sat for a while, look a bit complicated, after all, a bit hard deck chair – a comfortable lying on his side do not know?These days, he has witnessed the financial resources of Mr. Pei – other very wealthy, generous on travel, living conditions are good hotels willing to spend money, playing interesting projects, but also often teach you the luxury shops – – but this is a strange place, the Mr. Pei it, unlike his former host to other wealthy clients, a do not buy expensive watches, and second, do not buy brand-name jewelry, regardless of where to go, hung his Daikin chain,杭州桑拿洗浴 Daikin rings, bracelets three-piece.

  It entered the luxury shops, the Mr. Pei, will also find the staff to be what the season, the latest models, just quietly in a circle, whether it is a discount off season, buy only identify large, do not buy a good style , even the so-called classic, explosion models, as long as the logo is not, no matter how the clerk to sell, he refused to shake his head, life and death do not buy, the head Li also thought the other cash-strapped, swollen face, red fat, may he had once stood next to each other, to see the balance in the card, he found himself this was misunderstood his.
  If these questions get asked Li Pei Naochun, under which he will be able to be answered.
  The original body has always been an idea and a simple man, he is not macho idea, previously at home, and his wife run the shop, always, regardless of what you and I, as long as the money, who can spend; daughter married Shengjun Hao, they are feelings to, but not Pan Gaozhi, although the daughter did not go to work, this requirement is Shengjun Hao, second daughter at home do not have to do a lot of things right?A total of marital property, 北京夜生活网the daughter too hard for the family to pay for Shengjun Hao solve the worries, how they can not dominate the family property?Moreover, he and his daughter are not taken advantage of any sum of money, are Shengjun Hao agreed even offered the.
  Meanwhile, the origina

tle brain, later, I am afraid it will not harm Daijun.”

  Pei Naochun did not say anything, he just quietly watching men.
  ”I only hope that you can get Daijun alright, can rely on to be a father,苏州夜网 but not always drag her, let her pain.”The man finished speaking, the body a little bit disappear, temporary thoroughly before seen, he quickly shouted out his own eye, then hit the bottom of my heart,” If, I mean if you can, help me to play that darn meal!To be ruthless!”
  He disappeared last moment, waving his fist fiercely.
  He regretted his hit man, which led to her being away, but he does not regret it, hit Shengjun Hao, he should fight!But also it was killed!
  Pei Naochun woke up he was lying on the white deck chair, is the head of a big beach umbrella, is blocking the heat of the sun, he swept to the side, is seen countless scantily clad men and women, this should be in a foreign country, he saw a lot of whites, blacks.
  ”Mr. Pei, you go somewhere else to play it?”Seeing him on this movement, chair goes next door, with black glasses, wearing cool guy immediately sat up, he was studying abroad students, language relied point advantage, often to the country to large customers do accompany the tour, it’s not the kind of color service, they are responsible for translating the guide only, after all, many people do not understand a foreig深圳桑拿网n language, unfamiliar to foreign countries, even ordering a taxi all embarrassed, “we can do a yacht, barbecue or back to the hotel for dinner.”
  ”No.”Pei Naochun to attend a lecture looked at each other, this excavated from the original body memory, the front of this man, he is paid for Li invited to accompany the tour,” I’ll turn over and then I lie down for a while.”Carter, before he could react, he is now on the beach, most people – can say almost everyone, are so Siyangbacha horizon lying on the couch and lie down seems a bit strange?But to be said, and so do it!He silently side of a body, lying good reception from the memory.

terviews, repeatedly boarded hot search, known as the perfect match, is Shengjun Hao Jiang Xiaolian support with, on the outside to start a public service, the person specially set up to her charitable found杭州桑拿ation named after the lotus flower, for her fame, completely obliterate the former existence of Pei Dai Jun.

  On watching television, holding each other to each other, Lovers send both husband and wife to attend the meeting, except there Pei Dai Jun and original body shudder, they clearly know, how about the other hidden in a terrible heart under that handsome face.
  After fear, while the two bow, as did not see, continue to live their lives – the truth mantis trying to stop the car, they know, in the face of life, two father and daughter chose to bow.
  Life is not better than small vendors, there are many waves during – Pei Dai Jun good-looking face, he attracted a lot of rotten peach, knowing she divorced, had a baby, a lot of people Liuliliuqi, taking advantage of point single drove her joke, although the original body of杭州桑拿ten succeed, be older, gradually powerless, he knew his daughter had a very painful.
  I do not know because not ring true life, or was interned reason hit, the original body otherwise healthy body, as before, in the sixties, when it reached the end of life, before leaving, he no pain, just tears, looked a lot older daughter: “in the future, Dad will not drag you.”Then he closed his eyes.
  He’s in this life, is a useless man, nature Shengjun Hao did not see, nor know how to make more money, backed by his daughter, older, depriving his daughter is also cleanse the family, it is not B does not leave the city, even if it were to this point, but no way to completely change his temper, and strive together.
  He regretted, very sorry.
  The man looked down at the clothes, self-deprecating smile: “I never thought after my death, but 杭州桑拿added again put on such clothes, it seems my life, really is too love to enjoy, whenever I can get a bit capability, a lit

, to play a Shengjun Hao meal.Otherwise, ca都市夜网n at least point to his daughter assets.

  They removed a small town to the south of the settlement, work the body of the original line of work, with that money, bought a small cart, what a day in the market, on a small street stall, fortunately, county small, urban management was not strict, and will not go chasing all over the floor.
  Just Pei Dai Jun and original body pampered all these years, even if it wanted to suffer teeth, eat less body eliminate – Furthermore, although the two men ate a lot of food, but this is what is easily able to recover out of two do the cooking even quite new, taste, speed is also a general, always not earn much, can barely make ends meet.
  Pei Daijun although compared to a lot of his father must have the ability, but she has a full ten years, learning is how to be a rich wife, hawker stalls are the most 淡水桑拿网basic preparation fast she could do nothing, just prepare material, we can busy have back pain, there are only a little, if you want to be out looking for a job, her professional detachment ten years, not familiar with the operation of basic office software, enterprises have to beg to be excused.Original body had more than his daughter, he is accustomed to the lazy, there are about ten years behind the tour is out, things would have had to learn to forget the back of the head, not to drag on the good daughter, and gave her help.
  On the one hand he was guilty, but on the other hand can be well aware that they have nothing, only looked at her daughter dragged down by their own increasingly hard, but also always save money.
  In backward areas, always see the TV, get close network, not to mention, the development of smart phones, everyone 南宁夜网is paid by the network, and the two also with a cell phone, and occasionally look at the news.
  That time, trust Mrs. Sheng, Jiang Xiaolian have appeared on social occasions, and she Shengjun Hao perfect match, as well as romantic love story received a lot of in

, refused to reconciliation, he must go t南宁桑拿o jail.

  Pei Daijun a heard this, the entire people have almost overwhelmed her several times to Tiansheng Group, saw the crowd, surrounded by – after all, the president can only be played once Shengjun Hao did not make it into the other side even after the divorce directly changed telephone, she stone unturned, was struggling in last contacted Shengjun Hao.
  Shengjun Hao proposed conditions – he wants all property Pei family name, store, deposit – of course, he was allowed to keep such a living three fifty thousand, in addition did not, he tilted his legs, sitting in a chair, watching the ex-wife’s eyes without emotion: “then you took your dad, away from me, away from city B.”
  - Pei Dai Jun is’ll never understand why her husband will make this point, she was very confused, I do not have a loving husband and wife, happy life all 佛山桑拿false?
  In fact, Shengjun Hao idea is very simple – he was full of emotion, but also extremely ruthless man, when love the Heartbreakers, even if it is a middle-aged man, but also as torture each other and Jiang Xiaolian love dead mess.At the same time, he was ruthless to the extreme of Pei Dai Jun, his heart no longer exists the other side, and even think, if the other party has to stay in B city, but also let Jiang Xiaolian uncomfortable, let her in the social field embarrassed, he just wanted to only will protect his people want to protect, Pei Daijun it is not one of them.
  After Pei Dai Jun picked up from the Public Security Bureau in the original body, the other was detained for a few days, subject to the no small shock, was somewhat on edge, to see people have some fear, he followed her, those stores, real estate transfer pr苏州夜网ocedures do leave the B city – though he disgruntled, but may also know that he do something about it, would harm his daughter.
  I do not know Shengjun Hao abnormal psychology of him until now still reflect, he blamed himself for gullible friends, should not momentary anger

zhi Wu suddenly have a b苏州夜网it embarrassed, dark cheek thrown faint blush, stammer,” I help.I was supposed to help little sister outlet!”

  Zhou Xiuying was originally get Zhao Xiaoling heart a little sick of seeing this silly goods after three bedrooms, the heart of Yu gas has disappeared a bit, she laughed a little, “you back outlet, do the subtle point, do not let a man quasi-guessed!”
  Hear earnestness of education, Nguyen rain eyes wide open, the way to teach children how!
  Thus laughter, the kitchen is also bustling, of course, last Zhao Xiaoling did not go to the kitchen to cook, but Zhou Xiuying second child and wife both work again in the kitchen, in the afternoon to catch the time to go there to work every day at noon, general farm households rice meal deal are gone.
  So did not eat yesterday is so rich, but it is a spicy cabbage fried pot, bu深圳桑拿网t also to do with the cornmeal corn gooey, gooey inside put some wild also put some pickled cabbage, a spoon down, was able to remove to a lot of things, not just soup, although the food is not good, but it does enough tube.
  Like Ruanzhi Wu eat this, eat a meal of San Taiwan.
  Dinner just about to sit on the table when the door came a familiar voice, a rain Nguyen, eyes light up, her parents returned, according to her impression inside, past Ruanguo Hua Fang Xiulan and two are at noon county to eat, of course, is to go out in the morning, the house band, noon heat it on a stick, come back at night to eat.
  I was not thinking, big Comin noon turned back to eat.
  Ruan Guohua borrowed twenty-eight yard bike to a stop, Fang Xiulan jumped down from the car, looked at it flexible effort, really like mother of three children!
  Fang Xiulan people not to, gentle voice came over, “rain today, how the body like it?”
  Nguyen rain run fast, one flew Fang Xiulan arms rub the rub, smiling said, “Mom!I miss you so much!”
  Am out of that thing, she is not thought if their own parents in front of children, forests will not be home would no

unk, then let him sign a loan contract amount is not small – time entered into in the past, long Shengjun Hao before the layout began very early, he had several times, taking advantage of his wife busy, to say that they transfer to Laozhang Ren, they use someone else’s account to transfer money to the original body, it was left behind, do evidence.

  Shengju苏州夜网论坛n Hao placed in front of the loan contract Pei Dai Jun, said he was watching it on a previous friendship, or can make Genghen.
  Not divorced, father of debt, debt payment company looking Shengjun Hao said door, to get his father was dead, but then also after the move.
  Divorce, she cleanse the family, loss of marriage, her husband, but let your father a happy old age.
  This is not a good option it?Pei Dai Jun cleanse the family signed the treaty – it was not her silly, but that time has done a great Tiansheng, Shengjun Hao is mental arithmetic mood, would have to do a lot of assets in the company, under the name of parents, there is no preparedness Pei Daijun no chance of winning.
  Pei Dai Jun’s home back to the past, and still did not contact the father came back outside to tell the other side divorce – she thought she could solve by y杭州桑拿ourself, but do not want to father at this age, but also for her to worry about.
  Original body heard her daughter a divorce, impulsive, secretly went to the Tin Shing underground garage squatting, the Shengjun Hao beat up – say to him every day, travel, hiking swimming, the body actually better than great president, he only thought he is for her daughter to export gas, but do not want it thoroughly angered Shengjun Hao, the other a big boss, he pressed Cookin meal in the basement, until security came, barely get out, either in their own company, has long been on the headlines, lost big face.
  He first told the original body, because Pei Dai Jun cleanse the family is not others, but for him the father, then faked injury assessment, a report of the original body of intentional injury

You can not express it did not, ah, I do not want to.”

  ”You are really finicky.”Song Liang smiled and pulled out a cigarette helpless to tear down, to celebrate, he had prepared a box of soft Chinese today, not opened yet.
  Chen diving on a cigarette in his hand and took down Old Song: “Do you really give a ah, so many brothers are waiting for a hi tobacco smoke you do.”
  Old Song Chen diving was made a little temper is gone: “Tomorrow one box, one box!”
  ”Wait, I sound recording, you say it again from the new.”Chen diving seriousness out of cell phone.
  Song Liang patted his forehead: “get too much, and I will now go out and buy!”
  ”This is more like it.”Chen smiled and diving took a cigarette out to the brothers went to the Security Department circulated, while reimbursement while reminding them a while to find Laosong to smoke, a box of soft Chinese people.
  Minister Chen for his brothers to give them “seek,” the benefits are quite satisfied ah.
  Song Liang Chen diving do not know him play to play, did not mean he wanted even bankruptcy, Chen diving is to help him gather the people at this time.
  Any department and deputy leader is not easy to do, you want to get the job done, people will have their own Shoudexia cohesion.
  This time is the best time to improve cohesion, Chen did everything Song Liang diving are helping it.
  Song Liang cigarette to buy back, one by one

will say, when Shengjun Hao threw himself playing 杭州夜网论坛sadomasochistic Wife with Jiang Xiaolian, Pei Dai Jun is still focused on doing the same as before Mrs. Sheng, Sheng coincides with mom, dad Sheng older, the body well, she is now back in front, taking care, he did not notice her husband came home less and less, to treat her attitude more and more indifferent night.

  Among these, Sheng parents realize that they get older, the body as before, Pei Dai Jun has been questioned several times, I still have not asked each other how to give birth to a child Shengjun Hao?Between rhetoric, accusing Pei Daijun great meaning infertility.
  Pei Dai Jun dare to admit that her husband rarely come back several times, both looked tired, how are “not OK” – of course, Pei Dai Jun isShe does not think her husband pay public grain on the outside of things, but she worried that her husband of nearly middle-苏州桑拿网aged man, is not experiencing a midlife crisis, but what is hiding something or have a bad opening.She even played a mind and want to do IVF, even if the so-called oocyte retrieval pain are nothing, but she knew what she whom everywhere the sake of her husband, just sway with sweat in the other women who do no苏州夜网t want to have children with her Bale.
  - middle, she is heard several times the wind can Shengjun Hao acting class, and friends around the series well, after her fruitless exploration, but also trust each other, yet their innocent feel guilty.
  Shengjun Hao offered until after the divorce, and finally all truth.
  She had never imagined, and her bed can sleep a decade of love, give her a hit so heavy, Pei Dai Jun naturally did not immediately agree, she exhausted all the ways she could think of to save the marriage after, with Shengjun Hao, Jiang Xiaolian communication, but all to no avail, even let Jiang Xiaolian sad, Shengjun Hao directly out of hand –
  Before he did not know at what time, where to find the original body of a friend, the other party to the original body cajole dr

Zhuangzhuang accidentally stepped on the foot.

  Dressed in traditional style suit male etiquette, with white gloves, tea tray pulled out from the conference room, Lin-sheng immediately patted the thigh, “With!”
  At this lecture people have to step down, no one spoke conference room, very quiet, only the sound Yuji Yao flip presentation ceremony, along with his hand written nodded his table, issued a “Benedict” in a crisp sound, a lot of people follow She trembled a little.
  Finally, Yao Ji ceremony to lift his head, “Our current invested heavily in science fiction film and television works, not just in response to the above call, or want to be a technological innovation in the field of science fiction film and television in our country.”
  At this time, “squeak -” bang, conference room door is opened, holding tea tray of male ritual once again come.Yao Ji ceremony intently saying:
  ”Ladies and gentlemen sent program, I have just read carefully.Indeed, in the post-shooting techniques and special effects, some growth, but the visual impact is too biased, and ignores the humanities.Sci-fi film and television works, no matter how new technology is put on the bladder, in the final analysis, it is telling a story, tell people the story, the story to look good, this work can be regarded as successful.”
  He tugged at the tie, “IMHO, you shoot out of the scheme, very powerful, but also