Day: March 26, 2019

Broke the door

Break door, four yard box is cut elm tree branches, uneven thickness, quack da da, Kuaikuai waste package is removed facade sheet, pulling nails densely covered the hole left.Room door, a wall disposed stamp, wire fixed at one end, the other open end of the engagement, the door shaft, the arm is thick dry elm, ax of the tapered section, back and forth over linger crumpled brick, ring opening creak.A long time, the door was rotten, with wire will not firmly place the layers wrapped tightly Chande heavy, top-heavy, like a bit dusk elderly, move the door body shake, hissing sigh.This door upright afford, after clearance, contact with the sticks willow.    That summer, a storm Youtianerjiang, the door on a good rain, there is no will on the sticks arrived, I thought: Who could be this rainy day, it is difficult to please.Harder and harder rain, hazy, glass windows water erosion, and see the outside.At this time, just listen to the sound of a creaking door broke, someone opened the door?Impossible, so who is going to rain it?It is the wind, but the sound did not only small, but increased.Slowly, some small rain, and to see the outside through the window, broke the door was opened a small gap, like someone pushing a door creak, more and more sound, bang bang the door down next, not the wind, really pushed the door.A middle-aged unicycle push into sight, his hair was wet with rain, attached to the scalp, black unlined clothes dripping water, bare feet covered with mud.Sacks car cover sheet, which drum capsule capsule.Up big rain, the rain the middle-aged stood straight apology, pleading: Let me push the door is broken, I’ll repair; if you can borrow treasure Duo Duo rain.Family came out to meet him, said: impatient too, break the door, but also repair what too shabby.Come inside, still shocked with the rain.It will help the family on a unicycle stuff moved in, middle-aged family together in the main room and looked out at the rain harder and harder.I saw a middle-aged bedraggled, shivering from the cold, dry out the family’s clothes, put him into the middle-aged are very grateful, reported the name, saying that he was going to neighboring villages sellers, encountered rain , muddy dirt road, wheelbarrow push really could not walk, we came to your door, knocked a good look, no echo, too much rain, can not stand, you push yourself, and it would tear down the door, and I am so sorry.You must be very miss home away from home, be useful to anyone who, we encounter rain, whether recognized or not, will find a place to shelter from the rain, not kind, need help, as long as we can do, even though you say.At that time not to mention communications, miss also can not contact the family to comfort the middle-aged, he took the hot dry food, is a few pieces of sweet potato.Family let out a hot kang, please middle-aged bedtime, however, refused to middle-aged, in the main room brick capped with layers of soft sacks, cover clip is, middle-aged sleep a night.The next day, the sun rose, a middle-aged clothes to dry, gradually tough dirt road, but the road is still muddy, the car still could not walk, but also take away the goods, it is the temporary home, and so did the road again take, middle-aged do a temporary farewell, happy to walk toward the road to go home.Everything is so natural, simple, family members did not take into account whether a disadvantage, encountered people who need help, even strangers, their thought is to do something.    Middle-aged man’s name, along with the passage of time had left my memory, but his shadow and then the scene was etched in my mind, was harmony between people, trust how valuable that is to break the door, but full human love, and now, increasingly, the better the quality of the door, not through the slightest gap is tight, unlock the uniqueness of growing, doorbell, there are warning cat’s eye, however, people septum has increased.If you have an old man, a heart attack, a chance to own homes, home help strangers, knock on doors to help out his pocket JiuXinWan, someone opened it?I am afraid and died in a stranger outside the home, no one would dare open the door to you.People think too much, is complicated interpersonal.For this reason, I remembered the door broke, crashing down the door can to help those who break.