[Can you drink honey water for a cold]_Cold_Dongshui_Can you drink

[Can you drink honey water for a cold]_Cold_Dongshui_Can you drink

The arithmetic of colds is very common in life. Generally, the temperature change in autumn and winter can easily cause a cold. For honey, it is sweet and nutritious. In fact, it has a certain medicinal value and a certain cold.Effect.

Can you drink honey water for a cold? Yes, honey is very effective in treating colds.

What we commonly call “cold” or “cold” refers to infections of the nose, throat, and throat (upper respiratory infections), which are the most common respiratory infections.

2. Yes, honey has an anti-inflammatory effect. If you have a bad cold and a sore throat, then drink honey directly, without adding water, and let the honey slowly flow down the throat.

3. After drinking a cold, you can drink honey water, which is helpful for colds.

Symptoms of a cold 1, fear of cold and wind, half of patients with cold and cold will be afraid of cold and wind, so patients in the process of illness like to cover a large quilt or wear thick clothes, so that they will feelMore comfortable.

2. There is no tongue coating on the tongue, or the tongue coating is thin and white.

3, the patient will have a runny nose, but the nose is all water-like, and some patients with severe colds will appear white or slightly yellow.

In addition, if the patient has a nasal congestion condition, then a slight run with hot water will runny nose, which is also a symptom of cold and cold.

4. The pulse appears to be tight, and more yang in the body is bound to appear on the surface, which is a sign of unhealthy body.

5. Patients with cold and cold will suffer from post-brain pain, and the pain problem is more serious, and even the rotation of the neck will become inflexible.