Day: May 2, 2019

Batou Township of gourd curry

REVIEW gourd after soybean harvest and exhausted, the remaining dried beans lever is pulled to the bundling adults, heap under the eaves of their houses, until dry, and winter will be coming, this time a positive pole beans acts as a heating things.The bean fields planted gourd is also packed off, waiting for the arrival of the harvest Xiacha.  Early in the morning, the mother carrying large packages from the excitement beans, laying down on the side chattered, said: “This year’s gourd beans is not good, wait another two years, I am afraid that there is no thing to eat.”After listening to the words of his mother, miss, between closeness and gratitude Ying body center, home wash away the years that laugh in front.    Creek, water, farm courtyard, fertile arable land, large tracts of green onions and bean sprouts gourd, quiet and beautiful, noisy and rustic charm, this is the hometown of spring scenery.    In the home, fava beans gourd said, Johnson does not expensive, its vitality.The arrival of spring, on the hillside, a small bridge, there is a small stone in Par gap, as long as there is a seed, it can thrive and bear fruit, to make the country strong and life together.    After the Ching Ming, fill the fields swaying quietly open gourd curry, occasionally fly out from under the gourd pole beans, a cluster of a cluster, indeed, not really beautiful, but in particular, whether the lines or colors are elegant and lovely, like only a small butterfly, if only just too small eyes, wizard-like dexterity cute, stickers’ll have to close, it is difficult to smell its aroma, I feel a surge of flavor ranging between grass and flowers, quiet and elegant, seems If not, you can not play but it is always the eyes of passers-traction.    Spring breeze, the flowers and the delicate and exquisite gourd sugar pea Dangzhuo waist, accompanied by green wheat seedling, with golden cauliflower, to the earth covered with colorful costumes, decorated with bleak countryside, bloom faint aroma, so that rural abundant like the quiet beauty up.So, we close range, they were industrious worker bees buzzing busy open, busy brewing nectar.We do not lightly naughty, Looking back on that quiet look up the gourd fragrant pea, pulling the body will spend looming out at a pinch, they looked plain and impressive body of Johnson, then without mercy Corolla will be removed, leaving the flower, quickly sent to his mouth, chewed slowly up the flower only a little sugar will co saliva slowly slide along the digestive tract to go deep in the stomach, it is insignificant a little sweet mixed with digestive juices immediately, it is also impossible to separate swallow saliva or juice with sugar, but we get a moment of consolation and satisfaction.    After a few days again, when Xie gourd curry fast, give birth to some new leaves come from the leaves of pole beans, tiny newborn leaves, pointed, often nest into a roll inward, like a trumpet a little, we called “horse ear”.Encounters fields planted gourd beans walk, then slow down, bent down, carefully looking for this kind of “horse ear”, if lucky, and soon had a productive session, and then they invited three about four, match their own harvest, cheerful blowing trumpet, in fact, more for the show off with a funny, lonely childhood to pass the time.    Gourd pod of getting plump and full, staring at us every day, looking forward, until finally the beans folder bulging, joy came gourd beans planted land, a lot a lot of pulled, pinched, while pinch edge to his mouth go, let gourd juice instantaneous beans paddle with crispy raw gas soaked body, get a moment of comfort and satisfaction, about the same time, and then get packages of home, cut beans, pot, and at the same time with a unique home parsley accompanied by saute, etc. houseful of aroma released into the atmosphere, and the rest is greedy greedy of us, gourd beans are neither sing nor act as trouble obediently eat our thing.If in the face of more and more will be trouble naughty child, gourd beans their fate will be more twists and turns up a bit, usually to pull the pod of gourd, cut beans, then get on the slopes, look for a clean and leeward low-lying areas, to find a few rocks, dig a pit under Han, set up the stove, firewood got, cut bamboo, got clean water, add the salt, the amount of beans and the amount of water charged bamboo, lute, straight bamboo thrown into the burning firewood pile are in full bloom, it is eagerly waiting to see, looking forward, such as bamboo is a bit too busy fire-burning brown, that’s looming incense seems to be absent when it rains, flameout, open tube, take the beans, then the beans are tender, sweet and fragrant clear, chewing in the mouth, it is enjoyable comfortable, they also forget the days of childhood is so hard to get.    Gourd pod of Kuhei up quickly, the harvest is also in front, then pull it into bundles of home, and then down into the dark night pod of breaking, until a few days to put sun exposure dam dawn when the sun rises, Almost pod of water loss, the pods off, gourd beans peeling out at this time and the children rejoiced moment.We looked at adult mouth-watering, cutting a sieve, to kitchen house, stoke firewood, wash the pan burned burning, then hatched gourd beans into the pot, constantly turning, stir-fried, gourd beans in the heat buildup, and soon burst, only to hear the sound of explosions after the beep, beep Baba, a pot of popcorn gourd beans immediately pan, we swarm, gave hot hot mouth, not a happy nibbling stop, etc. nibbling enough food to eat enough, risking a mouthful aroma, mouthful of dark, incense filled the entire body also, we have a joyous frolicking away.    Gourd soybean harvest and exhausted, the remaining dried beans lever is pulled to the bundling adults, heap under the eaves of their houses, until the time of natural air-dry, winter will be coming, pole beans at this time is acting as a heating purposes thing.The bean fields planted gourd is also packed off, waiting for the arrival of the harvest Xiacha.    Mother said that morning: the home of much of the rest of the field, is likely to flip a new factory, after their own land could not grow new gourd beans, Chang Chang said then leave.    At noon, go to the market, to find that the parsley, the mother brought the gourd bean sheller water boiled, filtered and drain the parsley and stir fry pot, incense filled the whole house, accompanied by the aroma rising up there that endless thoughts – country, land, mother and rural dam in those years open gourd curry.[Editor: Can children]