Day: March 17, 2019

Brine shrimp desert survival

Time is life, it is estimated there is nothing desert experience than brine shrimp deeper.    Mojave Desert of the southwestern United States is extremely hot and dry place, the temperature in the shade often exceeding 50 ℃, rain is very little, often separated by a few years until the next rainstorm, so the surface is almost not grow decent plant.Conditions are so bad and dangerous, no animal is willing to inhabit here, even in a drought-tolerant desert locusts also known for rare trace.Do not see hope in this barren land, the animals will survive it?    Make people more incredible is that this piece of scorched earth in lakes and rivers is not moist, actually be able to breed shrimp alive and kicking!And this miracle will happen after every rainstorm, scientists also solemnly named the shrimp brine shrimp.    Brine shrimp growth process is very difficult, most of the life is in the form of shrimp eggs, day with similar size and appearance of the hot sand with.People do not see that it is alive.Not to mention the pond after the rain will dominate future.Every 2 years?5 years, the Mojave Desert will come down and form a pond rain in the lowlands, millions of shrimp eggs rain down into the pond, this time shrimp eggs As if by magic, quickly hatched about 1 mm small shrimp, microorganisms against predation, small shrimp can be grown to within a week 1.5 cm.Just during the rapid growth of brine shrimp, hot sun is greedily eating away at the pond.In this race against time and the brine shrimp simply not afford to lose.To day 12, when the brine shrimp grow to about 3 cm, female shrimp will harbor hundreds shrimp eggs.Usually by this time, the pond water is running out, brine shrimp is about to do the sprint in the mud dry preparation.After a few days, brine shrimp use short life the last time, the shrimp eggs in moist soil.Then, after confirming their species may be multiply, with the last drop of brine shrimp died evaporation.    If the second field sufficient amount of rain and the formation of another pond, shrimp and eggs began to hatch.Brine shrimp will once again grow quickly through their life cycle adult, spawning and death.But the lack of rainfall in some years can not form a pond, in this case, the shrimp eggs will remain dormant until the second coming of rainfalls.In extremely rare cases, may be 100 years, only two such opportunities, adequate rainfall will form a deep pond, the water can be kept for a month or longer without drying up.Then the brine shrimp will complete two grown adult, spawning and death cycle.As a result, the number of this species will be a substantial increase, more able to ensure its survival and reproduction.