Day: March 15, 2019

Brilliant you are not stranded dreams come true

[REVIEW] life, tired heart, only smiling face, so you do not have untied the knot, to make your own life more happy, relaxed state of mind, find yourself the trouble is coming from, It not for ourselves, is not to give yourself a little change.    A person’s life is the most tired, tired heart than.For survival tired, everything is tired, tired to interpersonal relationships, the cause of the tired, tired than for the love.For the love of tired is the real heart is tired, tired of life in the largest.Tired heart how to do it?Heart tired of people want to learn to smile, laugh out, brighter future.Be positive and accept yourself, enjoy yourself, love yourself, the pursuit of perfection at the same time, hold their own inadequacies and problems.Only one person to enjoy themselves, to have confidence in ourselves.Every day they want sunlight, smiling face of everyone around him, full of passion to do everything, you always have your wonderful world, you will have eternal brilliant sky.    Tired heart, please put down the heart of the matter.After all, do not let yourself tired tired heart, without reservation, life in better shape, the body will be more healthy.When unable to change everything, unable to do some want to do, inability to have wanted, how depressing is, in particular, can not change human side closest to heart what anxiety is, everything is so helpless.Confidence again and again, again and again efforts of lost time and time again, the so-called mental and physical exhaustion.A friend told me, she said: this is the life, the fate of my life facing a severe test of life and psychological torture continued conflict had enough.We have been unable to say too much.In my imagination, she was walking trail in the countryside, is growing back from the roadside after a piece of finished harvesting crops grass, green, gray is not the city that vegetation or malnutrition, Green cute, clean, normal also flying in the air in downtown rare butterfly, the mountain behind the village have also shown that new navy, in this remote countryside was perhaps only here, can sniff of fresh air, see, see blue sky, perhaps here, her mood will be and that clouds are generally elegant, not far from the mountains, white sheep in a slowly moving in the sunshine, just like a piece of white jade and it masturbation!    Her recent years, though not far, but always by some trivial things occupy the time and mood, now think about it, sometimes people really are tired of their heart, in that beautiful environment, but has been reluctant to give your heart a holiday, even if it is a small habitat, but she is already used to it, like in the unknown pressure, she was tired, but the heart is more tired, more tired after that is exhausted, the difficulties faced not with the heavy pressure of everyday life disappear, although the trouble with her pen, tedious process that is still wrapped in the ear, the heart still more tired, what is the energy to deal with life and effortless it?    Friends, you are hard to appreciate.You can find the landscape around them, maybe do not think the so-called landscape, why do you care about it themselves, with their own eyes to look at it, even if it is a small place; to a romantic holiday mood, so tired in heart sunny in sleeping.But nerves taut as a bowstring, at any time off, a small heart border, heart confused, no longer romantic, no holidays, no relaxation, the color of life is not necessarily leave much brilliant, once this is also struggling with their own frustrations, those distant dream for her.Friends, you are still at home walking trail, so to create a psychological a clean sky bar!Jumping together to make it easy and comfort to the notes, you will get relaxation, this liberation in more trouble in.Tired heart is here gone, you do not have a green fertile fields?I tried to be green mood Yeah, if that life is very tedious day, and that should give yourself a green fields mood, a mood ah can indulge wilderness!Hardship is self-imposed mind, easy life is a symphony!    Yes!Life does have a lot of frustration, there are too many disappointments, whenever something goes wrong we will complain about how unfortunate how pathetic they are, instead of complaining is better to sink the heart to think about themselves what did it.Load heavy heart.How many Forget the past?How many memories do not leave scars?Life is not a glass of wine, drunk is not a hero, not a hero not drunk.So a person’s life can only half-awake drunk, when it can become the vulgarity of it Daisen?Load heavy heart.Searching, when to return to natural life character?When to break through in the spirit of the mire?When will lock the new coordinates of life?When to stretch the mind wrinkled?    Perhaps, family, friendship, love had accompanied tired heart history?Perhaps the so-called proud and arrogant, tired heart had to pay the price?Perhaps the human soul at some level point of view, perhaps, what might not want to go, only to alleviate that life unbearable burden.Wasted years, time flies, the course of history quicksand Rolling Stones, wash it out a few Xu Qingjing?I ask who can jump out of it the Red unaffected?People alive doomed to run around and toil, but we can do is do not let the tired heart.Accompanied by the growth of give you a lot of insights and inspiration, we can do is do not let your heart too tired.  Everyone has a past, which in the past on the formation of memories piled in the corner of my heart.Day by day, my heart filled with more and more children are getting heavier and heavier heart.Why not try to put those past unhappy things all rejected, and people living in the world there are numerous too.There are too many every second, much of the moment, there are too many choices, too much frustration, but numerous too much behind, you can only give heart to bear precipitation; long life is the moment of life, let alone the heart to the sentiment, maybe beware scars, shed tears when the last drop of the heart, there is no longer a long life, there will be no instant!    Things look on point, a grateful heart to treat every day.To feel real, real to life, do not float on the surface, even if the hard work is worth it.Contentment!Actively treat every day!There is hope alive!Smiling face life, so live not tired.Face life with a smile, there is a not withered flowers in the world, and that is smiling!Smile like the sun, bring warmth to the earth; smile like rain, moisten the earth.Smile have the same magic and love can make people feel hungry warmth; you can make people into desperate to see the hope of life; you can make helpless people get spiritual consolation; also the soul withered people feel emotions moisture.    Once depression, once the vicissitudes of life, once distressed, once resentment, frustration once, in most soft at heart, must have a untouchable pain.At this time, please do not complain there are too many bumps in life, do not complain there are too many ups and downs in life.Just think, if the surging waves of the ocean lost, it will be vast?If you lose the dance of the desert sand, it will be majestic?If you lose the forest ferocious beast, it will be mysterious?Because all things dangerous and magnificent, life is wonderful because of setbacks.In fact, life is weird bottle.Do not lose confidence because of living in poverty, not because of setbacks and depressed.Earth will not turn your frustration without, the wind does not blow because you are sad, because you will not flower without tears Xie.We want a smile to the face, the only way to sharpen the will in trouble, to the sentiment of life in the struggle to make their own lives more exciting.    Life, tired heart, only smiling face, so you do not have untied the knot, to make your own life more happy, relaxed state of mind, find yourself the trouble is coming from, is not their own to own, it is not to give yourself a little change.How wonderful quiet night, the lights dim, Guying alone bar chair, watching the sky.Month vast, Guxing Han, of which intentionally, freely their opinion has been forgotten.Yuet Wah, such as training through screens, you can be staring out the window at the moon shining Hui quietly you, except you play text Jianpanshangqiao when the mood is happy, sort of thoughts swirling disrupt let you how to write?Mu then look back and you think of that period of mentality,, beautiful day, the mood will become more comfortable, his thoughts are also with the rapid abundance of long, exactly when you write it.As the tired heart is not tired of the pen to fade, heart wide, people are comfortable a.You have to start charging, you have not yet run aground trying to rekindle the dream, you have to wait until near the day, you have a bit of success, really, even a little bit of success, my friend.[Editor: leaf]