Day: April 11, 2019

Broken larynx case

Files between shady Kangxi years, according to settle old cases of beheading, northern Anhui Mount Hill County for a number of death row executions.Execution day, the newly appointed magistrate clear light segment personally took the execution ground.Noon, a team tied up, cut back plug desperate flag commit escorted into the execution ground, a sort is No. 5, called Linxiu Sheng made the cut caused a section of the magistrate’s attention, I saw this frail body guilty, Qing Jin gown, undoubtedly a scholar, his left arm and right leg have Duanzhe jailer was almost dragging on the execution ground, can be seen that he suffered very heavy torture in the process of finalizing!  The clerk leaned over the side and said: adults, although it Linxiu Sheng is a scholar, but it is the most difficult nut to a bone!His case was your predecessor Guo magistrate given, can be escorted to a Linxiu Sheng Hu Yuan estoppel on the province, the province will remand, according to Guo magistrate and was kind of report, but estoppel Linxiu Sheng.So over and over again for three years, the governor adults fire, the phrase verdict: ‘Linxiu Sheng punishment could stay for three years, will be a big evil giant sly, homicide perpetrators doubt!”Upon hearing this segment magistrate angrily: governor remark big fallacy, convicted or accept the length of time suspects tortured?Simply disregard for human life!Linxiu Sheng carefully read the help files that Linxiu Sheng Tseng Bali home, have an uncle named Lin Zhongda, this Linxiu Sheng lived in the home next door to the east.Lin Zhongda young man was a famous gambler, and crazy, was known as Lin old devil, he will share his possessions gambled together with the house, disappeared.Linxiu Sheng deploring the ancestral home was occupied, they spend lots of money to redeem forest devil’s house, two house-one, is still forest Courtyard.Unexpectedly, after many years, Lao Gui Lin suddenly return home, but also brought in the body of a pregnant young woman.The woman surnamed Luo, good look, speak a southern accent, but as people do not understand is I’m old devil somehow became unable to talk with people dumb.But since Roche gave birth to daughter Lin Xiaoyu, Linxiu Sheng suddenly turned his face, he just drive them away.Roche how may not want to go, but insisted that Lin Lin courtyard half of her husband’s old devil, like a paper book will Linxiu Sheng sued the lobby!A dozen lawsuits, then will come the village magistrate evidence.Because after Linxiu Sheng scholar aloof, very poor reputation in the village, he had something of the Lin family’s very easy to say clearly the truth of the villagers did not know one voice.According to the magistrate would not know the words off the eastern half of the forest to the forest Courtyard devil.The Linxiu Sheng NPCSC angry, ascent from the intermediate to a wall, to show the relationship between a clean break nephew.Fast forward another two decades later, Roche generous up suddenly, surprising initiative will then redeemed in full house silver back Linxiu Sheng.  Murder occurred after Lin Xiaoyu married.That day, Lin Xiaoyu back home to visit relatives, dinner strike, Lin old devil again into the casino, middle of the night, sleeping in the outside of Lin Xiaoyu watt sound suddenly stepped on the west wing woke up, hurriedly got up, the moonlight, I saw porter has It is a two-edged knife poke, a break in the wind shadow buttressed by an.Lin Xiaoyu ah a cry, a knife to cut the shadows, Lin Xiaoyu speak a neck pain, fainting in the past!She awoke to be lengthy, only to hear the panting mother came in the room and the sound of fighting curse: the original is that you do not eat to feed the wolf!After the money I have to give you money, you have to Zende phrase not absolutely, that is, scream, then it stumbled and ran out of the room shadow dawn, Guo magistrate with three shifts runners came to the scene and saw Roche his body more than a dozen knives, including fatal knife slit her throat, have abandoned corpse beside a bamboo knife covered with blood stains ── no doubt weapon.After listening to Lin Xiaoyu Beibeiqieqie tell, Guo magistrate Nianxu pondered: It seems necessary to the case before the killings because of fiscal ── Roche killed sentence is proof!Lin Guo magistrate asked whether the enemy because of property disputes Cheng Chou, Lin Xiaoyu put enmity nephew told a whole story to understand.Guo magistrate secretly nod, he went to look at the west wing, the west wing and see if there is a slip of the west wall climbing stampede traces.  Guo magistrate head points worse than ever, leading the crowd diameter becoming west yard Linxiu Sheng home.  Entered the hospital, I saw Linxiu Sheng positive argument with a Miejiang.It turned out that Miejiang employed as Linxiu Sheng Sheng home knitting large food store with thorns, was completed last night did not put the knife lost in the bamboo forest home, how come after today can not find a bamboo knife, can Linxiu Sheng keeps saying What himself did not see it but the bamboo knife?Guo magistrate smiled and let out runners that put bamboo knife.It is this the!Just how much blood stained so I do not know the above?Miejiang doubts cried.Guo magistrate did not answer, the eye has a suo saw a stool placed at the east wall, a wall slip rub mud, without a doubt, the murderer is from here stepping stool to climb over the wall.  Just at that moment, Linxiu Sheng’s wife from the house and brought out a large tub filled with dirty clothes, came to the edge of a pool to wash.Guo magistrate sharp-eyed, a man saw a piece of bamboo cloth gown above, chest blood into pieces so far, Guo magistrate no longer hesitated, pointing to the pile of evidence, he ordered the murder of runners to win the perpetrators Linxiu Sheng!Linxiu Sheng shocked, hastily defend themselves: adults, although niche hated aunt, but did not kill her!This Miejiang bamboo knife is thrown at my house, but I did not put away; that stool, yesterday I play dates for her son under the tree climbing with; as for my blood on that piece blouse because I am suffering from glanders, it is saying ‘nose injury’, leading from the nosebleed would be difficult to stop, niche reading for midnight last night, by the cold, which glanders has violated.These niche says, each piece is true, neighbors are aware of dissatisfied see Linxiu Sheng, Guo magistrate called to a confrontation with villagers.Unexpectedly, all the villagers are both like last time, to answer any of the Lin family thing.This time Linxiu Sheng suddenly the ball Daoxialiuren execution ground segment magistrate looked like sprinkled gas dossier, the more and more tightly wrinkled brow: Linxiu Sheng hatred aunt many years, why did not move to kill before the aunt also silver, and then also in silver kill but more intense?Ningmei trying to come up positive, just listen to the cries of a law court, Linxiu Sheng and his family cried, while behind them, stood crowded crowded pay to pay hundreds hole in Bali Imura villagers ── According to class runners head and said, they actually come to see them off Linxiu Sheng!All cry down all the villagers, clear color segments with guilt magistrate seeing this face, heart jing!  Suddenly, the crowd came from the crowd after a ragged, disheveled old man, his left hand holding a shiny ring, right hand shaking a rattle knocking.The old man looked at Linxiu Sheng will be determined, deep sockets tears pit straight sets, but also one of a flaring mouth, but unable to pronounce the sound.  The old man is crazy uncle Linxiu Sheng Lin old devil.A year ago, he suddenly waved a rattle I do not know from where did you get, and I do not know this is true or false ring to the lobby mischief, Guo magistrate rage, beat him severely Twenty board get rid of him the.A clerk magistrate pointing to segment Road.  At this point, the French court is a noisy, saw knees cry of Linxiu Sheng Zhang Hao, such as shrimp waist bow, nosebleed long stream, suddenly bathed in blood bras.This Linxiu Sheng, three ad litem glanders has not committed, but today made the Pro decapitated head muttered class runners.  Daoxialiuren!Segment magistrate no longer bear it, outraged.  Surprised adviser, two Yandeng like bells, cautioned: adult, law court Daoxialiuren, press the “Law of Qing”, officials at the execution was to take responsibility ── If within two months can not find murderers, officials at the execution would need to be removed from office, to banish!  Segment magistrate chest heaved violently, neck stem: Notice human life!Toss so to sign, life will Linxiu Sheng put runners up.  Lethal cannon sounded, a dozen executioner at the same time leash, only No. 5 sword of executioner loss!  Mysterious old Toutuo Linxiu Sheng as if waking from a dream, knowing period magistrate to him to redress the grievances, the reigning sadness of a large release: adults, villain injustice na!When my uncle led that Roche had first came to my house, he looks very two years is not a good fit, it is doubtful this is more strange is that Roche does not farming business, has continued to sell off the hands of very rare jewels jade sustain life!Niche fear into trouble, this mind to send them away.After he lost the case, but clung to the niche they are never in contact with the idea of what their family knew nothing ah!  Segment magistrate nodded, then call the runners pass up the forest devil.Lin old devil dancing, the hands of the ring and rattle to the case of a cross-platform, kowtow as Daosuan.Xiqiao segment magistrate that rattle and ring, rattle and saw nothing special, but the ring is the real thing, and work well, the top surface of the ring was covered with a diamond sparkling shine!  Segment magistrate also ordered runners who pass all the villagers Bali well recorded, spoke again, and finally there is some bold farmer broke the silence: Honestly sir, we all know that everyone is not a murderer Linxiu Sheng!But he has always eyeball overturned, we are not willing to be fair to him, so as not to get involved in non.But after all, in the heart guilty, I heard Linxiu Sheng to be beheaded today, everyone wants to have come paused and then said: Lin’s strange to say children, really a lot of.The most strange is that the incident a year ago, often sounded a beard, tall, old Takuhatsu hovering in front of the Lin family, it has been seen it, old Monk got into his chambers Roche.Lin old devil but then very old Monk is afraid, he soon saw the old Monk hid in the casino, but since the emergence of the old Monk, Roche will hand the generous blanket is a blanket!Another villager is triggered from the Buddist, interfaces Road, originally with her daughter Lin Xiaoyu go from village to village set in the match of Liu Shining.That old devil Liu Shining Like Lin, also a gambler, think China earned money into the casino put down.Roche later put Liu Shining kicking off this hair pin-law, and married to Lin Xiaoyu mouth before classes classes Aaron.Lin Xiaoyu married that day, Roche dowry for his daughter to buy a good hearty, dozens of boxes cage cages, I’m afraid the city’s rich families can not catch it!