China Overseas real estate investment of more than 250 billion yuan to buy nearly half of European property assets

  European property assets investment surge is worth noting that, compared with 2016, mid-2017 constitutes China's overseas investment in real estate has undergone great changes。   According to Colliers International, in 2017, year on year decline in Chinese investment in the US property assets 64% to $ 5.9 billion (about one hundred million yuan)。 The Chinese investment in Asian property assets rose 34 percent to $ 12.5 billion (about 79.2 billion yuan)。   Deputy director of the International Investment Knight Frank China, Cheng Yi told the "Securities Daily" reporters, according to the survey, the United States, Australia, Britain and Hong Kong, China is no accident accounted for a major share。
Where more than investment have fallen sharply in the United States, Australia fell 60 percent, South Korea dropped 91 percent, Canadian investment fell 84% compared with 2016。   More importantly, Colliers International, said Chinese investment in European property assets soared 336 percent to $ 18.7 billion (about 118.4 billion yuan), including CIC (CIC) $ 14.4 billion (about 91.1 billion yuan) acquisition Blackstone Logicor logistics business, excluding this transaction, China remained stable real estate investment in Europe。 Colliers International believes that these changes in the reflection of the strong performance of China's economic growth and the yuan。   Cheng Yi believes that under the strong growth of British investment, investment growth in the rest of Europe is not surprising。 Since the past, the United Kingdom (London) is usually the first choice for investment in non-European international investors。
2017 British real estate transactions totaling $ 10.2 billion and jumped to second place, rose 574 percent year on year compared with 2016。
  In addition, Colliers International research found that in 2017 China's real estate investment in Asia is mainly concentrated in the more secure "gateway" market, in which the top three are Hong Kong, China ($ 6.9 billion, one hundred million yuan), Japan (2.3 billion dollars, one hundred million yuan) and Singapore (2.1 billion US dollars, 13.3 billion yuan), more than 90% of the total investment amount。
  Hong Kong, China attracted the Chinese mainland real estate investment funds accounted for 55% of total investment, in part because of greater investment in undeveloped land。
Given the Chinese government's recent tightening of state-owned enterprises "along the way" overseas investment than investment-related initiatives, thus Colliers International believes that "all the way along the" investment is expected to be raised。   Singapore as an investment destination, according to Colliers International research found that in 2017, China's real estate investment in Southeast Asia and South Asia reached US $ 2.5 billion (over 15.8 billion yuan), is a 2016 four times, a record second highest (behind 2013 of $ 4.1 billion, 26 billion yuan)。   It is worth mentioning that the Singapore Chinese investors to become the most favored investment destination, attracting investment of US $ 2.1 billion, accounting for up to 84%。 Malaysia and Indonesia, with the second and third place, respectively for the non-investment billion dollars (100 million yuan) and a billion dollars (100 million yuan)。
  Knight Frank Singapore research and consulting department director Chen Ming Hui also told the "Securities Daily" reporters, from May 2017, collective sales market heat in Singapore rose rapidly, reaching a total of 25 collective sales transactions pen, with sales of 7.9 billion Singapore dollars。 In the two quarters before that, the unsold inventory of only 17,500 units, a record low, real estate developers eager to replenish its land bank, the price is higher than expected, further exacerbating the volatility of investment sales。
Because land prices rise, the Singapore private home prices are expected to continue to rise, expected in the fourth quarter 2018, private residential prices will rise between 3% to 7%。
  As Colliers International believes that the market in gateway cities, enthusiasm for Chinese investors to invest in Singapore will remain high, mainly due to the Singapore office and residential market has entered the period of rise for several years。 2018, Chinese mainland investors interest in Hong Kong is expected to remain stable, while for the Singapore investment enthusiasm will continue to rise。 Asian capital markets remains one of the most favored investment destination for Singapore。   In regard to investment targets, Colliers International believes that for Chinese enterprises, undeveloped land is the main type of investment property, especially plans to build apartments in housing prices。 The proportion of office and industrial properties also great, 2016 was 73% in 2017 down to 50%。 The scarcity of high-quality property stock show, with local partners to develop the project will generally be the most effective way to enter the local market。
  (Wang Li new)    。