Bamboo leaves fragrance article

Part One: fragrance of bamboo leaves from work to walk in the warm evening breeze, the air smelled the fragrance of bamboo leaves, blowing, ears like the old nursery rhyme.With thoughts of May, into the memory of a green home, recalling the Dragon Boat Festival lively busy village picture.  In my childhood memories, every household rice dumplings, common reed leaves and bamboo leaves.Zongye package out of the dumplings thick, giving a simple feeling; dumplings angular reed leaves the distinct, small.I especially like the dumplings in bamboo leaves package.At that time rarely seen on the market to sell bamboo leaves, a few days before the Dragon Boat Festival, people began preparing the Zongye.Zongye needed to be picking yourself collecting, this is a very tricky thing.But as long as willing to use their brains, usually pay attention to look for bamboo leaves tree in the bush, secretly in mind.To pick a suitable time, get up early, leaving for the mountains basket.When drilling shrub, growing towards the best that several strains of bamboo leaves tree and ran, someone can always first come, pick the best leaves almost bare, but there are also spared.As long as patient selection, stacked sheets placed neatly in the basket, can satisfactorily to take home.Picking home bamboo leaves or dry, or boiling water or steaming in the pot.Before rice dumplings, the bamboo leaves soak in warm water, then the white undercoat layer should Zongye brushing off.Rice dumplings of glutinous rice as early as ready, soak in a large bowl.In a time of urgent eyes, slowly puffing white rice.My hand secretly inserted into the small bowl, stir the capsules pearls, joy in my heart.  Dragon Boat Festival put bright dawn, a touch of morning fog has not yet dispersed, my mother got up with a colander fishing began to pack rice dumplings.I was awakened by the sound of rushing water sleep, Yi Gulu went to the yard, to help his mother take of straw bulging dumplings.I learn rice dumplings, the total package is not got no good-looking, strong.Then just started to go it alone, his family was a little more comfortable.Mom To make the dumplings have different tastes, plus dumplings thing peanut, jujube, green beans and the like.And so after a good package dumplings, good support in the yard stove, put the dumplings in the pot placed neatly brought many egg wash well, put the dumplings around and scoop full of water, ignite firewood to cook.Flames licking the bottom of the pot, like me, eager mood burning.I secretly lifted the lid and boil to see again and again with no.Mom told me not worry, boil to simmer slowly cook for a few hours, or rice will be cooked.And so on up the pot boiling, thick aroma to diffuse around me, spread to the yard, blown out of the alley.This time, his father marching morning dew returned from the fields, holding a number of mugwort pulled from the gutter to the ridge on both sides inserted under the door, eaves, placed in front of the window, in the warm summer mugwort swaying, exudes a pleasant fragrance smell.Mugwort fragrance of bamboo leaves and thick aroma together, filled the yard.  The sun slowly rising, thick dumplings Hong threw herself into the nasal cavity, the heart Qinru.The morning mist, the elegant neighborhood a rich fragrant dumplings, fused together in the cuckoo’s call, the diffusion of the streets filled with the breath of the Dragon Boat Festival.Stew for a pot of dumplings, sweltering remaining, with a rich fragrance of bamboo leaves.That bamboo leaves fragrance ah, my mother began giving hope to children, wafting a happy time of my childhood, wafting the harvests of hope, smell the Dragon Boat Festival poet of Imagination.  Dragon Boat Festival is coming, memories are so warm, so warm, so warm, the past has become the eternal memory of the period.Supermarket delicate beauty packaging of dumplings, called back my beautiful childhood.Dragon Boat Festival in the hometown of my memory, had already carved into an engraving.  Dreams of home, bamboo leaves fragrance, wheat ripe yellow, went to busy.    Part II: bamboo leaves fragrance, overflowing passion dumplings are a traditional food of the Dragon Boat Festival, memory, due to the different eating habits of the country, there are a variety of different flavors dumplings.  Visited many places, eating lots of dumplings, there are dumplings north, Taiwanese dumplings, dumplings Jiaxing, Ningbo dumplings, and our famous Guangdong Shaoxing Guozheng Zong, authentic Kau dumplings, unique Thai dumplings.  With the improvement of living standards, and affected Hong Kong and Taiwan, and now around the Dragon Boat Festival, there are many upscale supermarkets scallop dumplings, seafood dumplings, variety, assortment, numerous.  Warm plates dumplings but has been lingering in my heart, I was regarded as the best in the world, or the mother with affection, with love brewed.  According to the traditional custom, we usually eat dumplings at the Dragon Boat Festival.But in my house, as long as I am greedy, no matter what, as long as I miss my mother said, dumplings, my mother would smile without a word, looked at me with the eyes of love.And follow down, I will see my mother gaunt figure out, busy preparing for the production of materials dumplings.  I know, it was my mother would give me to do dumplings.I also know that every time my mother to do it, not just dumplings, and her love for me, for my spoiled.Whenever this time, my heart there is always a deep sense of warmth and well-being in Ascension.  With friends who are proud to say: I do not eat dumplings elsewhere, in my mind, none of the world never dumplings, stuffed as much as my mother’s love dumplings.  My friends looked at me proudly look at this, always looked at me with envious eyes, and then disguised disdain and said: do not care.  But when we tasted his mother’s “masterpiece” In the future, whenever I heard that my family had dumplings, that look, salivate, Central softly to me: Do not remember to yourself, ah, give us some of the.At this point, I’d rolled his eyes, proud raised his head, looked at the floor and then they intended frustrated grin.Looked at the mother made the dumplings, smell the fragrance of bamboo leaves at home taste, it is also a kind of ultimate enjoyment.From the selection of bamboo leaves, green beans, pork, yellow duck, glutinous rice to washing, soaking, to seasoning, tying, cooking, it is definitely a road numerous procedures, can not tolerate sloppy got a.  Each time watching his mother make dumplings, I’m always full of admiration for her, the mind is filled with emotion.The original looks like a simple dumplings, which was very demanding, have to spend so much time and effort to complete concocted.  I think I changed, I absolutely can not complete such a “huge” and “project”.The mother was never in front of me to complain about the last part, she was always doing it all cheerfully, as if it was her greatest happiness, her look is so happy and fulfilled.  Each time, my mother gave us dozens of dumplings, let us take to some friends, some of us in the fridge, eat when you take out heating.  In the fresh morning, I often get up early in the morning, taking a dip in a pot of tea, her mother had prepared rice dumplings into the pot and cook.Often holding chic dumplings, there is a warm and sweet like an oven in my heart.Process sauna net waiting for the dumplings cook hot, definitely a pleasant and comfortable feeling.Bamboo leaves fragrance, thick smell of it so easily got into my pores of the body, to lure me.I greedily sucked into that sweet and unique scent with his nose and let the kind of fragrance haunt my internal organs.  The original mother’s love, flowing gently in a small dumplings.Although it is secular taste, but happy, happy but easily filled the whole house.As if all the joy in the fragrance of bamboo leaves early in the morning, quietly spread.  Always hot and endure pain, I can not wait to unlock the still steaming bamboo leaves.When exposed ado, glistening rice that time, I could not help but bite carefully, glutinous rice, mung bean flavor tucked Velvet immediately spread, sticky, but also vaguely see a little bit of pickle was shining brilliantly fat, that fragrant, that chewy, inserted between the lips and teeth tangled, people appetizing.  The most attractive, or embedded in the dumplings in salted egg yolk, golden yellow, faint out of a little tempting butter.As if that is so unintentionally, the mouth-watering salted egg yolk, inadvertently drew me too severely and then bite.Savor, yarn entrance is a general feeling, soft, as if the bones have melted away, people articulate taste, aftertaste.  Especially in the cold morning, the best eating it like an oven, plus a touch of a cup of tea, my heart will be rippling lingering relaxed, sweet, warm, and even thoughts are flying along gently.  So, for so many years, my mother stuffed dumplings do, I became busy in rushing beautiful scenery line.  As the saying goes: meet good, hard to live together.Even the flesh and blood of mother and daughter is no exception.Once, the mother had some stubborn, had some controversy, there have been a number of knot, dedicated time, always felt unhappy.Whenever this time, my mother always brought me quietly and carefully carry her dumplings.  At that moment, my heart is always filled lingering moved.My mother passed over, is a silent warm.And I, then in the hands of, not only dumplings, as well as tolerance and understanding, as well as pamper and spoil.  So, all in all unpleasant, easily disappear; so I learned to cherish understanding and delicious dumplings in; so I slowly matured in the days of the young and frivolous; so, in my affection dumplings, the read a mother’s love.  Small dumplings, like a bridge, a link, so that her daughter’s feelings in the fragrance of bamboo leaves in sublimation again.  This year, the mother due to tiny blood vessels can not see the plug to walk properly, let alone make love to me stuffed dumplings.Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, the mother never forget the day, clamoring to buy my materials back and let her do the dumplings.If not personally make dumplings for me, and that is her dereliction of duty, and that is her regret.  My heart, in addition to moving or moved.So many years, my mother put up with hardships, raising us, his own pain stranded, quietly worked hard with her tenderness, her perseverance, meticulous care of us, but never asking for anything.Maybe, as long as we live better and that is her greatest satisfaction.  I tightly hugged her and said softly: Mom, if you recover as soon as possible, so you recovered, we do give dumplings.  So, I do not care how busy, and quickly drove to buy out-of Kau dumplings home.  Dear Mom, ah, this year, and let us try it out dumplings.If the Dragon Boat Festival can make a wish, I will borrow the words of Jian Zhen, a wish generous: put a smile back to people used to cry, and returned to the health of people suffering, life returned to the lover of life.Let the sun, not the sun back corner.  Day like water, many years past, I have been happily enjoying the dumplings mother do.Small dumplings, which involves both a mother’s love, mother’s wishes, the mother’s warmth.  Eat dumplings, I would even that precipitation in the old days of happiness together also eat into the stomach, as if through time can be stained diet to meet, so sweet, so happy, so vividly.  And our mother and feelings, but also that small dumplings in steady.  Life is so original, light and satisfying.In the trivial warm, caring and understanding in moving, nourishing, and happy with the secular.

Broken lights up life

Junk life lit paper / Zhou once he and the city’s many scavengers, wearing a straw hat broken every day, carrying a snakeskin bag, spare, street, pick up special someone discarded beverage bottles.One day down, worn out, and earned money but only to maintain a person’s food and clothing, this day is not too happy people.Of course, he also thought about doing something else, let the family live a decent life, but he was a no culture, no two technologies, in addition to scavenging, and can do it?  That day, he as usual to the street, searching around the target.His luck is quite good, in addition to harvest a lot of mineral water bottles, but also picked up a few cans.He thought such a beautiful jar, it will be able to fetch a high price, who knows to scrap yards a question, just a few cents.Suddenly, he was very depressed, how could not understand, so good quality and appearance of the jar, has only the value of money here!He was a bit reluctant, but some can not be reconciled, then, back home, he will be one of the cans cut into pieces and then melted into a fingernail-sized silver-gray metal.Although this metal looks good, but he did not know iron, or aluminum, it is unclear worth the money.  In order to understand cans in the end what material is made of small pieces of metal that he will be sent to the Shenyang Inspection Center for testing.Surprisingly, this was actually a precious metal of magnesium alloy, the market price of about 1 ton.$ 40,000 to $ 1.Between 80,000 yuan.  Although this test he spent more than 600 dollars, equivalent to half a month’s income, but he is still very happy.On the way back, he silently wondering, a weight of about 18 empty cans.5 grams a ton about 5.40000, if the direct sell them, can only sell two thousand yuan of money, and melted able to sell about fourteen thousand yuan, the price difference between the two times sixty-seven.That being the case, why not close to melt into metal cans, and then sell it to get the market up?Such a pop can earn several angles.  After sighting opportunities, he went ahead and went to the bank immediately of stock sum of money, built a special metal smelting plants cans.In order to acquire a sufficient number of cans, he not only with those peers before signing a long-term cooperation agreement, the price will increase by nearly twice as much.We see profitable, have the goods delivered to him there.Less than a year, his factory would produce a more than two hundred tons of aluminum ingots, profit of up to several hundred thousand dollars, not only to pay off the loan, but also a lot of surplus.  In this way, he took only three years, from just an ordinary scavengers turned into a gorgeously worth millions of business owners.He is known as Wang Honghuai has PoLanWang, with unique vision and marketing wisdom, Wang Honghuai realized the others to think about the dream of wealth.  It turned out that there is a success, called another way, the face of an ordinary cans, some people only see the life of the helpless, just a few cents profit, while others are able to get a glimpse of the wealth from the shadow, and it clutched.Wang Honghuai success tells us that business opportunities everywhere, miracles everywhere, as long as you are observant, good at finding, dare to try, others do not dare to take the road traveled, even give you a barren land, you can make it open with flowers.(Inspirational story)

Broken larynx case

Files between shady Kangxi years, according to settle old cases of beheading, northern Anhui Mount Hill County for a number of death row executions.Execution day, the newly appointed magistrate clear light segment personally took the execution ground.Noon, a team tied up, cut back plug desperate flag commit escorted into the execution ground, a sort is No. 5, called Linxiu Sheng made the cut caused a section of the magistrate’s attention, I saw this frail body guilty, Qing Jin gown, undoubtedly a scholar, his left arm and right leg have Duanzhe jailer was almost dragging on the execution ground, can be seen that he suffered very heavy torture in the process of finalizing!  The clerk leaned over the side and said: adults, although it Linxiu Sheng is a scholar, but it is the most difficult nut to a bone!His case was your predecessor Guo magistrate given, can be escorted to a Linxiu Sheng Hu Yuan estoppel on the province, the province will remand, according to Guo magistrate and was kind of report, but estoppel Linxiu Sheng.So over and over again for three years, the governor adults fire, the phrase verdict: ‘Linxiu Sheng punishment could stay for three years, will be a big evil giant sly, homicide perpetrators doubt!”Upon hearing this segment magistrate angrily: governor remark big fallacy, convicted or accept the length of time suspects tortured?Simply disregard for human life!Linxiu Sheng carefully read the help files that Linxiu Sheng Tseng Bali home, have an uncle named Lin Zhongda, this Linxiu Sheng lived in the home next door to the east.Lin Zhongda young man was a famous gambler, and crazy, was known as Lin old devil, he will share his possessions gambled together with the house, disappeared.Linxiu Sheng deploring the ancestral home was occupied, they spend lots of money to redeem forest devil’s house, two house-one, is still forest Courtyard.Unexpectedly, after many years, Lao Gui Lin suddenly return home, but also brought in the body of a pregnant young woman.The woman surnamed Luo, good look, speak a southern accent, but as people do not understand is I’m old devil somehow became unable to talk with people dumb.But since Roche gave birth to daughter Lin Xiaoyu, Linxiu Sheng suddenly turned his face, he just drive them away.Roche how may not want to go, but insisted that Lin Lin courtyard half of her husband’s old devil, like a paper book will Linxiu Sheng sued the lobby!A dozen lawsuits, then will come the village magistrate evidence.Because after Linxiu Sheng scholar aloof, very poor reputation in the village, he had something of the Lin family’s very easy to say clearly the truth of the villagers did not know one voice.According to the magistrate would not know the words off the eastern half of the forest to the forest Courtyard devil.The Linxiu Sheng NPCSC angry, ascent from the intermediate to a wall, to show the relationship between a clean break nephew.Fast forward another two decades later, Roche generous up suddenly, surprising initiative will then redeemed in full house silver back Linxiu Sheng.  Murder occurred after Lin Xiaoyu married.That day, Lin Xiaoyu back home to visit relatives, dinner strike, Lin old devil again into the casino, middle of the night, sleeping in the outside of Lin Xiaoyu watt sound suddenly stepped on the west wing woke up, hurriedly got up, the moonlight, I saw porter has It is a two-edged knife poke, a break in the wind shadow buttressed by an.Lin Xiaoyu ah a cry, a knife to cut the shadows, Lin Xiaoyu speak a neck pain, fainting in the past!She awoke to be lengthy, only to hear the panting mother came in the room and the sound of fighting curse: the original is that you do not eat to feed the wolf!After the money I have to give you money, you have to Zende phrase not absolutely, that is, scream, then it stumbled and ran out of the room shadow dawn, Guo magistrate with three shifts runners came to the scene and saw Roche his body more than a dozen knives, including fatal knife slit her throat, have abandoned corpse beside a bamboo knife covered with blood stains ── no doubt weapon.After listening to Lin Xiaoyu Beibeiqieqie tell, Guo magistrate Nianxu pondered: It seems necessary to the case before the killings because of fiscal ── Roche killed sentence is proof!Lin Guo magistrate asked whether the enemy because of property disputes Cheng Chou, Lin Xiaoyu put enmity nephew told a whole story to understand.Guo magistrate secretly nod, he went to look at the west wing, the west wing and see if there is a slip of the west wall climbing stampede traces.  Guo magistrate head points worse than ever, leading the crowd diameter becoming west yard Linxiu Sheng home.  Entered the hospital, I saw Linxiu Sheng positive argument with a Miejiang.It turned out that Miejiang employed as Linxiu Sheng Sheng home knitting large food store with thorns, was completed last night did not put the knife lost in the bamboo forest home, how come after today can not find a bamboo knife, can Linxiu Sheng keeps saying What himself did not see it but the bamboo knife?Guo magistrate smiled and let out runners that put bamboo knife.It is this the!Just how much blood stained so I do not know the above?Miejiang doubts cried.Guo magistrate did not answer, the eye has a suo saw a stool placed at the east wall, a wall slip rub mud, without a doubt, the murderer is from here stepping stool to climb over the wall.  Just at that moment, Linxiu Sheng’s wife from the house and brought out a large tub filled with dirty clothes, came to the edge of a pool to wash.Guo magistrate sharp-eyed, a man saw a piece of bamboo cloth gown above, chest blood into pieces so far, Guo magistrate no longer hesitated, pointing to the pile of evidence, he ordered the murder of runners to win the perpetrators Linxiu Sheng!Linxiu Sheng shocked, hastily defend themselves: adults, although niche hated aunt, but did not kill her!This Miejiang bamboo knife is thrown at my house, but I did not put away; that stool, yesterday I play dates for her son under the tree climbing with; as for my blood on that piece blouse because I am suffering from glanders, it is saying ‘nose injury’, leading from the nosebleed would be difficult to stop, niche reading for midnight last night, by the cold, which glanders has violated.These niche says, each piece is true, neighbors are aware of dissatisfied see Linxiu Sheng, Guo magistrate called to a confrontation with villagers.Unexpectedly, all the villagers are both like last time, to answer any of the Lin family thing.This time Linxiu Sheng suddenly the ball Daoxialiuren execution ground segment magistrate looked like sprinkled gas dossier, the more and more tightly wrinkled brow: Linxiu Sheng hatred aunt many years, why did not move to kill before the aunt also silver, and then also in silver kill but more intense?Ningmei trying to come up positive, just listen to the cries of a law court, Linxiu Sheng and his family cried, while behind them, stood crowded crowded pay to pay hundreds hole in Bali Imura villagers ── According to class runners head and said, they actually come to see them off Linxiu Sheng!All cry down all the villagers, clear color segments with guilt magistrate seeing this face, heart jing!  Suddenly, the crowd came from the crowd after a ragged, disheveled old man, his left hand holding a shiny ring, right hand shaking a rattle knocking.The old man looked at Linxiu Sheng will be determined, deep sockets tears pit straight sets, but also one of a flaring mouth, but unable to pronounce the sound.  The old man is crazy uncle Linxiu Sheng Lin old devil.A year ago, he suddenly waved a rattle I do not know from where did you get, and I do not know this is true or false ring to the lobby mischief, Guo magistrate rage, beat him severely Twenty board get rid of him the.A clerk magistrate pointing to segment Road.  At this point, the French court is a noisy, saw knees cry of Linxiu Sheng Zhang Hao, such as shrimp waist bow, nosebleed long stream, suddenly bathed in blood bras.This Linxiu Sheng, three ad litem glanders has not committed, but today made the Pro decapitated head muttered class runners.  Daoxialiuren!Segment magistrate no longer bear it, outraged.  Surprised adviser, two Yandeng like bells, cautioned: adult, law court Daoxialiuren, press the “Law of Qing”, officials at the execution was to take responsibility ── If within two months can not find murderers, officials at the execution would need to be removed from office, to banish!  Segment magistrate chest heaved violently, neck stem: Notice human life!Toss so to sign, life will Linxiu Sheng put runners up.  Lethal cannon sounded, a dozen executioner at the same time leash, only No. 5 sword of executioner loss!  Mysterious old Toutuo Linxiu Sheng as if waking from a dream, knowing period magistrate to him to redress the grievances, the reigning sadness of a large release: adults, villain injustice na!When my uncle led that Roche had first came to my house, he looks very two years is not a good fit, it is doubtful this is more strange is that Roche does not farming business, has continued to sell off the hands of very rare jewels jade sustain life!Niche fear into trouble, this mind to send them away.After he lost the case, but clung to the niche they are never in contact with the idea of what their family knew nothing ah!  Segment magistrate nodded, then call the runners pass up the forest devil.Lin old devil dancing, the hands of the ring and rattle to the case of a cross-platform, kowtow as Daosuan.Xiqiao segment magistrate that rattle and ring, rattle and saw nothing special, but the ring is the real thing, and work well, the top surface of the ring was covered with a diamond sparkling shine!  Segment magistrate also ordered runners who pass all the villagers Bali well recorded, spoke again, and finally there is some bold farmer broke the silence: Honestly sir, we all know that everyone is not a murderer Linxiu Sheng!But he has always eyeball overturned, we are not willing to be fair to him, so as not to get involved in non.But after all, in the heart guilty, I heard Linxiu Sheng to be beheaded today, everyone wants to have come paused and then said: Lin’s strange to say children, really a lot of.The most strange is that the incident a year ago, often sounded a beard, tall, old Takuhatsu hovering in front of the Lin family, it has been seen it, old Monk got into his chambers Roche.Lin old devil but then very old Monk is afraid, he soon saw the old Monk hid in the casino, but since the emergence of the old Monk, Roche will hand the generous blanket is a blanket!Another villager is triggered from the Buddist, interfaces Road, originally with her daughter Lin Xiaoyu go from village to village set in the match of Liu Shining.That old devil Liu Shining Like Lin, also a gambler, think China earned money into the casino put down.Roche later put Liu Shining kicking off this hair pin-law, and married to Lin Xiaoyu mouth before classes classes Aaron.Lin Xiaoyu married that day, Roche dowry for his daughter to buy a good hearty, dozens of boxes cage cages, I’m afraid the city’s rich families can not catch it!

Broken language pomegranate tree

Just under a rain of people without warning, in the afternoon spilled down from heaven.Soon in the ground water flow converging to numerous small, they are a way to cheer from high to low wanton flow from all directions.They do not sound the gurgling of the river, but the income of every small eyes water all broke out vigorous vitality, constantly flowing I think that is their energetic show.  This spring will be a moment everything poured a transparent, even some evergreen plants in the flower beds in front of the office, under the rain washing is also exposed their initial appearance, a look at the past few gray green seductive show in front of people.And just returned from the soil sprouted grass children, braved rain or shine wildly up channeling the momentum seems to want to own some taller, a good look at the world outside of the flower beds, but also as if in declares that it no longer silence spring.  Look inside a flower bed planted a number of years the pomegranate tree, every branch naked cropped up some little bud, and some grow leaves.Bud close look at those such as grain size, full-color touch of dark red.Those leaves should be grown in a few days before his face in the spring, had grown slightly elongated kind of mold.If each one leaves seen as a woman’s lip, then the edges of the leaves brought some color to the lip, like right on the picturesque modification beautiful lips.But seems thin, not every one leaves are similar.Although there are long on a branch with some leaves but as a general stain, front and back are the same colors and just grow shoots, all kind of light brown red, leaves absolutely no trace of belonging green wire.  As the rain continued falling on some branches more or less hangs above some shiny spots, these collections of crystal clear water drops glance.But with the wind blowing, followed by a burst of thrill branches, they disappear twinkling of an eye, seductive beauty just as short-lived.  When slowly appreciate pomegranate tree, also let me find their leaves are all tip-up, the entire blade did not enter into the eyes, it will make people imagine they are tempting to many starving baby, is Zhang mouth suck breast milk in general, and their “mother’s milk” should be that it fell from the sky rain!  Before also watch the pomegranate tree, but not in this season, but it has never been concerned about the whole process of transition from bud to leaf.May each year are often in the open pomegranate, autumn fruits when it will be some give lessons.And I never thought would observe in her spare time in which to grow slowly this spring season.  When is a focused look carefully, children gust of wind carries the rain sprinkled over the face, Ice cool people can not help wincing.So those who can not attend again enjoy the scenery belongs to the pomegranate tree, it must be taken refuge in the warm office.  ”Writers election issue 12″ QQ1978922107 screen name (foreign laughs) Yang Xiaohua

Broken heart chrysanthemum, very touching story

I do not know who their parents are.  Dean said, I am a big hug when the two months from the doorway, and I was dying with cold, who does not even have a word or two, which I cut off the idea of looking for birth parents.  I do not want to go looking for.  Or, I’m just a woman having an affair product.In this materialistic metropolis, I’m such a child should be a lot, but they do more hard-hearted, so take me to the orphanage.  From then on, I would be a lonely child.Most of the time, I looked at the sky, looking for worms in the ground in spring.At that time, I was only seven years old.  I do not know, seven years old, it was a turning point in my life.Later, I books fortune teller, she said above, the women, there will be every seven variables, while the men, then there is every eight variables.For example, I was fourteen years old to vacation leave, twenty-one had an accident, twenty-eight, I married a man.  Seven years old, president of the orphanage we received a group of children in front of a bunch of people, they are to adopt children, mostly couples, who for various reasons do not want to fertility or infertility.  He is only a man come.  That year, he was thirty-six years old.  I was seven years old, and thirty-six of his first encounter.He saw me, his eyes flashed a light, he was waving at me, saying, Come, let uncle to see.  I saw a pair of middle-aged men and women around the age of forty, a woman of the Gaudy, hand rhubarb five golden rings, I still remember that she is vulgar abuse ring.  The woman screamed that she was her, I want her!You see she looks more beautiful, like a little angel, you see how long her legs, I want her to learn dance.  Her scream made me sit and watch her, as if I were a small animal, anyone can walk away with.Dean said, you choose it, Yan off.  I chose to Lin Zhi.  Lin Zhi, his name is so vivid, not to mention he is a man.He said Yan off, go home with uncle, okay?  He was holding me on the bike, I was just seven years old.Seven, not sit behind their bicycles.  That he has been singing, I could not hear what he was singing, and later he used to sing, I knew he was singing the former Soviet song “Moscow Nights”, he likes the song, sung when the total is very committed, of course, the main reason is the single sub like this song.  Asia is the single forest planting university sweetheart.Later, single-Asia went to Germany, married a German, before a single sub abroad had been pregnant a child, then she had an abortion, is a girl.Lin Zhi said he often dreamed of the girl came to him in a dream and asked him why he killed her.  Dream entangled him for many years, Lin Zhi said that fate, he should have a daughter, so he came to the orphanage.  In fact, he can love again, but he said that human life can only love once, with a single sub-love, my heart is broken, so love is not up.  This is after I grew up and he said to me, he often used the word heartbreak, as he loves to raise chrysanthemums, there is a purple chrysanthemum, a pot and a pot of crazy long, Lin Zhi called them – broken heart chrysanthemum.  And I’m planting, so they began life in general such as chrysanthemum.  We as two chrysanthemum, cold and proud nature, but the warmth of each other.He said I was an angel, and I like listening to him lean on those fairy tale beautiful and heartbreaking in his lap.  Go to school, he took me every day, sitting in the back of a bike, I said things in fun school, he listened patiently.He always dressed so nice and clean,.I like to smell him a touch of mint flavor, he took my little feet always said the little girl, so dirty can be bad.  I’m picky eaters, do not like to eat meat.He scare me: little girl, if you do not eat meat will not grow tall, the future is to marry the!I do not want to raise a spinster.  That year, I was ten, a rash, he was carrying me to the hospital at midnight.Rain fell in torrents, no taxis, running while he coaxed me, Yan drop, hold, immediately to the.  I’ve been burned confused, except to complain of pain, my body is hurt, he is distressed.To the hospital, the doctor said, you see this dad is so moving, the child’s mother do?  We hugged and cried.  Fourteen years old, I was a grown up girl.That day, I felt something hot body had rushed down, look at the sheets, red one piece.  I know I’m grown up, have class girls tell me how to deal with, but I still panicked.  Hear me scream, forest planting, he rushed out of the room.See my appearance, he turned and went to the living room, and then come up with “Whisper,” the sanitary napkin, he said, he asked female colleagues to buy, buy a good long time.  Then he turned away, I blush to a.From that day on, I knew I was a girl completely, and then I have one meter tall sixty-five.  Twelve years ago, I have been sleeping together and Lin Zhi.Middle of the night, I always kicked the quilt, he again and again as I tucked.Twelfth birthday that day, he solemnly talk to me, since I am a person to sleep, because I was a big girl, big girl and can not sleep with the uncle.  In fact, since that day twelve years old, he was ready for me, those “Whisper” has been there, but I do not know.  My birthday is his birthday, he deliberately chose the same day our birthday, because I do not know what month which was born.That day, we bought a cake, make longevity noodles together, I love him hand roll, delicious beauty.So, even in high school, I still did not choose to live on campus.  Some things I forgot to mention: Lin Zhi, he graduated from Tsinghua University, Tsinghua wit of that year, he was tall and handsome, although already in his forties, but he still looks so people obsessed.Many twenties girls like him, those girls to buy clothes to him, knitting a sweater for him, of course, but also to write a love letter to him.He always smiled and said, Yan down, you say uncle is not very attractive?I can not harm home is not?They are still a child, or whether we had it good father and daughter.  Eighteen years old, I went to college, he chose Tsinghua me.He said that Tsinghua is a beautiful and elegant place, ideal for you.  He personally sent me to Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University Park in front, he stared for a long time.  I know, maybe, where he had left too many memories.  Asia alone is the year of the North talented woman, he and she, be a pair of perfect match.We went to the North, at the Red House, the Weiming Lake, between those in the jungle, he suddenly said, it is eighteen years old, the same age as you, I met her.  His face flashed out of people’s shiny, it is because a memorable love and some shiny, that time, he was forty seven years old.He gazed at the sun went down, said his uncle would back down, and you just raised.  My eyes some sour.He gave me a bracelet, said to be passed to his parents, his parents were studying in Dr. French; While this bracelet, with a lot of old people’s breath.  I hope you have a wonderful love.Lin Zhi is my blessing.  Per month, I was removed four hours by car back to Tianjin.In Tianjin, in the old house, there are people concerned about me.  My footsteps entered the corridor, the door will be opened, and I saw him appear in the doorway, his face smile, but his mouth rebuke that homework so tight, how is back?  On the table, but the pendulum is my favorite: Erduoyan fried cake, as well as cannabis.  Sometimes, he may be asleep, and did not come to the door.I opened the door and saw him lying on the chair, the TV on, playing the mess advertising, radio plays, but also advertising, but his eyes closed.  He really old.  But those purple daisy still young, so publicity to open.Those basin is really good, he is careful to pick one to come, Yixing pots, like ancient pottery.  We dumplings.He asked me, there is no boy chase?  I’m eating the sugar plum his mouth, they?I despise.Either too high or too low, not too fat or too thin, because it is not appropriate.  Conditions are too high will marry, he said.  Is not high, I looked at him, and then you almost on the line.  We all Dailiaoyixia, he said, silly girl, I’m an old man how would your standard?We will be silent, he was talking about a sketch of the piece until the dumplings, only solution to this embarrassing.  He is still so clean, clothes always have good taste and design institutes, there are a lot of divorced women want to marry him, he showed me their photos, I laughed and said, if your nanny is also similar.  Those women, how he can be worthy Rendanruju?  Twenty-one, my life appeared a man.  He also has a clean look, I occasionally go to Peking University lectures encountered, we pass in the corridor, he knocked my books, stand up when I saw him.  His eyes how a young man like Lin Zhi.  We started dating, and the Summer Palace to the Fragrant Hills.But he was really young, young to talk to me always far-fetched, for example, to go after the United Kingdom, or how how the future, his eyes full of arrogance, which is planted with forest completely different place, always implicitly Lin Zhi and restrained.  We parted, Lin Zhi said that more than a good boy.  I say, not as good as hello.  We also silence.  Junior, my summer vacation home, but the door to see a pair of women’s slippers.  The door, I saw her, a middle-aged woman and Design Institute, the charm of surviving.She cried to please my name, I coldly back to cry, and then into his house.  Lin Zhi come in, you’re too rude.  I’m wearing headphones, listening to Jay – “Qi Li Xiang”, sang elegant, my tears are streaming down, he did not understand my heart, he did not know why I do not like the other boys.  That night, I went out, got drunk.  About a classmate in high school, everyone in the bar drinking until drunk, I do not let them send a man running down the street, until a taxi drove up, and I meet her.  I seem to be intentional.  Car accident almost to my life.  My collarbone is broken, you can not move around.  He began to hold me, but this time he always cried, so fat so heavy so big, can hold uncle does not move you.  Between good and we.  Since his accident, he was in no mood to go and the woman exchanges, and soon, they cut off contact, he said, nonsense.  I like this nonsense continues, our world, no longer appear to others.  I know his heart, so, so count on him.  In my mind, he is not old, he or I When you first view the dancing man, wearing a beige shirt, riding a white car, took me across the street to go home full of Huaihua.  That year, I was twenty-one, he was five years old.  Six months later, my points back to Tianjin, but also spend a day with him day and night.  We open each other’s jokes, I call him old elf, he called me kid actor.  We travel together, laughing all the way to go all the way, it was said, to see people more than happy father and daughter.  It was also, I suspect what is his, the suspect always let his face falls, and I was happy happy, I often when the camera together and according to him, he always come up with the style of the elderly.  Once here, a single sub came back, I see that your daughter?He nodded.  Asia alone will not look at me, I do blame her hostile, she divorced and want to dream, that ends it, she was so young and beautiful, but I know that she will not have the heart of the forest plant.  A few days later, we went to the airport to see her, she wept and said three words, I’m sorry.  Lin Zhi shook his head, no, I never regretted.  That is the right Lin Zhi.His character purple daisy-like basin, open to open, not open, it lost out.  Twenty-five, I’ll lose him.  He had esophageal cancer, swallow anything.Getting thinner and thinner, and finally, only a thin to the bone, pleasant or as handsome, his eyes still people obsessed.  He asked me, after death, he sprinkled in chrysanthemum.He smiled: In that case, chrysanthemums will open more brilliant.  I shed tears, he said, silly girl, died is to be born, and then be born if the next life, I chose three decades Early.  My tears fall as hastily, fifty-four, he would leave me.  His ashes scattered in the basin of my most brilliant chrysanthemum bloom in September, the basin was he called broken heart purple daisy chrysanthemum in full bloom, he is smiling in heaven do?  Wipe that I like, like pottery pots, only to find that the above is the original poem.  Only a short period of four: Jun with me not there, I was born old.Hate not born at the same time, a good day and the king.  At that moment, the moment is my breaking heart.  Finally understand why it’s called broken heart chrysanthemum, and finally understand why he said to me, born three decades earlier.  And I, if there is an afterlife, I will wait for him in the broken heart Ju, the Younger three decades, or, with the same students dead.  Twenty-eight, I married Fan Yi, and he said I’m planting the story and I said, do not laugh at me now.He gently hold me, my dear, you know, there is a love, love is the soul and the soul, has nothing to do with the secular, the kind of love, perhaps a thousand years before the first encounter.  I was in his arms, gently weep.  Eileen Chang is right, because she knows, so compassionate.  Between me and planted forests, in this life, because of compassion, so know.

Broken glass we still friends?

In fact, for a long time I did not drink, and even then the Chinese New Year gala day I did not look for a drop to quench their thirst.Not that I can not drink, but I want to own quiet study, because there are a lot of things to do, there are a lot of way to go.Just because a friend invited him to dinner, go late, at their request, I Precept Breaking drink.Drink have never had anything, you can drink more trouble.  Several years did not drink together, renew old friendships, it should have been a pleasant thing.May backfire.Everything is broken in a broken wine glass.  Depressed for a few days, I do not know what I am wrong, but it still can not drink too much, only to hear a friend pointed me a lot macabre words; only saw him blatantly in front of us with glasses Bash.That cracking sound, ears hurt my soul.I know that sometimes joke like a prescription.But I forget that we are changing, perhaps some things can only simmer in silence, unable to go to the other words, we are changed and become all know each other was thinking, but can not speak to each other’s intentions clear where in.Fortunately, finally understand what it meant to infighting, intrigues.  I do not want broken glass also filled with sadness, I refuse to be broken wine glass in swaying my pain.I just want to let the wind swept away all disappointments, just let the sadness buried deep in the soil and let it rot into fertilizer to nourish my heart, my soul and perhaps more landscaping.  Broken glass, do we still friends?I do not know, I do not understand.I just want to do their own.I had to quit drinking a few years off wine.The goblet filled with joy and sadness can be.I can not bear the grief of happiness becomes unsightly.I do not know the others, but I can not understand myself.Life long way to go, take a step you need to remember why the previous fall.Rather than have to go down again and again.  So many years, to be honest, has changed a lot, you can allow yourself to become aloof, may become more quiet.Perhaps soon ran three, a lot of ideas are day by day like autumn fruit mature slowly.Perhaps it still does not realize the value of their life, so quietly changing.  Broken glass, you can also buy.If the heart is broken, you can not use any thing to bonding.Even if I am very sad, after all, that’s many years of friendship, I do not want just because a word, a broken glass replaced the meaning of its existence.But anything is I can not wishful thinking to repair the wounds on both sides, and watched others add insult to injury.  Maybe I should properly reflect on their own, maybe I should make more efforts to change their.I do not want to lose the urge to change some things should not be.  Broken glass, you can go out and buy better.My heart is broken, it can only slow to adapt has changed the world, until one day, it will naturally heal intact.We were not better tea instead of wine.  Drunken quarrel both sides can not shirk responsibility, after waking regret is quite normal.This wine is a good thing, or else our ancestors would not have to invent and create it.Health drink can, drink the beverages.After a lot of things, or feel for the wonderful drink.Not drinking on the table there will be no quarrel, but will not appear in thrilling fight scenes that brothers.  We are growing, will also grow old unknowingly, in order for us young Friendship is like wine more mellow general, we can only choose to change.Remember our friendship is like wine, it is always the same mellow taste.No matter how many years, we are still brothers are good friends!

Broken dreams with green case

Song Paul first year, the Jingling magistrate WAN Yi to the survey just a detective, go home.Line to the north of the ancient caldron Dibian Jingling, after a sudden whirlwind, appeared in front of a beautiful woman, about seventeen or eighteen age, was born lilies and roses, eye candy.She went WAN Yi into him, shouting: classic, innocent ah knelt on the ground, broke down in tears.  WAN Yi into a busy and asked: girl, what grievances to speak quickly, the county set for you to decide!  WAN Yi into even asked a few times, but did not want the woman for a long time without a word.Finally, the woman was asked anxiously, she had looked up.WAN Yi to take a closer look, surprised to find the woman of bleeding mouth with grass, hideous face of terror.WAN Yi awakened to what turned out to be Nankeyimeng.He Mangming stopped the car, looked down and saw the road not far from the seat abandoned brick kiln, so went with a crowd.Kiln stench was almost unbearable, masonry rubble thrown all over the place, cracks between the blocks covered with weeds.There Zhuandui see a very suspicious, Wan Yi to Mangming runners will Zhuandui clawed, which immediately reveal a rotten bones.From the physical point of view fineness skeleton, a woman, was dead at least six months.Recall that just dream woman innocence thing, Wan Yi to think: This is definitely the bones of the murdered woman and because innocent people to leave before they stopped the car innocence.So who the murderer is it?  Back to the hall, and just came to Jingzhou prefect Chen adults Jingling, Wan Yi put into carrion case Poyao in adult and report it to the prefect a lot.Chen adults have just received a case, there Jiangling members outside the small, angry with his daughter because the family escaped, possibly to her aunt’s house came Jingling.But Ding members outside the police to Jingling her aunt’s house to a question, said she seen here.Ding also sent members outside looking around, but no one is living with her daughter, dead but not dead.This time outside the small staff with a panic, thinking that the daughter must have been harmed, they reported the matter to the Magistrate Office, prefect Chen adults for that matter what comes.Since Wan magistrate found the bones of a woman in Poyao, maybe that is outside the small bones of her staff is also unknown.Prefect of adults WAN Yi limited to within one month must seize the murderer, otherwise, will be dismissed and punished.However, the case without a clue, nor clues, want to break the case, easier said than done!WAN Yi can not think of a better way to be, according to the case only dream of, recite the mouth repeatedly said: a woman, mouth with grass, suddenly shouted to redress the grievances, his eyes light up: Could it be called a murderer with green?  By now, only a dead horse as a live horse medicine.WAN Yi Qi Mangjiang to call all over the head, and said: that killings, the perpetrators of the ancient caldron embankment occurred called ‘containing green’, limit you to justice the perpetrators sure to within 20 days.If twenty days before the perpetrators could not pay, the officer was dismissed and punished, have to cut off your head, get it?  Unconsciously twenty days period is up, the capture of the perpetrators with green thing, but to no avail, Qi are anxious to become the first cat on hot bricks.He then I thought: maybe the world is simply not the man with green, must master is desperate prefect adults, they again forced to follow suit when following these poor.Worth mentioning, murder but the first point, the knife only large-sized scar.How can I Qimou generation is afraid to die?But before the road, also do Gebao dead ghost.If they had not find the perpetrators, he simply is not checked, I decided to cut a pound of meat, eat well on the road.He took a few pence, to come flesh meat case.That flesh of man about forty years old age, bearded face, it’s big and tall, looking down like a butcher Lao Bashi.Sarkozy will head all the money to fling on the case, and exclaimed: cut a pound of flesh!  That guy shot is the knife, cut off a piece of meat come straight yo, do not say, readily throw together all heads.Qi Dian Ledian all the meat head, and said: You did not even say that it has a pound of it?  Man very confident to say: I do not have flesh Han Qing, said knife is a pound!  Qi first saw that he knew it all taken aback: There really were people with their green!Scared of being wrong, and he asked loudly: What’s your name?  Man said: not renamed in down, never change, surnamed Han Qing’s name is!  There is a saying beyond the pale in hunting, must come to no effort.Sarkozy are head and said: This is what you are looking for the head ‘with green’!Right now there are piles detective and you, please head over to this are born Yamen!  Although the man was confused puzzled, but they head adults made a case, do not dare?A partner had the meat case things entrusted to look after next, together with the head are gone.  WAN Yi Han Qing to hear the perpetrators have been brought to justice, not feel overjoyed, hastened shengtang.WAN Yi to direct a film gavel, shouted sternly: bold Han Qing, you will speed things truthfully killing people provoke!  Han Qing said: adults, have you ever made a mistake?But the next law-abiding people, adults say next kill, we talk about?  WAN Yi Cheng said: you killed, the corpse hidden in a brick kiln near the ancient caldron waste embankment, want to deny?It seems you are not moving Oibara refused confession.Come, Oibara serve!  Instant runners who threw out the instruments of torture, Shangxing immediately.Just listen to scream, Han Qing about fainted.WAN Yi reinstated people poured wake up with cold water and continue Shangxing, Han Qing was beaten black and blue, refused to confess.And no evidence, Wan Yi to feel helpless.At this point, I was in the girl dreamed of ancient caldron embankment suddenly appeared in the lobby.Woman said: small woman did not know that fellow would credentials every means to deny, especially came to help adults ad litem.When the victim was a small woman, carry a pair of jade bracelets, a piece of jade, was snatched give all fellow, now buried in his backyard adults to continue sitting a plum tree, a small woman and go!  WAN Yi into a trance wake up, the original is a dream.Recall that dream scenario, Wan Yi into the heart with the end, will not help a gavel shot, snapped shouted: It seems that you are the sight of coffins were moved to tears.Come, we will charge up to his home Zhesi!  Another moment, Han Qing has come home.WAN Yi into his backyard to look, and sure enough there are trees plum tree.WAN Yi reinstated dug down from the side of the tree, quickly dug a cloth to oil.WAN Yi to open the cloth, which appeared once one pair and a piece of jade bracelet.WAN Yi into a handheld jade bracelet and a pair Han Qing shouted: Today evidence, are there any words you?  To this point, Han Qing had just put that out through the merits.Had a night six months ago, Han Qing Tao Zhang came back to the country, he met a girl on the way.This middle-aged widowed Han Qing, see the girl when young, he’s surface, such as jade, lovely, and then from the desire of ill, went under the guise of asking for directions, suddenly he hugged the girl, she was held hostage to the waste kiln nearby.Girl desperate resistance, persevering, Han Qing was born butcher, strong as an ox, will soon be wrestled to the girl in the rubble masonry, dress ripped, torn in every possible way.Later, the girl crying and said she knew him, today than some official newspaper.Han Qing listened to fear, see no one around, so for a penny, in for a pound, came a murdered.After he strangled the girl, remove her bracelet and jade, then the corpse covered with rubble masonry.His guilty conscience, see Poyao not far from the old trees, then he said: trees trees ah, this thing that only you know, do not tell anyone ah!  Trees do not want to suddenly humming sound, actually spoke: the matter of days to know to know you know I know.As long as you do not say, I would never say out of Han Qing terrified, suddenly the Baotoushucuan.  Unconsciously past six months, Han Qing, something that will not be the.I did not realize Justice has long arms, and finally himself called out their names, let Wan magistrate break this from Jian Shaan.  Ding outer member and a jade bracelet see, immediately said: This is my daughter personal things they burst into tears, and then the bones in the shade Poyao Zhuanglian shipped back home for burial ground.  Shortly after the batch of instruments cut down, the officials will behead Han Qing surgery, and the sinking of the head to the mound pay homage to the small girl.Wan magistrate dream story breaking with Green case in this area will spread the.

Broken dreams of love

Chekhov to get to know his admirers Avi Petrova was in 1889, when he was 29 years old, she was 24 years old.Avi Petrova childhood love of literature, poetry and prose very early.She read many books, admired Chekhov Girls.Each one of his novels have made her fascinated when reading “distressed” (1886), she started to cry as the hero Yao Carolina.She was impressed by the magic of literature, the desire to be a writer.However, like the fate of all ordinary girl, she married.Husband does not like literature, despise writers, writing to his wife always cynical.Soon they had children, she’s even more difficult to achieve the dream writer.Chekhov is the brother Avi Petrova,

Broken debris

[REVIEW] this year bought Ai has become sparse, dumplings can be bought throughout the year in front of small vendors.Although the atmosphere a bit light, but the traditional festival of taste is diffuse Yang everyone’s side.      Mother’s Day, the small square-year-old wife comes a language bouquet of red flowers.For me, it brought a handmade.The flowers are pale red in color surrounded by a red, it’s beautiful!Hand-made with Popsicle sticks prepared and cement glue, shaped like a small scale.One end of which has a red balloon, inflating the balloon is released, the top bar will Flanagan with the rotation axis, until the balloon stop withered.Production of compact, highlighted the children’s thinking.  Of course, my wife and I are very happy.Just wonder why the commentary white for no reason what a gift it?Later, when I come to understand, Mother’s Day has passed some time.  Referred to Children’s Day, I had wanted to send a party when there are articles on language in the blog three years old, but, I am busy dizzy, missed.  In sixty-one eve, renowned for my small party language test at home wearing their own clothes.One by one, a set of, the bed made a mess.  ”Mom, I want to eat a big meal.”Suddenly, she called the sentence directed at the direction of the kitchen.  ”Hey, for too long ah.Which makes the bed a mess, outrageous, and quickly clean up.”I complained.  ”Dad, I want to buy a skirt.”She did not seem to hear my words, but I demanded to.  ”You do not have so many clothes?”I looked at her puzzled.  ”Children’s Day, ah, ah my holiday!I want a skirt.”She has the word Zheng Zheng Road.  ”Oh, you go with your mother said.”I suddenly realized, were greatly ridiculous.  Try looking at the small side language like clothes, feels she grew up in little by little, slowly.In my memory, she can not pick and choose the clothes in the habit.  In memory of the promenade, children’s play festival holiday is not Well?That surrounds the adults little angel, playful slapstick, innocent, not that the freedom to run it on the prairie deer?  Mencius three music has such a record: “Parents are there, brother for no reason.”I said the family is not the joy of it?What is also alive than their parents, brothers and disease-free patients, themselves healthy and happy to grow more joy it?  Eat a big meal, buy a skirt, but were, I think the case.(2011-6-13) touch of the Dragon Boat Festival shuttle between the reinforced concrete building into high-rise buildings, cluttered alley dealings not only people, but also reveals a deep sense of smell leaves and iris.The original plant breath, as if led me back to the village field.  But, this year the number of leaves and iris better than the past, in the alley in previous years, iris leaves that turn turn, lined up, it may be too busy to buy the public.  This year people buy Viagra has become sparse, dumplings can be bought throughout the year in front of small vendors.Although the atmosphere a bit light, but the traditional festival of taste is diffuse Yang everyone’s side.After all, the greatest romantic patriotic poet Qu Yuan, he’s the kind of justice, concern for the fate, the line of conduct honest self-cleaning, are all influenced by infection with each of our descendants.  Like last year, the small side language is sent to the wife of her mother and father’s country home.I remember last year, my father came to pick small side language of the time, still clearly remember his old arrangements to leave the country is very unhappy – why not put it sixth?People Ye children along with the adults a string of go door ah.  However, when his wife take a small square of language back to Chang, also brought a lot of salted egg dumplings and pickled mother’s hand bag, looking at them, I felt very bad!  This year, I lack of filial piety, and not be able to reunite with old couple and siblings.(2011-6-13)

Broken Bridge

Ancient saying there is a remote village called Nha Trang JINWOZI.This JINWOZI Nha Trang is located in a cove, the traffic is very inconvenient.Coming out of the road was stopped by a river, although the river is not big, but the river rapids, the river is only a ramshackle single-plank bridge, when flash floods each year, single-plank bridge will be destroyed by the flood.The river trip to Nha Trang villagers JINWOZI a lot of trouble.Nha Trang are in accordance with the JINWOZI Qiyunshan high altitude, cloud-filled year-round.Qiyun Mountain is a legendary mountains, the mountains hidden in a lot of gold, which is gold Xian Qi dyed, are alive, often turned into various animals wander in the mountains, if we can catch these animals, they will change back to gold, it is a fortune.Of course, this is only legend, Nha Trang JINWOZI villagers for generations no one has seen the animals turned into gold.Bud JINWOZI woman in the town there lived a young man named Tao iron, and frail old mother had each other.Ferrite have nearly Sanxun, you still can not find a wife, not only because his family was poor, but also because he was a bit lazy, the village girl did not marry him.That day, the Dow Qiyunshan firewood iron, name of the name they feel tired, relying on the pyre sleep a sleep, woke up it was late.Looked at his behind that little fagot fire, pottery iron sighed, firewood back ready to go back, all of a sudden, he saw a bush in front of the whole body, there are a golden hen with a group of bright yellow chicks wonder in search of food, pottery iron hearts : this is very far from the village, how will the chickens go here?And this is also the golden villages chickens have never seen ah!Being surprised, Ferrite suddenly remembered the legend of Qiyun Mountain.He suppressed the hearts of ecstasy, crept close to the chickens, hens then found him with a deep chicks fled towards the bushes, under the iron so he Tao, ignoring shrubs wounding, jump toward fall at the end of a chicken, despite being excluded from the bush hole in his face, it would only chicken or was he firmly shook hands, Ferrite feel heavy in the hands of chickens, and immediately became a a real hard thing.Before Ferrite look in the hands of treasure, hen suddenly rushed over, directed at Tao chicken – iron hand fiercely peck, Ferrite suddenly felt a sharp pain in the back, even so, he still do not let go of the hands of the gold, but to stand up and flapping hen, hen and even fly with channeling quickly fled.At this time, Tao iron palm slowly release a small gap, he saw the glistening gold has revealed.Ferrite almost danced back to his home.Back home, had a chance with her mother happy together, he found the back of the hen pecked place has swelled up, intolerable pain.The next morning, Tao iron Chuaizhe gold went to town ten miles away.The wound had begun to fester black, he wanted to rush to look at health care facilities, also wants to convert into the hands of the gold silver Sansui.To the Medical Center, Tao Qi Yun iron would like to catch the hen after, they did not tell the truth, but said they have been bitten by poisonous.Those little disciples Medical Center looked a long time unknown to, and finally the backyard of tea please old physician out.Old doctor repeatedly looked at, shouted: Oh, you are in the Golden disease!Old doctor quickly asked how it was Ferrite, Ferrite see has been through, had to come clean.Old physician for Taotie Qing wash the wound, and some medicine.Ferrite banks to exchange the gold, running back fill a prescription, the man facing drug prescription finished caught, push lightly with abacus, said the sentence: two silver thirty-two!Ferrite spent all of a sudden, this happens to be the number of his convertible at banks.He hastened to ask why the old physician so expensive, the old doctor said: You are gold illness, medication unusual nature, just that Xihuangwan blindly drugs will value more than twenty taels of silver, but also your life should never, this I was given medicine is a big secretly hidden under treatment when people, otherwise this natural Xihuangwan you where to find ah!Ferrite was exceptionally depressed, and unwilling, to fill a prescription in time for folks that each component of the flavor ingredients slightly reduced some, so he left himself five pence.To the street, he would like to use this money for himself five money to buy something, but worry about the back injury cure would come back to buy medicine, I had to hold back.Ferrite Although lazy, but it is a dutiful son, and finally bought a sweet-scented osmanthus cloud-chip cake with a mother’s favorite back.Ferrite home, after decocted drug dose, immediate ease, the wound began to heal.I did not expect two days, the wound has worsened.Ferrite quickly came to town to help physicians find the old, old physician reprove him a pass to the last man in accordance with the prescription to reduce the weight to a re-arrested him, said Tao iron old doctor: my five pence, just bought a sweet-scented osmanthus cake to honor his mother, and the rest are here.Old doctor to see him filial piety, took medicine to him.Tao finished iron grip of the drug, the wound was completely healed.This matter by health care facilities spread throughout the town, and spread throughout the winter pen Nha Trang.So the town and Nha Trang JINWOZI people have rushed to Qiyun, to find that the chicken turned into gold.People went to the wave of another wave, not even the shadow of the chicken did not see, Ferrite also ran numerous times, is none the wiser.Which shares the gold boom lasted more than a year, has finally subsided.Finally get through this winter, pottery and iron mother is sick.The disease was also very powerful, the family was too poor to no money to see a doctor, you can iron the Tao anxious.He traveled to almost the entire village, have not got enough money for medical treatment.Ferrite holding the crying mother: Mother, baby blame lazy, and now even see a doctor to give you the money did not earn ah, ah baby incompetent!She cried and cried, Ferrite suddenly remembered the last time to catch the chicken thing, regardless of the day is dusk, take the machete and went out.I do not know how long to go, Tao has come to the depths of the iron Qiyunshan.It was dark, but fortunately the sky hung the full moon, moonlight walk down is not too difficult.Ferrite tired, leaning against a tree to rest, I heard rustling in the bushes, leaned to see, suddenly his horror, the dim moonlight a thicker than a human leg Jin Lin python is leisurely cruising.Ferrite soft legs, lying there not daring to move, but python slowly to his hideout slip over, Ferrite seeing hide the courage to run and thought of that Monty python see the sudden appearance of pottery iron also spooked, and quickly turned around and fled.A split, Ferrite suddenly wake up to reality, pull out the machete toward the piece of Jinlin chase python, python fast, seeing catch up, pottery iron Jizhongshengzhi, will throw the hands of machete, being cut in on the tip of the tail python, giant python escaped and ran, but left a small golden tail was cut off, and shine in the moonlight, Ferrite last picked up a look, it really is a piece of pure gold.