Beijing district levels of government proposed non-heritage protection agency

  City and district departments of culture responsible for the administrative regions of the intangible cultural heritage of the investigation, complete control of its type, quantity, distribution, habitat, conservation status, etc.。 Municipality of representative projects in accordance with the state of existence, the project category of category protection。 For example, on the verge of disappearing, Living Transmission representative projects more difficult to implement rescue protection, the project focused on the representation of distinctive features, form and content of a particular region remain intact, relying on the protection of the Old City and the Grand Canal Cultural Zone, the Great Wall band, with the construction of the Xishan cultural Yongding, combined with historical and cultural district and the historical and cultural town, village protection, the overall implementation of cultural and ecological protection。
  On the non-genetic inheritance, development and dissemination, municipal and district administrative department of culture corresponding levels of representative projects can be identified representative inheritors。 Representative successors include individual and group。
The municipal and district governments should actively make use of old industrial buildings, warehouse space and related industrial facilities, to take a variety of ways for the transmission of difficulties and representative inheritors real need to provide support or space venue。
The municipal and district governments should carry out regular medical examinations as representative successors, and included in the archives of the protection of representative projects。 The municipal and district governments should be based on intangible cultural heritage protection, preservation work needs to take a new, changed (expanded) to build a variety of ways construction Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum, exhibition centers and other non-material cultural heritage protection and utilization of facilities for representative the project collection, research, exhibition and heritage, etc.。