Day: April 3, 2019

Broken blind fortune-telling wisdom mystery hotel

The early years of the Qing dynasty, a fall evening, and excitedly walked two people on a road in suburban Beijing.These are two cloth merchant, a man named Wang Xinkui, a man named Bao-hair, had just returned from cloth traders Henan.This trip business quite smoothly, the two made a fortune, happy, walking and talking and laughing along the way.Roadside a burly Han, two big boxes lying on the ground, sitting on the pole with a straw hat fan, and far to see the Wangxin Kui Bao-hair, they meet up, speaking in foreign accent asked: two big brother, the nearest may have inn?Wangxin Kui are too generous, reaching a mean: going forward in a way as if there is a multi-Hsing to the inn.We just have to stay!You just do not know the way we go.Han quickly thanks to provoke the box along with cloth traders went to the Hsing to the inn.  Along the way, three rambling, exchange the names.Liu Han claiming to three remote home in a very poor village in Shanxi Province, has been running business in Beijing area.The day before yesterday suddenly received a home sent word that his father fell ill, asking him to hurry back.He wanted nothing home, they prepared two boxes of things, hurried home to catch up.Cloth traders and ultimately, to comfort him a few.  Before long three to Hsing to the inn.Because all the way, it was placed in the east wing together Accommodation.After things away, three hard way, washed my face, early sleep under.  Miller says they lived next door to two people, one is selling sand pot, and the other is known as the capital of a hexagram fortune blind, people only know his surname Chen, Chen called him a hexagram.Sell sand pot of know Chen Gua reputation, caught this opportunity, there is not a ride a ride to gossip with the blind, to be blind not to make money for himself a Gua Bu.This trouble will be so much noise late sell sand pot coming in tired, fell asleep Touyi Wai.Chen Gua off the lights ready asleep, but because big people age, they are just selling sand pot struggle for a while, how short-lived fad could not sleep.Just when Chen Gua stumbled to sleep, and next door to the east wing room suddenly heard a strange slight ring.  Blind are very sensitive hearing, this is a sound stimulus, stand up, put his ear to the wall, as if an ax had to play the wind from the air, followed by people groan!Followed by a strange sound, listen, there is no movement of anything.  Chen Gua suck down a cold lump thought for a moment, touched the pot sell sand bed, awakened him quietly, attached to his ear: bad, out of the east wing murder!Sand selling pot at first shocked, then do not believe.Chen Gua said: I pretend to break your sand pot, you and I fight, the better the sound made in order to observe a few people of the east wing movement.Then he points out the lights!He picked up a pot of sand hit the ground.Sell sand pot curse, he swore back, arguing the sound is particularly harsh in the middle of the night.The entire inn where people have been awakened, all the rooms are lighted and.Three-room east wing of the first pushed open the door and ask the whole story.Sell sand pot, said pot hit me for no reason the blind, the blind man said I lost my money.Three-room East Room of good words to persuade, but the two still ton of bricks.  Then the hotel owner came and said to sell sand pot: Since you did not steal the blind money, put your things for him to see it.Agreed to sell sand in the pot, the three East Room of the room the initiative to help Chen Gua search for a while, but no gain.Gua Chen burst into tears: I was blind, by giving a fortune-teller managed to accumulate a few strings of coins, lost midnight today, stay here have suspected.And never found my roommate, it should be away from my house who recently began a search for a!Not search, I do not live!Three of the east wing room, furious: You really make sense blind.We help you do good, you not only do not appreciate, but also we have a bite!  This time traveler increasing in number, a Gua Chen looked miserable askew Xunsimihuo, have advised: from the three of you to search on, then we found less than stature next to the search, let Ye blind dead heart.Then, everyone will be poured into the east wing.Three had no choice but to open the parcels and other items, there is no.They also want to crowd the box open, Liu three quickly said: Is this all I’m ready to go back for the funeral funeral supplies, too unlucky!I’m afraid of everyone rushed wealth.Chen insisted on open Gua, Liu three look great changes, more and more passengers suspected he had stolen the money, they have asked out of the box.Liu third-class people and the sweat attempt getaway, it has long since been pulled.Innkeeper personally opened the box, there are a few bloodstained oil wrap, unlock it, was actually two of the dead were mutilated!  It turned out that two boxes of Liu three lug hidden in his two associates, etc. after midnight two cloth dealers asleep, they climbed out of the box, the hand-held ax hacked to death in sleep in cloth dealer, then split box, and preparation out when dawn and.Because stay at night, when the store was still dark, the trio looks unnoticed, even if attention is not in a hurry also points clear.Coupled stay is three, the shop is three, the number of matches, do not cause suspicion.The thought that things do well, mended Justice has long arms, but lost a fortune in the hands of the blind!