and does not have a parent or leadership speech.On Mr. Tang Lao and my mother sat in the house north of the corridor, smiling, looking at everyone frolic.Later, everyone booing, so I made a speech married.I also did not shy bride, happily delivered a speech through.I still remember the speech probably mean, I am willing to enter this harmonious family, parents are very kind, but I’m not enter a proletarian family, so also pay attention to make a clean break with the bourgeoisie.At that time people really very revolutionary, simply have left infantilism!Two old temper is very good, without batting an eyelid, also applauded happily, he agrees.Later, the two old break into the house, followed by free speech, my friends enjoy the uproar, joke.An old friend of ordinary soup, the eldest son of Mr. Wen Yiduo Wen Li crane, joke getting too much, even advised Tang Yijie night must learn strategic thinking of Chairman Mao, saying that enemy advances, we retreat I Tuidi like attack, ridicule meaning, self-evident.I immediately hit the roof, felt insulted, berated he should not have come to get serious with the words of the great leader Chairman Mao!We look at me seriously, we all feel very embarrassed.This broke my wedding.I and Tang Yijie unhappily drove to our new home.To draw a line, self-reliant, our new home away from home, but ordinary working in soup Beijing Municipal Party hostel a very miserable hut.The next day, Mr. Tang Lao and my mother in the old market Senlong Hotel Dongdan invited two tables of friends and family, announced that we were married, after all, ordinary soup soup is the eldest son of ah.Mr. Tang Lao and my mother wants us to participate in this wedding, but I think this is not a proletarian family practice, first married to resist is this old customs.Tang Yijie and I conferred and decided not to go to two people.It now appears that this behavior is really too much, it must hurt two old man’s heart.But Mr. Tang Lao still completely calm and collected, even if there is no one to blame.I went to work after graduating from Peking University, after adjusting the Department, Mr. Tang Lao couples moved into a spacious Yannan 58.The school saw no reason to give me a redistribution of other houses, and I will live with the elderly.Mr. Tang Lao and my mother are bred people, we get along so many years, never seen They red face.I remember once at breakfast, my mother will usually clip Mr. Tang Lao bread to eat black sesame powder wrong to take tea at the end, he had no doubt also to eat it down, saying only that some of today’s sesame powder astringent.Mr. Tang Lao always speaks slowly, never said anything harsh words, so there was soup Buddha nickname.It was many years after his death, a group of old school car driver told me that they still miss his approachable and goodwill of people.Mr. Tang Lao really care about fame and fortune is a little.Like him once in the United States with a Yinke, Wu Mi and said the three heroes of the Harvard scholar, after adjusting for school faculties actually let him re-tube teaching and research, and made him vice president in charge of infrastructure.At that time, many parts of the campus are massive construction projects.On the dusty construction site, often see his slow feet and not high figure.He does not think that there is anything wrong, people often say things always need to do, what to do all the same.Alas, this is not a long calm day.In mid-1954, in the “People’s Daily” organization that meeting Hu’s criticism, leading to his speech.He is a very ethical man, and will not, speak along with others in accordance with what the leadership of Hu intentions, but probably his heart is very contradictory, very uneasy.According to sit with him at the time when any of Peking University philosophy department, Mr. Zheng Xin told us at dinner, soup, wine glass in front of the old man had also knocked over.He and Hu does have some unusual friendship.That year, he went to teach from North Central University in Nanjing Hu is recommended.Hu is serious about him, the eve of the founding of New China, Hu went to Taiwan, the school’s affairs are entrusted to the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Secretary General Zheng He Tianting.”People’s Daily” organization criticizing Hu, a great blow to him.That night, back home, his dazed, but also some crooked mouth.If some experience, we should then send him to the hospital, but we all thought he was tired, rest a night will get better.The next day he did not expect to actually lethargy, the doctor said it was a large area of cerebral hemorrhage, we immediately sent him to Union Hospital.Ma Yin-chu president for his very care, please Soviet expert consultation, and from the school sent a special nurse.So he sleeping more than a month.After that, he can not write hands, legs can not walk, can only sit in a wheelchair.But he still put it down, always reading and thinking.I tried to help him find books, listen to his dictation, then record down.Such written chapters, many collected in his “Douding Notes” in the.In 1958 I was rightist, then I just gave birth to a second child, the child just one month, I jumped denounced the General Assembly, a few days after the fast decision.In the process of right-wing six grades, I belong to the second category: dismissed, expelled from the party, the countryside immediately accept the supervision of labor, cost of living 16 yuan per month.Mr. Tang Lao is a refined scholar, where experienced such a flurry of class struggle, and that struggle has even come to his home naughty!He always abstinence, most reluctant to ask for help, people rarely ask what, this time, to his grandson just one month my son, he was very against their find was vice president Jiang Takamoto, he said the child’s mother is nursing, for the next generation, can not be suspended to accept the supervision of labor.Jiang Longji 1927 to join the party, once studied in Germany, is a very decent man, he agreed to let me stay eight months of breast-feeding.That day, I notice the countryside just turned eight months of breastfeeding immediately issued.I remember when I left home, Tang Yijie is huangcun work, failed to see the side.While sleeping son, I traveled alone, away from home from the back door.Even I turned around and saw Mr. Tang Lao separated by glass doors, waved to me.

A walking bed

When the famous theater director Stan Lai, Taiwan in mid-1978 to the University of California, Berkeley, read theater arts teacher and other students told him, do art, you should speak creative.But what is creativity?Lai did not always understand, until one day he saw a walking bed.It was the day after Stan had just come in Berkeley.That morning, after Lai finished the last lesson, ready to go out of the classroom to another classroom on the second class.Many people on the corridor, Lai casual glance at, was surprised to see a slowly moving bed in the hallway!This in the end is how one thing?Curious Lai could not help but read two.The bed is actually a no wheelchairs limbs.Several switch, there is a mirror wheelchair.At the moment, that was lying on the disabled wheelchair, while observing the rearview mirror, the side with the mouth a few control switch, so that a wheelchair.His side no assistants, no one around to help him classmate.Stan can not help but sigh: a man without limbs can actually get an education here, Berkeley is really a caring, great school!He was going to take the number one stepped forward, but was stopped by a student dormitory of the same: if you help him, he will be angry.why?Stan bewildered.Students asked: If he asks you, ‘Why did you help me’, how would you answer?Lai said: I would certainly say, ‘because you have a disability’ ah.wrong!Students deny Road.After that, he explained to Stan Berkeley a special style: the city expressly provides: 1.Every street and sidewalk construction next door steps must build a ramp to facilitate wheelchair access to people with disabilities; 2.Not discriminate against persons with disabilities, or face serious fines.In fact, the purpose of these regulations the government to do only one, no matter what the disabled person is missing, they enjoy the same rights and obligations.Just like students who, although he did not limbs, but he is still a person, the same equal opportunity to education.Stan realized that he goes walking from the bed to see at first sight, my mind is always printed with disabilities only two words, but ignored the bed first and foremost a man.He also finally understand the true greatness lies in Berkeley gave equal educational opportunities for all, rather than charity opportunities for people with disabilities.Similarly, the teacher said the idea of the word, Lai has just know in my heart thinking about this concept, not to dig its true meaning.Recognizing these later, Lai cherish the opportunity to learn in Berkeley.In 1983, 29-year-old Lai returned to Taiwan.At this time, the biggest problem he faces is this: What I want to teach students?Shakespeare it?No, I do not take the others down the road, I want to open up a road I do not understand, that is their own creative drama.Lai said to myself.So, he and his students began to experiment, to create the first work, “This is how we grew up.”.In this works, Lai let the students themselves play yourself, explain upbringing in a number of key experience.January 10, 1984, in a makeshift auditorium of Taipei Theater, staged the teacher just returned from abroad small works.But it is this insignificant little work, attracted to watch Edward Yang, Hou Hsiao-hsien and other famous directors.To see the students performance was so natural, directors are surprised to Stan dull but good ideas.After thing can be imagined, the biggest names in directors who have an olive branch to Stan blows.In this way, Stan Lai and director who began a collaboration, and these, to let his creativity is unlimited eruption.Today, Lai said he still goes walking success thanks bed: is the bed, so I understand the idea is to get rid of the concept inherent in.At first, I do all the research side of it is, he has also let go of all concepts, it ushered in a truly creative.

A walk along the beach

A walk along the beach do not know how many times walking on the beach side of the South China Sea Zhuang Autonomous given Lufeng, sea view, hope the sky, the sea breeze blowing fits and starts, toward the rows and rows of beach Haitao, rushed to retire and then rushed passed on to it, do not stop do not stop.I think, if the energy can be collected, and applied, that is how much energy the library ah!Just waves, sea breeze is blowing endless great energy library.The good news is that erected a huge fan propeller on the beach, they are spinning around in the sea breeze in.This is a wind power generation equipment.See these wind energy has been applied, it really lament and joy!    Very pleasant to walk on the beach, the sea washed up on the beach sometimes, do not tolerate anti-wet pants will be a big cut, so only took off his shoes, rolled up trouser legs, can be assured of a walk, running, take a rest.Not so much at ease, as it is fun.Walked on the beach, I feel comfortable with the word —- —- loose in hard, soft in there tight.Then look boundless sea, blue sky and the sea together, and occasionally one or two small islands, twelve small fish boats dotted the sea, this is a wonderful scene ah!This time what troubles will be forgotten, what sorrow will be wiped out, the mind becomes infinitely broad, unlimited horizons become open, people feel how wonderful life was, how pleasant, how joyful!    June is the fishing season period, given the strong fishermen will be very orderly combination of fishing nets in the sea.One day, we ate dinner, probably around six, happily came to the beach to watch.A dozen fishermen already busy opened, and some sort of fishing nets, carry some wood, some scaffolding on fishing vessels, their busy for a while things are busy almost, everyone on busy divvying up the volume good fishing nets onto settle.In this case, too dark sky down to the boat division net.I saw seventy-eight Lao Bashi on the boat and wagged his oars, rudder helmsman also sets up a steady, while fishing boats called big rings of the sea, but while playing side rings of net, until the network Caesar’s almost, boat approached the beach.A boat veterans immediately jumped off the boat, the nets firmly against the sandy pullout, on the other side waiting a long time eighty-nine fishermen on the beach is also straining to pull out both sides of the sound into a chant, with each other very understanding.Boil to see such a lively scene, we can not help but participate in labor to help the fishermen’s nets mired hand.At this time only to see, shrink smaller and smaller nets, fish in the water channeling jump up, the fishermen were in high spirits up.There is simply jump into net contraction of rings of the lead in the nets to fish with a small net fishing net into the basket, two twist from two others packed full of fish basket, walked around with a plastic poured in advance Koike played house, they intensely busy, but saw all kinds of fish pond full of frisky, who wants to stop., Wow, listen to the fishermen say that a full 23 yo jin!When we saw the fishermen smile looked so happy to have them aloud.I thought, fishermen fishing is not easy, but how fun is it!    And then look at the distance, high-intensity incandescent lamp on the sea accompanied by the rumbling sound of a motor countless bits and pieces, Durian crowded, noisy big city like very nice bright night lights.So this is a motorized boat fishing jobs in the lights yeah, they are said to have been fishing before dawn to return.Fishermen who work really hard, really exciting.Because of the hard work fishermen, people have the opportunity to taste the delicious variety of fish, seafood.

A village to spend out of the wall

The king of flowers in the river picked up a body of a man.This is the first fight famine robbery plague everywhere, the occasional dead individuals and little wonder, what good luck Laodian property also eat more in town for food.Wang fragrant flowers while reverie rice side to touch the bodies of his pocket, his right hand was suddenly a link with scared Wang flowers wah-wah whining, walk away and go out into the body of a man who kick, mad to kick until the body of a man opening spit blood, and finally no more.Oh mother, the king did not die through ah shock to beat each of the offerings of flowers, quickly tackling the body of a man’s breath, no gas.Suddenly eyes light up, he reached out to pick up the body of a man who fell out of a piece of jade, he stood up and was about to grab a wrist again.Wang broke flowers body of a man’s hand and ran, ran half came back, the jade to the body of a man who fling: I did not take, you you you, do not lingers ah!Body of a man neither speak nor move, just staring at the king of flowers.The moon from the cloud seeped out, Seiki moonlight Chende muddy piece of jade round and full body transparent, the king of flowers eyeball a turn, squatted on the body of a man said: Hey, I’ll give it you find a doctor?Body of a man untouched.Well I said ah, this case can not cure dead do not blame me, as it gave me something Well remuneration Come!Body of a man is still no response.Wang full of flowers when he acquiesced, smiling jade myself into his pocket, big bang Kangshang body of a man, back to the village of.Wash wipe, toss one night.Before dawn the king of flowers and went to the next village butcher Zhang family, Zhang butcher is a butcher in town name players, not only meat but also to practice medicine, especially good at governing incurable diseases, hundreds of miles off his rule by pig , or else a few days a fierce custody.If high fever chills shivering in Apex, arch mouth, hooves, tail tip bleeding.Ears, nose, hands and feet, no tail end of that how do ah?!Wang flowers rise, see the butcher Zhang and looking at himself, barely smiled, pig tails I was not too obvious king of flowers ran without looking back, and then returned, anxious and said: bad bad after the pig bled constantly fight malaria, has passed an ass Jue!Zhang butcher was thinking like: If convulsions coma certainly stomach worm, it should enema with soap and water, three times a day, filling up empty so far to pull it.That does not pull Sia?Life almost gone, when the dead pigs pigs Medical Well.Ah makes sense enlightened king of flowers, while walking back kept thinking of soapy water, this foreign stuff like only seen in the city, because it is to pull out, the king of flowers looking at the field of large cattle touching the chin, this things should be filling up and filling, one night Daoteng.Wang flowers wiped the sweat, a closer look of a man lying on the ground, his face pale purple limbs, no breath, oh the mother, this time really dead ah?She dubious, took a poke root embroidered force for the quasi-man’s chest, once again poke, poke and poke face never move the body, the first reaction is the king of flowers: digging buried corpse.Hey, this next piece of jade belongs to her, better luck really unstoppable ah.Wang flowers happily dig the soil half-day, on the way home still wondering when the change a few pieces of jade ocean, can only entered the room on the bodice, obviously out of a dead body in front of the trim is now actually quite by sitting in the corner, it seems heard a sound, the body actually moving a bit.You, you are a ghost?Wang flowers legs tremble.Man for a long time did not respond, the king of flowers and waved a hoe embolden close, just as she wanted to stretch his head to find out, the man suddenly opened his eyes, scared the king of flowers sat on the ground.A man peering at her, that look, like a knife, who somehow got goosebumps, shaking the king of flowers for a long time did not say a word, but the man spoke up: Is your voice just like chapped bark in Heibuliuqiu exceptionally dark room listening to the king of flowers desperately shaking his head: not me not me, we do not know, you got the wrong guy!

A village substitute teacher last bell

The twelfth lunar month fifteen sun just touched the top of the hill, behind the village primary school will be holding the class bell rang, staunch, distant, reveals a vicissitudes, located in the Xiangxi Baojing Miao Lu mountain cave in, pull mandrel lung echoed this last day of the school year is a bell.55-year-old substitute teacher Yang Zhongming, under the bell knock a full 28 years.As the 2010 National 31.10,000 to be repaying a substitute teacher in a village, it will be his teaching career final bell it?He did not want to touch this topic.Just say, lately dreamed up is to give school children, but once he dreamed row holding the village primary school suddenly disappeared, anxious over the mountains to find that mountain so high, so small children, they go to where to go to school too?Wake up, he cried.In this life, he seems to have no out of these dreams, happiness and suffering.With more than a month’s wages, ran more than 200 in the mountain, a bell back to back, back to back as if the dream of a cottage Baojing is a national poverty-stricken counties, the territory of Xiangxi Miao Lu dong first mountain region, in the village of holding row on Lu Dongshan.Here the mountain and set the mountain, near km above sea level, the early years of the villagers to go to the county, the stars wore on the road, but also ran two days and nights.Poverty, blocking, making the Miao cottage for generations had not come in a teaching Mr..Until the early 1960s, the village had their first substitute teacher Dan Jiacheng, a bit out of the village people read the book.Yang Zhongming Shi teacher is in the hands of complete primary education to enlighten admitted to the county high school, graduating from high school.That year, Shi teacher died.The county sent two public teachers spent less than three months have gone.Row holding scattered village primary school.Yang Zhongming went to the teacher’s grave, heavy knock three heads, wiping away tears leaving the sentence: a teacher, I want you to do to stay here!This desire, not because more teachers and brotherhood, but Montagnards to save itself, break the mountains Jin heart of a son.Yang Zhongming wondered why birds can fly Lu dong, because it has wings.Montagnards no culture, no birds like wings, can not fly a lifetime ah!In 1981 fall, 26-year-old Yang Zhongming at the village folks unanimously elected, becoming the second-row holding village substitute teacher.Before opening day, he hides $ 15 per month just got my wages, but also the back of a bag of rice, ran 120 miles arrived county.Go to the market to sell rice, the addition of pocket money, and then went to the scrap metal company East West pick pick, to spend 18 dollars to buy a bell, and spent two dollars to buy a used ring the bell machetes, back to the village the same night back.The next day, at dawn, Yang Zhongming sounded row holding village primary school reopened bell.The village surrounded by more than 20 people, young and old school enrollment of children, like a lively New Year.Yang Tastes substitute career, it opened in the bells in.The new school is three old wooden house.No desks, Yang Zhongming got bricks above take board; no blackboard nailed boards put together, black paint brush; no stool, one by one from their own Minato relatives and.In winter, the biting cold with no windows blocked from blew in, and forged a thick layer of ice on the blackboard before class every morning, he must first point on a bunch of grass, put ice on the blackboard roast.Gradually became dilapidated old house, Yang Zhongming more than 20 children had to be transferred to his home, the family opened a classroom full year, rain and snow hit, a ground covered with straw, cook a pot of rice, stay left to eat live.It is a school, teaching second grade duplex.Each class, Yang Zhongming draw a line in the middle of the board, 20 minutes before a half year in this class blackboard sense; second grade class at the other half of the board 20 minutes after speaking.Completion of a character, and then to explain it again Hmong.At that time most of the people in the village are illiterate, more than 700 people in less than 20 literacy, families are too poor to kerosene lamps at night even point can not afford.In order to allow the children to complete homework, more than six years time, every night, Yang Zhongming must end the kerosene lamp, the more than 20 children’s homes run again one by one, one by one counseling, back to their own time often already after midnight.Just learned to text, calculations, kids hearts opened a new world.The first time they learn to want to say in words written; first learned at home a small bundle tied to a small number of pounds Baogu calculated how many chickens small bamboo sticks, only one number to write down; for the first time contacts from the textbooks to the outside world mountain.They will often ask: the teacher, the outside world is really busy right?Yang Zhongming always answer: Yes, the children, the outside world is very busy.There are tall buildings, trains, airplanes, movie theaters fact, he does not know just how busy the outside world, in this life, the largest city in the farthest he went was Baojing County.However, his description was enough to sow a dream elementary education mountains in the hearts of the children of the cottage, just slash and burn, tough and full of desire.Duplex educate one person, one school, Yang Zhongming persist for 23 years.Until 2004, with the merger of the villages, holding two rows of primary school merged with the original village primary school in the neighboring village to become the first four grades, including the completion of a small piece.Public school teachers are still not down, he had brought in from neighboring villages and two substitute teacher, a part-time president Yang Zhongming.More students, the more things to worry about.For the expansion renovation of school buildings, Yang Zhongming with more than 100 parents, pick stone, sand back, digging the foundation, hardships.House up, but short on money-watt, he put his hand has just got the month is $ 500 per month salary, all bought watts.That month, he ate a last meal at home looking at Dayton.In the winter of 2007, Lu Tung mountain suffered severe freezing weather, snow and ice to pile 3 feet high.Some parents suggested lesson stop a few days.Yang Zhongming shook his head: You can not miss the children!He ran every day before dawn to each village, those younger pupils one by one, holding, carrying, the school received; afternoon after school, and then one by one to send home.Once, he slipped one foot carrying a child, the child all right, but broke his back.Lying in bed, anxious not sleep all night, finally came up with a way to please the village of strong labor and ice on the road, but he does not take money to thank the folks.His characters still do not know the old father, he saved his teeth from the bottom is offering 80 dollars, stuffed into the hands of his son.Yang Zhongming his wife bought meat and vegetables, invites all who labor to eat a meal.