Dengue formal position to win a championship!Now the Rockets have won lineup

  Beijing February 22, according to "Yahoo Sports" reported James – Harden formal position want to fight for the championship this season。
He believes that the Houston Rockets have set up a championship team, the next to continue to improve the defense, but also to integrate into the new aid as soon as possible。 – Chris Paul also reminded his teammates, and now they are the team to chase the target。
  Today, leading the Rockets Warriors wins, the highest in the Western alliance as well as the first name, while Harden has officially issued a Declaration win。   "We set a goal," Harden said. "We want to be the best team, and then chase the championship this year。 We have since the formation of the championship team, the opponent can not prevent。 "With the season 2nd 10+ game winning streak, the Rockets gains league first name before the All-Star break, this is the first time in the history of the Rockets。   "We still have a long way to go, we will continue to get stronger, continue to grow and play a wave flow in the playoffs," Harden said, "All-Star break with 25 games, then will come the playoffs。 We still have time to relax, and then back to work。 "So Harden think the Rockets need areas in which it has improved?  "We must all continue to progress on both ends," Harden said, "Today, our offense ranked second in the league, the defense seems to 7 bar (actually 9), which is the aspect that we can continue to enhance the。
In addition, we have Joe as soon as possible (- Johnson) and Brandon (- Wright) into the team, of course, but also to stay healthy。
"In addition, Paul has recently reminded the Rockets teammate:" Today, every team will chase us as a goal, the competition will be more fierce。
Fortunately, we now also win, a good performance。
"Really championship trophy beckons rocket?(Demons)。