In total over 40 energy enough to make you a bowl of porridge Eight Immortals spiritual good day!(1)

  Over 40 friends, we will have such experience: obviously feel physically and mentally can not keep up, do not will feel tired, feeling no energy。
If you sleep well the night before, and that the following week are groggy。Why is that?  Eight Immortals bowl of porridge a day – also worse than gelatin are gelatin people Zhongjie known the holy blood, their effectiveness is indeed for all to see。
But for the elderly, the nutritional needs of a lot of people, I'm afraid not single supplement gelatin。
  This bowl of the following eight foods consisting of the "Eight Immortals porridge", including whole grains, refined grains, nuts, beans, lilies and other nutrients, comprehensive and balanced nutrition, good digestion, and high quality nutrition。For the part of the elderly, more appropriate。  Black beans – kidney eyesight many people have a lack of B vitamins, and eating habits which are closely related。Beans actually is a good supplementary source, and black beans can help eyesight, kidney qi。
  Black rice – Yang Xin buck since ancient times "drug-meter", "longevity rice" in the world。Black rice also has improved myocardial nutrition, reducing myocardial oxygen consumption, blood pressure and other secondary efficacy。  Black sesame – Soft longevity vascular kidney black sesame containing a large amount of vitamin E, can soften blood vessels, Traditional Chinese medicine is famous edible product longevity。  Walnut – brain aging walnut contains vitamin E, can make cells from oxidative damage of free radicals, the medical profession recognized anti-aging substance。Wherein the zinc and manganese, are important nutrients pituitary。
Eat walnuts good for the brain nutritional supplements, can be brain puzzle repose。  Barley – dampness modern air-conditioned room to sit, this situation for a long time, the transportation of the spleen and stomach will be weak tone, the body will have moisture, water metabolism will mess。
This will appear edema of obesity and humid, and barley can help dampness positive。  Rice – supplementary energy, adjusting the taste of rice in this channel "porridge Hydrangea", is mainly used to adjust the taste, carbohydrate supplement。  Brown sugar – brown sugar contains mineral supplements rich in minerals, including iron, zinc, etc., can help blood, brain。In which the sweetness, but also make the whole bowl of porridge taste richer。
  Lily – Lily is a sedative raising the five nerves rather God's name, Yin lungs, nourishing the five internal organs of food and medicine of the goods。  Bowl each day, continuous drinking for more than three weeks, you will find no previous feeling tired so easy。A good mental state, sleep also calmed down。
Eight Immortals bowl of porridge, not only can make your white hair was gone, and the skin will become white and smooth, color is better than the original, good old look young!。