Day: March 19, 2019

Bringing back memories of the Dragon Boat Festival

Zongzi incense, incense kitchen.Leaves incense, incense Full.Peach sticks inserted in the door, looking out of a child, Mr Wong.Here Dragon Boat Festival, where the Dragon Boat Festival, Dragon Boat Festival everywhere.Dragon Boat Festival, according to custom to eat dumplings, sugar cake, drinking realgar wine, hanging wormwood, iris, people can finally detached from the daily toil out, look for sustenance mind sees a spare.And we are not accustomed to the traditional holiday spending spree form, so the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival that, even not spared the Ching Ming Festival.    I think the significance of the festival, you can use words to describe, sad Yan intersection.Master Hong Yi passed away three days before, the book “sad Yan intersection,” the word disciple handed Miaolian.Sad Yan intersection, so feelings, this world and the artist rolled into one non-monk Master Hong Yi was not there.Because it is higher than the earthly enlightenment monk, near death escape the occasion, we will have a transcendent joy.Because it is the master of the art of love, will have a deep attachment to life and misery, it is a sad Yan intersection.The new colored silk dumplings wrapped around the corner, gold plate delivery, raw raw silk painted fans disk Shuangfeng.It orchid season, moving the bath, calamus wine US clear respect for common.Alone in a foreign land as a stranger, every festival pro.It seems that every traditional festival, there is a food as its unique cultural symbol.Dragon Boat Festival with rice dumplings.New Year, dumplings.Lantern Festival, there are rice balls.Mid-Autumn Festival with moon cake.Because of this possibility, the continuation of traditional festivals going from generation to generation for thousands of years, since it is rooted in childhood taste on the tongue, is the oldest SHEN nostalgia.    The significance of this feast is not it?Chinese people’s traditional festival, the whole family is sure to spend together.If friends and relatives scattered, less one or two people.The mind is always bitter.Everyone in the world is so small, is fortunate to have family links with blood.A man floating on the outside, the Dragon Boat Festival, eating dumplings, even the holidays, whereby pays homage to the past when the holidays enjoyable for the whole family seated around the table warmth.    Time really can dilute all the pain, gone dead, the living or to continue to live well.Which Payouyitian, just one person alone and walk alone in the world.There’s an old saying: “an old house, than Sambo.”I thought, on a holiday, only old people and spend time with the family is the most touching of.It is one of the most close to the earth warm and practical security.And our young people are always noisy party, stripped of quiet.And old people stricken with wind and rain, to accompany them gossip, listen to them talk about Chen Guzi Black Asako Chen old thing.    These dear old people, played down the ups and downs of life, good at finding the music Firestone.The cooked noisy life like childhood, like, like holding a glass of water, kind and indifferent.And thus trained a culvert, a calm, a pair of gentle tolerance of Ci Meishan eye.As everyone knows, this is the ordinary people can achieve the “Zen” of the state.    Dragon Boat Festival is a year when I really miss the old man has left us, but I myself would not miss this then easily be mentioned, which is part of my personal collection.I have settled in my heart, to be part of my life, flowing in my blood.    The memory of the Dragon Boat Festival, is a dark and quiet old house, and an amiable and respectful of the elderly.In a large pot of dumplings “dth” sound on the boiler, it exudes a seductive aroma.The children sitting around the dinner table, to hear the sound “dumplings cooked”, suddenly excited.Ignoring just how hot pot dumplings, he declared himself eager to eat what stuffing.The kind of warm and happy feeling spread from the tip of the tongue to the bottom of my heart, from his childhood years stretches to eternity.    Dragon Boat Festival, but it brought back so many of my rambling thoughts.I often think that this world, someone can thinking, nostalgia, excitement and fantasy, and some people can not – I do not know what time lost this ability.The latter feel the former fragile and sensitive person neurotic, in pursuing this pragmatic society is the presence of a tragedy.The former verification for everything they own all natural, and there is a full and happy Celebrex.    Dragon Boat Festival season and think of home, the heart has not forgotten earnest Worries.