Day: May 8, 2019

be the best you can be

I remember a long time no diary.I should be, for a long time have not written some text for yourself.    Is not accustomed to two people meet, so complacent, thinking about life and living have become less and less.I think there is a reason for this.I was busy chasing the reality of a stable and prosperous, many ignore their inner voice.For sentimental reasons, I closed that too many people to be true to yourself.No communication, life in the sun on a little bit, so I nest in their own world, doing a happy little woman.    Reality is always chaotic, gray, and you never know what will happen the next second.Too many virtual information in the modern world, so you play phone one nest at home, feeling the share of loneliness and boredom, but ignored too many outside views.Whole autumn, so too is over, you just a taste of how much its look.I do not know since when, you’re afraid to go out alone, in addition to buying necessities, you seem to have been afraid to go out alone.Do you think a person can live well, but the reality on the contrary, your mind becomes more and more fragile, more accustomed to not be lonely.Nightlife net Once upon a time, you become more and more similar and someone.That is because love.Because you’re addicted to go in, that love will always love.You fell in love with love brings a wonderful feeling, you forget too many other good things around.    The dead of night, Lin Ching listening to an article, “your temperament, the hidden you read the book and walked the streets,” suddenly evoke something deep inside me.I was sleeping in the wake of that yourself, write some text for themselves, but also for others to write.Now, I’m not so sensitive, so dedicated, my inspiration to be excited.I should break through the cage, toward freedom of poetry and distant.    Adhere to a habit, it becomes a religion, do their best.Do not poison the lives of anesthesia soul, because you still have dreams; do not be imprisoned mystery of love thinking, because you have freedom.