Day: March 21, 2019

British and cats – Wanwuzhiling friends

The British love flowers, love cats and dogs.Seen by a Chinese people do, love is the reason of flowers and of course, since to the idle rich, plant some flowers almost on a par with the possession of these books, all can be “elegant” word to describe something.Money is no idle in the spring also can not afford to spend a few coins free buy one or two small pots what the iris, or the cabbage head stuffed in the soil, that time will also open several flower small cross on flowers.In the poem, where flowers and praise the place much more than beauty Flattering, but Merlin, bamboo and chrysanthemum, and so has a certain character, as if people still noble and lovely than respectable, almost a bit like the kind of what the gods popular literature and art, the local flora is also very talked about a lot of people love flowers often after death was welcome to Hua Xian to heaven botanical Garden, this is ridiculous, absurd very cute.Although still in his mouth and we have to respect the God of Wealth ingot same utilitarian idea, in the end may otherwise significantly dice effort, and miser quite different; I do not object to being taken up to heaven Huaniang bitch to play.    So, to see the British love flowers, we are not surprised, but rather feel a bit ashamed, so they spend more than you!Busy trading street, where there will be no kind of flowers, but you can still see selling “flower holder” of the woman, and many flowers shop in.A little attention to some Fanpu pub natural to put the flowers.The other shop operators are often arrayed in a bottle or two to spend four or five-year-old shopkeeper who stuck a rose or corn poppy in the shoulder is often the case.Rushed to a residential area come, see, almost every family some flowers, small garden, you can pick up good to blame, here’s a tulip, a rose there, the doorway is also often draped wooden, crawling that monolithic rose, in full blossom, just like in the picture.The more the better to see the countryside, the grass is so green, flowers are so fresh, the air is so fragrant, a bit ashamed of the Chinese people.May and June, catch Qingnuan day, go on a walk to the village, there is really a matter of good fortune, like parks everywhere.    Mention of cats and dogs and other animals, we would not be so energetically.Chinese students tend to Britain a friend sent a bouquet of flowers, prompting them very happy.However, it is often because they hate cats and dogs and move them to their pursed mouth.Chinese people for cats and dogs cattle, generally, is the “human spirit of all things” as the basis to address him as a domestic animal of their.Gentleman too, saw someone love animals, invariably say “sensual dog horse”, “Wanwusangzhi”.Generally moderate people do, a cat-and-mouse with the dog originally the house, they do not have to reward good one’s face.That makes it the cattle Kuren, whip in hand, anxious to get angry, but also trapped in the economy, they deserve to get potable water treatment pressing the dumb beast to handle, so probably that China’s livestock is a bit unfortunate, eunuchs small arms right dog, and a small white chair on the wide widow, naturally happened to the exception.Livestock bad luck, has been used to seeing, so there is no provision in law; abuse this girl and wife also fair and square, and the dumb beasts more nowhere to appeal grievances; Heilv complain Chen also did not report its own thing.Besides, Qin Hui and Cao Cao Zuodai man in this life, will be reborn Xiabei pigs and dogs, eat dumb deficit was just right.Thus, it is no wonder we feel British to dogs and cats love gone too far.Seriously, they really are a little bit too far, however, from cats and dogs to see it himself, might not say it?Dog food people eat, and some people did not eat, naturally, can not be considered fair, but generally there was a love mercy, and not prevent ethical code or bar!    British love animals, it really can be said to be universal.Some people say that this is the nature of British pirates have not shed a net, so always take the dog treat horses like as a friend.In my opinion, this is the thief of strange cute down; the horse is at least a dog can sympathize with this sentence.Nothing can be used with the old woman, Miss naturally want to get a puppy play – for this puppy, no matter how it looks is not pleasing to the eye, you can not say that it unlovable!- is selling coal coal sunspots, the milkman, are also great care of their horses.You can not think of a horse pulling coal cars will be so tame, decent, clean.Coal sunspots himself far better than his beautiful horse, he seemed to be with his horse as his glory.Coal car was stopped, both young and old, men and women, with coal playing a few words sunspots almost always make the horse center.Some over, patted the horse neck, some kiss in the past, and some to give out a carrot to eat it.They saw a horse as if Grandma saw grandson like, laughing eyes can be a flower.The British usually always pulled a long face, wore a forehead like a lawsuit, if you’re going to see if they also have a good-hearted, kind and lovely too, to draw your attention when they took the stand in a horse or dog when.Every spring, these horses pull carts also have the opportunity to race.Look, coal sunspots get a bottle of oil rubbed bronze, rub the horse walked copper live it.Ayako also hung on the horse’s mane or comb with colorful braids on rope child, really decent!So value their horses, of course, on weekdays is not subject to the gas, but there is a certain load limits, even if there are cruel people, the law would not allow him any bullying cattle.Think of Peking coal car, stuck in the mud when rain, coal sunspots with support vehicles stick to the horse shocked, really makes shouted “born in the state of ritual horse yo!”Cats regarded as the most independent in the animal, and it was pleased it came to lie in your arms, Luo miles wordy do not know what remembered.If it is not happy, despite what you say, it would not reply,.However, the British family cat is not thereby less subject to a number of preferential treatment.Sooner or later they still give it fish, milk drink, time travel to the main home, but also it parked to “prop up the cat,” to spend a lot of money to feed forward; rushed trip back, then hurried to pick the cat back, obediently baby cried.But when the cat does not eat, or the kitten fell leg, they find a doctor to tooth extraction, then the legs, the whole family are hectic, as if nothing extraordinary had to do.    Dogs do, not to mention, naturally will come likable, as lackeys, will naturally eat well and drink good.Small Haba Gou who, in the winter, have to wear vests; When we go out, have to hold; go to bed when have to eat candy.Cinema, theater hall, prohibit dogs out, but this puppy will “smuggling”, the old woman’s lying on the sleeves or clothes in, they also go to the movies to listen to opera, sometimes a pleasure it cluttering, maybe, move too old woman head sweating.Johnson, though not so big dog can be very decent.Even a little glue accidentally feet of asphalt road, immediately go to the hospital to put the dog a little boots, colds and coughs also must take medicine, thing more Amby.However, they are really cute, and some will send children to school, and some will give the owner dangling things, and some play at several sets of stuff, do not bite during the day and at night can be very powerful.You have to listen to the British people to tell a story of a dog, it is also lively than human history interesting.People, Orion, army, police, shepherd, all dogs are dog lovers.Breeds also really, big, small, wide, thin, long-haired, short-haired, each has a certain size, a certain length, when it bought with genealogy, justifiably, that unambiguous!That really into the spectrum, often worth a thousand pounds worth of money!    Every year throughout the tournament cat, dog racing will.Cats and dogs participating in the competition must have some natural origin, it is not eligible for membership are also obese, spirit.This can not but think of China’s dog, in Peking, in Tianjin, in many big cities, to see the dogs, the world’s most ugly thing!Skinny, even all day long tail did not dare to stick together for a while, too poor, and people did not have food to eat, it seems do not have to worry about it for the dog, so I had to pray for them, and then be reborn next life do not come here!    Scarcely an Englishman does not love horses.Those who were used for horse racing, needless to say, of course there are many old people ready for him; that is the usual horse, whether it is to pull carts, or arable land, but also very decent.There is a cartoon, remember that painting is the “horse of the future”, the future of military aircraft tanks to rush ahead trap array, the Colts will naturally be destroyed; the future of transport and vehicles do not need to drag their mules, horses how to do so it?This cartoon – says, they become cats and dogs – British painting: