Month: April 2019


Cold lonely winter night, I was leaning over the bed, eyes closed, listening to, to enjoy the wonderful music melodious and moving, did not hear the song title, clear and melodious sound of music jumped into my eardrum: head one day, feet Tap one of the earth, your mind is in heaven, your affectionate in fertile soil  ….  An indescribable state of melancholy pervades my heart; an indescribable filled in the hope of my heart.Hazy, between stumbled, I seem to float in the clouds of heaven and earth; it would seem illusory wandering broke into paradise.I walk all over the world, looking, jumping tap, battles, I want to get back one day that belongs to me; I want to set foot on soil that belongs to my party.  I remember when I was once a lush, shiny shiny vegetable garden, that I had potential, ability, charm, stately vegetable garden, eternity unforgettable vegetable garden, now a depression dying, poignant and helpless, alone crooning.  Three years ago, my home vegetable garden or flower bright, vibrant.Four seasons fruits, seasonal vegetables, lifelike, lush fitness.With the changes in his life, however vegetable garden family situation, the most important for me is the dedication and pursuit of the text, I finally gave up and accompanied by a vegetable garden, start a turn with the text never betray companion.So also will be the end of its life, wither wither, think of it a little sad, a little bleak.  Today’s vegetable garden, vines did not seem to have the ability to reproduce; garden two pear desultory, lifeless, long face, every year the fruit, not the bitter fruit is hard; there was four loquat tree, three actually green Evergreen also stood firm, which is a hazard to people dying.  Sometimes I have the leisure of writing, he has entered the deserted vegetable garden, loss and loneliness, depression and poignant, lonely feeling filled my heart.Garden weeds soaring, enough to have a meter tall, and prosperity have flourished fitness, there are several actually turned into a small bush, that people can not help recalling the tragic scene, speechless.Weeds do not need to loosen the soil, fertilizing, spraying, management, but the growth was so robust; there is a small piece of ground, the grass grows relatively low, gentle moment you set foot on the go, such as the soft blue carpet; there is a small piece of chaos climbing vine, my hands are not able to force them to death Chela.Winter warm sun shines on the earth, I step closer vines around, that vine XiXi rustling, sobbing like a little; I was afraid to climb out of the ground do not know when that flower thing will make people trembling, shudder.Former prosperity has gone is a river flows to the east.  Here is the original channel after the construction of coal ash, a piece of uncultivated wasteland, full of sand stone, I did not use the Internet before leisure time, pick out a piece of small stones, large stones, then height soil fill buried in the lower, and then use tools raking the soil, and then planted a variety of vegetables, watering, loose soil, weeding, spraying and so on management, a variety of fruit and vegetable cultivation, breeding, growth, harvest, a sense of the joy of the whole process once filled my heart all.  Today I entered the barren vegetable garden, I was also accompanied by two large stone could not move, I sat down at the head of the Rock.I may have to sit this one, then the future will take a second, and even third, fourth, there may be this is my first and last time to sit vegetable garden big stones.  Now turned into a garden of green vine hay, there is the vitality, sneak what foreign imports of yellow flowers unknown, said to be coming from Panama travel across the ocean, there are said to be from Europe across the ocean come in, in the spring garden flower child blowing, no seeds, water, fertilizers, pesticides, breeding too rapidly, grow Qi Yan, solemn beauty, melancholy beauty.  Barren, desolate, lonely, lonely, lost, decadent stream of consciousness will be flooded once in my mind, the plant is so, why not animals.So people had this feeling, survival is the most beautiful, despite everyone’s mood vary survival.As long as he (she) does not feel deserted, desolate, lonely, lonely, lost, decadent, he (she) will live in happiness, it is the need of the realm.  And a man who had a profound feelings of love after a number of years, suddenly lost contact, will be sad, tears, and that is the true nature, true feelings, always in mind, can not forget.Vegetable garden and a sense of loss that can not be compared, it can not be repaired will be a bitter sadness never forgotten, lost to death.  Finally, still on the back of US music soulful song ends this article: head one day, foot party earth, in heaven your mind, your affectionate in fertile soil  .

Barbershop style ( “Southwest Writers’ contribution)

REVIEW hairdressing industry, but also mutated.One is called “shop” greatly reduced, euphemistically called “salon”, and everywhere.Second, the emergence of classification, professional and non-professional barber haircut points.    The 1950’s, the barber shop industry rarely fixed, barber that time, lug a burden, wandering around, home services.The new bridge also has a more long-term farm dam parked in one place, such as Wanxian (now Wanzhou District of Chongqing Municipality), there is a teacher surnamed Chen, fixed there job.”Sided affair a fever”, though a idiom, but also the profession of barber sign.This “affair” is a row of a drawer-like stools, both storage barber tools, but also for the barber who used to sit, do both.”Affair” of the other side by a stove and a washbasin composition, in order to solve the problem shampoo.At the same time, also equipped with a mirror, soap dish like the facilities, everything, solve all the livelihood of a family.Today, Master Chen had passed away, but he gave me the fetal head is shaved, and later head of the student, there is a photo as evidence, “Zhangu sites, such as yesterday.”Barber industry practice of this mobility, great history in China.Film and television works, almost all related to a local customs, inevitably there are barber figure them marketplace alley, added a landscape.Beijing is the nineties, I was in Huangchenggen, saw a gray and full of barber, pushing a tricycle, as dealings passers haircut, shave, it calmly, handy gesture, let I stood for some time, it seems far better than the Summer Palace style.    After the 1960s, the individual economy gradually collective, barber shops began to appear in the street.Wanxian JIAOCHANG dam, three road, ring road and other densely populated places, there is a barber shop.However, when the barber shop, there are levels.High barber skills, beautiful young master, focused on Wanan Bridge and two road several barber shop, designed for wealthy customers and loving service.Then JIAOCHANG dam, three road area, mostly urban poor live, barber shop also not been so popular, shaved to “exclusive wheels”, carried out in sequence.The weather is hot, no fans barber shop, they buy palm-leaf fan, the few palm-leaf fan, nailed side by side on a piece of wood, then hung in the air barber shop, hire a person pulling back and forth, to promote air circulation, be cool and solve the problem.    Barber past very seriously, especially the “shaving” of skills, called a must.”Les clouds come into the store, go out Baimianshusheng.”They were armed with sharp knife around, in the person’s face ‘movement’, as described by Bai Juyi Pipa Girl ‘Qinglong twist slowly wiping complex challenges’, in the nose, the eyes, the ears Guo, gives a very comfortable feel.Zhennai a couplet said: “Although the Haomo skill, but it is on top of Kung Fu.”But, to this day, these skills gradually lost, to a haircut, there is little for you to master the initiative to ‘shave’ the reason, or is not a home craft, or ‘cut corners’ cost savings.No wonder many barber shop, also the name of “certain former two road master” as a pretense to attract customers.One can imagine, then two road barber shop, a deep impression in the public mind, is a brand name.    After the reforms, the spring breeze blowing to have a haircut industry, collective business model is no longer suitable for development of the situation.Wenzhou at the forefront of reform, development gallery everywhere, “Wenzhou salon” leading the trend of the times.In the 1980s, hairdressing industry has developed rapidly, any living area, there is inevitably a barber shop door.With the improvement of living standards, “Barber” is not just men need, beauty salon, has become the majority of women must.    Hairdressing industry, but also mutated.One is called “shop” greatly reduced, euphemistically called “salon”, and everywhere.Second, the emergence of classification, professional and non-professional barber haircut points.Professional barber shop, shop door wide open, justifiably, to show openly, authentic industry.Non-professional barber shop, the name certainly called “salon” “salon” also known as beautiful and moving in front of the name, such as “Do not forget me”, the word “fond” of the class, coupled with ambiguous curtain, hazy and blurred lights, people think it’s gracious and charming.More “still holds partly concealed” so-called “shampoo girl”, ogle, amorous, sultry breathtaking.This barber shop, “trickery”, has completely lost “haircut” function, part of Barber derivatives industry.[Editor: Can children]

Barberry south of the mountain flower fragrance

– Flowers and Trees Industry Development Neixiang Neixiang County in western Henan barberry documentary located south of the mountain located North Water Transfer Project source – upstream of Danjiangkou reservoir, the territory of the world famous Chinese and foreign people and nature biosphere Baotianman, Henan Province one of the 25 mountain counties focus.The past four years, the county flower seedlings base as a guarantee of the construction of the reservoir area source, mountainous areas rich project, has made significant progress.    ”Neixiang tour a few days, the mountain (Baotianman) a Ya (Neixiang) a drift (Chishingtan), flowers pleasing to the eye (wood) music heart.”Spring in April, Xi’an East Lake Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Chairman Chen calligraphy with unit staff, including rural intoxicated Baotianman Wan Village Nature Reserve dogwood flowers, visibly pleased to tell us a group of literary friends.    Market birth and foster new industries in the past, Neixiang few varieties flower tree seedlings, small-scale, low-grade, not a pile.Just four years ago, they took the middle route project source eco-construction opportunities and market diversion, to take “government guidance, financial assistance, the owners put into operation of the market” development model, gave birth to the industrial development of flower seedlings., Leveraging the enthusiasm of social capital investment in seed industry, a large number of nurseries, flower garden grow.At present, the area has built more than 2,000 acres of nursery 7, more than 3,000 acres of nursery stock base 3.The county a total of four years to mobilize social investment over 300 million yuan.Flower seedlings planted as a new industry so that the majority owners, growers directly benefit.In 2010 alone, the county farmers involved in direct seedling nursery bases income of nearly 0.600 million yuan, the owners of investment income of nearly 1 seed.700 million people into a nursery, “and encouraged farmers to leave their homes,” a wealth of industry, to muster the people’s pocketbook.    Tree new ideas, create high-end industrial park Neixiang establish the concept of thinking to do flowers, nursery stock industry.By promoting resources, science and technology, optimize the allocation of the brand, building a high concentration of flower seedlings Park, leading high efficiency, “four high” modern urban flower seedlings develop high-tech, high value-added, high contribution rates.    ”From the beginning of autumn 2000, with the help of the county fruit industry leading group, turbulent Dong and relevant functional departments of our company and Neixiang turbulent Dong village leader signed a 3000 acres of land contract agreement, created Lake Township landscaped park.At present, the park has been planted osmanthus, cherry, Photinia, bloom, red maple, Sophora japonica, red Hundred Days, ginkgo, camphor, osmanthus, Zhen Nan, smiling and other green flower seedlings 5 million lines, benefiting more than 260 million per year yuan.Another 3–5 years I was able to net profit of 10 million yuan.”East Lake, general manager of Xi’an Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Wei Guangming said excitedly.    In the radiation driven the park, Neixiang been turbulent East division Kong, Guan Yu, Wang shop, irrigation and other towns up flower seedlings base competing mushroomed development, community participation enthusiasm is very high.According to the survey, the county has developed 20,000 acres of flower seedlings base, funds from society 1.200 million yuan.    Preferential policies, mobilize the enthusiasm of flowers, nursery stock growers healthy development of the industry, is inseparable from preferential policies to promote the guide, Neixiang specially developed to meet the five Township actual flower seedlings industry support policies.Among them, encourage the development of all kinds of flowers, nursery stock cooperatives and associations, driven by strong ability to service, outstanding job performance of professional associations and cooperatives give 1-3 million reward each year; the development of flower seedlings base give some financial subsidies.The development of more than 50 acres, give 300 yuan per mu subsidy; the development of more than 100 acres, per acre to give 500 yuan subsidy; the development of an area of more than 500 acres, industry leading group will coordinate the agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, transportation, electrical and other related departments, bundling projects and funds give priority support.Key support was the construction of supporting facilities on land contract, base planning, land consolidation, technical services, roads and water and electricity, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all sectors of society.    Into cooperatives, and expand development to establish fruit flowers, nursery stock cooperatives, to speed up the promotion of industrial technology, promote intensive management industry, improve market competitiveness, and increase people’s income and others have an important role.Neixiang through the organization of flower seedling grower to go out to visit and study, field trips and other measures to enable the county and outside investors to broaden their horizons, enhance confidence, flowers spontaneously set up a fruit cooperatives.Currently the county has set up a specialized cooperative Neixiang Chimei nectarine, Neixiang barberry pecan planting cooperatives, associations chrysanthemum, orchid and chrysanthemum source gardening cooperatives, associations, etc. more than 60 associations (cooperatives) give full play to promote cooperatives role in promoting the rapid development of the county flower seedlings industry.    Neixiang barberry pecan growing cooperatives manager Wang Hao said: “At present, our society has invested 84 million yuan, the development of farmer members 4000.Walnut planting, technology promotion, product processing and management as one.In the county the remainder Guan Xiang Ling Dai Jun and other places have been built nine shell walnut-growing region, an area of 4.6 acres, 260 000.Capital investment cooperative building responsible base, farmers woodland as join a company capital, enter into revenue sharing contracts, early fruiting (5–10 years) cooperatives and farmers by 6: 4 distribution; the fruit of (10–15 years) 5: 5 allocation; after 15 years of 4: 6 distribution, so that farmers really benefit members.Last year 60% of walnut tree hanging fruit next year, two pounds of walnuts a tree is not a problem.” Three years later, there will be an annual output of more than 250 kg of walnuts, annual output will reach 50 million yuan, farmer members can increase net income more than 2500 million, the average annual income over 20,000 yuan ‘.Neixiang County Forestry Bureau, Wang Lingmin confidently say, 2015, the county will establish a nursery base 4.6 acres, cultivating more than five centimeters green seedlings 35,000,000, of which more than 10 centimeters green seedlings 2 million, more than 20 centimeters Trees in 300,000, of which 50 million can be sold periphery, the annual output value of nearly 500 million yuan.    Qiao caught carrier, promote ecological and cultural Neixiang County Forestry Bureau invested more than 500 million yuan in filling up the west side of town Liu Yingcun filling two highway construction automatic controlling temperature and humidity shed 1,000 square meters, construction acres of flower seedlings demonstration bases, the introduction of breeding improved varieties, promote the accumulation of experience in production management.At the same time, adhere to promote the “Green Action Plan”, by making, sealing, education, and management simultaneously, strengthen the construction of ecological forestry resource protection and forest parks, nature reserves and other efforts to build a Baotianman National Forest Park, Lake Park Ju, geology Square, the martyrs cemetery, Fangshan and other natural ecological science education base, a place for people to return to nature, strive to bathe green, ecological experience.The county forestry, environmental protection, education, culture, information, tourism and other departments to closely cooperate together to plant trees natural ecological and cultural outreach, actively participate in and guide the people to participate, “Arbor Day”, “Love the Birds Week”, the green color, eco-tourism and other ecological activities, planting “people love the forest,” “natural forest”, “evergreen forest” and so on Memorial forest.While promoting the development and construction, vigorously carry forward the great forest ecological culture, man and nature live in harmony.In recent years, the county relies on the thick, rich culture, the red revolutionary culture, tourism and cultural landscape closely integrated with the natural forest ecology and culture, both to provide material consumer goods but also carry forward the flower culture, tea culture, forest culture, meet people the spiritual and cultural life.

Baogu grits

Since ancient times, rich in wheat Guanzhong plain, people here also to pasta.But there is a grain, although not as wheat then the subject of attention, but Guanzhong rural people eat almost every day, which is the corn, also called “Baogu”.In maize there are off in rural practice of two: one is labeled after the dried corn kernels nibs, then add cooked base surface, called “Baogu grits”; one is the dried corn kernels after milling children into the surface, boiled in the pot viscous batter, called “up the group”.Baogu grits by Guanzhong rural people’s favorite, usually in the morning and evening every day to eat.Stir mission is to eat bursts, the past is only to eat once or twice a month, but now few people eat.    Baogu grits, city people call it “polenta” in our house off West rural referred to as “grits son”, which is home-cooked meal people of his hometown.    Baogu mix is later dried corn kernels after breaking machine on a dedicated small irregular crushed, pure yellow color such as gold.Corn grits approach is very simple: a bowl scoop Baogu raw mix, put a little inside base plane; and the like after boil water, a bowl in one hand and slowly poured into the pot, with one hand in a circular motion pan slowly Tieshao agitation; then cover and on the fire with the two frying, frying boil after each add a little cold water, agitated for a few; two fried after the other, the cooked grits Baogu.Do Baogu grits, alkali surface should not put too much, otherwise the taste too bitter, difficult entrance; there was not enough, not sticky network Baogu grits, too astringent taste.After the birth of Baogu grits pot, heat should not be too large, otherwise easily burned.In addition, do Baogu grits to use a large iron pot with straw fire simmer; boil the rice cooker or stove Baogu grits not tasty.    Grits may be fused dilute Baogu.Summer generally eat thin, usually eat thick.Dilute Baogu grits can see as one about, drinking smooth easy to read; fused Baogu grits form agglomerates of a whole bowl, eating sweet soft.Baogu grits and other rare that the discharge temperature, they can directly reach drink, the bun may be breaking off pieces of the food inside the bubble.Thick Baogu eat grits, people will eat with chopsticks along half Wanbian blowing eat, after eating a bowl until very clean; people will not eat it in a bowl with chopsticks to pick it here, where the plane about , bowl mess cake.Of course, is to eat grits Baogu on food.Rural off Western government, usually on slices of cucumber, squash silk, West Hulusi, cabbage, radish, green pepper segment and other fresh vegetables; fresh vegetables in winter is not the time, eat a radish, pickled mustard pimple, etc. or spicy sauce made pickles.    I grew up eating grits grew up Baogu.    Elementary school, every day, eat at home Baogu grits, eat in the morning, at night to eat, it has become an eating habit.My mother sometimes do Baogu grits, which will give some red beans or sweet potatoes, tastes do not have a taste.That is the time, I learned to do with his mother Baogu grits, when the family went to work in the fields, I do at home to give them to eat grits Baogu.The first time I did Baogu grits when the base surface is much more put, the fire was big, the result is the kind of grits made Baogu coke bitter taste, difficult entrance, but the parents did not call me, do not say anything finished.    After junior high school, the student kitchen is also substantially morning and evening meals Baogu grits.Of course Baogu grits on the stove students generally do dilute some vegetables also give very little, the students most of their own food from home installed with a canning jar come to eat.At that time, my body is a long stage, feeling the old bowl of grits Baogu dilute enough to eat, not on the morning of the third class finish stomach growling.I remember in the first two days, my Uncle to help students in the kitchen stove, every time I Dafan window to the front, the ocean will bowl base knock on the window sill, Uncle knew it was me, I would often marked full bowl.Uncle privately to me that people who eat too much sometimes, Dafan too late, you tie a red ribbon at the bottom of the bowl, I knew it was you..I would say by Uncle made a beginning is still relatively effective, but then a lot of students have to follow up, Uncle points sometimes do not come, will give them a full bowl.And my relationship students to be good, sometimes enough to eat a bowl of rice, I will help them to line up Dafan, I would still played Uncle.So, whenever I think of junior high school life, I think of Uncle.But Uncle had died more than a decade, I have no chance to repay his old.Uncle was buried that day, because I’m learning task tight, do not go home, it is still guilty.    Entered high school, I was a student kitchen to eat.At that time there are thousands of high school students, the school has a lot of special treatment, but most students are eating on the stove.Rice on the stove sooner or later also basically Baogu grits, most of the time do lean, and therefore are long head of us, especially boys, are hungry bowl.Eleventh grade, our class had a student named Liu Donghui, I have very good relationship with his brother in the kitchen for a year on food, I have to take care of for a year, I still thankful.Impressed, every time you eat grits Baogu when students squatting in the yard in front of the cafeteria, four or five people around a small circle, a large circle around a dozen people, had a bottle in front of each dish, we all end oceanic bowl, while eating, she brag, that scene is very lively and spectacular.    Went to college, I rarely eat the grits Baogu.Sooner or later the school kitchen generally eat rice gruel and steamed bread, grits Baogu to eat when I was very uncomfortable, so often I miss home Baogu grits.Only during the summer vacation, I can eat grits in the home for some time Baogu Mimi.    After work, not married four or five years ago, I came back home two or three times a year, little chance to eat grits Baogu.After married and have children, child care in the home by parents, the city I work less than 100 kilometers from home, go home almost every month for a few days, so eat grits Baogu number compared to the past and more some.Beginning this year, I found this is called the northern gate of the village where I live there is a gruel of selling stalls, which will have Baogu grits.This Baogu mix is packed in a sealed plastic cup, a plug in the straw to drink directly.I go to work every morning, the time will pass by the stalls on Shunpian Mai cup, but this Baogu mix too thin, nor may dish, is also not to eat the kind of home network cool sticky sweet taste.    Thirty years, I had been involved in constant contact with grits Baogu.Maybe I grew accustomed to Baogu ate grits, so it is like to eat, I never feel bored too.It can be said, except Baogu grits is my favorite kind of pasta homemade meal, I have a very deep and it’s a special feeling.    December 29, 2011 in the early morning drunk Mexican Church

Bao Jianfeng from tempered

Part One: plum blossom from the bitter cold, Bao Jianfeng from tempered people say: life is a university textbook.Today I had the opportunity to read the book, and about to enter the finale of the book, perhaps just an epilogue.  Plum blossom from the bitter cold, Bao Jianfeng from tempered Mr. Zhu Ziqing “rush” a sense of loss and think “eight thousand days of wandering outside and rush in addition to what the rest of it?Over the past days as smoke is dispersed by the wind as mist by the morning sun or evaporated, leaving what I trace it?”Chairman Mao had a poem word ‘thirty years passed and,’ I think we have three years of college life is even more fleeting Fuyangzhijian.Hurried feeling that time of increasingly clear, at this moment we are out of the ignorant and hesitant freshman year, and vowed to concentrate on the upcoming junior, our hearts become mature and stable, began to reflect on the past, planning for the future.There are also confused days insist, there is also joy loss.  Last night westerly withered Bishu.The tower alone, Wang Jin Wandering Road in September 2007, when I lit youthful passion carries over into the river to teach the door, refined and elegant campus attracted me, I understand that this is where I would write youth, ignite passion it is like a piece of paper, University for three years we will own blueprint in which writing and planning.But I also understand that I must establish a goal of their own – in the future to become a qualified secondary school teachers.Unrestraint interested in Penglai close, I felt inaction far right close.From entering the bio-education classes to learn the beginning, I always remind myself strictly requires a solid basic skills.Because I believe there is a belief by those who developed the power of greater than 99 is only interested in people.Belief + action!action!Further action!I use my fiery passion sway of a beautiful youth painting.  Wide pine does not regret, to eliminate the Iraqi people languish Some people say that college life is our final ivory tower, is the most memorable of Eden young age.In actual fact, college life just a few years, he will be the last class before we enter society.Back in those days of passion leap: “congress” Britain swing ups and downs of spiritual speech stage praise of the motherland; classes in debate arrogant and self-confidence; presided over intoxicated and moving at the family birthday party; earthquake poetry recitation contest Yes, excitement and sadness; self-confidence and steady when “youth volunteer” activities for teachers and students to measure blood pressure.Every experience let me forget where good news is also sad, when I fail I will think of the teacher’s back and I said the word “each of strenuous efforts, there must be double the reward.We have to pay the total harvest, and harvest your pay itself!”So, in my mind all the results are not as important as I enjoy the whole process, I paid also gain.  People look for him thousands of Baidu, when I look back, that person is in, the lights dim even climb the highest mountain, one can only get down to step by step.But when you reach the summit, you all will be trampled underfoot.University life is like climbing a few years, we have feet on the ground to reach the final goal.Enjoy the process is more important than sharing results.  In the class, as a member of the organization, I actively cooperate with organization members and classmates to carry out various activities: Education presided over the biological family “birthday party” to participate in college to carry out “learning to learn” special events, May Lushan field practice, classes activities debate, “say, listening comment” class, etc..Through these activities, which greatly improves the students enthusiasm for learning, and enhance the spirit of unity and cooperation among students, but also to allow students to recognize some basic skills as a normal student should master.  In the branch of student government, as minister of the Ministry of learning.With branch organizations and students to participate in various activities organized branch of the 07 th March 2008 to carry out student learning experience-sharing sessions so that students learn how to learn, learn from each other.April 2008 to carry on the “hot issues of contemporary college students’ questionnaire survey covering the whole of the hospital ten lines (Branch) nearly ten classes in the hospital-wide.Let the hot issues concerned students spread to every corner of College.  After two years of hard work and learning, my pay has finally paid off in May 2008 after the assessment period up to six months, I was established as party activists, I know I will be waiting for a more rigorous test, I continue to be strict with themselves as soon as possible to become a good communist!  I like to read Wang Guowei three realms of life “last night westerly withered Bishu.The tower alone, overlooked the endless distance, pine end is not wide, to eliminate the Iraqi people languish.People look for him thousands of Baidu, when I look back, that person is in, the lights dim “It’s like our college life ‘plum blossom from the bitter cold, Bao Jianfeng from sharpening’ college is like life, we all grow slowly large adults, this process is very difficult, they do not lose their life course, eventually heading for the other side.Day and night work, drawing Bi Chun Qiu; studying hard, to learn something.  Then you will hear Maple flow boat, you will see goldenrod laughing, you will smell the fragrance of fruit, because you get to the harvest season!    Part II: Bao Jianfeng from tempered fifth day seconds!Substantial tempered, hard training.Vigorous finally ended in the Mid-Autumn Festival sad, bustling finally quiet in the evening desolate Yela.Tears, and laughter; there is sadness but also joy.We are a group of wings still weak, still immature mind levy birds, winter still distant rough go south, in order to make us safe into the warm embrace of God so painstakingly arranged for this brief but profound contest.Tears deposited rich in physical pain abundance physical soul accumulated in the solid body wake function of the soul.(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) said: Suffering is the mother of beauty.The beauty is the perfect crystallization.Silkworm pupae that do not break in to the darkness and suffering to pupa to the silence, how can cocoon emergence, the sky dance Pina?It’s pure and do not dye Qian Chen Xuelian.If stoic loneliness of aggression, endure the cold silent imprisonment, why would attract countless seekers yearning, there was a final unfading beauty and holiness?  I like the instructors Wuwei Yang Ying, commanding majestic Custom.The military temperament and grace in between shouting and fighting was dripping try to ride.Tempered into a steel, thousands of hanging Bailian, without some cold biting, how fragrant plum blossom?Although very shallow, very trivial, but every moment I urge the lazy pace was slow, I urge negative decadent desire of the heart.In the face of adversity every human soul will be black and white, the weak will eventually be eliminated doom torrent!  I also weak.Sick day, despite suffering a few days, the small difference between the disease and more body when I approach parade, no match for the final against the cold, so it is logical and parties to pass, tomorrow I missed the parade ground in the audience the gaze was cast just a glimpse.There are a lot of people, did a deserter, but also delusional to muddle the past, fish in troubled waters.Real strong, dare positive impact of the storm, the courage in adversity still calm, fearless.So the environment can change people, and better able to distinguish between good and bad pros and cons.The so-called: quitting, brave victory.indeed so.  Well, this is not long nor short fifteen days and nights of training, whether it is for what?It is the first church school education classes?Or to exercise our constitution.unknown.However, very passionate and inspiring those memorable songs in humorous and memorable lyrics pull, that being late is willing to corporal punishment, and that the instructors humorous behind the stern side.Too much, more than that even the memory of the sea can not hold; too deep, even won the memories of the beam can not reach!Today, according to the tears of farewell, only when I look back, behind him off the floor, not floating red maple, is never touched by corruption and not moving.  Yellow leaves rustling, chaotic melancholy man.Life will often not easy to hard.Gently wipe the tears could not bear to go down, parting, all the ups and downs, joys and sorrows, are carefully collected in between pages of memory, let time winemaker put it led to a jar of nectar Yulu glycol fragrant, to be after unsealed to savor.Part III: Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum blossom from the bitter cold, the saying goes: “Failure is the mother of success.”It seems to have become a cliché, but the actions and words are sometimes not consistent.(First opening posing a fact of life when you encounter setbacks and failures, what will happen?Because not everyone can handle this correctly, so the author is only necessary to talk about “Failure is the mother of success”) when the “red light” appear on your transcript, or difficulties at work, you whether in addition to depressed heart, nothing else?Do you realize that in this failure has bred the seeds of success it?In this regard, each person’s answer is certainly not the same!In this quite necessary to talk about: Failure is the mother of success.  Rare in the world without problems, (with life in general feelings, we often encounter reaffirm failure) failed, but there is always, otherwise, those “inventor”, “literary giant” reputation would not easily fall to everyone’s head went?Throughout history, (followed in order to illustrate the great man is successful precisely because they deal with failure right) the great men of outstanding reason for success, precisely because they deal with failure properly to get lessons from the failure, thus kicked failure this stumbling block, embarked on a successful road.For example, the great inventor Edison (Edison for an invention to undergo eight thousand failed experiments demonstrate “Failure is the mother of success”) countless successful life, life is even more numerous failures.He has undergone an invention eight thousand times the experiment failed, he did not think that this is a waste, but said: “Why should I discouraged it?It failed to make at least eight thousand times I see this eight thousand experiment does not work.”This is Edison’s attitude towards failure.He often learn from your mistakes, lessons learned, to obtain an entry in the establishment of numerous failures on the basis of inventions.Although the failure will bring the pain, but also make people gain something; we pointed out the error to both shortcomings in work, but also inspired us to gradually move towards success.Failure both for the success of the negation, is the foundation of success, that is to say: “Failure is the mother of success.”However, in reality, success is not the accumulation of failures, but failed to go beyond the summary and.If you do not know this, it will lead to “the more the more successful failure” absurd conclusion.(Exclude further misunderstanding of the argument, that is, “the more the more successful failure” fallacy) such as the famous parallel axiom mathematically, since its inception, has always been viewed with suspicion.For thousands of years, many mathematicians committed to proving the parallel axiom, but have failed.Boli Ai prove mathematician life in parallel axiom has no achievements, ultimately died a painful death in despair.While this critical issue in general like a bottomless pit swallowed people’s wisdom without giving anything in return, Lobachevsky (Boli Ai contrast with facts and Lobachevsky, indicating “Failure is the mother of success,” the the reason is the failure to learn from past experiences) when after seven years of fruitless confirmation, the failure to find.Lobachevsky After repeated failures, summarizes and analyzes the causes and consequences of failure to recognize the problem in essence, so success.Thus, “Failure is the mother of success” is an objective law, but failed to really make a successful conversion may become a reality, it must go through continuous exploration and scientific analysis, learn from your mistakes, guide future work, it’s only not “in vain” failed.  Young people prone to failure at work, it is easy to become discouraged, therefore, we only have to keep in mind “Failure is the mother of success,” the famous, to establish a firm confidence, to see it from disappointment, from failure to success.  ”Failure is the mother of success” should not only be our favorite maxim, more importantly, it is to be our guide to action.”Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum blossom from the bitter cold”, to benefit from failure, from the rise of hard-working, which is taught the way of aspiring young.  ”Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum blossom from the bitter cold.”

Banyan tree with birds

I work as a family, a group of people dwelling in a rented house in Shenzhen Songgang a community where, in front of a dormitory building, followed by a dormitory building on the left is a dormitory building on the right is a dormitory building; all sides behind a building it is likewise after another dormitory; thus forming a checkerboard pattern.In this checkerboard pattern where the four-meter-wide tunnel between buildings pricked a cross, is checkered line.I walk every day in the checkered line, dwelling in the board Gerry, no street trees, smell the air ‘is a portmanteau of the city, in addition to crowded is crowded, except repressed or depressed.Coupled with precise as it was the living room and dormitory Step 5 square, kitchen and toilet in the square housing the two-step, with three people every day activities, can be considered a new (but not on fresh) air breathing only against the window.But one day, I was enjoying the freedom to breathe on the window, suddenly found the top of the crack in the wall opposite the window and as high as I live floor window, there is a little green.Green grew up in this hot and humid climate of the rainy season in the south, a few days you can not distinguish a banyan tree seedlings.    This is how the banyan tree seeds to take root here, I do not pay attention, I really care about is the banyan tree seedlings even in my eyes and my heart infected with a hint of green, this green loosened my repressed and depressed, every day I are watching it – see it stretch the branches, a, and a.Look for it to grow leaves, one, and one.Each time I observed that green life in my eyes and my heart increase the trace of pleasure, I often look at it gradually became accustomed to breathing air at the window, I have gradually become dependent boredom.As long as a district to the buildings, I could not think of it; as long as one into this house, I had to watch it.Banyan tree seedlings grew up, I upgraded day by day with green Fiat.    Gradually, large banyan tree seedlings to almost 80 centimeters of time, has five branches, more than 100 leaves the.But this time, I suddenly worried it.If the rainy season in the past, now is the high temperature and dry season.In this high temperature and dry season, there is no soil and water, not to mention the fertilizer, the hapless poor guy, with what will it grow?Its leaves are nutritional needs moisture ah!    Later I found out that my concern is uncalled for.I saw a banyan tree seedlings while long foliage, it is also particularly long aerial roots.That tender aerial roots, bark drilled later in the humid rainy climates grow one, and a.Inch, an inch and.A rainy season down aerial roots shorter tenaciously headlong into the wall seam around, trying to absorb a little “milk” from the walls.Aerial roots hanging from the trees even elderly, fluttering Yat Plaza in the city mixed gas flowing in the space checkerboard blowing, absorbing smoke and car exhaust, may also be absorbed into the “I” of such human exhaled gas, also enjoy the wind from the tyranny of the tunnel, the wind often with the smell of the sea.These may be the role of the root of it, even banyan tree seedlings survived almost a third of the dry season of the year, even under hot temperatures up to 40 degrees, but also doggedly grow on the walls of high-rise buildings, green He exudes the charm of nature and the growth of life.    Banyan After a year of experience and growth, can be said that the high walls of high-rise home secure.I think this little bit of green to attract only I, can not think of it more attention than my friends.    It was a second year at noon Spring in March, I was at the window while enjoying its distinguished green eating lunch, enjoy the appetite under green spirit enlighten to savor his wife do the cooking, suddenly a shadow across the window, a bird to stop the roots of the banyan tree seedlings, – is only Pulsatilla, Pulsatilla head left and look at its roots, right look, after “Jia Jia” to call a few times, they immediately flew one, only also as before as after only left to see the right look, the front one pair of mouth like to discuss things like “little language” about it, it flies away together, then fly back to the moment, I do not know what this street cleaner place, title to grass, fibers, roots of seedlings in a small banyan start to nest.I was very surprised, which is where the birds can not find the nest tree – Shenzhen is a good green environment of the city, although I plan living area past behind, but plenty of other places jungle trees, not to mention that less than one meter banyan seedlings neither wind, nor the storm?How to think of settling here?Really “department store in a hundred people, all have love” ah!- It’s like how do I work here as happens dwelling.In any case, this, too, there is a tree there is a bird, always a good thing for me, than to keep potted plant on the windowsill hanging cage is better – easy, natural, free.More importantly, they are in harmony a static one move, so I saw the vivid melody – albeit of pocket.    Pulsatilla wife both wearing fly for a few days, made a nest on the.    Later, Pulsatilla wife both go out foraging during the day, evening, dressed in sunset returning at night to rest in a nest, rest on a branch near the nest, spend the night in the city.    A few days later, this Pulsatilla couple lying on a bed during the day, flying back and forth like a shuttle.That flying Pulsatilla looking to the insects, plant seeds rich food to feed the population fell Pulsatilla nest is really quite close, quite the responsibility of.    After three weeks, two Pulsatilla are coming and going to fly, when they come back every fly out of the nest will be two small head, Zhang big yellow mouth undertake their parents to look for bugs and the like fine food.    This is in addition to a couple of Pulsatilla carefully nurtured yellow toddlers, but also the courage to care of them, and the wind and rain came, where they do not have a shelter – they just move one meter there is an overhang projecting eaves of the preform, there definitely suffer from the attacks of wind and rain, but they do not, they open wings wing guarding children, despite the thunder and lightning, heavy rain hit back, Enron does not move, this “Hu Du” really touching emotional and spiritual.    A month later, the chicks have fledged, they often stand on the nest along the wings fan seriously practice, to make efforts to take off.Later, under the guidance of their parents, it can actually vacated.They began to fly far, is not high, but when the effort of their parents at their side, small whisper, with demonstration.    Wait until they are completely independent flight, I found that parents actually Baitouweng rest in the nest, young birds coming and going to fly through, looking to put food in their parents’ mouths to feed, so their parents enjoy the taste of filial piety.This cute little animals, even with such a “feedback” of the heart!    Then, after some days, I found the window and from the banyan tree nest is a new pair of birds.The original birds – was not there anymore, I suddenly thought, a trash can you see when you walk yesterday evening, there is a Chinese bulbul, did not pay attention, maybe it is nesting bird banyan tree seedlings in my window floor wall I do not know whether the other one in?But I feel a little bad, faint of heart raised an all sad.I’ve lived here for nearly four years, the story of the banyan tree with birds in my window wall building interpretation of four years.    Enjoy floor window wall interpretation of four years of life experience and life story, I seem to move their heart: to feel that life is an opportunity, the opportunity to manipulate some kind of mysterious fate.Said it banyan tree, its seeds and genetic cloud parameters that should be tall, one of the banyan tree canopy cover is no different, have the same beautiful dream, but because of the special opportunity – the opportunity to bring this condition is perhaps the birds Maybe the wind – which makes it all falls on the earth lucky soil, although it has also been four years of efforts to grow, but can not take root and soil similar vigorous tall and straight brothers and sisters, and it is now in the order of 80 cm the length and then a little taller very difficult.Opportunities for small banyan tree so its fate will be fixed in the wall’s home floor, just as my destiny was to work need to be located in the same residence checkerboard.    Life is tough at the same time, despite the opportunities it brings is a limitation to, is Treks or even tragedy, but life as it is duty-bound to fulfill its obligations only – growth, growth and unconditionally, just do not ask the process results.Floor, wall banyan tree is so, even though it is withdrawn after a few branches, nutrients and moisture conditions do not allow it and then be able to survive other branches, but it is still not discouraged discouraged, still spring a few pieces of hair.Despite its lush foliage after the rainy season, the dry season a whiz on the inevitable falling number, but when the spring is still a new leaf Thriving.This is life in the troubled tenacious valuable, precious responsibility in the suffering of.    I also still feel thus: a life is often associated with additional life together, perhaps between life and life, it has always been reciprocal conditions.This is not: no small banyan this strain, there will Pulsatilla settled and multiply, and Chinese bulbul bird droppings, despite drop in the bucket, it may supply the necessary factors to support life; without it the story of the banyan tree with birds, will not have my attention and influence on me – I make this effect even psychological depression and get depressed for a watered-down dwelling, let me through mysterious banyan tree with bird life, survival and see some of cruelty beautiful, thus I encourage anyone, patience and perseverance difficult.    The thought of this, I could not help remembering Yu an aesthetic experience in the “rainy poetic” in: “some kind of deep shock and touching poetry seemed destined to accompany the difficult.”Likewise, the banyan tree on the wall with the beauty of birds, is not that their shape, color, flavor, and that they extend branch and leaves in unimaginable cliffs Qiu Jin rooted; in moisture and nutrients can be said to be very scarce maintain the rights and the meaning of life under conditions to lead to tension in the life of another life and thus also the opportunity to bring their own survival.In short, hard life in the opportunities brought about by hard work in order to create opportunities for survival – although before an opportunity is difficult, after an opportunity is subtle.Banyan tree with birds create this aesthetic feeling in my eyes and hearts, as Mr. Yu also called Road to make a description of the mountains Dodge insurance, struggling “Shushan Streams” I like hanging in the window of the high wall on, I feel Jun Li of life and nature contest generated, solemn, thrilling tragedy of the United States, set off a survival strength and life of the soul of the great.This “two Oriole Ming Cui Liu, egrets on the sky line; Xiling Snow Chiaki with windows, doors Wu Wanli ship mooring” aesthetic effect such utterly, Du Fu “quatrains” is a manifestation of the joy of beauty, this kind of enjoy the beauty of giving people is easy, comfortable and cozy.Unlike my present banyan tree with birds give people is nervous and worried, because in a moment of aesthetic objects in the test and explore the limits of life to survive.It is common sense for life Vientiane is truly the essence of life and survival of typifying out – that life has always been a pain!Because life felt pain, only grow, struggle, hard work.    All the “meaning” of life, “beautiful”, “great”, “poetic” dwelling on the pain of life in.Happiness is just a feeling of buffering between pain and suffering, but also in a sense of painful contrast, or is painful reflection and appreciate.

Banyan quality

Shabby homes in the mountains, although no high moral, o is not alone, thousands of people together and I staggered home nestled in the shade, the smell of the birds every day, every day, Mu floral, pretty close to paradise.    Banyan trees on the hills to the majority, a wide range of banyan, I only according to the shape of the leaves loosely divided into large and small Ficus benjamina.Near his home are big-leaved.As the name suggests, big-leaved fig leaves hypertrophy wide, dark green color, such as palm leaves Jietai, due to the very heavy weight, when it leaves litter the ground, will have a definite sound.The dead of night, I often hear the night wind blowing big-leaved fig leaves “buzzing” sound.At dawn, perched on big-leaved trees the birds have to wake up and start practicing throat.The birds were singing voice really sounds mildly, but at dawn so blatantly yell really disturbing is suspected of.These energetic guys but only heard and seek their faces difficult because Ficus blotting out the sun shade to their excellent stealth place.    Features of the banyan tree is tree forest, especially big-leaved.An adult big-leaved up to three high Sizhang, shade can cover several acres of land and even the number of mu.Maybe they are afraid tree attracts the wind it, big-leaved addition to well-developed root system, there is a magical color with a bit of aerial roots.I often stroll at Ficus macrophylla shade, looking at the brown aerial roots hanging down one thousand Wanlv from branch to branch, always feel weird.Even more incredible is that a lot of aerial roots have been deep into the ground, grow shorter length varies, thickness ranging from prop roots.These prop roots once so slender thin, but once the soil life is found, they will thrive.They are the main foreign minister in a spectacular column rhizosphere, only a thin finger, crude has the same sized, they are so quietly, quietly grow, provide adequate nutrients for the crown, to lay a solid backbone The basics.Because of the pillars surrounding the roots, trunk Ficus macrophylla virtually thickening lot, in front of me big-leaved finest there are two encircle crude, as it is not sturdy four or five people hand in hand, it is difficult to hold.In my eyes, big-leaved the aerial roots of this particular form of interpretation of life outside the wonderful score.    I could not help but sigh in my heart: What a spectacular sight ah life!These aerial roots from the branches of Health, hanging and hanging, their basic task is to absorb nutrients from the air and water for the crown, had no chance to enter the soil becomes the root of life.However, they are indomitable, eager nature makes them the courage to create a miracle in this life.Think of writer Liu Xinwu’s famous quote: “Everything can not wait for individual life and then optimize nutrition, improve themselves, not only to strengthen their roots buried, but also to consciously grow, extend their lives aerial roots, in the limitations of room to grow , the capture, eliminating the screen, suck, digest beneficial ingredients, profound knowledge, innovation chic, beautiful bear fruit.”.In some ways, a lot of good quality plants indeed worthy of our human learning, Ficus is one of them!    Ridge are mostly large-leaved fig, Ficus Heights but over the raw.Ficus green leaves, large leaves such as coins, with respect to the body is relatively slim Flocculu.If the big-leaved compared northeast Tahan, the Ficus can be a scholar than south.Perhaps for this reason, the aerial roots of Ficus Ficus macrophylla has not developed, extending into the ground turned into a prop roots are rare.They Cecil strands hanging from among greenery, resembling from afar a little brown draperies fluttering in the wind.When it rains, Ficus green leaves more pleasing to the eye, rain wet aerial roots become steady up, each will end aerial roots hanging drop of crystal clear water drops, at first glance like a root trimmed curtain of pearls, the picturesque beauty.So, I initially thought Ficus more ornamental value, without the big-leaved life as rich connotation.Later, a chance discovery, I did not know he mistaken!    That day, I was alone climb nearly 1000 meters above sea level Wutongshan, Shenzhen Indus mountain is the highest mountain, the mountain growing dense forests, known as the “lungs of Shenzhen” in the world.Me along the stream countercurrent Tarzan, I saw snow spray stream water, Youhe in the cloud, scenery along the way without saying.Let me amazing is grown in the valley on both sides of Ficus, they tenaciously to take root in the soil is washed away Jianshui barren crevice, Flanagan thick as a wrist, sprawling, layer upon layer, like a cast-iron stone , dense spider web; at the foot of the rocks are wrapped tightly, a scene is really shocking, people have lamented the miracle of life!”Insist Aoyama do not relax, rooted in the broken rock.Grinding 000-1000 Kennedy also strong, Seoul, the East and West Wind “Zheng Banqiao bamboo pen style Ficus who also has ah!When not look like Ficus once exposure to the harsh environment, they will immediately show the gritty nature to!    Buddhists believe everything has a spiritual, though I’m an atheist, but after the face of these seemingly pristine floral vegetation life miracle created, also had to agree with this view.Think of the words of Shakespeare: “When we are away from it, you can listen to the talking trees, the river’s water is a great article, a micro stone, but also Anyu the lesson that every thing inside, you can be inspired.”From this I can not help but think: big and small Ficus benjamina is the most common Lingnan indigenous plants, and they have created tens of thousands of migrant workers in Shenzhen’s bustling south as possess extraordinary valuable quality – that is stubborn survival, perseverance!

Banquet whole critique lesson plans

Nine basic food primary and secondary education is done in the Cultural Revolution, so there is no opportunity to listen to the experts macro theory on adult teachers Banquet lesson.But because the Internet is very easy to search, find it a lot retrieved Banquet lesson plans.A cursory read, basically similar.According to the experience of a lifetime, in addition to the Chinese people do not seriously, there is a characteristic lazy, often a lesson plan with a few decades of thing is also not surprising.Therefore, if there are lesson plans before the Cultural Revolution, then, which we use today is very likely differ significantly.But since a decade ago to write “ages who know Banquet” to get to know a little more this history, recent human ghost write this subject, but also the whole hotchpotch of a number of things, one by one sweep of the basic conditions prevailing lesson plans.Of course, you need to sweep the events just understanding and evaluation of the character and views at odds with the dish nine persons, those words grammar and vegetables also recognized nine of view, it is not in his column.However, these two lesson plans rotten it is really astonishing, is simply a pile of garbage, nine vegetables consumed in the limited life this really is a bunch of bad lot of injustice.But taking into account the hundreds of these courses are often three to seven classes, extracurricular lesson students consumed a lot of time, in order to prevent these bad lot continues to poison young, we had to fight on nine dishes try any.Partakers teach, dog feces concept of obscenity Banquet, vegetables Kudan war smelly garbage.Lesson plans 2. Analysis of “Gaixia Song”, describes the background, introduction of new courses.Important: If no criticism and clarification of fame that you do not need any “Gaixia song” speak, detached thing Well.Xiang Yu do not speak but failed to get out of that statement, so had complications.Vegetable nine “Gaixia Song” of the solution, and teachers may also be different, but this time is not necessarily a dish nine pairs.Can be found in most Chinese people do not how serious the Concubine Xiang Yu.Criticisms of fame, with two conclusions can be found in all Banquet, Banquet flicker through the ages.    The difference between lesson plans (2) revolted against Qin Xiang Yu motives, he aims to take the Fan Qin Qin Instead, rebuild Chu Dynasty, and Chen Sheng and Wu Guang are essentially rise up.    Criticism and clarify the motives I do not know how to talk about, this thing is invisible motives, with outsiders take it for granted, like how to say how to say, can not count.Sheng said the dead or give name ear, the nobility rather a kind of peace, but also the imperial ideology, heroism, and Xiang Yu no different.Do not compete in this place.This thing might still vigorously traces of that era was born on the family origin, how decades have not cleaned out.Nine thought vegetables, Chinese people not only serious, but also very lazy, the times have changed, but also the nerve to come up with this nonsense fraught.As if working people are upright, and high household ingredients people are impure motives, the world can the truth.Good or bad about the motive is most likely to confound right and wrong, and compared with the fact that motivation is not worth mentioning.Like the Great Leap Forward, the best of motives, like early communism ah, what’s wrong with it?The results of tens of millions starved to death.Motivation Cultural Revolution nothing is not good, the result of ten years of catastrophe, the national economy is facing collapse.Teacher for students with solid foundation, can say a bad motive?But doom assignments, the students crazy or extreme weariness of things more to go.So you can not see the motivation, to see the effect.Chen Sheng Wu Guang from the date of the entry’s are against Qin, Sheng is just Uprising, Xiang Yu belong to respond.Besides there is no prior Chu dynasty, to talk about reconstruction.In the era of total world background bitter Qinjiu Yi, as long as Fan Qin, do not pursue their purpose.The purpose lay the world in order to make things public servants, and it has not happened ah, how can conquer the world requires Xiang Yu is to let people live a good life.But after Liu Bang in the world, the masses lived a good life ever was true, but it has no one mentioned.If Liu let the people live a happy day this defeat on the introduction of Liu Sheng term, than what historical trend like more practical.This result is just aspects of it in advance to say inappropriate.So motivation like unwarranted speculation, own private discussion discussion, a few like-minded people to find three resonate a bit, very happy thing, but it is best not to say in the classroom and incomprehensible thing, and said what to say ah.        Banquet bloodshed lesson plan is a banquet held in Xinfeng Xiang Yu-hung door.The banquet is a contradiction between the two political blocs Liu Xiang by the long dark submerged AIDS to publicly clear and vivid performance, is long, “Chuhan war” prelude.On this banquet, demonstrating the irreconcilable contradictions of Liu Xiang and Liu Xiang very different character traits, but also indicates the struggle between the two sides inevitable outcome.    Criticism and clarification on this banquet, did not fully demonstrate the irreconcilable contradictions of Liu Xiang, Liu Xiang very different character traits and could not be fully demonstrated.Contradiction by the long dark submerged AIDS to publicly clear, put it another way, such as conflicts of life and death to shake hands, not a big.Because this scene can have multiple interpretations, matter, from the fact that more recent and better supported by the facts.Liu Xiang, leaving only a conversation in which two people have made a review seem willing to maintain relations with his brother’s comrades.Just go too far Xiang Yu, Liu Bang Wang Guanzhong rights abruptly to black, Liu how can swallow under the breath.Xiang Yu in the battle, reap the cheap, according to this trend continues, Liu Fei can not collapse, how foreshadowed the inevitable outcome of the two sides struggle.Xiang Yu caught a good hand or a good hand grip stock, Liu first-hand what a bad card or junk stocks, the inevitable outcome should be.Why do we praise the work of Kong ‘Ali, rather than praise Kong’ work in Qingdao it, is that Ali’s condition is too poor.Liu Xiang is to be distributed to places Kong ‘only willing to go, think about what will happen, probably under the wise leadership of Liu Bang, rapidly narrowing the gap between east and west than the east piece of cake.    Lesson plans (2) understanding of the revelation of the tragic character of Xiang Yu, the important role of personality traits in his character’s experience of political and military career played.    Criticism and clarify what is tragic character, ah, please check the dictionary.Sima Qian said that “his death Dongcheng for the world laugh,” Well obviously is a comedy character.People may love Xiang Yu of the world too much, you may think that good things happen to good people too much, Xiang Yu this good man’s failure and regret will come out ahead.Ever since, many people carry clear indiscriminate white, can do their wash, wash their possible, making it very cute.For example, the famous big top Marxist historian Jian Bozan think Mr. Yi Di (the grandson) and Zhao Gao Xiang Yu collusion thing was discovered, was sentenced to death.But paradoxically did not dare to treat it as a good thing, the execution of the murderer did not even willing to safety in the tattoo cloth head, let alone the head of security in the Xiang Yu.Xiang Yu love to love the sake of nonsense, as people have nothing to say.That is a fabricated history scissors, let Xiang Yu Fan Qin career complete traitor grandson of the feat is not very good, why do uneasy on his head, and made furtive, Buchengtitong.Dish nine suspected that these lesson plans or just background scissors and disciples of a given tone, full of seven or eight pull pull out seven with three contradictory solutions of whom also strong smell.Xiang Yu love love it confidently Well, why the placement to what people “revolted against Qin motives”, but what “standing on the six countries of the old aristocracy position, always hitu back to the Warring States period of feudal separatism.This regressive behavior, and was contrary to historical trends of “dubious friends like hat.The exact name of the most historical materialism view of history should be the history of solipsistic view of history, all with their own preferences as right and wrong, how history and their understanding is not the same, then I had to rewrite history.Jian Bozan that shit is probably so out.Xiang Yu is a complex historical figure, can not simply be defined with good or bad.But certainly, Xiang Yu was the failure of the people is a great thing, Sima Qian Xiang Yu also generally negative attitude to this person.That being the case, it fails nothing worthy of sympathy and regret, but also a tragedy or a tragic figure character can not mention.    ”People understand personality traits in their political and military career played an important role.”.This is basically nonsense, how experience?The tragedy of how a drastic method, how a Yiyidangshi law, how ruthless law.        Ability lesson plans (2) by reading biographies, master induction personalities and their relationship with historical events.    Criticism and clarify fully grasp the historical background is not an ordinary student can do well.Like the class, the teacher did not understand the context of their own, to think that sums up the personalities and the relationship between historical events.I feel a little too good.Or say the wrong holistic view to analyze the text, and then put it exciting, but also fraught.See the article on.    3.Emotions, attitudes and values (1) adopt evaluation sake of discussion, realistic historical figures.    (2) have a clear history of the tragedy caused by defective understanding of personality.    Criticism and clarify clearly not factual, practical and realistic, but also so advertised, I do not know what that means.Personality flaws, but no historical tragedy.Based on wrong understanding, how can the sake of discussion, a realistic evaluation.    Lesson plans first portion (1?Paragraph 2) replacement origin Banquet.    Article first account of Liu, the two armies term resident, the balance of power, both the cause of the incident and behind the scenes.The main wrote five things: First, Cao no injuries informant, which is contradictory “fuse”.Second, the situation before and after Fan Zeng Liu, saying he had “For Wang Guanzhong” ambition, combined with demagogic pretty well at that time, “Wang Qi” saying that Liu had “Son of Heaven Qi”, to persuade Xiang Yu anxious not to lose hit, this is the “fuel” that further intensification of contradictions.Third, Zhang Xiang Bo Interview tense situation began to turn for the better.Fourth, to discuss countermeasures Zhang and Liu Bang, Xiang Bo draw.Liu first “Bong wine goblet for the life, about marriage,” and then lie about it to justify their actions.Xiang Bo pulled later, and for the following intercede for ulterior when Liu “In the body cover flap covering up” Zhang.Fifth, do not hit Liu Xiang Yu Xiang Bo persuade.    Criticism and clarified Liu Bang lies precisely reflects its ability to adjust to changing circumstances.Xiang Bo surprise visit, Liu Bang in the case of unprepared, suddenly find reasons to absolve itself of.Liu Bang and Xiang Bo had personally promised to became the children’s relatives, which was a little bit suspicious.Because the future never mentioned this crop up.According hero table, Xiang Bo Han nine years in his death, the title passed to his son Liu Ju, Ju Liu crime was soon removed the title, if there are other son Xiang Bo, according to the early Han convention should turn over the title to bear in mind items Peter of power, but did not happen, means no other sons, there is no pass on.So Liu Bang was no daughter to marry later.Legend of Xiang Bo had seven daughters, but Liu Bang’s sons are identified by name, basically clear marriage, no matter what Xiang Bo.So Liu Bang promised before Banquet lip service, or simply no such thing, and sometimes can not tell.It seems, Liu Bangcheng heart little flicker component Xiang Bo, the more likely that the lip used to, Han Yan big thing, but a big word of the first attribute is used exclusively to Liu Bang.Xiang Bo old Laodabuxiao, and is an old traveler, according to Liu say should be fool out of empty promises to live, but he put forth all their strength to help ease tensions between Liu Bang and Xiang Yu.There must be some of Liu Bang charisma at work.Liu’s leadership qualities before it has not developed to reveal.Liu was a time when the village cadres, it became a natural Xiao, Jaap infants and those in the city core cadres, who defy the law in order to maintain even at Liu.It is certainly the king of style favorite among the elderly Liu gestures, perhaps it is this style captured the hearts of Xiang Bo, Zhang Liang this was originally to save people, Liu began efforts to deal with the.Xiang Bo pulled past is said is not accurate, because Xiang Bo Liu has always been firmly opposed to kill, and then to know the bottom line concession Liu, Liu is even more to help the righteous.        For example, in the lesson plans Xiang Yu Yong advantage relies arrogant, no foresight; Liu is at a disadvantage can bite the bullet, saving his own good.Xiang Yu opinionated, paralysis careless, clumsy strain; Liu is good at the adoption of opinions, a lot of mind, rise to the occasion.Xiang fancy but affinity, resulting in their seeking adviser not be applied, which effect a force not soldiers; Liu Zhirenshanren is, a scheme can calmly policy makers, soldiers ordered visibility risk.Xiang Yu Yang rape seeds of trouble, but also from within the camp must be; Liu Su there will rape, but also for the camp of the person’s own service.Such contrast against the background, the more distinctive character, and reveals the inevitable trend of Liu Sheng, Xiang defeated.    Criticism and clarified that rely Xiang Yu Yong arrogant Yes, but it says nothing wrong with the foresight to.A few months ago, Liu has not broken the arms off, Xiang Yu Li Yong Wang Qin down to Zhang Han as seems to have been to prevent someone before its entry in the.The Banquet, because Liu Xiang Yu learned to make concessions, indicating the occurrence of a very favorable situation changes, and the Group’s entry have not done anything to prepare for this change, it seemed a bit confused, a bit absent-minded.At this time, no need to kill Liu is in the affirmative, while Liu Fan Zeng regardless of the current situation may arise kill shocks, the consequences of income can not field, Liu insists arrange thorn action, which is absolutely wrong, it is not supported by Xiang Yu also normal.Fan Zeng bad idea or not perform better.Xiang Bo is not evil, but he is in justice, to say the situation at the time a gentleman should say, what he should do.If not, Xiang Bo in order to shield themselves covering up, serious incidents occurred on the Banquet, it could lead to a chaos, and even the old Qin forces are likely resurgence.Cao Xiang Yu no injury is not what should be inside, just see the situation is not good, want to find another way out, sold themselves.Liu pulse of a person to contribute on the Banquet event, did not know how to delegate much of its relations, in particular its policy makers Zhang more than just Hanwang Cheng subordinates, Liu Bang’s confidant and irons brothers.Fan Kuai is not a driver, but Liu’s main war.    Figure two sides have also strange that only Kankan to the scene to deal with the past, not to mention “revealed Liu Sheng, inevitable defeat of term.”Liu’s character traits lesson plans are good employers, articulate, good strain.Xiang Yu’s character traits are politically ignorant, arrogant underestimate the enemy, bad employers, but Frank.Liu Bang can be survived in the “Banquet” in, with good use of Xiang Yu’s character weaknesses are inseparable.    Xiang Yu’s frank criticism and clarification know we talk about, that is to deal with the issue Banquet, during the twists and turns of variables, a blessing for those who can settle forthright.Xiang Yu got his wish, so do not kill Liu, not what Frank.Xiang Yu is not straightforward, Furenzhiren people how could blunt, but is in a good superficial famous people.Because there is no need to kill Liu Xiang has, so far from Liu also survived, but at that awkward scene, and the arch so that the majority interests hostile atmosphere, as well clear out.After Xiang Yu and Liu Bang and get along for months, if want to kill, plenty of opportunity.Liu is a major benefit to sell, not to mention the use of Xiang Yu’s character weakness.If you insist on saying so, but a briber Liu Bang, Xiang Yu is a bribe taker.As for Banquet what happened, maybe to “Li Teng Fan filling Biography” To put it most clearly, that is, “Yi Yin Xiang Yu then had no motive to punish the heart of men.”.Xiang Yu was originally got everything he wanted something, all a bed of roses, of course, do not want to kill Liu Bang, then Hengshengzhijie.To interpret this as a reference, not difficult to understand everything on the Banquet.            Lesson plans “Banquet” to show the reader the story of this particular contradiction: Liu, Xiang Wang Guanzhong due to compete had sworn revenge, military disadvantaged Liu, former party, facing a crisis in the army is defeated; banquet, It may suffer from fatal disaster.However, Liu Chi has dried up only succeed, resourceful, turned the corner, change from passive to active, he toward the established goals taken a big step.    Criticism and clarification does not exist between Liu Xiang sworn revenge on Liu Bang, the Wang Guanzhong is their legitimate right; let Liu Xiang Yu as if about Wang Guanzhong, there is no contradiction between the two.But in that case, Xiang Yu’s exploits will be discounted.Liu Xiang is actually really easy to credit the two high score, the main entry field eliminated Qin, Liu Qin end of the nest, both of which are done under the circumstances seem impossible.But Liu Xiang can not objectively look at credit, as if about to let Liu Wang Guanzhong, amount to a recognition of the deal in its Mieqin.This breath, Xiang Yu must be indisputable.Xiang Yu and Liu Bang has been reluctant to mention an equal footing, he wants to become high above the main thing in the world, dominated all.Because of this mentality Xiang Yu and Liu Xiang had a harmonious relationship between brothers and comrades was completely destroyed.Therefore, the contradiction between Xiang Yu Liu Xiang is caused, he abruptly stole a large interest from the hands of Liu’s Well.    Regain the initiative is out of the question, the reason why Liu survived, warrior arm belonging to self-help.Kankan is at best only survived, let alone from passive to active.If we say that there is anything stated objectives, can only survive.Is extremely thrilling to reach such a humble object is also worth mentioning that it.To make a fortune, for example, the more money the more likely to make a fortune, and Liu himself more than half of the funds to pay out, it can only make a fortune from the target is farther rather than closer.    Second lesson plans, on the problem of cadres, Liu Bang meritocracy; Xiang Yu is cronyism.    Criticism and merit clarification Liu Bang, Xiang Yu cadres nepotism policy is a fact, but the problem is not the policy of cadres involved in the issue Banquet.Xiang Yu Xiang Bo is the elders, but do not see any power, its impact or change to Xiang Yu to kill Liu intends words, morally tenable in.In line with the moral, then, can not be regarded as lies and deceit.In other words, Xiang Yu Xiang Bo to listen to the advice is not wrong.Xiang Yu’s strength, although strong, but including including Chu, also Fan Qin armed, when the emperor not support its armed.Or they can run wild in order to vent their anger at the old Qin, but as you may not be willing to kill.Liu Bang affect you because when you kill the Emperor Liu Bang, men who may not be willing to chaos thus appears to contribute allegiance.    Liu Zhang is not men, who are Hanwang Cheng.Fan Kuai is not the driver, is the main warrior Liu Department.        2 lesson plans.Question: Are sincere apology Liu Bang, how could one say?    Tip: do not sincerely.Compelled by the situation had to be so.Moreover, although Christine words to “General,” said Xiang Yu and to “minister” claiming, but stressed that he “first break Qin Guan”, “too complex to see the general” all out “not voluntary”, a fluke, but never nothing wrong, more blame on the “villain”!(This “villain” clearly refers to Cao no injuries but deliberately not lay bare, she pretended to be completely ignorant of the way.) Criticism and clarify this means that the villain is not entirely Cao no injuries, pointed out that the main idea to let Liu refused to retreat into the princes who refers to Xiang Yu slightly moved Murder of people.        Lesson plans Tip: Xiang Yu Liu Bang excuse to escape still apathetic, he is rooted in superstition force: troops thin Liu lack of infestation; Fan Zeng is well aware Fanghuguishan, no end of trouble, but also for their opinion was not adopted, well-planned conspiracy – bankruptcy angry.Not only Yu-Doo “home land”, and “sword hit the breaking”, but also cursed “inadequate and seek Shuzi” can be described as frantic.Thus ended the story, “Li Cao no injuries Heaven” is the account of the beginning of the “whistle-blowers”, it is the end.    Liu Bang criticism and clarification of wine to quietly slip away unfinished, how does this situation should be evaluated.Liu fled dish nine seats that the issue must not divide also lose points.Liu had to drink this wine is not a very taste, leaving the banquet should be a reasonable choice, but Liu just the right are not allowed to have any adverse consequences, and asked the subordinate is not to say hello.Fan Kuai said: “The big firms would like to disregard small, small gift without any hesitation so that.Fang Daozu now, I fish, what speech is?”That is, in this dangerous place Bala taken to drink with the words now, or early morning walk, but also what kind of strength farewell.In fact, Xiang Yu was no longer going to be hard to Liu, is left to drink there will not be any danger.From the fights just to laugh this transition is too big, so very boring drink alone sitting face to face, but also very sad.Liu walked out, a relief to both sides.If you go to leave Liu Bang, Xiang Yu or say, Zanxiong Di more than a year I did not eat and drink together, impatient ah.But that certainly duplicity, my heart is anxious early conclusion of the talks it.Moreover, Liu Xiang Yu also digestion conditions made it.So Xiang Yu did not want to pursue a little faux pas gaffe Liu escaped seats mean.    2 lesson plans.What is the character of Xiang Yu is the Achilles heel?He should be on how to evaluate?    Tip: lack of political vision, blind fame is the Achilles heel of Xiang Yu.Xiang Bo says, “people today have great merit and hit it, too unjust”, he immediately changed the “military strike motive” proposition, Fan Kuai accused him of “Yu Zhu meritorious, the death of Qin also continued,” although sharp language, he has “No to be”.Although he was seen on the absolute superiority of force, but psychologically vulnerable.He enriching the world, and undeserved reputation, not only about preparing the overthrow of the King of Chu, and scared people accused.He does not have Fan Zeng measure, it reflects his self-willed, superstitious force, but the root cause lies in the psychological fragility.    As a descendant of Chu nobility, Xiang Yu there are many shortcomings and mistakes, even at the unpardonable, it is inevitable.But he is, after all, to overthrow Bao Qin had some contribution, he also has some bright spot on the character, such as fear of rape, no conspiracy, etc., should realistically confirm it.    Criticism and clarify the character of Xiang Yu Chen Ping Han has been the Achilles heel of the year reviewed, the lifetime Sima Qian also reviewed the merits and demerits, have in fact basically.Then people make improper comments, essentially a random flicker, it is not worth taking seriously.Chinese people use the term politics to get the worst, it seems the problem is a political basket, what can be installed inside.Xiang Yu is not the failure of political foresight, is Liu’s victory is far-sighted political.That Liu Bang the landlords how they represent the interests of the broadest masses of it, it seems unreasonable thing.In the past, when people starved to death on political cadres are particularly strong, cadres at all levels of the Cultural Revolution is strong politically, what good is this strong.Said to have had a fame slander pain for nine dishes, two of every scrap, it is two whatevers Dengerxiazhi, is also nonsense.    Xiang Bo and Fan Kuai said nothing wrong, Xiang Yu heard the two men said, blameless, nothing to do with psychological fragility.Moreover, Xiang Yu do not have any psychological problems.Because it was really difficult to grasp the situation, the result exactly how, no way to predict.Xiang Yu and Liu Bang release do not kill in the Banquet, later vilifying very much, but do not oppose the abolition of covering up a lot of Fan Zeng’s abuzz.At a wise not exactly Fan Zeng Xiang Yu of dollars.Fan Zeng motive to kill key gauge of future generations blame many, in fact kill Liu will cause chaos, no clean up is where Liu Xiang Yu do not kill.Consider the situation at that time, in fact, a motive to kill the ugly rather than merit.Kill, need hardly brainer, this man get in the way, kill clean.Do not kill, just need it to weigh carefully.Fan Zeng seventy years old, is trickery understand, only know how to kill for the Treasury, but also He Gaoming at all.Liu is the big kill no way, no way and had a large number of pits by Qin Xiangzu, then no way were great for the burn pit Qi Qin palace Xiangzu, I do not know ever advocated Fan Zeng.Fan Zeng consideration the historical facts, a reckless old man only, here advocated killing motive, even if the King does not agree, let Xiang Zhuang also bent to dry; later the stalemate between Chu and Han, and Han lost due sum, the king intended to allow entry, Fan Zengjian never agree , then both failed to set HW to death and did not reach a peace negotiation.If the conferences into the Han again breach of contract, the song in Chinese and straight Chu.Fan count does not consider this, only know Causing loss of lives, and with the meter ware.Fan Zeng affirmation and negation of the text are many, and certainly would not skip to say, against only choose two poems Fan Zeng, who is also estimated that certainly Fan Zeng speechless.    Yong Qian Shun cite Fanzeng Yun: Yu-day capital heartless violence, not at the Father worthy Asian policy makers.If the front door then hung meter statue, another another Qin Shang Yang.    Chen Gang whose tomb in question goes: seventy Weng decline temples frost, west to laugh a fire Xianyang.Life without him something odd meter, only to persuade the door hung kill HW.”Kennedy gourd set” seven sets Volume Cited.        Xiang Yu enriching the world, and he wanted to historical retrogression, it seems very contradictory thing.If the world is divided into seventeen pieces, what was considered the world.Undeserved reputation and how indiscriminate unity, no matter how much fame is also not worth the sin pit Qin and Qi Xiangzu of Xiangzu.    If people fear accusations, how will he be denied the power to the King of Chu was erased, and how to Liu Wang Guanzhong black heart right out of the ignorant.        This can not blame the teacher, because the contents of the transaction proposed by Liu Bang did not write the book, presumably derived from the evidence and common sense after just engaged.    2 lesson plans.Heroes of History: Although derogatory article on Liu Bang, the more it is praise, Xiang Yu also a lot of sympathy, especially to whom he wrote “Chronicles” as the generation of the emperor, it is obvious hero History.Of course, we should not ask authors like today have historical materialism.    And to clarify the so-called derogatory criticism of Liu Bang Records, but in reality is Ban Mei Avenue alleged is true evil is not hidden, as was in fact, this is the Sima Qian thousands of years known as the most powerful support good history of.Therefore, it is not derogatory, but rather factual record.Liu Bang is indeed worthy of praise, and set things right, Confucius just on paper, but it will be Liu fell real office.Truly Three Represents, the first two, so that the people off the misery of Qin items, to live and work, called King, was in fact carry on.Sima Qian Xiang Yu Xi is more of it before, there is no sympathy, violence with violence, there is nothing compassionate.As this is written honestly and discipline record, an unprecedented turbulent times, a change history and historical figures dominated the period, as this century can not be overstated.As not stand Xiaohui Ji, Ji standing as Empress Lu, Lv Xiang Empress and right are the same as the world of the main person, oriented Ji Li, obtaining should carry.    That should Xiecai of historical materialism can be found in dishes made nine Banquet conclusion of the relationship between two whatevers.This is not superfluous.In view dish September, the so-called historical materialism view of history there is a major feature, that good choices, leak, very comprehensive, nor want dissatisfied.But to confront a specific problem, seven eight pull pull, distorting the facts, do not horse head horse mouth, far-fetched.Probably by some historical materialism view of history itself is not a serious person to flicker out of things, so that circle the big man did not speak no side along arouses ridicule is normal.Since this circle of signature character on pair of virtue, this so-called side view of history is best to go Xiecai.Nine thought vegetables, two whatevers is the right kind of Sima Qian.Do not you see, two thousand years, people are still learning Sima Qian’s book, but also to keep learning; and all the well-known two had become an object of hatred, despicable.Therefore, Sima Qian his book that science should be increased every two, that is to say all aside Sima Qian practice doing its own thing, not shallow and ignorant, that is nonsense; all of Sima Qian conclusion irresponsible remarks, pointing, not empty promises, is nothing Zhaochou.This does not, who would have been wrong two, and two all nine dishes, can interfere with each other, live in peace, we each all the happiness, is not a big problem is that two of those who still wrong at every turn to flicker his old Sima Qian.For example, two who often pretending to be generous to say what is wrong “should not require authors (Sima Qian) like today have historical materialism”.Sima Qian put this to become lackeys of the mad dog, although millions of people I bite too, since the bite, and bite to simply face matte 07.01.Du Fu poem reads: Ercao body and were all off, do not waste eternal flow of rivers.Wang Luo Yang Lu is still unable frivolous, irresponsible remarks on Sima Qian bitten smoked, is the Responsibility.        The last lesson plans, one of the most fundamental reason, Sima Qian is impossible to realize, that is to comply with or violation of the laws of history.Liu “Cheng Qin system”, advocated the establishment of a unified, centralized state, which was the objective is in line with the historical development direction.And Xiang Yu was standing on the six countries of the old aristocracy position, always hitu back to the Warring States period of feudal separatism.This regressive behavior, and was contrary to historical trends, so it inevitable failure.    Criticism and clarify in the minds of some people, Qin is a good thing, why do good, uniform ah, a white cover 100 ugly.Qin’s demise is like digging up graves of their home as bitter.Fortunately, Chen Sheng Wu Guang Uprising is, it may also have a prospect of the establishment of the Republic of workers and peasants, it is not convenient to discredit Sheng et al..If Xiang Yu Uprising, it is not downright reactionary.When the world is against Qin, Qin must completely negate everything, including the national unified mode.If unification is a trend of the times, we also do not need a Fan Qin, Qin brutal cruelty of it let him in the unified dynasty in line with the trend by brutal, than to live and work in violation of the feudal era trend of the times.Better a grass socialism, nor capitalism seedlings Well.Our party of corrupt officials, clean government thing better than the KMT.He died with under the leadership of the party, was also better than the reactionaries behead Well.Gang of Four is better than another bad thing Chiang Kai-shek.Such mode of discourse shit or not that good.The so-called Liu “Cheng Qin system”, advocated the establishment of a unified, centralized state, is nonsense.Liu is not the world divided several large pieces, in addition also added more than a hundred small pieces.Who would not want to dominate the world, the current situation does not allow persevering, only gradually reach fusion.Xiang Yu of the six countries of the old aristocracy’s position is nonsense.So it seems like six divisions, is that the system is not up, but to maintain the status quo.Call to fight each other, do not they want someone else’s site to get their hands a little bit to do, is anti-annexation and annexation, annexation is not taught basic status quo.Xiang Yu If you want to be emperor, I am afraid that in addition to himself, no one will agree.So he had divided.And Xiang Yu divided the world according to their wishes, we have created the best situation for their own hegemony.As the powerful Chu divided into four parts: Chinese, Mountain, Riverside, Jiujiang; the powerful Zhao into two: Changshan, on behalf of, Zhao in turn forces the separation of two: Henan, Yin; will swallow a minute for two: Liaodong, Yan; Qi will be divided into three: Qi, Ji North, Shandong; nearly Chu Wei in his hands, the old WEI Xi Wei Bao support to the side; the control in the hands of Hanwang Cheng, is the key to Korea s grasp; Qin will be split into three.Even more control of their own for a quarter of the site, is it not dry Jia Yi said strong weak branches, the congregation built its princes less power mode yet.Chu forces outside in, Shaanxi, Henan, Yin, Jiujiang, Changshan, North Jeju kings should also be grateful for the item’s become a stabilizing force in the world’s items.It is expected that over time, Xiang Yu would swallow up one by one and their relationship less close princes, but this is not labeled wishful thinking Bale.Xiang Yu’s personality from the point of view, he sees the world as private property, refused to patch of land to the people, men who established the power, and no tours of the patch of land, this is the true character weakness Xiang Yu.Liu touches to overcome the power of people, to get people to benefit.They tend to Liu Xiang is not clear who will have more points you?The fact is, more like Liu points won, and especially reluctant points Xiang Yu failed, then how can you say upside down.If it is to host the grandson of Liu Bang or Packet after Mieqin, it may formally have no qualitative difference.No matter who is in this position, can only do so, this is the tragedy of Xiang Yu.But Xiang Yu heart is too greedy, that too would like to unify, his own interests and made it a particularly large, so that we do not only happy, but ultimately failed.    That should Xiecai of historical materialism can be found in dishes made nine Banquet conclusion of the relationship between two whatevers.There are nine dishes monograph.In view dish September, the so-called historical materialism view of history there is a major feature, that good choices, leak, very comprehensive, nor want dissatisfied.But to confront a specific problem, seven eight pull pull, distorting the facts, do not horse head horse mouth, far-fetched.Probably by some historical materialism view of history itself is not a serious person to flicker out of things, so that circle the big man did not speak no side along arouses ridicule is normal.Since this circle of signature character on pair of virtue, this so-called side view of history is best to go Xiecai.    Nine thought vegetables, two whatevers is the right kind of Sima Qian.Do not you see, two thousand years, people are still learning Sima Qian’s book, but also to keep learning; and all the well-known two had become an object of hatred, despicable.Therefore, Sima Qian his book that science should be increased every two, that is to say all aside Sima Qian practice doing its own thing, not shallow and ignorant, that is nonsense; all of Sima Qian conclusion irresponsible remarks, pointing, not empty promises, is nothing Zhaochou.This does not, who would have been wrong two, and two all nine dishes, can interfere with each other, live in peace, we each all the happiness, is not a big problem is that two of those who still wrong at every turn to flicker his old Sima Qian.For example, two who often pretending to be generous to say what is wrong “should not require authors (Sima Qian) like today have historical materialism”.Sima Qian put this to become lackeys of the mad dog, although millions of people I bite too, since the bite, and bite to simply face matte 07.01.Du Fu poem reads: Ercao body and were all off, do not waste eternal flow of rivers.Wang Luo Yang Lu is still unable frivolous, irresponsible remarks on Sima Qian bitten smoked, is the Responsibility.    

Banchi Roam

At first, I thought edge is met.    Imagine a maple leaf covered with cement trail: Fun in a snow drift: in the packed stranger hurried Roam Love..Eighteen years old, I thought the season just youth, but was vague things fans smoke upsets.The window will always see through the darkness, a next one.`Starlight moon, some say it is a ray of hope, because it always give people a strange sense.Like non-mainstream forgetting to cookies is like to strange to ya.There had never, never see the original, had never found again!    (A) I do not know the poles melting glaciers will solidify again, like I did not know the age of eighteen years on textbook knowledge accidentally miss the point will have teachers talk again.Always find a reason to say tired, always tired because of what can not find.There are a lot of questions textbooks had time to count, and I miss a lot of old friends did not have time to get together before, a long time did not contact the junior high school teachers do not know you getting bad, students are now faced naughty do we have before?Nightlife net I do not know if there will be Malaysia Airlines accident, as in the eighteen years I do not know when I graduated from high school he will go to the university.Confused, perhaps it is synonymous with youth.Every day in the morning did not sleep well, always sleep every night.Hastily wash up for dinner and then go to the classroom, not no time to think about how the future of the how, but the fear of an inattentive missed the typical problem of the teacher in.    Walking in the wall wrapped buildings, the old plane trees swaying branches.Count the steps to move forward step by step, the trampled grass stretched backs from time to time, it’s show of emotion, Love is the most beautiful word.Riding in the verdant background, either the sun Silue thrown into the shoulder, from soft white to dark, to be able to grow enough to carry the responsibility.Flag bear to hear Beijing haze heavier, hear the object of a wider anti-corruption fight, and I’m still here, in this book full of pens pile of Love Lane.    (B) adults say tired, sleep, hungry, eat, this is the happiest thing children.I think it should be seen adults get tired, they rest, hungry do eat, this is the happiest kid things.But the fact is often like a dream, a reverse while the other way.Eighteen dream may already be under pressure in the school books, once angry effort, only for a “good boy” in the name of the first.And you do not know, when I face strong outside pressure to learn, but a person who wants you to secretly cry.I’m afraid that when my academic success, homecoming when he glimpsed the face of your aging.You scold me, saying that I did not ambition, do not make progress, that I do not at ease, foresight not stretched.I only wish at any time can feel your breath, not for vanity and what living in a foreign land.I’m not independent enough not strong enough, but I always just your child.    Sky flickered convulsively, a lightning again and again mercilessly tearing deep sky.H-whisper voice, ticking along with the eardrum vibration over and over again.Yes, that’s an ineffable rain seems to be no sign of the wet hovering between helpless and sad boy.Tears fill the eyes, pretend indifference smile, so Sorrow ocean, slowly learn to let go after growth.Pain, nothing beats a desk and buried in the rock bottom of my heart, pressing his heavy, just like going to face when they grow up shouldering responsibilities.Suddenly really want to grow up overnight, and then get rid of this tender words, back to your side never hesitated.    (C) Some people say that a period of musical life, I said a text a mood.Fluctuating temperament, changing Moche word, walked the streets, passing people came and went, it was not necessary to go back.On how friends around me how, how do you know if what I.You can not go too much to know, if you do not necessarily know me.    A wonderful ringtones, then is a boil.Camphor tree in the blue sky, white clouds, shining downstairs never fade clear green.I do not know how sad, because I can not let you touch the heart of the sea.White collar boy, but not pompous arrogant, plucked at random roadside shop wildflowers point, but I do not know who’s who and send.If Mount Tai Wan day, I little guilty, that should the snow all over the floor, I would just let romantic.Careless move, silent trip, is also detached!Sitting corner, not a dream landscape of travel.Black paper and white dotted line circle plane, is also a function poorly explained graffiti.Look at you, you have to compliment the cardinal, did not actually snoring!At this point you are quiet, it makes me think of a summer breeze blowing on the lake, placid face of these years, the longest memory.And you look up next to her sometimes meditative, sometimes down to write Fen, just a pen and win in the long rhythm with a frown smile.We are the same age of eighteen, eighteen-year-old we are not the same, is happy not to be praised, but we worked hard just happy.Even when tired Blinded, I still believe I can still clearly see your smiling face.

Bana, open the other side

“Bana, open the other side, saw the flowers, not leaves,” Bana language of flowers represents the sad memories, call long for the endless, hopeless love, hell, heaven letter.    I have always regarded Bana believed to be sad memories, is a can not have grief, sorrow is to see can not see, I do not know what time I have to spend so obsessed with this story, Bana mosaic from the same root, but not forever want to see, because when the flowers have withered leaves, when the leaves reproduce the flowers have lost, life and life with the wrong.I do not know what kind of speech to describe the sadness that love can not have.Perhaps want to live with each other in each other’s love, the gentle one another, we can not see that the United States was also not see those ugly.    Bana legend gentle devil, it is put into voluntary flower hell, which is open in the underworld three way river escorts flower forget the other side of the river, as it has a bright brilliant flowers of blood, covered with to hell way, it was blood-gorgeous make their lives a little more roadside dazzling bright colors but, when the soul crossed Lethe, they forget all the lifetime, once everything is left in the other side, this marching deceased guidelines flowers leading to the prison Nether.But this Bana but can evoke memories of past lives of people, do not know if this is hi also sad, or it is also the end also is reborn.Bana always have a variety of legends, after all, no story is not a sad ending.(Sanwen Chinese prose network WWW.sanwen.COM) this might be it beautiful words meant, and sometimes the other side of the word does not want to reveal too faint sadness, we always live across from each other, invisible world; we may endless world of fantasy with each other a variety of exciting, so we look forward to yearn for waiting, I seem to have a new understanding of Bana, with the wrong kind of life and life is not necessarily a tragedy, and it probably gives us a different feel to imagine expectations, we live in their own world, your expectations are living in the world, but also more freedom and better.    I never knew there Bana white, is said to represent purity and beauty, I do not understand how to explain this one is gentle and pure evil one is better.Perhaps Bana Leaf also represents the twin double meaning.Bana also the implication seems no matter how good things are bound to have a face like the devil.    The other side of the flower called lilies, nickname had come from “Sutra” Buddhist phrase, tea millet is the last season of blooming flowers, blooming Kaidaotuni, and also left open in the pre-existence of the forgotten Bana Bana, opening a thousand years, down a thousand years, mosaic will never meet.Lilies also has such a sad painful legends, the story outline generally the case, Bana is the guardian of two fairies, one is called Flower or lilies, a leaf demon called Sha Hua.They Bana waiting for thousands of years.    But I never met, because the flowering time, no leaves, leaves only when there is no flowers, flowers and leaves at the same time never appeared.They miss each other madly, and the pain afflicts.Finally one day, they decided to go against God’s provision secretly meet once.That year perianth eye-catching green lilies set off with bright red, open exceptionally voluptuous.God blame him, this is to be expected.Man Wah beads and sand are into reincarnation, and the curse can never be together, life after life on earth by suffering.Since then, lilies, also known as Bana.    The other side or lilies name in all with sad, so attached to this flower in full swing began with a sad sad, do not understand why I have been so showy flowers have such a meaning, this may be its unique story it is also sad also happy, life is not the same as you, no matter what kind of life we now live, there will always be some we can not directly use the speech to describe the sadness in the past, which perhaps we just want to forget life in the mind years, but it can not forget it so heavy feeling, like the Bana Road, we will always be her evoke memories of past lives, but do nothing.    Now we have all kinds of stories, some experienced as stinging deep into your body, you weep with pain but you still want to get it pulled up, thinking that it would end, and Bana Like knowing not want to see, or risking heaven to end this long for the pain.    However, this has never ended, he began to be more painful reincarnation.I have to admit that my soul is a sad man, I can not read his story can not read other people’s stories, always very vague, very fresh inside look very pessimistic, so this may be so obsessed with the story of Bana or the reasons for it itself!    Invisible and always feel like this flower, we are the same surface is very fresh heart is very sad, as we have a sad story.Representatives of lilies direct implication is kind of hard to understand the meaning, we need to comprehend slowly, slowly every life also needs to sentiment, do not worry, not too fast.Do not always assume that all are so beautiful too busy, do not think all the demons are so unbearable, we just have not found yet found.    Bana other side of life, life with the wrong, in fact, is it not dependent life and life, Love is not causal, edge destined to death.Going live while also.When we really have to start life or the life of one o’clock sentiment, we will have to Bana, a new understanding, not clinging to its sorrow, frustration, pain and even death and about past lives, we begin to understand and also miss not sad, all the sadness but also with a better, slowly understand the full swing of life has a demonic tender.