Bai Ye Chasing the Murder Brothers Rebirth Zhang translated the shooting case, Pan Yueming-Appearance-

“Bai Ye Chasing the Murder”, the brother’s “Rebirth” Zhang translated the gun shooting case, Pan Yueming “appeared”
On February 19, the suspense suspense drama “Rebirth” released the latest posters and character stills.The protagonist Qin Chi held the tip of the gun in the densely interlaced trajectory, his eyebrows locked tightly, showing his tough character.”Rebirth” is a sibling of “Bai Ye Chasing the Murder”, directed by Yang Dong, and the screenwriter of “Bai Ye Chasing the Murder”. Zhang Yi is the artistic director and leading actor, Zhao Ziqi, Zhang Haowei, Cheng Xiaomeng, Liu Guancheng, Zhao Jinmai and other starring, Pan Yueming, the star of “Bai Ye Chasing the Murder,” will also star in friendship.It is reported that the play has been completed and will be broadcast on Youku.Zhang Yi is worth looking forward to.The picture comes from the network Pan Yueming will star in friendship.The picture comes from the network “Rebirth” and found the only survivor of the “714 gun case” Qin Chi (deputy Zhang Zhang), the deputy detachment of the Xiguan detachment. After suffering a heavy blow, he continued to fight against amnesia and cracked the doubt while looking for the truth of the “714 gun case”.The play is Zhang Yi’s first appearance in an online drama. The play center is thoughtful and has few words of action. Qin Chi has to solve the “mystery” behind the intricate cases with his colleagues in the police station. He also has many puzzles to be solved.As another masterpiece of the screenwriter’s fingerprint after “Bai Ye Chasing the Murder”, “Rebirth” and “Bai Ye Chasing the Murder” belong to the same world view, and are considered to be the stories of criminal police in the same virtual city, Jingang City.The Xiguan Detachment where Qin Chi is located in “Rebirth” and the Changfeng Detachment where Guan Hongfeng is located in “Bai Ye Chasing the Murder” are brothers.From the timeline, the story of “Rebirth” happened before “Bai Ye Chasing the Murder”.Similar to the story structure of “Bai Ye Chasing the Murder”, “Rebirth” will focus on a main case “714 gun case”, supplemented by multiple independent divisions.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading Wei Zhuo