New Year's first day of each new year and once (1)

  Is the first day of the lunar calendar (lunar calendar, lunar calendar) year, commonly known as "Spring Festival", formerly known as "New Year's Day," Du Taiwan Sui Qing in the "five candle book," said: "Celebrate the month to end its day as a Mongol, Yiyun moving, Yiyun Yuanshuo。
" 'Yuan' intention to 'head', after the idea for the 'start', because this day is the first day of the year, first day of spring, the first day of the first month, so called 'three yuan'。
  Because this day is the age of the DPRK, the DPRK month, day of North Korea, so called "three dynasties"; and because it is the first Hatsumi, so called "Yuanshuo"。
As well as the previous day, moving in three moon, the three began another name and so on, which means that the first day is the year, month, day three began。
  Rice cakes to eat cake, "justice for victory in years, membership in order to pray years old Minoru。"Meaning all the best mid-high。
There are types of rice cake: Northern white cake Tuo, yellow rice cakes; Jiangnan water mill rice cakes; glutinous southwest Baba; Taiwan red turtle cake。The Han Yang Xiong's "dialects", a book already has a "cake" of the title, has been popular when Northern and Southern Dynasties。
Gusi Xie "Arts for the People" describes a method for making。Ming and Qing, the market has developed into one kind of perennial supply of snacks, and there is the flavor of the other north-south。Northern steamed rice cake, fried two kinds, in addition to Southern cake steamed, fried, there are the chip fried, boiled soup dharmas。  North Dumpling dinner eat dumplings tradition, but the custom of eating dumplings is not the same all over, some local New Year's Eve to eat dumplings, dumplings started in some places, some northern mountainous eat there every morning the first day to the fifth day custom dumplings。Eat dumplings is a unique way to express the desire of people to pray for auspicious occasion of New Year。
According to ancient Chinese mind when France, 23:00 the next day 1:00 to midnight。"Jiaozi" that crosses the old year and the New Year time。Dumplings it means more pay-year-old son, had to eat dumplings is considered good luck。
In addition dumplings shaped like a gold ingot, wrap dumplings means fortune, affluent life and a symbol of eating dumplings。And Northern different, dinner and south usually have fish pot。
Pot boiling, steaming, warm and sultry, booming; "fish" and "more than" a homonym, a symbol of "more than auspicious", is also a metaphor for a happy life, "annual surplus"。Southern There are some places pay attention to eating rice cakes for the New Year, year after year high (cake), a symbol of harvest year after year, year after year high state。  South Lantern called "rice balls", in Jiangsu, Shanghai and other places, New Year's Day morning to eat rice balls have the custom。Lantern Festival, Taoism called the "Lantern Festival"。
According to Yuan Zhen Daei earth "(girl) ring credited" primer "triplex quote," remember: After the Moon, Yi thoughts into the illness。
Fourth lunar month there day and night suddenly asked to see the boy, claiming to be of the Chang-e, said: "Mrs. Wyse Zhijun, unable to get down, waiting for tomorrow is the full moon, the king is appropriate to make rice balls, round moon, north west room set, He called his wife's name, the three can be reduced and evening。
"Yi the line, such as law, Chang E really come。
Visible eat Lantern Festival Lantern Festival, is to take the "round the moon" auspicious meaning。
When the Ming Dynasty, the Lantern Festival has been very common in Beijing, and today is no different from the practice also。
Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi government and the prevalence of "Eight Festival", Ma Siyuan Lantern。Early Republic of China Yuan Shikai because there Lantern and "Yuan eliminate" sound the same, it ordered the ban shout things Lantern。  Spring rolls spring rolls, also known as Chunbing, the beginning of spring to eat Fajitas is an ancient Chinese custom。
Jin Dynasty have been "five taro disk" or "disk spring", is fajitas with vegetables within a set of the same。The beginning of spring to eat the Tang and Song Chunbing burgeoning wind, and to the emperor's Grace Elegance hundred officials, when the spring plate is extremely particular about: "Cuilv their names, Rooster Yuyan, do very sophisticated, straight Wan money every dish"。People also used to exchange gifts。The custom of eating Chunbing also affected other ethnic groups。
As Yelu Chu law with Genghis Khan had ordered the Western chef levy for spring plate, and a poem Day: "Yesterday morning, spring chance to forget and try to make me a taste of spring plate。First case opening silver disorder, sand bottle cooked yarn length lotus。
Light blue pea kneading smoothing, fine cut wilt Artemisia point chives。
And the same is also ever eat, so why be a mere Liang cream "。Chunbing development today, the shape varies anywhere, also due to the consumption of time and do not。There poker, there are steamed; or as large as fan, or as small as Dutch。