American ginseng and what with the most Yifei mention gas?(1)

  Sweet and bitter cold, there is yin qi, heat fluid effect, useful for the treatment, heat, cough and sputum, blood, dry mouth and dry throat embolism。
Also known as American Ginseng, often in their daily lives as a tonic to eat, to improve human immunity qi and essence of great help, is considered the top grade tonic。  Everything is the same, with different methods have different effects, the following Yifei mention gas with food several methods available for reference: 1, Radix Radix porridge Take the right amount of corresponding, light bamboo with the decoction, to slag after the juice add rice congee, wait until porridge cooked, then add and cook until thick you can eat。
This porridge qi and yin, heat and stomach, deficiency of Yin of people can be eaten in moderation, there are benefits to digest。
  2, the washed wolfberry stew cut open and gutted, and then appropriate amount of wolfberry, jujube, ginger, washed into the pot, add water to the pot three quarters stamped stew two hours, after seasoning edible。This soup qi Yin, lungs should mention gas, is particularly advantageous for the lack of energy, low voice, fatigue people。  3, Chinese caterpillar fungus Cordyceps flower stew ribs ,, flower, ginger washed into the pot, add to pot Chinese simmer for 2 hours, seasoning after consumption。
Cordyceps flower enhance the role of immunity, strong fine kidney, used in conjunction with American ginseng, can eliminate fatigue, refreshing qi, while there is a certain role in improving the ability of human disease。
  4, Ginseng soup to take the right amount of hearts, walnuts, ginger, the first American ginseng slices pound made another meal, crushed walnuts, ginger put people together with 4 bowls of boiling water 2 bowls of water to drink。
This soup has lung and kidney tonic, qi and asthma effect, especially for elderly lung and kidney Qi and Yin Deficiency。  Although it is a good tonic, but not everyone is fit for consumption, pale, cold chills, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, bloating, American ginseng were hanged。
At the same time, cold cough, constipation, acute infection hot and humid, and it is not taking American ginseng。