Day: March 23, 2019

British units, but circumstances alone Huan

In this season, I met again a classic image of Lovers.    This woman has talent, looks there, there is decisive, but she met a human does not know why the circumstances nerd, Liangshanpo.    Liangshanpo it can be considered a genius, or how to get College Master’s green eyes?Liangshanpo also the beauty of it, or the Xingaoqiao Lovers how would he love at first sight?    When first met the political arena, home of the Miss Zhu suddenly turned into a Pianpiangongzi, with a small nunnery, swagger to school Lishan.She was probably not to love, she’s just a freedom, a recognition that this is only because she is the only woman since childhood, decisiveness, open-minded parents and eventually, will make her change shape makeup who worship when the world big Yin.But unexpectedly, this go, my daughter actually had other thoughts, this go, parents kindness weight, but that weight but accompanied by her three-man.Yes, for three years, only three years, the woman was proud of the fans that stiff studying together, from the eyes of the heart will be left in the scenery!I wish Father was worried about her daughter in the three years of marriage, no matter beautiful daughter, scholarship and then, after all, is to marry his wife, the parents want a pet for many years to marry the daughter of his fellow wanted the house can be considered honest, not ill-treat her daughter.Daughter finally back in her mother’s white lies, and learns that her lifetime manipulated by their parents, because men love their own end because of their family background is not recognized, could not help but temper Shuaqi daughter, and father to reality, for her daughter’s happiness, how not to relent.Jiashui can not marry a poor scholar ah, spoiled daughter, married a poor scholar later ruined.Ruined, yes, how many daughters a few years of schooling suddenly fell in love with a man, and then to assume that in this life, whether that person is a blessing or a curse?Some of their family was well off, some small door small family, and the parents will always be wearing colored glasses to ask the man how his family was, how parents, brothers and sisters are doing what?Whether the home land, whether real estate.Unavoidably, parents at this moment can be observed by a daughter of a word into the future that could step into the foyer of the House family man in the end is what looks like!    Daughter can do, most of these external factors disdain, they think love is love, love Lang pipe is rich or poor wretch it, that is his lover, love, everything can be worth a!    Love Story hundred thousand turn back, and finally to return to the origin.When Butterfly Lovers meet again, is a Touhuan, she carefully and talk to him, Qishang Nannai heart, has made up the determination of death, reveal a message from her dark eyes.Mood ups and downs of her, perhaps just looking forward to studying together can take her away, and studying together, what he would like to go with Zhuxian Di, how can you escape Jia Ding, how it can be spent later years, and I wish the home knot after the resentment, the mother how to escape?At the end, he had to give up this idea and had to leave.    When the wind blows, the rain began, British units studying together without looking back looking down on the soft arms of maidservants, to see this scene, I suddenly came up with the hate studying together, even if he later died for love, even if he became a man emotion Shigeyoshi model, can at this moment, after all, he is back, and he threw all the suffering I wish Xian Mei, maybe he thought I wish father female will eventually shun her wishes, perhaps he feared the government wish fortified pressure, he escaped, but also the hearts of love beautiful fragile, as this would be a sad storm past it?    Unfortunately, he underestimated the weight of the situation, because he turned out to be a storm that serious illness can not afford, this a serious illness, his heart in pursuit of Zhu Xian Mei’s finally gone sound, he died, therefore, his love and meaning they are left behind, and his wish Xian Mei wearing clothes of mourning at the wedding, put the sadness of his incarnation go hand in hand with butterflies on the ground floor.The classic image of in earthly years later is still so many people regret, but I only remember the resolute woman with hesitation that man, and ultimately into a sigh, choking in the throat.    I love really can be worth a everything?Perhaps in the eyes of the young advocate of love, love is the most powerful, never had to think about anything else, however, the reality of love, always seem not so coincidentally, there is always this kind of pain wrapped in life, Ge break a fine slender hand, the burning watery eyes, for example, we see naked marriage, such as we have experienced betrayal, and even our hearts in the world, no matter how painful was removed, both parents can no longer talk to the faithful..