Grandma Wang’s Happy Old Age

Granny Wang is seventy years old and looks very young. Although her hair is gray and mixed, it is very tidy. Her clothes are neat and neat. She always nods and smiles at me before swiping her card and running back..     Every day she and her wife will take the first bus to the Xishan scenic spot, and sometimes walk and run under the pavilion forest scenic spot. in the words of the city, she will exercise, breathe fresh air and wash her lungs..     Granny Wang is from Yancheng, northern Jiangsu province. It’s a coincidence that my hometown Xinghua is half a person of hometown. Every time I send the first bus in the morning, I always meet her and her parents sitting on the platform and waiting together. At first, she went to the parking lot for a few days to get on the bus. Later, the company stationed a guard in the parking lot and refused to let her in. They sat outside the waiting booth and so on.. My car also stopped there, waiting for the departure time so that we could have a chance to talk.     Both of them have been in Kunshan for 50 years. Grandma Wang told me that they had followed him here since they married their wife.. But I found that after 50 years of living in Kunshan, she still speaks her native language. I asked her if she would speak here? She said yes, but she didn’t say much. She still said that her hometown was kind and casual..     Granny Wang gave birth to three sons and a daughter, all of whom have become family members and have children. She bought houses and settled down here. When she told me about this, she was full of joy and made no secret of her pride..     The old man was very talkative and told me that the happy thing these days was that her children helped her to get an old man’s discount card the previous month, which could be free to ride, and she did not forget to tell me that it was also free to visit the park, which gave her a kind of unspeakable joy. Although she had few money, the grandmother said it was not a matter of money or money, but it was a matter of great concern to the government to the people..     I was really surprised that she could say such a thing about the government and the people. She also said that such a government won the hearts and minds of the people.     People who may have come from that era are very concerned about the government’s policy of benefiting the people. so is my grandfather in his hometown. the village has arranged for him to live in a nursing home, eat and sleep free of charge, and have someone to wait on him. he also often worries about the government, saying how much money it will cost so many old people in the country. if he didn’t even dare to think about it in the sixties and seventies.!     Granny Wang’s wife seems to be very honest and doesn’t speak much, but she always holds Granny Wang’s hand for fear that she might lose her life. When it comes to the government’s concern for the people, he only occasionally puts in a sentence saying that she didn’t have to eat or wear. During the Cultural Revolution, she fought against landlords and the whole country was in a state of malodorous state. Who cares if you eat or drink, who doesn’t starve to death, flee, wander about and beg for a meal, save lives, and now watch the days get better and better, in fact, heart – beating..     The old man’s words are actually an outdated topic for the young people we are accustomed to in this life. Which young people would like to hear them tell about their time? Who is willing to listen to the difficult background of the old times? It seems to be far away from us, just like it was in the last century.     But when I talk to them, I can actually feel the joy of enjoying happiness in their words..     Granny Wang has a little back in her ears and forgetfulness. Sometimes she goes back when she gets on the bus. Her wife barks at her and knocks on the card … Ah, Granny Wang looks at her wife to talk. Sometimes she doesn’t respond. She has to push him with her hand and make a swipe gesture before she knows it. Then she turns around again, apologizing with a face, and brushes the card solemnly from her pocket.. I found that her card was tied around her neck with a string, and the card was wrapped in a plastic envelope.. Sometimes when grandma Wang got on the bus, she would take it out in advance, swing it in front of me and swipe the card again. I smiled at her and she also smiled at me..     Several times I took them back to Kunshan Hotel. The old couple still sat on the platform holding hands and waited for them. I saw them all the way away. The figure was very familiar. When I opened the door, Mrs. Wang and other young people in front of her didn’t follow her until she got up, so she just stuck it in front of me and asked me if I wanted to brush the cob.? I knew she was asking me this on purpose for fear that I didn’t know her card was free or even raised the tone of voice. I knew what she meant and echoed her answer and brushed it. It was free anyway.. So the old man leaned in to brush it, and after dropping it, he did not give up slowly, asking me, did he brush it?     On several occasions, I drove the 32nd route to them from a platform in the city. I remember that I opened the door in the flower and bird market and grandma Wang found me as soon as she got on the bus. I was a little surprised, so she told me like a family member to sneak out and play and have a look..     They all got off at our terminal, and after I stopped, most of the time the old couple would stop for a while before they left. I would chat with them casually, just like with my grandparents..     My grandfather often talked to me about the past. I knew the hardships of that time and the upside-down life of today. My grandfather also often said that it was a pity that I was old and had a good time in a few days..     So I told grandma Wang and her parents that they should play when they want to open up and enjoy their old age.     Granny Wang understood my words, took the old man’s hand and hobbled along the sunset road. The shadow was pulled very long on the side of the road, and the winter wind blew away the leaves, but it could not blow away the shadow of the two close friends..     The so-called ” staying together” and ” happiness” have been fully interpreted by them.!

Flowers like snow

When her son was two years old, she realized that her husband had given birth to a healthy girl with another woman, and she resolutely divorced. After the divorce, she took her two-year-old son to Shanghai to see a doctor. After the expert consultation, she advised her to give up and told her that maybe her son could not walk like a normal person all his life.. Looking at her son who was born with birth defects and turned his feet upside down, the lovely face had as bright and clear eyes as her, her heart was broken, she wanted to cry and couldn’t come out, and she came back home with her son in her arms..     In Shenzhen, an old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine returned home to open a clinic after retirement. She and her fellow doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, the old doctor who specializes in complicated diseases, heard that she went to see her son with a medicine cabinet after the event.. Not to say that maybe? Perhaps there is still hope”, the old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine relieved her, saying: ” Children, there is no absolute thing in the world, especially human beings, who have great potential. As long as hope persists, your harvest is unexpected.”. Hearing this, she burst into tears in front of the kind old man. From then on, she worshipped the old man as a teacher and learned to see his son while studying medicine.. In his childhood memory, his mother picked hot water from a hot spring well in the village to massage his feet every night. When he went to school, his mother always pushed a car to pick him up and take him away during the day without his father’s care, but when the mother and son were together, he felt safe and the mother always said to him, ” Children, you are all I have,” and every time he heard his mother say this, he felt very happy and he felt himself the luckiest person in the world because he had a mother who loved him so much..     When he graduated from primary school, he passed the county no 1 middle school, but his mother didn’t let him go to that school because the county no 1 middle school was too far away from his hometown and his feet had to be soaked in hot springs in his hometown. at that time, his feet had been greatly improved, and his mother firmly believed that the child’s feet would be better if they continued to be treated like this.. He didn’t like it, and his mother crouched beside his wheelchair and said to him, ” My child, grandpa said, when you are growing up, if you have the hope of getting back up at this moment, if you work hard, which school is the same, my mother only wants you to be healthy.”. He said nothing and quietly accepted his mother’s arrangement.     When I was in middle school, someone liked my mother and asked Qiumu next door to talk to her. Qiumu pulled her outside to look at him inside and whispered to her: ” The family is in good condition, but your son can’t accept it. I said, the child should send his father. I heard his father is very rich now.”. ‘ Mother shook her head and said, ” Come on, I’ve had a hard time, but I don’t want to raise my son for others. I don’t trust you.. He heard all these words. he remembered that he was bullied because he had no father in school when he was a child. when he cried to his mother for his father, his mother slapped him and hugged him and said, never mention his father again. when he saw his mother’s stubborn appearance, he immediately understood a lot of things. his father also rejected him as a disabled person, so he went to find someone else to have a healthy child.. Now, let him go to his father, don’t say that his mother will not agree, even his stepmother over there may not be able to hold him in need of care.. At the age of 12, he felt for the first time that he was a burden to his mother. He thought that if it weren’t for him, his father wouldn’t abandon his mother, and if it weren’t for him, his mother would find a good place to belong..     He slipped his wheelchair to the river while his mother took a nap.. . Ah, the mother woke up and didn’t see her son. She still didn’t see her son after looking for a circle in front of and behind the house.. Mother anxiously and nervously walked out of the yard, only to find her son by the river. The mother was about to ask her son what he was doing when he ran to the river, but the son waved to his mother and said, ” Mom, will you come over?”? I have something to say to you. ‘ Mother came over and squatted by her son’s wheelchair as usual, caressing his legs and lovingly looking at his son. The son said to her, ” Mom, when I actually came out, I really wanted to die, but it was really beautiful to think of you soaking my feet every night, massaging, seeing my feet getting better day by day, and seeing such a beautiful hometown scenery.. Hearing this, she hugged her son and said to him in a trembling voice, ” How do you understand, son? Mom is really happy for you.”.     With his mother’s unremitting efforts, he finally walked like a normal person..     Many years later, a middle-aged woman with a handsome face, standing at the village gate and waiting for her son who graduated from university to work in the city to go home, saw her a long, handsome and elegant young man far away, shouting that his mother was running towards her quickly..     The peach blossom in the village is everywhere. She stood under the peach tree in a white dress and looked lovingly at her son in the distance. A gust of wind blew the peach blossom petals flying all over the sky, flowers like snow, holy, bearing selfless and great maternal love, making the spring scenery in the world beautiful forever..

Father love is a breeze ( prose )

The May of my hometown is warm, not only the mountains are green and the fields are filled with a kind of plump harvest, but the May of my hometown is sweet. There are not only songs and laughter here, but also strong nostalgia around my old house. I came back again from a call from my sister. My old father was ill, anxious and worried, so I couldn’t afford time to appreciate the beauty of my hometown and hurried home. To tell the truth, my father has always been strong and strong. It seems that I am not ready to face his aging. When I hold his skinny hands and see his trembling figure walking, my eyes dance and my heart hurts.. In May without a mother, for the first time, I felt a sense of trepidation and uneasiness. Mothers blessed by their children were smiling happily everywhere. The fragrance of carnations seemed to remind me that my mother had left me for 100 days. This Mother’s Day left me only a remembrance, but the pain of remembrance still kept burning the father’s haggard heart, sadness and loneliness. The father was a mountain in every child’s heart, whether he was handsome, handsome, middle – aged, old and infirm, with the wind and candle burning, the father was strong and the representative of Wei An.. For so many years, I really didn’t examine my old father carefully as if he would never grow old. I didn’t realize that my father in his 80s was really old until he took his father to take a bath one year. He was really old after many years of walking slowly and gasping for breath. Without the company of his family, the bathhouse would refuse such an old man to take a bath and see his father rely on his son like a child. My heart was sore and my father was really old.. My father was a coal miner. The rumbling sound of the mine caused his father’s ears to be deaf. The flying coal dust under the mine caused his father’s lungs to suffer from occupational diseases. The road from home to his father’s work is fifty kilometers, and his father can only come back once a month. In my memory, his father always came quietly in my sleep and walked quietly in my sleep. My father’s days at home were the happiest of my life. His father not only brought me delicious food envied by many friends, but also took me everywhere on his bicycle.. To tell the truth, I didn’t feel much fatherly love, not because my father didn’t love me, my brother and sister were 6 people, and my son should be the father’s favorite son. However, my mother’s more discipline once made me neglect fatherly love, and my son’s carelessness once made me feel ashamed of my old father. Today, when I was a father, a husband, and faced a son who was stronger and taller than me, I realized how sincere fatherly love was, how deep and strong he was, and how inseparable he was.. Some people say that father loves mountains, green mountains are lofty, maternal love is like water and green water gurgling. when I see my old father’s gaunt face, guilt hurts my heart. yes, father love is a wisp of cool breeze, which seems to be looming like that. when we are on the journey of life, facing the test and the moment of danger, the wisp of cool breeze floats to the surface. when we are smooth sailing and happy in life, he silently accompanies us. in fact, father love always accompanies you and me, but he is more erratic, deeper, more subtle,,, father love is the rain of spring.. Father is the towering mountain in my heart. Father’s love is a wisp of cool breeze in my heart..

Dumb Sister’s Life ( Xia Liang Literature Cup ) )

I have only one sister, but she can’t speak and can’t hear the wonderful voice of all things in the world. She is deaf and mute, four years older than me, but she is as smart and kind as ordinary people. Unfortunately, her sister’s fate has suffered from God’s unfairness in succession, she was bitten by a snake and then mentally disordered, and finally suffered from stomach cancer. At the age of 45, she finished her young and difficult life..     Originally, I wanted to see my poor dumb sister on the day I returned home, but the kids and girls in the family said that they would go to see her together in two days.. So I delayed not seeing my sister alive and awake, so I regret it! On the day before the New Year’s Day, the elder sister’s son came to the elder brother’s clinic to take medicine and told her that her condition had deteriorated and she had a large amount of blood in her stool..     I knew my sister had stomach cancer. Since her sister was bitten by a snake, her health has deteriorated. Our family immediately drove to see her, but when we saw her sister, her eyes were too swollen to open and her face was swollen to change shape. She kept humming and turning pale, completely without her sister’s original appearance.. The pain in my heart is hard to express, because my sister is deaf and mute and can’t hear the greetings and calls from our relatives to her.! Look at her painful appearance, but no one can share for her, everyone can only cry secretly.     My sister was clever and virtuous from childhood, but she could not speak, elegant and dignified, but she could not hear the beautiful voice of all things.. Every time she smiles like a flower, it is a kind greeting to guests, relatives and friends. No stranger will find the disability hidden in her appearance after seeing her sister’s appearance..     In the winter when her sister was born, she had a high fever for several days. Her parents carried her to the county hospital dozens of kilometers away in order to save her young life.. After a large number of penicillin injections, although he saved his sister’s life, he left behind a lifelong disability and became a complete deaf mute..     The surviving sister had no other problems. She could speak some simple language before she was a few years old and could feel the sound of shooting.. As you get older, you can’t say the last word and can’t hear a sound at all..     Sister has the intelligence and constitution of ordinary people, and can do housework and mow the grass and remove the land. Can do what a woman can do with sewing, sewing her own clothes. Although the clothes she mends are thousands of scars, they are very strict.. My sister’s new clothes are always neatly stacked in the cabinet and reluctant to wear them.     Sister often looks at her family’s face, and whenever she sees her family’s fierce and bad eyes, she will drop her things on the ground, especially on her grandfather at the gate of great noise..     Sister has a temper, but she is kind and industrious. More often than not, she can tolerate brothers beating and scolding her, and can wash the dirty clothes of the family and stack them on their bed heads.     Remembering that her brothers didn’t understand anything at that time, they only bullied her, often pinching her white face with sharp nails because they didn’t like her dumb sample, and still have deep marks embedded in her face.. I see it in my eyes and pain in my heart, and sometimes I will bravely shout a few words from her brothers. My sister got the message that I gave her care, and she also loved her very much..     Every winter night, my sister put my frozen feet under her warm armpits, straightened my curled trouser legs, tightly tied my feet with a quilt, fearing that a cold wind would penetrate into the quilt and freeze me.     Since the day of junior high school, my sister greeted me with the warmest hug and watched me go away silently in the courtyard..     In my heart, my sister’s care for me is better than that of every family member and even feels no less than a mother’s love. Because I rarely get this kind of painstaking care from my mother. However, she has bitterness but can only be buried in the bottom of her heart. She will not be able to express her joys and sorrows in words to her relatives in her life..     I used to resent the ignorance of my parents at that time, saying that a deaf daughter as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade was married to a man 20 years older than her sister and only separated from the mountains to be a concubines to inherit for others in order to better take care of her future.. As a result, the elder sister later became a bad karma woman who was half collapsed in bed and was not cared for before she was old..     Sister married a few years, because of the great woman’s careful guidance, life is safe and carefree. She has given birth to her son and daughter. The daughter was born soon and the big woman died because she went up to the mountain to chop firewood, and the family lost her backbone from now on.. Brother – in – law is old, frail, lazy and has no ambition. He doesn’t take care of his sister except for his children.. All the work outside the home fell on her sister, who often went to work in the mountains early in the morning with an empty stomach because she couldn’t hold on to a certain time, and didn’t go home until two or three o’clock in the afternoon to make a bowl of plain rice for herself..     I remember my mother and I went to visit my sister, but she was not at home every time. At that time, we found her working in the opposite mountain and watched her bring us hot steamed buns, which all ate up in a few seconds, hurting my sensitive heart which was originally scarred.. I don’t know if she has fainted several times from hunger in the wilderness and then got up to work, and has never been discovered..     My sister suffered such hardships. Heaven did not show mercy and imposed on her a more cruel physical and mental torture in the world..     The devil finally wrapped up his sister again. The poisonous snake sent by God set an ambush waiting for her sister to hook into the net while she was passing through the yard without a flashlight..     I can imagine that maybe it was my sister standing on a soft snake, feeling something wrong that made her panic and stamp her feet, angered the snake, and the snake relentlessly attacked her sister’s bare feet with teeth and teeth, and sprayed saliva that could kill people.. My sister’s screams when she was bitten by a snake attracted neighbors who wrapped her long hair tightly around her bare feet to prevent the venom from stringing up. However, they did not know that such a wrong first aid method was counterproductive, and that sister’s leg was extremely swollen that night..     A few days later, my mother and I went to see elder sister. She was lying in bed and told us about the terrible scene.. My sister always smiled at me and my mother, perhaps to thank me and my mother and smile at her for a long time.     Because of the poor living conditions of her sister’s family, many families were sent by her parents. When they went that day, the brother-in-law said that they had broken down for a long time and had no money to replace the unlit lamp gun in their sister’s house..     Brother – in – law asked his sister to lie in the dark room and heal, unable to distinguish the day, eating and drinking without guarantee, thirsty, no one handing a glass of water, hungry, no one will know. The children were attending the school where I lived, and tuition fees were basically free. At that time, my family was in extremely poor condition, and the marital turmoil was widespread, so I couldn’t stay with my sister often.. I can only take time to buy some meat and noodles with my mother and send them to my sister. I will put the rest in the cupboard and leave them to her children..If they don’t make food for their sister in person, they know that once they leave her home, her sister won’t get a grain into her mouth..     After a few days, my sister was injured, but we never expected her to change and become unknown to everyone..     Sister returned to her family alone, the first miracle after her marriage. In the previous years, they all went to visit their family under the guidance of a big woman or brother – in – law..     Sister is no longer as sedate and elegant as before, she is out of her mind. She began to gobble up food and sleep without blinking her eyes.. When the son stretched out his tongue and bulging his eyes, he acted somewhat like a snake and was very frightening..     Sister’s unusual behavior became more and more serious, picking up those colored paper balls everywhere and putting them in her trouser pockets, beating her chest with her fist, hitting her head with a wooden stick, and circling around the edge of the ridge.. She has never pushed her head and wept bitterly somewhere before, and she has not known all her relatives for a long time, including her parents and I who used to mingle with Confucianism..     She no longer yearns for her family, even if she passes by the door and her parents run over to pull her, she desperately shakes off her parents’ hands and does not look back at her relatives.. Later, my sister always ran away, and my brother-in-law was afraid of her getting lost and locked her in the dark room all day long..     When I saw my sister pedaling along a certain road, she wept bitterly. Or I can understand what kind of wordless pain it is when I feel more difficult than scratching my feet in front of me and want to open my lips but still can’t say a word I want to say..     I want to appease my sister’s vicissitudes, I want to speak for her, and I want to listen to her heart. But at that moment, the only thing that can be done is to lift up her sister from the ground, comfort her with gestures and straighten her irregular hair..     As long as my mother and I meet to see elder sister, we will still insist on bringing some meat, noodles and the like, making her a delicious meal in person every time, changing sheets and bedding for her, washing her hair and cutting her hair.. The clothes full of lice were scalded with boiling water, and the clean clothes were coated with a thick layer of lice medicine. When changing clothes for my sister, the original white skin was full of blood stains, some of which were bitten by lice and others were bitten by snake venom..     Sister has lost her ability to take care of herself for many years. The days when we are not around her are the most helpless days when she suffers physical and mental torture.. However, I can’t have more conditions to help her because of the unfortunate marriage and poor financial situation. My heart is strong and I can’t help her.!     I often think that if my sister heard a voice on that day, I would like to say to her that if there is an afterlife, I will be her little sister, and I hope she is no longer bad karma’s sister at that time..     How I wish my sister could hear her call and a consolation from the heart and answer my greeting, even a word is enough. But she can’t, we can’t do it. I only have the only picture I had with my sister and girl, which is also the only picture in my sister’s life.. Whenever I think about her, I will dig out this photo to see it!     Many inspiring books repeat the principle that fate is fair, but I hate the unfairness of fate. I oppose this theory..     Why should God leave suffering to the world in the afterlife, and why not punish them for their fate in this life?? That will not bring more innocent people into trouble. All sinners in the past should be punished before the afterlife, so that they can enjoy the well-being of ordinary people in this life.!     On that day, our family spent a few hours in front of the elder sister’s bed, and saw that the elder sister was really in pain. The mother standing at the head of the elder sister’s bed said to the elder sister in tears, ” My poor daughter, Qin, you are suffering in life, and living is also suffering. If you are suffering, you can go.”! All the young and old in the family have come to see you, even your sister, Xiang, has come to see you from so far away, you have no worries … ” Sister seems to hear her mother’s farewell words at this time, her head is sideways, humming even louder.. Maybe it is how loathe to give up her every family member in her heart, maybe it is the reaction that she can’t bear the pain at that time..     Brother – in – law’s home invited many people to make money paper for her sister. We watched her in the middle of the night and saw no sign of going because the next day was the 30th of the year, so we took turns to rush home to prepare for the New Year.. The next day, my parents and I didn’t have a rich seven bowls and eight dishes for the New Year’s Eve meal, but just boiled all the dishes in a pot.. Because of the abundance of New Year’s Eve meal, we can’t swallow it.     After 4: 00 a.m. in the middle of the night, the elder sister’s son called to report his loss, saying that the elder sister would not be able to do it immediately. My mother came to my sleeping room and told me to go to see my sister. I got up and put on my clothes and was about to go out with my mother. My father suddenly said that he would not let me go. He was worried that if one of my daughter’s families went out after seeing her, he would be afraid every night and said that I would not go until the coffin was packed.. Because I was really timid in recent years, I listened to my father’s. So the mother went with her brother, who said that her sister’s long bent legs could not be straightened out, and she had to bear the pain of lifting them to press them straight when loading the coffin..     On the first morning of the Spring Festival, I went to my sister’s funeral with my sister-in-law sons and daughters, and a dozen younger generations, including my two sons, went to bow down and observe a moment of silence for her sister.!     On the third day of the year, my sister was carried to her private plot near my hometown for burial! Sister is buried, she is relieved, she has also finished the debts of her past life and gone to heaven. Maybe she came down to repay her kindness like the legend, passing incense to her brother-in-law’s family, and completing the task sent by God..     I wonder if my sister is well in heaven? Today, it is the third time I have spoken with my sister in writing more than a year after she left the world. I have written about her before, which is an unfair comment on the hardships she suffered when she came into the world. It is not the same as this description.!     When my sister was sick and couldn’t take care of herself and didn’t know me, I started a tragic life different from hers. I always wanted to help her out of pain and suffering, but my sister couldn’t help it.! I don’t know how to divide myself. I don’t have any spare money to redeem my sister’s 45 – year – old life to God.!     I believe my sister was once happy and happy! But it was happy to be a mother and happy to have my little sister!     However, in the past 20 years, the elder sister has suffered various physical and mental tortures that no ordinary person can imagine. It was the longest process of being swallowed up by the disease. First, she became deaf and dumb, then she was bitten by a snake to become mutilated and disused, and finally, she was paralyzed by nervous disorder and malnutrition. She lay helplessly on the old and broken wooden bed, watching the disease nibble at her body, sucking up all the sun-energy and bone marrow from her body, and she was no longer able to resist the huge invisible talons and body that pressed on her body, which was horrible.!     Sister! My parents asked her to marry the wrong husband or fate had already been arranged. I doubt it.Doubt that love is only a kind of soul entanglements hidden in the depths, can no longer change fate and reality!     On the day I thought I would have ambition, I had hoped for a better future, that is, to be able to save her life and improve her living environment, but before my sister could wait for that day, my dream was destroyed by reality. I lost my home, love, house and everything overnight.!     Think of your sister, think of your unhappy life, and you will want to call her and talk to her.. Although she couldn’t hear anything while she was alive, I think she should feel the blessing and remembrance from her relatives in heaven.. Every time at this moment, I will burst into tears, and I call on my sister … Ah, I remember the last two years when my 4 – year – old sister was dying, sleeping in a cold bed in a dark room, remembering that no one left her a bowl of hot rice when she was hungry, remembering that her sister was thirsty and no one poured a glass of water for her, remembering that her daughter could not take care of her because her 20 – year – old son was working for her family’s livelihood while studying at school, remembering that her sister groaned while she could not move on the wooden bed, and remembering that her sister was hunched over when she was slightly better.. I don’t know if my sister in heaven heard my tears and sad cries!     May my sister be in heaven and feel that when she lived in the world, all her relatives loved her so much, loved her so much, missed her so much, always missed her kindness, heartache for her misfortune, and lamented her life.!

Brother and Paper Aircraft ( Revised Edition )

Every time I arrive at the airport, I have a deep touch and always think of my brother. My first flight was from Zhengzhou to Xiamen. After the plane took off, I sat in the cabin seat, pulled a thin book from my briefcase, tore off several sheets of paper, and carefully folded up the paper plane. I thought to myself how good it would be if my brother were still alive! He should be 26 years old now. He is also likely to become a pilot.     I saw more than 20 years ago in front of my eyes. At that time, my brother was a small child with purple cheeks.. The clothes he wears are old clothes of my brother and me, old and wide. He didn’t have snacks or toys, but he showed a smiling face that blossomed happily every day, as if his world was full of happiness.. Elders say our brothers and three younger brothers are the smartest and most polite. His mouth seemed to be covered with honey water, and he greeted his uncle and aunt sweetly, which was very pleasing..     One day after school, I went home with my schoolbag on my back, and my brother was sitting in front of a black-and-white TV watching cartoons. I sat at the door folding up the paper plane. This is what the teacher taught us in class. The assignment that the teacher assigned on that day was that everyone went home to make two paper planes.     The younger brother stared at the TV screen with his eyes fixed on his head and kept laughing hey hey. My hand rubbed white paper and folded it into a very ugly and heavy paper airplane.. My brother caught a casual glimpse of the paper plane in my hand. He quickly moved the wooden stool to my side. He stretched out his hand and grabbed the paper plane in my hand and asked me to teach him. I will slowly open and flatten the finished paper plane and teach him hand in hand. He had a high understanding and learned it after learning it again. The crumpled white paper quickly flips in his hand and folds into a beautiful paper airplane in a twinkling of an eye.. He took it and threw it around the house. The paper plane flew forward through the bright light in the room and finally circled to the ground. Since then, my brother has enjoyed folding paper planes.     It was the day after the autumn harvest, and the noon sun shone on the quiet village. My yard is basking in Huang Cancan’s corn cobs. Packets of newly picked cotton are also piled in the sun. Our family is having lunch and there is a buzzing sound in the sky. We looked up and saw a plane flying very low, and we could clearly see the huge fuselage and wings. It is flying over the village and slowly heading west. Brother immediately threw his rice bowl and chopsticks on the table and flew out. He ran after the plane and ran through the village lane to catch up with the field.. As he ran, he shouted, ” The plane … ah the plane …” We all thought my brother was crazy. Mother worried that he might fall or bump into the wall, chasing behind him with his rice bowl and shouting his name to stop him. But he lifted up his face and looked at the plane running, as if he had heard nothing. His feet seemed to be stepping on a hot wheels and chasing the plane at full speed..     The plane slowly flew in the blue autumn sky, casting a shadow on the ground and quickly dumped its brother in the open field. My brother stood on the ridge of the field foolishly and looked up at the plane disappearing in the sky.. He came back in full head and sweat and told his mother that when he grew up he would become a pilot, fly a plane and fly around in the sky.     Soon, the villagers all knew their brother’s dream. People poked fun at him when they saw him and called him a little pilot. Once grandma came to my house, she looked at her brother and said she had seen a pilot long ago. Most pilots have a pair of yellow eyes with bright eyes and long arms, while their younger brother also has yellow eyes and long arms and is very suitable for being a pilot.. After hearing this, he was ecstatic and danced, and everyone said grandma said she was suitable for being a pilot.. He also begged his father to send him a plane toy on his birthday a month later. Father agreed on the spot and said he would buy him a toy plane with batteries that could fly in the air..    The younger brother folded several paper planes every day and looked forward to his father’s birthday present day and night.. He often told us at the dinner table that when he grew up, he would become a pilot and take us to a fun place in a plane. However, his brother died unexpectedly without waiting for his birthday.! He walked so suddenly and calmly. He still pestered me like a copycat that morning. He looked alive and kicking. By four or five o’clock in the afternoon, his body was already stiff.. I took his cold hand to call him and call him, but he lay still and did not respond. I put his favorite paper airplane and favorite sandwich biscuit in front of him, and he still looks sleepy. He was accompanied into the funeral that day by cookies he liked to eat, new clothes he didn’t wear until New Year’s Day, and a pile of colourful paper planes he folded..     More than 20 years of time seem to be just a snap. After more than 20 years, my brother and I grew up. We seldom mention brother. He seems to have never existed in this world, just a character in our nightmare. We are deluding ourselves! My brother is a permanent hurt in our hearts. We all don’t want to touch the bleeding wound deep inside.     One day our family passed by the airport. Mother said she would like to see the plane, so her brother turned to the airport by car.. Our family stood on the high mound, looking at the airport surrounded by the fence.. I saw a row of silvery-white planes parked on the sparse tarmac, and a plane was about to land slowly. We all thought of our younger brother, the scene of his chasing a plane many years ago, and his dream of becoming a pilot.. Father looked at the plane landing with wet eyes. He said he had a great regret in his life that he didn’t buy a plane toy for his brother.. Mother also remembered what her brother had said. She said that her brother likes folding paper planes and wants to be a pilot when he grows up. My brother said that when he became a pilot, he would take our family on a plane to a fun place to travel. Mother said here, our tears burst into our eyes. Mother saw our tears, she wiped the tears out of her eyes and said with a smile, ” Alas, I shouldn’t mention these sad things.”. The past is over. Our family is now living well and will be better in the future.. ‘ I can’t help but weep when I think of these past events. I sat in the cabin and quietly looked at the paper plane I had folded. I like to see my older brother wearing pilot’s clothes with a handsome and capable air.. He was sitting in the cockpit, wearing a helmet headset. He steered the plane with ease. The plane flew in the vast air and headed for a beautiful place..

Alone hurts god, and night quietness hurts bosom

Night is the world’s night. Good night is your peace? Overtime to night, exhaustion of body and mind, but no drowsiness. Through reading notes, I accidentally saw su Shi’s words, ” outside the swing wall in the wall.”. Wall layman, wall beauty smile. Laugh gradually without hearing the sound gradually, but affectionate people are mercilessly annoyed’. Can’t help but for this small endowment emotional appeal heart, dongpo also have impetuous time. I also like Ouyang Xiu’s ” courtyard deeply” to participate in the recent recent butterfly lovers bill.? Willow pile of smoke, curtain without weight. Yu Le Diao Saddle You Ye Chu, Zhang Tai Road Not Seen from Building Height. The rain is sweeping across the wind, March is dusk, the door covers the evening, and there is no plan to stay in spring.. Tearful eyes asked flowers not to speak, and red flew over the swing.. Reading makes people want to look for dreams, dreams of the apricot blossom and misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River, dreams of the deep moonlight in the courtyard. Perhaps, saints and mortals alike, everyone has a source of smoke and rain in the south of the Yangtze River and peach blossoms in his heart.. This Jiangnan can let people peel off from reality and temporarily forget their troubles. This taoyuan mountain is a couple, a small courtyard by the stream, with crowing of chickens and barking of dogs every day and moving of bamboos in the night … ah, turn off the lights, close your eyes and sit there quietly, feeling like wandering air, moving from place to place with breathing.. I’m afraid of the dark, but I love the quiet of the night, so quiet that you feel that the world really belongs to you at this moment.. Although the eyes are closed, the street lamp outside the window can still let people feel the light and mottled light, just like the stars in the sky when I was a child, there is no xinghai like a firefly in the city.. When I was a child, my mother always had endless farm work, transplanting rice during the day and cutting wheat at night. Knowing that I was afraid of the dark, she put me on the cut wheat straw pile.. Looking at the stars all over the sky, my ears are full of the sound of ” hula shout” made by my mother’s sickle as she shuttles through the straw, and my voice is getting farther away. I know my mother is also farther away from me.. The stars in the sky are no longer the lights in fairy tales, but the fire that flies down, stabbing my eyes, and the small straw pile is the helpless bamboo raft on the sea, bumping up and down … ah, I covered my eyes, curled up, did not dare to cry, only sobbing softly and mumbling to my mother.. In fact, I didn’t have to be so afraid at that time, because my mother wouldn’t leave me far away, and she would come back to move me forward every time she cut a piece.. In retrospect, the stars were still made of dew in the childhood sky, flooding my mother’s big eyes and wetting my little face … Ah, now, 20 years later, only memories of childhood are beautiful. Although I am still so afraid of the dark, I still yearn for a safe hug, but my mother is old and so thin that I can’t be the crying child.. If possible, I hope that time will slow down and I can return to the short old house in my childhood and sit with my parents in the sunset. My father still sings that sentence, ” The star or the star, the moon or the moon …” My mother still looks at the shadow moving with the song on the wall, brimming with laughter, and my sister still lies in her arms, shaking her thick big braid hanging on her chest. I also squeeze the prickly heat around her neck with my nails, gently, one after another, each squeeze, my mother shrinks her neck … Ah, I don’t know if my parents are old in the future and afraid of the dark at night.? I think, I hope I won’t go far at that time, I also have a big hug, as warm and smiling as a child.. Alone hurts god, and night quietness hurts bosom. Am I too emotional? In life, we are all so strong and busy, but once we stop, why don’t we yearn for a small courtyard full of childhood romance?? ‘ my path is full of petals — I have swept it for no others, my thatch gate has been closed — but opens now for you. Du Fu is eager to live alone in Huanhuatang with a state of mind of isolation from the rest of the world, and to live a life with mountains and rivers. So are we not? The night gradually quieted down and some street lamps went to sleep quietly. In the dark, I moved lightly and fell to the ground silently. I walked to my dream. There were intermittent stories, rhyming nursery rhymes, moon with ears cut, milky way covered with diamonds, arms like cradles and flying smiles … Ah, arranged in 2017. 11. 01: 49 am – End – Reproduction Notice: Original works of story storage center are not allowed to be reproduced without authorization. If infringement is found, legal liability will be investigated! χ Please pay more attention to our WeChat public number, WeChat search public number[ story storage center ][ original ]and click on χ Business Cooperation WeChat: CHYUN 90

A happy family

He is 71 years old this year and has four children, including one daughter, three sons and the eldest daughter, who is a middle school teacher. He is 49 years old this year and has spent her best youth on a small three-foot platform. Her students have entered the first-level school in batches, and some have entered the society. Some of them have become the leaders of some important departments, and she is still standing on her platform as usual, fulfilling her dream of teaching good books and educating good people as a backbone teacher of municipal disciplines.. Her husband is also an excellent middle school teacher, who has been rewarded by the municipal government many times, and her son is also so excellent. At the age of 18, he worked and lived as a table tennis coach in the developed coastal cities, with generous treatment and happy life, so that his smile always permeated his face. As a post – 90s generation, he developed a kind, open – minded, cheerful and capable character, sunny and handsome, so wherever he is, he will have a high return rate, and he is also a very friendly person, with respect and respect for both primary school students and many older people..     The eldest son worked hard in the bank every day and made countless money from him, but he never made any mistakes. Calmness is the main part of his character. This character also made him dream of becoming a good bank clerk. The eldest daughter-in-law is also a middle school teacher. As a teacher in charge of class, she spent a lot of time with students every day, almost every day she came to school early. Every child in the class knows everything about her study and life. Like Xu Xiaohui of a single parent family, she was very calm after school and rarely communicated with people.. My son is a college student, studying animation design. Wen Wen quietly looks like a girl, white, with sharp fingertips and tall stature. He now has more than one meter and eighty, and he graduated this year with a myopic lens. He will be leaving in Zhongguancun, Beijing, in July. This is the eldest son’s family..     The second son’s family is in Xinjiang, and his daughter-in-law works in the cosmetics store. He works outside all the year round. As a design engineer, he spends a lot of time running all over the country. Because factories or pipelines and bridges are built all over the country, he spends a lot of time outside and has very limited time with his family. The family relies on his daughter-in-law to take care of the children. Even though this is the case, the daughter-in-law and the children are still as happy as they are now single and have their own design companies, busy with orders and business, and busy with their own affairs every day.. Mom and dad also smiled after hearing this and said, ” That’s good, then we would be at ease if we went to see Marx.”.     Under the guidance of the good policy of reform and opening to the outside world, every family is happy and happy. Seeing such a harmonious family, the 70 – year – old man smiled happily. He said, ” I am the oldest living person from your grandfather’s generation, and your grandfather couldn’t put on food at that time. In my life, I really caught up with the good time, eating rice and flour every day is a common meal, dumplings and other kinds of meat are eaten whenever I want, and I don’t want to cook and eat outside every day.. Look at my physical fitness now, there is no problem living for another ten years and eight years, and we are even happier after listening to it, saying: the day is so good now, you and my mother live to be 100 years old and there is no problem, and every year our family can also travel to scenic places during the holidays. where are we going this year, dad? Dad said, I heard that Xishuangbanna’s tropical rain forest landscape is good. Let’s go there first. We all said no problem. We’ll go in a few days.

Grandmother’s life

Grandmother’s feet have gone through eighty-four miserable years in her life and have been away from us for many years.. My mother talked about her these days, ” without great – grandmother, there would be no family and manpower in this family now.”. I should have written about her when I was a child, my great-grandmother was old, but she was busy in the kitchen with her feet all day, feeding pigs, chickens and caring for a group of great – grandchildren.. The great-grandmother in my memory is very kind, with her children and grandchildren wrapping around her knees, and she can take good care of her.. It can be said that great-grandmother never lived for herself or enjoyed a day’s happiness in her life. If she could live to the present, maybe she could live for herself: eat well, dress well and see the world..     Grandmother was born in the last years of the Qing Dynasty in a war-torn country. In the years of famine and cold fleeing, she became a graceful young girl.. At the age of 16, her mother decided to marry a small family. Seven or eight days after marriage, her mother went to visit her. In the evening, the mother and daughter lived in the family’s only hut, and her new husband and in-laws lived in caves.. In the middle of the night, the earthquake shook the mountain and broke the ground. A big earthquake shaking the world shook their mother and daughter out of their sleep, and they climbed out of broken walls and shivered in the cold wind until dawn.. The collapsed cave has buried her in-laws in her husband’s grave, so she has to follow her mother back to her family.     A year later, great-grandmother married great – grandfather, the eldest son of a large family. Great – grandfather’s ex-wife died of consumption and left no man or woman behind. Great grandfather was honest and hardworking, and he did not slack off at work for a moment. His family’s food and clothing were all supported by him. His mother was still smoking opium. As soon as the smoker hit him on the head with a cigarette gun, he knelt in front of him and did not reply. Only when his mother’s anger subsided, he carried lambs, wore stars and Dai Yue, and went over mountains and mountains to the bazaar dozens of miles away to exchange opium.. Grandmother is a new daughter-in-law who takes care of her parents – in – law. She always takes care when talking and doing things. Her mother-in-law likes to praise her in front of outsiders sometimes.. In this way, a few years passed without incident..     On a cold winter night, a gang of bandits rushed into the village and the whole family was terrified. The whole family helped the old and the young flee for their lives in panic and fled from their homes nearby. Grandmother said to her husband, ” You take your parents, siblings and sons back to the mountains first, and I will go back and get us some food and drink. We can’t let more than 20 members of the family starve to death on the road.”. Great – grandmother, disregarding dissuasion, returned home and quickly packed dry food in the kitchen. At this moment, the bandit rushed into the courtyard and hid too late. She hurriedly untied her hair, took out the ashes of the stove chamber and touched the whole body, curled up in the corner, trembling with fear.. Several bandits found her and asked, ” Who are you from this family?”? ‘ she didn’t reply. A bandit said, ” Look, it must be the fire girl of this family. We are short of a fire girl.”. ‘ This gang of bandits set up a big iron pan in the courtyard. Her great-grandmother knelt in front of the pan to burn the fire. She watched her pigs, cattle and sheep being slaughtered, bags of food being fed to the horses, oil tanks and honeypots being knocked over and her heart ached with a knife.. After a few days, the bandits still ate and drank, wantonly wasted food, destroyed houses and furniture, and had no intention of withdrawing. Grandmother thought: if you continue to endure, you will surely lose your life. So, on a chilly night, great-grandmother raised some meat cooked by bandits, climbed out of the backyard and ran away along the ravine, accidentally fell into a thornbush and was stabbed black and blue, with a burning pain all over her body, and she also ignored it.. By dawn, she found her family in a cave, and the couple wept bitterly. This where will you go earned great-grandmother the respect of the whole family..     Han’s family, old and young, lived in the cave for more than a month. During the day, great grandfather took his three younger brothers to the village to beg for some food and drink. At night, the family huddled up and down to keep each other warm until bandits left Han’s compound.. When he got home, he saw the poor people nearby washing the food lying on the street by bandits in the sand, his great-grandfather wailing over the stone lion’s money sitting in front of the door, his parents crying over the sky and robbing the land, and the possessions created by these generations were destroyed. They cursed the world and cried about their fate..     Grandmother tried to dissuade her parents-in-law and husband and clean up the mess.. The family struggled through the winter until the spring blooms. Once bitten by a snake, they are afraid of the ropes for ten years, let alone the chaos of bandits and bandits.? Great grandfather, at his wife’s suggestion, decided to cut a stone house on a cliff eight or nine miles away from home to prevent banditry. A big project started in the spring of 1925. Seven or eight masons were hired to cut holes in the cliff four or five feet above the ground. They used the most primitive method, cutting an axe and getting up early and greedy for black. It took two years and five months to spend eight hundred oceans, and the stone house was finally completed.. The stone house covers an area of more than 100 square meters, with living room, bedroom kitchen and toilet inside. Great grandfather led his three younger brothers to build a courtyard on the ground under the cliff. After the autumn harvest, a family of old and young moved into a new home. When they were safe, they lived in the courtyard under the cliff, ploughed the fields and wove cloth, gave birth to children, and once the wind and grass blows, they immediately climbed into the stone house along the ladder, then removed the ladder, closed the stone door, and only watched what was going on in a few watchful eyes..     The day passed in suspense. His great-grandfather’s two sisters married one after another. His mother’s opium addiction did not diminish at all. His two great-grandfather became addicted to cigarettes and his family gradually ran out of money.. Grandmother ran the family inside and outside, only asking the whole family not to get hungry and hungry, and her sons and daughters gradually grew up, helping her to share her worries and solve her problems..     One autumn afternoon, people heard that bandits were coming again. The villagers nearby all took refuge in the stone house, which suddenly housed hundreds of people. The scene was unimaginable.. The three great-grandfather and the four great-grandfather rushed under the stone house before they could get up to it because they helped the villagers, grabbed them, helped them to the big tree opposite the stone house, and shouted at the stone house, ” Hand over the money and food, and if they don’t listen to Lao Tzu, they will become Lao Tzu’s sword ghost.”.. Great grandfather fired a few shots at the opposite mountain from his sentry eye with his only local gun, and the bandits were angry and barbecued his brothers’ backs with red-hot shovels. ” If you don’t pay the money, Lao tze will burn them.” ” They froze.”.     The bandit also shouted’ release some big girls’ and’ great grandfather stamped his foot in a hurry and said: ” what can I do about this?”? Their mother heaved a sigh and said, ” Alas, what can I do?”? Leave it to God. ‘ Nothing happened in the stone house. Bandits were impatient and resisted the forehead of the two great-grandfather with guns. ” Quick, promise to Lao Tzu and get money and food.”! ‘ stone house haven’t action.     Listen to’ bang, bang’ and’ two, two great-grandfather fell.    The bandits withdrew. For some time after that, the whole family was wrapped up in grief.     Later, great-grandmother gave birth to two grandfathers, and the milk was still enough. The two grandfathers were fat and attractive..     After this year’s autumn harvest, the weather is as cool as a day, and the stone house is still warm. Great grandfather went to Anyuan County to pick up his big sister Juxiang back to her family, because Juxiang sent a message for her brother to pick her up for many times, and now he finally has free time.. After two or three days of lawton, my great grandfather carried chrysanthemum fragrance and her red wooden case with a horse. Chrysanthemum fragrance, a stay until the end of the year will come, belly also gradually grew up, gave birth to a boy on a cold night. After the boy was born, chrysanthemum fragrance washed her face with tears all day long and did not nurse her son. her great-grandmother nursed her. Two grandfathers have since broken milk, crying all day long with hunger, getting thinner and thinner day by day.. Chrysanthemum fragrance out of the moon, must go back to the husband’s family, but cried and refused to leave. Chrysanthemum incense’s husband’s family came and she and her red box were carried away by people. The parting cry was really worrying. The autumn wind howled and tears flooded her heart. Only she knew what she was waiting for.. Juxiang’s husband is the county magistrate of Anyuan County. He had a new love. He heard that the woman had written a good word and Juxiang should have gone to court earlier. Chrysanthemum fragrance survived the year in the supercilious look and gossip of her sister – in – law, hoping that her family would take her back to see her son. But the snow was rolling all over the sky and the snow blocked the way. Poor chrysanthemum fragrance ended her young life by swallowing opium in waiting and loneliness.     Grandmother had another son, she took care of this son, what’s more, this son is clever and handsome, especially attractive, and he has always been the apple of the eye of the family.. He was my three grandfathers, and her grandmother was doubly caring. Two grandfathers were suddenly left out. Later, the great-grandfather gave two grandfathers to the second great-grandfather who had no son..     After a few years, great-grandmother’s parents-in-law died one after another and repeatedly told great-grandmother to bring up three grandfathers well before she died.. In fact, the parents’ worries are redundant, and outsiders don’t know the big secret. All the neighbors thought that Grandmother Three was her own, and Grandmother Three kept her mouth shut until she died. She said when she saw someone: ” I can enjoy the blessing of my third son, do great things outside, and always buy some food and drink for Old Niang when I go home. I have a pain that depends entirely on him.”. Great – grandmother’s and great-grandfather’s mother-son relationship is really difficult to express in words.     And this stone house took in many fleeing poor people in those miserable years.. After the liberation of the country, the great-grandparents moved into the county seat with the three grandfathers, who worked in the county’s armed forces department. The old couple also enjoyed a few days of happiness. However, the great-grandfather who toiled all his life was paralyzed by a stroke and died. The tenacious great-grandmother was still busy looking after her great – grandchild, who was eighty-four years old and died of a stomachache..     As time flies through the world, the sound of good great-grandmother will be forgotten by her children and grandchildren, but her conduct is like blood seeping into the blood of her descendants. Therefore, although her descendants are ordinary, they are tenacious and kind..

Good deeds are ” good causes”

To be a person, one must strive to be true, good and beautiful. Giving people roses has a lingering fragrance. If we pay, we will certainly get something. If everyone does this, then society is a stable and harmonious society.     It is not easy to be a human being, and we need to spend all our life studying it.. In the course of our growth or at any moment in our life, we need to constantly correct our words and deeds so that we can integrate ourselves into the stage of life with the true, the good and the beautiful and win the trust of society, life and others..     From the moment we came into this world, we have used our pure heart to feel parents’ body rumors and teachings and to hear all kinds of human behaviors.. Parents’ education is the best example. It is that they have instilled kindness, tolerance and love for life in all our bodies and minds, as well as in our studies. They have also received a deeper education from teachers about life, so that we can gradually understand the truth of life and philosophy of doing things.. This stage is of great benefit to our whole life, because knowledge gives us the ability to be human capital and identify behavior, and also lets us know what life is..     Only when the goal of life and life are combined together can we have a good hope. When we take part in the work and really step into the society, after hearing and seeing all the real life of people, we will deeply feel that it is not easy to live and live, just to warm others with a kind heart of our own, in fact, it is not always the case.. Because beauty and ugliness coexist, and falsehood and truth coexist, the life at this moment is really helpless, and the selfish side of people will be revealed in front of you.. Too many times we have to become sophisticated in order to survive, which can be said to be a helpless act in life to adapt to life and society..     Life needs us to constantly learn to be human, but being human sometimes makes us never smooth in life. This requires us to learn to be human all our lives, and to strive to be kind and plain is the most true.     To be a person is to be an honest man. To be a person cannot satisfy people, but it is true that I should have a clear conscience.. Naturally, to do things regularly without violating the principles, you should first have your own thoughts, opinions and opinions, and do not violate the principles and morals of being a human being. If you can do these things, you can be true.. The most important thing to realize a person is his sincerity and trustworthiness, his willingness to help others, and his sincerity. Your sincerity will show up and you will find the true happiness of a person..     To be a human being is to say’ good is rewarded with good. ‘ Speak” All evils are not done, all good practices”. Therefore, we should be warm – hearted, care for others, sympathize with the weak and have everything with love.. Buddhists are most concerned with karma, exhorting people to be good and saying’ My Buddha’s Compassion, Purdue All Living Beings’. Of course, Confucianists also speak of goodness and love the benevolent, but the core of Confucianists’ appeal is not goodness. Therefore, we should choose good people to pay, choose good books to read, choose good words to listen, and choose good deeds to do.     To be a person, one must speak ” harmony”. Is to speak of harmony between heaven and earth and between man and nature. The harmony between people is to have’ rites’,’ have’ and’ points’; The harmony between man and nature is the unity of man and nature, the harmony between heaven and earth. The harmony between man and his heart is to cultivate one’s morality and keep one’s family together, and then rule the country and level the world with opportunities.. This requires inner harmony and beauty. It is beautiful to achieve harmony between people. It is beautiful to be in harmony with nature. All three have been achieved, that is, a better society.     Of course, Confucian things also have their negative factors, such as emphasizing the hierarchical system and emphasizing the weakness of inaction, in order to strengthen the position of the ruling class.. But they cannot completely deny what is positive because they have negative things. It is very positive for people’s education and for people’s pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty.. We should strip off its ugliness, inherit its true, good and beautiful things, unify the true, good and beautiful, and practice it.     The best way to do this is to help the orphans and the poor directly. Although this method needs to pay property, it does not necessarily require a lot of money, but it can be done according to one’s abilities and be blessed without limits.. From time to time, we can see in the newspaper news that the newspaper is appealing to the public to understand their kindness, or that so-and-so people in so-and-so areas have lost their livelihood due to accidental death, or that so-and-so people are helpless in old age and disability and have to beg to lie on the streets, suffer from hunger and cold, or that so-and-so people can not afford to be ill for years, have no family to depend on, do not have two meals, suffer from poverty and illness, and suffer untold hardships.. Many charity people understand the charity and transfer the remittance from the newspaper to the lonely poor. These charity people are planting Futian widely and are planting boundless blessings for their future.. The size of ” Ford” is not measured by the amount of ” good money” but by the depth of ” out – of – mind”. Therefore, the donation of good money can be done according to one’s ability.. As long as the benefactor always cultivates this kind of compassion and does not miss every opportunity to do good, the amount of good money is not limited and he can do what he can, then Ford’s work cannot be counted on.. If you have time, you can personally hand over the money to the needy and visit according to the address in the newspaper. After witnessing the miserable situation of others in person, one can cultivate one’s compassion, which is bodhisattva’s. Don’t leave your name when you donate money, and don’t show kindness to others, so that the beneficiaries won’t take it to heart. This is ” giving without giving”, and the merit is even greater..     Always be thankful and humble. There are often people in life who have a surplus family, are successful in their studies and have a superior job, so they regard themselves as superior to others and have a proud and slow mind, thinking that they can enjoy splendor and wealth according to their abilities, which often become obstacles in the future.. If you fail, you will wake up to your own insignificance. There are also some talented people who have outstanding abilities but are always grateful and modest, treat others equally and are willing to give back to society..In this way, the family can be more harmonious and the career developed. In fact, the wisdom and wealth of heaven-sent people are not to let people enjoy themselves and indulge in extravagance and extravagance, but to help those who are poor by their hands.. The more you can share your blessings with others, the longer and longer your blessings will last. The ancients said that only modesty can be blessed. With humility and gratitude, fate will improve.     To do what is true, good and beautiful, we must take the initiative to fight for it and keep ” doing good deeds and planting good causes”. According to Mao Zedong’s emphasis on his old man’s house, ” a noble man, a pure man, a moral man, a man who is divorced from vulgar taste, and a man who is beneficial to the people.”. This is the truth, goodness and beauty of today, and is the highest realm of life.

Doing what you do is thinking what you do is destroying what you follow.

A brief review of Zhang jiachun’s participation and reflection on the regulations took several nights to finish reading the book written by the headmaster. The content of the book is the result of the author’s’ thinking and acting’, writing his thoughts and practices, without beautiful sentences, the content is practical, and the style is natural and simple. Lu Xun put forward the writing essentials of ” having the true meaning, whitewashing, showing off less and not affectation”, which this book did. After reading the book, I evaluated it as ” essential, easy to understand and useful.”.     Thinking is the guide to doing, doing and the destination of thinking. This participating and thoughtful bill seems to explain this truth. After close reading, one can realize the wonderful use of the two’ and’ characters. That is, thinking and acting, thinking and acting constantly, thinking and acting at the same time, cycling, deepening and advancing continuously.. ‘ It’s a long way to go. I’ll go up and down in search of Xiu Yuan.. ‘ To do a good job, it is necessary to have such a’ search’ process..     As an in-service high school principal, he wrote down his own independent thinking and original opinions after his busy work. Write down the mental journey of running the school, as well as its practices and results. Its dedication to work is commendable, and its open-minded mind is praised for it. Some of the insights put forward in the book are striking and impressive. His idea of running the school has already been demonstrated in his work performance and has made the campus look brand-new and colourful.. Therefore, the practical significance of this book is self – evident.     Confucius said, ” Learning without thinking is useless.” Saying is saying, ” Talking with your mouth and chanting with your heart and thinking with your mind” means emphasizing thinking while thinking with the principal, that is, ” Doing and thinking with your actions.”. Only in this way can we keep our heads calm and sober. Only in this way can we have a unique idea of running a school and a complete and clear system flow. Think, is quiet; Line, is moving, static and dynamic combination, is the way to success. The headmaster’s good thinking can only” show people what they see, and make people see what they see”. On the contrary, it can only be” show people what they see with their faintness.”.     The author’s ideas are clear and his writing is smooth and concise.. No empty rhetoric, no drag and drop. Focus on the overall situation of education and set out to work in specific areas. Pay attention to reality, not empty talk, its style, simple reality; Its content is practically available. What is dedicated to readers is all real’ dry goods’. After reading the book, people shine at the moment, as if they have found a key to the development and innovation of the school..     The content of the book is comprehensive and extensive, with nine chapters and a line running through it. That is how to create a new educational concept. I was most impressed by two things: one is people-oriented and the other is running a school with its own characteristics. People – oriented is to emphasize the harmony of education. ” Everything is for the development of students”. We should not only consider the needs of today’s society for talents, but also the needs of students’ future development. We should not only focus on students’ academic achievements at present, but also focus on whether students can become innovative talents with entrepreneurial ability..     With regard to running schools with special features, the book has both careful arrangements and long-term planning. In fact, it is a systematic project, involving all aspects inside and outside the campus, for the school to set up its own characteristics.. The book is full of space and details specific measures and measures. Make this work rule – based. There are standards, there are norms. All the measures mentioned in the book, without precedent, are entirely the author’s idea. For example, the establishment of elective courses and credit system, the compilation and curriculum of the Grand Canal Culture Reader and the Chinese Traditional Virtue Education Reader, the implementation of students’ practical activities and community service, and so on. All these curriculum reforms have set a precedent in history. ‘ Thinking” Deepening,’ Line” Boldness implies” Dare to Be the First in the World.”.     ‘ industry is more diligent than leisure. Doing what you do is thinking what you do is destroying what you follow.. ‘ An old saying summarizes the author’s heart and call, China’s rise, education first, and today’s education attracts everyone’s attention. The principal’s ” diligence” means ” work” in his eyes; he is good at finding problems; he is good at finding solutions to problems; and he is hard at doing things by himself.. And there are specific programs. ‘ Doing well in thinking is ruined by following” As long as we think deeply, there will be much to be done. This book by President Zhang Jiachun can serve as an example..     This book has theory but not emptiness, and there is evidence to learn from.All this is by no means’ water without source, wood without foundation’, it is the result of years of hard work by the author. It is also the result of the author’s constant exploration and seeking truth from facts. ‘ The story of the past is known to all for its gains and losses.”. I believe that the principals will benefit from reading this book. I also believe that all those who are engaged in education and teaching, as well as those who care about education, will also benefit greatly from reading this book..