Day: March 30, 2019

Brokeback monks

One night, the night dark, pitch dark.Suddenly, a loud gong, a small temple all around, the lantern was lit up like torches during the day as.Shouting soldiers surrounded the temple, is preparing to pile up firewood, burn this temple.Noisy downtown occasion, only to hear the roar inside the temple, the temple opened, a monk hand dancing date sticks, like the wind rolled out.  The monk, named Ariake.  Met with officers and men, hair shout, throw the torch, a knife and a Tingqiang around us.Ariake met, jujube wooden windmill spinning, a series of a dozen people knocked over, suddenly scared soldiers have back, too timid.Wang prefect saw, anxious, shouted: old monk want to escape, no way!Having personally carrying the sword and rushed over.Ariake see he is a frail man, scholar, and not on the eyes, right hand stick, waving wind, blocking the others swords and guns, swept past his left palm, Wang prefect Watch.Wang did not allow prefect, Hey smile, waved his sword, a white flash, Ariake screamed, one arm flew up.  Wang prefect turned out to be a hidden master, even civil and military.  Ariake a broken arm, a blood soaked robes, he again yelled out, such as the potential Feng Hu general, right hand holding dates stick, shadow dance ball, straight out.  Met with officers and men, it was his brave stunned, fleeing, get out of a road.Even the king prefect also aghast, forget victory by the sword, until woke up to God, Ariake has a drill into a dense mass in the mountains, invisible.  Wang prefect angry, waved his hand, the soldiers will torches thrown into the pyre, the Ariake shelter of tall temple burned.  He ran commit court, which had won the court blame him and who can afford?Wang prefect next day four posted notices, catch Naming Hai reward: today there and Shangming Hai, its collusion Young weeks knife, fornication pirates, evil.It has captured the Ariake Sea, Shangyin twelve thousand; Harbourer and Ariake same crime, will not cut Rao.  After Ariake fled temple, not the slightest stay, stumbled ran the distance.After tying up the leg, leaning on his stick Flanagan date, ran all the way to dodge the Tianzhu Mountain, surrendered his knife Young weeks.  Zhou knife occupy Tianzhu, with a group of myself, collusion pirates, hornets.  That day, he was in the hall, bringing together a group of bandits own hands, Yaowuheliu drinking bowl large pieces of meat, a man suddenly wandered blood rushed to the hall, not enough time to say anything, just plump soon he fell to the ground fainted.  Zhou knife surprised a moment, throw away the Punch Bowl, let myself have propped up the man a look, turned out to be his brother Ariake.He downed a bowl of Ginseng busy people, Ariake lengthy awoke, Zhou knife softly asked: Brother, you are not already a monk yet?How to get to my place?This is how it ah?  Ariake breath, red eyes, teeth and tell knife week, this is the king of the prefect that Gouzei victims.The prefect Wang heard from nowhere and Minh Hai Zhou knife out of the same door, had studied martial arts together, he could not catch a knife Young weeks, they framed through Ariake Japanese, wanted to take the opportunity to grab him over to the court will be punished for a crime work.Ariake shelter temple burned, one arm was cut, now become disabled, desperation had Deus Ex, strong support was fled here, hoping to get protection Young’s, down the alleys.  Zhou listened knife, banged the table and spattered with spittle cursed king prefect is not a thing, and vowed one day to seize this Gouguan, will give him up for the brothers revenge, but also eliminate a rival for himself.Then he called the cottage of Mr. herbs, as Ariake re-bandaged the wound, Zhaoyan ring road: Brother, you live here, and I eat dry, never let you drink dilute.  Ariake nodded and sighed with resignation, was helped down.  Zhou knife looking at the back of the Ariake Sea, a smug laugh, because the one who spread rumors of none other than myself he sent down four of spread.  After weeks through Japanese knife, all sorts of evil, fearless, afraid of their own brothers Ariake know, coming to clean house.He is very clear, that although a gold back machete no one enemy, it is not met because their brothers, or had lost, and even death without burial.So he had an idea to send myself down four men spread rumors, hoping the hands of the court, kill the Ariake Sea, to get rid of an eyesore.Unexpectedly, the brothers did not even die, just lost his left arm.This is better, their own double effect: one less rival, the addition of a helper.  He thought, also refused to drink the wine, waved, called one of the cronies around him, he gently said something to.Cronies listened, nodded, and said to him: Do not worry, I will complete.Having turned away.  Two weeks later, Ariake injury has improved.That day, the Ariake Sea and Zhou knife in the lobby chatting, the cronies back to the mountains, called a knife over the weekend to tell him that he listened to down play, as indeed all Ariake said, without the slightest adulteration.5aigushi.COM saying, he took out a proclamation mysteriously handed knife week, saying it was his deliberately ripped off the wall outside the Magistrate Office.  Zhou knife look proclamation, and look back at the Ariake Sea, happy to laugh and said: Well, big deal-door friends, the old me a fortune Yeah week!Ariake listened surprised, hurriedly asked what he meant.Monday knife goes proclamation handed Ariake, Ariake a look, suddenly angry clenched teeth.It turned out that this statement is the prefect of the king goes reward notice.  Ariake severely scolded, prefect of the king, did not expect such a vicious, ruthless even want.  Zhou knife listened, nodding nor residence, cursing the king prefect, then sound a long lament: One million taels of silver ah, too tempting.  Ariake shook his head, advised him to say: Young, money no matter how good, can also not get the hand ah.  Zhou knife Hey smile, pointing to the Ariake said he put his bundle, the king sent the prefect there, taels not yet on hand?  Ariake a shocked, immediately stood up and said: Do you think you betrayed me, for twelve thousand silver?