Day: March 31, 2019

Brokeback paralysis brother and brother

Human misfortune, almost all so that the two brothers to hit.First brother Mengwei Jiang grinding machine is broken right arm; Meng Hongwei Next brother paraplegic car accident, no feeling chest.Rely on farming for a living parents have over sixty years; the family owed 150,000 yuan of debt Zoucheng The family let the neighbors, who looked worried, how should they survive ah?  Just when we think that this home will certainly be completely collapse, Meng Hongwei, only a quarter of the normal body of man, in 4 years time actually earned under $ 2 million, we have taken up the verge of a broken home and to achieve the promise of a wife to his brother.His story also moved Alibaba Group Chairman Jack Ma, April 14, 2011, he was invited to lecture at the headquarters of Ali Baba, Ma actually moved to tears.  The remaining one-quarter of my body and my family still hope it Meng Hongwei mid-1974 was born in Zoucheng large bunch Town, a poor farm village in Shandong Province.He grew cum laude, in 1994 admitted to Southeast University Pukou Campus (formerly Nanjing College of Aerospace Technology).In order for him to university, 15-year-old brother Meng Weiqiang not graduated from junior high school, drop out of school to go to work.Meng Hongwei swear in my heart, I will certainly return good brother!  In June 1998, from the Department of Civil Engineering, Southeast University graduate, Meng Hongwei served as an assistant engineer in Tai’an City Roads Authority.Three years later, he was promoted to engineer for his work, also assigned to a house.In September 2000, Meng Hongwei Zhang Li and his colleagues set up a family.But he has been worried about his brother, Meng Weiqiang no technology, no diploma, to make ends meet by doing odd jobs around.This November, Meng Hongwei introduced his brother to their own units under a concrete mixing plant, when the operator.  One day, Meng Weiqiang in the blender to do routine maintenance, due to the slippery, he accidentally fell in December.As a result, the touch button hit on the right arm agitator gear instantly get involved right arm was alive Jiaoduan!  At the hospital, Meng Weiqiang looked at the empty right arm, howl.Meng Hongwei very self-blame, he did not expect his good intentions, but harm his brother, he was 20 years old ah!He was hugging his brother, he said: brother in there, all right.Costa Rica will make you normal guy, like a wife and children!  In December 2001, Meng Hongwei was sent to the construction of the highway Ji temporary road is responsible for the technical work.One night, he learned that his wife gave birth to a sudden illness, worried, despite the leadership discouraged, insisted drove through the night to drive home.When reaching the 104 National Road Ningyang segment, in order to escape suddenly jump out of the pedestrian, he rapidly the right wheel to turn the results of people and cars deep ditch!  When Meng Hongwei woke up and found himself lying in the hospital, he wanted to twist the body, did not respond; then my legs, no movement!He shouted in horror: Dad, how do I?Father straight Ma Lei, the side of his brother but after torrential tears had overturned, Meng Hongwei was under pressure in the car, he’s Day 5th and 6th vertebrae fracture, and happened across the lesion, resulting in paraplegia, no feeling below the chest all.Meng Hongwei and felt dizzy.He became unable to walk, unable to take care of the toilet basket case!He mournful crying: Mom, I do not want my life paralyzed in bed ah!The only response to his family more tragic cry.  Meng Hongwei is a private injury, his medical expenses can only be resolved.In order to treat him, his brother took out 80,000 yuan compensation, the family borrowed nearly 150,000 yuan.After nearly six months of treatment, Meng Hongwei finally released from the hospital.After returning home shortly after his wife filed for divorce.Wife to leave, let Meng Hongwei spent a day in grief.  Meng Hongwei post-treatment had more than 2,000 yuan per month, but, looking at the parents busy day in the fields, but also for his massage, catheterization, heart, such as needle stand Meng Hongwei.One day in July 2002, a day of toil for his mother after a massage, got up and left, collapsed to the ground.Meng Hongwei watched his mother down, but not stepped forward to rescue, he shouted themselves hoarse to help people do their own in this life must be the family’s ordeal and drag it?Meng Hongwei thought of death.  At this point, the younger brother Meng Weiqiang was admitted to hospital because of drinking pesticides suicide.It turned out Mengwei Jiang secretly in love with a neighboring village girl, can the other party disdain and said: you are dead share the heart of it, you missing arm, you big brother less half of the body, a fool will not marry you home.Introverted Meng Weiqiang by the stimulus, spur of the moment.  Brother looked pale, lying in bed, Meng Hongwei distressed.He grabbed his brother’s hand and said: Brother, do not let this girl.After the brother money, marry a good girl to help you see Meng Weiqiang do not believe, Meng Hongwei boasted: do not believe?Your brother Anyhow, I went to college, the body is broken, my mind is not broke!Meng Hongwei put a strong and confident infected Meng Weiqiang, watching his brother smiled, relieved Meng Hongwei.He thought: to die, it is a simple matter, how can my father, mother and brother do?This home how to do?For this long-suffering family, he must find a way to make money opportunities!  After analyzing their own conditions, Meng Hongwei decided to make money by hand and brain.Meng Hongwei favorite literary thought of submission, and bought a lot of newspapers and learning to write.It can be hard to write something, and soon was returned; he did not give up learning to draw comics, but because there is no basis for drawing, but also learn not to go.  After the Spring Festival in 2005, Meng Hongwei Xiang brother borrowed 20,000 yuan of money, bought a dozen second-hand computers, opened a cafe in the town.However, after a year to maintain, not only did not make money, but also loss of more than 10,000 yuan, he had to cafe dish to others.  Repeated toss down the old debt is not also, added a new debt.Is he really a useless it?Meng Hongwei heart block fast enough!  Uncertain future of online businesses have suffered ah One day in June 2006, working in Jining Institute of Animal Science University classmate Wu Feng, came to visit Meng Hongwei.Chat, Meng Hongwei Jining cattle and sheep that rich resources, but they are retail culture, no brand; because of poor information, cattle and sheep also sell at good prices!  He does not mean that.The students left, Meng Hongwei open Internet cafes with the rest of an old computer, in a search online, I did not even cattle and sheep sales information!  Meng Hongwei suddenly tempted, he thought: Shandong animal husbandry province, if opened online sales platform, the business should be good!Moreover, the network marketing small cost, just a web page, a computer and a network cable.  Online selling cattle and sheep?After listening to his father shook his head, he advised: children, only heard the market to sell cattle and sheep, can there be any online selling, you still recuperate it!Meng Hongwei said: Dad, anyway, this cost is not, let me give it a try, you might also find a way.  Family were convinced, after neighbors may know, are talking about: I see Laomeng home, the son, not only with physical disabilities, and even the brain are out of the question!  Meng Hongwei, regardless of what people say to start his own plan.He let his family bought a number of books on farming, cattle and sheep breed in-depth understanding of, and then they start looking for partner.  Because parents to do farm work, beginning of July 2006, Meng Hongwei his brother Meng Weiqiang a wheelchair pushed him to the Jining, they found a small hotel after a good settled, started looking for ranch owner cooperation.  Meng Hongwei was big, weighing 160 pounds, Meng Weiqiang only one hand, into the pasture road is gravel road.In order to save the fare, in the hot sun, Meng Weiqiang single hand, struggling to push forward one step brother.  Finally, to the first farm, the boss heard that online selling cattle and sheep head was shaking, not listening to the words of Meng Hongwei, he sent them away, and also sarcastically: This is a tour you guys begging ah?Meng Hongwei half speechless with rage.  Mengwei Jiang and pushing his brother to go to the next one, this time is noon, in order not to increase the burden on to his younger brother, Meng Hongwei less water, not eating, sitting in his wheelchair near collapse.The second family farm boss, after listening patiently, patting the shoulder Meng Hongwei, said: Brother, ah, people will sometimes accept their fate.The world can have a few Hawking?Then he donated 200 yuan Meng Hongwei to refuse sympathy, then they had to look for the next one.At this time, the sky dark mass, seeing the storm coming.Thin Meng Weiqiang want to push quickly.But even the energy of despair, their every step extremely difficult.  Rain next up quickly, and soon the two body wet, muddy road becomes more.Then, suddenly wheelchair is stuck, motionless.Meng Weiqiang legs, abdomen pushed hard up against the whole.Suddenly, because too much force, Meng Hongwei wheelchair suddenly roll in, he fell out.  brother!Meng Hongwei long time did not respond, his face has been thrown out of the blood, mixed with the rain streaming down.Mengwei Jiang Meng Hongwei desperately trying to hold onto a wheelchair, however, a hand, no matter how his efforts are useless!In the rain, he slumped beside his brother, hugged brother with one hand, sky and crying took a while, only to wake up Meng Hongwei, he comforted his brother said nothing, nothing brother!Heavy rain, the two brothers hold together, any tears, blood mixed with the rain streaming together after rain, Meng Hongwei launched a high fever, caused by lung infection, he was again admitted to the hospital.The doctor said Meng Hongwei had the body on the poor, and no post-treatment time, if we do not pay attention, will lose his life at any time after two weeks, Meng Hongwei finally released from the hospital, the family has owed a lot of money.Meng Weiqiang advised: Brother, I think we forget it!Meng Hongwei can not give up, after the disease is cured, he began to get busy.In order to convince the farm owner, he put together a pile of data, and wrote a feasibility report net sales of cattle and sheep and.  I do not know how many times refused to pass this on August 13, Meng Hongwei found the animal husbandry base in Shandong earth boss Xiao Tao, talking in front of him: With the rise of e-commerce, online selling fruit and whole grains network of agricultural products after the shop have to see more and more detailed analysis Meng Hongwei of cattle and sheep farming, market conditions, net sales and other characteristics, he learned his story, Xiao Tao was touched by his spirit and courage, and he promised to cooperate.But it made harsh conditions: each sold a sheep can only get 5 yuan, 10 yuan to mention a cow.  Finally someone willing to cooperate the!Meng Hongwei cried, efforts were not in vain ah.  After returning home, Meng Hongwei and night began to create web pages.Summer here, Meng Hongwei sit in bed every day four to five hours a drop of sweat on a keyboard, the keyboard is often wet, you have five minutes to wipe with a towel.The long-term bed rest, bed sores on the buttocks by pus and blood viscous friction, outflow, the sheets are soaked.  Middle of the night, he is to concentrate on sitting in front of a computer, a mouse ran eating toes Meng Hongwei, due to the lower body Meng Hongwei no consciousness, he has not found.Until his mother gave him when catheterization, has been eating his toe badly mutilated parents distressed crying, Meng Hongwei took her hand and comfort her: it does not matter, you see, I was not hurt!  Through the efforts of 13 day and night, Meng Hongwei finally done the web page, information will be released up sheep.Available for several days, the site did not click-through rate, which can be very anxious to Meng Hongwei.  Later, Meng Hongwei learned in the same industry site, forum posting can cause attention and click-through rate, he began day and night in front of the computer, do the navy continue to post, the top post, and incidentally advertising.  Sitting tired, tummy, hard for nearly a month, still does not have a phone, desperate Meng Hongwei!Is this another dead end road?  At this point, Meng has been a dead end, no one wants to lend money to his home.Soon, Meng Hongwei too poor to have money to pay the networking fee.  At this time, Xiao Tao farm owner called and asked: Meng Hongwei, your site can sell things in the end it?You fooled me!!No, I find someone else working together.Meng Hongwei an anxious, begged for a long time, Xiao Tao before agreeing to give him two months.  Paraplegic brother did not fail to make millions of brave brother marry One day the phone rang in October 2006, Henan is a number, listen to each other to ask cattle and sheep out of the situation he was linked to the Internet, Meng Hongwei excitement succeeded shivering.He answered every question raised by the other side seriously, and describes in detail the size and circumstances of farm land.After listening to each other after a while, he said to think about it, hang up the phone.  Meng Hongwei just kindled hope, hang up with the sound of a sudden be extinguished, can then I thought, this means that there are concerns, ah, Meng Hongwei still feel very happy!To seize this potential customer, he often send text messages to each other, telling him the latest information on cattle and sheep.Finally, after a month, the other being touched by the sincerity Meng Hongwei, once bought 300 sheep!  1500 yuan ah!When Meng Hongwei get this commission, excitement indescribable.Saw my brother finally make money, Mengwei Jiang for the first time revealed the happy smile, he excitedly said: Brother, this really can make money online selling cattle and sheep ah!Meng Hongwei ha ha smiled and said: Brother, that of course!I want to earn more money, help you marry a wife to honor the commitment it!Meng Weiqiang embarrassed smile.That night, Meng Hongwei wrote in a blog: 1500 yuan Although rarely, but I was finally able to make contributions to this point home!  Meng Hongwei decided to continue to invest in this 1500 dollars.He accepted the recommendation of a senior network vendor, buy an automatic posting on the Internet and replies software, irrigation in the major sites.  Soon, the phone every day from all over the country.Meng Hongwei so pleased that he bought cattle and sheep find customers more up.When a customer consultation, Meng Hongwei regard the message recorded after the analysis, and then back to the farm, let them adjust breeding species.  He and his brother were the division of labor, he contacted the customer, Meng Weiqiang responsible for escorting cargo.Xiao Tao even have joked: grand, you have this combination is invincible ah!  Winter, vegetation are dry, the cattle and sheep to sell the off-season.December 8, a customer Shaanxi Ankang called and said she wanted to buy 80 Luxi cattle.Put down the phone, Meng Hongwei said the situation immediately to Xiao Tao farms.Xiao Tao Zhikua Meng Hongwei: culture, is not the same, and so the success of the deal, I will give you touching into!Soon, Meng Weiqiang escorted to the well-being of this and other trade goods.  In 7 days, Meng Weiqiang suffering a straight face back.It turned out that the delay in giving money to the customer.In desperation, Meng Weiqiang only the cattle back to the Jining.Count back and forth freight and other expenses, the loss of about 1.20,000 yuan.  Because it is their own mistakes, Meng Hongwei decided to bear all the responsibility down.1.20,000 yuan ah!For him, not a small number of pen, only to come up with their own earn a few thousand dollars, but also to borrow money.  Xiao Tao did not believe Meng Hongwei will lose money, but when Meng Hongwei put a large bundle of crumpled money to him, Xiao Tao was shocked!Tiao Hanzi!After our good cooperation!Xiao Tao patted his shoulder and said, and insisted only cost 6000 dollars, but also to keep his promise to improve the commission ratio: 8 yuan to mention a sheep, a cow mention 15 yuan.  After this, Meng Hongwei become cautious, in order to avoid being taken, they apply the principle of cold number-crunching.  In March 2007, Meng Hongwei found that Alibaba platform, after he signed up for free membership, the business has increased substantially.  One day in May 2007, Guangdong Dongguan Shi Meng Hongwei received orders to buy 72 cattle breeding, Meng Hongwei was happy that he was the first to do more than 2000 km of customer orders.  After two days and nights can trek to a destination, you have three cows lying on the ground died.The next day, two dead.Go on like this can be incredible, Meng Hongwei as the cat on hot bricks Shandong, according to the contract, there is no pre-trade, cattle died, he had to compensate ah!  Meng Hongwei anxious few days could not eat, and later at the suggestion of the students of Wu Feng, Meng Hongwei quickly command brother Meng Weiqiang, Animal Husbandry Bureau to hire local experts to do the dissection, to find the cause of death of cattle.Finally, the detection of bovine got septicemia, a long-distance transport of cattle body dehydration, weakened immunity due after the accident, Meng Hongwei summed up: played quarantine of cattle and sheep must be all over; the road over 1000 km To keep nutrition water; the former Transportation vaccination against flu halfway.  Although this painful loss, but at the same time to Meng Hongwei exchange for a valuable experience for the future of long-distance customers to solve the worries.  Meng Hongwei on network business grew and grew, many farms are run, take the initiative to negotiate Meng Hongwei.But his body is getting worse, because business is busy, lack of exercise and massage his lower limbs gradually shrinking black, often fester outcome is always rewarding.The end of 2008, when Meng Hongwei and his brother clean up the accounts, were pleasantly surprised to find that rely on online sales of cattle and sheep, they actually earn more than 20 million.Not only do they also lost 15 million in debt, but also for the purchase of a home refrigerators, air conditioners and other household appliances.  When parents see the moment these high-end appliances, the family cried together, this house almost collapsed, finally saw hope!  In early 2009, when Meng Weiqiang and customers to do business, he met a cattle and sheep farmers Jining daughter.Although Meng Weiqiang see the other side of disability, but the cause but did very well, he relished the sun on the Brokeback boys.Soon, they began to love.  Meng Hongwei very happy, in May 2009, he took out 100,000 yuan of money for repairing a bustling brother’s wedding.At the wedding, his brother-in-law gave his brother a high-grade electric massage table.Face in front of everyone, they recited a poem they wrote for his brother: “My brother, how to say” brother, how you say, you were 7 years of hardships, which is seven years of blood and tears and hard work ah!Brother, how can you say to that moment, Meng Hongwei could not help the tears flowing down, he put that glass in one gulp, then said: Come, everyone Cheers!Despite the cruel fate, but life is good ah!  February 2010, Meng Hongwei on the basis of cattle and sheep business, increased business selling donkey.At this time, their assets have reached nearly 200 million.As they go through the FAQs, Meng Hongwei spend 220,000 yuan to buy a car MAGOTAN, also hired a full-time driver.  To drive back the day, when the driver carrying two brothers village, villagers shocked: I did not expect a paralysis Meng a residue of two sons escape afford to buy private cars!See people admire the eyes, nose a little sour Meng Hongwei April 2011 No. 7, Meng Hongwei Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma suddenly received a phone call inviting him to headquarters in Hangzhou Alibaba, the world’s top ten network operators to participate in elections.  It turned out that Ma Meng Hongwei after inadvertently learned of deeds, was deeply shocked: a fine sitting in wheelchairs dead, e-commerce has done such a wonderful escape, was moved to tears several times on the spot.  April 14, Alibaba podium, facing the audience of thousands of people, Meng Hongwei said: you have a dream in life feel cold!I believed that all men everywhere there is a miracle!Ma to take the lead in the audience warmly applauded.  Yes ah, fate sometimes is a tough spring.Meng Hongwei such a paraplegic man, for the suffering of family and commitment to his brother, with tenacity and foresight, hit a glorious career.Let us pay tribute to the man who only a quarter of the body’s normal!