These hazards myocardial ischemia may affect

What are the dangers?Myocardial ischemia is one, that you know the dangers of myocardial ischemia which it?Following small to talk with you exactly myocardial ischemia What are the dangers it。
Myocardial ischemia harm 1, hypoxia oxygen is essential for cardiac muscle cell activity substances transported through the blood to cells, cardiac insufficiency will immediately cause hypoxia。
Less than the required 2, aerobic metabolism decreased hypoxic myocardial ischemia caused by myocardial cells can directly lead to decreased aerobic metabolism, reduce production capacity, the energy supply of heart activity, caused arrhythmia, decreased heart function。 3, affecting systolic function in myocardial ischemia, anoxia, lack of energy can affect the contractile function of the heart, according to research statistics, if 20%?25% of myocardial contraction stops, usually left ventricular failure, if not more than 40% of cardiac contraction, there will be severe cardiac pump failure, cardiogenic shock prone。 4 myocardial ischemia harm, damage diastolic function in myocardial ischemic damage diastolic function mainly as adverse cardiac systolic and diastolic bad exist, ventricular filling pressure, not only can cause lung congestion, can cause complex disorders and metabolism abnormal cardiac activity。