How to deal with high emotional intelligence will quarrel

How to deal with high emotional intelligence will quarrel?Between living people is inevitable there will be disputes, that you know how to deal with high emotional intelligence will do quarrel?Following small to tell you how to deal with alcohol EQ will quarrel too high。 How to deal with high emotional intelligence will quarrel people get along, always because of different ideas, positions or values, conflict, dispute。
Quarrel Usually there are three types of passive and ineffective, namely personal attack, settling old accounts and type of passive resistance type。 The so-called personal attack, refers to ad hominem quarrel, accusing the other side of the personality, used "you" begins: "You're so selfish, how?"Such disputes often cause other side of antagonism, it is easy for two people living gap。 Settling old scores quarrel type, commonly used sentence is: "At first……"" The last time you so " ……By settling old accounts wanted to make each other feel guilty, result took the other side of the original gratitude, guilt is exhausted。
Passive resistance-type refers to the case of conflict, they do not argue, do not communicate, put on a "do not care" attitude of the Cold War。 For example, "yes yes yes, you have to say" seemingly make peace, but hidden raging, but more irritated each other。 How high emotional intelligence will deal with these three quarrel quarrel model not only does not solve the contradiction, but let the escalation of conflict, serious damage to relations with each other。 While those with high emotional intelligence are rarely disputes with others, and they is not never met a dispute, but know how to "adopted piecemeal measures" to reduce the harm。
Treat personal attack quarrel, we must first ensure that they will not be attacked infuriated, but also to restrain the impulse to want to counterattack。