Jet Li exposure ill wills want to change back to Chinese nationality was scolded badly friends

May 22 Jet electricity generation martial arts star, has achieved a lot in martial arts movies in the credit, let kung fu movies to the world。 In 2007 he created one fund, actively engaged in charitable, become a Goodwill Ambassador, and now is pain and illness, was also scolded friends。
In the end how it is, let us look down。
Jet Li revealed last year in the program, as early as 2013 the body there is a problem, has been long-term treatment, leading to heart problems have also not excessive exercise。 Since the early years of making movies, spine hurt, but after the sick, the doctor said, do not make another film, or else confined to a wheelchair after a。 Recently there has been news, Jet Li's body is very bad, gaunt, like the old, like a few years old, it was rumored that Jet Li has not much time, but this does not make people sympathize, but rather there are some who say no is good。
And someone will ask, why should it be scolded?There are two reasons, Jet Li's life wrong two things, one is divorced and his ex-wife, married Nina Li, one is into his US citizenship, but also the nationality。 Jet Li have been made to explain, became a US citizen in order to Hollywood, Singapore citizenship in order to give children a better learning environment, but users who do not think so。 The recent news that Jet Li seriously ill, intestate, nationality wanted to come back, to return home for burial, are also considered roots。
Users saying a lot, that someone said, "In fact, Jet Li do a lot of good things, such as charity, to promote Chinese martial arts and so on, we can not because others a little wrong, put things magnify。 The most important thing is, I hope as soon as possible to improve the body Jet Li。
"Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。