Day: March 28, 2019

Broke up, why then do a Friend

We break up, after breaking up, we are still friends, right?This is off of what you say, in addition to the performance of their general demeanor addition, they are more eager to new love, old love, come together.  Originally lovers in love, break up the face, or have compelling reasons, or reasons for not sue people.And after breaking up still to do one friend, I would not put all the past and back to their lives?Why bother?Of course, I also do not agree after the break, turned into enemies, enemies, slander each other, can not wait to kill each other as to.  See former lover, happy life than you, you will not be jealous?When former lover, exciting presentation with a new lover to do, even if you do not care equipment, but the taste of heart Why should you find yourself in silence to chew it?If the former lover of life is not happiness, compassion coupled with your old friends, will think a lot, after all, you used to be lovers in love, and you’ve ever had a better love life, the face of former lovers frustrated confused, you will They lend a helping hand?You will not again fall into the emotional vortex that it?  Finally, we have a new half, and you continue to be friends before the old love, new lover s mind, lingering?New love certainly frustrations, even more frightening was that the excuse of suspicion and generate geometric relationships.Of course, there are some success, but it sounds, there is always a hint of embarrassment.  Never memorable, be friends after breaking up easier said than done?Looked at his former lover, and others kiss me, happy, why should you have certainly put on a show for themselves and their own to see it?Have split up, why deliberately to maintain an approximate relationship beyond friendship it?Not as good as sealed it in my heart, miss, or throw it, meet new period of life.  Broke up, why then do a Friend?Otherwise, what made breaking up?