Day: March 25, 2019


It seems to me, even if a person admits the British people has many benefits, but this probably will not be willing to make friends with them.Naturally, a man of money and status, wherever also popular; however, in the UK than in other countries more and more restrictions.For example, in a position to speak, as if a lecturer or teaching assistant, and if to Germany or France, some people will call him “Professor.”.Whether out of sincerity of it, or join in; anyway, it is a recognition of teachers have considerable status, is very evident in the UK, unless he really was a professor, I will not be someone to greet him.Moreover, if the professor is not Oxford or Cambridge, and almost kept it.Nobility, too, it seems that only the British aristocracy can count child domestic.    As an ordinary person, despite living in London or elsewhere on eight or ten years, you may not be able to turn in a friend.Yes, we must first explain to understand, in a capitalist society, everyone bustle for a living all day long, it can not find spare time to make friends; Westerners are so countries, Britain is not an exception.However, even if we admit this, but also some British special place, making them more difficult to close.The French are renowned for a stranger, can be very affectionate, the more poorly because the French words of this stranger, he was more willing to guide him.British, what he thought the world did not speak English, in addition to their own, he simply would not answer a stranger.An Englishman can not think of a stranger can not understand the British rule, but the sight of a stranger speak action there is something wrong, people immediately think this is a brutal, bothered to call him again.Britain has chosen to be so many rules!He could not imagine that other people can not have these rules, while another set; not, Britain is everything; And if the fog elsewhere not so much that it simply can not be counted as real weather!    In addition to the rules inside out, not allowed to say the British have a lot of things: home, business, professional and personal income, all allowed to say, is extremely close to each other unless the person.A guest living in the UK, the first set of rules to learn, to Freeze inquire second thing, the third not talk about politics, then we have to talk about the weather, but the weather is so unpopular.Naturally, the British said great, if he wishes, he can speak on horse racing, football, dogs, golf and so on; but we promise not they know these things.The result, had to shocked with.Yes, there are religious do, it’s best to talk about it.Every Englishman has his own path open to Heaven, took the early children do not get into trouble.Even the best books do not talk about, generally, the English reading ability and interests far and French.Able to read a few books almost have belonged to the middle class, naturally we wish to talk about this book at least passers.This passers than anyone else’s prejudices are large, and they also asked for gossip books boring thing.Most people take the middle school – naturally refers to the novel – the ideal of their own lives as a kind of evidence.An ordinary girl, looks to have a look, married a drive cars; the marriage was confirmed that evening, he turned out to be a noble, but also inherited the upstairs ghosts of the Palazzo Vecchio, the walls of the wall chart is designed to value how much one million!Accustomed to reading this book, of course, difficult to think of something else, and they talk about books and trouble probably no different.People in the know saw some natural, but difficult to encounter ah.Moreover, some insight Englishman did not think highly of people in the UK are great; they even Byron, Shelley, and Oscar Wilde also have to go out of the country, so we want to make friends – even if there is opportunity – will no doubt It is seen as a monster.    I really can not think, can not talk to each other, how can we be friends.Naturally, some would say: do not often talk, you come across something need each other’s help, they Ding Ding, Mao Mao’s go for a run; With such negotiations altogether when in contact with each other, but also can be friends, is not it?Yes, ask for help is inevitable thing, that is also the case in the United Kingdom; however, the British temper or to be able to ask for help as best.Their temper that is so, they do not ask you, you also embarrassed to ask him.When the majority of Britons would like to Robinson, it-yourself.So they do not want to reach out to others will steward.Moreover, even if they are willing to help you, they are so silent simple thing is for you to do, but still can not talk about friendship.When an Englishman promised you to do something, he will do it for you.But with him on the train as the car has to be non-open, he did not show up.You do not go to rush him, he has kept his safe.And other finishing wrong, he still ignores you, till you go to thank him, he was smiling a smile.In the end still do not pay on friends, no matter how you approached curry favor.If you kept flatter him or please him good, he might tell you: “Please Come small, I’m busy!”This naturally does not mean that Britain no one kind of.No, by no means.A kind of Englishman is arguably the most polite, most mentality, most decent people.However, his benefits will only make you admire him, he has a better place to make the inconvenience and he Taojiao Qing.His weapon is a polite and decent, people dare not leave him too close.It is the top British and gas, but also dignified than others; he does not like French-style intimacy – you can see the two French men kiss each other, but a rare Englishman put his hand on the shoulder of another Englishman, or round the neck children.Two very good girlfriend at dinner together, if set up a little because of the exigencies and want to give their friends a little food, you will hear the girlfriend said: “This is not shame me?”Men just do not do such a stupid thing.Yes, let the wine for men smoke is a very common thing, but is limited to tobacco and alcohol, they will not fat horse furs and Friendship of.    Say, like the British too awkward.Awkward, yes, but they are also good.You can never make friends with them, but you can not help but admire them.Things are on both sides.Britons are reluctant to contribute for other people, he can not come to hate you ah.He is indeed very proud, but also sink if you live in the air, he will have to admire you.Generally speaking, the British very honest.They do not because of pride and unreasonable.For an Englishman, you must first estimate estimate his identity, look at your own worth, if he like a stone, as if you top block of marble; head-on, and you harder than he.He will admit his weaknesses.He can be very considerate person, very generous, but he would not be exposed; you top also good for him.And if the lights would like you surely know him, you better be also Xianxiang light, he will naturally to the fire; he likes to express their independent views.His advice can always advice, if you are right, time to work, he would sacrifice his own opinion, but rather how to do on how to do.You must know that his attitude is so quiet aloof though, there is something like a donkey’s like, but his mind was able to stretch humor.He does not easily show affection to people, can not easily get angry, but he says to you, he will laugh.This effort to make British humor has almost become a lovely.He did not anger, he does not brag, although he is very proud self-esteem.    So, if the British can not become your friends, but they get along very well.What they should do what you do, you do not have to go Taojiao Qing; they do not change because of personal relationships and do whatever the attitude of some.Their pride makes people indifferent to them, but also make them self-weight.Their integrity so that they rude to people, they can also make serious matter.You can not take him as eating and drinking, regardless of friends, but some could get him as a good citizen or a person act.His humor is not low-level hate, humor help him to make a child off Chen Man, do not grimace laugh.He is not honest, but he was generous.    They do not like to worry, it is not good ideals.Fat is not one to eat up, went one step utopia nor the.At worst, they are only the immediate; At best, they do not foul.They do not want to hear one world, Mafia, or that top big top big plans.They would like to go slowly, step by step, where the operator where to go.Success of it, good; it fails, do it again.British soldiers are not afraid of defeat.British happens as if there perfunctory it, but they are not to make progress on a variety of career.This horse riding to find ways to make people often think they are cunning, or conservative; there’s content or cunning, is really old-fashioned, but the British did not care, he had his mind.He was convinced that common sense is the most valuable, slowly’ll see.George Bernard Shaw may rain curses upon their heads, but they will say: “He is the Irish way!”They’ll laugh at themselves as George Bernard Shaw, but in the end they are they – there was not even George Bernard Shaw!