Day: March 24, 2019

British Wind baizhang

Baizhang British Wind 1.  The end of September 1934, an independent division of the Red Army in Fujian Ningde County Taohuaxi Hua Temple was founded, Mr. von Thai goods, political commissar of the Ye Fei, deputy division commander Lai Jinbiao.  October 1936, the Minister recorders Fujian Mindong organization Ruanying Ping led more than 120 independent division fought in the third column Ningde County Dongyuan Village, Tiger Bay Township, the three companies of the group Kuomintang security forces surrounded on three sides.Ruanying Ping led the soldiers and the war and go, the situation was very critical.In order to save the vital forces, and avoid enemy head-knock, he ordered a second detachment of Baizhangya quickly seize the high ground, to lure the enemy up the hill, which cover the main retreat Caesar.  Two Captains Ruanwu Run after receiving the order, the soldiers quickly organized a dozen anti-charge, and the time is ripe, the enemy will lead the Baizhangya, the large forces to ensure the safe transfer.Not familiar with the terrain of the enemy, mistaking Ruanwu Run squad is the main force, quickly outflanking.  Seeing the danger the safe transfer of large forces, Ruanwu Run heart burst easily.He counted the soldiers around him, even his own, leaving nine people, among them, there are a few bloodied wounded.At that time, were seriously injured soldiers walking is quite difficult and requires other soldiers helped.And not far away, even three enemy troops, has shown a tendency Yi angle, like a big net up as quickly Park.Breakthrough has been impossible up!  Ruanwu Run command soldiers inspect ammunition, he knew everyone was running out of ammunition, command you to save bullets, aimed at beating the enemy, they showed their spread go to the edge of the cliff.At the moment, all the soldiers know what kind of retreat that they face, behind them is a way out of Baizhang cliff.Either they were enemy shot through; or, they become prisoners; either they jump from this cliff, smashed to pieces.  Enemies increasing in number, slowly gaining on the cliff, the more soldiers after the withdrawal, and finally into a corner.Bullets lighting, they hit it with a stone, and finally, around them even have a decent stone can not find.Ruanwu Run laughed, and he said to the soldiers: “Comrades, this time, we really want a revolution in the end, everyone afraid!”” Afraid!”The soldiers said in unison.  ”it is good!Comrades, not afraid of death, and I jump from!Want to find a way out, you can stay a prisoner.Your life, your mother is given, you have the right to freedom of choice, I stopped vain!”Ruanwu Run finished, fondly I hope everyone a.Although he could not bear to mind how many, but at the moment, he was not about the ending.He did not wait for you to answer, will the gun smashed in stone, told us: “Comrades, I go first!”Then he turned around, jumped off the cliff, in the valley, he heard shouting slogans echo of thunder!  The last time revolutionaries, always unafraid of death.Phase, as soldiers laughed and followed him smashed firearms.They chanted slogans, or single, or hand in hand, one by one hesitate to rush off the cliff, I heard the sound earth-shattering cries, resounding, shaking and ZZZZZZZZZ.  This is the heroic soldiers, their vehement without the appointed time, only unafraid of death!  A few years later in September 1941, in Baoding, Hebei Province Yixian Langyashan, in order to cover a large force and mass transfer, five Eighth Route Army soldiers, again interpretation of a “Langya Five Heroes” Elegy.Fortunately, that jumping five soldiers, two were tangled up in the branches, they survived, survived.The Baizhangya of nine warrior who was spared, all the sacrifices!So far, there are three soldiers souls, can not find their names.  For new China’s cause of liberation, they unafraid of death.Only raw, not dead; only sacrifice, no demands.In China’s modern history, there have been how many of these brave soldiers, to liberate the people’s cause, buried in a foreign country, they, no name.    2.  On this day, we came Baizhangya Ningde City, Eastern Tiger Bay Village, town, township listening to people telling this story 70 years ago, heart wells up with emotion, happiness sincere.How much admired in their hearts?And how much pride in a dream?  Standing in front of us, is a straight magnificent mountain, village people call it “Baizhangya”.This is what people say, nine martyrs jumping place of sacrifice.This mountain is beautiful from afar, mountainous handsome, walls everywhere, layer upon layer of green vegetation, methodically covering the.The village people said with deep feeling: “At the time, this mountain is bald mountain, all the vegetation have been burned light, and if now so dense, the soldiers just anywhere, but also dodged a bullet ah!”Ahead in and look on the right side of Baizhangya, is far from the looming bridge reservoir, village people call it ‘perfume sea’.Towards evening sun slanting light falling through the clouds on the water, shiny silver, perfume sea twists and turns in the mountains congregation Ridge.The village people told me, pointing to the bridge reservoir, if boarded Baizhangya, we can see the panoramic view of the sea perfume that water, beautiful and unusual.They also say the government is preparing on the brink of a precipice, the construction of several pavilions and a mountain road, then, we can rise steeply from the opposite side of this hill, he boarded the Baizhangya, looking at the strange and beautiful perfume sea.  But the rural people of this joy, is not my joy.I told Comrade Tourism Bureau: “If I may, I wish at this viewing platform, see a sculpture nine martyrs, we must have a monument, so that people will always remember and never cherish the memory, these are China people’s liberation cause soldiers sacrificed their young lives!”Yes, I especially hope here is quiet in the past period of time, there has been very quiet, no sound of gunfire and fighting.Yeah, not really!I think peace is the best flowers to comfort the martyrs, I do not particularly expect crowds of noisy crowd, to harass the souls of the martyrs.Wreaths can not, spring is here, it will open mountain flower!  I heard comrade Tourism Bureau said to me: “Council!It’s all in our plan.”In 1993, Comrade Ye Fei to cherish the memory of this nine martyrs, is Baizhangya inscription – Baizhang Yuyu!Later, locals are these words carved in the cliff opposite us on.  This is a sorely missed, Baizhangya the smoke of war has scattered the martyrs of rancor has been snow, and only heroic cries, never, resounding.In the minds of generals, left, forever friendship; and in our hearts, left, kindness is forever!Whether it is the living, the dead or the spirit, should remember that in the course of history, this is trivial countless small water droplets, was able to open the exceptionally beautiful flower.    3.  Through this story, we simply recall the leadership of General Ye Fei independent division of Fujian and the New Fourth Army ‘youngest group “!  The end of September 1934, according to the recommendations Huai Island, Fujian Red Army 2 independent groups, Fujian Red Army independent regiment and the 13th Independent Battalion gathered in Ningde Shouning County Taohuaxi Hua Temple, Fujian Province set up a Red Army independent division.Mr. von Thai goods, political commissar of the Ye Fei, deputy commander Lai Jinbiao, under the jurisdiction of three groups, two independent battalions, a special task company, a total of more than 1,600 people, more than 940 guns, the direct leadership of the CPC Fujian temporary special committee.  In more than three years of guerrilla war, battle-hardened team, he smashed the Kuomintang reactionaries several large-scale siege, experienced many setbacks and trials, to ensure that the red flag does not fall Fujian revolutionary base.  In early August 1937, the two parties have to cooperate in order to confirm the anti-Japanese, Ye Fei led the Fujian independent division of the second column of more than 200 people, captured Ningde Badu town, learned from the collection of the newspaper, the Communist parties have issued a series of joint statement – muzzle unanimously, joint anti-Japanese.After much negotiation, in December 1937, the KMT and the CPC Fujian Mindong recorders authorities reached a final resolution of the anti-Japanese cooperation.  In October 1937, an independent division of Fujian, where more than 1,300 guerrilla fighters and provoke new, it has been reorganized into three battalions in Taohuaxi, announced the establishment of the second detachment of the National Revolutionary Army guerrilla Fujian.January 1938, a third independent division adapted for the New Fourth Army detachment sixth regiment, Colonel Ye Fei, deputy head of Ruanying Ping, under the jurisdiction of three battalions.February 14, Ye Fei led the whole group more than 1,300 soldiers, from Sungai Pingnan, tong mouth, went to the Japanese front.  Since then, the team continue to hone and grow in the baptism of war – the night attack Hushuguan Suzhou Railway Station, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport fire, fighting Jiangyin, Wuxi Tong loess.Soon, the force of the rapid development of more than 1,000 people to 6,000 people.After that continue to grow, a strong blow to the Japanese invaders and the Kuomintang diehards.  February 1944, Chinese Communist Soviet Union in the District decided to launch a campaign axle, as Mr. Su Yu is hosting an important meeting, Ye Fei handed over command of the Battle of axles.After several days of fighting, 421 people were annihilated the Japanese, puppet 483 people, 24 people captured by the Japanese army.  War years, this force participated in Huangqiao battle, Menglianggu campaign, Huaihai Campaign and other hundreds of times fighting.In the liberation war, who were wiped out more than 40,000 people, more than 2,200 officers and men of sacrifice.February 1949, the force was renamed the People’s Liberation Army 58 division 20 (the youngest group of 172 groups); in combat in the Korean War, 58 participated in the second division, five campaign has wiped out 11,952 people, shot down 26 enemy wounded, captured and destroyed tanks, 313 cars, 67 various artillery, its record of brilliant, impressive when.  March 1979, 58 teachers participated in self-defense war against Vietnam, a total of 629 enemy killed, captured enemy 3 people, 58 division sacrifice 64 people and injuring 165 people.  History can testify, Baizhangya can testify – the people will never forget, go out from here, this heroic, with the blood of the Red Army, it has a fine revolutionary tradition of the Iron!