Day: April 4, 2019

Broken Bridge

Ancient saying there is a remote village called Nha Trang JINWOZI.This JINWOZI Nha Trang is located in a cove, the traffic is very inconvenient.Coming out of the road was stopped by a river, although the river is not big, but the river rapids, the river is only a ramshackle single-plank bridge, when flash floods each year, single-plank bridge will be destroyed by the flood.The river trip to Nha Trang villagers JINWOZI a lot of trouble.Nha Trang are in accordance with the JINWOZI Qiyunshan high altitude, cloud-filled year-round.Qiyun Mountain is a legendary mountains, the mountains hidden in a lot of gold, which is gold Xian Qi dyed, are alive, often turned into various animals wander in the mountains, if we can catch these animals, they will change back to gold, it is a fortune.Of course, this is only legend, Nha Trang JINWOZI villagers for generations no one has seen the animals turned into gold.Bud JINWOZI woman in the town there lived a young man named Tao iron, and frail old mother had each other.Ferrite have nearly Sanxun, you still can not find a wife, not only because his family was poor, but also because he was a bit lazy, the village girl did not marry him.That day, the Dow Qiyunshan firewood iron, name of the name they feel tired, relying on the pyre sleep a sleep, woke up it was late.Looked at his behind that little fagot fire, pottery iron sighed, firewood back ready to go back, all of a sudden, he saw a bush in front of the whole body, there are a golden hen with a group of bright yellow chicks wonder in search of food, pottery iron hearts : this is very far from the village, how will the chickens go here?And this is also the golden villages chickens have never seen ah!Being surprised, Ferrite suddenly remembered the legend of Qiyun Mountain.He suppressed the hearts of ecstasy, crept close to the chickens, hens then found him with a deep chicks fled towards the bushes, under the iron so he Tao, ignoring shrubs wounding, jump toward fall at the end of a chicken, despite being excluded from the bush hole in his face, it would only chicken or was he firmly shook hands, Ferrite feel heavy in the hands of chickens, and immediately became a a real hard thing.Before Ferrite look in the hands of treasure, hen suddenly rushed over, directed at Tao chicken – iron hand fiercely peck, Ferrite suddenly felt a sharp pain in the back, even so, he still do not let go of the hands of the gold, but to stand up and flapping hen, hen and even fly with channeling quickly fled.At this time, Tao iron palm slowly release a small gap, he saw the glistening gold has revealed.Ferrite almost danced back to his home.Back home, had a chance with her mother happy together, he found the back of the hen pecked place has swelled up, intolerable pain.The next morning, Tao iron Chuaizhe gold went to town ten miles away.The wound had begun to fester black, he wanted to rush to look at health care facilities, also wants to convert into the hands of the gold silver Sansui.To the Medical Center, Tao Qi Yun iron would like to catch the hen after, they did not tell the truth, but said they have been bitten by poisonous.Those little disciples Medical Center looked a long time unknown to, and finally the backyard of tea please old physician out.Old doctor repeatedly looked at, shouted: Oh, you are in the Golden disease!Old doctor quickly asked how it was Ferrite, Ferrite see has been through, had to come clean.Old physician for Taotie Qing wash the wound, and some medicine.Ferrite banks to exchange the gold, running back fill a prescription, the man facing drug prescription finished caught, push lightly with abacus, said the sentence: two silver thirty-two!Ferrite spent all of a sudden, this happens to be the number of his convertible at banks.He hastened to ask why the old physician so expensive, the old doctor said: You are gold illness, medication unusual nature, just that Xihuangwan blindly drugs will value more than twenty taels of silver, but also your life should never, this I was given medicine is a big secretly hidden under treatment when people, otherwise this natural Xihuangwan you where to find ah!Ferrite was exceptionally depressed, and unwilling, to fill a prescription in time for folks that each component of the flavor ingredients slightly reduced some, so he left himself five pence.To the street, he would like to use this money for himself five money to buy something, but worry about the back injury cure would come back to buy medicine, I had to hold back.Ferrite Although lazy, but it is a dutiful son, and finally bought a sweet-scented osmanthus cloud-chip cake with a mother’s favorite back.Ferrite home, after decocted drug dose, immediate ease, the wound began to heal.I did not expect two days, the wound has worsened.Ferrite quickly came to town to help physicians find the old, old physician reprove him a pass to the last man in accordance with the prescription to reduce the weight to a re-arrested him, said Tao iron old doctor: my five pence, just bought a sweet-scented osmanthus cake to honor his mother, and the rest are here.Old doctor to see him filial piety, took medicine to him.Tao finished iron grip of the drug, the wound was completely healed.This matter by health care facilities spread throughout the town, and spread throughout the winter pen Nha Trang.So the town and Nha Trang JINWOZI people have rushed to Qiyun, to find that the chicken turned into gold.People went to the wave of another wave, not even the shadow of the chicken did not see, Ferrite also ran numerous times, is none the wiser.Which shares the gold boom lasted more than a year, has finally subsided.Finally get through this winter, pottery and iron mother is sick.The disease was also very powerful, the family was too poor to no money to see a doctor, you can iron the Tao anxious.He traveled to almost the entire village, have not got enough money for medical treatment.Ferrite holding the crying mother: Mother, baby blame lazy, and now even see a doctor to give you the money did not earn ah, ah baby incompetent!She cried and cried, Ferrite suddenly remembered the last time to catch the chicken thing, regardless of the day is dusk, take the machete and went out.I do not know how long to go, Tao has come to the depths of the iron Qiyunshan.It was dark, but fortunately the sky hung the full moon, moonlight walk down is not too difficult.Ferrite tired, leaning against a tree to rest, I heard rustling in the bushes, leaned to see, suddenly his horror, the dim moonlight a thicker than a human leg Jin Lin python is leisurely cruising.Ferrite soft legs, lying there not daring to move, but python slowly to his hideout slip over, Ferrite seeing hide the courage to run and thought of that Monty python see the sudden appearance of pottery iron also spooked, and quickly turned around and fled.A split, Ferrite suddenly wake up to reality, pull out the machete toward the piece of Jinlin chase python, python fast, seeing catch up, pottery iron Jizhongshengzhi, will throw the hands of machete, being cut in on the tip of the tail python, giant python escaped and ran, but left a small golden tail was cut off, and shine in the moonlight, Ferrite last picked up a look, it really is a piece of pure gold.