Love sigh liver may be a problem

Folk there was a saying: "Yi Tan poor three years。
"The elderly who are disgusted sigh all day long。Sigh really bad performance, but many white-collar workers physically and mentally tired, naturally sigh。From the Chinese point of view, sighs reflect physical problems。Love to sigh sigh indicate what the problem is called good Taixi In Chinese medicine, refers to conscious patients with chest oppressed, every one of the symptoms is a long sound Shi Qi Shu, there may be liver depression。Because of the emotional injury, the desired fail to materialize, or intense mental stimulation, liver qi stagnation, missing the bar up, ignore the negative air machine, each want to sigh the chest Shu-yu。Specific symptoms include chest discomfort, long hush sigh, flank fullness, and looked silent, pay less, mouth pain, dizziness, white fur, pulse string。
Massage Taichong, tanzhong, other points may be shut Chest qi。Bergamot bubble clothes, roses, plum Lve, jasmine, peppermint, sweet, etc. may be qi。Or use spearheading CHSGS to liver qi stagnation。
How to liver qi 1, Sun angle hole, the wind pool points and temples such as the three major points is the head of the "leak point" press these points can play eyesight refreshing, relieve fatigue, anxiety role in health care, to treat headache , dizziness and other symptoms。Some people will hiccup After Sun angle point massage, massage explain health played a certain role in this point Liang Lei pain, breast tenderness are more beneficial for the anxious angry。
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