Day: July 9, 2019

Product, but off Yu Ze did not think, then quickly encountered a beast or a man to do multiple-choice questions.

  He wanted to personally.
  The reason why people are people, because people will use reason to suppress the urge to animals.
  Please, let him do personal.
  Yu Ze Yuning choke.
  In order to divert attention, he asked: “Do you know tonight what you do on behalf of?”
  ”I like your behalf.”She looked proud smile, hands over, and his body affectionately Lanzhu.
  .God, let him do personal.
  ”Do you like me?”Yu Ze whispered.
  ”Do not tell you.”She held out her fingers, like a dog scratching, as scratching his chin.
  Yu Ze face black line, grabbed her restless hands: “I earnestly ask.”
  ”I also seriously answer ah.”She smiled a funny smile, come up with one hand to scratch his chin.
  ”I’m not a dog.”Ze Yu said with a straight face.
  Quickly she then said: “You are my little reptiles.”
  See he did not speak for a long while, she stopped scratching chin move: “You were born.”
  He lifted her chin, kissed the girl’s weeping eye pink lips.
  Man do for a long time, and I want to be a beast.
  一回生二回熟, to be a beast.and also