Day: March 16, 2019


Brilliantness – the thirtieth anniversary of the financial undertakings Pang Lihong look back thirty years ago, Chinese dragon faltering.Undone, but I do not know which end begins.All ambition in helpless silence slow, all enclosed in its own vast energy potential homes.It was mid-1978, there is an old man, in the land of Kyushu drew a magical circle, which was the wealthy and powerful blueprint ah!Since then, the heavy door opened, and the reform of the horn, sounded at the edge of the sky, opening spring, covered with green earth.Thirty years Weiwo logistics, generation through thick and thin.Spring has gone back to form a perfect team excellent.Finance the efforts to forge a digital miracle on a higher level of year.Fiscal people’s efforts to forge an unprecedented brilliant performance.People financial innovation, created the core driving force in the economic field.Thirty years seasons in the past years of growth rings in writing a towering.Dimension to financial affairs, is to make money filling the state treasury, it is to let people have a guaranteed consumption.To seek financial governance, it is to find new growth highlights to bring the real situation to cut expenditure.To financial governance, we must Analysis of new development ideas and open up paths which reliable economic leap.Thirty years of ups and downs, suffering countless people struggling to fight financial.Thankfully, we seize opportunities in the rapidly advancing tide of reform.Department budget, supervision and inspection, centralized payment, government procurement, constitute the basic framework for financial reform.In order to enlarge the cake and annual financial balance, financial people are against the clock.We devote unlimited loyalty to the cause of the motherland’s blood.With our finances in order to promote security and stability of the State Council; With our finances to a thriving national economy; With our finances in order to promote Miles Pengcheng national defense science and technology; With our finances in order adjourned Quintessence of Pentium gallop.Time flies, time rush.Divine Land demonstrated the long-lost glory to the world of giants, the sons and daughters bursting out laughing heartily cheers.We tell the story of the spring, revealing the joy of success smile.However, we still can not relax.Because the need to optimize the economic structure adjustment, rural issues need to recognize the importance, need to strive to shorten the gap between rich and poor, we need to build a harmonious society as soon as possible.Our future is to continue to make contributions to build stronger public finances!