Day: March 22, 2019

British fox

Mrs. Haer Wei has a good heart, she is understanding, considerate, as for various other advantages, really would not be enough.  She has a very noble soul, treat people with a sincere qualities; her character is bold and hearty, focusing on friendship, despite the ever-changing and obstruct the political authorities, it’s all very much appreciated.These, she felt nothing at all, praise and praise her tired.Therefore, the above praise both simple and brief.  Mrs. Haer Wei was born in the United Kingdom.The British are known for profound thought, it can be seen entirely from their spirit and temperament.They experienced, in-depth study of various disciplines, for each category of science Kingdom conducted a comprehensive study and understanding.Needless to say again what flattery to his wife, the British scholar developed effective scientific achievements, has far more than other countries in contemporary.Even Britain’s dog, seems to be more sensitive than a dog’s nose France.They are also more cunning fox.Here’s an example test and certify it.  In order to escape, a British fox playing a trick.It was a few keen sense of smell hounds have run away, just when the dead-end, it went to the next gallows, there are many animals are captured, are some special guys do bad things, such as cats, foxes and owls, are hung on a rack for public display to passers.This guy is deeply apocalyptic has nowhere to hide, then mix in these animals was hanged inside.The fox is like being pursued Spanish Carthage Roman army commander Ani Ba as barely tolerable do a quick count, the adversaries lost track of target.A group of well-trained hounds come here, pretending to play dead fox came up to the gallows hung up, feeling some strange hound, search around barking up.Their owners Hezhu after another cry, he pretended to be dead fox trick is not yet aware of the ridiculous, he said to himself: This is not a bad thing got into the cave?But my dog is always barking directed at the gallows, so many celebrities hanging it on the shelf!