15 + 12 Kevin Garnett Celtics lost at home Iguodala 13 + 6 + 7 Philadelphia 1-1

  Ticker May 15, home to the Celtics 81-82 loss to the 76ers, the two sides battle into the Eastern Conference semifinals 1-1。
  76 people made home advantage。
Zhu – Holliday scored 18 points, Andre – Andre Iguodala 13 points, seven assists and six rebounds, Evan – Turner hit a key ball, scored 10 points and six rebounds。 Bench Lavoie – Allen 10 points, Luis – Williams 8 points and 7 rebounds。
  "Big Three" mediocre Under prevent, Kevin – Kevin Garnett had 15 points and 12 rebounds, Paul – Paul Pierce had seven points – Ray Allen scored 17 points。
Rajon – Long Duogong offer 8 points, 13 assists and seven rebounds, Brandon – Bass 12 points。
  76ers coach Doug – Collins already warned his team to pay attention to the Celtics in the third quarter of crazy。 But his warning should perhaps also be extended to the fourth quarter, in the first game, the 76ers fourth quarter extended the advantage to 10 points, but the Celtics finally reversed。
Rondo triple-double, Kevin Garnett trees to open new flowers。   After the rest day battles, 76 people pay special attention in the third quarter, completely suppressed the Celtics once again achieved double-digit advantage, but lost the advantage in the fourth quarter, 76 tenacious counterattack, the final clearance。
  First half, the Celtics got the upper hand。 Bath shortly after the opening two hit in the cast, the Celtics 9-0 start。 76 people played in the game 2 minutes 28 seconds before the Holliday hit a three-pointers。
After playing half of this section, the Celtics lead to 15-7。
Holliday has since hit third, one with 5 points, 76 to quickly close the gap to 21-25 behind the first section only。   "Big Three" mediocre Under prevent。 Section 5 minutes to play, the Celtics only vote in a ball。 Holliday third third hit, 76 to exceed 36-35 in this section have 1 minutes 08 seconds ()。
After 76 failed to score in this section, but Pierce hit three-pointers in this section we will end before the Celtics to 38-36 lead ()。   Celtic scored four points in the third quarter to 42-36 to expand the advantage, but the next 11 minutes they only hit two goals。 This section last 4 minutes and 43 seconds, the Celtics failed to score in warfare, 76 wave of attacks hit 14-0, in one fell swoop to 57-47 double-digit advantage。
Seconds before the end of this section, it had a Celtic Pierce penalty 2 minutes。
This section after the Celtics had 11 points, three behind at 49-57。
  So after three sessions, the Celtics "Big Three" a total of only 20 points。 76ers coach is known as the "strongest third quarter," the Celtics were suppressed completely, but 76 people expect the fourth quarter they will fight back。
Sure enough, Kevin Garnett and Ray – Allen beginning of this section on shooting, while Pietrus third succeeded twice (), played in this section after three minutes, the Celtics will recover as the score 59-61。
  Two teams into a tough tug of war, several times a tie game。
Competition also 3 minutes 17 seconds, Garnett Rondo passes, alley-oop dunk, the two sides battle 69-69。 Turner also to after a ball, Bradley-thirds vote, the Celtics finally to 72-71 beyond。 After Holliday also two-thirds vote – Ray Allen in the game 1 minute 40 seconds to fire beyond the arc start, the Celtics to 75-74 lead again ()。
  This was the Celtics defense 76 clock violation, the initiative in their hands, but Rondo is not the key to a ball, the Turner break layup seconds in the game when there are (), 76 to 76-75 exceed。   - Ray Allen shot again, Rondo foul start。
Turner hit two free throws 12 seconds before the whistle, 76, 3 points ahead。
Celtic critical moment even with a faint, after which Garnett offensive foul, sending the ball directly。
After Williams hit two free throws, 76 points ahead 5。
  - Ray Allen finally thirds vote in the seconds before the whistle, but 76 people and hit two free throws, the Celtics did not give the opportunity, Kevin Garnett hit by the Cavaliers did not help。 (Angkor)。