Chinese diet What problem analysis Chinese food culture

Chinese diet Chinese diet and what problems foreign food there will be a little different, but a long time, China's diet part of the problem, then what are problems with Chinese food and go and see the night network!Chinese eating three meals a day with a problem which is unreasonable, breakfast snacks do not eat three meals a night many families with the unreasonable。
Eat breakfast monotonous, fewer species, even just buy what payable in the streets, and some young people and students altogether do not eat breakfast; lunch mostly buy fast food for lunch, or simply deal with; Dinner is often very rich, there are many supper habit, over time, health must be far away from you。
Suggestion: try to eat breakfast, varieties to be rich; half lunch meat and vegetables, eat sufficient quantities; dinner multi-prime less meat, the amount of simple。
Less staple food is too refined, love to eat coarse grains like flour and rice due to the delicate taste of white rice noodles, many residents of the southern city do not want to eat whole grains, and some people in order to control their weight, almost do not eat staple food。In fact, cereal was the most should be the main source of human energy。
Recommendation: proper eating millet, corn, wheat, oats, barley, beans, potatoes and other grains and some low machining accuracy rice。
Both for intestinal health and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer。
Chinese diet What problem is not enough fruits and vegetables, less soy milk consumption of Chinese residents on average eat half a catty of vegetables a day, and light-colored vegetables。
Eat fruit daily average of about two 1, from 1 kg of vegetables every day and I catty recommended amount of fruit is very much far, soy intake is pitiful。Recommendation: Eat green, red, yellow, purple and leafy vegetables, eat 1-2 servings of fruits every day, to encourage the purchase of fresh, local, seasonal food。At least half a catty milk every day, eat more beans to stop the product。