How to eat and maintain the body in the cold winter

How to eat and maintain the body in the cold winter

The winter solstice diet is healthy, and the food should be warm and cooked. Experts say that during this time, citizens should eat more lamb, spinach, mushrooms and other foods in order to nourish the spleen and kidneys.

First of all, family diet matching should be based on the characteristics of weak spleen and stomach in middle-aged and elderly people, and avoid thick, fatty and salty diet.

From a modern nutrition point of view, the diet of the elderly should be “three more and three less”, that is, protein, vitamins, cellulose, sugar, aunt, and less salt.

At the same time, food should be warm and soft, and cold in winter can easily lead to the weakening of yang, so it should be eaten warm to protect the spleen and kidney.

  In particular, from the winter solstice, you must always eat lamb stewed radish, which is the first choice of the Royal Imperial Winter Solstice.

Its efficacy is obvious, can achieve Qi tonic, warm and warm.

It is more convenient for the waist and knees to be weak, sleepy and fatigued, kidney deficiency and impotence, and spleen and stomach deficiency.

At the same time, shiitake mushrooms, fresh mushrooms, and spinach also work together to nourish the stomach and relieve phlegm.

In addition, it is recommended that everyone eat more yam (steamed, boiled), which has the effects of strengthening the spleen, strengthening the lungs, and strengthening the kidney and refining the essence.

Experts remind: When eating radish, you can’t serve with ginseng, American ginseng, and Shouwu; mutton is forbidden to eat with pumpkin.

  Winter diet should be warm and nourishing yin. Winter is a great season tonic and tonic. In terms of diet, scientific deployment should be emphasized, and some thick flavors such as stewed meat, fish, hot pot, etc. should be added.

The principles of diet in winter are: first, there must be plenty, sufficient nutrition, and a large number of transformations; second, the food should be warm and help protect the body’s yang.

  Warm meats include dog, beef, chicken, turtle, mutton, bird, shrimp, and snake meat.

Vegetables include soy beans, broad beans, carrots, shallots, garlic, pepper, chives, mustard, rapeseed, coriander, pepper, etc.

Fruits include chestnuts, jujubes, dried apricots, lychees, oranges, grapefruit, etc., as well as brown sugar, glutinous rice, goat’s milk, pine nuts, etc.

  The meals that should be eaten in winter include double whip aphrodisiac soup, Qibian whip soup, Shiquan Dabu soup, deer whip aphrodisiac soup, black chicken white phoenix soup, angelica ginger lamb soup, Qiankun steamed dog, ginseng sheep head, sesame rabbit,Stir-fried chives with walnuts.

  Winter tonic is best used as a tonic first, instead of stewed beef stew, or stewed stew with jujube, red dates, peanut kernels and brown sugar, to adjust the spleen and stomach functions.

And then tonic, can increase the nourishing effect, and will not occur “nothingness tonic” situation.

  When tonic, it is best not to eat cold or overly greasy food, so as not to interfere with the digestive function of the spleen and stomach and affect the effect of tonic.

  During the tonic period, if you have a cold, fever, or diarrhea, you should temporarily stop taking all kinds of supplements to prevent intoxication and tonics after recovery.